Arabic Lesson On Triliteral Roots – Part 1

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The transcript describes the theory that the culture of Arabic is centered around the " Coleen letters," meaning that the culture is not centered around the " Coleen letter." The " Coleen letters are related to various elements of the culture, including words like " Coleen," " Coleen," and " Coleen," and the " Coleen," which are all related to the " Coleen letters." The " Coleen letters have a high meaning for the culture, as they are used to describe the culture as " Coleen," and they are used to describe the culture as " Coleen."

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Before instance,

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noon up first of all, if you look at the header with the headers

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and noon

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This is the word that Allah is using

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to tell us how he creates things, Chrome cooling,

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the car is a hoax letter, right?

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Whereas the noon is what

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puts the noon?

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What's the new?

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What's the new?

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What attribute does it have?

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That's one of the attributes. It's a nasal matter, right? It's, it's as a one man, it's in the facial. The noon is a vibrational matter, coding.

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And vibration

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is how things come into existence.

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They move into existence. And this is why if you look at the Quran,

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when the Messenger of Allah, how did he describe

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the revelation

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to people remember the heavy

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like a bath.

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You see, he The first thing he heard was the resonance.

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At ease

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these these letters coming into the world.

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And then from that resonance moving in, so the resonance has meaning. And then the letters have meaning. And then the words have meaning. And then the iris has meaning. And then the server has meaning. And then the fun has meaning.

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So it's beginning with meaning and it ends with meaning. It begins with a vibration and it leaves. By going out of vibration, it goes back to silence to light the color always ends on a sukoon right. Arabic always ends on a Saku It begins with a Hanukkah and it ends with a sukoon

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right. So it comes from this vibration, but it goes back into its silence. Now, if you look

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at these words, naphtha, right, you have nothing that's what does not ask me

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to breathe, right. Now, what does nothing mean?

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To blow? What does not mean?

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Does everybody

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It's the light breath? It's the breath that we're breathing all the time. Not that then you get the SAP, it becomes a little harder. There's humps there the gi n. Right.

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And then nothing is there.

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It's a blown it's a strong draw. And that's what I like gave. Right? That he blew it and he knew

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he blew

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it in his nothingness.

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Right. So these are these are all related.

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They're related, and they change the the third rule which is known as the lamb letter is a determinant letter. It's going to determine the difference of the first two. Now if you look for instance at rules that have shoes in it, right, she has what type of letter

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to fishy with this officially

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to spread out. Right

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What does a shout out? I do.

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Hey, it spreads out. Shadow, right?

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What is shadow?

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grave. Right now what happens with bravery.

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What happens with bravery. What happens when one person runs in

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everybody else starts getting braver

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Right, everybody else begins to get brave. Right? What is chef?

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Chef? Ah

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this is a heresy right? What happens when you intercede?

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Us 30 spreads to something else.

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What is Chef aka?

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Which which chef aka

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moves out to other people. Right? Something in your heart moves out there's too fishy, right?

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So, this is what's happening with Arabic is happening at all levels the me and we don't. The reason that most of this is hidden from us is because it's too much.

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It's too much. I mean letters, just the letters alone, but it is considered by the Muslims, traditionally to be Kufa to throw the Arabic letters into trash.

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Right, it was considered.

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I mean, if you knew what the writers were, you'd never read an Arabic newspaper again.

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Right? Because the letters have meaning. Now look at

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look at the word

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again. What's the root word?

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What's the root word?

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The route is nothing so

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if you go to the master I mean the two that is nothing. There's nothing sir. Learn pestle right now. prusa yokoo What is metal Sammy?

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macusa personalities. Memphis I usually the foundation is because northeast right now for several to sue for one apiece on

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That has its precious. So there's something about the nuts. Right? The nuts is precious. It's no fees. Now, what does what does an FSM mean?

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never means to give somebody the evil eye.

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Now why do people give other people the evil eye?

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Jenga? Jealousy right? That envious? envious they have envy.

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Envy effect envious might be from invidious videos.

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And this is evil. I am

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envious. Now records to the second form Nath pesa. What does that mean?

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It's not SME

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capital, which means what?

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He alleviated his distract, right.

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He alleviated his distress now let's nafa semi

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competed with him. Now you compete with people that you're envious of right.

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And then

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tennis Tessa

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which turned up at your center. So we're super happy that NFS

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terrapass he took his

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his breath. And you can see in those words, that the soul has this dual nature

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as these high meanings like being precious necessity to help other people to alleviate the stress to to dress up to become big Eva saga. And then there's these other meaning, to be stingy

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to harm people to compete with others.

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And this is what's going on with the nest. You have Nestle Amara that said the viral they're similar enough, right? I mean

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what's the root of that?

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Yeah which it means what?

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It's actually from yet calm. It's actually quiet ominous is peace or silence.

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So it's a sir that's been still. Right. It's been Still, the Armada is what?

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It's compelling, right obsessive compulsive. So the high soul isn't a thief.

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It's breathing.

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It's still that's called the lens soul is a model. It's It's It's low, it's stingy, it's miserly, it's envious. It's competitive. And then there's this middle soul between the two, the lower low Rama is the one that's going between the two because they're both they're

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both there. So it's going between the two. Sometimes it's a model, sometimes it's multiple,

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until it reaches that level. Now, if you look