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Juz’ 25: Fussilat 47-54 – Al-Jathiya

Ash-Shura 21-53

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Or have the other deities who have ordained for them or religion to which Allah has not consented, meaning what do they follow a law other than which Allah has revealed? A law, a religion in which shape? associating partners is something that is legalized, or other sins are legalized? What kind of religion is that, but if not for the decisive word, it would have been concluded between them. And indeed the wrongdoers will have a painful punishment, meaning whoever brings a religion contrary to Alice's religion, it shall never be accepted from him, you will see the wrongdoers fearful of what they have earned, and it will certainly befall them. And those who have believed and then

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righteous deeds will be in lush regions of the gardens in Paradise, having whatever they will in the presence of their Lord. That is, what is the great bounty. You see, when you learn about gentleness that it is green, it is lush, I mean, that is enough of a description to make you happy. Right? Because even in this world, what places do we like? Even if it's an apartment, right? Even if it's, you know, a fancy loft, condo or something like that at the top of a huge tall building? What is it that people like in there? A good view, isn't it so? So this is something that's natural within us. And every time gender is mentioned, gardens are mentioned. In fact, Gemma literally means garden.

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Jenna is garden and garden also gives you the sense of freedom space. Right? So this is what gender is about. The legal lady you bashira la horiba Hola, Dena, mano y mano slowly hard. It is that of which Allah gives good tidings to his servants who believe and do righteous deeds, say, oh, Prophet, I do not ask you for this message, any payment, but only goodwill through kinship, because a prophet sallallahu sallam, he was doing Dawa, primarily to who the first recipients of his Dharma were the people who are closest to him, the people of Makkah, and they were somehow related to him, because they were people of his tribe, and all the tribes somehow or the other, they were connected with one

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another. So these people were his greatest opponents. So he's told to say over here, that I do not expect anything from you. But after all, you are my relatives, so at least do not oppose me for the sake of this kinship, in respect of this blood relationship that Allah has created between us. And whoever commits a good deed, we will increase for him good there in Indeed Allah is Forgiving and Appreciative. Or do they say he has invented about Allah ally, but if Allah willed, He could seal over your heart and Allah eliminates false and establishes the truth by his words? Indeed he is knowing of that within the breasts. Well, who led Yakubu, Tabata and everybody we are for it to say

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that we are a moment of our own, and it is he who accepts repentance from his servants. When his servants repent to him, he accepts that repentance and he pardons misdeeds, he overlooks them, He forgives a servant for the sins that he has committed, and he knows what you do. So none of your actions none of your sins are hidden from Allah. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Indeed, Allah accepts the repentance of a slave as long as his soul does not reach his throat, meaning as long as a person is living, if he repents to Allah, that's a lot of forgiveness, that Allah shall pardon him was that he will Latina Amano, while amilo slowly heard was either homophobe

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Li wellcare fue una hora de buncha de, and he answers the supplication of those who have believed and then righteous deeds, whose there are a lot of response to whose prayers Allah accepts those who believe, who believe in Allah, and will also do righteous deeds. And Allah increases for them from his bounty, meaning he gives them more than they can ask for. Because if you think about it, whatever we have in our lives, is it because we ask Allah for it know, Allah gives us what we asked for and also more that we don't even ask for. And a person who is righteous who believes in Allah, then Allah will give him more than he can even imagine. And this doesn't mean only material things,

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only physical things, or the things of this world. Meaning, food and money and clothes and jewelry and all of these things, materialistic things, know, the favours of Allah are much more than that. What about the happiness in the heart, the contentment in the heart, the peace in the heart? Why is he the home and family a lot will increase them from his bounty. And of course, the rewards that Allah has in the hereafter they're endless, while carefusion alohomora

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When God, but the disbelievers will have a severe punishment. And if Allah had extended excessively provision for his servants, they would have committed tyranny throughout the earth. Meaning right now you see the state of the world, in a really bad condition you see to the people in the world, or the overall state of the world is is really bad. Imagine if people had whatever they desired, then the state of this world would be much worse, things would be much, much worse. But he sends it down in an amount which he wills, meaning he gives more to some and less to others. And there's Hickman that there's a lot of wisdom behind that. Indeed, he is of his servants Acquainted and Seeing, if

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you think about it, what do we want in this life, that we are given everything that we desire? And if people were truly given everything they wanted in this life, all types of people, the good and the evil, than what would be widespread oppression, injustice and tyranny, they will be mutual boasting, showing off belittling one another, looking down on each other, and people would suffer because of this. Isn't it amazing how a person will win a lottery? And then what happens to their life? What happens to their relationships? What happens to the state of their heart? What happens to their actions, they get ruined? Isn't it so? And when they look back? Where is it that all the

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problems started? It started from when they won the lottery, from when they started fulfilling their wishes when they could fulfill their wishes. This is the problem with this world, that when a person gets even a little bit of money here, a little bit of good stuff here, what happens, he thinks highly of himself, he becomes arrogant, he begins to pursue his desires. And in that he creates a lot of tyranny, and also injustice and oppression. Just look at Little children. What happens to a little child, a three year old, even when they get a bubblegum, and their brother doesn't have it.

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What happens? You can see, right? It's amazing how as little children also, I mean, children take notice of the clothes that they're wearing with the clothes that others are wearing, or the toys that they have or the toys that others have, right. I mean, they have picked this up from somewhere from somebody, we give so much importance to materialistic things, and in that we forget morality we forget good character, we forget goodness to one another. So it is Allah's wisdom, that he has not given us whatever we desire in this life. And it is he who sends down the rain, after they have despaired and he spreads His mercy, and he is the Protector, the Praiseworthy, Allah sends down

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rain, and this rain is what His lahoma His mercy and His little dilemma and who said that once rain fell on us and we were with the Prophet sallallahu it was had no meaning we were outside started raining. And the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he went out in the rain in order to get wet, and he removed his shawl until some of the rain fell on him, meaning directly it fell on his skin. And we asked him Yasuda like why did you do this? He replied, because it has recently been with its Lord, meaning this rain just fell down from the sky, it was closer to Allah than it was closer to us. So it has come down from Allah. And this is why I like this. And obvious signs is the creation of the

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heavens and the earth, and what he has dispersed throughout them of creatures. And he for gathering them when he will is competent. Allah has gathered them all, and he will gather them all and this is not difficult for him at all. What happens to us when we scatter something, even in our kitchen, when we scatter something, even if it's just one load of laundry, what happens it's impossible for us to gather it all together. When I saw bakuman mostly button for the maca Sabbath ad comb. Why are four and Kathy and whatever strikes you have disaster, any disaster, any difficulty, any hardship? It is because of what your hands have earned. It's a direct consequence of what you have done. But

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he pardons much. He forgives us most of what we do. What this ayah teaches us is that Allah subhanaw taala has created us in in a very good condition. If you think about it, generally when people are born, yes, there are people who are tested, right? But generally when a child is born, how is the body? It's perfectly fine. But as we grow older, what do we do we ruin our own bodies, don't we? We feed ourselves food that is harmful for us. We live lifestyles which are unnatural and thus we harm ourselves, isn't it? So likewise, other problems in life also they are a direct result of our misdeeds. So for example, a person could be concerned about the situation in their family, for

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instance, their relationship with their

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close ones, then why are they relationship problems? Well, what's the root cause? Is it because the other person is evil? Not necessarily. It's probably because of our own habits. It's because of how we speak for them and how we treat them, and how we ignore them. So remember our problems, they are directly related to our actions. So when we fix the state of our heart, when we fix our clock, when we fix our actions, certainly our life situation, the quality of our life will also improve, there will be an improvement. And this is something that we really need to worry about, that our sins will affect us. So May Allah pardon all of us for the sins that we do. And you will not cause failure to

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Allah upon the earth. And you have not besides Allah, any protector or helper, meaning of Allah is angry with you, that none can save you. And of His signs are the ships in the sea like mountains, huge ships sailing on water, if he will, he could still the wind, and they would remain motionless on its surface, indeed, and that are Signs for every one patient and grateful. Because you see, before people did not have engines or motors, in their boats, and in their ships, it was because of the movement of the water, and the blowing of the wind, and their sails because of which they could move along the water. So over here, Allah says that if you want he can cause the wind to become

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still, then what would you do? Or he could destroy them for what they earned, meaning a luck and cause a ship to be ruined when it's in the middle of the ocean. Why? Because of the actions that people are committing on that ship, because of what they have earned. Were foreign Kathy, but he pardons much a lot pardons us over and over again, he protects us from the consequences of our sins. And yes, in this life, Allah conceals the sins he pardons, he overlooks them. But real success is when a person will be told in the Hereafter, that I conceal your sins for you in the world, and today, I forgive them for you. And that is so those who dispute concerning our signs may know that

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for them, there is no place of escape from our od dementia in cemetery hated dunya. So, whatever thing you have been given whatsoever, every big and little thing, think of it, what do we have whatever we have money, cash, in the form of cash, car, gold, diamonds, house, job, career status, everything in anything we have, what is the reality of it, Allah says, it is but for enjoyment of the worldly life, meaning you will only enjoy it a little bit over here and with that enjoyment also there will be hardship, there will be hardship, this is just something that will benefit you here. So why are you so proud of it? Why are you so consumed by it? I mean, if you think about it,

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everything in this life that we have, what happens? You have one contract, write one job, but then over, write one contract after the other, isn't it? So, one job after the other, every good thing that you enjoy, you know that it is temporary food that you bring you eat it finished clothes that you buy, you wear them clothes, right? Everything slips away from our hands. So then what is it that we should be aiming for warmer in the law, hate on whatever call but what is with Allah is better and more lasting. Meaning in the Hereafter, what Allah has promised you that is of much better quality and it is eternal, but it is not for everybody. It is for who lilla Dena Amano, where a lot

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of Bohemia toa Cologne, it is for those who have believed and upon their Lord, they rely they rely on Allah, not their wealth, not their power, not their abilities, and those who avoid the major sins and in moralities, meaning gender is for them. So if we want to go to general what is necessary, we have to leave the major sins, and also all types of immoralities and immoralities. These kinds of actions, they're also through the tongue, or sometimes in the limbs, and sometimes in our clothing, also the way we dress up. So for instance, barter for lashes liba. In fact, Levi is not just an immoral action, it's a major sin, backbiting, lying, falsely accusing one another, hurting each

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other harassing one another. These are all forms of kabbah it amphawa haish so if we want to make an agenda, we have to leave all of these things were either malleable, homeopathy alone, and when they are angry, they forgive. The fact is that everybody gets

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angry, a little or a lot. If a person says, Oh, I don't get angry, that's not true, because Allah says what he them when they get angry. So as human beings, we all get angry, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. But what everyone does not know is how to forgive on getting angry. Some people, sometimes we get over our anger very quickly. Some people unfortunate are those people who get angry, and instantly they're over it, they get upset, but then immediately, they get over it. And sometimes what happens to us we stay angry, we remain angry. What we learn from this is that we have to learn to let go, we have to forgive on getting angry. Because when we're showing anger to

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somebody, remember, they are burying it, they're suffering because of us. They're getting hurt because of the anger that we're showing them. So we have to seek forgiveness from them. And also, when we do get annoyed, we have to learn to get over it. Otherwise, life will get very, very difficult. If we dwell in anger, remember, we can never ever live in peace. We can never live in peace. Sometimes what happens is that somebody has hurt, somebody has annoyed us, and we're angry with them. And we say things like oh, I can never forget that. I can never forgive them. I can never get over it. Remember, those who never forgive are never forgiven either. We have to forgive others,

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even though they have angered us. Why? So that we are forgiven also. And remember that those who are showing anger all the time, what happens to them? They also get used to it, isn't it? Like for example, if a child is yelled at all the time, what will happen? Eventually, the father is yelling, the mother is yelling, and the child doesn't even move. Doesn't even move they get stubborn. Right? So remember that after some time, anger doesn't work. It's not effective. But who is it that is constantly suffering? The one who's getting angry, or the one who's being shown anger? one who's getting angry, whose blood pressure is higher?

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Hmm, who's reading the face hot in the face? Oh, the person who's angry. Right? So and remember that those listening, they're hurting, but those showing anger are in worse position. So what we learned over here is that what he then called evil homeo feud alone. Remember, there will be times there will be moments when we get angry, and that is part of life it will happen. Where we will also show anger, perhaps we have shown a lot of anger in the past. But it is necessary for everybody those who get angry and those who are shown anger that both forgive each other. Both forgive one another, if we are the victim of somebody else's anger, learn to forgive them. And if we show anger too much, if

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we get angry very quickly, then we need to forgive others also.

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Because otherwise, we cannot go to Agenda because the qualities of the people agenda is what that they forgive when they get angry. And if we die with anger in our heart, with vengeance with these harsh feelings for one another, then what do we learn a person will not be allowed to enter agenda until his heart is cleaned. He will be stopped at the comfort of revenge will be taken.

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So what either moldable homeo feel alone. The best is that a person controlled his anger that he doesn't even show it he suppresses it and the person who suppresses his anger the profits or the loss that I'm sad letter dog wanna kill Jana. Do not get angry and you will get Jenna you will enter paradise for what for suppressing your anger. Another person asked the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that what will distance me from Allah's anger? What will save me from Allah anger, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said letter, do not get angry. You don't show anger to Allah's creation. And Allah will not show anger to you. You forgive Allah's creation and Allah will also forgive you. This is

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why we must learn to forgive, to join with one another. It's very, very easy to cut off with each other. But mending joining relationships, this is something very difficult and for that we have to give up our we have to sacrifice our ego. And if we keep our Eagle we are keeping shape on the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said if anyone suppresses anger, when he's in a position to give vent to it, Allah will call him on the Day of Resurrection over the heads of all creatures and asked him to choose any of the bright and large eyed companions in general that he wants. This is for who for men and

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The reason why I'm mentioning this to you is that the person who controls his anger, it's not something small and you know it. You know exactly how you feel when you're angry, don't you and biting your lip at that time controlling your tongue sealing your mouth. looking away when you're getting angry, ignoring something that is causing your blood pressure to go really high. This is not something easy. And Allah knows that. This is why Allah says what either my weldable homeopathy at home, they forgive. So the person who forgives at the time of anger for him is huge reward. The Prophet said, some a lot of send them left. Oh, Bob, wonderful, Jenna, write this down for yourself,

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blah, blah, blah. And put it in your kitchen, your living room. All right, especially with children are where you get angry law talks about Walla

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Walla dynasty Jabu lira, be him, and those who have responded to their Lord, who answered their Lord that will allow your, your command, I surrender your happiness, your pleasure, that makes me happy. And they establish the prayer and whose affair is determined by consultation? Meaning whenever they're deciding a matter, that concerns everybody, then what do they do? They don't just make a decision themselves. Rather, they consult each other, whether it is something to do at home, or at an institution, at work in a country, whatever, at any level. Because Sure, consultation is something that unifies people, it unifies people, it keeps them together, otherwise, what will

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happen each person wants to drive their own car, right? Each person wants to take the wheel sit behind the wheel and what will happen, you'll get nowhere there will be total loss, and from what We have provided them they spend and those who when tyranny strikes them, they defend themselves, meaning they don't bear oppression. They don't lower their heads so that they can be beaten up. No, they help themselves. They defend themselves, they stand up for their rights, which is to say he didn't say to me to her, and the retribution for an evil act is an evil one like it and not more than that, meaning when they do take revenge. They don't do more than than what was done to them.

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But what is better, whoever pardons and makes reconciliation, his reward is due from Allah. Indeed, he does not like the wrongdoers. So the people who will go to gender what do they do? They refrain from oppression. Why? Because in who lay your head below the mean Allah does not like those people who do learn, because you see a lot of as a habit. oppression is a habit. It doesn't just come out in one aspect of life. No, it reveals itself in every aspect of life. Like for example, when a person is driving when a person is eating, when a person is talking when a person is disciplining when a person is buying, selling these habits of oppressing other people not giving other people

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their rights, it becomes a lifestyle and such people, Allah does not like them. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that Allah says all my servants, I have made oppression unlawful for myself and unlawful for you. So do not commit oppression against one another. Allah does not too long. So why should we do one? I mean, if anyone has the right to be unfair, who has that right? Allah subhanaw taala. Right? Because he has the power, he has the authority, and everything we have is a favor from who? Allah? Isn't it? If anyone can do one, who would it be? olara xojo. But if he does not do well, then who are we to make oppression lawful for ourselves? How can we, the Prophet

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sallallahu Sallam said oppression will be a darkness on the Day of Resurrection. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam also said two types of people will not be worthy of my intercession. They will not be worthy of my intercession, boo, extremely oppressive ruler.

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And we might think of rulers as presidents and you know, kings and all of that. But sometimes we are also ruling over our houses, right? In our families, how are we to those who are under us in any capacity? And the second one is He who leaves Islam on account of his Hulu? What is Hulu exceeding the proper bounds? So for example, in love for the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he does so much Hulu. He goes to such an extreme that what he believes is no longer Islam. That for example, in love respect for the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he elevates the status of the prophets of Allah Islam even more than that of Allah. So this person is leaving Islam basically. Right. So such a person is

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not deserving of the intercession of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam on the Day of Judgment. And whoever Avengers himself after having been wronged those have not upon them, any question

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For blame the causes only against the one who wronged the people and tyrannized upon the earth without right, those will have a painful punishment. And whoever is patient and forgives, indeed, that is of the matters requiring determination. Yes, who said that forgiveness is easy. It's not easy. You really have to be determined to forgive other people. Because what happens? At one moment you say, It's okay, let go. After five minutes, again, you get angry, then you say a little bit like no, no, no control yourself, right? What happens over time we lose determination. What does Allah say? That indeed, that is of the matters requiring determination, meaning you have to have

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determination until the very end. And sometimes you have to have determination until the end of your life. Right? Because really things difficulties Don't go away problems, they don't go away. Well, my yield lilla, who from Allah who meanwhile the human body, and he who Allah sends a stray for him, there is no protector beyond him beyond him, and he will see the wrongdoers when they see the punishment saying, is there for return to the former World any way? Can we go back to the world? Can we be given life again in the world so that we can fix ourselves and you will see them being exposed to the fire humbled from humiliation and disgrace, looking from behind a covert glance, meaning they

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won't even be able to look straight at the fire so afraid. And those who had believed will say, indeed, the true losers are the ones who lost themselves and their families on the Day of Resurrection. unquestionably, the wrongdoers are in an enduring punishment. And there will not be for them any allies to aid them other than Allah. And whoever Allah sends a stray for him, there is no way no one can save him. So it's the G boullier. have become, or people respond to your Lord, OBEY Him, answer him when he calls you, run to him, run to his obedience makaveli a da yo, before a day comes which day, it comes from a law of which there is no repelling. Once that day shows up, you

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cannot repel it, you cannot postpone it, you cannot defer it, no refuge Will you have that day, nor for you? Will there be any denial, meaning you can't deny that reality, then you have to face it. And Nikita also means no one can change your situation, then no one can help you. But if they turn away, then have we not sent you a profit over them as a guardian, meaning we have only sent you over them as a guardian, then we have not sent you we have not sent you as a guardian over them Haffield meaning someone to ensure that they believe and they change themselves upon you is only the duty of notification. And indeed, when we let men taste Mercy from Us, he rejoices in it, he becomes very

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arrogant. But if evil afflicts him for what his hands have put forth, then indeed man is ungrateful. This is typically man's attitude, impatient, neither patient nor grateful, angry with people, angry with Allah, extremely Moody, to Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth. He creates what He wills, He gives to whom He wills, female children, and he gives to whom He wills, males. This is a last decision. The son, Allah gives only daughters to some he gives only sons or he makes them both males and females meaning to some Allah gives both male children and female children and he renders womb He wills barren, meaning some, they don't have any children. Indeed, he is knowing

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and competent. absolute authority is with Allah. And it is not for any human being, that Allah should speak to him except by revelation, or from behind the partition, or that he sends a messenger to reveal by his permission, what He wills, indeed, he is most high and wise. And thus we have revealed to you and inspiration of our command, you did not know what is the book or what in spades, you had no idea, but we made it a light by which we guide whom we will allow our servants and indeed you guide to a straight path, the path of Allah, to Whom belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth, unquestionably, to Allah do all matters evolve. In Allah He tells you to

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move all matters and up with him they return to Him to the final decree is a laws over here what we see is what if 51 that today a law does not speak to any person directly, however, on the Day of Judgment

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Remember there will be direct speech, no interpreter and no veil, no screen and this is what we should fear. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, no doubt each one of you will stand before Allah and there will be neither a curtain nor an interpreter between him and Allah.

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know nothing between him and Allah direct conversation. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, there will be none among you, but his Lord will speak to him and there will be no interpreter between them, nor screen to screen him. And this is what we should be preparing for. And how is that done? Through following what Allah has revealed? That is mentioned in the next is that you had no idea what a man is, you have no idea what what he is a lesson this Quran, Allah taught you what you should believe in. So you see, amen. Faith is something that has to be learned. Because faith is something that gets old just like clothes do it has to be revived. It has to be freshened up. The

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Prophet sallallahu Sallam stole American pottery. melki Taraborrelli man, you had no idea what a man was what Kitab was a la carte you so a man is something that should be learned and how is it that we learn email, through the Quran through what Allah has revealed?