Rhyme Reason – Can the Muttaqeen Commit Major Sins

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The speakers discuss the characteristics of major understood understood understood understood understood understood actions and actions that occur in the sight of a sinner. They talk about the importance of forgiveness and the reward of those who do not commit a major crime. The speakers also mention the importance of avoiding sinful actions and the need for forgiveness.

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Can the Motoki in commit major sense? So here we are, we're talking about taco we're talking about the characteristics of them. The question is Can, a person of Taqwa fall into major sins? You know the prophets Allah said and we know that every human being commits minor since the prophesy centum said that khulumani Adam hataoka In Etowah, Boone, every son of Adam, ever each other Adam is a sinner, and the best of sinners are those who repent. But what about major sins? Can the motto clean commit major sins? And the answer is yes, Allah Azza he just says was sad. It will you know, I'm a filthy middle of boom, we're generating Abdullah Samoa to el arte, Allah says Raisa the forgiveness

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of your Lord and to a paradise that is equal to the heavens and the earth or in that little motorcade, it has been prepared. This Paradise has been prepared for the people of Taqwa. Now who are the people of Taqwa Allah says, Allah Xenium Coronavirus All right yo Dora the ones who give when they have and when they don't they're given times of ease and they're given times of difficulty. Well capital Amina leads and they they

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they hold on or they do not exude or they do not release their anger. What I find it nice and they forgive people Allahu Bucha mercy and Allah Allah azza wa jal loves the people of the Sun. He loves the people of goodness. When the Xena is alpha LUFA Heisha of Vallejo and Fusa home the Corolla iStockphoto didn't obey Him, and those who when they commit a fashion when they commit a major indecency when they commit a major sin, although more emphasis or they can make minor since they oppressed themselves, they wronged themselves. So you have major and you have minor in either circumstance in both circumstances, the court of law for stuff rooted in OB him, they remember ALLAH

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and they seek forgiveness for their sins when they go through the nobody Lola and who forgive sins, other than Allah, whether you sit through Allah for Allah and here's the condition here, but they don't continue to do what they used to do. They make a mistake, they fall they trip, they get up, they dust themselves off, they ask forgiveness from Allah as dividual and they don't go back. They don't fall again. They don't trip again. Well, let me slow it down. I thought I would go home yeah, I would I could just go home and not until my filter middle of being which had nothing to do with tequila. Now. For them. Their reward is forgiveness from their Lord and Gardens underneath which

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rivers flow when eMeasure Amelie and what excellent reward for those who act are those who do goodness. So the answer to that is yes, but it is for those who do not consist. They do not have the label of a sinner they don't consistently do these major sins they fall they get up and they continue to journey towards Allah as Odin and they will find Allah azza wa jal to be forgiving and merciful.