What ‘liberal Muslims’ and Isis Have in Common

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In terms of the hijab, sorry, I forgot that part of the question. And this is my way of, yes, it's a very good point yeah. of the hijab. And I think I've got a way of dealing with it. Now I've been thinking about it.

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I've been I've actually been thinking about quite deeply, and some people in the oma now that they believe this is their perspective, yeah, there have been new verses on kata versus there are verses of kata, which means that they are explicit and alvanley verses and they say, look at the verses done me, it means that you can have different he had that you can have different understandings, etc. Plus interpreted in whatever ways they should be a plurality of ideas. And if you extend that idea, to its logical, extreme, yeah. And you say there should be a plurality of ideas and you have no right to tell me what the predecessors said, You have no right to tell me kayfun acknowledge man,

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macabre, how's the age Mao was? What came into being before and all those things, you have no right to tell me Are those so no problem? If that's your method, if that is your belief, say, so what do you say of the ht head of ISIS, they're forced to actually accept that you know, that they can only say left that organization is hurting the people and but ISIS extremist group that killed the people and they're bad, but according to your hermeneutical understanding of the Quranic discourse, their interpretation of the act of cottolin, killing and of in a human home and killing the children and all of those things, according to their interpretation, according to your methodology, you have to

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admit, from a hermeneutical perspective, from an exegetical perspective, is absolutely acceptable. There's no way out of this. Now, if you allow for plurality of ideas in such a way, you have to allow for the issue head, you can't let in Cardinal you can't say that they're wrong. Don't say they're wrong for moral reasons. But it'll be a circular argument, because the morals they're saying from the Quran soon anyways. So if if they want to do that, so if you want to expand the parameters, so that non specialists that people have, that we can make new rulings now, which were never made before, and this is a key thing, not only in just Islamic law, but in all of legalistic traditions,

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there's something called precedent. Yeah. If they use case law in many countries, and say, let's see the judgments of those who came before us, they don't make new judgments, unless it's a new case. If it's the same case, they look at the judgments that came before. But if we're talking about the same rulings that happened for 1400 years, and now you experts in things that you know how to reinterpret the eight of swords nor and the IEA to suit them, and, and so on, then no problem. You also if you want to, if you want to expand the parameters to the extent that allow for the interpretation of all of those extremist radicals, that blow people up, etc, because that's also another thing of doing it

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is an interesting thing.

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There's a verse I think it's chapter 24, verse 59, yes, sort of North or South oil co admin, and he said, The old woman of the necessity of the old woman of the the old woman, yeah.

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And it says that they can

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lead your home If, on the other hand, they can take care of what's the

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cloth, clothing, yeah. Now, the first question I asked the person who believes that because usually the person who believes that a hijab

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is not the femur is not the hijab. That's their argument. Yeah. Their argument that Omar mentioned in suits, or nor, and the jilbab. So

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those who say, they believe that they are not hijab over the head, they believe it's over the breasts, they believe is what over the breast. So it says, For your grip number one would be hormonal analogy, Vienna, so let them throw the females over the Jube. They say it just means cover your breasts. So I say Okay, no problem in chapter 24, verse 59, when it talks about those old women, is it saying that they can show their breasts? No, no, no, that's what the implication is if the Sierra Club that they can take off is the femur and the femur or the Gil Bab is what you cover your breasts, then according to you, you can take off Yes, you can show the old woman older woman

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aka she can show up dressed in public is this is this your interpretation? These you want to run say no this and that. And listen, this is the implication of what you're saying. And that's why you have to have a holistic contextualized understanding of the Quran Sunnah before you make humiliating mistakes. So that's what I'd probably play around like that. And each other