Taimiyyah Zubair – Fahm Al-Quran – 18D An Nur 21 40

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the topic of forgiveness and false accusations, with a focus on the importance of being aware of one's behavior and avoiding false accusations. The speakers provide advice on finding a suitable sex partner, dressing up to attract attention, and not yelling at anyone without permission. They also emphasize the need for women to cover their bodies and avoid dangerous behavior, and emphasize the importance of not disclosing personal information. The conversation also touches on the importance of avoiding showing disrespectful behavior during public settings and working on one's behavior to achieve their goals.
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All you have believed do not follow the footsteps of shaylen and whoever follows the footsteps of shaitan Indeed, he enjoys a morality and wrongdoing this flourish in decency whether it is in clothing or in thinking, in speech and actions in behavior. This is from who from shaitan. And if not for the favor of Allah upon you and his mercy, not one of you would have been pure ever but Allah purifies whom He wills and Allah is hearing and knowing Allah hears what we say he knows what we do, so we should ask Allah for forgiveness. When I utterly alone Philemon comma sorority and you to Obi Wan Misaki navall mahadji Rena feasable Allah Walia for valios for who? Allah to have buena

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el Faro la hula, hula hula hula Rahim. And let not those of virtue among you and wealth swear not to give a to their relatives and the needy and the immigrants for the cause of Allah and let them pardon an overlook. Would you not like that Allah should forgive you. And Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. We learned that one of the companions, he was a sincere believer, he made an honest mistake over here. And what was that? That he was one of the people who spread the slander against our show below or in her meeting. He heard it from our Filipino, but he didn't start it. He heard it. But then he passed it on. And then he spoke about it. And he accused I should have lower on her

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and that companion of committing Zina and this companion, Mr. Geraldo aren't who, who made this mistake over here. He was a mohajir he had immigrated from Mecca to Medina imagine because you see good people can also make big mistakes. They're human beings after all. And he was a relative of Abu Bakar. Below on who also he was related to I show the lower No. All right. And on top of that, I will buckle up the lower aren't we used to financially aid Mr.

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And when Mr. participated in this lender will look a little lower and he was so hurt. He said, From now onwards, I'm not giving Mr. Anything. Would we do something like that? Of course we would. All my life I've helped you and this is what you do in return. Don't we say these words over and over? So imagine, I will look a little more on who you are as a human being well, so So what happened? He said I'm not going to continue helping Mr. But Allah subhanaw taala interceded for Mr. Over here

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that once the Oba is done, had was carried out, then forgive and let go, and who aren't who agreed. So what happened, he started giving Mr. Again and in fact, he gave him more than what he used to give before because he was giving for whose sake for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala Indeed, those who falsely accused chaste unaware and believing women are cursed in this world and the Hereafter, and they will have a great punishment. So none should think from the above is that it is okay to accuse women and attack the honor of other people. No, it's not okay, wrong is wrong. But when someone has done wrong, and they repent from it, and they have made amends, then you should also

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forgive them. But this is again it warns us that we should never ever indulge in such conversations accusing people of Xena without any proof. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, if somebody slanders his slave, and the slave is free from what he says, and this is not slander of Xena, this could be any false accusation you stole. You did this without my permission. And generally this happens that servants are blamed, children are blamed. You broke this. You did this you did that.

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The prophets Allah wa sallam said, if the slave is free from what he says meaning he's innocent, then he will be flogged on the Day of Resurrection, who will be flogged the master the one who accused will be flogged on the Day of Resurrection, unless the slave is really as he described him. So we should really seek forgiveness from our children also, when we falsely accused them and we hurt their feelings and later on, we find out that it wasn't them they were innocent. If something like this has happened, we need to seek forgiveness. This is for any kind of accusation not just in

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on a day when their tongues, their hands and their feet will bear witness against them as to what they used to do. That day Allah will pay them in full their deserved recompense and they will know that it is Allah who is the perfect injustice and kabisa to the hobby scene. Well, hubby sooner than Javi said, evil words are for evil men, meaning evil words, they don't perfect, clean people. Good people don't say bad words about them. And evil men are subjected to evil words, meaning only evil men will say evil words. Or over here the ayah can also be understood as evil men are for evil women and evil women are for evil men. And good words are for good men, meaning they're worthy of it. And

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good men are an object of good words meaning words basically

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What we learn is that words of a person what a person says, they reflect the personality of the one who has said them. Words really show what is inside a person is recognized by his speech. So here we are being warned that if you consider yourself to be a good person, then don't talk about indecent stuff. Don't slander don't falsely accuse other people. Those good people are declared innocent of what the slander say, no matter how much they're accused, Allah subhanaw taala declares them innocent for them as forgiveness and noble provision, why for their Southern over the other over the hurt that they have faced, or you will have believed, do not enter houses other than your own

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houses, until you ascertain welcome and greet their inhabitants that is best for you, perhaps you will be reminded.

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And don't forget this etiquette. Because what happens we know about it. But still still, what do we do when we go to somebody's house? What do we do? We ring the doorbell? If there's no answer, we started looking in through the windows, we start calling out to people, what does Allah say, Do not enter unless you have been given permission that is best for you, Lord, Allah come to the cardones. So once you have been reminded, Now don't forget, and make sure you observe this ticket. And if you do not find anyone there in, do not enter them until permission has been given to you. And if it is set to you go back, then go back, it is pure for you. This way is better. And Allah is Knowing of

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what you do. What a beautiful Huracan What a beautiful instruction. But generally what happens when we go to somebody's house? Either we don't tell them before we come, we show up at the door. And we surprise, all right. And then we keep bringing the doorbell or we check at least if the door is locked or not. If it's not locked, okay, let me just go in. Sometimes this also happens. How can you even touch the doorknob? If somebody did not open the door from inside, we can't do that. We cannot go into other people's houses without permission. And remember that house over here doesn't just apply to a house. It also applies to somebody's private space. So for example, a bedroom, if

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somebody has closed the door, don't just walk in, especially when it comes to a married couple. Don't just walk in, take permission. And if you're told go back, then go back. Don't get offended over there. Don't start yelling at them from behind the door. No, Allah is Knowing of what you do. There is no blame upon you for entering houses that are not inhabited, meaning public places if you enter them without permission, no harm in which there is convenience for you. Meaning you have a reason to go there. Don't just go without a reason. Because some places are public. And you have some business over there some work to do over there. So there yes, you can go without permission

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unless it says that you need permission before entering and Allah knows what you reveal and what you conceal. He knows what you think of others, and the actions that you do. Tell the believing men to reduce some of their vision and guard their private parts. Men are ordered first because they need to observe modesty also, generally we think that modesty is to be observed by you. This is only for women there's only four girls but who is it that Allah addresses first the men men first usually we say ladies first right in this regards men are first Okay, so Colin Mena Yo man I'm sorry, him why follow for Raja home, they should lower their gaze and guard their private parts that is pure for

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them. Indeed, Allah is acquainted with what they do, Allah knows. You see, guarding the eyes, is basically guarding your Iman, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, three kinds of eyes will not see the fire on the Day of Judgment. The eye that weeps from the fear of Allah, the eye that guards in the way of Allah meaning that stays away guarding in the way of Allah and the eye that was lowered from prohibited matters, meaning something haram came up and the person what did he do he immediately lowered his gaze, please make sure you share this or these with the men that you know whether they are your husbands or your sons or your brothers, please share this with them, that the

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eye that is lowered from seeing what is haraam? The prophets of Allah is that him said that this I will not see the fire on the Day of Judgment, it will not even see the fire on the Day of Judgment. Just imagine, which means that the crossing of the bridge will be inshallah really quick that they won't even get to look at the firewall. We had last panel to make us among such people. And this is a hadith from a Silsila to Saha. In another Hadith we learned the prophets of the last time said to our data below on who that do not give a second look early.

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Meaning accidentally something comes in front of you, or you don't realize and all of a sudden you find something how long in front of you. Then what are you supposed to do? Look away? Why because the second look, that is wrong. You're not blamed for the first one, but the second one

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You are responsible for it, because in the state made once is a mistake, but a mistake made twice is not a mistake. It's a decision will culminate the abdomen up sorry hin and tell the believing women to reduce some of their vision meaning they should also not look admiringly at non Muharram men, whether they are very righteous or pious or otherwise, whether they are in front of them or they are on YouTube. However, do not look at men. How meaning do not look at them admiringly. One minute, even women have to lower their gaze, you see sins have consequences. It's quite possible that we don't think much about this. We don't realize the seriousness of this matter. But what happens? A

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person feels that they're not finding any motivation to pray to Allah to pray to Malaysia to recite the Quran. I mean, it's the month of Ramadan, yet the heart is not in taraweeh imagine a person is in the masjid. And they're not interested. Why? Why is it that they're so far removed from Allah, this huge distance gap between them and Allah, this is the result of our sins. And it is these little little things that gathered together and they're enough to destroy a person. And the women tell them that they should also guard their private parts. They should also protect themselves from Xena and they should not expose their bodies. They should not wear such clothes which despite

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wearing reveal them, and they should not expose their adornment except that which necessarily appears there off. Well are you between a Xena tahuna illa Melba hora minha meaning a woman's beauty which has her body, her clothes, her hair, she should not expose it to people who are just going to enjoy it and then move on. No, your body is for you. It is for you. Allah Subhana Allah has given it as an Amana. It is not for other people's pleasure. It's not for their enjoyment. So the women should not display their adornment, except for that adornment which appears naturally necessarily, meaning there's no way of hiding it. Like for example for a woman that she meant to even cover her

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hands and her feet and every part of her body so that her skin is not exposed even an inch. She can't do that. Right. Likewise her height, I mean the height is also beautiful, isn't it? The height is something that you can't cover. Likewise, a woman is wearing a dress that is long enough and it's hot outside, she's not wearing her socks, but when she stands her dresses long enough that it covers your feet and as she walks her feet do get a little bit exposed. There's nothing wrong in that. Because in my Moghaddam in her life was a woman is wearing beautiful clothing and then she has something on top to cover it. But then as he walks the wind blows a little bit so there is no harm

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because she tried her best to cover herself. Right so in law mother Holloman her. What we learned over here is that we should not deliberately ever flaunt display expose our adornment, our beauty, whether it is the beauty of the body, or it is the beauty of the hair, or the clothes or the makeup or the jewelry, whatever it may be, we should not deliberately ever reveal it. If it happens by accident. That's a different situation, but deliberately we should not show it. Why? Because this is something very serious. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said the worst of your women are motivated

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with a very jetter those who are decked out, you know who are displaying adornment. Like when they go out? They dress up in order to attract attention. And the Hadith continues to highlight those who walk with pretense also. Why do they walk in that manner? To attract even more attention? They are the monaca caught none will enter gender from among them. Except like the red beak and footed curl meaning very few. How often do you see a curl like that? Hardly. So just like that, among these women, hardly any will go to Jenna, may Allah protect us.

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And also for the women additional command which is well he held the ribbon over homare hinda Allah do you begin, and they should wrap a portion of their head covers over their chests, meaning the cloth that they use to cover their heads with they should take apart of that, and what should they do? They should cover their chest with their bosom with it, they should cover it they should conceal it, meaning the scarf the headscarf should not just be on the head.

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A part of it should also be covering the breast, not to further accentuate but to conceal. Now what happens is many times when we're wearing our hijabs, we wear them and we keep wrapping them up. And when we wrap them, what happens is that they reach barely up to the chest

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and then the chest is exposed. I mean this kind of contradicts the hijab, right? Because they

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hijab is for the purpose of concealing us, right. And if a woman is wearing a hijab in such a way, that there's a big bright thing on the head, and then the chest is exposed, and she's not really covering herself, is she, she's not. Likewise, sometimes what we do is that we wear the scarf and then sometimes a portion of it is taken to pin up or to cover the face or to put on the side and in that process, half of the chest is left exposed. So make sure that you do something, you know, like bended on the other side or adjusted in a way that the chest is covered. Because the chest the breast is a part of a woman's beauty. All right, it is attractive, it is noticeable part of our

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body. And a woman must pay special attention to covering this part of the body. And for this purpose in Sharla, the hijab has to be slightly bigger, because sometimes we do put something on the chest, but then it's further highlighting the chest because that's where all the color is, or that's where the hijab ends, so it should be concealing. So each person must look at themselves wearing the hijab in the mirror. All right, and check are the curves of my * showing because if they are through the hijab, despite the hijab, it defeats the purpose of hijab. I'm sorry for being so blunt over here, but this is the home of Allah.

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And they should not expose their adornment except to their husbands, their fathers, their husbands, fathers meaning father in law, their sons, their husbands, sons, meaning step sons, their brothers, their brothers, sons, their sister, sons mean their nephews, they're women, meaning reliable women, women who will not go and describe their beauty everywhere, or will take pictures and share them on social media. No, but rather women whom you can trust that women who respect the fact that you observe hijab, and they will not describe you to men, nor will they take your pictures and share them with the whole world. And that which their right hands possess over here, slaves are meant not

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servants, right? Or those male attendants having no physical desire. This refers to people who are like, for example, a man who's extremely old, having no sexual desire whatsoever, not a man who is just barely in his 50s or 60s. And you say uncle, Harry, no, he's a man. This is talking about men who don't have any physical desire left given their physical condition their extreme old age, or children who are not yet aware of the private aspects of women, meaning little boys. But if they have learned about these things, through movies through some school curriculum, then we should also observe hijab in front of them, and let them not stamp their feet to make known what they conceal of

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their adornment. Meaning when they walk with that hijab on, they should walk modestly. They shouldn't wear a really tall high heel, you know, bringing attention making noise with each step. No. Likewise, when they walk, their hidden Xena, it should not be exposed what is hidden Xena mean the beauty that has been covered. Like for example, a woman is covering her body. But then when she walks she really stomps her feet so that her body shakes. This is something that's not correct. Or she's walking in a way that her hijab is flying behind her and her bias playing on the other side, as if she's doing the catwalk or something, no. Be careful about how you walk, right, especially

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when you have your hijab in or Byeon you're already in people's attention. So be more careful and turn to Allah in repentance, all of you are believers, yes, you believe but still repent, because you do make mistakes in this regard, no matter what we do as women especially when it comes to the matter of hijab there are many times where we make mistakes, right we make mistakes, sometimes the hijab is see through sometimes it is attracting more attention instead of concealing beauty it is displaying more beauty. Sometimes it is worn but it is not worn properly. So the hair is showing or the or through the hijab, the hair is dyed so high, that is also a source of attraction. So we're

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tubal in Allahu jamir and I you will make me known why Florida come to play home so that you are successful. So for success is Salah, something that we need to work on only Salah yes we work on it because after the honeymoon Allah donkey Salatin Kashi when Salah is necessary, but in addition to Salah Anza cat, what else is it that we need to do according to this ayah watch our gaze and guard our modesty and

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look at the way we dress also, this is something that we need to be careful about men and women. And remember the beginning of the Surah frogner how Allah has made it obligatory. So don't dismiss what is in this ayah Why? Because Allah has made it up.

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negatory Salah is fun, hijab is also fun because you see sometimes we don't feel like praying but we say to ourselves I don't have an option I have to pray isn't it? So likewise when it comes to hijab when it comes to covering yourself property This is also who's her come whose order it's a loss order. So yes I find it difficult but I got to do it and when you do it gets easier inshallah. Well uncool. I am I'm in como Sala, Hina meribah de como Emma Econ, and marry the unmarried among you and the righteous among your male slaves and female slaves, meaning those people who have reached a marriageable age and a suitable match is found for them, then get them married and they should

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accept it and not get stuck in you know, finding faults and imperfections in the other one. You see, delaying marriage without a valid reason is also a cause of many problems. The prophets have realized that I'm sad when someone was religion and character you are pleased with proposes to one of you than married to him. Meaning get your daughter married to him if you do not do so then there will be turmoil in the land and abounding discord there will be a lot of fitna Ramadan is a time when dogs are accepted. So every day if you if you find yourself in a situation like this, or you know of somebody who is in a situation like this, looking for a suitable match, every day make draw,

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make draw everyday that you're Allah, you have created many people send one my way. If they should be poor, Allah will enrich them from his bounty and Allah is all encompassing and knowing but let them who find not the means for marriage, abstain, until Allah enriches them from his bounty, meaning if there is no way for a person to get married, he doesn't find or she doesn't find a suitable match, and it's taking so long then that does not justify doing haraam. A person cannot say, Well, I can't find anyone to marry me. So I'm just gonna have a girlfriend or a boyfriend, right? Or I'm just gonna date somebody who's not a Muslim. No. in this situation, what is it that

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Allah says they should adopt chastity, they should fast they should lower the gaze, they should keep themselves busy in good work so much so that the thought of marriage and romance, it doesn't keep bothering them. And also, if you find yourself in a situation like this, then don't waste your time attending one wedding party, part one, part two, part three, and then from that to another wedding to another wedding. And then just getting busy with clothes and jewelry and makeup and then looking with hassle and wondering when am I getting married and getting angry and feeling jealous? And this is something that we need to think about also that we have made our wedding so extravagant. That

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Okay, people who do get married, they get to have fun. But what about so many young men and women who are still not married? What happens to them when they go to these wedding parties, overly extravagant wedding parties, what happens to them, they leave with Hassan with so much, you know, bad feeling that I wish I could also one day get married.

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We don't want to acknowledge these issues. But these issues are real. There are so many Muslim men, women, young people who haven't found suitable spouses.

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And what happens when we make our weddings overly extravagant, we hurt their feelings. So let's be moderate moderation is good. And those who seek a contract for eventual emancipation from among those whom your right hands possess meaning slave men and slave women, then make a contract with them. If you know there is within them, goodness and give them from the wealth of Allah which he has given to you, and do not compel your slave girls to prostitution if they desire chastity. So if a slave wants to buy their freedom, help them by their freedom. And if there is a woman who has been forced into prostitution, then remember that this is something that is unlawful, because why would

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you have a business like this to seek thereby the temporary interests of worldly life? How selfish could that be? And if someone should compel them, then Indeed Allah is to them after their compulsion Forgiving and Merciful, meaning the woman who is forced into prostitution, she is not sinful because she's forced into it. However, the person who is forcing her he is fully responsible. And We have certainly sent down to you distinct verses and examples from those who passed on before you and an admonition for those who fear Allah I mean those with the coil will take much less than from this Allahu noodle semi with you lol. Mata Luna de commish, cotton fee hummus ba la misma Hafiz

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Sujata as Sujata Taka ko Cabinda De Luca Yoko dementia Dora T Mobile Rakuten zaytuna Tila sharqiya Tijuana labia, he had to say to her you'll be one of them Tom says who now know Ron alano de la julio de Manisha wild rebula will unsightly unsettledness will love will be cliche in earline. Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth. He is the creator of light. He is the giver of

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Light and his attribute is also of light. The example of his light, meaning the guidance that he gives the lure of a man, the man that he gives to his servant is like that of a niche within which is a lamp. The lamp is within a glass, the glass as if it were a pearly white star, led from the oil of a blessed olive tree, neither of the East nor of the West whose oil would almost glow, even if untouched by fire, light upon light, Allah guides to his light whom He wills and Allah presents examples for the people and Allah is Knowing of all things. Here. The new is ullas light which he knows the reality of his life or his attribute. The light is also the guidance that a man that Allah

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bestows upon His servants he gifts them with its example is like that of a lamp in a niche so that its surroundings are illuminated. And when the light of a man enters and settles in the heart, then what happens it illuminates the heart and if the lamp continues to receive its supply of olive oil, then the lamp never dies, and the light never extinguishes. Likewise, the believer does not let his faith extinguish. So he has a continuous flow of real knafeh of beneficial knowledge. So that the lamp of Eman is always a light. And we see over here that Allah guides whomsoever He wills, the heart of a believer is illuminated, enlightened, and the heart of the disbeliever is in darkness,

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the one with the alien is in light, and the one in general, isn't Luma is in darkness. So he who believes in Allah should learn their illness fear that Allah has given why so that the new enters his heart, it transforms his actions, and with that his surroundings also get illuminated because of his good of luck. And this is only possible when a person continuously strives for this cause and continuously takes in the supply of pure olive oil of beneficial knowledge. feeble youth in Edina Allah who and to Pharaoh youth coffee has mu Hu, y u sub behala houfy haben Whoa, do we well as all such niches are in mosques, which Allah has ordered to be raised, and that his name be mentioned

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there in exalting him within them in the morning and the evenings. Who are they who are those who exalt ally in the morning in the evening in the masjid, they are men, whom neither commerce nor sale distracts from the remembrance of Allah and performance of prayer and giving of the car they fear a Day in which the hearts and eyes will fearfully turn about that allow them a reward them according to the best of what they did, and increase them from his bounty. And Allah gives provision to whom He wills without account here, certain qualities of the believers are mentioned Who are those people that have this new this new type of Eman of hedaya. There are people who are not distracted from

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prayer because of what because of their worldly occupations. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, a Muslim does not regularly attend the mosques to perform prayer and remember Allah, but that Allah feels happy with him. Just as the family of one who is absent, feels happy when he comes back to them. Has it ever happened? One of your family members go somewhere and then when he comes back, do you feel happy? Yes. Just like that a person who goes to the mustard regularly each time he goes, Allah subhanaw taala is also happy with him.

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Someone asked I showed the lower on how what did the prophets of Allah him used to do in his house, and she said he used to keep himself busy serving his family. And when it was time for prayer, he would go for it. So nothing of this world distracted him from prayer. On the contrary, those who disbelieve their deeds are like a mirage in a low land, which a thirsty one thinks is water until when he comes to it, he finds it to be nothing. However, he finds a law before him, and he will pay him in full his do And Allah is swift in account. You see, this world is like a mirage. Right? That from far it looks so beautiful, so attractive. And he's like, yeah, let me get there. Once I get

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there, I'll be perfect, I'll be fine. And once you get there, you see, oh, I'm not happy still. It's a deception. A person keeps chasing this world. But he never gets there. He never attains any success. And in this Chase, he dies. And it's too late to go back and make amends. So those who disbelieve their life is like this, that all their life they're pursuing. They're running after a mirage. And what happens when they reach there when they die? What is the outcome of their deeds? It's nothing. Just like when you reach the Mirage what happens? Do you find even a drop of water there? No, nothing at all. All you find is just sand emptiness. And that's exactly what a

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disbeliever will find in the hereafter that the worst of his life will be what nothing, nothing at all from far he thought he was doing a lot of good stuff. But at the end he will find nothing or they are like

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Darkness is within an unfathomable sea which is covered by waves meaning extremely deep sea so deep that you can't even tell how deep it is. And on top it's covered by waves upon which are waves over which are clouds, meaning there's a storm in the middle of the ocean. Darkness is some of them upon others, one layer of darkness over the other. When one puts out his hand there and he can hardly see it so dark it is he can barely see himself and he to whom Allah has not granted light. For him, there is no light. For him there is no light. When there is darkness in the heart, no Amen. No faith in Allah. And darkness also, that a person has no beneficial knowledge and then darkness in the

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people that he's living amongst. He doesn't see anything that will lead him to light. He doesn't hear anything that will lead him to light. Then what happens this person is in the depths of darkness. And the person whom I love does not grant light for him, there is no light who can guide him, such people are not guided because for guidance, what is necessary that burning desire, I want to be guided, I want to become better. And when a person has that yearning than Allah subhanaw taala will grant him guidance. This is his promise.

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