Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 21 – L215A

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Luqman 20-34 Translation 20-34

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Muhammad Ali Ali Al Karim amerit for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim. Rubbish rashly assadi were silly angry.

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Letter melissani of kahuku the urban as a dinner

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lesson number 215 sorted Look man, number 2234 Translation lm did not tell, you will see,

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that Indeed, Allah, Allah, Sahara, he has subjected Lacan for you, Ma, whatever fissa now, what in the heavens warmer and what fell out in the earth

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was Bubba, and he has made complete

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he has amply bestowed

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or they come upon you near Rama, who his blessings law Hilton, apparent Weber cleaner and hidden

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woman and from a nurse the people man who yuja do he disputes fee in Allah hate Allah the lady without a mean any knowledge wala and nor houden a guidance wala and nor kita been a book Munir in enlightening

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what either and when Lila it was said the home to them. interview you all follow? Ma what unzila he sent down? Allahu Allah Aloo they said Bal rather, not w we follow. Ma what would your dinner we found? Are they he upon it, that our forefathers are wello do and not Ghana was a shade on the shade. On the other room he called them either do or the punishment or sorry, of the blaze woman and whoever you slim he submits what you who his face in a law to Allah wa Hawa while he is more than $1 of good for God. Then in fact, his thumbsucker he has grasped the literal word with the handhold and was the most trustworthy, the most strong. What ILA and towards Allah He Allah Optiva to outcome

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I'll move of the matters. Women and whoever cafaro he disbelieved fella they're not yet Zonca it review go through Who is this belief elayna to us more dear whom they return fun a bit Oh whom so we will inform them the man with what army loo they did in Allaha Indeed Allah or Lehman, always all knowing be that with possessor of salute of the chests, new McTeer home, we will grant them or we will grant them enjoyment or Leland, a little Soma then knocked over home we will force them ILA to either punishment for dealing massive weather in and surely if CELTA whom you ask them man who halaqaat he created? a semi wet the heavens will up and the earth layer coluna surely they will

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definitely say Allah, Allah say Alhamdulillah all praise Lila he for Allah bol rather external home most of them lair not er Allah moon Dino lillahi for Allah, ma whatever, this summer what in the heavens while out and the earth in Allaha Indeed Allah who he is, Allah honey you the rich and Hamid, the Praiseworthy Willow and if unima indeed, fill out the form a number indeed that which fee in an out of the earth main from shedule rotting tree or qalamoun pens while

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Hello and the see your mood do who it replenishes it? men from birdie he after it sabar to seven, Abraham sees math not nephew that it would be exhausted.

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Kalima two words, of Allah of Allah in the law her Indeed Allah Aziza always Almighty hackie Moon always always, man not hon Coco your creation, wala and nor birth to comb your resurrection Illa except can have seen like a soul, where he the single, in Allaha Indeed Allah semir on always all hearing bursledon always all seen, Allah did not throw you see, and that Indeed, Allah, Allah usually do he causes to enter, and Layla the night fitna, how in the day, will you lead you and he causes to enter, inherit the day, filet in the night was the hero and he has subjected a shamsur the sun, welcome, and the moon, cologne or yejide, it flows Illa to agilan, a term muslimah one fixed,

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one unknown, and Indeed, Allah, Allah Bhima with whatever Dharma Luna you all do, severen always all over the liquor that be unknown, because Indeed, Allah Allah, who he will help the truth, will, and that indeed, Ma, whatever, the other owner, they invoke, men from dooney he other than Him, Albert, when the false hood were an and that Indeed, Allah Allah, who he is an early you the most Hi, Al Kabir, the grant alum did not throw you see, that indeed, alpha polka the ships that carry it flows filled by hurry in the sea. Be near Mati with blessing Allah of Allah, Liguria comb, so he shows you men from IRT he has signs in indeed fee in their liquor that is surely signs liquidly for every sub

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bearing most patient shokunin most grateful what either and when Russia home it covered them modren waves calluna like the canopies like the tents that are will be invoked. Allah Allah mostly seen as ones making pure, making sincere law who for him, Edina the religion, fella so when Nigeria home he saved them. ILA to albery the land farming home so from them makuta said one who is moderate, warmer and not the edger How do he rejects? Bi atina with our vs with our signs in the except cool loop every quarter in one who is extremely treacherous. gulfood extremely ungrateful. Yeah. Are you her nurse, or people who you will fear or become your rub? Wash show and you all fear Yeoman at a lab,

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not your jersey. He will avail rarely done a father on from one of the he his son, Weller and Nora mo Ludo, a child who he does in one that avails on from worldly to he his father, Shaya anything in indeed Where are the promise a lot of Allah Huck is true, fella so not the whole one knuckle it definitely delude you. I'll hire to the life adonia of the world. While ah and not your one knuckle it definitely delude you Billa he about Allah. Allah Haru the deceiver in Allaha Indeed Allah in the who with him in my knowledge as of the hour, while Eunice de leeuw and he sends down lie for the rain. We are alone and he knows more what fee is in our hand the wounds warmer and not deadly. It

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knows not soon, any soul

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Mather What is that? Taxi boo? It will earn Gordon tomorrow. Warmer and nor deadly. It knows nuff soon any soul big with which or at which or when land the mood to it will die in Allaha Indeed Allah earlywood always following hubiera on always all aware recitation

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in aloha season hockey now

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a hobby. The

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wanna Judge Judy

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