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Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 01 – L010A

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Taimiyyah Zubair

Channel: Taimiyyah Zubair


Episode Notes

Al-Baqarah 49-59 Translation

Episode Transcript

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Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah here we're looking at

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number one a Sunday and also to he'll get him another word for the below him in the shade line of a genus malaria. Rahim Baba Shockley is further away assembly and the owner of that and then designing of koko de probenecid nerima

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lesson number 10 sort of Baccarat is number 49 to 59 Translation

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What if and when?

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Medina comb we saved you We rescued you men from alley people fear owner of fit our own Yesu Muna calm they impose upon you so evil or they're the tournament

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you either be hoonah they slaughter urban a comb your sons Whoa. And yes their union they seek to keep alive. Nisa acoem your women Wolfie and in the follicle that for you all Bella on a trial men from prob become your Lord our Lehman great what is and when for akona we parted become four for you Alba the seal for angina calm, then we saved you. Then we rescued you What? And a lacuna we drowned.

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People fit our owner offer their own work while until you are done balloon. You are Look what if and when were our dinner, we promised we made appointment. Moosa moosari Santa or Marina 40 later than nights. So much then it has done you Otto La Jolla, the calf men from birdie he after him what unknown and you are volley moon once we do wrong.

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So, then our Foner we pardoned uncom from you mean from Bharti after that because that there are local in order that you all the school you all are grateful. What if and when at Dana We gave Moosa Musashi Salim Al Kitab the book one and l four corner, the criterion, la Lacan so that you all that the dune you will obtain guidance What if and when Allah He said Musa Musa Salam they come up to his people? Yeah call me or my people in Morocco indeed you all volunteer you all wronged and forsaken yourselves with the Holocaust calm because if you're taking by you're taking an agent took a photo so you all represent

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ILA towards Barry equal your Creator for Cthulhu so you will kill and full circle yourselves then click on that or you are higher on his best luck home for you in the near berry equal your Creator for whatever so he turned in mercy or they come upon you in the who indeed he who were he alone but the were the greatest acceptor of repentance

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of Rahim the always All Merciful the Especially Merciful

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What if and when quantum you all said yeah Musa Musa learn never nope Mina we will believe Lucky for you had the until Naira we see Allah Allah jawatan openly for aha that calm then it sees you have Sayaka to the Thunderbolt. What until while you are download on your look. Some then birth now. We resurrected you men from birdie after multicam your de la la calm so that you dish guru you are

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grateful one and one Lennar we shaded on a cone upon you, Alabama. The clouds were an zelner and we sat down our lay come upon you, Amanda. The man was somewhere and the Salwa kulu you all eat men from for you, Bertie. Good things, man. What Rosa Konerko we provided you woman and not one a Muna they wronged us. Well, I can but can they were unforced the home themselves yells Lee Moon they do wrong. What if and when we said oh the hoodoo you will enter hurry he this area, the city, the town for kulu then you all eat minha from it Hazel wherever

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you are wished rather than freely, abundantly well, and oh the Hulu you will enter Alibaba the door. So Jeddah as one's frustrating

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worku and you all say HIPAA, HIPAA,

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no fear, we will forgive lakum for you hope I echo your false what and centers either. Soon we will increase and worsening for those who do utmost God forbid dela then he changed. And Medina those who want to move they did wrong. Colon a saying a word

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or euro other than a lady which Taylor it was said the home to them for an zelner so we sent them either upon and levina those who want to move they did wrong. Rage isn't a filthy punishment. Men from a summer the sky Bheema because of what can Oh, there were you have sukoon they cross limits. They said

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let's listen to the recitation.

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will be home behold.

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To Boo

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Boo. Boo

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Meena sama EMA