Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P07 078B Tafsir Al-Anam 1-3

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the history and significance of the incremental pages of the Quran, including the historical significance of the surah and the use of hamra in the title. The segment also touches on the confusion surrounding Islam and the lack of evidence for its actions, as well as the importance of Islam in worship and respect. The segment also touches on the idea of death and the potential for future events to affect one's health. The speaker emphasizes the importance of Islam in the context of worship and respect, as it is not just a means of pleasure but also a means of respect.
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Lesson number 78 pseudo to a neuron if number one to 19

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inshallah we will listen to the recitation of these verses your eyes on the text your finger or your BEN following the text your ears listening attentively and your heart ever present

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this mean

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man you're walking Alhamdulillah he'll

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Well who along the summer Do you want

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Sana Sana

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Jadine in the theme

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for now

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they gonna be

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god is to Z shoaling

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the hub Bobby levena Sofia oh my

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god we'll be here

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we'll see oh Phil

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lo que fucka feedback mukade DB, or Lehmann Murphy sama wa T one.

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Katana Allah Annecy Hill

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Laya Gemma

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Eli, Muti Mattila.

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Alladhina Paseo fossa whom for whom I mean

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what a second Have you lately one

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well who was semi me

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out Who are your boy

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me need to an akuna

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Lurman salam ala takuna

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Amina Moshe

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knee Fawful in nasally br

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novoline me your slow son who

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will in more

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in anybody

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to Sri to

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so what do you think the purpose was listening to the recitation before we do that up see?

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Was there any benefit or just to waste a few minutes? We could have listened to it later. Why did we waste class time on this or other? Why did we spend class time on this? What benefit was it?

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Okay, you got a preview of what you will get to learn ahead, Inshallah, did you get a preview in a foreign language?

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Or is it no more foreign to you?

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No more foreign. No more as much foreign anymore. Alhamdulillah that was the point that you listen to it. And as you follow along, you realize that it's not all that difficult at Hamdulillah. So, we have to raise the bar now. Okay, inshallah. Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Surah till around and your arm is a plural off narrow, and narrow means Campbell. But when the plural A neuron is used, then it doesn't just refer to camels, but rather it includes other animals of livestock as well and specifically sheep, cow and goat. And in the soil, the false beliefs of the Mushrikeen concerning the underarm, they're being halal or they're being haram. They are refuted and this is the reason

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why the Sunnah is called an arm. Now when I mentioned the false beliefs of Mushrikeen are referred to refuted. What does that show to us that the surah is a murky Surah or a Madani? Surah it is a murky Surah meaning it is a Surah that was revealed before the Hijra. All right, and it was revealed one year before the Hijra. So you can say that it is a sort of that was revealed towards the end of the murky period, closer to the time of the Hijra of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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and certainly Lahore and who he said that at the time Surah Al Anon was revealed, a group of angels came with it.

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Generally, Angel Jibreel brought the revelation to the prophets Allah is Allah Milan himself, but sometimes other angels also accompanied him. Why? Because those verses are those chapters were of more significance. Every part of the Quran is significant. Definitely, every part of the Quran is from our Lord Allah subhana wa Taala Yes, and we love every eye of the Quran, every eye of the Quran is worth a lot of importance. However, some parts have been given more importance by Allah subhanaw taala. And that means that we should pay special attention to it. And the amazing thing is that every solar every eye has its own significance. We just read pseudotumor in thinking that it's the

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most important sort of because it was one of the last ones to be revealed. It's more come, it's not abrogated, and here we are learning about sort of an arm that a group of angels came down

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on whether

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to show how important the surah is. And he said that the horizon from the east to the west, the entire horizon was full of these angels, just like Leila to Qatar. So many angels come as much as the pebbles on the earth, so many angels come. And at this time sort of an arm was revealed as many as the horizon from the east to the west, being filled with these angels, and their this be meaning they were glorifying Allah subhanaw taala at that time, saying Subhan Allah Halim Subhan Allah had our name

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if it in our basketball with Omar and who also confirmed the same thing saying the entire suitable and

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was revealed in Makkah, at night, accompanied by 70,000 Angels, raising their voices in glorification of Allah subhanaw taala. So what does it show to us that this entire surah was revealed in one night in one stretch? So if we have to study 19 verses in a lesson, don't think that that lesson is too long. We won't be able to complete it today. But the fact that one lesson is based on 19 verses don't think it's too long because the prophets of Allah has received the entire surah in one night, one stretch except for just a few verses from the surah.

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And remember that from Surah, Al Anon begins the second group of sutras of the Quran. So congratulations, you have completed the first group of soldiers of the Quran. What does it mean by this group of soldiers? You see the way soldiers are arranged. They're arranged in groups how but the first one is mucky. And the next few are Madani Solas like for example, so for Fatiha machi surah and after Susan Fatiha Al Baqarah earlier Imran and Nisa, Elma ADA all the soldiers are Madani and now the second group of soldiers begins which means total an arm is monkey and the next few are Madani. So, Al Hamdulillah, you have accomplished, you have studied one group of soldiers, it's a

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big milestone for him that Allah

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and because the surah is murky, you will see that its style is very different from what you have studied thus far. The sudo will be very different from Alba kala from earlier and one from a Nyssa from element Ada, how the surah will not have verses that say yeah, you Halina Avenue or you who believe do this and this, we are not going to be studying about laws in the Surah. Rather, we will be learning about Imen about belief about Arcada because in Makkah before the hijra, the emphasis was on what on Iman, the man in Allah, Eman in the hereafter. Eman in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So you will see that these matters will be mentioned over and over again. And at the same

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time the false beliefs that people have concerning Allah subhanaw taala concerning the creation concerning the Day of Judgment, they are refuted, you might come across some verses which you might feel that what is it of relevance to me that I already believe in Allah I already believe in the Prophet saw a lot of center. Why is this mentioned because there are people who have these questions. So such questions, such doubts that people have they are removed by the verses that are mentioned over here. Okay, so let's begin.

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And hamdulillah Al hamdu. All praise the Lehi for Allah. Allah de the one who Holika summer where it created the heavens will Allah and the earth, what are Allah and he made of lumati the darkness is one node and the light. Sama then AlLadhina kifaru Those who have disbelieved Bureau be him with their Lord Yara de Lune. they equate others they deviate.

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The Surah begins with Al Hamdulillah. Just as pseudo Fatiha slaughter Fatiha also begins with Alhamdulillah all Praise to Allah. Allah alone deserves all praise and what has happened to mention someone's amazing, beautiful characteristics why? In order to praise them, and these characteristics, these traits that are mentioned out of love out of adoration out of respect. So alhamdulillah and Hamed also embodies the meaning of thankfulness of gratitude because you mentioned someone's

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Good trades, out of gratitude.

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So all Praise to Allah, Who is he, the One who created a semi wealthy will, Intro to fat how we learned Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen All praise to Allah, the Lord of the world's. And over here we learn who little Buddha aalameen is, his characteristics are mentioned over here. His actions are mentioned over here, because who is rubble or Alameen? Rob is colic, Malik Muda, the creator, the owner, and the planner, the Sustainer. And over here, we learned that he is the Holic so this is a description of robber aalameen. So all Praise to Allah, the One who has created the heavens and the earth, He has created the sky and the earth, but aren't are so many other things that he has

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created. Yes, there are. Why does Allah mentioned the sky and the earth? Because these two are the most biggest, and the most obvious creations that we see all the time, that are hidden from nobody at all. There could be a person who doesn't see who doesn't know many of the things that Allah has created. For example, we cannot see the angels, but can we avoid the sky? Never can we avoid the earth, never at all. So he is the one who has created the heavens and the earth. What John Aluna Matthew unknown and he has also made the darkness and the light, darkness, whether it is the tangible darkness, and know whether it is the tangible light, or it is the intangible darkness of

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ignorance, of misguidance of doubts of shared and know the intangible light of guidance, of knowledge of awareness. why has Allah subhanaw taala made these two opposites? You know, we always wonder, why is there evil on the earth? Why has Allah's panel data allowed evil to happen? Allowed evil to exist? If Schilke is something that Allah dislike so much? Why does he allow people to practice it? Why don't such people always die? That if someone gets sick, he does dies immediately? Why? Why does Allah let it survive? As a test for who for the people of the earth? Because if everything was all good, everything was easy, everything was true, then what would be the test? And

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why would people deserve Gen? Why would people deserve high ranks and Paradise? And if they didn't have to go through this test? What was the purpose of their creation? Why would they be created? You know, because there are angels who only worship Allah, they're not tested. There are other creatures. They're not tested. Why is the human being put here, so that he can distinguish the Vollmar from the node and he can choose news and he can achieve such high levels making Allah subhanaw taala happy earning the approval the pleasure of Allah.

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So he is the one who has made the darkness and the light. Someone Medina kuffaar will be robbing him er, they don't yet the disbelievers. What do they do with their Lord? They Yara de lune yardie Lotus from Reindl.

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It's from the word and what does other mean? Justice equality. So what do they do? They make others equal with their Lord. They make others equal to Allah subhanaw taala saying that they also have a share in the creation. They also have the power to cure us they have the strength to execute their will know. Only Allah. Only Allah has these attributes. Only he is an

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under the lumea lid. While I'm Hewlett right? Well, let me a colo go for one Aha, there is nothing no one at all who was like him. But yet those who disbelieve what do they do? They said others as equal to Allah meaning they equate others with him. They worship others besides Him, they put others at the same level as that of Allah subhanaw taala. So sometimes they love others, as they should love Allah. Sometimes they fear others as they should fear Allah. Sometimes they hope and expect from others as they should hope and expect only from Allah. Sometimes they rely on others as they should rely only on Allah. They equate others with Allah. Sometimes they honor and respect someone

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so much

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as they should respect Allah alone. Some Molina Cafaro Bureau behavior they don't I want you to notice the style of this is all Praise to

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Allah Who has created the heavens and the earth, who has made darkness and light, yet those who disbelieve What are they doing? Amazing is what they're doing. They're setting up equals with Allah, meaning what they're doing is very, very strange. Because what is it that people were commanded? What did we learn in total? Bacala? Yeah. Are you a nurse or Budo? Who are back home a lady halacha comb well Lavina min Copley comme la lagoon.

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unlit Ijarah la como la fille Asha was summer Bina what Enza La Mina summer e mer. For all other behemoth, Emirati, it is a local fella, Tatiana, Lulu Lehi, and so do not set up rivals with Allah, when he alone created the earth beneath you created the sky above you sent down your provision from the sky that grows out from the earth. He alone has done all this. So you worship who him alone don't set partners with Allah

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and the sky and the earth are mentioned or even in total Baccarat. Why? Because these are two things which are hidden from no one as I mentioned to you earlier, no one at all. These two are one of the greatest signs of Allah subhanaw taala is existence, his uniqueness in his power in his ability in His Lordship, it shows that he is unique. Likewise, darkness and light, obvious, you see the darkness coming, you see the light leaving, you see the darkness leaving and the light coming every morning, every night, every sunrise, every sunset, you see this, you know the difference between the darkness and the light. And you know that no human being can do this out of himself. No being that

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is limited in its ability can ever do this. So when Allah alone is doing all this, then why on earth are you turning to others besides Him?

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When do you turn to others? For example, if your mother is able to help you is able to comfort you is able to understand you support you yet when is it that you will not share something with her? Rather, you will share it with your friend? Why?

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When will you do that? When you know that your mother cannot really understand you. There's something that she has missing. She's very nice, but she's not a perfect friend. She's my mother, but she's not a perfect friend. This is why I have to talk to somebody else instead of my mother. Why? Because she's not perfect and complete inherent qualities.

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This is when you have to turn to others. Correct? When you don't have money in your pocket, then why do you have to turn to a bank for a loan? Why? Because what you have is not enough your pocket cannot suffice your needs. So you have to turn for others. So when do you turn to others when what you have is deficient. The question here is what is the deficiency you find in Allah that you have to set up partners with him? What is the deficiency the imperfection that you find in Allah, that you have to turn to others? There is no imperfection, there is no deficiency. What is it that you want that Allah cannot give you? That you don't ask him and instead you're asking others? What is it

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that you think Allah cannot do? That you don't have fear of him but you have fear of others? What is it that you think Allah is unaware off, then you are not mindful of him but you're mindful of others? Allah Subhana Allah Azza wa Jalla He is perfect in every attribute. But yet when people turn to others, it only shows what their foolishness, their foolishness. When someone sets a partner with Allah, in whatever way, it shows the foolishness of that person. And it shows how He is not giving to Allah, his due respect, his due rights, we are falling short in giving Allah subhanaw taala his rights when we turn to other than Allah. This is why Allah says Wamena Nassima yet definitely don't

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mean doing Allah He and and there are some among people who take besides Allah partners, you're a buena home, Kehoe Villa they love them as they should love Allah, but one Latina Avenue, but those who believe what kind of love do they have for Allah? They're a shed Durban in LA they're intense in their love for Allah. So it's amazing when they love others more

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More than Allah. So Medina kufan will build up the hem yard. Yard alone. It said that it's also from arugula or in the lamb but the word is arugula and arugula is to deflect it is to swerve to deviate basically to turn away.

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So what's wrong with them? They see the sky, the earth, they're benefiting from everything that Allah has provided for them yet. Here are these people turning away from Allah to others. You have a need, instead of lifting up your hands asking Allah here you are asking people amazing. Some millennia kuffaar Roberto Bohemia didn't own. Allah can fulfill every need of yours. He can cure you.

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He can give you the happiness that you want. He can give you the satisfaction that you need. He can give you what nobody can give you yet. You're turning away from him to others. Why do you hope from them hope from him? Why do you complain to people complain to him? Why do you demand from people ask him? Ask Allah subhanaw taala the unica Federal Bureau of behavior they don't. Who will Lavie? He is the one who halacha comb He created you mean clean in front clave some merkaba then he decreed a Jalon a term what agilon and a term Musa man one fixed Rinda who with him, Thelma and Tom, then you are dumped on? You entertain doubts. He is the One who created you men clean, because who is Rob

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Holic and Holic of who of color shade of everything. So he has created the sky and the earth, He made darkness and light, and he is the very being who created you. Come you all not just you, but your mom and your dad and your grandparents and your children. And the people who came 1000s of years ago and the people who will come later, everyone who made them. Allah from what means clean? From clay, meaning the origin of human beings is from what? Clay? Yes, everybody's made in the wombs of their mothers but other murders salaam, which one was he made and he was made from clay. And since we are all his descendants, this means that our origin is also from what? Clay, clean, clean,

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Toya known clay it's basically a mixture of water and mud. So it's basically what mud This is our origin. This is what Allah created this from. And if you look at Clay itself, can you talk? Can it hear? Can it move by itself? No. Does it have feelings? No. Nothing like that. But it's amazing. Allah created the human being from clay. And the human being has all these abilities and strengths and qualities and faculties that clay doesn't have at all. And also, you might think that yeah, but there's such a long time between us and Adam Rene Sanam, so why does Allah subhanaw taala say como all of you, because our sustenance comes from where? From mud from this earth? What do you eat? What

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the Earth grows? Right? Our nutrition, our sustenance come from the earth and you know that what you eat becomes a part of you. And eventually when we die, where are we going back into this earth? So He is the One who created you from clay into the thaw. I have 55 We learn minha Hakuna comb, Wolfie her Nora either come from it meaning from the earth we created you and in it we shall return you. Meaning you come out from this earth. You were created from clay. Your nutrition came from it. Your body grew based on what food the food that came from this earth. And then when you're done, you will go back to this earth. Men lean in. And when He created you some McCullough agile and he specified,

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he decreed he decided and agile, agile Hamza Joomla. It is basically a fixed point in time, or a fixed term, the length of which is fixed, and agile. He decided for who for every person, meaning we were not created and allowed to live on this earth for an endless amount of time forever. No. We were created from this earth, made to live on this earth until when? until a certain time meaning when we can

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aim, our expiry date was fixed as well. Everything in this dunya everything in this dunya it has a specific amount of time for which it can live right for which it can exist. After that time is up, it can no longer exist, what will happen? Either it will stop working properly. For example, you get a computer machine, okay? It works really well really fast, perfectly fine. But then that same machine after three years, it is so slow. And you wonder, why is it that why isn't it working? Because it is something that is from this world.

00:30:46 --> 00:31:15

Great, it is something that is from this world. Everything in this dunya has a time of expiry the expiration date is fixed. And that includes you and I, that includes all of us, when we were born, our time of death was fixed. So what does that mean that no death is sudden, no death is accidental. No death was untimely. No, every death

00:31:17 --> 00:31:24

is decided from before if a person dies at a particular time, that was the amount of time they had to live.

00:31:25 --> 00:32:09

That's the longest they could live and you couldn't have done anything to make them live longer. If Allah subhanaw taala did not allow them to live longer. That doesn't mean that the one who killed him is not guilty. No, that is his own crime that is his own doing. But if somebody dies at a certain time, then that was a time that was fixed for them. What a general masama are in the hole. And this specified time some we have done this word earlier. It's from Wildstein mean from the same root is the word ism and ism his name name is fixed. So Musa is one that is fixed one that is specified. So the original Musa the specified term is there in the who it is with him with who Allah

00:32:09 --> 00:32:24

meaning only he knows about the time of expiry of every servant of his only He knows when a servant of his is going to die. What agilan Musa are in the hole, you could guess

00:32:26 --> 00:33:00

you could estimate you could assume you could fear. But that is only a supposition. You never know you don't know. Nobody can tell you, nobody can guarantee the time of your death only Allah knows. Which is why it's amazing sometimes that sometimes a child is born with certain deformity or something and the doctor say is not gonna survive more than a month, not gonna survive more than a couple of minutes or days or something. And here is that child, 10 years, 12 years, 13 years, sometimes even more.

00:33:02 --> 00:33:24

There is a lady, she was basically visiting Canada, and in the month of Ramadan, just come every night. For throwaway. She was intending to stay here for erotica. And one day, all of a sudden, she's getting up and she just stopped right there. She couldn't move, rushed her to the hospital. And the doctors are like she's not going to survive.

00:33:25 --> 00:33:31

Call your family members, whoever because she's not going to survive. They were almost 100% sure that she was going to die.

00:33:32 --> 00:33:41

She was unconscious for an entire day. And the next day she's walking. The doctors are shocked. We don't know how this happened. And we don't know how she's fine.

00:33:42 --> 00:33:45

We don't know how this happened and we don't know how she's fine.

00:33:47 --> 00:33:53

We're Edelen Musa, are in the who only He knows when someone is actually really going to die.

00:33:54 --> 00:33:55

Only he knows.

00:33:56 --> 00:34:47

Someone turn them down. Then here you are doubting, doubting what his power, his knowledge, his decisions, his existence. Here you are doubting Allah subhanaw taala when he alone created you when he alone specify the time of your existence and he is the only one who knows about it. And here you are dumped our own entertaining doubts about Allah them Tarun ism meanwhile Yeah, an empty raw is to entertain doubts, media is doubt. You doubt what? Allah has the ability to resurrect you. Allah's ability to know everything, because there are many people who doubt resurrection saying, How is it possible that once we have died, and once we have turned into dust once we have become a part of

00:34:47 --> 00:34:59

this earth, then how can we come out of this earth alive again, how is it possible doesn't make any sense? Reflect reflect on this idea? He created you from clay

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it once and then specified your time. Only he knows when you're going to die. He's going to send you back into this earth. You think he cannot bring you out again? Think about it. Isn't it logical? Can he not bring you out again? Yes, of course he can. If he brought you from the Earth once he can bring you out from the earth again. So never have any doubt about the era never have any doubt about Allah subhanaw taala Spower to resurrect his power to recreate people and to question them for what they have done.

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What who and He is Allah who Allah fists summer word in the skies will fill up and in the earth, year Allah Moo he knows silicone your secret word, Jehovah calm and your what does your heart mean? You're a parent right what you reveal when you're Alemu and he knows man that which taxi boon you earn.

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You doubt the power of the one? Who is Allah wa who Allah Who? And He is Allah for some I work at Waffle ugly, in the heavens and in the earth? What does it mean that Allah is present in the heavens and the earth all the time everywhere?

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Is that what this means? Because many people misunderstand this verse And they say, look, Allah is omnipresent. omnipresent means someone who is present everywhere, all the time.

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And this is something that we do not believe about Allah subhanaw taala This is an incorrect belief about Allah, because he is not present everywhere, all the time. Because if someone were to say that, that Allah is present everywhere all the time, that means there was a bit left in the house, on the table, under the table, on the tree under the tree, there are places on this earth which are clean, there are places on this earth which are not clean. There are places on the earth, which befit someone of honor to be there, and there are other places which don't reflect someone have honored to be there. Isn't that so? But if you say Allah is everywhere, that is not correct. Because

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what do we learn that Where's Allah on his ash? When the fact that we learn unzila He sent down whether it is water or it is revelation? What does that mean that he is above? There was a girl who was mute, she wasn't able to speak. And the Prophet saw a lot of them asked her, I know Allah, where's Allah? And she pointed up towards the sky. So he said, Yes, she is a believer. She is a believer. Why? She said, Allah is where? Above. So this shows that Allah is above, on a lush on his own. Yes, he can go wherever he wants to whatever buffets His Majesty, we don't think too much about that. But we don't say that he is everywhere. How do we understand this, that that will who Allah

00:38:00 --> 00:38:54

who has Samoa to fill up, this means that He is Allah, meaning the true ILA, the true God, the one who truly deserves worship, where, for some my words were fell old, in the heavens and all over the earth. He is the only one who deserves worship. He is the only true God worthy of worship, whether you're in Canada, or you're in Saudi, whether you are on a mountain, or you are at the beach, whether you are at the mall, or you are in a masjid, whether you are at home or at school, who deserves your worship, who is the true God, whom you should love, whom you should fear, whom you should turn towards whom you should be conscious of who Allah, because we remember him in certain

00:38:54 --> 00:39:07

places, we acknowledge him recognize him to be our God in certain places, but in other places, we completely forget him and ignore him and pretend he does not even exist, which is why we say things we do things that we would never do.

00:39:08 --> 00:39:10

If we would see Allah before ourselves.

00:39:11 --> 00:39:41

So Allah reminds us that no matter where you are, you are never hidden from Allah. No matter where you are, you are always always your status is what the servant of Allah, your status always is. Allah servant because we're who Allah who for some Allah T will agree. He is the true God in the heavens deserving worship will fill out and in the earth, deserving worship, and with his attributes, he has encompassed everything.

00:39:42 --> 00:39:59

With his knowledge he has encompassed the heavens and the earth with his Goodra ability as encompass the heavens and the earth. His hearing his seeing encompasses everything. This is why in sort of soccer of i 84, we learn Wahoo ality for summer 11 Well, Phil, oddly enough, he

00:40:00 --> 00:40:16

is the one who is the only deity only God in the heaven, and the only God on the earth, meaning, the only one who deserves worship in the heavens is Allah the only one who deserves worship in the earth is Allah and He is the wise, that knowing.

00:40:17 --> 00:40:20

So what does this I assure to us that Allah

00:40:21 --> 00:41:07

hasn't just created us and left us, but rather, He is our God deserving our worship every moment of our lives no matter where we are. So this means that he is watching our deeds, which is why it is said Yarlung was Scirocco, what Jehovah Covino is your secret, and also your Jehovah Jehovah is what you reveal, whether it is something you do before people, or you say out loud, you do publicly. And sit is the opposite of that your secret. So whether it is something you can see in your heart, or you say, the intention or thought you hide in your heart, or you let it out to let it be known, something you want to keep to yourself or something you put on your Facebook, on your Twitter, no

00:41:07 --> 00:41:49

matter what it is, remember, Allah is watching you, he is still your God. Because unfortunately, what happens is that sometimes when people go online, they think that they can do anything. They think that the rules of hijab are not applicable anymore. The rules of hire are not applicable anymore. The rules of respect are not applicable anymore. So they can say anything. They can write anything, they can show anything. They can do anything. No, just because you're online, doesn't mean your God doesn't know you. Doesn't mean your God doesn't watch you doesn't mean that his rules don't apply there. No, they apply there too, because he knows you're sick and you're Jehovah way when

00:41:49 --> 00:42:31

you're alone, and he knows math, oxymoron, what you earn taxi, what is from CASP earning, so whatever you are earning, not just the money that you're making, the points that you're earning, whatever it is, the river that you're acquiring, whatever it is, the actions that you're doing, whatever it is that you're earning, the courses, the credits, anything that you achieve, whether it is that you go shopping and you buy something, anything that you earn, you gain, tangible or intangible material or immaterial, whether it is halal or haram good or bad, whatever that you are acquiring. Allah knows.

00:42:32 --> 00:42:46

So the question is, is it worth showing to Allah? What we are acquiring? Because we want Allah to be happy with us. So what am I earning? What kind of money am I making? Is it halal money or is it haram money?

00:42:48 --> 00:43:06

What kind of actions am I doing? Are they good or bad? What kind of points what kind of followers Am I acquiring? Good or bad? Because my earning whatever it is. Allah knows about it. And at the end of the day, I'm answerable to him and to him alone.

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