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At-Taubah 107-116 Translation 107-116

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mother who has a son Dr. Sudha Hill, Kareem Mr. feroza Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem for beshara Lisa D Wade Sidley, MD, Washington. Better melissani Yakubu Foley poppin acid in Arima

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lesson number 110. Soda to Toba is number 172 116.

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one levena and those who

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it to her do, they made less juden A Masjid. There are two harm worker front, and to disbelieve what are three and to divide by in between and what meaning the believers

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what it is for them and as the station or to ambush Lehman for who had robber he waged war. Aloha against a law where a soldier who and His Messenger men from fabulou before will actually sooner and surely they will definitely swear in not our dinner. We intended we wanted in law except interest now the best will know who and Allah Yeshua do he bears witness in the home in the day like Eddie Boone are surely liars.

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Law Do not talk when you stand fee in it, Ababa ever.

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Llamas judon surely a Masjid OC sir. It was built. It was founded Allah upon a taqwa, the fear of Allah, the piety.

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Men from our very first Yomi de Haku is more deserving. And that Tacoma you stand fee in it.

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fee in it regarding our men, you should buena de love and that ye takaharu they completely purify themselves

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will know who and Allah, you have boo. He loves a lotta hearing those who completely purify themselves.

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As a man is then who assessor he laid foundation. Banana who of his building, Allah upon taqwa fear, men from Allah He Allah wa and read learning pleasure. Hiram is better on all men who assessor he laid foundation. Then he Anna who have his bidding Allah upon shefa edge Judo fin of a cliff

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herring one falling one collapsing fen Hara so he fell or collapsed be with it see in marry fire Johanna help we'll know who and a lot less not yesterday he guides and found the people of Raleigh mean those who do wrong

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last not years earlier it will cease then your new home they're building and muddy which by now they built rewritten in doubt fee in Kuru became their hearts in there except on that takapa it is cut to pieces for mobile home their hearts will know who and a law I Lehman always ongoing hockey will always always

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in the Lucha Indeed Allah is Torah he purchased main from me Nina the believers and sister home day lives were another home and their properties be under with indeed or in exchange that indeed the home for them. Agenda the paradise you all deluna they fight fee in severely way Allahu of Allah for Aqua to Luna. So they kill where you prepare Luna and they are killed.

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While then a promise Allah He upon him happened in truth fee in a Torah the Torah will NGO and the NGO will put on and the Quran.

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Woman and who alpha is more fulfilling, or is more faithful Brd with his promise men than a lot of law.

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For structural so you all rejoice, be very good with your bargain, and maybe which barrier to you and borgund be he with it. Well then nica and that her it and follows the success and are we the great

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There are those who do tender those who repent and I'll be doing those who worship and how many do those who praise assert a home those who travel or walking around those who biodome sad then those who prostrate me alone those who order Bill maruf with the recognized good when they're home and those who forbid, on from the recognized wrong will have you Runa and those who guard those who protect lisha dude for limits Allah He of Allah will buy * and you give good news and a name to the believers.

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Man not Ghana, it was Linda V for the Prophet, while levina and those who know they believed

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and that yester Pharaoh they seek forgiveness, then machine for the polytheists wello even if gallu they were early possessors, corba of newness men from body after man that Sabina it became clear the home for them. And the home that in the day of how our companions are inmates, a jury of the Hellfire

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Wilma and not Ghana It was his two fellows seeking forgiveness, Ibrahima of Ibrahim Li Abby for his father in law except on from malaria then a promise, what are the her he promised it easier to him?

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fellow than when the beginner it became clear level for him and the who that indeed he or the one an enemy they learned he for Allah, who he freed himself. Men who from him

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in indeed, Ibrahim Ibrahim alayhis salam, a world surely tender hearted halimun most gentle most forbury Rama and not canon he was Allahu Allah Leo Villa that he leads a stray Omen a people bother after his when had home he guided them had that until you begin he explains clearly or he makes clear the home for them man what yet the home they should abstain

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in Indeed, Allah Allah be cuddly with every Shay in thing are the one always wallowing

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in Allah Indeed Allah Lahu for him malkuth Dominion Kingdom possession a semi word of the heavens will up and the earth up he gives life where you need to and he gives that warmer and not local for you main from dooney besides Allah He Allah main from religion any close friend whether and nor misleading any helper

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let's listen to the recitation

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at salmon as

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Over the

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two millennia,

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Jena home, my

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name is

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you wanna see