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Juz’ 22: Al-Ahzab 31-73 – Ya-Sin 1-12

Al-Ahzab 31-33

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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how are you

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know the one who sadly are also legal Kareem and my beret Pharaoh the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish slightly sadi were Sidley Emery

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melissani. Tony

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the beginning baby mama boo

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woman Jaco notman canal de la hora su li and whoever if you devoutly obeys Allah and His messenger with our mozzarella her and she also performs righteous deeds, we will give her her reward twice. No Dr. Abdullah hammer watain high reward will be double also double meaning compared to the reward of other people. What Arthur danella ha is on Karima and we have prepared for her a noble provision and the wives of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. They are role models for all of us an example for us women. And we see over here that when someone is in a position like that, where they are an example for others, then the greater the responsibility, the greater the sacrifice, and the greater

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the Edit also, the greater the reward also. So we see over here that the wives of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they were not just ordinary women. They were not just wives of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. They were also more on Lima. They were also teachers. Especially we look at eyeshadow the lower on her that she also taught others. So many people learn from her so many a Heidi's about the profits on a lot of systems personal life is a hawk, his motive rabada his night worship. We learn about that from whose narrations the narrations of our Chateau de la hora. So we see that where she was the wife of the prophets on a lot of sudden her sacrifice was huge. Her

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position was huge. And because of that, her reward insha Allah will also be huge, because we see that the wives of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they willingly chose the Akira. They sacrifice their dounia they let go of the comforts of this world. They bore the hardships in this life for the sake of the deen. They experienced hunger and thirst with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I should have said that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam passed away, while in one day, he did not even have oil with bread twice, meaning he could only afford to have it once. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam spent so many days of his life just surviving on what the two black things and that is just

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dates and water. Just imagine if for the hood we only have dates and water. What would we think of ourselves? Right? And if we had that just for a thought, What would we think of ourselves? But the Prophet sallallahu Sallam for days on end he would only have dates and water to live on. And what do you think about his family? What do you think about his wives? What did they eat what he ate, because they lived with him? They sacrificed along with him. They experienced fear and danger with the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. They even traveled with him and we learned that they support

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The prophets of Allah cinnamon, every kind of difficulty. And even though they were given a choice over here that if you want, you can leave. If you want, you can leave imagine they were given this choice, but they chose the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they chose the deen. They did not leave Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, even though they were given the choice, and when they chose the aha, then Allah has promised great reward for them. Allah has promised a great, great compensation for them. Nope, Dr. Angela Herman watain will Arkadin Allah Harris and Karima a normal provision, because the fact is that when a person chooses a law over everything else, when a person chooses

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being over dunya, when a person chooses aka over dunia, then Allah will not waste to sacrifice, Allah will not waste the effort of his servant, and especially for a woman, for her to sacrifice the luxuries. the comforts of this world is very difficult. You know that as women, how much we desire, nice clothes, how much we desire, nice, comfortable houses, linens, curtains, I mean, all of these things, what are the weaknesses of women? men? What do they care? Isn't it? What do they care many times, it doesn't make a difference to them, whether the dishes are matching or not, right? Whether everything is you know, is going with each other or not in terms of color, in terms of everything

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else, they really don't care. But for women, this is really a weakness. And the thing is that the more a woman desires these things, the more time and attention and money she devotes to these matters, isn't it? So? Like, for example, if you want a particular curtain on your window, what are you going to do? Are you just going to go to one store? No, you're going to check online, you're going to look at fabric stores, you're going to go from store to store, and then see where the best deals are. If you can, you would even go to the states to buy what you want. Right? Now look at the time and attention and the focus that is being devoted to these things. If a woman is focusing on

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all of these things so much, then where do you think she can give attention to the deen to the Quran. So for a woman who really chooses that, yes, I want to use my life to serve Allah, I want to use my life to serve the deen of Allah, then she really has to make a conscious decision to really put her house second and priority to put her comfort. second priority and put a law has been the first in priority. And this is no easy decision for a woman to make it is really not easy. You know, for example, my mother I have seen when I was growing up, every weekend, I remember our entire kitchen would be cleaned top to bottom, every cabinet, every cabinet, because here, you don't really

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have to do that. But in Pakistan, things got really dusty very quickly. Right. So every kitchen cabinet imagine was cleaned inside out, my mother would make sure the house was this clean. And even though she's not doing it everything herself to get things done to such detail. You really have to put an effort. I have seen my mother doing that. I have seen my mother and I know when she started alhuda when she started over there, there will be days you wouldn't even walk into the kitchen. And I know that was not an easy decision for her. But if she didn't make that decision for herself, that my house is now second and priority than alhuda. The teaching of the Quran could not be first in

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priority. It could never be first and priority. Never be. Because for a woman really to get out of that mental state. You know, my house is not my first priority. Yes, I love my house, it's in a manner on me, I have to take care of my family. But my house doesn't deserve 100% of my attention and my physical energy and my mental energy and the space in my heart. I have to let go of it. You see the thing is we have to detach ourselves from these things. And for women, it's extremely difficult. But until and unless we make this decision, we really cannot go forward in the way of a law. I mean for a woman to pursue her career also to look after her children also, Doesn't she have

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to put these things aside? Doesn't she have to? She has to. And the thing is that no matter how much we devote our lives, to our houses and to our things, how much are we going to enjoy them? How much when we see these things getting destroyed in front of us in front of us. I mean, here is a woman who's desperately trying to clean her walls, scrub clean her walls, she's sitting on her knees and then what happens? Two hours later, another child comes with a nice new marker. And that's it. The wall is gone, isn't it? You see these things getting destroyed in front of you this is their worth. This is their worth. So are they really deserving of all of this attention and focus

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I'm not saying let your houses turn into garbage dumps, no, what I'm saying is detach yourself from these things. Otherwise, we cannot make much of our lives. We cannot go forward in the way of Allah. And if we don't, then what's going to happen? I mean, if the wives of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did not cooperate with Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, could he convey the deen? Could he teach the people? Could he go out in the way of Allah? do jihad fie subida la, could he travel for months on end in order to defend the religion of Allah? Good. He he couldn't he needed that support from his wives? That cooperation from his family? And this was a family that consciously chose the ohana over

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the dunya. And what are we doing? We have the deen we have the deen but what do we do? We put the Quran away. We put the deen away and we choose the dunya over the deen but the one who sacrifices this dunya for the alcohol then Allah promises them. Do you have a dual home on watain?

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Allah Harris and Karima we have prepared for her a noble provision. Yeah, Nisa, and Abby, all wives of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you are not like anyone among women. If you fear Allah, then do not be soft in speech to men, meaning your status is not like that of any other women. Right? Why? Because you see the wives of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they were role models for the rest of the women. And at the same time being the wives of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam meaning generally their interaction with men was greater. Because many people came to the houses of the prophets, Allah said I'm looking for him, intending to speak to him asking about where he was.

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Right? And especially being the wives of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they were more in the public eye. So over here, the wires of the prophets, a lot of them are asked that you need to become careful in your speech when you speak to men. When you talk to men, then how do you have to be careful in your speech, do not be too soft, too soft as if in writing for further conversation. No, don't invite further conversation. Do not be soft, it doesn't mean be harsh and rude. It means just be straight to the point focused on what you have to say, and get the conversation over with. And this is something that we all need to look at. When we interact with men, non Muslim men, whether

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they may be people in our class, or people at work, or they may be our teachers, even professors, even boss, even whoever it may be. How is it that we speak to them? Are we do giggly with them? Are we too soft with them? Are we talking to them as if we're talking to our husbands or our brothers, or our children? We need to be careful over here. the wives of Rasulullah sallallahu Some are instructed fella burnable Cole and the same, even more so goes for us. Last he in whose heart is disease should cover it. But speak with appropriate speech, meaning the person in whose heart is some fitna some disease, all right. And every person suffers from some kind of disease in his art in

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the sense that every man is weak, right? Every man is weak, especially when it comes to women. He's weak, there is that weakness in his heart. So Allah says that such a person might covet meaning he might desire he might keep some expectation of you. Right? So don't even allow that. And how do you do that? by speaking correctly welcome, Nicola. maruka how speak that which is good, speak that which is needed, what is essential? What is just enough, clear and precise. There is no need to be very friendly, very humorous Ghibli, and I'm talking about one thing after the other that is unnecessary. No, be to the point. Be clear, be concise, and be good. Meaning you don't have to be

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harsh over there. On nakanoshima.

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What we learned over here is that a woman herself needs to put her guard on, right? Because sometimes we say oh, I'm covered. What else do I need to do? No, you cover yourself and you also guard your speech, your manner of interaction, your manner of engaging with the people of the opposite gender, you have to do that. Why? Because perhaps our speech will cause fitna in the heart of another person. And this could be even through hijab and niqab. By the way this can be it is not enough to just put a cover on to put some clothing on, and then speak very nicely to men as if you were joking to your brother. No, you have to be careful. And by the way, yes, they are brothers in

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Islam, but they're not your real brothers. So there has to be some distance over there. And notice how the wives of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, I mean they're being told

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And who are these men? Who would come to them? These were the Sahaba Sahaba. So don't think when you're talking to a man who has a very nice beard, and has the Quran memorized, and also leads Salah at the masjid and gives a hookah or is the president of the MSA that Oh, their heart is very pure. No, they are human being after all. So you have to be careful. Save yourself, and also save them. All right, remember, the control is with you. This is so empowering. The control is with you. It's about how you speak. You can either lead a man to fitna or you can keep him in his place, right by how you speak to him. So be careful about how you speak. Well, Carla, Cebu tiecon anata wa Janata

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Raja helia to Allah and abide in your houses and do not display yourselves, as was the display of the former times of ignorance. The fact is that not just for the as well as the Herat, but for all women, it is essential that they make their homes, the real centers.

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What this ayah means, basically, here, the women are being discouraged from being out in the public, in the eyes of people going around in busy areas unnecessarily. This doesn't mean that a woman must remain inside her house always an all the time. No, she may go. But when she does go, she should not go out dressed in a way that she is dressed in her house. You understand? This doesn't mean that a woman is not allowed to go outside she can go, but she should not go out in a way that she draws attention to herself. How, by dressing up in a particular way, or by speaking by carrying herself in a particular way? No, she should refrain from the Baton Rouge. What is the average double notice

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from boats and barges? a tower? All right. Now when you go when you drive into a new city before even you enter the city, what do you see from far? Do you see where the downtown is? Why is it that you recognize instantly where the downtown is? Why? Because you see the towers, right? So from far, the towers, the buildings are noticeable. This is the average that a woman displays her adornment openly highlighting herself bringing attention to herself, that her makeup, her hair, her clothes, or shoes or fragrance, everything is drawing attention to her. And remember, the photo does not just in the physical sense, meaning how a woman dresses up, but it is also in her style of walking in her

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style of carrying herself. Even her talking. Alright, and her interacting with others. It should not be such that it draws attention because sometimes it happens that women are covered head to toe. All right, big jilbab everything. But the way the arms are, you know hanging and the way they're talking to each other and being so Frank in the open and slapping each other, you know, like on the shoulders and giggling out in the open. I mean, this is also something that draws attention. So remember, it's all about your attitude, right? It's not about a physical cloth only, yes, the cloth is important, the hijab is important. But in addition to that, we also need to see how we carry

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ourselves out in the public. Are we drawing unnecessary attention? Like for example, if a woman is constantly on her phone talking so loudly and giggling? Of course, people are gonna wonder What is she talking about forgetting them in any person? Isn't it, even if it's a man, even if it's a man, if they're talking like that, then everybody's going to be you know, everyone's attention is going to go towards them. So a woman has to be careful, especially when it comes to this matter. Likewise, for her to come in the public eye while she has adorn herself is also something that is incorrect. Because Allah says well after but Regina don't do Tabarak. And for this doubleword you don't really

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have to step out of your house these days. You don't have to go into the mall these days. You don't have to go and work in a TV station, or like a TV show or something like that. No, all you need to do is take a photo and put it online. Right? This can be done even from your phone, tablet, which can be done even through your phone today. Even through your phone. So we have to be careful that whatever we are doing, are we displaying our adornment in a way that we are attracting attention, right? This doesn't mean that a woman has to be covered up and she has to like you know become an unknown in society. No. You can be known you can be well known you're named can be famous. People

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can benefit from the good that you have to that you have to offer. But it doesn't mean that you do it in a way that a lot disapproves off. Do not

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cross the limits tell me I should have the lower on how was she famous? Of course? Did people come to her asking her questions, seeking knowledge from her? Yes. But do we learn that she's sitting outside, you know, on top of a member and all the men are sitting in front of her, and this is how she's teaching. Did she do that? No, she didn't. She didn't do that. Why? Because for a woman to remember she can bring benefit to the community, even while observing these icons that Allah subhanaw taala has revealed for her because when a woman puts herself out there, when she displays her adornment, her beautification highlighting herself outside in the public eye, then what happens?

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She is inviting fitna for herself. I mean, you don't know how people are looking at you. You don't know what they're thinking of you, you really don't know. So it's best that you protect yourself. And notice over here what has been mentioned, that refrain from the barrage of the former times of the times of joy helliya, meaning the time before Islam. Remember, Allah does not like the barrage of women, he does not like it. When a woman displays herself. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Do not ask about the destruction of three types of people. And amongst them, he mentioned a woman whose husband is absent, right, taking care of her of all her worldly needs. And she displays her

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adornment behind him, meaning that her husband is not around. All right. So what happens? She goes around outside displaying her adornment, right. She's taking advantage of that seeking attention of other people seeking attention of other men. You see, this is a fitna for women. All right, men what is their fitna their sexual desire? And what is women's fitna?

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What is women's fitna being noticed?

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All right, adorning themselves displaying their beauty. I mean, it's amazing. You go to any party, just look at the lengths to which women will beautify themselves. Isn't it amazing? How long does it take guys to get dressed up? How long?

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Not very long. All they need to do is just put your clothes on and colosse maximum put a watch on put some cufflinks on put a tie on. That's it. Right. But for women, any every part of the body, from the eyelashes to the eyebrows do above the eyelid and the cheeks and any every part of the body. This is a test for women. You understand? It's not Hello. It's just a test that how do you fulfill this need of yours in a lawful way? How do you do that this is the test.

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And we see that very, very few women who do who will make it to paradise. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in a Hadees we learned in Muslim hermit that once remarked up in Hosea he said that we were in a journey we were traveling for Hajj or Umrah with Ahmed bin and Arsenal de la hora and who. And when we reached a place near Mecca, which is middle of Iran, a woman was sitting on her camel and her hand was on the saddle. Her hands were were on the saddle. And I've been asked about the lower end who he changed his direction. And he went on another way. So we went along with him. And he said that once we were with the prophets alongside him here, the same place when we saw a few

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crows in which was a white girl, also whose beak and feet were red. So imagine black crows, and in them is a crow that is all white, and just the feet and the beak are what their read. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said in gender only such women will enter who are like this curl amongst this flock of crows, meaning very few.

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Very few rare because majority of the women they fall in this fitna, don't they? Many of us do that even while wearing the hijab, what happens to us we forget our etiquette when we're in front of men, the way we talk and the way we laugh and the way we chat with them as if they're full.

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What happens? Why do we forget these things, the profits or the loss of them said, none, that engender only such women will enter who are like this crow amongst this flock of crows, meaning very few has an imbecile he said that that lady who was sitting because of whom I'm about to ask changed his direction. She had in both her hands rings and adornment, meaning her hands were decorated. All right, and she had put both her hands out. So you can imagine like nails you know with paint and rings and henna or whatsoever

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And then of course, they're deliberately being shown and then they're displayed outside. And this is what the leverage that here My hands are decked out. That's all I can show. So here you go. Right. This this is sad that I mean, we are wearing the hijab and the part which is exposed, we highlight that even even more than we're doing more coverage, you understand, because if everything is covered, and the only part which is being shown, is highlighted, is decorated even more than what is that going to do, it's going to attract even more attention. So remember that Xena has to be covered instead of being displayed in front of men. We have to be very careful about this. So when a woman

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has to go to a public place, then what is it that she has to do? She has to cover her Xena. I mean, the Hadith, they don't tell us that a woman has to leave Xena. I mean, I should have the low honor she's going with the profits of the loss and I'm in a journey and that journey, the Sahaba are going to fight a battle. And I shall the lower now what does she take with herself? a necklace? Any Seriously? How often do we wear necklaces under our hijabs? Like honestly, it's rare, right? Because it gets stuck in the hijab and everything. I mean, generally we like to take these things off when we have our hijab on for the whole day. Correct. But imagine I shadow on her, she's going on a

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journey. And she's borrowing a necklace so that she looks nice. This is something natural within women natural. But when you do go out in a public place when you're coming in the attention of of men, they have to look at you because it's it's something that's understood, then a woman must adopt simplicity over there, not by abandoning her Xena, but by concealing her Xena

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and establish prayer and gives ucca and it'll be Allah and His Messenger, the wives of the prophets of Allah. So my address over here that gives a cow obey Allah and His Messenger, meaning just because he's your husband, don't forget to treat him as a prophet as well. He's After all, the Messenger of Allah. So whatever he commands you as a prophet, then make sure you obey Him. Allah intends only to remove from you the impurity of sin or people of the prophets household, and to purify you with extensive purification. Why are all of these commands given to oppress the best women to not let them come to the forefront to prevent their advancement? their progress? No way. I

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mean, we see I shall below who doesn't know her name, which Muslim doesn't know her name, like seriously, have settled a lot more on her, which Muslim doesn't know her name. I mean, this is something that's understood the wives of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they're well respected, for their contribution for their knowledge for their sacrifices for whatever they did. They're appreciated. They're well known, but they did not offer their services by compromising on their higher. No, they did not. And this is something we need to remember. Because you see, for a woman to display herself, who this is something that attracts attention immediately, like within seconds,

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within seconds, you put a picture of a beautiful woman on a front cover page

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on a front cover page of a magazine, right? Or for example, your your cover photo, right? You just put that out what happens people will instantly click on it, who is this person? Do I know that?

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Right? It happens. But then if there is no picture, no face, then people have to look at Okay, what is this person saying? Who are they? What are they even doing? Then? Okay, read what they write and check what they say. This is what really promoting the work and not the person. This is what we need to think about. Let's not be concerned about promoting ourselves. We need to be concerned about promoting the message of the deen. We need to become real contributors. Not by displaying ourselves. But by highlighting our work by doing our work with excellence. This is what we need to do. So over here we see the reason that is given that the heckler behind all of these commands is that Allah

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wishes to keep the family of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam clean, he wishes to keep the wives of the prophets of the laws that impure. Because you see when something is displayed when it is freely publicized, then does it lose dignity also?

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It does. I mean, think about it, as Have you ever seen buses with those advertisements on them?

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Or maybe there's this place that we walk at regularly and there's this huge poster, right it's a dentist basically huge poster of a person you know with their big smile and their teeth showing. I mean from far looks really nice, but I've seen over the months and over the years how

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Dirty that picture has become

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right how dirty it has become. And you look at these images, these flyers, for example, newspaper, what happens? Is it thrown around everywhere? Yes, people lose respect for it. So the fact is that when something is freely publicized, it loses its dignity. Right? Why is it that certain products when they're to be released, not even an image is leaked out? Isn't is shown why eventually after months, then an image is released and then finally a product is displayed. Why is that? So? Because eyes even stain, remember, sight even stains? It does. This is why in general, there are blessings that no I have seen. No I have seen. So we see over here that the dirty eyes of men, they can set up

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on a woman. And this can be a source of shock for her. It's a kind of a filth. So the wives of the prophets have a lot of cinemark ordered over here to preserve their dignity. How? By keeping themselves protected from the filthy eyes of men. Cover yourself, guard yourself, protect yourself in a way that the dirty eyes of men don't even set upon you. And especially if a woman goes out displaying herself, then this is worse.