Yahya Ibrahim – How To Find Allah

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The importance of finding a law in a night inros and finding one that makes one feel better than they are is emphasized. The loss of Islam by the first prophets and the importance of finding one's knowledge to avoid future mistakes is emphasized. The success of Islam in society and its importance in society are also discussed. The importance of verifying information and staying true to prophets' teachings is emphasized, along with the use of water and recycling. The transcript describes various examples of prophets and actions, including a woman who woke up and took a turban off, a man who killed a woman, and a man who asked a question about drugs. The importance of staying true to prophets' teachings and giving up anything to achieve success in life is emphasized.
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I always remind myself and you have a lot of zoa Gentlemen, I pray that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah makes that which is private with us that which is hidden within us have a greater capacity and merit than that which we seek to show others publicly and dramatically in our public life. Allahumma amin,

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I wish for you to excuse me, well, law has some handle law, I'm not feeling very well today. And had I not been forced to have a nap after all, sort of by my wife, I might not have made it. But I asked Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to give us the strength today in sha Allah. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala make it a fruitful night. It is a wonderful, wonderful joy. To see so many people here so many young people here. And I wish to acknowledge our brothers at Salaam who have invited me I know it's been difficult to handle law to coordinate the times with Georgia law fair for making an effort to get myself our brother will Hodge and our brother well in to be part of this wonderful, wonderful

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night. The topic that I would like to speak to you about for the next 20 minutes in sha Allah is about finding a law and it's really more a question than a statement.

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The questions are really you would want to ask yourself is you know, have I lost the law? Do I not know where a law is? And do I need to be reminded how to find a Sabine a pathway to Allah subhana wa tada see, one of the things especially for my young brothers and sisters, one of the things that I struggled with when I was sitting where you're sitting when I was your age, I'm not that old, by the way. I'm just saying

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I'm almost 40 but not 40 yet. Right and hamdulillah soon inshallah.

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You know, I remember, I would hear that Imams, and I would read in the books and when I was your age, I was studying the deen. I was studying it a little bit maybe more seriously than some of you are able to today. And I remember sitting with some of my teachers, whether in Egypt or Saudi Arabia or wherever. I remember sitting and I'd hear the stories of the people of the cell if you'd hear about, you know, Abu Bakr radiallahu or Omar or a man or a Li or the Allahu anhu. Marine, you'd hear about Manhattan, meaning you'd hear about Sahaba Yad Amara you'd hear about these people. And you'd hear about the sincerity and the feats that they would perform. You'd hear that an Imam Abu hanifa

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You know, he would finish the whole Koran in one night in prayer. You'd hear an Imam Shafi. rhodiola Rahmatullah him that he would recite the Quran 60 times in Ramadan, you'd hear that Sophia nibio Yana made 60 Hajj and every day every time in alpha, he would make dua to Allah he would say, oh, Allah bring me back next year, until the final year, the 60th year he didn't make that drop. And he died the month before Hajj. And when they asked him why didn't you make that? He said, I'm shy from Allah. 60 years is too much. Abdullah heavy armor did 60 I didn't want to exceed him. Allahu Akbar. You hear the things and I remember thinking to myself, man, I'm not even gonna make it to gender. So

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what these guys are doing.

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When they pray they cry. When they read the Quran, it softens their heart. Abu Bakr Cain gave all of his money to the prophets, I send them into Allah. I would pay 400 trees for one tree and Jenna the Allahu Anh home.

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What am I What are we doing? Where are we going?

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And you read the things you hear this all the time in June was in hopeless, and it would stun me. And I would think to myself, man, I'm a hypocrite.

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I like to watch TV. I'm memorizing Alhamdulillah had finished the Koran. I was studying tapsee I'm studying the Hadith of the prophets. I seldom Yeah, but I like to watch something. I like to watch some sports. I like to play basketball. I like to go out with my friends.

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Where am I going? What is that? What where Where's a law in my life.

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And that's what I want to talk to you today about

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because sometimes people can trick you into thinking that you're worse than you are. And sometimes you can trick yourself

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Self into thinking you're better than you are. Listen to what I just said. Sometimes it could be even your parents could be your teachers. They might make you think you're worse than you are, they put you down. Like they make you feel like you're not even the rubbish is good enough for you. You're not even worthy to be put in the rubbish. Sometimes the way we talk to each other, makes us feel low. And sometimes

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you make yourself think you're better than you are.

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And in between, that is the balance. In between that is the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in between that is finding Allah

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and Allah tells you to search for him.

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Every single Prophet, every single messenger of Allah searched, they went out and looked, they look up into the heavens, you know, Allah says at the end of, of sort of earlier Emraan

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people look up into the sky into the earth

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yet efa Karuna halka sama wotty one armed.

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robber urbanna Mahalo to have a battery that online you didn't create this for no reason. Well, I don't know enough to know the reason Oh, well, I'm not sure about anything. I don't Yeah, I'm not I'm not special.

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Or better in SME and then Muna da una de man.

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For Amanda look at look at the words of the pious that a lot of records there. They say Oh Allah we heard someone calling. I didn't understand everything calling us to faith. And me neurotic men Oh Allah I just believed I believed in what you sent called you send me an author who for on a carabiner we here we obey Oh Allah forgive us.

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Or ban Allah to Allah His name in nesina our partner Oh Allah I'm going to make mistakes don't hold it against me if I make a mistake or even if I did it on purpose if I made a say yeah

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finding a lot

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so there's a search

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and that search begins with

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See, it's one thing to say Oh, I know brother I know I know enough. No, you don't know.

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Here's what you don't know.

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The moment you think you know you don't know

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the moment you think I have enough you you have nothing

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The moment you think Oh I know how to read the Quran It's enough you you don't know how to read the Quran

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the moment you think I've memorized enough you haven't you haven't done you've done nothing. You've lost your way to Allah because the first of commands to our prophets I send them once

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the first commands of the prophets or I sell them is a loss of Hannah to Allah says him fat Lem come to a certainty of knowledge and know who La Ilaha Illa ma that none is worthy of worship but me a loss of Hano Todd was still fairly them They call him in and ask Allah asked me for forgiveness and also for the believers for yourself and then the belief Mohammed's I sell them for yourself for Mohammed.

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And the believers subtle Allahu Allah USA.

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So how do you find a lot?

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knowledge and knowledge begins by curing look at that word. She fat curing your ignorance, my ignorance.

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The only ailment the prophets I seldom describes as being an illness and it's an infective infectious illness

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is ignorance of our Deen the prophets I seldom he talks about lacking an understanding of our Deen as a disease. One day there were some Sahaba Hadeeth ism Bahati.

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And there's rewired a Muslim with abridged versions. On so hobby he was riding with his companions. They were out on a journey he fell off the camel should His head was split open. He hit a rock when he fell down.

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And his companions they got off the camels, they wrapped his turban tight, they saved his life, he came back to consciousness.

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This is near the end of the life of the prophets, Eisen.

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And when he woke up, you know, they said hamdulillah you find now he began to get stressed, drinking and eating fine. Time of solid outcomes. All right, make we'll do it goes. What do you mean? Make

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Can't I make the yamo

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they say what are you talking about? What you think you're gonna invent your own d? What do you mean make a mo? He said Look man, look my head. If I take the turban off if I put water I'm gonna die.

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They said a law says in the Quran look, sometimes we are so ignorant. We think we know what we're talking about, but we're fools. We have no end. They use the Quran they say no, no, no, Allah said Allah said for inland taggi do ma unfetter yamasa Even if you don't have water make the moon then you can use the earth to make a ritual cleansing but we have water what you're gonna make your own method you're gonna you're gonna think for yourself. This what Allah said. This was also last I said this as soon as

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he said You sure? They said yeah, took his turban off. Maybe we'll do died, got infected died.

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They buried him in the desert. They came home a few days later they see the prophets I send them.

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Prophet asked Where is he?

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For Kalamata? rasulillah wahaca Hakata. They told them the story for Helena Vu Salalah alayhi wa sallam da kata Lu? They murdered him.

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They killed him.

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Allah Azza Alou? How dare they not come and ask me? How dare they think that they know enough? Just because they read a verse of the Quran.

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In ama she fell prey to

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the cure of ignorance is to ask a question.

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Sometimes you get these young people they read a little bit of Quran, memorize the Quran, Masha, Allah,

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they speak out of the Mashallah tabarrok Allah.

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Allah Allah said, this is the Prophet said,

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as soon as this and voila, he they are further away from the Sunnah, although they claim it. We're lacking Joe hella. But it's an infectious illness. ls Aloo don't they ask? Those who are kebab senior to them in life experience in knowledge, in behavior in opportunity in struggle in dour Alaska Alou? How dare they not ask?

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See, sometimes we have these questions. They're in here in our chest. And we're too shy, you know, you might be shy to ask your father. I get a lot of my students, many of them Mashallah hamdulillah. It's beautiful to see all of you here. So February, I didn't bother you good.

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You get a lot of students. They ask question. I don't mean Ibrahim does, but I'm just saying.

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They ask questions that they wouldn't ask their father asked about homosexuality. Asked about drugs.

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They asked about terrorism, extremism. How are each ISIS? Sometimes you can ask everyone.

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And not everyone who dresses like this has knowledge? Yeah, I just like this because I know how to be young. I'm an Arab. So I'll be easy.

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I don't you know, shift what you can get away with Chinese.

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I can't get away with a Chinese brother. You look good in the Chinese. I shall I've seen that. Get up, bro. I can't get away with that.

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I can't do that one. I know. I can't get away with shorewall Cummings. I can't I can't do that. So I know. It'll be this what I wear back home in Egypt is my clothes. I can get away with a suit as well, because I'm Canadian. Right? baseball hat. No.

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It's not by the clothes. It's not someone who sits in the measured a lot that that means they have knowledge not because they speak out. It means they have knowledge. You have to ask someone who knows fits athletic. They're the ones who point you to Allah.

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So people ask questions. Don't ever have a question in your heart. Where you think you can just search for an answer and come up with it on your own. Oh, I saw a YouTube video about a brother. Oh, yeah, I read. I google chip. You know, it's actually not shefte Google. It's Uncle Google. Why is it uncle Google? Because all of us have that one crazy uncle who knows everything kind of any kind of fakes you out? like he'll tell you be like, man, how do you know how far the moon is? Like uncle Google? But not everything he says is right. You got to verify it with truth with a reliable

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corroborating evidence. The prophets of Allah did the same. And I want to end with this. Gonna Give You just three examples from the prophets of Allah, asking questions that you and I would not ever dare ask Allah subhanaw taala Moosa asks Allah you know Moosa speaks to a lot be like a job no barrier. Jay Brill doesn't need to come and deliver a message he speaks to a lot direct. What can llama la Moosa tech Lima, Allah speaks to him direct Moses. After he speaks to Allah, Moosa says as in sort of, out of or be Eleni under Ilike My Lord, let me see you.

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I want to see you.

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Allah says Len torani you can never see me in this life waking up like the way you are as you are living like this. You will never see me when that kanungo illegible but look a lot doesn't just say you can't see me. Allah gives him evidence why when I can over illegible look to that distant mountain for me staccato Makana, hufa, sofa torani. If it remains as you see it, I'll let you see me further meta agenda or Boolean gentlemen, when a law's magnificence became known to the mountain, in part, it was destroyed. And Moosa fell down dead.

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A lot brought him back to life.

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To prove a point,

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he asks the question, I want to I want to know, Ibrahim asks a lot as is in sort of in Bukhara. Because I'm telling you, if you have a question, you can't just keep it. You got to ask. Abraham says to Allah, I'll be airing et for to heal. melta our last show me how you bring the dead to life. Allah says LLM took me Is it because you doubt you don't believe you don't believe I can do it Ebrahim Annabella Well, I can leave my in. Honey, no Allah, I believe in you. Oh Allah, but my heart I just wanted to be at ease meaning there's something here in my chest.

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So Allah says, Well, if you bet a lot doesn't say if you believe a lot Forget it. Allah says you believe I'll still show you for a minute.

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La take four birds, different shapes and colors and sizes and feathers.

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Cut them into small pieces. mix them up. What do you

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mean honey, just put some on every distinct mountain. So Maduro home and then call them to you yet Tina casaya they will come putting themselves back together and fly back to you.

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Allahu Akbar.

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Isa Elisa said I'm

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the one hawara yean the believers the Sahaba of Jesus hallelujah Salaam. They believe in him. They saw him with their own eyes by the power of a law bring the dead to life

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breathed into a clay model of a bird with the power of a lot came into life. They saw him with the power of a lucky with the blind and the depth and the and the mute

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all of this and they still ask. They say yeah, he said no Miriam.

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ask Allah subhana wa tada and universal Allina data Minnesota it's the name of the fifth chapter. Ask a lot. The fifth chapter ask a lot to bring down a table spread from the heaven.

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Something we can eat from the culinary that will take it as a day of celebration. And so it's a day that we will be proud

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of knowing a lot brought heavenly food down to us. Karnataka la saffir Allah What's wrong with you people? Everything you saw you want more?

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They have a question.

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Allah says I will answer color in the Muna Zulu Holly Alaykum

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I will bring it down to you, but the one who eats from it and then disbelieves for the boo

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boo boo admin Allah Allah me. Allah gives them the answer to the question.

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So that brings us back to you.

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Who do you ask?

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And what do you ask about? Do you even know what questions to ask?

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Have you taken it serious this this Dean you have in a law that you have with a law? This I had this Amana that is on your shoulders, the shoulders of humanity that the heavens and the earth said we don't want it?

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We can't bear it the mountain said Oh Allah, we can't bear it.

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All ordinal data SMRT will all be well zhiban to obtain Minda

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three questions that I want you to begin with.

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The first question

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is do I love Allah?

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Have I chosen Allah do I Yani. See. You might think that you're just a Muslim just because you were born Muslim Allah Allah. It's not that easy. You're not a Muslim just because you were born Muslim.

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You're a Muslim because you made a choice. Aslam, what do you have? kalila you have to give yourself to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, there are things that are conditional to your belief in Allah Subhana Allah to Allah.

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Number two, so do I love Allah? Have I chosen a law? Have I submitted to a law? That's a first step towards the loss of Hannah and to either number two?

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Have I walked and taken the first step on his co author? mustafi?

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Have I planned to take the steps that will lead me to gender? Or am I just living life by accident? Whatever happens happens. If my parents take me to the menu, I go to them as if they don't, I'm not gonna go. If my father tells me did you pray? I pray? If he doesn't, I don't.

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If my mother doesn't take me to Duke See, Yes, I know. What are your brothers?

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My mother takes me to do see I go if she doesn't, I don't lie. My father might even be watching. When I first came to memorize the hotel, and I was 15 years old, 16 years old, maybe? And I said to my favorites, Ramadan, I said I was offered. He goes, you can do it.

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I said Why? He said yeah, I mean, I don't think you can do it.

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said no, I can. My brothers that I can do.

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He said, Okay, do it. I said, Can you drive me to the man he goes, why do I drive you to school?

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They go take you how do you go to school say to take the bus hold about six

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sigma in the snow brothers, you know, Canada, you don't know Canada, minus 20. Man. You want it? You want it? You want the Koran or you don't?

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You're gonna go or you're gonna stay home? What do you want? You want to be spoon fed like a baby? Or you going to get up and cook it?

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That's what you got to do. So are you walking the straight path? Or is people carrying you every step of the way?

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And third, and finally, and I leave you with this question

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is What am I willing to give up?

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For Allah?

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What are you willing to give up because nothing you're ever going to be successful in in life. Except you have to give up something to achieve it

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doesn't matter what it is you want to be the greatest football player in the world you got to give something not to kick goals. You got to train you got to eat right? You got to have this and that all of that has to be done.

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And it's the same with a law What are you going to give up to be successful in finding a lot and if you find a law, it is as the prophets I said Lim says to Abdullah hypnobirth a young men like you a young Muslim like you my brothers and sisters. If for the law of guard Allah He will guard you for the last 10 Gita who to

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guard Allah you will find him in front of you always with you, always leading you in success in life. And I pray that a loss of power to either use you a nice success in life. May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. bless all of your homes, all of your families. May Allah honor all of your steps in this life. May Allah forgive us our sins and our mistakes. May Allah bring us closer to the student and the ideal of another year Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. May Allah allow us to love him with our actions, not just the words of our tongue, and the emotions of our heart. May Allah subhana wa tada who has joined us in this blessed day to join us and in this blessing gathering to join us

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all once again in Jinja to the fifth dose with Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Hola, hola. Hello, I stutter la Hello, Avi. Molly. Welcome First of all, it now hola hola Rahim. subhanak Allahumma vmdk shadow Allah

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hula hula and stuff to ballet for salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

How To Find Allah – Yahya Ibrahim

Nov 13, 2016

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