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Al-Ankabut 1-15 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 8-11

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What was slain al insana be Wally, the hustler, and we have enjoined upon man goodness towards his parents. Was Selena from the root letters? Well, solid? Yeah. What's the Yeah? And what is what's the you mean? Mostly? Yeah.

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Well, what's the primary meaning of the word?

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To give an instruction to give an important instruction? When before time, so that a person knows what to do. And it's about something that is important. Like, for example, a person who is dying when he makes a will? When does he do that? After his death? No, before his death, that when I do this, and this, so it's an important instruction, people take it very seriously. They listen to it attentively. They take it to their heart. And it's given before time. And when the word is followed by be, like over here was slain inside a beat well today, what does it mean to take a promise with someone to give them an important instruction, and to take a promise with them that you are

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definitely going to do this. So it's a command that is at the level of an ad, that is at the level of a promise. It's a command that is given but it says though, a promise has been taken from you that you will definitely do this. Now imagine, what will slain an incentive be rarely the hero snare that Allah has enjoined upon man, he has commanded him, he has made it incumbent on him, he has not given a choice to the human being, he has to do herson with his parents, he has to be herson with his parents, he should be beautiful towards them. His behavior should be a person, he should treat them well. He should treat them with respect and kindness. And he should be very good with them,

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whether they are good to him or not. Whether they are good to him or not, he has to do her son. But is this in every situation in every circumstance? What do we learn over here? What injure her Dhaka and if they strive against you, who your parents, you have been commanded to be good with them in every situation, whether they're good or they're bad. However, if the struggle against you, they strive against you, and over here jaha Dhaka gives the meaning of pressurizing you, that they put in so much effort against you, that Lita shreeka be so that you associate partners with me, man, a silica be here and that which you have no knowledge of. And over here, knowledge gives meaning of

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evidence that you have no evidence, you have no proof that this being whom they're telling you to worship is actually a partner of Allah. It's actually someone who deserves worship, you have no evidence behind that. Then what should you do? Listen to them, obey them know, Allah says, Allah to their home and then do not obey them. In a Yama Jericho, to me is your return phone a veto can be my quantum term alone, then I will inform you of what you use to do.

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So what do we see that piety, your son, towards parents is something that is necessary. It is a command from Allah, we have not been left with any choice with regards to this. We have to be good towards our parents. However, when it comes to obedience to parents, meaning disobedience to Allah, when a person is in a situation where obedience to parents means that he will be disobeying a law, then what is he going to do? He cannot do both. Obviously, it's either or, if he obeys Allah, He is disobeying parents. If he's obeying parents, he's disobeying Allah, and whose obedience should he prefer?

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obedience to Allah. So

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he has to give preference to the obedience of Allah. Why? Because the right of Allah is greater.

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Every time What do we learn? the Hadees mentioned worship of Allah as mentioned, and then xand towards parents, as mentioned warriewood Allaha, whenever she will be, Shaya will be invalid any Arizona.

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Always you will notice, this is the way that first of all the right of allies mentioned and then the right of parents has mentioned.

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And by the way, why do we have to do our son towards our parents because they're sad towards us as a lot. But if you think about it, whose son is greater than the parents, a loss of habitat is Arizona, he is an emotion. So this is why when it comes to either being a law or obeying the parents who should a person obey a loss of power.

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And remember the general principle that led bar to mahangu females

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that there is no obedience to the law, in disobedience to the Creator. You cannot obey the creation in disobedience to Allah soprano. But usually, what do people say

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that come on? If you're supposed to be Muslim, you're supposed to be good towards your parents. You're supposed to obey them. And if you're supposed to obey them, then how can you do this when they tell you not to do

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It, how can you put on the hijab when they tell you not to wear? How can you study the Quran when they tell you not to study it, this is not your son, your son is what? That when they tell you to do something wrong, you don't listen to them and otherwise you are good towards them.

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Unfortunately, for many people, the enjoyment of this world is much more beloved to them much more valuable to them than the enjoyment in the Hereafter, they would rather have fun in this dunya go to Wonderland and spend a whole day enjoying, you know, one right after the other than struggle to get a house in general, a place in general. So how do you make them understand? How do you make them realize,

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because they do not realize this, this is why they cannot go through the difficulties. They cannot bear the challenges. They say, forget about it. Just enjoy. Allah is merciful, he will give you whatever he wants, how do you make them understand? How do you make them realize? I'm asking a question.

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While children are still young, they need to be taught what is eternal? What is better? What is everlasting? What is far better? What should be given priority to? And let's say you've lost that opportunity, then what if somebody is an adult? Then what do you do? Or trust me, they find their ways. They're too clever. The thing is that, like it was mentioned, that instead of telling them all the time, show it to them, show it to them through your example. But the main thing is that imagine what does it come with? How do you strengthen it? The problem over here is weakness of a man, right? How do you strengthen that with knowledge.

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If you want your children to be successful in their careers, you send them to school, you send them to university, if they don't want to study, you push them you don't leave them, you force them to study, you don't leave them. So similarly, when it comes to the dean, then we need to be equally concerned about their knowledge and understanding of the D. Because inshallah, when they will come to know, when they will learn, they themselves will become stronger than other young people, they can be a source of inspiration for them, that good company, it really affects you. So those people who are already in the they have to become so strong themselves that they are a source of

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inspiration for others. Right? That whenever we come across such is which touch our hearts, we should also share it with them. Many times we think, oh, what can they understand? Believe me, if they can play such complicated games, which you cannot even understand head or tail off. I'm sure they can understand this. This plan is so simple. It's so clear. So they have the ability to understand they can understand never undermine them, never underestimate them, they won't get it they will get it shared with them that we glamorize the dunya so much and we make the dean so boring, that obviously people are not going to turn towards the dean. They think Dean is boring Dean

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is difficult Dean is all about hardships. But if you look there is a variance that Allah subhanaw taala has presented in these ayah that first the hardship the challenges the fit that are mentioned and then after that what is mentioned reward forgiveness as mentioned reward as mentioned, what an edge of the unknown, our center. McCann we are mulu so we also need to present this before the people

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now coming back to do so what was lynelle insanity? Well today you hustler. We're inja had ecoliteracy cubby Malay silica here in Fela tutor

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that parents Yes, they have the right to be obeyed, to be treated well to be treated with respect. Definitely. But when it comes to obedience to Allah soprano data, then the parents cannot be given preference to it doesn't mean they should be disrespected. It doesn't mean that they should be insulted. No, not at all. This is not what this is telling us. This is telling us dollar sign towards them. However, if they ever tell you to do something wrong than just don't obey them. It doesn't say for Juma. It doesn't say in Homer. It doesn't say that be harsh towards them, scold them repulsed and rebuke them. No argue with them Jad in Houma. No, nothing like that is mentioned simply

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fall out of their home, just don't obey them.

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So, the code on it tells us you are signed towards our parents. However, when it comes to obedience to Allah, then that has to be given preference.

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What this does is show that how a person faces challenges from those who are close to him.

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Sometimes the fitness the test comes from who those who are closest to a person, his immediate family.

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Sometimes your own parents, they can be those who are opposing you. Don't study the Quran, never put on this hijab. I never want to see you in this or via it's possible that the husband is the one who is creating this problem who is not cooperating. So yes, obedience is

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necessary, your son is necessary. But when it comes to the command of a law that has to be given preference to, and remember that you keep making the right to Allah, keep turning to Allah. Keep doing several keep asking Allah and Allah who opened the way for you. While Medina am an environmental sila had and those people who believe and do righteous deeds, Lenovo halen known for sila hain, we will definitely admit them among the righteous, we will admit them in the company of the righteous, who does the silent finger refer to the prophets, the martyrs, the Shahada, the pious, so their hazard, their gathering will be in the company of a salon. Hey,

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if you remember, in Makkah, the situation for some people had become extremely difficult. The Sahaba they were experiencing difficulties and opposition from those who were very close to them. That the parents, the uncles, the grandfathers, they had literally given their children an ultimatum. Either you listen to us, you come back to our religion, or you do not have our support at all. And obviously, this was a great test for them, the same uncles who love you, who support you, the same parents who feed you, who clothed you, who listen to you, they're telling you to leave your religion. Just imagine how difficult it must be for them.

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There are so many companions, whose mothers even they oppose them sorry, even below cost, what happened to him, that his mother, she said to him, that aloud command you to honor your parents, by Allah, I will not eat or drink anything until I die or you renounce Islam. Now imagine,

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the mother is telling has a learner commanded you that you should honor your parents, you're dishonouring me so much, that if I don't eat, I don't drink because if you're accepting the song, I will die. And you don't care about that you will still not renounce your fit.

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Just imagine what a difficult situation that he was in. What a difficult situation he was in.

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And it is said that he would literally force open her mouth in order to feed her. But still, she would refuse. Still, she would say No, I will not give up until you give up your religion until you renounce your religion. So in this ayah, Allah subhanaw taala comforts the believers, they do not worry. Even if the closest family members have turned against you, they have abandoned you. Don't worry, they're no tequilana on the slide again, we will admit you in the company of the righteous. If your immediate family has abandoned you, they oppose you. They don't think the way you think they have different aims, different goals. They're constantly calling you away from obedience to Allah

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subhanaw taala. Don't worry, Allah will give you a better company. Allah will give you a better family. So what do we see over here? That just because of the fear of losing people, a person should not compromise on the deed. The fear of losing your loved ones should not be a reason to leave the religion should not be a reason to disobey a law.

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You see, difficulties that come to us from our families. They are extremely severe.

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If somebody on the street tells you your hijab looks horrible, like so what you can say whatever you want, I don't know you, what are the chances I'm going to see you again? Hardly. But if your own husband if your own sister, if your own mother, if your own father oppose you, then can you avoid them?

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It's so difficult to avoid them. Can you be harsh towards them? No way, you're not allowed to do that. What do you do in that situation? It's so difficult. So don't give up at that time. Remember, Allah will reward you for your effort. And the New Zealand now infrasonic in Allah will give you a better family, a better company a better support.

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Now many times it happens that when a person is in a situation such as this, that the family is opposing him, other people start to make you feel guilty. But what kind of religion are you following? Your husband is telling you something you don't obey your husband. Your parents telling you something you don't obey your parents. What kind of religion are you following? What Koran are you learning? This is what people say. They make you feel guilty at that time. Now at that time, a person must remember, don't lose your o'clock. be tactful. Keep praying to Allah subhanaw taala and stay firm.

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You have to stay firm. If they are firm. You can also be firm.

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And it doesn't mean that in your firmness you become rude and harsh. And you start fighting and arguing with them. No, be gentle. But stay firm and tell them why you are doing what you are doing.

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Because many many times people oppose you. They don't give you support simply because they don't know

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Simply because they have these fears in their heart, which are completely baseless. tell them stories, share things with them. Tell them about the Ayat of Allah. Tell them to open up the Quran and read the ayah themselves and tell them what am I supposed to do? Ask them. If Allah wants me to do this, what am I supposed to do? I have a choice. I don't have a choice. Simply speak to them like this. This is a test. Don't give up at that time.

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Women are nasty. And among the people is my Yoku, Amanda belay is one who says we believe in Allah.

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Now, another type of test has been mentioned that among the people there those people who say we believe in Allah, for either Ooh, the offender, he, but then when he is hurt, in the way of Allah, Allah has meaning in the way of Allah, because of Allah. He suffered some difficulties in the way of Allah. What happens? jhala he considers he makes fitter than nursing. The difficulty that comes to him from people meaning the persecution of people, he makes that he considers that to be carved up in the like the punishment of Allah.

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He considers that the opposition that he is facing from people is like What punishment from

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and what does it mean by that?

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persecution from people? Is what their words they're harsh comments. They're harsh behavior. It's difficult to bear that isn't it's, it's difficult to bear that. And what is the law? What is the punishment of Allah? The punishment of Allah is like, Hellfire, or something extremely difficult.

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Now, when it comes to the punishment of Allah, what do we do? Anything that takes you to words of punishment of a lot? you'd leave it? Isn't it?

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You leave it.

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So a person who considers the opposition the persecution of people like the punishment of Allah, what does he do?

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He abandons obedience to a loss of friends.

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Because he thinks that if I obey Allah, this is something so difficult.

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There is something so challenging, there is something impossible. So just as he should be fearing the punishment of Allah and avoiding anything that takes him to the punishment of Allah, what does he start doing? He fears the opposition of people, and he avoid anything that could invite the opposition of people.

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You understand what this means? gyla ficlet, a nasty car, the villa. He considers a fitna of people like the punishment of Allah. So he fears people as though he fears the punishment of Allah. He tries to avoid the persecution of people, just as he should avoid the punishment of Allah. Wanna injure innocent, middle of big, and if health comes from your Lord, layer, coluna, surely they will definitely say in America, we were with you. So we should also get the benefits. So in other words, whenever the path of Islam becomes difficult, he considers that to be a punishment of Allah and therefore he runs away from it. He runs away from it. And if it comes easy, what does he say in the

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Quran? America, he wants to be there enjoying all the benefits? Allah says, Oh, well as a local BLM of BMF. He saluted me, does Allah not know of what is in the hearts of people? They claim to have a man but what is really in their hearts? does Allah not already know? Of course he knows.

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So what is explained in this ayah

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that a person when he walks on the path of Islam, he will face difficulties. And sometimes these difficulties they come from him. Many times they come from other people, in the form of persecution in whatever form it may be. But remember that the trials that come to you from people, what are they, they're temporary, they're short lived, the person says something harsh to you tomorrow, you forget what they say. They're very mean towards you today. And after two days, you're sitting together having lunch, you forget about it, you get over it, everything goes back to normal very soon.

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So never, ever should a person out of the fear of persecution of people, out of the fear of opposition of people leave obedience to Allah. He should never do that. Because what comes from people is temporary, it is short lived, it's not eternal. And on the other hand, if a person leaves that and he invites the punishment of a lot and what is coming, that will be eternal. That will be extremely difficult, that he will not be able to bear he will not be able to take it. So in this ayah, a great warning is mentioned or very clearly it is portrayed to us, that we should be able to differ between what comes from people and how to deal with that. The punishment that comes from

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Allah and how to avoid that. intraductal Hajj is number 11

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We learn wamena nassima Yarbrough de la la Fein Saba who hieron Atma and navy and other people is He who worships a lot on an edge. And if he is touched by good he is comfortable with it he is reassured by it. When a Sabah to fitna done in Coronavirus Allah YG. But if he is struck by some trial, he turns on his face casilla dounia will after he has lost this world and also the hereafter that he will kasana will be that is what is the manifester?

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Many times when a person wants to obey Allah, people oppose him, isn't it? Like how never faced opposition?

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Like what

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they think you're becoming an extremist, dismantling that when she started wearing niqab, you know, people started saying strange things to her so that she would somehow leave. Like for instance, one woman said to her that only extremely beautiful women, they should wear niqab. So she said to her that my husband thinks I'm beautiful. So I think I should wear it. But what it happens that when you try to do something good people come and tell you these horrible stories, isn't it? Of what happened to that girl who started winning her job, she never got married, and she lost her work. And life became so difficult for the moment you started in the car that said, life became so much more

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difficult for it happens. So tests, they're inevitable. They come from people, people don't leave you. But when people oppose you in whatever way doesn't mean you should stop being a lead that

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no, because if a person stops obeying a lead that time because of what people are saying then he is considering the fitna of people like are there

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and that is inappropriate. That is not right. That is incorrect. There are that we have a lot of person should run away from and the fitna of people, no matter how much you avoid it, it will come your way anyway. No matter what you do, people will still pass comments, isn't it? You put on the hijab, people say, Look, she's gone to an extreme. You listen to them, you take it off, they will see told you, they will not leave you. There is a story of you know, this man, this old father and his son and a donkey that they were traveling once and you know, none of them were riding the donkey. And the people started saying, Well, how foolish of them. They have a donkey. They're not

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sitting on the father's side on the donkey. They kept on going. People said, Oh, look at this father. He saw me. His son is walking. And you know, he's sitting on the donkey. So they said okay, that's what's what's sunsetting and the father is walking, they continue. People say, Oh my God, look at them. This son is so selfish. His old father is walking, and he's sitting on the donkey. So they said, Okay, forget about it. We'll just carry the donkey No. So you can never please people, no matter what you do. People will still oppose you. People will still pass comments. People will never ever leave you. They just have to have something to talk about. So just because they say things

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doesn't mean you leave obedience to Allah. No, that's not a good enough reason to do that.

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So never ever out of the fear of the opposition of people that what will they say? And I can't take this anymore. And I've had enough. Never ever because of this should we leave what we're doing because our eyes should be focused on what they call Allah. Meeting with Allah, I am preparing for my meeting with Allah. This is my preparation. And if I have to go through difficulty so what if your eyes are focused on the reward and not what people are saying and doing then it will give you the courage to do what you have to do. And if you begin to fear people, you will not be able to accomplish anything in life.

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When a lemon Allahu La Nina amanu and Allah will surely know those people who believe meaning he will expose them. What a elemental Muna 15 and He will surely know those who are hypocrites, because who says this that in economical when the Muslims they enjoy some success, then who says that we were with you. So let us also have a share in this success. It's the one after game. So Allah subhanaw taala says he will definitely come to know of those people who truly believe and those people who are hypocrites

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interact, Mohammed is 31 we learn whenever you wanna come head to an animal Mujahideen amalco was soybean whenever they were about to come and we will surely test you until we make evident those who strive among you and the patient and we will test your affairs. We will never leave you. So earlier on Iowan 79 we learned McCann Allahu minalima. And tomorrow he had a amazing hobbies I mean, by Him alone would not leave the believers in that state you are in presently until he separates the evil from the good. He will separate the two if you see them when African what is their way that Colima Allahumma Shafi will either also Marlena come, but the believer What is his way he keeps going, he

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keeps struggling because he wants to meet a law he is preparing for his liquor law

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and this is why whatever

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hardships he faces. He takes them he bears them. He has a goal in life.

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