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An-Nisa 71-85 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 83

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Why either Jaya whom am little mini me, I will hold up as there will be.

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And when there comes to them information about public security or fear, they spread it around.

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Over here we see that the hypocrites and also those believers whose Eman was not as strong.

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What would they do?

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That anytime they would hear some news of peace, security, or, or fear, what would they do? Immediately they will spread it, they will publicize it.

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Like for instance, we hear about something and what do we do immediately, we caught somebody did you know this happened? Did you know that happened? We send an email, we send a text message to everybody. So there is something that is common within people, especially those who don't have, you can say, calmness and people who are very reactive. They have this habit that as soon as they hear something, they spread it immediately.

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We know that the time between the Battle of ahead and the Battle of 100.

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So since after the Battle of or hurt up until the Battle of Honda, it was a time of fear. I mentioned to you earlier in the theater sort of alien war, that how after the Battle of so many events happened in which the Muslims suffered so much loss,

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the incident of bitter morona, which the 70 companions went, and they were all killed,

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three Sahaba, they were captured. Two of them were sold as slaves to the people of Mecca, and they were killed brutally in Makkah.

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So a lot of things happened after the Battle of or had up until the time of the Battle of Hunter.

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And it was a time of big fear for people. And during this time, a lot of rumors spread. A lot of them were spread the machine, they want to take revenge from the Muslims for the loss that they had suffered, but because of which they came back at. And they had promised to come the year after as well. And every now and then small skirmishes would take place between the Muslims and the Michigan and the most striking they would also inside other people, the other tribes. And it wasn't just a machine, it was also the hood of Medina, who would go to Makkah elsewhere as well, in order to incite other people against the Muslims, which is why at the Battle of hon duck, what happened. It's

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also known as a battle of that a lot of groups of people came fighting against the Muslims in order to completely destroy them. So during the time, when there was a lot of danger, a lot of threats. If the people they would hear like the slightest news, even immediately, it was like, Oh my god, these people are coming, oh, my god, these people are coming to attack us. This is happening so and so got killed, and so and so got captured.

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So with these news, with these rumors, sometimes they were false as well. Sometimes it's only, you know, one piece of information, and a person would magnify too much. Or he would add his own ideas, his own imagination to it as well. And it would become into a false rumor.

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So this would create a lot of chaos amongst the Muslims, a lot of fear amongst the Muslims, or if it was a good news, it would give them false confidence.

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So this is something that is being prohibited over here, that if you just hear some news, don't discredit, don't do that. So over here, loss of pants artist says what Elijah whom and whenever it came to them, meaning whenever it came to their knowledge, who does them refer to a group from among the hypocrites, or among the feeble believers, when it comes to them? amarone any affair, any matter? What does it mean by Amman? Any news concerning the Muslims, which Muslims, any news concerning

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the Muslims were in Medina, or the Muslims who had been sent by the prophet sallallahu Sallam as a raiding party. We learned earlier that funfilled also battling when Pharaoh gymea.

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So Sebastian was in small raiding parties.

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So if the profits are the hardest, and I had sent a small raiding party, if any news concerning them came, that so and so got killed, or they were victorious, or they have been captured, or for instance, a group of people were advancing towards Medina. So any kind of news about the Muslims and this kind of news was either middle of security, I will have or fear

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what is

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mean by an

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administrator comes me moon, safety, security, peace protection. So any news of security how

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that the soba that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had sent was victorious

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I will have all the fear that they were defeated

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or the Michigan or coming to attack the Muslims

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or hope can also be understood as the plan of the prophets that allowed them to make an attack somewhere or to go for a battle somewhere to send an army of the wisdom somewhere.

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So, any news of security or fear, what is the reaction of these weak people, there will be this credit immediately

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there is from the root vectors then yeah, I from the word they are.

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And there is to spread something to make something known. And in particular, it is to reveal a secret.

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It is to reveal a secret to broadcast and news that should not be broadcast.

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You see some information is public information, everybody has a right to know it. It's relevant to everybody. And some other information. It may be relevant to everybody. But it's not necessary that everybody should be informed about it. Why? Because if they are, then either it's going to make them overconfident. Or it's going to make them very fearful.

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Like, for example, for health, if somebody says there's a farm over here, and there is no evidence for that, you just think that this person walked in, and he has a bag and you don't know what's in that bag. And you think that it's, it's a bomb, and you spread that news within people, it's going to lead to so much chaos, so much fear.

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And if you think of it at a smaller scale, for example, at home, if parents, they tell their children, we have this much money.

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This is how much money I have in my bank account. This is the goal that I have.

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So if parents tell their children, what's going to happen to the children, they're going to become so overconfident. I don't need to do anything. I didn't study hard.

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And sometimes children become very proud. They begin to boast in front of their friends, my parents have so much money. And they think that they can buy whatever they can use whatever, they can destroy whatever. They become very careless. So yes, it's a good news. It's a news of Amazon. But it's going to make the other person overconfident.

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Similarly, if parents tell their children all the time, that I don't have money,

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I'm having a lot of difficulty at my work.

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Okay, if needed, you can tell children, if they're asking for too many things. And you can tell them I'm sorry, we cannot afford this right now we have to pay for this right now. And inshallah, within a few years, you will be able to get this. That's okay. But if a person says I have only $10 I've only this much money now to pay this and have to pay that the children grew up with the sense of fear. They grew up with a sense of deprivation, that oh my god, you know, I don't have anything.

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So it's better to keep these kinds of us away from children, not tell them about these things. Why? Because it's either going to make them overconfident, or it's going to kill their confidence,

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it's going to kill their confidence. So it's always better to not tell your children about your financial position.

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This is the opinion of many people. And it works out really well. Because either it makes children overconfident or it makes them lose your confidence completely shatters their confidence, they begin to think themselves is very miskeen they compare themselves with their friends All the time.

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So anyway, so if this kind of news comes to these people, what do they do? There will be they spread it. So what is it Ah, it is to broadcast and news that should not be broadcasting it is to spread some information, it is to make some information known that should not be make known. It should not be made prominent.

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Now, it doesn't mean you have to be secretive about everything. But I mean, personally Sam and Molly Kumara. Yani it is at the beauty of a person's Islam, that he leaves all that does not concern you.

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The money is yours, it's not your child's

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is it going to benefit him at all, just knowing that my parents had this much.

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So, there will be either broadcasting and there will be this spreaded how according to their wrong interpretation according to their incorrect interpretation,

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according to the wrong understanding.

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And as a result of this, what happens, they themselves do that which is incorrect. They take steps that are incorrect. And similarly they also mislead other people. They weaken the spirits of the company.

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They weaken the courage of other people around them. So other Obi Wan is also pelletizing.

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What a lot do and if they had returned, meaning instead of spreading the news immediately, if they had kept quiet about it, and if they had returned, meaning if they had referred this piece of information to who, in up or solely to the messenger, the Prophet salallahu, salam, wa ala and towards Allah and remain home, the leaders among them. So instead of spreading the news immediately, who should you report to? Who should you report to the leader, the in charge? This is what I've heard, this is what's going on. Please take care of this metric.

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I, for example, as students, sometimes we hear some news, for example, we're going to have a test, or a design review, tomorrow, with the in charge said next week. So instead of just discussing amongst ourselves and creating the sense of fear and creating the sense of, you know, they never tell us, they're so mean to us. What should you do?

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Could you group in charge, go to the class and chart and ask them? Is this correct? Or just tell them this is what's going on? Please clarify.

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So Allah subhanaw taala says that instead of spreading, if they had referred that news to the messenger, and to the leaders amongst them, Laura Lima, Hola, Dina, surely he would have known Who would have known about it. And Medina stem, you know who, those people who did use it? Meaning they would have known it's reality, they would have known whether that news was correct or not.

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They would have known whether that piece of information was correct or not? And if that piece of information is really beneficial or not, and who are they and the DNA assembled in a woman home? Those who deduce from them? Who does them refer to the messenger, and the

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Darfur among them, whoever is required to investigate that information? Whoever is supposed to investigate about it, he would have known about it, about what about its reality, about its relevancy. And if it was relevant, if it was truly something that actually happened, then they would have informed the people if it was necessary for the people to know.

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So basically, what is being said is that instead of spreading the news yourself, report,

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and if it's correct, its authenticity is going to be verified by who, by the in charge by the leader.

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And similarly, its relevancy is also going to be

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decided. If it's relevant, if it's correct, if it's authentic, if it's real, then other people will be informed about it.

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And if it's not related to other people, then why bother them?

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Why confused them?

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Why make them scared?

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Over here, the word has been used Alenia StumbleUpon aluminum, those people who did use it, amongst them being those people who did use it, reality, its correctness, its relevancy among the messenger. And among good,

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though, are the SMB tourism newsletters known better now, and now is to gush out what does it mean to gossip

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and never is the water that gushes out first, from a freshly dug Well, just imagine a person is trying to dig a well, you're digging, digging, digging, digging, and then immediately suddenly, what happens water comes for. So, the water that gushes forth first is called not

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it is number

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from this esteemed bout is to go into the depth of something is to go into the depth of something and derive a conclusion

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is invalid is to go into the depth of something to research the matter and then deduce a solution to come to a conclusion. So basically, it is the Hodge it is to discover the hidden meaning

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it is to discover the hidden reality, how by going deep into it, and this thin belt is also a term that is used in film is when only when a jurist he derives issues when he derives rulings through his research and investigation.

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So largely Melvin Medina has done before the main home that we see that even the incharge that

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he is not going to say that as soon as he is reported, he publicizes even he's not supposed to do that. What is he supposed to do before telling everybody? is Tim belt verified? Is it really correct? Is it really authentic? Is it great

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Relevant if it's relevant, okay. And Latina, SMB to the woman home when Ola Fogg Lula here at a Kumara Moto, and had it not been the favor of Allah, the bounty of Allah and His mercy, let the var to shavon surely you would have followed the shape on

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over here Allah says what odor followed by heretic what is the father of Allah? The father lovey refers to the Quran.

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Some have said it refers to the deen Islam. And others have said that follow over here refers to the leader at the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam it was the result of loss that alone is Adam himself.

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And when the prophets of Allah said and with 10 groups of people, then it was there.

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And now Who is it?

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The leader for us? So Alola for the law here and econ. Had it not been for this bounty of Allah for this huge favor of Allah, that there is actually somebody in charge above you, but doesn't show to us that the in charge the leader is actually a favor from Allah.

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Don't take the charge, don't take the leader as a burden that oh, my God, somebody is commanding or somebody is telling us and we can do whatever we want to know. It's such a huge favor of Allah. Because if people were left to do everything on their own, then what would happen? Without any organization, everything would be haphazard, it would be a complete chaos. People would have to fend for themselves.

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But it's a big favor, that alasa panel Turner has appointed and

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while our follow law here at Aiko, what a hammer to end is mercy. What does it refer to? It is said that Rama refers to the blessing of Allah the feeling of Allah, that Allah depends on a gift to someone to follow the comments that Allah Subhana Allah has given.

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So I have not been a huge favor of Allah and His mercy, let the bartomeu shape on, you would have found out the shape on

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what does it mean by following the shape on

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first of all, either spreading the news publicizing the news, because there was only some people who would spread the news, everybody wouldn't some people

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in second year, they said that letter bartomeu shavonne means that you would have followed the chairman and other aspects as well meaning whatever, for whatever wrong ways, Chitwan commands you, you would have followed them.

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Just imagine, in the absence of why in the absence of the Quran, in the absence of a leader, in the absence of the Messenger of Allah sort of autism, what would people do?

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What would they do?

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Obviously, they would have followed the shaper, in Laconia and accepted only a few people, only very few people would have remained correct.

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So, what do we learn from this is first of all, that unless a person has knowledge about something,

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he should not spread it and before even spreading it, he should not make a decision, he should not give a judgement concerning what is going on.

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Like for instance, you come to the kitchen, and there are dirty dishes on the counter.

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Now, you have seen the kitchen before and you say

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these people will never learn

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and you get very upset that these people will never learn that they should also clean up their own mess. And you remember afterwards it was actually your dishes.

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So, unless and until a person has knowledge, he should not make a decision. And he should not pass on the information without verifying. And we also learned from this is the person who is responsible, he should listen, he should try to understand he should try to investigate, he should extract a result and then let other people know that even the person in authority, he should not just hear and pass on the information without verifying he should also verify and upon verification, then he must

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let it known to people if it's necessary.

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We also learned that I'm actually Alana

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Amara who there actually are their mother actually the knowledgeable ones. Remember I mentioned to you earlier that what will remain come Who are they for sort of dilemma and secondly, tomorrow, the amidah leader, so who is a real leader in our Deen

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The one who has knowledge of the deen as well. You cannot appoint someone who is ignorant of the deen as your leader. Why? Because then he is going to mislead you. And over here who are Allah Dina? Yes, Tom bill Punahou. Those people who investigate those people who research How can a person research and investigate without having knowledge? So the real leaders are Who are they? The knowledgeable ones. So you know

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To be a leader, it's necessary that a person learns. We also learn from this either a person should not spread rumors, or say anything unless he has investigated and confirmed the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Governor Bill McKibben, and you had this ibeacon Lima Samir. narrating everything that a person hears is sufficient to make a person a liar.

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You understand that if a person, he just passes on every news, every information that he hears about, what does that mean? That he's a liar? That is sufficient to know that he is a liar.

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He doesn't care about what is true, and what is false anything that he hears about anything that he wishes to say, he says it without caring about its correctness, or falseness. So what do we learn

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that just because we hear something, it doesn't mean we have to pass it on.

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Sometimes we're talking and in our conversations, we don't care about what we're saying, if it's really correct,

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and we have to be very careful.

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A, for example, within girls, these kind of conversations happen a lot about who's getting married and who's not getting married, who's engaged, and who's expecting the baby and these kind of things. And sometimes just because you see something, you make a whole judgment and you pass it around. It is something that is incorrect.

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Similarly, you see someone is talking to someone and you assume that it's a boy, or it's some non Muslim, and you say, Oh, this person is having an affair.

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So just because you heard, just because you learned about it without verifying the information, you shouldn't pass it on. And if you pass it on, what does the Hadees warn us

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that it is sufficient that a person is a liar,

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it is sufficient to declare such a person as a liar. Similarly, we learn from another Hadith, that whoever narrator Hadees while knowing it is false, while knowing it to be false, then he is one of the two liars. He is one of the two liars, which one is the one who first of all invents the lie. And secondly, the one who spreads the lie. So even if a person spreads a lie, it's as if he is a liar.

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So we have to be very, very careful about the things that we talk about, about information that we pass on to other people.

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Sometimes very casually, we say, Oh, this food is halal and this food is haram.

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very casually. We think that we are the greatest movies and we have the right to say what is Helen what is how every little thing we will give a fatwa

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without any verification. So we have to be extremely careful.

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We also learned from this ayah that following the *tier of a loss of primal data is actually a formula that if a person is given a trophy, to follow the commands of Allah, what is it? It's a huge favor of Allah. It's a favor of online it's not a person's own achievement.