Taimiyyah Zubair – Ramadan with Quran (Juz 12)

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of finding the right way to pursue one's job and avoiding anyone to grab onto it is emphasized in Islam. The need for forgiveness and strong presence in one's life is emphasized, as it is the only way to achieve success. The use of herbicide and avoiding sin is emphasized, along with the importance of following Prophet's instructions and trusting people in their integrity. The need for trust in leadership and the overall well-being of the world is also emphasized.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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are the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim was Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Kadeem rubbish lackey sada de were silly MD. Why? Hello Dr. Tan melissani of Cabo Cowley. among men you can be with suddenly Sani was rules of Hema taco be Armenian mean?

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As we study the Koran, and we reflect over its meanings, and especially in the month of Ramadan as we spend more time in the recitation of the Quran, our ultimate concern should be to really act upon the Quran that we follow its teachings, we learned that our Buchan Mohammed bin Hussein Allah God said that when a person studies the Quran with comprehension and attention, then his only concern is to follow what Allah has commanded him with and to stop from what Allah has forbidden him from his concern is not when the surah will end. So our concern should not be everyday that when is this going to end? When is this page going to end when we are reciting it? Rather, our focus should be on

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deriving lessons that we can actually implement in our lives. So it is not correct that a person listens and appreciates or reads and appreciates the meanings of the Quran, but then nothing is reflected in the real life. We learned that your habits are either reported, that are 11 was root set to a certain men, that you are in a time when men have understanding meaning fuqaha are many. And and the reciters of the Quran are few meaning there aren't that many people who who have memorized the entire Quran, or who recite a lot of the Quran. When the limits of behavior defined in the Quran are guarded and its letters are lost. Meaning Yes, there are people who, who don't know

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much of the Quran, they have not memorized it, but at least they understand its message and they follow its teachings.

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He said when few people ask and many give, when they make the prayer long and short and put their actions before their desires, meaning you're in a very good time. Because now very soon, a time will come upon men, when they're fuqaha, when they're people of understanding will be few, and they're called on reciters will be many, when the letters of the Quran are guarded carefully, meaning people will pay a lot of attention to reciting the Quran with perfection. But its limits are lost. Meaning they don't really care about following the Quran. When many will ask, but few will give when they make the hotbar long but the prayer short and put their desires before their actions. We see that

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has an imbecile he said that by Allah reflecting upon the Quran is not the preservation of its words, meaning it is not enough to just know what the words mean. While neglecting its set limits. There is one of them who says I have recited the entire Quran, while nothing of the Quran can be seen in his character or action. So it is not enough for us to just read the Quran to understand its meanings. It is essential that the Quran is reflected in our character and in our actions. So we should focus on that also. And ask Allah subhanaw taala for tofik that he or Allah give me the ability to act upon this knowledge that I am gaining

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Jews number 12 Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim women in betting fill out the law or the law here is who her way arella Mustafa raha one musco Dara her cologne fee kitabi muy bien. And there is no creature on earth, but that upon Allah is its provision, and he knows its place of dwelling, and place of storage. All is in a clear register. We see that Allah subhanaw taala has created a great deal of diversity in his creation. Different kinds of creatures are scattered all over the earth, in the coldest regions, and in the hottest, there's creatures that live in the forests and deserts, in water, inside caves on mountains, and these creatures do not carry their food on their shoulders.

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Allah subhanaw taala provides sustenance to all of them, as Allah says in the Quran, what can a human body let me notice that there are so many creatures who do not

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carry their food. But it is a lovely old Zuko how what a year come It is Allah who provides them and he also provides you, we see that every single creature has its own unique needs. Some creatures migrate great distances to reach their sustenance. And there are some that lie in wait for their sustenance to reach them. Allah subhanaw taala didn't just create the creation and abandon them, he has also created their sustenance, that each creature is in need of, and just as the creatures are many and diverse, their sustenance is plenty and diverse. So we see in this ayah, that it is upon Allah to provide every creature meaning this is a responsibility, a promise that Allah subhanaw

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taala has made a responsibility that he has taken a guarantee that he soprano who gives, even though he is not obligated to do so. But out of his mercy and immense favor, he creates the creation and then provides them and guides each creature to its sustenance also. Now, if you think about it, if this is the case with animals, then what do you expect for the creation that Allah subhanaw taala has chosen Above all, meaning the human beings. So in this ayah, we are being informed of a very important fact, a promise from Allah, that he provides every creature what it needs. And remember, the provision the sustenance for every creature was decided and decreed. Before even we entered the

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world. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that for the son of Adam, four things are already decreed the Hulk the whole risk and agenda, and part of these and part of these four things is this provision, meaning the provision is already decreed that it is said way earlier, Mustafa Muhammad Al dahra, that Allah knows the dwelling place of each creature on earth, meaning where it is going to be developed, which room and then what's the meaning its habitat, its home, its nest, or its burrow, wherever it lives. Allah subhanaw taala knows it. And he also knows it's most out there, where it will rest, meaning the place where its body will be deposited after it dies. And if you

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think about it, these two things sometimes are completely hidden from the eyes of people. Only Allah subhanaw taala knows. So how vast and how complete is the knowledge of Allah soprano Tada, Kowloon? fie kitabi muy bien, all is in a clear register. So not only does Allah subhanaw taala know about this, but he has also recorded all of this in lower levels. So we should not worry about worldly provision. Our fear should not be about worldly provision, because that is something guaranteed. What we need to worry about is the provision of the Hereafter, because that is conditional. Remember that the blessings of Allah upon people are of two kinds. First are blessings that are limited and

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restricted to this life, worldly things such as food, health, wealth, etc. And these blessings are for all types of people, regardless of their actions, some are given more, others are given less, some are given quickly and others are given later. But this is something that is guaranteed that even if a person tries to avoid the provision that is written for him, it will still reach him. So this is why a person should not worry too much about worldly provision. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that we're the son of Adam, run from His provision, the way he runs from death, his provision would reach him, just as death will reach him, meaning there is no avoidance,

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but the second kind of blessings. The second type of risk is though is that is that provision those blessings which are unlimited, which will never ever end? And these are the blessings of genda but for them, one has to work one has to strive with a man and with righteous deeds. So Allah subhanaw taala has guaranteed worldly provision. So we should not obsess over too much. Yes, we have to exert the effort to acquire it, but our ultimate concern should not be to make money here. Our ultimate concern should be our home of the hereafter. Then it is said, well, who led Hanukkah summer work you will love and it is he who created the heavens

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And the earth in six days, what can I shoot for Iron Man and His throne had been upon water, Allah subhanaw taala is informing us here of how he began the creation, that before even the creation of the skies and the earth, there was creation that Allah subhanaw taala already created. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that, first of all, there was nothing but Allah, and his throne was over the water. And he wrote everything in the book, and he created the heavens and the earth. Now, the purpose of this is not to inform us of the science of how things were created, because unfortunately, this is how some people take this verse that they try to start, you know, explaining

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scientific theories about the origin of the universe, etc. That is not the purpose of this verse. What we are being informed over here is of the fact that Allah created the creation in stages, gradually, with knowledge and with wisdom and giving it care and attention. So all of this is not haphazard and random, the process of creation is very deliberate, very thorough, very well planned. So how could it be that you, you are human beings were created for nothing? So why is it that we were created? We are informed Leah Beluga comb, a Yukon arson where am Allah, that he might test you as to which of you is best in deed? Meaning it is our actions which are being observed, what we do

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that is being checked, that who will do deeds that are best, and who will not? Now the question is, what are those deeds which are best? Remember that a deed is good, meaning it is good to Allah, and in reality, something good, when the intention behind it is good, and the manner in which it is done is also good? What is it that makes the intention good, when the action is done for the sake of the one who created you? And what is it that makes the manner good, when it is done in a manner that the creator approves of that Allah subhanaw taala has talked, and that is the way of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. But if you say, indeed, you are resurrected after death, those who

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disbelieve will surely say, this is not but obvious magic, meaning they will refuse to believe. And if we hold back from them the punishment for a limited time, they will surely say what detains it, meaning they will mark unquestionably, on the day it comes to them, it will not be averted from them, and they will be enveloped by what they used to ridicule, meaning what they think is impossible right now, which is the punishment, it will certainly come upon them. What are in other corner, insane, I mean, mutton so manners are now have been in the hula, awesome cat food. And if we give men a taste of Mercy from Us, and then we withdraw it from him, indeed, he is despairing and

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ungrateful. This is the state of people, that when a certain blessing is taken away, they despair and they become very upset and very ungrateful. They have failed to see the blessings that they still have. They're only focused and upset about what they have lost, that why did this happen to me, but if we give him a taste of favor, after hardship has touched Him, He will surely say, bad times have left me, meaning he will say, all my problems are gone, his expectations soar. Indeed, he is exultant and boastful. So instead of showing gratitude, he becomes very arrogant. So most of the time, we see that regardless of what the situation is, people are ungrateful, both in difficulty and

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in ease. The thing is, that nothing in this life is permanent, the day ends and the night also ends. So do good things, they come to an end, and difficulties also come to an end. And we see that in the night and day is if they laugh, meaning they alternate, and so do different situations in our lives. We see that when a person is going through difficulty, eventually there is ease, say ajarn Allahu sagia Allahu Barbarossa. And you saw that a lot will certainly bring about after hardship, ease, but many people get caught up in the moment and they forget the big picture. The fact is, that Allah subhanaw taala does not owe us anything. If he gives us remember, he

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He does not have to, this is his favor and his generosity. So, if he gives, he has the right to not give also, if he gives, he has the right to take away what he has given. And in any of these situations, he is not being unfair at all. So, never take the blessings of Allah for granted. Never take good times for granted that I deserve these things, and that good things will always remain as they are, they should always remain as they are. And then do not despair and difficulties that now I am Dude, that now I am doomed, or that God hates me and things like that, but thank Allah in every state and remain humble before him in every state. Recognize that it is Allah who gives recognized

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recognize that it is Allah who takes who withholds and He bestows. So majority of the people are ungrateful, whether things are easy, or they're tough. illan Medina suburu were Amina Sally had una econda Houma Villa tune, what agilan cabbie, except for those who are patient and do righteous deeds, those will have forgiveness and great reward. If you think about it, generally in the Quran, it is mentioned alladhina amanu. What Amina Sally had those who believe and do righteous deeds, but here in place of Allah, no, it is so true, that those who are patient, why, because sober is a man, patience is faith. See, patience is to claim to Allah subhanaw taala. It is to believe in Him,

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regardless of the circumstances, it is to believe that the blessing is from him and the trial is from him. It is to believe that my lord is Generous and Merciful, and he is wise and knowing. So, I should neither despair, nor should I criticize his decision, and for everything, he has decreed a term, so why despair. So just as good things and this difficulty will also end. So basically, some patience is to wait out the storm is to know that this difficulty will also pass. So remember, Eman is suburb, and patience is with faith and suburb, we see that a Latina suburu y millo, Sally health, patience comes before righteous action, because without patience, a person cannot do much good. So

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people who are patient over loss, meaning they do not despair, nor do they become ungrateful. Rather, they say, in nearly law, he would enter in a eulogy that we belong to Allah, and to Him, we will return and they don't exalt in their blessings, but they remember Allah subhanaw taala, then such people are able to focus on Arnold solely on doing righteous action. They're able to remember the purpose of life that we weren't sent here to enjoy good things. Yes, at Hamlet Illa Allah has provided blessings and we use them and we're grateful for them. But the purpose the objective of life is not to have a great time, the objective on life is to worship Allah subhanaw taala because

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Allah already informed us that He created us, and he put us over here in this world, why to test us as to which of us are good in deeds? And how is this test going to come if things always remained the same? So our circumstances are changed? Why, so that we are tested. And this is why it is necessary that both in good times and in difficulty, we focus on our mazzaglia regardless of our circumstances, we focus on worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. So for such people, there is forgiveness and a great reward. Why? Because they surrendered to Allah, they were pleased with his decree. So Allah will also please them, then would you possibly leave out some of what is revealed

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to you? Or is your just constrained by it? Because they say, Why has there not been sent down to him a treasure or come with him an angel, but you are only a warner and Allah.

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But you are only a warner and Allah is Disposer of all things. The fact is that the words of people can in fact be very hurtful. Their judgment can be very discouraging that at times

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A person really feels like giving up. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he felt that way, that perhaps he you would leave out some of what is revealed to you, or at least you feel very uncomfortable because of their criticism. So if the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam felt that way, we have a greater probability of feeling this way. But we see that this is how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam felt at the beginning of prophethood. And over time, his resolve increased and this is necessary. So, he is reminded over here, that you are only a warner, meaning you must focus on doing your job. And Allah is what keel over everything, he is the one who decides,

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and this is something that gives so much consolation. You see, we have to learn to filter out the noise of undue criticism. Your concern should not be to get accepted by people, that they stop criticizing you, but it should be to do your job. And this is what the prophet sallallaahu Ortiz and him is reminded of in number 10. Indeed, you are only a warner. So keep warning. Or do they say he invented it, say, then bring 10 suitors like it that have been invented and call upon for assistance, whomever you can besides Allah, if you should be truthful, and if they do not respond to you far level, and never own Zilla berrimilla then you should know that the Quran was revealed with

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the knowledge of Allah and that there is no deity except Him, then would you not be Muslims. You see, the Quran was revealed with the knowledge of Allah. And this is the reason why there is nothing at all that can compete with the Quran. Because it was on Zilla, very Mila, and this is why we should give it the most importance in our lives.

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Men Cana ureteral, higher the dunya was the netta ha whoever desires the life of this world and it's adornments we fully repay them for their deeds they're in and they they're in will not be deprived, meaning those who seek only the world, the limited risk, the limited provision, that Allah subhanaw taala gives that to them, how much whatever that was written for them, neither more nor less. But then, Ola he can levena la sala, whom Phil inland Now, those are the ones for whom there is not in the Hereafter, but the fire. Why? Because the provision of the Hereafter is conditional. And they neither intended that provision, nor desired it, nor worked for it. And last is what they did.

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They're in and worthless is what they used to do. Why because all of their efforts died in the world. This is the outcome of those who do not believe in the Hereafter, and only live for this world, that they will get something of this world, but then nothing in the hereafter. Why? Because they never intended it, they never wanted it. And this is also the outcome of those people who show off who are doing good things, apparently righteous actions in the best of manners according to the way of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. But the intention is not sincere. The goal is to seek the rewards of this world, what rewards that they get a good name, they develop a good reputation,

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that people praise them. So such people, yes, they will be praised in the world, they will get that reputation, but in the Hereafter, they will have no reward. In a Hadees we learn that the first of people against whom judgment will be pronounced on the Day of Resurrection will be a man who died as a martyr, you will be brought and Allah will make known to him his favors, and the person will recognize them he will acknowledge them, then Allah will say, and what did you do about them, he will say, I fought for you, until I died a martyr. Allah will say you have lied, you did fight. But you did that it might be said of you that he is courageous. And so it was said, meaning you got your

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reward in the world, and then he will be ordered to be dragged along on his face, until he is thrown in the fire of *. And the same will be done with a person of knowledge and with a person who used to spend a lot in the way of Allah. So it is very important that as we pay attention to the correct manner, we also pay attention to our intention that why is it that we are doing these things remember

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This world and everything in it, the great reputations that people have the great titles that they accomplish, and the praise that people offer them, all of that will come to an end, no matter how much it is. So aim for what is permanent, not what is temporary.

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So is one who stands upon a clear evidence from his Lord, and this is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who is truthful, and one who is confirmed, he was given clear evidence, knowledge, Revelation, and a witness from Allah follows it, meaning there is visible evidence of his truthfulness. And that is his actions. His face showed that he was not a liar. And the Quran itself was a witness to his truthfulness. And before it was the scripture of Moosa to lead and as mercy. So revelation is not something new. Those meaning the people who recognize the evidence, believe the witness, they're the ones who believe in it, meaning on seeing the truth, they believe in the Quran.

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But whoever this believes in it from the various factions, the fire is his promised destination, so be not in doubt about it. Indeed, it is the truth from your Lord. But most of the people do not, do not believe. So the truth of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is being established over here. You see some people, when they see the evidence, they see the truth, they accept it. And then there are other people who when they see the evidence, they see the truth, but they don't like it, they still reject it. So we need to see who are we and who is more unjust. Then he who invents a lie about a law, how, by associating partners with Allah, or ascribing to him what he has not said.

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Those will be presented before their Lord, and the witnesses will say, these are the ones who lied against their Lord. unquestionably, the curse of Allah is upon the wrongdoers what humiliation this will be, imagine, facing the one you have lied against. And then there are witnesses also. And who is this? This is Allah azza wa jal, who has complete power and authority over people? So how could a person who has lied against Allah ever, ever succeed? Who are these people, there are those who averted people from the way of Allah and sought to make it seem deviant. While they concerning the hereafter? Were disbelievers. Those were not causing failure to Allah on earth, nor did they have

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besides Allah, any protectors, for them, the punishment will be multiplied, they were not able to hear, nor did they see, those are the ones who will have lost themselves and lost from them is what they used to invent. assuredly, it is they in the hereafter who will be the greatest losers. So this is the outcome of leading people astray. And there are many who do this. They're astray. And they lead others astray. In alladhina amanu, where Amina Sally had, indeed, they who have believed and done righteous deeds will obey to be him and humbled themselves to their Lord. Ooh, that was horrible. Jenna, those are the companions of Paradise, whom fee her Holly Dune, they will abide

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eternally, they're in. Remember that hubs is a long tract of ground that has become law and leveled. So it is soft, and compact, and easy to walk on, easy to drive and ride on. So they are back to meeting the lower and humble themselves before a law out of fear that is firm in their hearts. So they're consistently humble and obedient before Allah, they're not arrogant. And this is in complete contrast to the people that are mentioned above, who deny clear evidence out of arrogance and hinder people from the way of Allah. So the people who humble themselves before Allah, they're the ones who will have

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the example of the two parties, which two parties, those who believe, and those who do not, is like the blind and deaf, being a person who can neither see nor hear. So how will he learn? But remember, this is not physical disability. This is in fact, spiritual disability, because there are many who have eyes with which they can see who have ears with which they can hear, but they fail to see the truth. They fail to hear it. And the seeing and hearing meaning in contrast to this person is someone who is able to see able to hear not physically but spiritually, are they equal in compassion.

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Listen, not at all, then will you not remember? So who are you? Each person needs to see that when I learn of something from the truth, what is my response? When I hear good advice? What is my response? Now the stories of various prophets are mentioned. First, the story of new hire they sent out. And we had certainly sent new Harley's sent him to his people. And he said, Indeed, I am to you a clear Warner, meaning my warning is not ambiguous, that you're not worship except Allah. Indeed, I fear for you the punishment of a painful day. So the eminent among those who disbelieve from his people said, we do not see you, but as a man like ourselves, you're just a human, how could you be a

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prophet, and we do not see you followed except by those who are the lowest of us. And at first suggestion, meaning it doesn't take long to realize that your followers are of the lowest in the society. And you know what, they're too impressionable, which is why they have believed you, and we do not see in you over us any merit. Rather, we think you are liars. Meaning we don't see that you are very wealthy, or that you have something special about you. So we think that you're lying. Remember that a prophet of Allah is to convey the message of Allah. But people always judged the prophets of Allah, by superficial standards, that do they have money? Are the followers or the

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supporters rich? The prophets came to offer hedaya guidance, not money. He said, Oh, my people have you considered, if I should be upon clear evidence, meaning I have firm knowledge, I had revelation from my Lord, while he has given me mercy from himself, meaning this Prophethood is in fact, a mercy from Allah, but it has been made unimpaired to you, meaning you fail to see it because of your bias. Should we force it upon you while you are averse to it? How can I compel you to see what you're not even interested in? And oh, my people, I asked not of you for any wealth. That's not my goal. So look past this world. My reward is not but from Allah. And I am not want to drive away those who

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have believed, you see, they demanded that the poor be removed from his company, so that they could come and sit with him. If he wanted them to hear his message. They didn't want to be even seen with those of lower social status. Indeed, they will meet their Lord, so No, honey, Sam tells them that I cannot drive them away, they will meet their Lord, meaning Allah knows what their true status is, and that will become very visible and clear, when they will meet Allah. But I see that you are a people behaving ignorant, please remember that alpha Capital One levina. Bar, the out of the other law, that real richness and poverty is going to be after meeting Allah subhanaw taala. After being

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held accountable by Allah soprano upon the richness that people have today, or the poverty that a person suffers from today, that is not permanent, nor is it real.

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The real poverty and richness isn't the hereafter. So at times, we begin to look down at individuals who don't have a lot of wealth. And sometimes we actually look down at ourselves if we don't make a lot of money. And if we don't have a lot of what you know, people measure, measure the worth of people by so don't do that. Don't feel that you are less just because you have less of worldly blessings. And don't think in contrast that you are safe and that you are right, and that you are good. Just because you have a lot. The real status of a person will be determined in the hereafter based on their deeds, and all my people who would protect me from Allah. If I drove them away, then

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will you not be reminded? Meaning Imagine if someone is loved by Allah subhanaw taala and if we mistreat them, what would become of us? This is why we should be very careful when we mistreat individuals, when we mock them or when we belittle them. We don't know Hadith. Allah subhanaw taala says Masada Lee will Liyan faqad them to who will help that I will declare war against him who shows hostility to a pious worshipper of mine. You know, sometimes we just develop this dislike for certain individuals, and there's no real justification for it. And we belittle certain individual

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Because we are jealous, or for whatever reason, but be careful. Because if this is a person who worships Allah who has faith, and you have enmity towards them, well, what if they're more beloved to Allah than you are? What if their deeds are more pleasing to Allah? So don't be an enemy to the believers, when a kulula comer in the Hosea Enola, and I do not tell you that I have the depositories containing the provision of Allah, or that I know the unseen, nor do I tell you that I am an angel, meaning I am not what you want me to be. Nor do I say of those upon whom your eyes look down, that Allah will never grant them any good. You don't see good in them, but I do. But still, I

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do not pass judgment on the future of people. Allah is most knowing of what is within their souls. Indeed, I would then be among the wrongdoers.

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Do ya know? They said, Oh, no, you have disputed us and been frequent in dispute with us, meaning you have been arguing with us for so long. So panela they're the ones who raised all of these objections, and knew how to sell and only responded. And when he responded when he spoke, they said you are arguing. So bring us what you threaten us, meaning we don't want to hear you anymore. Just bring about the punishment that you weren't as off, if you should be of the truthful. He said, Allah will only bring it to you. If he wills, it's not in my hand, and you will not cause him failure, you won't be able to escape them. And my advice will not benefit you. Although I wish to advise you, if

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Allah should intend to put you in error, he is your Lord and to Him you will be returned. So remember, only that person is guided whom Allah subhanaw taala guides. This is why we should keep asking Allah subhanaw taala for guidance, or do they say he invented it meaning about the Prophet sallallahu Adios, Allah say, if I have invented it, then upon me is the consequence of my crime. But I am innocent of what crimes you commit, meaning instead of just focusing on me, how about you reflect on yourself. We're all here in our new and it was revealed to new that no one will believe from your people, except those who have already believed. So do not be distressed by what they have

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been doing wassenaar in full cabin or uni now, what we're Hina and construct the ship, under our eyes, we are watching you, this is so comforting. You see, sometimes you're working so hard, and you're struggling, and you're all alone. So remind yourself, ally is watching me, I am not alone, and our inspiration, meaning we will teach you and guide you and do not address me concerning those who have wronged don't even intercede for them now, indeed, they are to be drowned. And he constructed the ship. And whenever an assembly of the eminent of his people passed by him, they ridiculed him that now Oh, you're a carpenter, you're now a fisherman, or where is the sea? He said,

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If you ridicule us, then we will ridicule you, just as you ridicule, meaning in reality, you are being foolish, and you are going to know who will get a punishment that will disgrace him on earth, and upon whom will descend an enduring punishment in the hereafter. So we see that a lot of times that was so we see that the Prophet of Allah was made fun of, and a lot of times this happens, that people who are following the religion of Allah, and he they get made fun of the way they speak, or the way they dress or the way that they recite the Quran, or the way that they're fasting every day or that they're going to the masjid, etc. The prophets were mocked at a lot, even though they were

00:39:05 --> 00:39:53

the best people, the best individuals from their communities. But people were unable to see the good in them because of their own fault, not because the prophets were at fault. So what was the response of the prophets, they tolerated this painful mockery, they did not give up. Remember that the prophets of Allah were tested most severely. And part of how they were tested was the ridicule of their own people. And so the people who are next in righteousness, meaning the more righteous a person is, the more he will be tested. And sometimes these tests are at the hands of people where they make fun of you. They ridicule you, and sometimes what happens is that you just want to get

00:39:53 --> 00:39:59

away from everybody. You don't want to, you know, be around them. You don't want to be visible. You just want to be quiet.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:53

Stop telling people and perhaps stop practicing certain things also. But remember, it is better to be patient. Instead of cutting off from people, we learn in a Hadith, that the believer who mixes with people and bears their annoyance with patients will have a greater reward than the believer who does not mix with people and does not put up with their annoyance. So we see that the prophets of Allah Hani, they had the greatest of enemies, but those enemies eventually embraced Islam. Why? Because of the patience and the tolerance of the prophets of Allah. So don't take people's mockery to heart, don't get very offended by their ridicule, learn to filter out this noise. So it was until

00:40:53 --> 00:41:44

when our command came and the oven overflowed at the node overflowed now at the node is either a certain place or it was literally an oven from where the water first began to gush out. And that is how the flood began. We said load upon the ship of each creature to mates and your family, except those about whom the word has proceeded, and include whoever has believed, but none had believed with him, except a few know how to use Sam preached for over 900 years. And yes, only a few people believed in him, it is said only about 80 people or less believed in him. And even his own family, his own wife and his son, were of those who did not believe in Him, how painful how difficult this

00:41:44 --> 00:42:40

must have been. So sometimes it happens that your effort is very, any very intense. You've been striving for very long, but you don't see a lot of good results. At least for now. You don't see it. But remember, that the real result for the person who is seeking Allah is not in this world. The real result is where it isn't the hereafter. We'll call them kabu Fie her a new set to them. Bismillah himadri her one musataha that embark there in how Bismillah himadri her In the name of Allah is its course. One more set have and it's encouraged in be level fudo Rahim indeed my lord is Forgiving and Merciful. So embark the ship. How by taking the name of Allah, meaning Sam Bismillah

00:42:40 --> 00:43:11

wireless mela because taking his blessing name brings a blessing in whatever it is that you are doing their safety, there is blessing and there is reward. And remember, it is the Sunnah of the prophets that they began doing important things by taking the name of Allah, so we should also do the same. So we see here that know how to send out when he's boarding the ship. He says Bismillah he Majidi hermosa her in Nabila food over him. in Hades, we learned about how when a person

00:43:13 --> 00:44:00

that when a person gets on their mount, like on their vehicle, or whatever means of transportation that they're using, at that time also, they should say, Bismillah and it was the way of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that whenever he did something important, he said Bismillah first. In fact, some people complain to him that Yasuda Allah, any we eat, but we don't feel satisfied. We eat our food, but we don't feel satisfied. So he said, perhaps you eat separately, eat together, meaning at the same time. And when Kuru smola hytera Lee mentioned the name of Allah upon it, what will happen, you bet and click on fee, you will have blessing in it, then Allah will put blessing in it.

00:44:00 --> 00:44:42

Because remember, the name of Allah is very powerful. So when you mentioned the name of Allah, then there will be Baraka, and then there will also be protection. This is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that when nightfalls then keep your children close to you, why because the champagne spread out. And then after some time, then you can let them go out and close the gates of your house at night. And mention Allah's Name. Meaning when you close the door, say Bismillah This is why when you enter the house, say Bismillah when you close the door, say Bismillah upon Allah, we have more reliance on Lysol wipes than the name of Allah. We are so particular these days, that we

00:44:42 --> 00:44:59

will keep on cleaning over cleaning to the point that we are unique. We become obsessive and yes, you should take precaution. But the best precaution that we can take is to take the name of a law. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, mentioned the name of Allah when you close the door

00:45:01 --> 00:45:40

And cover your utensils, and mentioned the name of a lot there. They're upon meaning even when it comes to food, when you're handling food when you're handling your dishes, and say Bismillah so when you bring groceries in, yes, you you can, you know, if you start thinking about, well, what if someone touched this apple? And what if there is, you know, the traces of the virus on it still any? If you start thinking about it, it this would mentally drain you? Yes, of course you should wash the food. And yes, you should be careful when you go outside, but mention the name of Allah, take the name of Allah, and then put your trust in Allah subhanaw taala. So he said, mentioned Allah's Name

00:45:40 --> 00:46:20

upon it. And if you don't have anything to cover your your dishes with, then you put something across it, meaning even if it's a spoon or something, but cover the dish, don't leave them open, especially at night. So for example, sometimes you know, we have our water with us at night, and then we leave it open, this is not right, cover it with something. Remember that Bismillah when you mentioned the name of Allah, this is a shield between you and the shaitan. We learned in a Hadith, that the screen between the eyes of the jinn and the nakedness of the children of Adam, when one of you enters the area of relieving yourself meaning when you enter the washroom is to say Bismillah.

00:46:21 --> 00:46:56

So when you say Bismillah, then you are concealed from shavon shavon cannot harm you, he cannot see you. He cannot do anything to bother you. So say Bismillah and protect yourself know how to use Salam. Imagine he's entering the ship. There's a massive flood, people are drowning. And what is it that he tells his people those who believed in him that say Bismillah himadri. One little Sahar in Nabila foto Rahim. And this is a DA that we should also say, when we board a ship or a plane or a vehicle, anything like that.

00:46:57 --> 00:47:50

And it sailed with them through waves like mountains imagine so much water and no called to his son, who was apart from them because he had not boarded the ship. He did not believe in knew how to he set up. He's he said, Oh, my son, come aboard with us and do not be with the disbelievers. But he said, I will take refuge on a mountain to protect me from the water knew how to use an answer. There is no protector today from the decree of Allah, except for whom he gives mercy. Larousse Lima, Yeoman mo de la Illa Rahim and the waves came between them and he was among the drowned new hottie Salim was trying to convince his son till the very end, advising him that oh my son Yeah, bhulaiyaa

00:47:50 --> 00:48:38

any, please enter the ship, and then you will be safe. But you see that when the son of the Prophet did not believe in Him, then his lineage did not save him. And this is what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that he who was made slow by his actions will not be speeded by his lineage. Meaning if you don't do good yourself, then your blood will not save you. Your family cannot save you. You have to believe and do good yourself. And then secondly, we've seen this I have the response of new holiday, Sam, when his son said, I don't need you, because I got the mountain. I don't need to come to you. I don't need to seek refuge where you are seeking refuge meaning with

00:48:38 --> 00:49:31

Allah subhanaw taala I'm going to handle this myself. I'm going to go and protect myself by climbing the mountain. Remember that no one is safe. unless Allah subhanaw taala saves them. Lao seamill Yeoman Emery lay in nama Rahim. worldly means are not enough to protect us. Because means only work when Allah subhanaw taala allows them to work. And remember, Allah is not limited by the means. There are no means no precaution that we can take that is to you know, by which we will avert the decree of Allah know, if Allah subhanaw taala wishes to benefit someone, give them something, then nothing at all can can avert that benefit. And if Allah subhanaw taala decrees that someone should

00:49:31 --> 00:49:59

suffer from something, then again, no one can repel that either. So allow similar to my main umbrella, the only person who is safe is the one on whom Allah subhanaw taala bestows His mercy. So it is necessary that we seek refuge with ALLAH against all evils, whether it is the evil of shape or the evil of our nuts, or, you know the evil of a certain disease or a virus or whatever it is. We

00:50:00 --> 00:50:48

We need to seek refuge with Allah. Because remember that when it is time for a person to die, then even if they're locked in a fortress, any they will die. So real safety is with the love. So secret with him what happened and it was said, on Earth, swallow your water and all sky, withhold your rain, and the water subsided and the matter was accomplished. And the ship came to rest on the mountain of God. And it was said, away with the wrongdoing people and new called to his Lord and said, My Lord, indeed My son is of my family. And indeed your promise is true. Meaning you said that my family would be saved. And you are the most just of judges. I have no objection at your judgment.

00:50:48 --> 00:51:41

But I wonder how can my son was drowned? colliano? Who in who lays Salman Affleck? He said Oh no, indeed, he is not of your family. He this shows us that the profits of a low are very compassionate individuals, any they weren't hard hearted. They felt pain. They felt sad. Indeed, he is one whose work was other than righteous. So asked me not for that about which you have no knowledge, meaning you don't know what the reality of your son was, indeed, I advise you, lest you be among the ignorant. So we see here that the only real permanent relationship that we have with people is through amen in Allah subhanaw taala. If we believe and they believe, then and only then our

00:51:41 --> 00:52:29

relationship can be everlasting. And if someone does not believe that even if they're related through blood, this relationship will end with death, and then there will be permanent separation. And on the other hand, when there is a man, there is permanent connection. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the closest people to me on the day of judgment will be those who fear Allah and with the cone, whether they are close in lineage or not meaning even if they're not related to me, but because of their taqwa, they will be closest to me. So the real bond is the bond of faith and piety. And then we see that children can be a source of contentment when when they're

00:52:29 --> 00:53:15

righteous. And in the hereafter also, there will be meeting meaning people will be together with their families, if parents and children both are righteous. So our concern when it comes to our children should be to raise them as righteous servants of Allah, to teach them Amen. To the best of our ability and leave the rest with Allah subhanaw taala You know, sometimes we obsess over the physical health of our children, sometimes we obsess over their worldly education, or their sports, etc. ie all of these are good, but we should be equally In fact, we should be more concerned about their Deen because that is what will keep our connection permanent. And that is when they will be a

00:53:15 --> 00:54:06

source of coolness and comfort for our eyes. But we also see over here that you can do your best but ultimately, guidance is in the hands of Allah. only gonna be in the Arabic, new halia salaam said, My Lord, I seek refuge in You from asking that of which I have no knowledge. He said, My Lord, I seek refuge in You from asking that of which I have no knowledge. And unless you forgive me and have mercy upon me, I will be among the losers. So no, how do you sell apologized? It was that oh no disembark insecurity from us, and blessings upon you, and upon nations descending from those who are with you, but other nations have them, we will grant enjoyment, then there will touch them from us a

00:54:06 --> 00:54:42

painful punishment. So remember that new or they said I was the first messenger. And then after this, and when and then what when this flood came, don't have a son I was the first messenger. And when this flood came, then all of the people who rejected Him who disbelieve who committed, who believed in idolatry, they were destroyed. So now it was only believers who inhabited the earth, but knew how they said I was told over here, that soon after you there will be nations, and some of those nations will believe and others will disbelieve

00:54:43 --> 00:55:00

that is from the news of the unseen which we reveal to you. You knew it not neither you nor your people before this. So be patient. Indeed, the best outcome is for the righteous. So this was the first time that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was given

00:55:00 --> 00:55:46

The story of new Halley's Salaam, and what is the lesson here that Be patient just as he was patient, and remember that the good outcome is for who Lin Mota clean? And to her odd. We sent their brother who the early he said, he said, Oh my people worship Allah, you have no data other than him. You are not but inventors have false hood, meaning when you worship other than Allah, this is false hood, all my people, I do not ask you for it to any reward. My reward is only from the one who created me, then will you not reason, meaning I have no hidden agenda over here and all my people ask forgiveness of your Lord and then repented to him. He will send rain from the sky upon you in

00:55:46 --> 00:56:28

showers and increase you in strength, adding to your strength and do not turn away being criminals. These are the benefits of seeking forgiveness from Allah soprano Tada. You see, one of the first things that we should teach people is to seek forgiveness from Allah and also teach them how to do so. This is something that we should teach children also. We learned that when a person would come to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam asking him that how he should make the Torah, the prophets of Allah whoever it is and would teach him to say, say Allahu mo Finley will humbly were Dini was zucchini. Very simple and short. There are a lot of them fiddly. Oh ALLAH forgive me. What?

00:56:28 --> 00:56:33

How many have mercy on me? When did he guide me was zucchini and provide me?

00:56:34 --> 00:57:19

They said Oh, who'd you have not brought us clear evidence. And we are not wants to leave our gods on your say so nor are we believers in you. We only say that some of our gods have possessed you with evil soprano Allah. People said to him, that we think that you are possessed. We think that you have gone crazy, Something terrible has happened with you. He said Indeed, I call Allah to witness and witness yourselves that I am free from whatever you associated with Allah, meaning I am in my senses, there is nothing that is wrong with me, other than Him, so plot against me altogether, then do not give me rest bite, so he openly challenged them. He said, Indeed, I have relied upon Allah,

00:57:19 --> 00:58:05

my Lord and your Lord, there is no creature, but that he holds its forelock. Every creature is in the control of Allah. Indeed, my lord is on a path that is straight. And we should remember that now. Sia t be a dick, that Oh my Lord, my NASA mind for luck is also in your head, meaning you have complete control over my life. This is why I surrender to you, and I trust in You. But if they turn away, say, I have already conveyed that with which I was sent to you, my Lord will give succession to a people other than you, and you will not harm him at all. Indeed, my lord is over all things, guardian. And we see this that one generation after the other, any, you know, they replace each

00:58:05 --> 00:58:53

other in the world, and no people can cause harm to Allah. And when our command came, we saved who and those who believed with him by Mercy from Us, and we saved them from a harsh punishment. Again, we see that there is no salvation, no safety, no protection, without Allah's mercy, be the law, my team when it is not your own work, your own effort that can save you in this world and the IRS and it is not your work or your effort that can save you in the year after either. We do our part. We have to do what is within our ability, but we have to understand that it is not our actions that can protect us. It is Allah who protects. It is not our actions that will admit us into Jenna. It is

00:58:53 --> 00:59:38

Allah's mercy that will admit people into agenda. This is why we should ask Allah for his mercy. And that was odd, who rejected the signs of their Lord and disobeyed His messengers and followed the order of every obstinate tyrant. Meaning they left what the Prophet told them and followed, what the worldly people said, what the tyrants told them to do. And such tyrants Japan and our need in a Hades we know that such people will be in *. And they were therefore followed in this world with a curse, and as well on the Day of Judgment, unquestionably, are denied their Lord, then away with odd the people of who'd, and to the moon, we sent their prophet Sonny or his son.

00:59:39 --> 00:59:59

Notice how a prophet is called a brother of his nation, because he was from his nation. And the end there people knew their prophet from before he was not a stranger. He said, All my people worship Allah, you have no data other than Him He has produced to from the earth and settled you in it asked forgiveness of him.

01:00:00 --> 01:00:47

Then repent to him. Indeed, my lord is 30 bow Mooji My Lord is near, and he is responsive. A huge misconception is removed over here. You see some people, they assume that they're so sinful and so distant from Allah subhanaw taala that even if they call upon Him, they will never be heard, and they will never be forgiven. But remember, Ally's corrib he is near he is Mujib. He's responsive. But what is mentioned before but even Mooji that first tell Pharaoh seek forgiveness from him and repent to him. So when you feel very distant from Allah subhanaw taala How do you cover those distances by seeking forgiveness by repenting to Allah subhanaw taala so make Toba make us to fall,

01:00:48 --> 01:01:30

ask Allah for forgiveness, and these days that 100 and now that you're up at the time of so who that is the perfect time to seek forgiveness, because that is the time when Allah subhanaw taala invites people that is there anyone who will seek forgiveness from me so that I will forgive him. But unfortunately, we spend this time either, you know, on our phones, or we are watching TV, or we're just talking amongst themselves, or we're so groggy, any whatever it is that you're doing, as you're preparing food, or, you know, you're you are, you know, in the kitchen, etc, see a stock fetullah say a stock again and again. They said, Oh, Sally, you were among us amount of promise before any

01:01:30 --> 01:02:19

what has happened to you? What have you started now, we had such great expectations of you and you've become so religious, do you forbid us to worship what our fathers worshipped. And indeed We are about that to which you invite us in disquieting doubt. This is what happens when a person rejects the truth after knowing it, that they are in a doubt, that takes away their peace of mind. They're constantly restless. You see, the heart is not just, you know, a lump of flesh, Allah subhanaw taala has created the heart as a monitor, meaning it tells you, it tells you that this is wrong or this is good. For example, if you have the opportunity. For example, if somebody asks you

01:02:19 --> 01:03:00

for a glass of water, and you say no, then what will happen later on you will feel bad that oh, I could have given it. But then you justify it that oh, I have to teach them a lesson that they shouldn't just always be asking me and I'm not their servant. But why is it that you're justifying it to yourself? Why is it that you're consoling yourself? because deep down, you do feel bad. So this is a fact that when a person rejects the truth, when a person rejects what is right, then there's a discomfort in the heart. This is why to send his stuff to callback. Ask your heart, even if people give you a fatwa, you check with your heart. Does it settle well with you? And the thing

01:03:00 --> 01:03:44

is that when it doesn't settle well with us, that is when we go ask people why? Because we want them to give us permission. We want to hear someone agree with us that yes, what you did was okay. He said, Oh my people have you considered if I should be upon clear evidence from my Lord, and He has given me mercy from himself, who would protect me from Allah if I disobeyed him. So you would not increase me except in loss. And all my people, this is the Sheikh Abdullah of Allah, she is to you a sign a miracle, because that cattle was not born as a normal camel is it actually came out from a mountain because that is what they demanded. They said, if you're a prophet, show us a miracle, and

01:03:44 --> 01:04:29

show us this. And that's exactly what happened. So he said to them, let her feed upon Allah's Earth and do not touch her with harm, or you will be taken by an impending punishment. But that camel would actually drink a lot of water. So they got fed up, and they hamstrung her, but they hamstrung her they killed the camel. So he said, enjoy yourselves in your homes for three days. That is a promise not to be denied. So we see that they were given another warning, a final warning openly that you have three days they were given another chance. But still, they did not benefit from it. And then we see that only one man among them killed the camel, but everyone was guilty of it. Why?

01:04:29 --> 01:04:59

Because they approved of it. They wanted it they supported him. Remember the least of faith is that you disapprove What is wrong in your heart. Even if you cannot actually stop it with your hands or your words. You believe it is wrong. But when you but when a person likes what is wrong, even if they don't have a share in it. They're equally responsible. They're equally guilty. So when our command came, we saved slowly and those who believed with him buy Mercy from Us and said

01:05:00 --> 01:05:49

save them from the disgrace of that day. Indeed, it is your Lord, who is the powerful, the Exalted in Might, and the shriek sees those who had wronged and they became within their homes, corpses fallen prone, meaning just as a bird lands on its chest. They also were on their chests, meaning they were laying lifeless, fallen upside down on their faces, as if they had never prospered, they're in unquestionably some mood denied their Lord, then a way with some mood, they lived lives of prosperity, they were very well settled, but one earthquake was enough to destroy them. So we see here, that one nation after the other is being mentioned. And we see the pattern being repeated,

01:05:50 --> 01:06:38

that the Prophet is clear in his message, but the people in their bias and their hatred, refuse to accept it. They're they're not willing to accept the truth because it requires them to change to change what they're doing. And then we see that people are given warning, but they don't even take that seriously. And this is something that we need to pay attention to. You see when Allah subhanaw taala put some tribulation on people this is not a time of mockery, and making fun this is a time of observing humility and fear before Allah soprano Tada. So any light humor it's understandable, but always making fun of Oh Coronavirus joke this and that joke, any, this is not appropriate. We're not

01:06:38 --> 01:07:04

supposed to be mocking at this predicament. We're supposed to be humbling ourselves before Allah. So we see that these nations they mocked again and again, they did not benefit from the warnings that they were given. And then eventually, their time came to an end. Whether you're the biller, and certainly did Our Messengers come to Ibrahim with good tidings, good news. What was the good news that they brought

01:07:05 --> 01:07:50

along time had passed, and Ibrahim Ali said I've had no children, and he wanted to have children. So they brought the good news of a son. They said Sam, because Sam is the hair mubaraka It's a blessing greeting. He said Sam, and did not delay in bringing them a roasted calf soprano. People are coming to his house. He doesn't know them. He doesn't know why they have come. They just say Salaam and Ibrahim or his Sam immediately brings the food that he has. So what does he do? He serves his guests. So remember, there are some etiquettes of serving guests that we can learn from this ayah that first of all, serve guests immediately. Don't delay that people have come in other sitting and

01:07:50 --> 01:08:32

waiting and it's been two hours. And even the appetizers have not been given any This is not fair. This is not great. When a guest comes then serve immediately. Sometimes we delay by asking would you eat Would you like to eat? And then if you do want to eat what is it that you would like to eat any if someone has come they have come to your house, not a restaurant. So bring them what you have. If it is time to eat, then serve what you have. We learned that about here is that I was a first host meeting you as the first person to actually host guests in the that the first person to host guests. We don't know how these was Ibrahim already said it was truly a leader. Then we see that serving

01:08:32 --> 01:09:17

guests generously is a part of Amen. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should honor his guest and the guest deserves to be served. He said what Emily zoetic Arnica, Huck, your visitor has a right upon you. So whatever you have, just bring it. Sometimes that happens is that we don't bring anything we don't serve anything. Why? Because it's not perfect. No, because law higher of human law, you leave there is no good in the person who does not host his guests well, meaning whatever you have, just bring it and be hospitable according to your ability. Do not burden yourself. Don't bear to kind of buy, you know, a serving a whole lot of

01:09:17 --> 01:09:37

variety of foods. Ibrahim already said I'm just served one thing, meat that was it. So it is not permissible that a person takes on a burden that they cannot bear and they become pretentious. This is something that is disliked remoto de la Mora who said new Hina I need to cut loose. We were forbidden from being pretentious.

01:09:38 --> 01:10:00

But when he saw their hands not reaching for it, meaning he saw that they were not eating the food, he distrusted them and felt from them apprehension, apprehension, because obviously any if you offer something to someone and they don't accept it, you're going to feel like what's wrong with me or with them? Or they don't trust me. Why is it that they don't trust me or they or maybe they have

01:10:00 --> 01:10:44

With a bad intention, because you see a friend accepts your generosity, they don't reject it. So they said, fear not, we have been sent to the people of loops, meaning we are angels, and we have been sent to carry out a loss command over there. And his wife was standing, and she smiled. Then we gave her good tidings of his help, and after his help Yaqoob Why? Why did she smile because she was relieved. And so at that she was given good news. She said, Well, to me, shall I give birth? Well, I am an old woman. It is at that she was very old at this point. And this My husband is an old man. Indeed, this is an amazing thing. So Pamela, yes, she was an old woman. And she was being given the

01:10:44 --> 01:11:29

news of a child. Ibrahim renessa, was also very old. Remember, this is from Allah still feel that even in old age, a person is sometimes able to do what typically young people do. And out of all the things what is truly a privilege is that a person is able to worship Allah, even in old age. So make the offer that they said, Are you amazed at the decree of Allah? May the mercy of Allah and His blessings be upon you, or people of the house? Indeed, he is praiseworthy and honorable. And yes, the blessings of Allah and His mercy continue to descend on the family of Ibrahim till today, because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was from his descendants. And every time that we say

01:11:29 --> 01:12:19

alomost, Sundar, that Mohammed varla Ali Mohammed Casa ley de la Brahim were the early Ibrahim in Naka, homido, Maji, and Ebola hero serve as mentioned, and when the fright had left Ibrahim meeting once he realized that, okay, these are angels, I don't need to worry what happened, and the good tidings had reached him the good news of his son, he began to argue with us concerning the people have looked amazing. This is honey, these words represent who a believer is, a believer is happy with the blessings that Allah subhanaw taala has given them. But a believer is also concerned for others concerned for humanity. Ibrahim ITSM, received two types of news at the same time, one good

01:12:19 --> 01:13:08

one personal and one bad, which was not technically related to him. But we see that yes, he was happy about the good news. But then he didn't just care about himself only let me just celebrate and enjoy. No, he began arguing with Allah, meaning pleading to Allah. Regarding boo regarding the people of Luke that they should not be punished, they should be given some more time. Allah explains in Ibrahim la halimun, a well known muneeb indeed, Ibrahim was for bearing, grieving and frequently returning to Allah. This was the character of Ebola, he raised it up. You see, helenium is a person who is very tolerant, a person who does not get angry very quickly, that a person who is not quick

01:13:08 --> 01:13:54

to take revenge from the one who has wronged him. A wow is a person who is concerned for all so he's constantly calling upon Allah, because he he grieves in his heart, and muneeb constantly turning to Allah with love with devotion with prayer with obedience. But the first quality that is mentioned over here is haleem. Because this is truly a great quality. Ibrahima, his son M was a very good petard, he would not get annoyed and riled up at the ignorance of the ignorant. So he said he was pleading over here that the people of loot should be given more time. The angel said, Oh, Ibrahim, give up this plea. Indeed, the command of your Lord has come this is a final decision, and indeed,

01:13:54 --> 01:14:32

there will reach them a punishment that cannot be repelled. You see, the people have looked earlier ceram were committing a crime, a sin that no one before them had done. Remember that when it comes to rectal * because this was homosexuality rectal * is something that is unlawful between men and men and between men and women. in Hades we learn we learn Mandarin on man waka Allah behemoth in Milan Manami Rama Lacombe loop that cursed is the person who does the action of the people of loot. So it is very simple.

01:14:33 --> 01:15:00

Mr. soprano data has set this boundary just as we cannot eat everything that we want. We cannot drink everything that we want. Even when it comes to such relationships, there is a boundary. So this is something not permissible within marriage, and it is also not permissible outside of marriage. This act itself is forbidden. And when Our Messengers meaning the angels came to Luther his salon, he was anguished for them and felt for

01:15:00 --> 01:15:40

Great discomfort and said this is a trying day. And as people came hastening to him, why because the angels came in the form of men. And before this, they had been doing evil deeds. He said, Oh my people, these are my daughters, meaning if you really want to satisfy your desire, do it the right way. They're pure for you. So fear Allah, and do not disgrace me concerning my guests, is there not among you a man of reason, a man of reason, meaning someone who is sensible and confident, who can do what is right and even tell others to do what is right. They said, You have already known that we have not concerning your daughter's any claim, you know that we have no interest in women. They said

01:15:40 --> 01:16:29

this outright, that as men, we do not like women, we don't feel attracted to them. And indeed, you know what we want, meaning you know, that we find men attractive. He said, If only I had against you some power, or could take refuge in a strong support. You see, chahat desires are in human beings. And shaitan really plays with our desires, any sometimes there are things which are unlawful, but champon makes them very attractive to us. And then there are things which are lovable, but champon makes them unattractive to us. See, Allah subhanaw taala has made Islam very easy and practical. A person is not guilty for their feelings of attraction. What they are responsible for is their

01:16:29 --> 01:17:13

actions. If a person is not able to get married, it does not mean that they can make Xena lawful for themselves. And just like that, if a person does not find the opposite gender attractive, they cannot even think about getting married, then it doesn't mean that they make this sin lawful for themselves. The essence of Islam is submission and surrender to Allah. And earlier we learned that the reward for a person is in proportion to the effort that they're putting in. The angel said, Oh, look, indeed, we are messengers of your Lord, therefore, they will never reach you. So set out with your family during a portion of the night. And let not any among you look back, except your wife.

01:17:13 --> 01:18:05

Indeed, she will be struck by that which strikes them indeed their appointment is for the morning is not the morning near. So we see here that the wife of Luca is allowed, even though she was married to a prophet, that marriage was not enough to save her. Why? Because she approved of this sin, she supported it, even though she herself did not commit it. Honey, this is something so important for us to understand. We cannot call what is unlawful to be lawful, we cannot call what Allah has declared a sin to be something good. Okay, if people want to choose it, that's their decision. But we cannot change the law of Allah. And if we cannot stop people, because we're not in a position to

01:18:05 --> 01:18:51

do that, or we cannot, you know, stop them verbally in any way whatsoever. Because sometimes there are those limitations, then, the least we are required to do as believers is to dislike What is wrong in our hearts. This is the least that that is required of us. So when our command came, we made the highest part of the city its lowest, and rained upon them stones of layered hard clay, which were marked from your Lord was a woman or in law big. And Alas, punishment is not from the wrongdoer is very far. So they were literally turned upside down. We learned that they were lifted up by Jupiter and he said and thrown back down. And this punishment came upon them early in the

01:18:51 --> 01:19:34

morning. Why? Because a lot of times, people who follow their desires, their habit is that at night, they will waste their time fulfilling pursuing their desires. And in the morning, when it is time for Baraka, that is when they sleep, that is when they're most negligent. So that is when the punishment came upon them. So what is the lesson here? That Oh Prophet, you Be patient, the the good outcome, and the help of Allah is with the prophets of Allah, the next story, and to me at the end, we sent their brother Shoaib. He said, Oh, my people worship Allah, you have no data other than Him, and do not decrease from the measure and the scale. Indeed, I see you in prosperity, but indeed I

01:19:34 --> 01:20:00

fear for you the punishment of an all encompassing be, we see that the Prophet of Allah, Srebrenica them, just like the other prophets, they brought, he brought the same message. What was that message of the hate that worship only Allah. And remember, this is the most important thing in our lives because we were created for the worship of Allah subhanaw taala and this is why we should give utmost importance

01:20:00 --> 01:20:44

To Reba, Reba comes first, and everything else comes secondary. So these things also focus on your fast on your piano, on your Salah on your teen hour. And then when you're done, then Okay, take some time to do other things, but your focus should be on Reba. Now though, of course, this doesn't mean that your family is being neglected, because that is also your obligation. I'm talking about the things that we do to you know, take a break, like for example, we spend time on social media. So that should come after our ibadah not before. And secondly, we see that the prophets of Allah, they also called out the wrong things called out on the wrong things that their nations were doing the

01:20:44 --> 01:21:28

specific evil that was common in that the prophets of Allah pointed those things out and stopped people from them. And oh, my people give full measure and weighed in justice and do not deprive the people of their due, meaning when you all something to people give them in full, whether it is by weight, or by measure by number, and do not commit abuse on the earth spreading corruption. We learn in a Hades, that when people continue to cheat in weight and measure, then what will happen, they will be struck with famine, severe calamity and oppression of their and oppression of their rulers. He said what remains lawful from Allah is best for you, if you would be believers, but I am not a

01:21:28 --> 01:22:15

guardian over you. Meaning what is little, but it is lawful, that is far more blessing and beneficial than what maybe a lot but is acquired through unlawful means. Sometimes what happens is that what is unlawful seems so tempting. Why? Because it seems so accessible. Or it seems like you know that this is all we want, and this is a better deal. No, just because it seems like a better deal. It doesn't mean it will actually be better for you. Because remember, what is unlawful is void of blessing. And when there is no blessing. In one there is no Baraka and something that no matter how much it is, you will not be able to enjoy it. And even if you do get to enjoy some of it in this

01:22:15 --> 01:23:02

life, that enjoyment will be temporary, it will not make it to the hereafter when a person earns money through lawful means, and enjoys it in a lawful way that you know what, they're rewarded for it. And so the blessing the reward will become permanent because of that. And when a person earns through unlawful means, then there's our the upon or the upon earth up in this life and in the next. And remember what is decreed for you will reach you. Your test is in how you acquire it. They said oh Shoaib, does your prayer command you that we? He they said oh Shoaib, does your prayer command you that we should leave what our fathers worship Subhana Allah, they were taunting him mocking,

01:23:02 --> 01:23:46

mocking him for his Salah. And a lot of times people begin to accuse, you know, religion or not? Or is it that we should not do with our wealth? What we please meaning Why are you telling us how we should, you know, deal with our wealth, how we should earn our income, etc. And this is what a lot of people like to do. They like to separate religion, from worldly life. They want religion to be just in the masjid, that's just a normal dog. And, and the rest of the time they want to do whatever they want, however, they want this and indeed, you are the forbearing the discerning This is sarcasm, that you are so forbearing that now you cannot even tolerate how we earn our money. You

01:23:46 --> 01:24:24

want to tell us how to earn our money. On a comb, he said, Oh my people have you considered if I am upon clear evidence from my Lord, and He has provided me with a good provision from him, and I do not intend to differ from you, in that which I have forbidden you I only intend to reform as much as I am able, and my success is not but through Allah upon him I have relied and to him I return and all my people, let not your dissension from me cause you to be struck by that seminar to what struck the people of New are the people of Who are the people of Somalia, and the people who are not from you far away.

01:24:25 --> 01:24:59

Take lesson from history and ask forgiveness of your Lord and then repent to him. Indeed, my lord is what I hate him well, dude, merciful and affectionate. You see, every prophet urged his nation to turn to Allah, seek forgiveness, repent and look at how they gave hope. My lord is a Rahim and widowed who is widowed. widowed means two things. First of all, one who loves so Allah loves his prophets, his messengers, his righteous servants, and widowed also means one who is loved meaning he deserved

01:25:00 --> 01:25:41

loves to be loved. And he is loved by the believers. You hit boom when you hit Punahou. So this is two sided love. But what was their response? They said, Oh charade, we do not understand much of what you say is too complicated. But was it really complicated was simple message. And indeed We consider you among us as weak. And if not for your family, we would have stone you to death and you are not to us one respected, we don't really care about you. He said, Oh my people, is my family more respected for power by you than Allah, meaning you care about my family, not Allah subhana wa Tada. You see the people of MK also they feared the family of the Prophet sallallaahu. It wasn't his

01:25:41 --> 01:26:27

uncle avatar. But you put him behind your backs in neglect? How dare you. Indeed, my lord is encompassing of what you do. And oh, my people work according to your position, indeed, I am working, you are going to know to whom will come a punishment that will disgrace Him and who is a liar. So watch. Indeed, I am with you, a watcher awaiting the outcome. And when our command came, we save sure a and those who believed with him by Mercy from Us notice how this fact is mentioned again and again. Only the one on whom is Allah's mercy is safe in this world and in the Hereafter, and the shriek seized those who had wronged and they became within their homes, corpses fallen prone, as if

01:26:27 --> 01:27:03

they had never prospered there in the in a way with meridian as the mood was taken away. And we certainly sent Moosa with our signs and a clear authority to fit our own and his establishment, but they followed the command of our own. And the commander in our own was not at all discerning It was not right at all, he will proceed his people of the Day of Resurrection, and lead them into the fire and wretched as the place to which they're LED. What a contrast for their own will lead people into the fire, and his wife Asya will actually be the leader of the women in Jenna, what a difference.

01:27:05 --> 01:27:48

What would be roofie had he learned Latin way, Elmo piano, and they were followed in this world with a curse, and on the Day of Resurrection, and wretched is the gift which is given, that is from the news of the cities, which we relate to you of them, some are still standing, the remains are there today, and some are as a harvest mowed down, and we did not wrong them, but they wronged themselves, and they were not availed at all by their gods which they invoked other than Allah, when there came the command of your Lord, and they did not increase them in other than ruin, and thus is the seizing of your Lord, when he seizes the cities while they're committing wrong. Indeed, his seizing is

01:27:48 --> 01:28:34

painful and severe. Meaning when Allah sees as a people for their wrongdoing, then that is truly painful and severe loneliness uncle raffia indeed, and that is a sign for those who fear the punishment of the hereafter meaning this is happening in the world. Imagine the hereafter imagined the Day of Judgment, that is a day for which the people will be collected, and that is a day which will be witnessed, and we do not delayed except for a limited term. It's not far the day it comes, no soul will speak except by his permission, and among them will be the wretched and the prosperous, as for those who were destined to be wretched, they will be in the fire for them there in his

01:28:34 --> 01:29:24

violent exhaling and inhaling. The Hellfire is a noisy place, there are loud screaming disturbing noises, people will hear the terrible noises of *, and of each other loud noises of inhaling exhaling out of agony because of the severe punishment. And remember Loud Sound is also a way of torture. It can be very painful to hear people screaming, their own voices will be like the brain of donkeys. They will be abiding there and as long as the heavens and the earth and your except what your Lord should will. Indeed your Lord is an effector of what he intends. And as for those who are destined to be prosperous, they will be in paradise abiding, they're in as long as the heavens and

01:29:24 --> 01:30:00

the earth and your except what your Lord should will, a bestow will uninterrupted. You know how these we learned, that when the people of Paradise have reached paradise, and the people of * have also reached how an announcer will announce that Oh, people have fire, there is no death for you, you will remain here forever, and all people have genda there is no death for you, you will remain here forever. So Oh Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Do not be in doubt as to what these polytheists are worshipping. They worship not except as their as their fathers worshipped before meaning. They're only

01:30:00 --> 01:30:44

blindly following without any evidence, and indeed we will give them their share on diminished, and we had certainly given most of the Scripture, but it came under disagreement, just as the Quran is today. And if not for a word that proceeded from your Lord, it would have been judged between them, meaning a lot would have immediately punished the people who denied and indeed they are concerning the Quran in disquieting doubt. And indeed, each of the believers and disbelievers your Lord will fully compensate them for their deeds Indeed, he is acquainted with what they do, first the pin. So remain on the right course, come out, omit the as you have been commanded woman Tabarak, and those

01:30:44 --> 01:31:31

who have turned back with you, and do not transgress Indeed, he is seeing of what you do. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is being commanded to remain firm, that no matter what you must not give up, when a total candle either lady Nevada moon, and do not incline toward those who do wrong. You see, raccoon is too inclined towards someone with love. So do not approve of their wrong actions, do not be accepting of their crimes. Why? lest you be touched by the fire, and you would not have other than Allah and you protectors, then you would not be held helped with a famous solid and established prayer at the two ends of the day, and at the approach of the night? These are the

01:31:31 --> 01:32:17

five daily prayers. Why pray? Because intall has an ad you the hibben essay he indeed good deeds, do away with misdeeds. That is a reminder for those who remember. So we see that it's the fall seeking forgiveness. Yes, it's supposed to be verbal, but we also seek forgiveness from Allah, how by doing good deeds, and especially has an ad what is their benefit you the hipness, say he, they remove since we learned the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the example of the person who commits sins and then performs good deeds is like that of a man on whom is a tight bitter, there is a is a shirt of chainmail, which is reaching up to his throat so it's really tight. But when he

01:32:17 --> 01:32:40

performs good deed, one link breaks. When he performs another good deed another link breaks until all of it falls to the ground, and he is free in and has an add up blessing. This is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that follow a bad deed with a good one. And what is and what is the good deed going to do? Dumb hoo ha it is going to erase the sin.

01:32:42 --> 01:33:25

And especially because this has mentioned after Salah, remember, Salah is a means of forgiveness of sins, we learned in the Hadees that whoever does will do like the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made will do and then he praised Allah. So he prays over then whatever sins he committed sins will be forgiven, then when he prays that all the sins that he committed sins will be forgiven. Then when he prays, motive, then whatever sins he committed since month since Asa will be forgiven, and so on and so forth. So every next prayer is a means of forgiveness, for all the sense that we're committed between it and the previous prayer, because Israel has an ad, you'd hibben to say he was

01:33:25 --> 01:34:10

with and be patient, for Indeed, Allah does not allow to be lost the reward of those who do good. So why so why were there not among the generations before you those of enduring discrimination forbidding corruption on Earth, except a few of those we saved from among them, but those who wronged pursued what luxury they were given, they're in and they were criminals. So Allah subhanaw taala, is demanding that there must be some people who forbade corruption in the land. And your Lord would not have destroyed the cities unjustly, while their people were reformers. So as long as people are, people are reforming themselves, then they're safe. And if your Lord had willed, He

01:34:10 --> 01:34:52

could have made mankind one community, but they will not cease to defer, he could have taken away their free will. But that is not the way of a law, except whom your Lord has given mercy in the modern rahimullah book. They will be on guidance. And for that he created them, meaning he created people for for a test to test them with their freewill, that what is it that they're going to choose to do, but the word of your Lord is to be fulfilled, that I will surely fill * with jinn and men altogether. Meaning even if all people rebelled, that * has a lot of room in it. And each story we relate to you from the news of the messengers is that by which we make firm your heart man with a

01:34:52 --> 01:34:59

b2b e fu ad, this is the reason for mentioning these stories, that you realize that you're not alone.

01:35:00 --> 01:35:39

you're striving and you're difficulty, that you're not the first person to struggle. There are so many examples before. So stories are definitely very comforting. And this is why these are stories that we should share with one another. And especially, these are stories that we should teach children. And there has come to you in this, the truth, and an instruction and a reminder for the believers. So hold on to the truth. And say to those who do not believe work according to your position, indeed, we are working and wait indeed we are waiting, and to Allah belong the unseen aspects of the heavens and the earth, Allah knows it all. And to him will be returned to the matter,

01:35:39 --> 01:36:03

all of it for boohoo. So worship Him, whatever kind of LA and Rick and rely upon him. One out of bookable, often in our mentor, Malone, and your Lord is not unaware of that which you do. So every effort that you make every moment of your struggle of your patience, Allah knows about it. So don't fear and don't grieve and expect the best from your Lord.

01:36:04 --> 01:36:06

The next is solitude.

01:36:07 --> 01:36:54

solitude, which has the stories of the prophets, the message of solitude is remained firm, be patient, the good outcome is for you, and Allah is with you. He will not let you go waste as his help was with the previous prophets or habits of Allah already was Allah, Allah is help will also be with you. And unsuited use of the messages that know that the outcome of patience is good. And when you are being patient, when you're going through different trials in your life, things don't always make sense. You don't always get it that what is happening, and why is it happening, but you focus on what you have to do, and leave the outcome to Allah and Allah will create the best results for

01:36:54 --> 01:37:42

you. So what is the surah Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim. And if lamb raw, these are the verses of the clear book, indeed, we have sent it down as an Arabic hold on that you might understand, meaning Allah subhanaw taala chose the Arabic language for the Quran. Why? Because it is only Arabic that could contain the meaning the message, the weight, the beauty of this Quran, this is why it is important for us to try to learn the meaning of the Quran in Arabic. And this doesn't mean that we go and study Arabic for like 10 years and only then we're able to understand the Quran. No, you can understand the meaning of the Quran by studying the Arabic text of the Quran. Right now we're just

01:37:42 --> 01:38:24

reading the translation, and that is good and hamdulillah. But there is a better way a deeper way. So each person should strive to understand the text of the Quran. In Arabic. We relate to you the best of stories in what we have revealed to you of this Koran. Although you were before it among the unaware, meaning you did not know the story of use of artemisinin before you will only come to know about it over here. And really this is a miracle of the Quran because the story of you of use of our SNM was a story that was completely unknown to the Arabs and the Arabs were an unlettered nation, they did not have access to Scripture. So they did not know the stories of the past. So, the story

01:38:24 --> 01:39:12

of use of SNM it is described as a set of Cosmos the best of stories, because its contents are the best. Any, it is not just a story that is nice, but it is a story that teaches so many lessons, we see how loved ones are separated from one another, we see how there is decline in life. And then there is also gained, you lose some you win some we see that there is pain and there is joy, we see that a times there is a lot of times there is very little, we see that at times there is rejection and then there are other times when there is acceptance. So this is the reality of this life. Of these stories mentioned when you subset to his father or my father, indeed I have seen in a dream 11

01:39:12 --> 01:39:59

stars and the sun and the moon. I saw them prostrating to me. Now of course, this was a very strange dream, but obviously very nice because so many things were prostrating to use of Artesia. So his father said, Oh, my son, do not relate your vision to your brothers, or they will contrive against you a plan. Indeed, shaitan to man is a manifest enemy, meaning hide your blessing, keep it private, until it becomes evident until the need is fulfilled until the goal is achieved. And after the blessing is complete, the goal is achieved. Then what can you do for binaire Mattila Vika for Hudis, then you can talk about the blessing that Allah has given you but still

01:40:00 --> 01:40:44

When you talk about the blessing that Allah has given you do not flaunt why, because then others will feel jealous, do not mention a lot of detail. And especially when you know that you have competitors, or people who are very envious of you, even though they may be very close to you, then be careful and conceal your blessings. Now, at the same time, we have to be careful that we should not be suspicious of people all the time. Yes, jealousy is real. But we should not be suspicious of people all the time, that you know what everyone is jealous of me, I trust nobody, and their evil eye is going to affect me. No, you should be careful. But you shouldn't be always suspicious. You

01:40:44 --> 01:41:31

should preserve your blessings, with privacy, and also with sugar. Also with gratitude, and when Allah has given you a blessing, then be eager to benefit others with it. And even if someone is jealous of you, and they harm you, like it happened with use of a setup, then bear that test with patience. You don't know what Allah subhanaw taala has planned for you. So don't develop hatred for people. Our problem is that we develop a resentment towards people that you know what it's their evil eye that has affected me and it is their jealousy because of which I have not been able to to thrive in my career in my life, etc. Okay, people jealousy is they're fine. Yes, they may try to

01:41:31 --> 01:42:17

harm you. And yes, they're evil, I may affect you. You take the necessary precaution to preserve your blessings, not flunked them. But at the same time, don't be resentful of people. Because we see that what happened with us have already set up. Yes, he did not share his dream with his brothers. But still there came a point when his brothers harmed him. But what happened, even though his brothers tried to harm him was use of is that I'm still a victim? No, he was not, even though his life was hard and he suffered, did Allah subhanaw taala waste his reward? He did not. And through difficulty, Allah subhanaw taala gave him so much. So don't resent people. And thus will your Lord

01:42:17 --> 01:43:01

choose you and teach you the interpretation of narratives and complete his favor upon you and upon the family of your code, as he completed it upon your father's before Ibrahim, and is how indeed your Lord is knowing and wise. So we see that the story of use of RSM begins with a dream. And it's important that we understand what dreams are, and what they mean. So remember that there's three types of dreams. One dream is that which is from Allah, it is a good dream. One dream is Hadeeth and loves is just your own, you know, mind that is basically, you know, repeating different experiences that you have had through the day, or it's bringing to you the fears that you have. So this is

01:43:01 --> 01:43:49

Heidi's on naps. Alright, and these are meaningless, random, random things that you see in your dream. And thirdly, there's a dream from shavon, which is a frightening dream, a scary dream a nightmare, or of you know, dirty nature. So this is from shaitan. When it comes to a good dream, remember, do not brag about it. Do not brag about it, do not tell people about it. In a hadith we learn one who sees a person who sees a good dream, should feel pleased, but he should not disclose it to anyone except the one whom he loves, meaning a person whom you trust. And when you see a good dream, thank Allah for it in Hades, we learn folia harmony, latterly he should thank Allah for that

01:43:49 --> 01:44:06

blessing. And when you see a bad dream, then don't mention it to people to anybody at all. Rather seek Allah's refuge against the shape line. This is what we have been taught, and there are different ways that we can make in order to be safe from the attack of shape line.

01:44:07 --> 01:44:50

Certainly there certainly were there in use of and his brother's Signs for those who ask when they said use of at his brother are more beloved to our father than we, while we are a clan, we are more worthy of that love. Indeed, our Father is in clear error. So we see that their problems started with jealousy, and a blease also, his problem began with jealousy. Look at how dangerous jealousy is. They said kill us or throw him out to another land. The countenance of your face will then be only for you when you serve is gone, that our life will be good. And you will be after that a righteous people you're going to repent and you know, things will be good. You'll be good people

01:44:50 --> 01:44:59

after and sometimes we justify our sins like this, that you know what? commit the sin right now. And later on, we'll do televise the hall.

01:45:00 --> 01:45:38

Send a speaker among them, the eldest of them do not kill use of but throw him into the bottom of the well. Some travelers will pick him up, if you if you would do something they were children of Prophet of Allah. So at least they had some good sense. They said, Oh, our Father, but now the question was, how do you throw him into the well? They said, Oh, our Father, why do you not entrust us with use of while indeed we are to him, sincere counselors. Look at them. They're blackmailing their father. They said, Send him with us tomorrow, that he may eat well and play. And indeed, we will be his guardians. You're depriving him jacoba he said, I'm sad. Indeed, it saddens me that you

01:45:38 --> 01:46:21

should take him and I fear that a wolf would eat him while you are often unaware. So iacobelli sam expressed his fear before them. And it is necessary for us to understand that just as we don't share every blessing with everybody, we should not share our fears with everybody else. Why? Because some people might use your fears against you exactly what the sun what the brothers have use of is that um, did. They said if a wolf should eat a while we are a strong clan, indeed, we would then be losers. They're lying. So when they took him out, and agreed to put him in the bottom of the well, but we inspire to him, they threw him in the well, but Allah subhanaw taala inspired to use that you

01:46:21 --> 01:47:02

will surely inform them someday, about this affair of theirs. While they do not perceive your identity meeting, just wait out the storm. Just be patient. A time will come when you will see your brothers face to face, and they will not even be able to recognize you. And they came to their father at night weeping fake tears. They said oh our father, indeed we went racing each other and left us with our possessions and a wolf a tube. But you will not believe us even if we were truthful. And they brought upon his shirt false blood. jacoba sam said rather your souls have enticed you to something so patience is most fitting. And Allah is the one soft for help against

01:47:02 --> 01:47:42

that which you describe. It's upon Allah. He knew they were not being honest. So he did not accept their word, yet he did not humiliate them by punishing them. This is an example of air valve of turning away exactly what the prophet SAW the level where they said I was told to do with the hypocrites who came in lie to his face. You don't accept their lies. But then you also don't argue with them. You just turn away from them. So we see that your core listener was not deceived by the fake tears yakun and we can see there to face sadness that how when they spoke with their father, they were so nice and behind and they were completely different. Sometimes the stab comes from the

01:47:42 --> 01:48:26

back, someone who is closest to you. It's easy to avoid real enemies, the backstabbers they're worse, the one of the will pull back the oppression, the injustice of someone who is close to you, related to you. That's very difficult to navigate, very difficult to put up with. But your Cobra Hassan, what was his response for sabaton Jimmy patients is beautiful, meaning my patient is going to be a beautiful patient. And what is that it is a patient of Riba versus a patient of jazz are patients of river meaning a person is pleased with Allah's decree. So they're not upset with Allah. And because they're not upset with Allah. They don't go on complaining to people all the time. And

01:48:26 --> 01:49:12

they don't complain in the sense that Why me? And why did this happen to me? and southern Jamil also means that you don't claim purity, that What crime did I ever commit that I should have to suffer this way? I don't deserve this. This is not Southern jimmied subaltern. jahmene, is a patient in which a person does not complain, is not upset with Allah. This is a patient with dignity and composure. And this is a patient's of fortitude, and choice, being a person chooses to be patient, would you say yellow tone, and there came a company of travelers, then they sent their water drawer, and he let down his bucket into the well we're use of artists and I was, he said, good news here is

01:49:12 --> 01:49:58

a boy. And they concealed him, taking him as merchandise and Allah was knowing of what they did. And they sold him as a slave for a reduced price of funeral homes. And they were concerning him on those content with little because they had no idea who use of Elisa Lam was. And yes, this happens that there are people who are truly very worthy in the sight of Allah, but people don't respect them at all. Sometimes it happens, that people don't treat you with any dignity, they undervalue you. So at this also be patient and the one from Egypt, who bought him set to his wife, make his residents comfortable, perhaps he will benefit us or we will adopt him as a son, and thus we established use

01:49:58 --> 01:49:59

of Timberland.

01:50:00 --> 01:50:47

All the way from the village. Now he was in the city, be in the house of a very noble man in a life that was comfortable. Allah says we established the use of in the land, why? that we might teach him the interpretation of events. And Allah is predominant over his affair, but most of the people do not know. So stop resisting and start submitting to Allah decree. And when you submit, when you accept it, then you'll be able to figure out what you should do. Because remember, difficulties teach you what ease cannot teach you. So instead of wasting our time complaining, we should focus on what we can do at the moment. And when use have reached maturity, we gave him judgment and

01:50:47 --> 01:51:32

knowledge, and thus we reward the doers of good mercy Nene, and she in whose house he was sought to seduce him, sopran Allah, another test, things had barely settled that another trial began. And this is the life of the believer that one test after the other, this is not because Allah dislikes you. This is not because Allah is punishing, you know, this is because there is something good that Allah is giving you through these trials, because no pain, no gain. She closed the doors and said, Come you, he said I seek the refuge of Allah. Indeed, he is my master who has made good my residents. Indeed the wrongdoers will not succeed, meaning I cannot commit this crime, I cannot commit the sin.

01:51:32 --> 01:52:17

Allah has given me so much. And my Yuan Master, he's been so good to me. It doesn't fit me to commit this action. And she certainly determined to seduce him, and he would have inclined to her had you not seen the proof of his Lord. And thus it was that we should have worked from him evil and immorality. Indeed, he was of our chosen servants. So we see McCullough seen a Mullah servant, a person who is sincere than he is protected because of his sincerity. Allah subhanaw taala gives them the fortitude to reject what is wrong. But even when it is not a level playing field, when the power dynamics are very different use of ideas and I was a slave. He was a man, all odds were against him

01:52:17 --> 01:53:08

here. But still, he said, No. And remember, you always have the power to say, No, you don't have to submit to what people demand from you. You have the power to say no. So use that power. What happened and they both raised to the door, use a venison ran from the place of sin. And this is what we need to do. Run away and avoid, get away from places where there is potential of sin. And your heart will tell you, your own inner voice will tell you when things are not going right. So leave that place. Don't be complacent over there. And she tore his shirt from the back. And they found her husband at the door. She said what is the recompense of one who intended evil for your wife, but

01:53:08 --> 01:53:48

that he should be imprisoned or given a painful punishment. And this was her love. This was her infatuation. In fact, her selfish love, where the goal was to simply satisfy her own desire, she didn't care about use of his center. And this is how a lot of people are, they trap individuals with their so called love. But that is not love. And we should not be so desperate for the love and attention of others that we forget about what is right and what is wrong. A lot of times young women get trapped into things like this. So blockout such individuals who invite you the same no matter what they offer, no matter how they attempt to you and try to lower you and try to show you that you

01:53:48 --> 01:54:28

know what they love you the most. They're sending you flowers, and they're sending you cute emojis, and they're sending you sweet words, know what is wrong is wrong, block it out. Use of it, Sam said It was she who sought to seduce me and a witness from her family testify that if his shirt is torn from the front, then she has told the truth and he is of the liars. But if a shirt is torn from the back then she has lied and he is of the truthful. So when her husband saw his shirt torn from the back, he said indeed it is of the women's plan. Indeed your plan is great meaning very difficult to avoid use of ignore this and my wife, you ask forgiveness for your sin. Indeed you were of the

01:54:28 --> 01:54:59

sinful and women in the city said the wife of a disease is seeking to do and the women in the city said the wife of their disease is seeking to seduce her slave boy meaning if she was going to you know have an affair with someone Why are slave boy he has impassioned her with love. Indeed we see her to be unclear error. We see that she locked the doors and yet the news spread. They told the use of it center. Be quiet. Don't talk about it. Ignore this move ahead. But still

01:55:00 --> 01:55:45

The sin did not remain hidden, it became exposed. And this is the reality of such affairs. People think you know what, nobody's gonna find out. But Allah knows. And eventually people also find out. So when she heard of their scheming, she sent for them and prepared for them a banquet and gave each one of them a knife and set to use have come out before them. And when they saw him, they greatly admired him and cut their hands because he was so handsome, and said, perfect is Allah. This is not a man. This is none but a noble Angel. She said, that is the one about whom you blame to be meaning you thought you said I am crazy. I am wrong to you know, like him. But look at you, you guys. You

01:55:45 --> 01:56:31

ladies cut your own hands when you saw him. So what do you think is gonna happen to me? So Pamela, she's justifying her herself. And this is a huge mistake. Any, okay? There's a temptation for sin. Okay, understandable. There is desire inside, there's no temptation, there's shame upon, but then don't go prove it to people, and don't insist on it. And I certainly sought to seduce him, but he firmly refused. And if he will not do what I order Him, He will surely be imprisoned and will be of those a debased he said, My Lord, prison is more to my liking than that to which they invite me. And if you do not avert, for me their plan, I might inclined toward them, and thus be of the ignorant

01:56:31 --> 01:57:14

sopran Allah, he was so eager to protect himself from sin, regardless of what he had to give up for it. So his Lord responded to him and averted from him their plan. Indeed, he is the hearing the knowing, you see, now it wasn't just one woman after him, it was all of these women. So what should you do? Imagine if a person is getting so much attention of the opposite gender? What would they do, they would literally be out of control, but use the value center, he is so fearful of a license, I would rather go to prison than it appeared to them after they had seen the signs, his innocence was known. Yet, they decided that lrcs should surely imprison him for a time. So use of Ray Cena was now

01:57:14 --> 01:57:53

in prison, things are getting more and more difficult. And they're entered the prison with him two young men, one of them said, and this was not coincidental. One of them said, Indeed, I have seen myself in a dream pressing wine. The other side, indeed, I have seen myself carrying upon my head, some bread, from which the birds were eating, inform us of its interpretation, indeed, we see you to be of those who do good. Now, use of herbicide was able to benefit from the knowledge of the interpretation of the interpretation of dreams that Allah gave him. Remember, you can learn all you want, but that knowledge is useless until unless you actually implement it, you are able to use it.

01:57:54 --> 01:58:35

And in order to use it, to apply it, Allah will put you through tests. For example, you learn about the virtues of patience, how rewardable it is what Southern Jimmy is, and then what happens, you get up and then your own children start misbehaving. That is your test. That is the time when you actually apply the knowledge that you just learned, Melis. puntata give us autofeed. And they said to him, we see you as a Morrison, we see that you are a doer of good soprano law, he was a more sin as a slave, he is a morson as an inmate, he said, You will not receive food that is provided to you except that I will inform you of his interpretation before it comes to you. That is from what my

01:58:35 --> 01:59:11

lord has taught me. Indeed, I have left the religion of a people who do not believe in Allah and they in the hereafter are disbelievers. So use of artists out first tells them that I won't be long. But there is something important that I want to tell you. So he uses this opportunity to call them to Allah soprano authority. But he is not long in his address in his message in his speech, and this is something very important when we're having a conversation. Don't be the only person who is talking. If you have a lot to say, then you know what, go right about it, or go give a lecture about it. But in a conversation, don't dominate the conversation that nobody else gets a chance to say

01:59:11 --> 01:59:53

anything and people's ears are hurting from just listening to you. And I have followed the religion of my father is Ibrahim is help and your code and it was not for us to associate anything with Allah. That is from the favor of Allah upon us and upon the people. But most of the people are not grateful. Oh my two companions of prison are separate Lords better or Allah, the One the prevailing you worship not besides him except mere names, you have named them you and your father's for which Allah has sent down no authority. legislation is not but for Allah He is the Creator and he decides he has commanded that you worship not accept him. That is the correct religion, but most of the

01:59:53 --> 02:00:00

people do not know or two companions of prison. As for one of you now he tells them the interpretation. He will

02:00:00 --> 02:00:44

Give drink to his master of wine. But as for the other, he will be crucified and the birds will eat from his head, the matter has been decreed about which you both inquire. And he said to the one whom he knew would go free, mentioned me before your master, but shavon made him forget the mention to his master, and use via Salah remained in prison several years. And subsequently, the king said, Indeed, I have seen in a dream seven fat cows being eaten by seven that were lean, and seven green spikes of grain and others that were dry. Oh, eminent ones explained to me my vision, if you should interpret visions, use of artists and thought, in order to get out of prison, he he should have to

02:00:44 --> 02:01:24

advocate for himself and that is necessary, but Allah subhanaw taala had a better plan. And what was that, that the king should come in need of use of early Salah, not that use of realism should go to the king in his need. They said it is but a mixture of false dreams. And we are not learned in the in the interpretation of dreams. But the one who was freed and remembered after a time said, I will inform you of its interpretation to send me forth. He said use of all manner of truth, soprano love, he now that he needs the suppressor, he comes to him, and now he's praising him. But before that he had completely forgotten him, explained to us about seven fat cows eaten by seven that were lean,

02:01:25 --> 02:02:07

and seven green spikes of green, and others that were dry, that I may return to the people, perhaps they will no use of it. Sam said, you will plant for seven years consecutively. And what you harvest leave in its spikes, except a little from what you all will eat, then will come after that seven difficult years, which will consume what you saved for them, except a little from what you will store. You see how the same theme is being repeated use of artists and first of all, he doesn't just give the interpretation he also gives a solution. And then we see how there is difficulty and then there is ease and then there is difficulty and then there is ease. This is how life is nothing at

02:02:07 --> 02:02:52

all is permanent. Then will come after that a year in which the people will be given rain, and in which they will press olives and grapes. And the king said he was fascinated Mind blown. He said Bring him to me. But when the messenger came to use of our his Sunnah, to call him that Come let's go out of prison The king is calling you use of artists and I'm looking at his patients. He said return to your master and ask him what is the case of the women who cut their hands? Indeed, my lord is knowing of their plan, use of artists that establishes his innocence first and this is important, because he is a prophet of Allah. And he was he wanted to be trusted with you know, and later on, he

02:02:52 --> 02:03:43

was going to be trusted with a huge responsibility. So before that any his record had to be clear. Otherwise, how would people trust him? said the King to the women. Now there was an official investigation into the case. What was your condition when you sought to seduce use of they said, perfect is Allah we know about him no evil, meaning use of aslr committed no sin. And such a profits. They're innocent before they're credible. Sorry, they are innocent. And this is why they are credible. The wife of Allah z said, Now the truth has become evident It was I who sought to seduce him, and indeed he is of the truthful. So she publicly confessed. Now and this is a fact the

02:03:43 --> 02:04:31

truth will become evident sooner or later, if not in this life than on the Day of Judgment. That is so other Aziz will know that I did not betray him in his absence and that Allah does not guide the plan of betrayer is what anila lay in the UK, the heart in in. This is why we should stay away from piano to the best of our ability. In fact, this is something that we cannot allow ourselves to do, no matter how intense the pressure is, no matter how strong the temptation is, you see use of wrestler he was in a situation where he had a choice to either betray his trust or any fear of loss upon her. And he chose the fear of Allah above here. And this is why this is how use of artists that

02:04:31 --> 02:04:59

have succeeded. We allow ourselves to cheat. We say it's okay because it's going to help me become successful. we justify it because we say it's only a means to a better goal. But even if it's a means to a good goal, it's not worth it. So stay away from it. Because Allah is not on the side of those who betray. He does not guide them. The last panel titled Granta, saulteaux fique inshallah, we'll conclude here, somehow

02:05:00 --> 02:05:07

locomobi how big a Chateau de la ilaha illa Anta esto fuuka A to LA assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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