Sulaiman Moola – Tafseer of Surah Al-Qasas #07 – A sincere well-wisher

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The COVID-19 pandemic in Egypt has caused difficulties for many people, including the loss of life and guidance from the city. There is also a loss of publicity and confusion. Multiple speakers discuss the importance of learning the Quran and performing hip hop while traveling, as well as the struggles faced by individuals who were arrested while faced with warranties and choices about their lives. The situation is described as a disaster for individuals and they are warned that they need to leave Egypt.
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order to be learning you may not show up on your Wajima Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim wotja Raju, apostle in Medina Diaz Bollinger moves in Nelson Mandela told me Rona be collinear go to Luke, Falco Raja in laka. Amin and he saw that Allahu La Vie him. So yes, there is now a new development and a new challenge that stares either Musa alayhis salam in his eyes. He had spent the night in fear in panic in anxiety. The next day, he encounters that same Israelite having an argument and an altercation with a another cop and a tripti. Musa alayhis, Salam disciplines in admonishes him reprimands him to say like listen, in Nikolov away, you mobian You forever fighting. And then Musa

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alayhis salam queries the merits of the case and discovers yet again this man is innocent, and he's on the receiving end. So he advances to apprehend the foe and the enemy. But the Israelite went into panic mode, having heard the strong words of Musa alayhis salam? And he said almost to read when Tikona Jabbar and Phil or do you want to be a tyrant? Do you want to strike me as a slap from his mouth was quite an expensive affair was quite a costly affair. He's blown the whistle he is divulged the secret is exposed the reality. The cops left the whole argument intercepted the information related to Pharaoh. And yes, Pharaoh has now discovered

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you know who who was behind our or who was responsible for the death of this soul that was lying there. In in the city of Egypt, immediately a warrant of arrest was issued. Now my brother and my sister, you know, you probably could be going through so much in your life at this very moment. But I asked you, when you look at the challenges in the life of the MBR and we look at our challenges, we definitely have to agree our difficulties pale, and

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in no comparison to the difficulties, the adversities and the challenges in the life of a newbie. Yeah, you say that mo Salah is Salatu was Salam, helping someone empathy, kindness care for someone unintentionally, inadvertently, the intensity of the first and the blow proved to be fatal a life is lost. The next day he observed this man again arguing he comes to his aid. This person unfortunately exposes Mussolini Salatu was Salam not that said no Musa did anything wrong. It was unintentional, he repented to Allah subhanho wa taala. And this information is now relayed to Pharaoh, can you imagine or begin to imagine the pain, the concern the difficulties, and the fear that is gripping

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the mine of Musa alayhis Salatu was Salam? Well, that is precisely what Allah subhanho wa Taala makes mentioned about in verse 20, of the 88 verses of chapter 28. And we take a cue and we take direction and guidance and counsel and navigation from the life of Umbria alayhi wa Salatu was Salam.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, what are our gentlemen Casali Medina TDSR and a person comes running from the furthest point of this city and he says Dr. Musa in Al mela Verily the ministers Mela, Ybarra tune refers to a group of people that I'm telling Oh localu Boom in Haiti him who have prominence in society who make an impression in society. So the affluent, the Leedy, the ruling elite etc. In Malamala Verily, the ministers yeah tell me Rona break. They are in close door meetings. They are indeed meetings and from the info that I have received. Yeah, tell me Rona Becca Lea to Luke. They are planning to assassinate you and to execute you. First Roger in Nila Kameena

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nursery hain. My advice to you is to leave Egypt and move on this is the best counsel I can offer. Okay, who is this wellwisher Who is this kind soul? So inshallah Elaine it is mentioned that this was Roger may not mean live your own origin I mean, a believe in soul from the family of Pharaoh. Chapter 40 in the Quran, in Surah moglin and it speaks so what is sort of me noon That's Chapter

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to 23 one is Surah min in its singular form, and noon is in the plural form. So men speaks about this very same person. And many say he was the cousin of Pharaoh, and in the harsher of jalallinen it is even mentioned his name was his Thiele his tale. Of course there was a Nabi as well by the name of his deal Alayhis Salam, and Allah subhanaw taala speaks about he's very sincere message to his people. We are closely in the alcohol for Island Camilla woman Diana Yamato Well, Luna muda berry in Amala Camino Allah him in our slim Oh my nation I feel for you. Yeah told me in a call for Alikum young McDonough, the day where they will be mutual slogans that will be called out Yo Ma to

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aluminum would be read malleco mean Allah him in answer him or mejor de la who from Allah hoomin heard. And then he says Sadhguru nama Akula calm I want you I advise you I remind you, and you will remember my words you will remember my words will follow with Emeril Allah and I hand by metta over to Allah. Likewise, in Surah. Yaseen, there is a similar incident where the messengers had come to a particular group of people. Some say they were prophets, some say they were the envoys of Prophets.

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Both these opinions exist, and some say the city is you know, Antalya, where these messengers had come in takia

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as we would refer to it in Arabic, what do they belong who methylene as herbal Korea and the right to them the incident of the people of this town, city and community. If Jah El Morro, salud when messengers and envoys came to them. In Arizona la he was named initially we had dispatched to for us that's gonna be third live. And then we added on reinforcement with a third one for us that's not far away. Now. Bizarrely football in football in LA Gomorrah, saloon. And these messengers came to the people and said, Listen, we've been sent to you. And the nation retorted in an uncouth manner. Man to elaborate on Mithuna Omar and Salah Rama no man che you guys are regular folks. You guys are

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ordinary mortals. And Allah hasn't sent down anything divine in unto Milotic reborn, you guys are speaking lines, etc. Called Rabona your animal in LA con la Mora saloon, the messenger said Allah knows we are speaking the truth.

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And then the nation threatened that you know what Lana joumana Come, we will stone you to death while a Mr. Santa caminhada Aleem you will be gripped by severe punishment from us. And so the nation is having this argument with these pure noble pious souls. And Allah says what Jah I mean, again, a similar context. A person from the furthest part of the city comes Yes, I'll run in. And what does he say? Y'all call me Tiberian Mursaleen. Yeah, told me who mursaleen so just like in the context of Musa alayhis salam, and I'm having that flesh and handsome share in it, a person from a distant place comes and he offers counsel to Musa alayhis salam, he comes to the rescue, which I

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told you according to Ben innervations, his name was his trail and he was Rajala men, which is the reference in chapter 14 of the Quran. Yeah, again in the tale of these prophets recorded in Surah Yaseen. The Quran says a man came running from the most distant part of the city, and he said, Oh, my people eternal mursaleen don't challenge these prophets. don't oppose these prophets. Follow the message of these prophets.

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It wa Rome Allah Yes. Alikum ADRA follow those who do not seek any remuneration and compensation with whom they don't and they are guided souls. And then he advised his nation in a very amazing way. Well, Malia, womanly Allah Buddha, levy Fatah, Ronnie, and why should I not worship the Allah Who created me? And this is mentioned again in rural man if he hit the lotto phone in that adoption of that expression of saying why should I not was the message to them, meaning you should worship Allah subhanho wa Taala but he put it on himself. So in that it was a euphemistic approach. It was a euphemistic approach and that's the teachings of Islam at Dudley Dohmen Dhoni in Eureka Romano the

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door led to me I'm Nisha and to whom should I ascribe partners with Allah? And if Allah intends haram for me, these partners cannot help me in any way in Amen to that I've become fairly I have brought Iman on Allah Who is your Lord as well. Unfortunately, the nation did not heed His call and they struck him and it was fatal, and he passes on and then he is elevated.

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Get into Jana, the lead the holy Jana, we read it and again, I urge you, my brother and I employ you, my sister. And I call out to you, my young son and my young daughter, study the Quran. I was saying to someone now recently in a trip in London, when people are into fine dining, and they love their food, and then you said, How do you like your steak? No, I just have steak. They said, No, no, no, let me tell you, you must have medium to rare and then you know what?

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You must. You must drizzle some mushroom sauce on it. And then you must garnish it with this year, and then you must sprinkle this year and then you must add this on your and then you tell me how does that steak days. So you got to create that whole atmosphere? You got to do it in a particular way. While I'm asking you my brother and my sister, how do you read your Quran? You just pull out your phone and you just browse on it casually? Well then how are you going to get that feeling with the Quran? I urge you perform ablution and to the best of your ability hold the most have hold the Quran set in a respectful manner. Yes, you're on the run you traveling and you're unable to do that

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with that added time on then you can replace it by going on your Quran app there's absolutely nothing wrong. But to the best of your ability, performing the Voodoo sitting in a respectful position, connecting with the Quran holding on to the Quran and the most half that would create a different feeling flavor atmosphere and spirituality

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Okay, so this was a person in Surah Yaseen again the same context he came running and then he came to rescue or hotel, his people listen to the message of the Nabhi and he was they killed him he was you know, granted entering into Janna and what did he say? Yeah, later call me Allah moon. I wish my nation I wish my nation knew what Allah has given me be my love for Raleigh rugby which Island Iman Alma Grameen, My Allah has forgiven me and he has pardoned me and he has honored me and dignified me. NASA ha toma who Haley and Wilma Yetta Yes, NASA hakama who Hawaii and Wilma Yetta he advised his nation while he was alive and post his demise post his demise. Allah communicates that in the

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Quran. When the companions were martyred in awkward llama we'll see but you will know can be awkward, Jarl Allah who are RWA whom fee ajua field played in Brooklyn. Allah plays their souls in authentic hadith into birds. And these birds fly merrily in the gardens of Jana. turn into an Hara Jana coulomb Infirmary ha eating from the fruit of Jana drinking from the springs of Jana, when they seen the hospitality of Allah. They said Oh Allah, how can we convey to our our brothers on Earth, how you have honored us so that they can also attain this rank? And Allah subhanho wa Taala then conveyed their sentiments via Djibouti and in the form of Quran on the heart of the messenger

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the verses were revealed why Allah taxa been living in Cote Luffy Sabine in La Jolla and water that do not consider those who have been martyred in the path of Allah has dead but whom are ya they are alive years ago and they are sustained yesterday, Sharon, they are elated, happy, excited and 2 billion. Okay, that was just an objective digression. That was verse 20. Where this person is still Raju main comes to sit now Musa alayhis salam gives him an alert there is a warrant of arrest against you.

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So approach exit from the city in the luck Amina Nasi hain. I have your interests at heart. First number 21. Allah subhanho wa Taala says that 400 German ha ha if a club, so he exits for then Harada he exits minha from from the city of Egypt, ha even in great fear, in great panic in great concern, yet, tub watching monitoring, he doesn't know what's going to happen. And the scholars say that this individual told say that Musa alayhis salam that I know you were innocent, and you did not intend it, but these people will not accept your apology. They will not buy your story. They will not recognize the consequences that lead to the situation. So they just not going to accept it. Hence

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leave for her Raja minha he left the city of Egypt ha even in fear in apprehension, and he made the dua to Allah. Rob Burnett Jeanne Minal co Milady mean oh my Allah save me. Save me from

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an oppressive nation save me from a tyrant people. Save me from people.

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Who are abusive? So yeah he now leaves Egypt understand you say you know what? I have this cloud hanging over my mind I have this I'm so you know what?

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It's so blurred before me and things are so you know what, darling heavy on me appreciate the dynamics and the challenges in the life of Satan ah Musa alayhis Salatu was Salam and for a moment to be honest and frank, he doesn't even have a clue which way to head out. Like, you know you're stranded you say okay, I'm going to take shelter here I'm going to find someone. He doesn't even know which direction to set in. Which direction to set in, where to go. There's there's no food, there's no shelter, there's no one with him. And these are the words of ALLAH Abul Hassan Ali nadwi Min Messer Illa Madeon. from Egypt to Madeon. Well, I can either enter yes, the Hubble Musa will

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miss ruku loom I'm lucky to live in a town. Where does Musa Lindstrom go to? Because the whole of Egypt is under the authority and the control of Pharaoh was shorter to fit around building Assad Allahu marunong verb was Shama to normal, and the intelligence of Pharaoh are scattered right across the length and breadth of Egypt. And they obviously have this idea of a crow and the smelling sense of an end Elohim Allahu Musa yet Hubei Illa Madeon. Allah inspired Mussolini's Salatu was Salam to focus his direction towards meridian. So Allah put it into him and Allah guided him, and he started moving towards that direction. Well, I cannot be allowed on sorry that only Anna harbury the two men

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around, of course, Egypt was a fully fledged city. It was developed. It was a cosmopolitan place it was inhabited. Whereas muddy and on the other hand was much more laid back. It was more a village type of a place, but it was more blessed because it was safe from the grip and the clutch and the tyranny of Pharaoh. And I just love these words of Allah Abu Hassan Ali nadwi Rahim Allah and of course Allah had blessed him with this pen. Yah ha But but there are two microphones. The Yeti will addley your battle but there were too hungry Yeti will Adela. I will welcome a life as a villager living in a remote village, provided the life in that village is coupled with freedom and justice,

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then living in a populated city, living in a cosmopolitan city, living where they are high rise buildings and tall buildings. But you know what? There is no safety. There's no security, there's no protection. So rather living a simple basic, you know what laid back but there's meaning to it. We are Shaka we're telling Madani Yeti Malibu, the Yeti with the lake. And he says the same thing with Dooley that will be to the life in a very developed place you live in you know what, in a very advanced in a first world country, but you live in a life where there's no meaning. There's no time there's no connection. You cannot you know what spend time with your family. There is this line for

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slavery, we're holding on to multiple jobs just to break even, and there is no quality of life. There is no quality of life. Okay, we'll leave it on that note. So he now has to exit. And of course this has to be done very discreetly cognizant of the warrant of arrest, and instinctively he's been directed towards Midian. Let's see how he travels. And does anyone accompany him and where does he spend his nights?

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