Taimiyyah Zubair – Fahm Al-Quran – 13B Yusuf 66 83

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of fearing one's own actions and trusting one's parents is emphasized in Islam. The use of fear and loss of personal property is also discussed, as it can lead to confusion and loss of identity. The importance of not believing in Islam and forgiveness is emphasized, along with the use of false accusations and avoiding false accusations in one's life. The segment also touches on the use of the media to portray different speakers and actions, as it portrays a person as a doer of good and the importance of patience in reaching success.
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Your Kubernetes Sam said, Never will I send him with you, until you give me a promise By Allah, that you will bring him back to me.

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Only when you will make a promise in a last name, then I will send him with you, unless you should be surrounded by enemies. And you see, this is Buddha, this is servitude, realizing that we are still under Allah's control, that even if somebody promises us, they give us their pledges, still, there is a possibility that they will not be able to fulfill it. Because ultimately, everything is not in our control. We might want something but Allah decrees something else. So your Kubernetes salon remembers that. Because generally it happens that somebody makes a promise with us and they're honest. They're sincere in that promise. And later on, they're not able to fulfill it and we get

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very upset with them. That look, you promised me what happened? They say that really I tried, but I was not able to fulfill it. This was beyond me, and I'm sorry. But we're still angry with them. We're still upset with them as if they had decreed the situation. They could not have decreed it, who decreed it. Allah azza wa jal decreed it so even your Cobra husana What does he say at this point, that unless Allah intense otherwise, and you're surrounded by enemies, things are beyond your control.

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And when they had given their promise, he said, Allah over what we say, is a witness. He doesn't say, if you don't fulfill your promise, then never come back to me. I don't want to see your face again. No, he doesn't threaten them. He reminds them that Allah is a witness. Allah is watching you, when you go, and Allah is going to watch you whenever you are doing something. So you might be able to hide something from me, but you cannot hide anything from a Lhasa panel. And we see over here that he's instilling the fear of Allah in their hearts. He's reminding them to fear Allah, and to trust Allah. Because this was their problem. The brothers of use of artists and I'm their problem

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was they trusted themselves too much. Which is why they kept saying that neurospora Nana, Rosa, and they kept saying, we're in Nana hula, half his own, we will guard him, they trusted themselves. And secondly, we see that they did not fear Allah, because of the fear of Allah, they would not have liked to their father, they would not have been so jealous of their brother so much that they threw him in the well. So we see that jacobellis and he is teaching them the most important matters, that will become the root cause of Islam of reformation.

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You see, many times it happens that we see children doing something wrong. And we try to stop them by scaring them. I'm watching you, I know exactly what you're doing. Or the child asks Mama, how did you know I know everything about you.

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You can't hide from me. And then if the children are caught talking about something that's inappropriate, saying I heard you. So yes, the child will begin to fear you. But then what will happen when you're not there? What will happen? They will do those wrong things. The root of Islam is fear of Allah, fearing Allah is the root of Islam.

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And yaku Bredesen is instilling that in the hearts of his children. And it's never too late to do that. Because we might say that, oh, you know, this person all their life, they have been lying and cheating. How can they ever be cured now? No, it's never too late. Our job is to keep reminding one another.

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And we see over here that your Kubernetes alum, I mean, he had suffered by trusting the suns in the past. He had trusted them with respect to the use of RSM. And generally what happens? I mean, we learn that if you have been betrayed by someone once, then don't trust them another time because a believer doesn't get bitten by the same hole twice. So why is it that they are poo? Bredesen is trusting them over here? He's giving them a second chance because it had been many years now. It had been many years now. And also we see that he sees positive signs, what are the positive signs that the money has been returned? So he takes this as a positive sign in Sharla. And besides, if he did

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not send Binyamin and the brothers could not go to Egypt to buy more food. What other option did they have? How would they survive they needed the food. So we see the Dr. Cooper is no mistaking yet another risk of personal loss of personal grief. Why? for the greater good for the greater good. The prophets have a lot of send them out. So he went to LA if he spoke to one leader, and he didn't receive a positive response. He went to the other leader. He didn't receive a positive response. He went to the third leader he didn't receive a positive response and then he did not give up

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He stayed in a thought of going to the marketplace calling people to Islam over there. And that is when the leaders got really annoyed. And the sand people after the Prophet sallallahu sallam, pelting him with stones in order to chase him out of the city. So the thing is that the person who wants greater good than there are times when he will bear personal loss not just once, but multiple times. Why? Because he's not living for himself. He's not living a selfish life. He's not just concerned about his own well being, but he wants good for everybody. And he said, Now he's advising his children. He said, Oh, my sons do not enter from one gate, but enter from different gates, and I

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cannot avail you against the decree of Allah at all. Meaning I can, I can advise you to do such and such so that you are safe. But despite my effort to protect you, I cannot save you. I cannot save you. You know, sometimes we wonder, I set my dogs in the morning. You know, I did this and this, I even give sadaqa How come I ran into an accident? How come I got hurt over here What happened? And we begin to doubt Allah promises the words of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. But what do we see here, that no matter what we have done for our protection, we cannot free ourselves from the will of Allah. No matter what we have done, whether it is that we have recited the Quran, said our dog has

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given sadaqa taken some physical measures in order to protect ourselves, still remember, we cannot protect ourselves from a loss will. Because Allah is love, he is master. Even when someone has taken protection, he is still a master, isn't he? He's still a master. So this means that even when we have done something to protect ourselves, Allah can still inflict us with harm,

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which means that the protection that we have taken will not protect us from Allah's will. So he says that I cannot avail you against Allah decree at all. The decision is only for Allah, Allah Ito Cal to upon him, I have relied upon him, let those who would rely, indeed rely, what a beautiful combination of the worker and exerting one's full effort. We see over here he's doing the maximum that he can, he's doing the maximum that he can to make sure that his sons are safe. Because over here, first of all, he says to them to swear an oath by a lot that they will bring Binyamin back. And then we see that the rest of the boys he's telling them when you enter the city don't enter from

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one gate. Why? Why did he say that to them? Because he was a wise man. After all, you must have sense that there is something fishy here. Because why is that man demanding that Binyamin also come, alright. And then why did he return the money? This is an extraordinary situation, how often does it happen that a condition like this is placed on people that until you bring your wife You cannot have such and such until you bring so until you cannot have such and such. And then when you go you also find the money that you fade. So he knows that this is something extraordinary. And besides his sons are going in a foreign land, and they were foreigners in that land, their looks were different. So

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they would instantly be recognized as foreigners. And it wasn't just a few of them. 12 of them 12 of them if they're going together with their camels. I mean, that's a huge group, people could suspect them.

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And generally what happens when something bad is going to happen when a test when a trial is coming? What happens? It's like your sixth sense, you know, it becomes conscious, it wakes up. You just start feeling anxious, you start getting worried, you just want to cry, or you keep checking, you do not feel at ease. So you're cool. Ronnie Sam also he did not feel at ease despite his best efforts. But what does he say? Or later come to I've done my best and Allah I trust. And when they entered from where their father had ordered them, this time they listened to their father, it did not avail What did not avail them. Whatever their father told them the plan that they had made. Nothing

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availed them against the plan of Allah.

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Why? Because we can do whatever we want. If Allah does not allow it, it can never happen.

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So when they entered from where their father had ordered them, it did not avail them against Allah at all, except it was a need within the soul of Iacobucci satisfied. And this is that sixth sense we were talking about. So your Cobra, Sam did his best. And indeed, he was a possessor of knowledge because of what we have

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taught him, but most of the people do not know yaku brothers, Salah was a knowledgeable man. And this is why he adopted this way of protecting his children what way, best planning and secondly, relying upon Allah subhanaw taala. But most of the people do not know. So when they go through a situation like this, they become doubtful of Allah promises. They think that their prayers are not going to help, or they think that there's no need to do anything because they need to completely rely on their prayers, you see, this balance of tawakkol and best efforts. This is the action of who this is found in who the prophets of Allah and those who are knowledgeable, he was a possessor of

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knowledge. And when they entered upon use of he took his brother to himself, and he said, Indeed, I am your brother. He is the grandson and revealed his identity to his full brother, but how secretly, so do not despair over what they used to do to me. Do not despair. Do not be sad about what has happened in the past get over it. Yes, we all suffered, but move on from it. And such a big thing. Generally, the one who has suffered is being advised to forgive and forget. And here the one who has suffered is advising others to forgive and forget. So when he had furnished them with their supplies, he bought the gold measuring ball into the bag of his brother than an announcer called out

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old caravan. Indeed, you are thieves use it artists and put that ball in the bag of his brother to give that as a gift to him. It was used to wireless lamps personal belongings, the measuring ball, so he wanted to surprise his brother now so that when he goes home, he will find this cup. And what happened around the same time the king lost his cup. So an announcement was made that all caravan indeed you are thieves. You see your Cobra Listen, I was worried that if anything happens, people will suspect my sons. And that's exactly what happened to you. Something was lost. And immediately they suspected who these brothers and generally it happens that Muslims are the first suspects

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right? So this happened even at the time of use of early cinema. They said while approaching them, what is it that you are missing? They said we are missing the measure of the king, the cup of the king that is lost. And for he who produces it is the reward of a camels load and I am responsible for it. They said by Allah, you certainly know that we did not come to cause corruption in the land. And we have not been thieves. They said you know our record. We don't do such things. We're not thieves. We came to buy food. We gave you the price. We have been honest in dealing with you. And you know that we did not come here for facade. You know that last time also we came we bought food

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we left and this time also we came to buy food. We're not here to cause facade. The accuser said, then what would be its recompense if you should be liars. They said it's recompense is that he in whose bag it is found he himself will be its Recompense. Thus do We recompense the wrongdoers meaning according to our law, the person who's committed theft, then his punishment is that he will be kept as a slave for one year, by who, by the one whose property he stole. So what happened, so he began the search with their bags before the bag of his brother. Then he extracted it from the back of his brother. Eventually, a cup came out of the bag of his brother, and this cup was a different

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cup, it was a cup of use of his salon, and the people were searching for the cup of the king. But regardless, even though they did not find what they were looking for, they found something that shouldn't have been there. So Binyamin was accused of theft. Allah says COVID elica key Donnelly yourself, we made this plan for Yousuf to serve very seldom did not know what was going on. Allah made this plan for use of he could not have taken his brother within the religion of the king, except that Allah will, because now the brother of use of medicine would remain in Egypt, and the rest of the brothers would go, and his brother Binyamin would stay for one year. And if you've

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already sent and wanted to keep Binyamin in Egypt with him Could he have? Could he have done that? No way, because first of all his brothers would find out and secondly, the law of the land did not permit it. You can see that even from this time, how much bias they had against foreigners. So what do you think happened? After several years when the money is slayed when use of relatives family they migrated to Egypt and then their children. They formed the tribe of Bani Israel in what happened when for their own rose to power he enslave them. So you can see this bias existed for such a long time. It wasn't the roots of that culture of that society. We raised in degrees whom we will,

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but over every possessor of knowledge is one who is more

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Knowing what oh, Coco lady or illman? Eileen, you know, it's amazing. We're doing something we think we're so clever, so smart. We're doing it in the best way possible. And then Allah subhanaw taala, he changes our plan completely. And what does that teach us that Allah has more knowledge than us? He knows better than us. You know, and you experience these things in little, little incidents, you know, recently I was at the grocery store and looking for the bread that we usually buy, couldn't find it anywhere. And you know, My son is going back and forth. He's getting frustrated, I can't find a confined and I'm like, okay, find them, we just got a different one. So we picked up a

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different one. And we realized that that one was much nicer.

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Right? It was much nicer. I mean, you think that the one loaf of bread that you always buy, it is the best for you. And if you don't have it, you're upset. What happens? Allah shows to you that no, you don't know everything. You don't know everything. You don't even know what is good for your health. So trust allows plans, trust his decisions and realize no matter what, you know, Allah knows more and better. They said, if he steals than a brother of his has stolen before, I see how they're so concerned about their image, they want to show that, Oh, this is our half brother, and we don't really have much to do with him. So he has committed theft. And you know what his full brother he

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committed theft before also bad use of capital within himself, and did not reveal it to them. He said, You are worse in position. And Allah is most knowing of what you describe, you're accusing me of theft on my face, when you know that I never committed theft. And they had no idea was use of nslm. Right? So Allah knows of what you described.

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Now, what do we see over here in the brothers of use of our listener, they are lying at this occasion.

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Now they are adults, they must be fathers right now, at this point in time, because use of our listener was a prophet at this age. Right? And prophets are given Prophethood at the age of 40. So use of realism is over 40. And these brothers are definitely older than us about Islam. So you can imagine these are men, and they're lying. Men, women, adults, older people also they lie. Sometimes they lie. Why when, when they have lied all their lives. This is why don't allow yourself to do something wrong, even in youth, even when you are young. Because it starts with little little things until it becomes such a bad habit that even when a person is getting gray hair, still he cannot get

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rid of those bad habits. Many times we saw she's a little girl. He's a little boy. Oh, they're only teenagers right now. Oh, he's only in his 20s right now. No, if they're showing bad character now, it'll be worse when they're older. If they had bad habits now, it'll be worse when they are older. And you see, repentance is like pulling out a plant. Right? When a person commits a sin. It's like there's a small plant. The sooner you pull it out, the sooner you root it out, the easier it is, the longer you delay, what will happen to that plant, it will grow bigger and stronger until it will be such a big tree. And then it will be so difficult for a person to get rid of it. In enough similar

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amount of time be soon, but don't allow yourself because if you allow yourself now, later, it will get even more difficult.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, lying leads to sin and sending leads to *. And a man keeps on telling lies until he is written before Allah as a liar. He is written before Allah as a liar. Because you see it becomes a habit. It's a habit. They're lying. When they took their brother away from their father, they lied when they return to their father. They showed false blood. And now again their mind after so many years. They said Oh, Aziz, indeed, he has a father who is an old man now to try another strategy that didn't work. Right. Now they're trying another strategy. They said he has a father who was an old man. So take one of us in place of him Indeed, we see you

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as a doer of good in nanorod come in and works in in. This is amazing. If only they knew who he actually was. They would never say this to his face that we see you as a Morrison. You see jealousy, it blinds you.

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It blinds you from seeing the good in others. It doesn't allow you to appreciate good in others.

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If they knew this was use of their brother, they would never ever say to him that we see you as a person. They just accused him of theft. But what happens when they don't know who he is? Then they say to him, You are Merson,

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to seek refuge.

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with Allah from this blinding heart disease, it causes blindness. It doesn't let you see reality as it is, in dental all come in and more sin in Panama the law he said I seek the refuge of Allah to prevent that we take except him with whom we found our possession. Indeed, we would then be unjust meaning this would be unfair. If we take one of you in place of the criminal, that's unfair. My other law we seek a loss protection from being unfair. So when they had despaired of him, they knew that use of Elisa was not going to accept their play. They secluded themselves in private consultation, the eldest of them said, Do you not know that your father has taken upon you and oath

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by Allah, and that before you failed in your duty to use?

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You see sin is something the guilt of which never departs until a person repents. Until a person seeks forgiveness. They hurt their brother use have they hurt their father, and now after so many years, what are they remembering their past sins, their past sins, so until and unless a person repents from his sin and bends allows forgiveness, that heaviness that burden, that weight, it cannot go, it'll linger on with a person, and it will make his life difficult.

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So I will never leave this land until my father permits me or Allah decides for me, and he is the best of judges meaning I can go and give more pain to my father returned to your father and say, oh, our Father, indeed Your son has stolen and we did not testify except to what we knew. You see, now they're changing. Now they're speaking the truth. Now they're defending Vinnie. I mean, they're saying that he has been accused of theft, but we didn't see it. Why Mako not a lie. We have a lien. They said and we were not witnesses of the unseen and ask the city in which we were and the caravan in which we came and indeed we are truthful. Meaning if you don't believe us, you can ask other

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people. Dr. Coburn is Sam said rather your souls have enticed you to something? So patience is most fitting for sabaton Jamil patience is most beautiful at this time. Why? Because what can you do? What can you do? What is the other option? What was the other option for your Cobra? is Santa? Good? He really trust them. He couldn't. Because the boy who cries Wolf, I mean, you can't trust him anymore. So even though they were speaking the truth over here, your Culebra listening could not trust them. He said balsa well at law calm and foster komamura.

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And it happens in life, that when things are beyond your control, you can't force you can't force someone to change their thinking the state of their heart, you can't force them to change their behavior, you can't do that. Nor is it that you can bring back the things that you have lost. So what is most fitting in that situation for several Jamil patience is most fitting impatience is not fitting. Why? Because impatience, what will that lead to? What will that lead to nothing more and more loss and patience. On the other hand, at least it will preserve a lot of reward for you in the Hereafter, and patience. It also keeps you hopeful. Because when you're being patient, like for

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example, there's a competition and you're being patient, you're being patient for victory, right? So you're hopeful for success? Why is it that you manage to keep away from food and drink for so long? For about 18 hours? How How does that happen? Because you're being patient, you tell yourself, it's only a couple of hours, right? When you're getting hungry when you're getting that headache, you tell yourself, it's okay, just two hours left, just three hours left. So some patience, it lets you remain hopeful. And this is what we see our Salah Who Am dnab him Jim era, perhaps Allah who will bring them to me all together. Indeed it is he who is the knowing the wise, what an amazing

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character. On the one hand, he says your soul has made this easy for you. And on the other he says, I will be patient. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the help of a law comes in proportion to the difficulty at hand. Meaning whatever difficulty you're facing, in proportion to that Allah will also send help. Just like there were seven cows fat and seven thin, seven years of grain that were dry and seven that were green. This is how life is help comes in proportion to the difficulty and someone comes from Allah in proportion to the trial. Seven also comes from Allah proportionate to what the trial that you're going through, but you have to try to be patient and

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when you try to be patient, Allah will give you patience.

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Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that patience and overlooking the faults of others is have been a man of battle Imani a sub patience and overlooking the faults of other people.

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In the who who Allah Allah Al Hakim. Indeed he is the knowing the wise

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