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An-Nur 41-46 Word Analysis and Tafsir 44-46

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That you can label Allahu Laila when that Allah alternates the night and the day, you can label from calf lamb, the

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Bolivar, you can label the club, which is to constantly turn something about like it's turned upside down inside up constantly, it's overturned, constantly, it's turned up and down. So you unlivable law, who later when the hub constantly is overturning the night and the day.

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What does that mean by this that he is constantly overturning the night and the day.

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First of all, it refers to the the aka, the st laugh, that how the night is followed by the day, and the day is followed by the night. How one comes after the other, one comes right after the other, neither is permanent. If the night comes, it's not permanent, it's going to be followed. By the day, when the day comes, it's going to be followed by the night you can leave Allahu Laila when it's a constant rotation, constant cycle, it doesn't stay permanent.

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Secondly, it also shows the difference, the changes, the constant changes that are in the night and the day, how

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that one is longer, the other is shorter. One is called the other is warm, one is dark, the other is bright.

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So you're a little longer later, when the how it shows how they come one after the other, it shows the differences that are between the night and the day. And it also shows that you only belong later when the hell that neither of them, they stay in their state, they're constantly changing.

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So for example, if the night is long, at one point, it will be short at another point. If the night is cold, one night, at another night, it will be very hot, very humid. Same thing with the day. And even within the day. There are so many changes within the night there are so many changes.

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So you can live alone later when the house is constantly changing and constantly turning them about in the feed ellika. Indeed, in that Larry burrata and surely a lesson for who live with and absorb for those who have vision for those people who have sight upside as a Florida buzzer.

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And the question is, what is a bra? Ebola is a lesson, a warning that a person takes from something and advice that a person can take from something.

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And if you look at the literal meaning of the word, I invert, our word rule is to cross it is to cross something I for example, to cross the sea to cross the bridge. This is the literal meaning of the word. And Ebola is called Abraham. Why? Because when you look at something, you cross the surface. And you go into the baffling aspect, the hidden aspect of that.

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It's the journey from the tangible to the intangible.

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It's the journey from the appearance of something from the outward appearance of something, do what lesson it can teach you.

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Like for example, in the previous video, we learned about how the clouds form and how the hail storms come.

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Now what is that a person just looks at the surface, okay, this is the water cycle, or this is how you know precipitation is done. And this is how clouds are formed. And this is how hailstones fall down. This is one. But the other is that you look deeper, you will be on the surface. And you question Who does it? What does it show that there's someone behind it? What does it show, the great power of that being this is

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that you take a lesson from something

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that you don't just look at the appearance, you don't just get lost in the color and the shape and the form of something. But you reflect on it. And you try to take a lesson for yourself from it.

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So in that the look of the night and the day, there is a great lesson for who for those people who have vision for those people who look for those people who reflect for those people who ponder.

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So what lesson is there

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in that the love of the night and the day, what lessons are there, think about it.

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Every night is followed by a day. So every time of difficulty is followed by a time of his every suffering is followed by happiness. every difficulty is followed by relief. Nothing at all is permanent. And it's also the other way around. But if a person is very happy today, he may be sad tomorrow. If a person is young and vibrant and energetic today, you might lose that energy tomorrow. Nothing

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is permanent. So this is one huge lesson that we learned from the column of the night and the day.

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Sometimes what happens when the night comes, you're like, Oh, my God, another night, I'm going to be alone, or I'm going to be sad again. And you know, I'm going to be depressed again, so many hours have to spend until I can go adopt that person until I can go and see that person. Like, for example, if you love going to a particular place, if you love going to your friend's house, you can only go during the day, for example. So when the night comes, you're like, I can't call her anymore.

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But what do we see that nothing at all is permanent.

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Nothing at all is permanent. So when something happens in your life, and you feel that it's bringing difficulty, remember that that difficulty will not be there, always it will change.

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So for example, when a person begins to follow the commands that Allah subhanaw, taala has given initially, it may seem very challenging, it may seem to be very difficult. You wonder, how am I going to do it? How am I going to survive? For how long can I hold on, but remind yourself, it may be difficult right now. But sooner or later, it's going to get easier,

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it's going to get easier.

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Because sometimes what happens, we're so used to certain things that when there is a change, when we have to do something different, we are not willing to accept it. Mainly the difficulty comes from from us. So remind yourself, if it's hot right now, eventually, the sun will go down. If I'm out in the heat right now, eventually, the temperature will drop. Eventually, it will become cloudy, eventually the sun will go away. So similarly, if you find it difficult to do right now, don't stay away from it just because you find it difficult start it will become easier. What are the lessons do we learn? What more do we learn from the love of the night and the day? Any other era that you have

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We see that the sun the moon, the night the day? What are they doing obeying Allah subhanaw taala at particular times that have been fixed. So we also need to do the same. That we also need to obey Allah at the time that have been fixed. We got I don't feel like doing it right now. I'll do it tomorrow know, when the time has been fixed, do it now.

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This life is not permanent. It's a test. So just because you're finding it difficult, don't leave what is necessary.

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Very important. Changes in life, changes in the weather changes in what will happen during the day and what will happen during the night. They cannot be predictable. I mean, people do predict, but what happens eventually, different things happen. Like for example, it's possible that they predict that by a particular time during the day, it will be very cloudy, or it will become very humid.

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But what happens when that time comes? It doesn't happen, what people have said what people have predicted. So what do we learn

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that we need to rely upon Allah subhanaw taala we need to do tawakkol on Allah, not the Weather Channel, not what people say. If you don't work right now, if you don't study right now, then after a few years, you will not be able to do anything. People, they give their judgments based on their limited knowledge. We do rely upon Allah.

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If Allah control the night and the day, they're so huge that affect the entire Earth. Imagine the sun, the moon, all of them are involved in the conduct of the night and the day. If Allah has power over that, then he certainly has power over our hearts. So make the yamo colleyville Colucci, Sabbath COVID, Allah denecke Allah theoretic.

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So with these changes that we see constantly during the day, during the night, we should take advantage of these moments, like for example, when it rains instead of complaining Mithra. Similarly, for going through a particular stage in life, instead of complaining about it, think about it, what benefit Can I receive

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the night in the day they're so consistent, isn't it'll never do we fear or what if the night doesn't come? We don't fear or what if the day doesn't come? No, very predictable, consistent. Similarly, we should also be consistent in the commands that almost a prime target has given us.

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And in their consistency, there is a lot of peace, there's a lot of benefit that is brought to the creation to simulating the deeds that we do as well, especially the habits that we have developed what we do consistently, make sure there are such habits which benefit other people.

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We see in the previous ayah that he accardo sent about the yen have a bit of salt. It's almost that the flash of the lightning would take away the vision of people. So for example, what happens when the commands of Allah come? When we learn about the commands of Allah, there are some people who escaped out of the fear that if I look at it, if I learn about it, I'd have to do it. avoided run away from it. Don't open your eyes. Don't open your ears. Don't go on that day. Those either coming, missed that lesson. But when a person avoids it, then what happens?

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What happens? He is the one who's missing out. He's the one who's suffering.

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We see that in the differences that are lost the peloton has gapped in the night and the day. And also over the course of the year that for example, in winter, the nights are longer, the days are shorter, and in the summer, it's the other way around. But we see that each brings its own benefit. So for example, in winter complaining about the day being too short, take advantage fast, and complaining with the night being so long. Take advantage credit for budget, and before that get a fourth 100. So these changes, these differences. This variation Allah subhanaw taala has kept for us to date benefit from.

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So in a theoretical or Ableton Live within Uppsala, there are many, many lessons.

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Let's listen to the recitation then we'll continue.

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we move on,

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zero means

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zero means

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the main, the main lesson that can be learned from what is mentioned over here is that every single day, every 24 hours, we see the rotation of the night and the day, so consistently. And it's a huge change, huge change, which affects everything, isn't it? It affects everything. when the day comes, that is when the birds are awake. when the day comes, that is the time when you see so much life, so many creatures, and the night everyone's asleep.

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So it affects everything, everyone that is on the surface of the earth. So there has to be someone who is causing this change. Who is causing the night and the day to alternate? Because these is what are they reflecting the power of Allah? The greatness of Allah.

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So how is it possible that something so great happens every 24 hours? And it happens by itself? No, there's someone who was doing this in the feed article or Ableton Live only absorb.

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So it can never happen by itself. Rather, a loss of data is doing this.

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We see where the clouds are mentioned where rain has mentioned, that clouds so my you alphabay know that he joins them together. He combines them together. And when they're combined together, they're made into a heap or common, then what happens? Then rain comes, isn't it so?

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So for anyone to accomplish something to do something to bring benefit to others? He cannot do it alone. If a small cloud says no, I'm not going to join the rest of the clouds. Can you give any rain? No. Eventually, because the heat of the sun perhaps it'll die out perhaps all the water will go away. But we see that when clouds join together, then what happens? they strengthen one another. And then as a result, they produce rain. As a result rain comes out. And the bigger the cloud

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The greater the effect.

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Earlier we learned about that the lamp is where in the Sujatha in the glass case, you have to be with others in order to preserve your Eman in order for your Eman to increase, because what does this charger do? It reflects the demand even more, isn't it? It increases the light. The glass case increases the light, it reflects the light, it augments the light. So if a person says no, I'll be fine on my own, I can do this on my own, will he be productive? No. Will he be able to do something for long? No. Because we are human beings, we cannot live on our own we need company. We need other people to support us. We need to join together with others in order to do something beneficial.

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So just as clouds need to combine together in order to bring rain. Similarly, our efforts as Muslims also need to be combined together. If we want to produce some benefit if we want to do something, if we want to cause some benefit to people. But unfortunately what happens every person has his own idea. And just because other people do not agree with him, he will go start something on his own individually. And as an individual, how much can you really accomplish? How much benefit Can you bring to others? It's more difficult, it's more challenging, because you have to take the burden off the work all alone. But if you share the work with others and what's going to happen, more can be

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accomplished everybody will share the work.

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And the results will be much greater as well.

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Many times when it comes to implementing the commands of Allah, where do people face difficulty from

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sometimes from their own family members, sometimes from their own close Muslim friends. Like for example, if a girl wishes to wear niqab, other friends will discourage her. Why are you doing this, you're going to create difficulties for yourself. But we see that we are supposed to be a means of strength for one another. Not that we are de motivating one another. Not that we are discouraging one another but we should be motivating one another helping one another assisting one another, we're supposed to be cause of support. Because only then we can accomplish something only then we can do something greater.

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Will lohardaga and Allah has created colada button, every creature. And remember that includes every creature that moves that can make America by its own will

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that can make America that can move by its own way willingly.

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And that includes human beings. It includes animals such as those of livestock. It includes birds, it includes insects, it includes bacteria, because even they move willingly, they're able to make hudec so from the smallest, to the biggest.

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So when Allahu Chanukah colada button, Allah has created every creature, every creature that moves, whether in the water or in the air, or on the earth, whether on land, on ground, on sand, or on trees, on leaves, any creature that moves, it has been created from what mimma in from water. What does it mean by that? That first of all, its origin is water.

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Its origin is water.

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Like for example, human beings, many other creatures they created from what their origin is look for and look for is liquid man.

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We learned in total MBA is number 30, was your unnamable. Man, he couldn't lashay in high. And we have made everything living how from water.

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And secondly, we'll learn how to have a colada button mat This is also understood as that every creator is made up of water. Every creature is made up of water meaning the major component in the body of every creature is what liquid water, there is water in every living creature. The fundamental component in the body of every creature is what something that is liquid. And if you look at it, for example, human beings, animals, what is the basic component of their bodies? cells, blood cells, and what are they? They're 60% liquid. So we see that human beings, for example, they're made up of what if you analyze the human body there are many, many systems, you have the

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digestive system, you have the breathing system, you have the nervous system, many, many systems. And all of these systems they are made up of organs. If you break it down gradually, they're made up of organs and if you break that down, they're made above tissues and those tissues are made up of cells and

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If you look at a cell, what is it? liquid? 60% liquid? So we'll la who holla Coca Cola de Botton mimma which is why even things that appear to be very dry, that appear to be very dry. For example, a mosquito, if it's squished what you see some kind of liquid, isn't it so even if it's very little, but in every creature there is liquid but despite that, we appear to be solid, isn't it? Despite that we appear to be solid well, lo hyrecar colada, but remember, for many home, so from the meaning from the creatures from the web, there is man who young she it walks DMC from the reflectors named Shinya and mushiya em, she is basically to walk to go on foot. But over here, it gives a sense of it

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moves, it proceeds, it propels forward. So for men homes are from the creatures there are those who young she I love botany.

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There are those creatures that walk on their bellies. Allah botany upon its belly, and button is the belly, the stomach, the abdomen. So which creatures walk on their bellies,

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like for example, snakes, worms, insects, snails, caterpillars, and similarly, sometimes you see penguins, they're floating on their stomachs, right? They're moving on, they're moving forward on their stomachs. And it includes fish as well. They're although they're floating in the water, but primarily, what is at the base, they don't have any feet. But what is it is their stomach anyway.

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So Yum, Sheila, botany, woman home and among them, there are those who may have shear allele delaine there are those who walk on two legs on two feet. Like for example, human beings because remember, data includes human beings. So there are those creatures that walk on two feet only. What else?

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Birds when they walk, they walk on two feet. Similarly ostrich, right What else? penguins. They walk on two feet.

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Anything else?

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In a way monkeys jumps in a way they walk on two feet, they can but they also walk on four kangaroos, they have two feet only. So Young she Arlanda julaine woman home and among them man who young Shia Allah Akbar, who walks on for the walk on four feet. Like for example, the behind the animals of livestock, the four legged animals, and also other wild animals. So among the animals have livestock, you have cows, you have sheep, you have got your camels, your horses, donkeys, and in the wild animals, you have so many other animals that walk on all four. So women who may have she either.

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Now, four is the only one that hasn't mentioned beyond four, six, as Donna mentioned, it has not been mentioned, but we do know that there are creatures that have more than four feet or more than four legs, right, like for example, caterpillars

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or spiders. So, yes, they have not been mentioned over here. Why? Because there are very few of such creatures who have more than four legs or more than four feet.

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And some scholars have also said that they will be included in the MC Allah botany because it appears as though it is just walking on its belly, like for example a caterpillar you have to look very carefully to see the individual fleet

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and some say that Aruba has been used Why? Because it appears as though they have only four. It appears as though they have only four. So a main home AMC or that over your local law who Masha Allah creates what ever he wills. He can create whatever he wants, he can create it however, he can create human beings with two legs. He can create animals with four legs, he can create some creatures without any legs without any hands and feet. Similarly, some human beings, he can create them without any legs. He can create them without any hands or any feet. No one can object.

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Because your local law who manga he creates whatever he wills, no one can object.

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And if you look at it, there's so much variety in the creation of a loss,

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in their appearance, in their movements, in their nature, and their abilities in the actions that they do in the way that they live in the food that they eat in the way they hunt. There's so much variety. So yes, nikolova Maya, he can create whatever he wills however he wills we are no one's to object, we can only be in all we can only be amazed by looking at his creation

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in Allaha indeed

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Allah, Allah currently Shay in Cody, he is capable over everything. What does it mean by this that he is capable over coonley shape. Galicia means every single thing, meaning he has the ability, he has the power to accomplish whatsoever he wants.

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Many times what happens if you look at the creation, if they have the will, if they have the desire, if they want to do something, they don't have the power, or they don't have the ability

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or they don't have the resources.

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But we see that a loss of panatela he is over coolly shy, encoded, meaning he has the ability to use everything he has the ability to create the resources, he has the power over everything. He has the power to do whatever he wants are these

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accordions from ultra and ultra means ability. There is another word which is over what is a woman strength power, what's the difference between the two portra is the ability to do something that you have the resources, you have the physical capability, you have the means to accomplish that. You have the strength you have the time you have the mind, you have the energy, you have the strength. So CUDA is ability, it's more vast, but Koba in particular is to have the strength to be able to do something, to have the power to do something.

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And we see that only a loss of panel data has gotten up and go both complete kodra complete power, which is why he can accomplish anything and everything that he wishes.

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Like, for example, people, even they have some kind of ability, even they have power, but people are still weak. Like for example, a person can have a lot of knowledge. But he can also forget it, isn't it? There are people who memorize many things, who learn about many things, all their lives, they have studied particular things, but in their old age, they forget even the simplest things. There are people who memorize the Quran. But despite that, after some time, what happens they begin to forget, which is why there is the need to continue to revise.

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Similarly, a person may have a lot of wealth, he may have a lot of money. But does he have the ability to preserve that money? Does he have the ability to internalize that money somehow? No. If he has money, he can lose it tomorrow.

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If you buy something today, it can go back tomorrow. So people, they may have the ability, they may have the power, but it is limited. It is limited. They're not able to do whatever they want to do with what they have

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is in

00:28:03--> 00:28:34

life, for example, you have a phone. But what happens when you needed the battery finishes? You have the cooler, but you have the kodra? No, you're limited. You have the money. But as you walk up to the counter, and the cashier tells you how much money you have to pay, you check into your bag and you didn't bring your wallet. You are limited. You are weak. You can't say okay, I have all that money, come here money and give it No, you may have a lot of money in your bank account. You may have the wallet sitting at home, but you are limited.

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But we see that Allah subhanaw taala he is Ana Galicia in Cali. He can accomplish anything. He can do anything. He has the power over every single thing and no one is perfect besides Allah.

00:28:48--> 00:28:56

But if we look at us human beings were so weak, we're not caught it, but still become so proud of ourselves as if we are something so great.

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Look, other unzila certainly we have sent.

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Certainly we have sent it mobile unit distinct versus clear versus this was mentioned earlier as well. That we have sent down clear versus Why are they called clear? Why are they called mobile unit? Because there is nothing in them. That cannot be understood. That is beyond our comprehension. That is beyond our understanding. Know, everything that Allah subhanaw taala has mentioned over here. Everything that he has reminded us over here that he has commanded us over here. They're very, very clear. Nothing is beyond our understanding our comprehension.

00:29:42--> 00:29:58

And on top of that, they also clarify what did they clarify the clarify the evidence is the proofs of Eman like for example, the if that had been mentioned over here, the proofs of the oneness of Allah, the proofs of the power of a las apprendre

00:29:59--> 00:29:59

they clearly

00:30:00--> 00:30:04

by how we are to worship Allah, there explanation has been mentioned.

00:30:05--> 00:30:46

So these I add there are clear in themselves and they also clarify, will love who yet the man Yeshua and Allah guides whomsoever He wills in us a lot of Muslim, do the bath that is straight? What does it mean by this, Allah guides whoever he wills, it is based on his wisdom, and also will love we get the main share, he guides whoever he wants, who does the law guide, the person who wants guidance to what it has been. So we see this ayah that Allah has revealed in this plan, clear and unambiguous rulings, the commands are clear, which people can understand without any difficulty.

00:30:47--> 00:30:52

The law does not have to be decoded. No, it's quite obvious. It's quite simple.

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And the one who desires guidance is the one who receives guidance, the one who wants to implement the command, he will be able to understand the command, he will get it. But a person does not want to implement What will he say? What I don't understand, but what about this, but what about that, you have a list of questions. The person who wants to do whatever Allah has said, Allah will give him that Allah will give him the ability, he will open up his mind, he will enlighten his mind, and he will see the evidences, and it will make sense to him and he will be able to implement.

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So we see that the ayat that Allah has revealed their mobile net, but who will find the way who will find the way who will understand them, the one who wants the one who wants to die, the one who has liked. And you see, there are two types of light. One light is internal, the light of the heart, the leader of the heart, when the heart is alive, when they're self awareness, when the heart reflects when the heart comprehends when the heart bonders when the person's heart is awake.

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And the second kind of light is external, the sight of the eyes. If you look at all of these ayat that I've mentioned over here that we have learned today, they tell us about what is outside of us, isn't it? So? The mountains, the clouds, the rain, the different creatures, the birds, the sky, the earth, all of these things are around us. They're external, what do you need to see them? Eyes,

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but there are many who see them. But they don't take a lesson from them. What do you need on top of the eyes, you need a heart that is alive, you need internal light as well. So yes, you have light in the eyes, which is why you're able to see, but you need light of the heart as well, to be able to reflect, to be able to understand to be able to comprehend.

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And then there is also light that Allah has sent, guidance instruction that Allah has sent.

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So when a person is in this light mode, and Allah knows that there is no one in the heart, there's no doubt in the eyes, and he surrounds himself with the Ayat of Allah, then what happens? Then he's able to see the signs and he's able to benefit from them, then he's able to implement the commands of Allah.

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So we see that in order for a person to implement the commands of Allah, what does he need? desire, desire of the heart, vision, knowledge, all of them are necessary.

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If a person only has knowledge, he doesn't have desire of the heart. There's no boss, leader of the heart, will he be able to implement know if a person says I really want to but it doesn't bother studying? Is it going to help him? No, all of this is required, so that a person can attain guidance. If you look at it, everything that we need, everything. Allah subhanaw taala has given it to us for free.

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You don't have to desire oxygen to receive oxygen. No, you don't have to desire to grow older so that you can grow older.

00:34:01--> 00:34:22

Anything that is needed that we need, what Atacama calimesa ultimo who will introduce near metalline leather suha everything Allah has given to us for free. But when it comes to hidayah when it comes to guidance, when it comes to knowledge, it does not come for free. Because it's very, very precious.

00:34:24--> 00:34:31

A person must have the desire in his heart, he must have the yearning in his heart, and only then he will become worthy of it.

00:34:33--> 00:35:00

And we see that in order for a person to desire guidance. Allah subhanaw taala has kept this this thirst for guidance in every person's heart, this void this emptiness, which is why every person you know he has questions. He's searching for something that will bring him calmness, something that will bring him comfort, something that will bring him relief. Every person has been made with this empty

00:35:00--> 00:35:04

In the heart so that he does not settle with the blessings that he surrounded with.

00:35:05--> 00:35:26

He wants the answers, he wants to know the purpose. And in order to fulfill that void, Allah subhanaw taala has created many signs in the universe. And he has also sent the knowledge he has also sent instruction. So the one who opens up his eyes, he sees them, the one who opens up his heart, he accepts the guidance.

00:35:27--> 00:35:47

And a person who keeps on curbing that thirst, he does not desire to quench that thirst, and he ignores it. And he tries to fulfill it with the pleasures of this dunya then eventually what happens? That voice dies out, that desire that yearning for guidance, even that dies out.

00:35:48--> 00:36:02

So Allah who Yeah, the mania Chateau Illa, Serato, Mr. King, he has given us everything. However, when it comes to guidance, you have to desire it, you have to want it. And when you want it, he will give it.

00:36:03--> 00:36:06

And this includes both Hidayat shared as well as it is.

00:36:08--> 00:36:12

When you want to do something, you will be able to do it.

00:36:13--> 00:36:29

Like, for example, many times we say, I really want to get up for the hygiene. I really want to get up on time, but I don't know, just not able to. The fact is that if you really, really sincere in your desire, you will wake up yourself even without the alarm clock.

00:36:30--> 00:36:31

experience that

00:36:32--> 00:36:40

if you really have that desire, if you really want to do something, automatically, you will do it. You won't even have to set the alarm.

00:36:41--> 00:36:55

There's so many people who get a procedure without even any alarm. But why is it that we hear the alarm, yet we put it on snooze, then we hear that again. Then we put it on snooze again and again and again, until the time is almost gone. Because the desire is not there.

00:36:56--> 00:37:07

If the desire is there, a person will see the opportunities he will grasp them and if the desire is not there, then even if the opportunities are right before him, he will not be able to benefit from them. Well, luckily at the moment,

00:37:27--> 00:37:29

she Allah Bocconi.

00:37:42--> 00:37:43


00:38:20--> 00:38:25

that Chateau La ilaha illa Anta Mr. heruka wanted to be like a Santa Monica.