Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P19 191C Tafsir Al-Shuara 88-104

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The concept of the " sound heart" is discussed, as it can be used to protect from things like defective or damaged hearts and can be used to avoid feelings of jealousy, hatred, and doubt. The speakers stress the importance of keeping the heart healthy and avoiding fear of consciousness, while also emphasizing the need to be mindful of one's actions. The Day of Judgment will also affect participants, and participants will be thrown into hell and faced a crowd of soldiers who will argue with them. The speakers also discuss the history of the fight between Islam and religion, including misunderstandings and mistakes, and the potential consequences of not following the instructions of Islam.
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Rosa bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim.

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Yoma the day when Lai and Pharaoh it will not benefit, Marlowe wealth, what are the non North children on the Day of Judgment, wealth and children will not benefit at all. Just think about the money that you have the things that you own, whether they're valuable or not gold jewelry, you know, whatever it is, car money, anything on the Day of Judgment, useless, children useless, they will not be of any use on the Day of Judgment. Why? Because in so little CalFire 46 We learn a man who will balloon Xena to higher

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wealth and children are an adornment for this life, not the hereafter. Meaning that wealth that we have right now it only makes this life beautiful. The children that we have, they only make this life beautiful, this beauty will not continue in the hereafter. Meaning this is not what we will have on the day of judgment to help us. They will stay here they will leave us Allah except men at Allah, the One who comes to Allah, the Calvin Celine with the heart that is Salim that is sound, meaning wealth and children, they are for this life. They don't help when a person is accountable before his Lord, except in the case of the one who has a sound heart, being the person who has a

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sound heart, he benefits from his wealth and children in this life and on the Day of Judgment, his wealth and children will also be a source of goodness for him. Why?

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Because with the sound heart, he used his wealth and children correctly.

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First of all, he acquired his wealth correctly, then he spent it beautifully He taught his children and raise them well, so that they perform righteous deeds which were sadaqa jariya for him, and when he died, they may draw for him increasing him in his house on Earth, even when he was gone. So his wealth and children will do better for them on the Day of Judgment. Yes, this is for who only a person who has a sound heart. Now, this is also means that welcome children will not help on the Day of Judgment at all. But the only thing that will help a person on the Day of Judgment is a sound heart. So we have been sent in this world to prepare not wealth and children for eternity. Our focus

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should be to prepare a sound heart because if we bring the sound heart on the Day of Judgment, then we are successful then we are saved. So our salvation depends on what money

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does it depend on family? What does it depend on? Sound heart.

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Now, the question is what is sound heart? Saline seen la meme means slahi That which is correct that which is unimpaired, that which is faultless that which is safe and sound from any imbalance or any disease.

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Basically, when something is Salim, it means that it is free from defect. You understand? When something is Salim it means that it is free from defect. So what kind of hearts does Allah like? Defective hearts? No, sound hearts, healthy hearts.

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Okay, now, the Solana the soundness of the heart. Basically, when something is Salim when it remains as it was made, let me give you an example. If you buy a painting, for instance,

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and you bring it home, and you hang it on your wall, you put it up on your wall. And then what happens? A child comes,

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stands on a chair drags the chair next to the painting, stands on the chair takes their markers out and scribble all over the painting

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is that painting Salim now know why it's not as it was made, originally it has been corrupted.

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Now, everything that Allah has created is sound. It is free from defects. It is well balanced. It is free from facade. Our problem as human beings is that most of the time whatever we touch, we ruin it, we corrupt it.

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Like for example, look at the sun and the moon. Are they working in their perfect order since the day that Allah created them? Yes. Why? Because we can't reach the sun in the moon. If we could, then yes, would probably go and shrink the moon and bring it down. Right then we wouldn't

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I'd have Moon at nighttime. You get what I'm talking about? The guy who the villain who wanted to steal the moon, right? So he stole the machine that shrinks things and then he shrank the moon and then he caught it and he brought it and then basically it turned back into its original size. It was stolen for him. Long story. But anyway, if we could touch the moon, if we could reach the sun with the sun and moon remain as they were created by Allah, not at all. Allah says in surah Rahman i 57 Hashem so welcome Ruby has been when Nigel was shadow he has to do then was summer Arafah, whereby, Misa, all of this while gallons that we see in the celestial bodies is because we can't touch them.

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But now what's happening as we are trying to get into space, we are leaving debris garbage in space. Also, did you know what we're doing that?

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What has happened in this world? Wherever you go, do you see things destroyed? Literally? Why? Because of our actions. In the Quran, we learned borough facade Phil burry will battery be my Casa dot A the nurse in sort of the room I afford one, that corruption has appeared on land and on sea. Why? Because of what the people have done because of their actions. So the sound heart is the heart that is doing that is as Allah created it upon fitrah.

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Now, the heart is basically a vessel.

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When you love something, it occupies a place in your heart when you fear something, it occupies a place in your heart. When you want something when you desire something it occupies a place in your heart. Now when you feel the heart with what Allah created it for, will it remain saline?

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will it remain saline? will it remain sound? Yes. But if you fill it with what it was not created for if you occupy your heart, if you populate your heart with what Allah did not create it for then will it remain steady? No, it will not remain steady, then it will become diseased and defective, then it will have problems. And a person who brings a defective heart on the Day of Judgment. Salvation is not guaranteed for him at all. But the person who brings a sound heart on the Day of Judgment, then yes, he will be successful that day. Now,

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I mentioned earlier that as human beings, whatever we touch, we corrupt it. So isn't this normal, then that as we live, our heart will get corrupted?

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Think about it. Isn't that something that's necessary that's bound to happen? That as we live through life, our heart is going to get corrupted? I mean, in our these, we learned that Allah created people on fitrah it's the parents that make the children, either Jews or Christians or whatever religion they teach that child. So then why are we to blame?

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Why are we at fault? Why will we be held accountable? Because we have the ability to protect our heart. We have the ability to even clean our hearts. We can do that. Because lie you can live Allahu nevsun Illa Wasaga Allah does not charge a soul with what it cannot bear.

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So it's natural. You like when you see the story of Brahim harness and he saw the sun. Amazed, saw the moon amazed, even if he was showing it to the people impressed by the glory of the sun, the glory of the moon. And likewise as human beings when we see beautiful things, yes, we do find attraction for them love for them in our hearts. Right. But at the same time, it doesn't mean that we let that love stay. We have to clean the heart also, to keep it Saleem. Think about it. When you find your house clean,

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isn't it something normal that it's going to get dirty again, isn't it? And if you are of those people who want your house to be perfectly clean all the time, then you will be a very miserable person

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asked me I've been through that. Really I have been through that. I remember checking in with the sheriff he was mentioning, you know, he was in this particular class. He was saying, who's a clean freak over here. I raised my hand and some other people did also. And he said if you're a clean freak, you're miserable. You're miserable. Because it is not possible that your house will stay clean forever. It is not possible. The moment you vacuum you mop what will happen few minutes later.

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You will make it dirty. But does it mean that you give up and you say colorless, I'm not cleaning this ever again? No, it means that you clean it when it gets dirty. So likewise, as we live through our lives, they're all things that fill our heart that shouldn't

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either what is necessary that we clean the heart just as we clean our bodies? Do we clean our bodies? Every day? Do you say Oh, I brushed my teeth last week call us.

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Please don't do that. Hi. Do we ever say I took a shower last month? The last? No way? Why is it that women go for facials? Why? Because you can't clean your face yourself, apparently. So you have to go to somebody who's going to scrub it clean, basically. Correct. So, think about it. If the body needs so much attention and care and cleaning What about the heart? What about our feelings because the heart doesn't rule over us isn't the heart The King is the king. So it needs to be closed. It needs to be taken care of we need to pay attention to it. So innominate Allah be called in saline?

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In our bodies we learn the Prophet sallallahu sallam was asked that which people are the best. And the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, the best of people is every person with a clean heart and a truthful tongue. Kullu Muhammad mill Calbee Sudoku Listen, every person who has a clean heart and a truthful tongue so the people said yeah, we know who is Sadiq, meaning who speaks the truth, but who is the one with a clean heart whose heart is clean.

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And the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, who was the key you know, key you learn is Murphy he wala Bahia, whether they will or hazardous, or lawmakers amongst them, every God fearing person.

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The heart is God fearing their sphere of Allah in that heart free from sin, rebellion, hatred, and jealousy, free from these ilds these diseases. So this is what we need to do. When these feelings come in the heart, we need to get rid of them. feelings of jealousy, feelings of you know, hatred, dislike for someone, you know of rebellion, we need to get rid of them. Yes, when a person commits a sin, a stain appears in the heart. But we don't see that stain because if we saw it, we wouldn't leave it, especially as women. Right? It's our problem that we can't leave things dirty.

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You know, I find this so amazing that a woman wherever she will be doesn't matter. If she sees some dust somewhere. You know, she'll grab a tissue and he'll clean it. It's not her bedside table. But as you said, she cannot tolerate dust, no way. So this is something that we need to do to our hearts. Now, keeping the heart sound is a jihad, it's a struggle, which means that it's a constant effort. And this is something that we need to pay attention to. What corrupts the heart.

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What makes the heart defective?

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Basically, the diseases of the heart can be categorized into two, one desires, shall what? And secondly, doubts Shewhart.

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You know, we learned in sort of our con about the situation of the person who worships himself, who worships his own Hawa, his own desire, meaning he follows every desire every whim, every wish. This is worshiping yourself. So this is something very natural that when you're sleeping, you don't want to wake up. Trust me, you don't want to wake up, it's very difficult. When you're eating and you're enjoying that food, you don't want to stop. Even if it says that Fajr has begun, and you have to stop eating, you're so rude. But it's very difficult to stop. You're angry, you can think of what to say the words are literally at your lips, your tongue, you just need to open your mouth. But you

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need to stop there. Right? So it's not easy to do that. But this is exactly what the test of life is about. controlling our desires, doubts, what's the cure to doubt, acquire knowledge? So when there is a disease, do you leave it? As is?

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Tell me if you get sick? What do you just say, Oh, I'll get better whenever I get better. No, you don't do that. You're dragged to the doctor's office. If you have to go to the emergency and sit for all those hours you will do that because it's very dangerous, very risky. Likewise, if we find jealousy, bad feelings in our hearts, don't leave them. Do something to get them out. Ask Allah that Allah clean my heart, your call be mean and

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likewise, have the imbalances or the heart is when there's nothing back when there's hypocrisy when there is reality

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when there's showing off, so Immelmann at Allah be calm and Salim. Now connect us with the previous idea. Now that you understand what sound heart is connected with the previous idea on the Day of Judgment, wealth and children will not

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Help except for the person who has brought a sound heart the one with the sound heart his wealth and children will help him how why? Because with the sound heart he acquired his wealth correctly and he spent it for Allah without RIA

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so because of that his spending was good the way he used his wealth was good so Allah will accept that from him and forgive him let's listen to the recitation of these verses again you can stand up

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what's wrong

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in Bali

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Otto now in Bordeaux

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give me all our holiday is now gonna come in if

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we found a way

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Magoo Margulies

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levy on Avani for Hawaiian De Waal levy Hawaii Albinoni who is the one

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to twofer who

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are loving you me too nice

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lovely woman de

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le hope now

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me the

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Sally saline

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see if the heart is sound, then will the tongue be sound? Well? What about the eyes?

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What about the ears? Everything will be right. Because of the heart is sound, meaning it's functioning properly. It's not defective. It doesn't have the desire for sin and disobedience. It sees what is right what is wrong, recognizes the right from wrong, then what will happen when an opportunity to see something wrong comes what will a person do? Look at it or look away from it. Look away from it. Why because the heart is sound. So we should all pray to Allah subhanaw taala for the soundness of the heart and also strive to keep our hearts clean.

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Sound like? So there's these series are something that Shia Hamza Yusuf did and it's purification of the heart and it's really good I haven't heard all of it myself but heard some of it and hamdulillah it really does purify your heart as one by Imam Suhaib Webb also, that's also really good. On dusky anybody else.

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I was thinking about how Ibrahim alayhi salam was talking about his relationship with Allah subhana wa Tala Yes, he is a Creator of the heavens of the earth and the earth but then he brings it back to Himself He gives me to train he feeds me and then when I get sick, he cures me. These are the things that we really need to pay attention to. Those are the other things are big, okay, but if you connect it to yourself, then the relationship is really intimate and then you can profit from it. Inshallah you can benefit from it you can benefit from and that is I'm sorry, right at the heart is filled with the love of Allah knowledge of Allah, fear of Allah consciousness of Allah then a person

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will remember Allah. So I need at the beginning, Ibrahim na Sam tells us what Allah helps him with. He feeds me He guides me He gives me to drink and I

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I hope that he forgives me as well. So these are all things like, especially the earlier ones, these are all things that are less apparent that I was already providing for everybody else. But then there's certain things that Ibrahim Oniisan goes ahead and makes the off for. He doesn't ask, Oh, last time that I grant me this in this world, and this and this and this, because a lot of these things he like he's already said, Allah subhanho provides for me. So he's worried about something bigger, something better. That is something that allows him to he's the only one who can gift it to you. He doesn't provide it to everybody, so he knows what is important and what needs to be asked

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for that if you look at the velocity, but on humanism, He's not asking for anything of this world.

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Isn't it? When Ludy up tomorrow, Al filthy Hatha Yoga Dean. So first of all, there's forgiveness he's asking for, then he's asking for whom knowledge and application. Well, how can you beside a hint, joining the righteous in the Hereafter? And there's something that all the prophets as for us have already said I'm a dua for this the Prophet sallallahu Sallam at the time of his death. He was saying that right along model fuchal Arla, then would you already Lisanna Slotkin velocity, right. He's not asking for what journeyman what are the key Jannetty Noreen then forgiveness for his father. He's not asking for money for wealth or things like that. He's anything that he's asking for

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it is going to benefit him were in the hereafter.

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Alright, let's continue.

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Yo Mala Yun for Omalu wala been on 11 at Allah be colbyn Salim the Day of Judgment is when they will not benefit anyone wealth or children. But only one who comes to Allah with a sound heart. What was Leafa till Jana to lil McJunkin on the same day, were mostly fat and it will be brought near is laugh ze lamb fat to bring something near in time or in place. So what will be brought near al Jana the garden paradise to who it will be brought near to who lil Mata keen for the righteous, meaning gentlemen will be brought near to them, so that they can enter it, it will be brought near to them, so they can see it, they recognize it, and they increase in hope and they're excited to enter it.

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You know, it's like if you're traveling somewhere, you're driving to a particular place. And it's a huge building, for example, and you can see it from far. You know, let's say you're driving back to Toronto. What is it that you see from far? CN Tower? The moment you see it, you're like, Okay, hamdulillah we're almost there. We're almost there. Then what happens? You stopped counting minutes, then you start looking at how many kilometers are left up until that point, every man you're counting every kilometer you're noticing, but what happens when you see that the destination is near when you actually see the destination with your own eyes. You can excite it, you increase in your

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hope. So what was difficult Jana two little motorcade, we're both resettled your haimo and at the same time, but reserve it will be brought into view from burrows bras to come into view MOBA rasa is basically when there is a one on one combat before the actual battle begins. So two armies they see each other two people come from either side and they face one another. So what is a total dream? How fire is going to be brought forth it will be exposed it will be brought into view for low Lila Wien for the deviator as well We implore love law when meaning the one who does not have a sound heart, the one who has deviated himself and he also deviated others work ala home and it will be set to

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them. Amen, our quantum thought balloon way where are those that you used to worship? Where are they now? Min Dooney Allah besides Allah Min from Dooney other than Allah Allah, all those beings that you worship besides Allah, where are they now? How Yom Sorona calm? * can Yom Soluna can they help you? Can they help you today? Oh, yawn Tassie room or help themselves. Can they offer help to you? Or can they even help themselves? No way, because on the Day of Judgment, who alone will have sovereignty? Maliki Yoma Dean is who? Allah probably the aalameen so highly unsolo nakoma Alien Tesla, I don't know for COBRA kibou fie her so they will be overturned into it into what into

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hellfire home there, meaning those who used to worship others besides Allah them which Deikun one of our one and also the deviator is meaning those who would lead them astray.

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So those who worshipped others besides Allah and those who were worshipped besides Allah, or those who invited others to ship, the pioneers of evil. Basically, all the leaders and the followers together will be cookie Buffy her chemo from the letters calf bah bah khutbah

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Cambell inner is to put a container upside down. Have you ever done that? Maybe after you wash it in order to dry it, how do you put it upside down this is khutbah and cab cab, cab cab that gives the meaning of repetition, so called kibou. They will be overturned, not just once, but again and again. Meaning Firstly, they will be thrown into hellfire on their faces. And secondly, each time they will get up they will be thrown back on their faces. This is the disgrace of hellfire humiliation in hellfire, the torture of hellfire, club Kivu, meaning they won't be allowed to even get up. Each time they get up, there'll be thrown back on their faces. So what did we see over here in these

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verses, the Day of Judgment is described that on the Day of Judgment after hisab, what will happen, Jana who will be brought nearer to the believers so that they can easily and quickly cross it off and in moments they can read Jana? Basically the distances will be shortened. And when they read gender, they will find the doors open. And in contrast, hair will be brought forth to who to the disbelievers. And they will be helpless at that time, and then there'll be thrown into it then, and those who lead them astray. What do you know, do EB research my own and also the Junoon the armies of a bliss or do my own altogether? Notice the word you know, third of June, June this basically

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used for a group of soldiers. So June ruled armies and armies of Iblees. What does this teach us? What does this show to us that IBLEES has his workers IBLEES has his workers, not just a few, many, many, Juno's abilities. Amongst them are those who are from the men from human beings and amongst them are those who are from the jinn. So all of them regardless of their numbers altogether, there'll be thrown into *. And in Hadees, we learn that from every 1999 We'll end up where in hellfire, just imagine now imagine the heat the fire of *. And then the crowd on top of that, do you know the Billy's edge Maroun Carlo, they will say well, houfy Hayato similar and while they will

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dispute there in the same room, if the same costs are mean how awesome is argument. So they will be arguing with each other? Who who will be arguing with each other, all of these people, those who were led astray and those who lead others astray. So the followers and the leaders and they will also argue with the shayateen the Halloween they'll argue with each other the law he by Allah indeed couldn't now we weren't left field one early moonbeam. We were in manifest error. When are we in manifest error is when Musa we come up behind me when we equated you with the Lord of the Worlds No. So we plus we're thus we are what does it mean to smoothen something level something. So when we

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love or do meaning we put you at the same level as Rob Bula aalameen When we equated you with the Lord of the worlds we were in clear error, meaning when we worshipped you, when we obeyed you, we were clearly wrong.

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Now many times it doesn't happen that a person is worshipping idols the way you should worship Allah subhana wa Tada. But he may love someone the way he loves, the way he should love Allah. Fear someone the way you should fear Allah obey someone as he should obey Allah is no sir we can build the Allah mean when we gave you the exact same status as that which we gave to Allah. When we equated you with Allah we were clearly wrong. Because with this we corrupted our hearts. So who are they blaming now? Who are they blaming now? themselves, but it doesn't stop there they say a woman Alba Lana, il moody Moon now they also blame those who misguided them they say a nun misguided us

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except for who almajiri Moon the criminals. They misguided us it's their fault. But at the same time, it's also our fault because we followed them from Atlanta. So there is not for us. mindshare. farine any intercessors Shaffir in Florida share fair one who intercedes while for the year Ken Ham in. Nor do we have any friend who is also have been very devoted.

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When we're in difficulty who helps us out of it. Either we find someone you know who's a big shot someone who can really do something to get us out of that difficulty. Or if we can't find a chef or someone who will intercede for us then at least our friends come and they support us

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But on the day of judgment, no one is going to intercede for them. And no friend is going to stand up for them either. Notice the word Saudi you can have even Saudi of course for the UK, a friend, what kind of friend? What's the route? Slip?

00:30:17 --> 00:30:37

slip? So what kind of a friend do you think Sadiq is? Sincere, True and loyal friend? Meaning someone who's really true to the friendship that they have with you. Many people will say, You're my friend, I'm your friend. And when we will talk about other people say this friend of mine, a friend of mine, we will mention them as friends.

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But the true test of friendship is that how are we when they need us? What kind of a friend are we to them? Do we really fulfill the criteria of friendship?

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So Sadiq is one who is true to his friendship, her meme homies from hammy meme Hama to be hot fever, also from the same room. So how mean is used for a friend who was intimate, very close, meaning someone who gets very emotional, they get very active in your defense, in helping you in supporting you in their love for you.

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You know who get angry for your sake, who cry for you who laugh with you. This is how I mean, not just an acquaintance. Now, even if a person has friends like that in the world, if a person has not done good himself on the Day of Judgment, no Saudi Chromium is going to come. No one is going to cry. No one is going to fight for us. No one if we haven't done good ourselves.

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Now, what do we see in these verses? Or do we learned about the people who Ibrahima has said, I'm so proud of the ways of their forefathers, but tomorrow they will fight with them, and they will say that you lead us astray. So they will look for others who can help them, intercede for them, but no one will intercede for them. Some friends will be enemies on the Day of Judgment, Allah, Allah Almighty didn't bow to him Lee Baldon I do in sort of sad i 64 Allah says in a Dalek, Allah Huck, the house Samoa Helen now this is true. What is true, this fighting this argumentation that will happen between the people of * constantly blaming each other, blaming one another, angry with

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each other fellow. Now they will express regret follow than if an indeed Lana for us can return another chance or Return. Come on literally means return. Karate is used for a fighter who keeps returning to the battlefield or assaulting again and again. So basically someone who assaults attacks, and then retreats, and then attacks and then retreats. This was a particular tactic that they would use in battle, that for example, a person would come with a sword just go head hit strike, strike, right and run away.

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That before somebody else catches him, he runs away and then He would come again, strike, strike, strike, and then run away. This is karate. So from this camera, I return, if only we could have another return, meaning one chance to return where to the world for an akuna minal Momineen, then we would be up the believers, meaning we would live our life differently. If only we could have one chance in sort of what we know now 99 We learn how to either had the whole mouth color or build your own lonley Armadyl. Saleh and FEMA talked, when death comes to one of them, he says, Oh, my Lord returned me so that I can do those righteous actions which I left, but what does Allah say, color in

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the Haqqani Matan who are called elucha. He's just saying it he doesn't actually mean it. Because in life, he had many chances to fix himself in the field early color is indeed and that is surely a sign meaning this is not something to be ignored. What is mentioned over here is not something to be just looked over. No, this is worth our attention. Warmer Canada UK filled with meaning, but most of them were not to be believers. Even though the message is evident. The warning is clear. Still majority of people do not believe we're in not back Allahu Allah Aziz of Rahim and indeed, meaning even though most people do not believe still your Lord, surely He is the Exalted in Might, the one

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whose honor is not reduced with the number of those who deny him and he is also a Rahim merciful, He can punish all but he only punishes those who are guilty. He is Allah Aziz of Rahim. Let's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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Yo man I

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00:34:57 --> 00:34:58

love you

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Sallim wa Leafa

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just show you Oh, vocoder key movies

00:35:37 --> 00:35:41

oh one you know do a Bailey's

00:35:44 --> 00:35:50

follow home feed off the moon

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Wallen Ruby is no cell we call

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* what else Lottie thing how me fellow

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Hakuna Amin meanie Meili in NaVi the link

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one can tell

00:36:42 --> 00:36:44

me what

00:36:46 --> 00:36:52

Bacala who is walking washi

00:36:55 --> 00:37:02

pentacle long behind a shadow Allah Illa illa Anta a stuffing cover to make a Santa Monica Moroccan to Allah he'll barakato

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