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At-Taubah 53-63 Translation 53-63


AI: Summary © The transcript describes a segment of a video featuring multiple speakers discussing various topics. The speakers mention various topics such as alcohol, war, and money. They also mention a roadblocking situation involving a woman and a man's desire to fire a phone number.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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My mother who want to study ursodiol Karim Allah that for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi R Rahman r Rahim for beshara Lisa de waste safely under the watchful eye of data nearly 70 of coho coli openers even are in my

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lesson number 106. Soda to Toba is number 53 to 63. Translation

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total, say unphysical you will spend tawaran willingly

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unwillingly learn never Yutaka better, it will be accepted. men come from you in acoem indeed you kuntum you all were Omen people Firstly, want to disobey once across limits.

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Warmer and not men are home it prevented them and that to Kabbalah. It is accepted men home from them. Never call to home their spendings illa except a new home in the day. Careful. they disbelieved. biLlahi with Allah will be la su li and with his messenger winner and not yet tuna they come

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to the center to the prayer inlet except we're home while they Casella are ones who are lazy

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when and nor Yun fuel owner they spend Illa except we're home while they carry home once a dislike fella so should not third ubica it amaze you and while to whom their wealth their properties while and nor Allah to whom their children in Nima indeed not but you redo he wants Allahu Allah Lee or a diva whom so that he punishes them, be her with it. fee in and higher the life of dunya of the world. What does her car and it passes away it departs and foster home their souls were home while they care for your own once it is believe.

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Were California and they swear they lay by Allah in the home in the day lemon come surely from you. Warmer while not home. The men come from you when I came home, but they are a people yes rakuen they fear they are afraid.

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Low if your gtuner they find manager and a place of refuge. Oh or Mahabharata in caves. O or muda hurlan place of entrance. lower low surely they would turn in a lead towards it. While home while they yeji mahone they flee.

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woman whom and from them man who yell mizuka he accuses you he criticizes you fee concerning a sadhaka the charities for instance if or at all they were given men have from it or although they were pleased or in and if not Europe Whoa, they are given men half from it either then home they yes ha tone they are enraged.

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When Oh and if unknown indeed de rato. They were pleased man with what at home he gave them Allahu Allah. What a Zulu and this messenger will call you and they said has been a sufficient for us. Allahu Allah. So you Tina will soon he gave us Allahu Allah, men from fugly he is bounty water Sulu and this messenger in may indeed we enter to Allahu Allah ra a boon one to turn

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in Nima indeed not but a certified to the sword of heart. The charities lympho Cora are for the poor ones, while Masaki and those who are needy, will Eileen and those who were I lay her upon it one more levity, and those who are joined by Uber home their hearts or fee and in a recall the freeing of the next or the freeing of the slaves. Well what do you mean and the embedded ones were fee and in Sibelius way Allah He of Allah

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weapony and son of Seville of the way for the alerton a duty and obligation. Men from Allahu Allah, Allahu and Allah, our leemon always all knowing hachiman always always

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woman home and from them and Medina those who you Luna they hurt and nebia, the prophet or colonna and they say, who are he even an ear?

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on say, an ear hiding his best Luckily for you, you may know he believes Bella he in Allah where you may know and he believes meaning for the believers. Well Ramadan and immersi the Latina for those who are new they believed men come from you. When Latina and those who you know they hurt or Sula, messenger Allah He of Allah, the home for them or there was a punishment element painful.

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He actually funa this were biLlahi By Allah, La con for you, Leo bukem. So that they please you will know who and Allah wa rasuluh and this messenger I have two or more deserving, and that you know who they please him in a scandal they were meaning ones who believe

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and and did not your honor who they know and know that indeed he man who you had it he opposes Allah Allah. What asuna who and this messenger for and then indeed la who for him now to fire john number of hell, Holly than one who abides eternally he had in it. Their nickel that is the humiliation and earlene the great.

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We listen to the recitation of these

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He wanna wanna

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wanna do

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big man

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or woman,

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he mean? He said

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he was in his semi

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una hora

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de la whom you may know.

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Me, you may know.

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me mentally levena monomial me

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