Purifying our Hearts from Shirk

Hatem al-Haj


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But that verses that I wanted to talk about today in particular are those verses in sort of the SRA. Whatever it is that I've said to his steam planner after I

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do that,

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for him, he would be in trouble on me enemy as a de facto and de la de hoy for me was the for Mr. murukku for who SP for Levy, you mean to me so many of you are loving our young families of the home at the

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end, I will just focus on

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these verses.

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Aiko, McClinton, this is about him talking to the speaker. He's introducing his God to his people. And certainly, you know, someone of my size

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will benefit a great deal for a member of us introduction of God.

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You know, Brahim is the second greatest, after the prophet SAW the loss of the second greatest of the last creation, the second greatest of mankind after prophet the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So Abraham said to them, for I to my quantum tableau, and he said, Have you seen those that you used to worship? Have you seen those deities that you have been worshipping? For in the

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army, they're all my enemies, except for the Lord of the worlds

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behind me, except for the Lord of the words. And it is extremely You know, sometimes we

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feel too shy to say the truth and I'm not saying that you will always speak in this

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prophetic, assertive, assertiveness because your

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your your character, your qualities are not out there so that you could speak in a prophetic voice.

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Do you know what I'm saying? Like you're not going to talk to the people like a regular people with the assertiveness. forcefulness and the prophetic voice of Ibrahim, because Brahim already had prepped for the speech. He was known to be Ronnie Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he started to preach to the

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after he was already known to be a subject that you

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would actually look down.

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Or were actually

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perceived with

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suspicion and doubt,

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if not worse.

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So don't speak of a prophetic voice, but understand that there is an importance for assertiveness, clarity, and lack of ambiguity. In other words, they are mcnamee's except for the Lord of the worlds. So to clear myself from shift and to basically set the record straight. I have nothing to do with all of this, there is only one deity that I worship is unlike any of those deities. Without that clarification without making sure that you have complete devotion for Allah subhanaw taala you will not be admitted into His presence, because he does not pay basically

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people who have

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preoccupation with other with other deities, which could be

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not necessarily idols, there is actually hydrolyzing of a lot of things there is

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different types of paganism,

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different types of idolatry. There is a lot of cavemen isn't

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the profit to

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the profits, advice after dinner.

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Maybe not prosper the state of the dinar in the statement.

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So Allah does not accept any form of idolatry a lot of one's pure devotion. So in order for you to be admitted into His presence, and in order for you to be accepted

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as one of his servants, you will need to clear your heart from any competition.

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Any competition has to be completely devoted to Allah saponified. That's not easy, by the way. That is extremely difficult.

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You know, one of the one of the things that can interfere hearts is the

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is basically the pursuit of people's pleasure, the pursuit of people's acceptance, the pursuit of conforming the pursuit of basically

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accepted by the generality of people. That is, that is a devastating pursuit. And that pursuit is particularly devastating to people who excel and get rid of the other forms of idolatry and purify the hearts of all other forms.

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Ship so people can appear as though he said,

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my permanent visa, for years I have not seen zone

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to be more

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skirts and anything, then the zone for this interest in leadership, because it's about acceptance, it's about people's pleasure. He said that a man could good practices of

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autonomy or seraya nica

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to enthusiasm for the years

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that a man could have a good show of his interest in wealth, food, drink, even, you know, sexual relations, he would have, he could actually practice Zoo or showed his interest and all of that. But once someone competes with me, for leadership, for distinction, you know, sibling rivalry,

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I want to be my parents favorite.

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It is basically wanting to be, you know, accepted, wanting to be praised, wanting to be recognized by the people as superior as far as this or that.

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So, he remember, he said, Remember, give up everything. But once some people, someone competes with him for leadership, then he becomes agitated.

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Because of that, and he fights and he makes enemies because of the

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difference. So I'm just saying this, to say that this is, you know, removal of idolatry from our hearts is not an easy business. Don't think that you got there. Don't think that you have sincerity.

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accuse yourself always have lack of sincerity at use yourself always have

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the hypocrisy, man, the not.

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so caught up in the fact that it or in fact, a lot of you are in the fact that I'm not the sort of major hypocrisy because you know that you're a believer, you know, that you believe deep inside. Right, I have a lot of

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homies that use themselves up isn't the fact that Ahmed is the practice is basically to show off one. So that's like a form of makeup. To show off is a form of, to seek the pleasure of people where you should have been seeking because or have a lot to do something in private, that is good. But then you can you can keep it for yourself. And if you're almost itching to tell somebody about, you know, even your wife, or your parents, you're just keeping precepts. Although Allah knew about it, she should have been sufficient for you at some level because it isn't the law sufficient for his servant. You have done it. So Allah sufficient for you. Madonna, Mullah

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Omar said, What will happen to not be recognized? If the old farmer had already known if the Lord of armour has already recognized, so isn't the most efficient for us is certainly sufficient for us. So why are we interesting because somebody about it when I last saw you, you have a lot here, you've done something good. Keep it, hide it for another day, for the day of your need. Hide it for the time of your lead. Hide that for your first night in the grave. That will be a very

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sort of consequences.

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Because that is the beginning of the next phase of your existence. If it is good, then everything else, everything beyond will be better. And if it is bad, then everything beyond

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For the worse, why can't we hide?

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We have to practice this. So

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let's remove all forms of psychology from our hearts. So as we will be like every

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module will be enlarged Kalani No need to start us. But all four was very much

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enemies except for the Lord of the words. And let me follow up me for who I have been inspired to describe as Lord. He began with what I learned publicly, he will create more for who he is, he will guys

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look at the connection that suddenly

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he created me. And it is he who guides me, this is very important. That's a very important connection here. He made a lovely fella, Penny, for our MD. Did anyone make the claim of creation, other than the Lord of the words, the Lord of Ibrahim? And, you know, the prophets before him and after masahisa Mohammed before going from Adam alayhis salam. Did anyone make that claim?

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In fact, the way you reach the doors of Allah is

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that the way you get yourself there

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is through reflection about