Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 15 – L151F

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of finding out who is a believer and avoiding conflict, as well as the misuse of time and protecting oneself in the face of evil attacks. They touch on narratives and stories about people being discovered and protected, as well as the history of Turkey's cultural changes and the importance of trusting the people. The conversation also touches on the loss of lumber store ownership and the importance of not delving into past discussions to avoid frustration.
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Why? Because in the home indeed the who does they refer to the people, the people of the town, the people of the Medina, if they in a field How do they come to know they overcome or they come upon you? You have always from the road, what does it mean? To be visible? The word means to be visible. And Ohara Allah like over here yo la comme la hora Allah means First of all, to find out about something or someone to become aware of something or someone

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will hold on Allah first of all, to become aware of something or someone. And secondly, Radha, Allah also means to overcome someone to overpower someone.

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So he or her alayka What does it mean by this? That if they find out about you, that you are those people who escaped from there and did not believe in what the king wanted you to believe in.

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So if they find out about you about your reality, and secondly, if they overpower you, if they overcome you what will happen your jumeau come they're going to stone you you're on the road Raji mean, Roger,

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what does it mean to stone someone to death? They will stone you to death? Oh, are you are you do come they will return you your ego from the rain Well done, or what does are with me to revert to turn back to something that you have left? What is it to turn back to something that you have left.

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So you're either when they will return you, you left their Mila and they will force you to go back to it female letting you in their religion, the word male over here means religion, the religious community

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well, and and never to flee, who you will succeed Even then, then meaning if you turn back to your deen, what will happen? You're never going to succeed, then aboda ever, meaning never? Are you going to succeed after that? So what do we say? That it is not allowed for a believer to put himself in the market.

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It is not permissible for a believer to put himself in the face of things. This is not crazy.

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Because when a person puts himself in such situations, he is risking his fate.

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Imagine if they said Who cares? I want to tell them, I'm a believer. What can they do to kill me? Good, I'll be marketing. If a person thinks like this, then what is he doing? He's inviting.

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He's inviting danger. We have been told that you should be careful when

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you should be careful. Do not invite trouble.

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Because let's say if you become very zealous and very daring at that moment, and you say, go ahead, Bring it on, do whatever you wish, and a person is skilled right there. And then then will the message continue?

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Will the message continue? It will not continue. Nobody will come to know of what the religion is in the next few generations,

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they will have no idea. But if you remain careful, then what's going to happen? The height is going to spread. And this is how Islam spread at the time of the Prophet

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30 years, the believers joke that they should be careful while you're fed up.

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So it's not allowed for a believer that you should put himself in the mouth of death. He should not play with life. This is not.

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And we see that the plan whatever they did, they made their plans. They took precautionary measures, that we're not going to return to their religion, and we will not even get ourselves killed. So as a result, what did they do? They left.

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Now, anytime when a person is facing trouble, as we discussed earlier, there are two options.

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One is that you do something to save yourself. You protest, you take a step forward. And the other is that you retreat that you remain silent.

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And we see that all of the prophets of apostle, what did they do? They took the option of avoidance of becoming,

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avoiding conflict.

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We see that Ibrahima listener when his nation threatened with stoning, what did he do? He migrated from that. Similarly, musasa when he found out that people are looking for him when he had killed the person, what did he do?

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Similarly, the prophet SAW, and he also did.

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And when the Jan will come, what's going to happen to believers will take refuge in the mountains Why?

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So one situation is where you can actually do something.

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Where you have the ability, you have the strength, and in that situation, you are obligated to protect us. you're obligated to fight against the evil forces.

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Like when the pistons were in the gaming industry, then they were obligated

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and whenever

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person does not have that strength, that he's obligated to preserve himself to protect himself. Because if he does not protect himself, then he's gonna lose his life or he might lose his pension. So be careful.

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work early, and likewise, like how, like how Allah subhanaw taala woke them up.

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Secondly, it is also listed as like how, you know, they planned everything and then they sent the person to the city.

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So now we cause to be found la him upon them. The word SMS on the road, I insert

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our thumbnail we made known, we acquainted under a thought

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or thought which is the master of the word it is to come across something to find something by chance. Coincidentally,

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in other words, you weren't looking for it, just by chance you found it.

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We had this word earlier in South America, for in earthier Allah, and who must have caught it,

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if it is found out by chance that they are the ones who deserve the meaning they are sinful.

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So if by chance those people who testify that no, they have not stolen anything of the money, if by chance, it is discovered that he has the did steal.

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So if by chance it is discovered, so the thought is to discover something by chance to find something by chance.

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So over here, our thumbnails are laying him, we made the people aware about them by chance.

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It wasn't deliberate. It wasn't that the people were now looking for them. After 300 years, I'm sure they close the case.

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So our Thunder I lay him we made them to be found by chance How

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How? Through their money through the water.

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So likewise, in this way that one of them went to get food with a silver coin to the city. And what happened because of his appearance, because the money that he had brought other people they found out.

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There are many narrations as to what exactly, but we don't know of their authenticity. They're not based on the Quran, or the Hadith. This is why we cannot say this is exactly what happened. However, scholars have said, I'm just telling you what those nations are, that when this person he went to the city to buy food.

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When he was on his way there, he didn't recognize a face. Because everything changes, imagine 300 years, the people, the places the landmarks are all different. So he became white, and he quickly went to buy foods. And as soon as he got there, he gave all his money, that is really the best view that you have. And when he gave the money to the person who was setting it up, and he did not recommend it. So he passed it on to the other shop. Where do you think this is, and like this spread everywhere and the people said this man, he has found some treasures.

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This is from where he has brought the silver coins. We have no idea what their value is. So they took this man, the spotter to the moon

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and the ruler, he questioned him he asked him and eventually the truth came out this man was actually sleeping in the day with his friends and he had been sleeping over there for so many years. I want to remember that over the course of this 300 years, the entire relationship

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that previously they were off

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with Now

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as I mentioned earlier, this oppressive regime was over people who even though he was freed and that is when Allah subhanaw taala worked.

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So Waka danika are from now on him. And likewise like this, we cause them to be discovered. We cause them to be found

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Liana mo so that they know who does they refer to the people of the town, or the people at that time, they would know that under that indeed were the law who promise of Allah which promise of Allah, protecting,

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helping, assisting, saving them from there.

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Because just imagine 300 years ago, these people had become believers, and protected, save them.

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This is a promise.

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And others instead of this promise of a multiverse to the promise of resurrection.

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People know that this promise is true. We're undecided and indeed the our low labor fee There is no doubt in it.

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So that the people come to know are these two realities.

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So we see that when these youth were discovered, people learned many lessons, many lessons, first of all about the truthfulness of Turkey.

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Similarly, they also learned about the truthfulness of the promises that are lost to the service.

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And also the fact of resolution.

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As I mentioned to you, that these people, the nation, they had become the de

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facto said that there was a group of them who said that the souls will be resurrected, but not the bodies.

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Generally what happens when people become Muslim? Initially, there is a debate concerning Islam and

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Islam. And slowly and gradually there is debate within is

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within itself.

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So similarly, over here, the same thing happens, that these people instead of focusing on the heat, now, they began focusing on other issues, and they began to have difficulty. So, Emma said that there was a group of them who said that the soul to be resurrected, but the bodies would not be resurrected. So Allah subhanaw taala showed them through these men that know the bodies will have

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there is a lock and keep these bodies alive for 300 years. You can definitely resurrect. Definitely you can. It's not difficult for that, under that indeed war, the law who promise of a law is what it is how could it is true, so that people would know that the resurrection is true, or anessa. And that indeed, the our lovely Buffy had there is no doubt in it. It is definitely coming.

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If when yet and as their own Albania home, they were mutually disputing amongst themselves. What does it mean by idiota, nazara anabaena home.

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This is connected with ourselves. This is connected with our son not really him,

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that we made them to be found we made them to be discovered. And then what happened until this happened, that the people began to dispute about their mentor, about their mentor, which mentor by no mama which matter of theirs.

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It was about what to do with their graves. Because this has said that idiot and as their own avena who means that these people when they were found what happened then eventually they die their natural death.

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And when they die, they're natural. That's what happened. Then the people began arguing about them yet and as their own Albania home Umbra home they began disputing about them amongst themselves, which matter, according to Eben Arbus about the construction of the building,

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about the construction of the Union.

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So what happened for Carlos so they said, ooh, you all build or lay him upon them? bonyen in a building, there was a dispute about whether or not there should be a monument constructed on their graves. Some said yes, constructed other said no, don't construct it, or some set construct this, that other said no, don't construct this rather construct this kind of a monument. Now when they die, the people want you to remember that. Right? Or they wanted to honor them in some way. Look, at for 300 years, this is a miracle. So they wanted to honor these men, they wanted to make sure that these men are going to be remembered. So the people said, Let's make

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let's make some kind of monument dedicated to them, that they remembered for.

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And this has been the case over the course of history. So many buildings have been constructed. So many monuments have been made. Why? Just so that certain individuals can be remembered for generations for centuries.

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Even our Vaseline on who said that this dispute, Mr. nezzer was over making a mistake or not that people said should we make a mistake? Or should we make some other kinds of money

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and others have said that this has happened? They went back to their cave and they died it did i don't think so when they die, the people said that's not opening up. So that that remains the public. No one can go and do anything wrong. So Bonanza first closing ceilings

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or some other kind of structure.

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So they said Ooh, y'all build overloads from the road ban. Oh, yeah. same route as when you

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have a banana a building a construction, the monument? Why Rob boom, they rub our demo he is more snowing be him with them.

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Allah is most annoying of them meaning of their reality. What does it mean by Rob boom Arlen will be here. This is first of all understood as a continuation of the speech of the people. For Cordoba, New Orleans, Louisiana, boom. Allah knows best about the reality how long the state what happened. And secondly, it is also understood to be a Joomla Matata being a less panel that is saying over here, that yes, they were disputing about their mentor, but Allah subhanaw taala knows truly about their mentor. But all their details

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are there he said who said alladhina Hala boo Allah and Rahim, those people who overpowered upon their magic, meaning those who were victorious in the dispute, they said the Nazis

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Surely we will definitely take, we will definitely construct We will definitely make or lay him upon the meaning upon their graves, or upon their cave must be there must be a place of worship. So there was a dispute amongst some said, Let's make a monument. Some said that's a seal the other said no, let's build your place of worship, so that people can come and worship and every time they come, they remember these matches.

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So this was the decision that was and who made this decision and Medina Allahu Allah, those people who prevailed over the mingoes people would more often than

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not, some people they say, that because of this reason, it is permissible to construct a Masjid at a graves

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because these people were buried over there and a mustard was made. So this shows that it is permissible to make a Masjid in such places on the graves of dead people, especially their righteous. Is it permissible? It's not permissible. Why? Because the Prophet Solomon said, beware of those who preceded you, and used to take the graves of the prophets and righteous men as places of worship. But you must not take graves as long as I forbid you, Muslim.

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Another Hadith May Allah curse the Jews, the Christians, for they have taken the graves of the prophets as places of worship, to Muslim.

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So, as I mentioned to you, this incident took place after the time of reciting it, these people have become believers for the follow up, we saw this. And remember, there were many changes made in their religion. So all of that was that they took this place as a place of worship and profits for the

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cooloola. Soon they will say, who will say

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they refers to the people who have been told about the story of the people of the cave, who are they,

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us and also people from the time of the Prophet sallallahu.

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Even people from the time of when, sometime after the people of the calf.

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So they will say meaning those who hear about the story of the people of the cape, they will say Salah satin three, meaning they were three, the US herbal cough were three in number. And Robbie are one fourth of them. Robert is from the root robber robber, apart from the same route.

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Fourth of them was who can go home their dog.

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So they were three number, and the fourth was their dog,

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or kulula. And they will say another opinion that no, they were home certain they were actually five, the men were five. And sadly, so one sixth of them was zookal to whom their dog.

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Allah says this is what all of this is regimen, throwing guesses believe fdmc rajim, again is what to throw stones.

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And it's figuratively used for guessing.

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You know, sometimes you're throwing stones to a certain target, what happens you miss any throw again, you miss and then you throw again, you missed you continue to throw until you eventually hit the target. Now if you don't know what the target is, or where the target is, and you're just throwing stones in the dark, what does it mean? You're just guessing? So Allah says Roger and Bill way they're just throwing guesses at the dark at the unseen can they ever find out about the exact number? Well, they can't they can't go back in history. They can't go back in time. Well, you won't believe they're saying this without any knowledge. We're gonna and they say meaning another opinion.

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They say Cybertron. Seven was I mean a woman eight of them was who? kaboom their dog.

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Now, if you look at this statement, it doesn't say what you won't believe after this final statement. Isn't it? So?

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There were two opinions mentioned earlier, what were they that they were three fourth was their dog

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or that they were five and six was their dog. Two opinions were mentioned. And after that what was said regimen belief, then another opinion is mentioned. But after that regimen, believe is not mentioned, or the three were not mentioned together and after that regimen building. So because of this, some scholars say that our last panel data is telling us over here that this is the right opinion that they were seven and the eighth of them was their dog and this is also the opinion of even our best he also said that they were seven in number

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and also if you look at the way this number has been stated is more honorable compared to the previous guests. How they say selesa tone, Flavio

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hum satune Sadie from Calico and now Sagar to work.

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What there's a walk in the middle between the number of these men and the doc so this is a more respectful reference than the

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therefore, many scholars have referred this

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this is the right if you look at it in the Bible also what has been mentioned seven speakers

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Allah says we'll see Robbie my Rob irlam is more snowing buried that in him with their number may not Yala whom he knows them in the except earlier on a few because of this statement and other scholars say that no, you're Karuna sir Barton Wasserman whom kaboom is also another opinion of people. That is not true.

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May or the movie luckily none knows him except a few who does not refer to them. Allah subhanaw taala they're angels perhaps and those few who are lost.

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And until this was revealed it was only a few people who knew the numbers.

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But after this was almost everyone

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fell. So do not we are being told the profits or the loss of lumber store do not to marry you dispute? See him concerning them. Except middle and zero to many is from the root meme raw? Yeah.

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meme raw? Yeah, media.

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What does media mean? Doubt.

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And Mira is to argue about something that is doubtful.

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What does neuron mean?

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To argue about something that is doubtful about which there is uncertainty?

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And many times such issues lead to arguments, isn't it? So?

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Like, for example, if there's an ingredient, which is doubtful whether it is halal or haram, people are not sure. Or it's possible that it's Haram. It's possible that it's Haram. What happens people end up arguing Some say that no, it's halal, others are the noise Haram. So doubtful things lead to arguments. And such an argument is called mirror. So Allah says, Don't argue with them. concerning them, meaning concerning the number of the US herbal cup except an argument that is over here, that is obvious. What is the mean by accepting argument that is blood?

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Meaning it should just be on the barrel? Don't take it too hard. Don't take it personally.

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Don't take it too hard. Keep it at the surface.

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Because if you take it too hard, what's going to happen is going to become severe. And if it becomes severe, can you ever solve it? Can you ever come to a conclusion? Can you? No, you cannot. So what's the point? Just keep it at the surface. Don't delve into it. In other words, don't go deep into it. Don't try to do research and go here and go there and try to figure out No, you're not gonna find it, just keep it at the surface.

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So profit, when you do have to discuss this issue with someone, especially people have other things that only dispute or only discuss this issue at the surface.

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Meaning do not take it to heart. Because when you get your emotions involved in a discussion, and what happens, it turns into a fight. It gets very intense, the argument gets heated up.

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And the argument gets very long. People get angry, they begin to use foul language. So when you do have to discuss this issue with someone, then only discuss and be prepared to not take it to heart. Because otherwise, you're only going to bring difficulties.

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This shows a very important

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that if you ever have to discuss about something of the past, something that is over something that is not a benefit to you, for the other person still wants to discuss it more to

00:23:49 --> 00:23:58

just keep it at the surface. Don't involve your emotions. Don't take it too hard. And don't spend too much time doing don't reflect on what they have said.

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No, don't do that. Because if you do it, you're only going to purchase and it's only going to waste your time. And generally when a person should not delve into discussions, that is not beneficial.

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Lamoureux Volume

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One and do not justify the usyk verdict does draftees from the route better yet? Better yet? is also said to be from the Rifat Oh well, fatwa, what does that mean?

00:24:28 --> 00:24:31

verdict? religious decision, legal decision.

00:24:32 --> 00:24:37

So what is the fee do not seek verdict? See him concerning them concerning

00:24:38 --> 00:24:45

concerning the number of these horrible Cliff minimum from them from who from the nosara or the hood, a header anyone at all?

00:24:47 --> 00:24:55

You cannot find it yourself. Don't go on to the Christians and Jews trying to find out about their number because even they don't have the right number. So what can we say

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that a person should not

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The second

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you should not go as much as this person as that person, what do you say? What do you say? No, this is not rather who should a person has a person who knows?

00:25:14 --> 00:25:17

And if there's an issue about which nobody knows, and what should you do?

00:25:19 --> 00:25:20

What should you do?

00:25:21 --> 00:25:30

Forget about it. Leave it. Because if you ask other people, then what are you doing, you're wasting your time, and you're wasting their time.

00:25:31 --> 00:25:33

You should only ask for those things that are relevant.

00:25:37 --> 00:25:44

So we see over here in the middle of the story, or towards the end of the story about a loss of Paragon gives us a very beautiful message.

00:25:45 --> 00:25:49

That there's something you know, that there are other things that you do not know.

00:25:51 --> 00:25:52

Remember, yes, aluna,

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Khalid, Mohammed.

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Some things are beyond your scope. You can never learn about them, you can never find out about them.

00:26:02 --> 00:26:05

Therefore, accept, understand your limitations.

00:26:06 --> 00:26:10

And don't waste your time don't listen to other people in discussing.

00:26:12 --> 00:26:33

And especially when it comes to the incidence of the fastest stories of defects, there is absolutely no point in discussing such details. If they were important, a lot would have informed us because they're not important or monotonous. And things that were important Allah definitely told us about why because they are pertaining to our armor.

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And something that doesn't have anything to do with damas. We haven't been told about if Allah chose not to tell us why should we try to find out the research he was wondering as to the other and waste our time in the process? Because life is precious. We should do that.

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Boom, Boom.

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sullied low with Paula.

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Paula. Oh,

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I mean,

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only attalla

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in a

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comio demo.

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Boom, wire boo

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una sala

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Pon de la toma.

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took me

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boom boom

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bada boom

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boom boom

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Al-Kahf 9-26 Word Analysis and Tafsir 20-22

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