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Juz’ 7: Al-Ma’idah 83-120 – Al-An’am 1-110
Al-An’am 61-110

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Well, hello, hello folks, everybody and he is the subject Gator over his servants who can overcome who can subjugate all his servants that is only Allah, everything everyone is in his control his grip,

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which means that there is no condition that we are in except that Allah has power over us. There is no situation, no place on Earth, no condition that we are in, except that Allah has power over us. So let us not get deceived by our power by our ability. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, there was a person who was walking with pride, because of his fine metals because of his fine clothes, his shawls that he was wearing. And he was feeling well pleased with his personality. And Allah made him sink in the earth. And he would go on sinking in that until the Day of Resurrection, will who will call hero phulkari body whose power is manifested here, he has power over the arrogant, he has power

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over the oppressors also,

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we learned that once the prophets of Allah said it was green subdued, and Abuja came forward in order to put his foot on the neck of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. In his arrogance, he came, and then people saw him running away, retreating, taking steps back and they asked him what happened, what's the matter with you? He said, there is between me and him a ditch of fire, and terror and wings, I could not go and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, if he were to come near me, the angels would have torn him to pieces, they would have torn him to pieces. Well, we'll call hero phulkari body, there is no tyrant, no human being arrogant or humble anywhere in this world, no matter where

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he is, at all times who has control over us, Allah. So even when we are yelling at somebody, remember Allah still has control over us. When we're abusing somebody, remember, Allah has control over us. He has control over us. He has given us freedom right now. But then he's checking what we do. And even though he has given us freedom, he still has control over us. Well, you will sit around a half an hour, and he sends over your guardian angels, Until when death comes to one of you. Our Messengers take him and they do not fail. They do not fail in their duties they do exactly as they're instructed. They take the soul out funny in the way that they were instructed.

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The angels are fully out of our control also. Because when the angels of death come to take the soul of a person who can get the soul back, who can claim it back who can take it back, then they His servants are returned to Allah, their true Lord. unquestionably, his is the judgment and he is the swiftest of all who take account, say, who rescues you from the darkness of the land and see when you call upon him, employing allowed and privately, if he should save us from this crisis, we will surely be among the thankful for the law who Yoona g come in her woman colleague, Calvin, Samantha shikun, say it is a law who saves you from it. And from every distress, every single distress,

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whether it is mental, physical, emotional, financial, who can pull us out of it? When a person feels drowned in his problems, who can pull him out of that? Only Allah, then you still associate others with him. He saves you and you forget to thank him. It doesn't mean that the help of a lot doesn't come through others. No, it comes through others. It comes through the sebab through the doctor through the medication through a friend through a mother through a husband. Yes, but these are all means the actual sender of help is who Allah soprano Hold on. This is just like, if you happen to be swimming in a pool, and you lose your balance and you feel like you're going to drown. And somebody

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gives you a hand or something with which you could get out of the water. And when you get out of the water. You just hold on to that ring and you're like, thank you so much for saving my life. And the life guard who was standing there watching you. Hey, what about me? I threw that ring to you.

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I am the one who gave that to you. You forgot me. Isn't that pure foolishness? It is foolishness. Padilla who una de Caminha, woman polycarbon some antem tertiary cone, say he is the one able to send upon you affliction from above you just like the birds pelted with stones with the storm from above locusts and frogs, like they fell on their own or from beneath your feet earthquake, or to confuse you so you become sex and make you taste the violence of one another fights and arguments in the house in the workplace, so that there is no peace. A person cannot find

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Peace at home, he cannot find peace at work. This is a form of job. Look how we diversify the signs that they might understand.

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But your people have denied it. While it is the truth say I am not over you a manager for every happening is a finality and you are going to know.

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And when you see those who engage in offensive discourse concerning our verses, then turn away from them until they enter into another conversation. So what is the outcome for us? Then when we hear such conversations, what should we do? Turn away. And if chiffon should cause you to forget and you keep sitting with them, then do not remain after the reminder with the wrongdoing people meaning once you remember, then leave and those who fear Allah are not held accountable for the disbelievers at all, but only for a reminder that perhaps they will fear Him, meaning the duty of the believers is to just remind, and leave those who take their religion as amusement and diversion. Those who do

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not take being seriously Why don't they take it seriously?

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Why do they market it? Why do they just make fun in their religion? Why? Because they don't believe in it. If you really love someone, would you make fun of them? Would you insult them? No, never. So the one who believes in the in the Quran, he can never make fun of the Quran. This is why we have been told don't even set in their company. Why? Because when you will certainly accompany because Allah says over here, leave them Why leave them because if you stay with them, you will hear what they say and that will affect your faith. When you sit in a class working on is being criticized with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he is being criticized and what will happen? Will you not

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criticize next? Will the doubts not enter your heart will not bother you.

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So leave such people Allah says Don't be in their company. Those whom the worldly life has diluted. They have been diluted by this worldly life. So the think everything is just here. Allah says leave them but your mind with the Quran. Beautiful balance over here, remind with the Quran, meaning if you happen to be in their company, then it is your obligation to speak up and defend the dean. Because if you don't do that, then you are equally responsible, just like them. So remind with the Quran, meaning don't completely dissociate from them when they say something wrong. So when they say something wrong for that time, leave them but when they're quiet, or they change their subject, then

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remind them why why remind them Why should you even bother? lest a soul be given up to destruction for what it earned? The believer is always announced they're always well wisher for everybody, just like the prophets of Allah. Where were this sincere well wishers of their people, North earliest Ceylon was he sincere to his nation he was which is why He even told them, which is why he tolerated their sins, He lived amongst them in order to stop them. Remember, he was not a local of those towns, he did his role there. Why? To tell people to warn them. So warn lest a soul be given up for destruction for what it earned, it will have other than Allah, no protector and no intercessor. And

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if it should offer every compensation, it would not be taken from it. Those are the ones who are given to destruction for what they have earned, for them will be a drink of scalding water and a painful punishment. Because they used to this believe, say, shall we invoke instead of Allah, that which neither benefits us nor harms us? Should we invoke besides Allah that which neither benefits us nor harms us? Why should we do that, and be turned back on our heels after Allah has guided us? If we do that, we would then be like the one whom the devil's entice to wander up on the earth confused, while he has companions inviting him to guidance calling him come to us, but he doesn't

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go. And when he doesn't, he gets lost. And then he's attacked by some beast, and he's finished, say, indeed, the guidance of Allah is the only guidance and we have been commanded to submit to the Lord of the worlds and to establish prayer and fear him and it is he to whom you will be gathered. guidance is what has come from Allah. And if it's clear signs are that a person surrenders to Allah on hearing the commands of Allah, He establishes prayer, he gives importance to everybody. And then fearing Allah, in private and in public, when somebody is telling us on somebody is not telling us and remembering that the ultimate return is to Allah, our affair rests with him, not with people,

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not with people because we change ourselves when people are around we are scared of them. But when Allah is Ever watchful, we forget him and we ignore him. And it is he who created the heavens and the earth and truth and the day he says Be and it is His word is the truth and His is the dominion on the day the horn will be blown. He is the Knower of the unseen and the witnessed, and he is the wise the acquainted. What if Allah is

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Brahim Ali Abbey as a last name and Allah. Now the story of Ibrahim has mentioned that you call it an Abraham such as his father as a, do you take idols as deities? Indeed, I see you and your people to be in manifest error. What do we see over here? What is Ibrahim doing? Is he warning the people around him? Yes. Why? Because he cared for them. So if somebody warns us, it's not because they hate us. They care about us. If somebody wakes us up to pray, reminds us to pray. It's not because they have a problem with us. It's because they want the best for us, Ibrahim are in a salon. What does he symbolize his life demonstrates what it means to really believe in Allah and love Allah.

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It's a practical demonstration of that, what it means to believe in Allah, what it means to love Allah, what it means to live for Allah. Because Ibrahim on Islam, he firstly reflected on Allah's creation. He took notice of the beautiful things that Allah created. And then he recognized his Lord. He believed in Allah, and he became his obedient servant, a law servant alone, even when Kingdom Ruth was telling him I am God. Abraham said no, here, not God. When Allah told him, slaughter your son, he said, Okay, I will slaughter. This is a man in Allah, this is surrender. This is love. And best did we show Ibrahim the realm of the heavens and the earth, that he would be among

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the certain in faith? So he reflected on the creation? Why to develop certainty. This doesn't mean that he did not have a man from before he did have he meant from before. But reflecting on the creation of this incident that is described over here, this is something that strengthened him in a man. So what do we have to do if we want to strengthen our faith also,

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reflect on the creation of Allah, look at the clouds. Don't just look at your car, look at the clouds. Don't just look at your phone and look at the grass Also, don't just look at the jewelry. Look at the hands also. Don't just find faults, appreciate also, Willie akuna minal mukuni. So when the knight covered him with darkness, he saw a star, he said, This is my Lord. But when it said, he said, I do not like those that disappear. And when he saw the moon rising, he said, This is my Lord. But when it said, he said, unless my lord guides me, I will surely be among the people gone astray. And when he saw the summarizing, he said, This is my lord, this is greater, but when it's said he

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said, Oh my people indeed I am free from that which you associate with Allah. Who do I believe in then? In Me What To what do you hear? lil Levy, fapa, summer Watashi wa, Alba, hanifin. Wanna amin el Masri cane, indeed, I have turned my face. I have dedicated my life, I have turned my attention. I am now going to believe and follow who toward the one who has created the heavens and the earth inclining toward truth. And I am not of those who associate others with Allah. And his people argued with him. He said, Do you argue with me concerning a low while he has guided me and I fear not what you associate with him, and will not be harmed? unless my lord should will something my lord

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encompasses all things in knowledge, then will you not remember? And how should I fear what you associate while you do not fear that you have associated with Allah, that for which he has not sent down to you any authority? You see, sometimes people try to frighten you. How can you work at her job? Everybody's gonna look at you. We're afraid of people, we fight and others from other people. What is it that we need to remember? That others who are telling us to disobey Allah? They should be afraid Why? Because who are they disobeying Allah subhanaw taala? Who has more power Allah or all of mankind? Who has more power? Allah? Who are we ultimately answerable to Allah or all of mankind? It

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is Allah.

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So which of the two parties has more right to security? If you should know alladhina amanu while Ameobi suey man, a humble man, Allah ecola humble ambu Warhammer Dune, those who believe and do not mix their belief with injustice, what is injustice here should those will have security and they are rightly guided. So who is it that will have peace in his life in her life, who will find peace in their life despite the hardships despite the suffering despite the pain despite the abuse, who will find peace in the heart who the one who has Eman in Allah? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that any person who is afflicted

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With some worry with some sadness or some hardship, and he says, Allahu Allah be lasher Allah, Allah is my Lord. There is no partner that he has than Allah who will remove his hardship. Allahu Allah be luxury Kala. In another version we learn that if a person says Allahu Allahu to be, wished he could be shy,

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then his grief will be taken away, his heart will be filled with satisfaction, because you see when a person believes in tohave, when he strengthens his faith, then Allah gives him security. When you know that Allah knows it's happening by his will. There is a day of judgment, then what happens? You just relax. You just relax. Perhaps you're thinking I'm talking about strange things. Maybe you need to experience it. Anytime you're stressed out. Just tell yourself Allah knows. Allah knows you'll make it happen. I don't know how but he'll make it happen. Just thought Quran Allah. Within kaha Jelena Athena Ibrahim Allah kalami. And that was our conclusive argument which we give Ibrahim

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against his people we raised by degrees whom we will indeed your Lord is wise and knowing and we gave to Abraham his help and Yaqoob all of them we guided know we guided before and among his descendants that will then today man and YouTube and use of and Moosa and her own, thus do We reward the doers of good morsani workaholic energies in Marcin who is Mr. Sin, the one who is grateful and hopeful at times of hardship, hopeful life is not over. grateful that still I have much when Ibrahima is Salaam proclaim to heed what happened. His people opposed him. They threw him in a fire. And when Allah saved him from the fire, his father said, Go from here, otherwise, I'm going to kill

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you. Ibrahim Maria Cena left he was alone who was with him to sada and Luke Luke had to go out so Allah sent him somewhere else as a messenger. And then Ibrahim al Islam, old age no children, can you imagine the grief of a couple who have no children? Can you imagine the heavy heart that they're living with? Ibrahim on Islam lived with that? Perhaps many of you don't understand this. But ask those who go through this. See what they go through. Abraham and his salon lived with that. And finally when he had a child, leave him and then when you go see him, slaughter him, Sameera Nah, well, a slim tolerable enemy, and what happened, Allah compensated him with an entirely new family,

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and a faithful family and the entire community because all of these prophets that are mentioned over here who are there, they are of the children of Ibrahim was a Korea and Korea and you're here and Risa and las colinas Allah hain. All were of the righteous one profit after another one nation after another and less reward and this marine and Elisa and Eunice and loot, and all of them, we preferred over the world, and some of them their fathers and their descendants and their brothers, and we chose them and we guided them to a straight path. Ibrahim alayhis salam, he was concerned about his children, he made da and Allah guided his children, Allah made Prophethood from his children from

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his progeny. That is the guidance of Allah by which he guides whomsoever He wills of his servants, but if they had associated others with Allah, then worthless for them would be whatever they were doing this is how dangerous schicke is, it doesn't matter who you are, if Shahrukh is done, destroys all deeds, those are the ones whom Allah has guided. So from their guidance, take an example say, I asked of you for this message, no payment, it is not but a reminder for the worlds. So when telling someone about Allah when conveying his words, then expect what from people? What should we expect from people when we're telling them something good? nothing, absolutely nothing. Because if we

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expect that they should thank us, we will be disappointed if we expect that they should praise us we will be disappointed. If we expect that they listen to us and they obey us. We will be disappointed. You're doing this for Allah Your job is to just throw and Allah His job is to make it reach the targets like the Prophet sallallahu Sallam at Burger What did he do? He took a handful of dust through it and what happened? Allah made it reach the eyes of the enemy without Amita is ramita were lacking aloha Rama. So we have to do what we do sincerely and alone will give endless reward and they did not appraise along with true appraisal when they said a lot did not reveal to a human being

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anything say who revealed the scripture that Moosa brought as light and guidance to the people you make

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Get into pages disclosing some of it and concealing much. And you were taught that which you knew not neither you nor your father's say Allah revealed it, then leave them in their empty discourse amusing themselves. And this Koran is a book that Kitab on Enza. Now who Moroccan Mossad, Nicola de vida de this kita. This book is an zelner, who we have revealed it. This has come from who rapala amin, it is Mubarak it is blessing whoever reads it, whoever understands it, whoever applies it, whoever conveys it, then it is a lost promise that Allah will enrich him with his blessings, mobile rock, it confirms that which was before it, that you may warn the mother of cities and those around

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it. Those who believe in the hereafter believe in it. Why? Because when they have the ACA in mind them they are concerned about their present condition. So they will believe in the book and they will follow it and they're maintaining their prayers, and who is more unjust than one who invents a lie about Allah or says it has been inspired to me, while nothing has been inspired to him. And one who says I will reveal something like what Allah revealed. And if you could see when the wrongdoers are in the overwhelming pangs of death, while the angels extend their hand saying discharge your souls, today you will be awarded the punishment of extreme humiliation for what you use to say

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against Allah, other than the truth, and that you were toward his versus being arrogant. So the person who doesn't believe in Allah ayah, who rejects them, then what will happen either will begin from the moment of death onwards, it will be set to them. And you have certainly come to us alone as we created you the first time and you have left whatever We bestowed upon you, behind you, and we do not see with you, you are intercessors which you claimed that they were among you associates of Allah, it has all been severed between you and lost from you is what you used to claim. Indeed, a law is the cleaver of grain and dead seeds, he brings the living out of the dead and brings the dead

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out of the living. That is a law. So how are you deluded? He can change the situation completely. You think something is evil, a law brings much good out of it, you think something is good luck and also bring harm out of it. Don't be deceived by this world. He is the cleaver of Daybreak and has made the night for rest and the sun and moon for calculation, that is the determination of the Exalted in Might the knowing and it is he who placed for you the stars that you may be guided by them through the darkness of land and sea. We have detailed assigns for people who know between the covers of the sky and the earth you know just like a book, it has two covers it has two sides to it,

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the sky and the earth. consider that to be like a book between it within it are numerous uncountable miracles uncountable, if uncountable signs just take the time to reflect wahoo ality and share common laughs in wahida. And it is he who produced you from one soul and gave you a place of dwelling and the storage, there will be a place in the earth, where you will be stored stored until when until the day of judgment and what is that storage? It is the grave. It is the grave in that storage. We will only be stored. We can't do anything there. Where is it that we can do something here today right now, before we are put in that storage. We have detailed assigns for people who

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understand it's clear one who understands he can understand and it is he who sends down rain from the sky and we produce there by the growth of all things we produce from it greenery from which we produce grains arranged in layers and from the palm trees of its emerging fruit or clusters hanging low and we produce gardens of grape vines and olives and pomegranates similar, yet varied. Look at each of its fruit when it yields so look at it. Look at the fruit when it yields and at its ripening. observe this also when the fruit becomes right, don't just eat it up and throw the skin and the pit away. No take time. Look at it, smell it. Smell it. Look at the color. Look at the

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texture feel it enjoy it take a moment

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alone make this a gift for you a blessing for you to enjoy indeed in that are Signs for people who believe you see the different fruits that are mentioned over here, especially the pomegranate.

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It's one fruit but inside what do you find so many, many seeds, isn't it so this is what we need to do also, just put the seed in one seed in. Just do one good deed with sincerity with the floss and Allah will cause it to grow into a plant into a tree that will protect

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Use fruit and that fruit will have seeds and that will grow in my backyard. This spring, we have noticed that there's so many baby trees that are coming out so many baby trees we were wondering, this is not a kind of a weed. But then when we saw there was a tree next to it and those apparent weeds look exactly the same as that. Perhaps it allowed them got fertilized somehow or something happened, that now there's like many trees all around it. This is what happens. When we do one good deed with sincerity for Allah, He will make a girl

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in it are Signs for people who believe but they have attributed to Allah gardeners, the jinn while he has created them, and they have fabricated for him sons and daughters without knowledge, Exalted is He and high above what they described. He is Originator of the heavens and the earth, how could he have a son when he does not even have a companion, and he created all things, and he is of all things knowing that he como la hora buco La Ilaha Illa who Holly Coco leash a far boo wahoo Allah coalition, Joaquin, that is Allah, your Lord, there is no deity except Him, the creator of all things. So when you recognize him when you know him, so worship him, don't just sit back, worship

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Him, and don't worship other than Him worship only him, he is the Disposer of all things led to the recovery of us all. Well, who are you recall Opsahl vision perceives him not but he perceives all vision in this world, nobody can see Allah nobody. But on the Day of Judgment, on the day of judgment, Allah who will allow his beloved servants to see him, those who want to see him those who have been seeking his face. Well, who are you recall, absorb but he perceives all vision or only from Hobby, he is the subtle, the acquainted, there has come to you enlightenment from your Lord, for people there has come to you before email have become this an invitation to reflect, to see to

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think so whoever will see does so for the benefit of his own soul. And whoever is blind does harm against itself only, and say I am not a guardian over you. And thus do We diversify the verses? So yes, the disbelievers will say you have studied, this only increases them in their denial. And so we may make the Quran clear for people who no follow a prophet what has been revealed to you from your Lord, there is no deity except Him and turn away from those who associate others with Allah will OSHA Allahumma shotoku. But if Allah had willed, they would not have associated and we have not appointed you over them as a guardian, nor are you a manager over them. So you need not worry about

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the results. And Do not insult those they invoke other than Allah, lest they insult Allah in enmity without knowledge. Thus we have made pleasing to every community their needs, so they get very emotional, so don't abuse their gods, then to their Lord is their return and he will inform them about what they used to do. He will inform them about what they used to do after what, when they returned to him. And this journey of return to Allah is a very difficult journey. Because at the end of it is his out. Think about it. When you have to go write an exam these days, many people are having exams, or they will be having exams. When you're going to write your exam. What's the state

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of your heart? How have you spent the night before the exam? How have you spent that morning? Did you get a chance to eat breakfast? Even though the breakfast was in front of you? Could you eat anything? How was the week before weren't too worried? Why because the exam is difficult. The greatest exam, the most difficult exam is the one which will be on the Day of Judgment, the one that will be taken by who Allah will question us. Allah will question us, who knows all things? Who knows our weaknesses? Who knows our faults? So we need to see what have we prepared for it? What are some obala he did a man him and they swear by Allah, their strongest oats that if assign came to them,

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they would surely believe in it. Say the signs are only with Allah. And what will make you perceive that even if assigned came they would not believe and we will turn away their hearts and their eyes just as they refuse to believe in it the first time and we will leave them in their transgression wandering blindly. Because the person who deliberately pushes guidance away when it has come to Him, then what happens? Allah also deviates his heart and then he is not given guidance. May Allah protect us from that.

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So the first thing that needs to be done is when Allah gives us guidance we accepted early to be lucky rapa mela gave us this kind of your clean and fate. I would like you all to please please bring a copy of Sahara international

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Translation with you, especially those of you who are students here, buy a copy, buy it, if you can buy extra, buy some extra ones and give to those who don't have it. Because when you're sitting in class, it's very easy to get lost to get bored if you don't have something to look and if you don't have something to write on, I know you're writing in your notebooks but in addition to that, have a must have hands on with the translation where you put your own reflections. It's your personal copy you

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make one keep one with yourself. Haven't you ever seen those people who go around with their Bibles? I mean, they know it back and forth. You should have a copy of the Quran also with the translation you know with your reflections and your brief notes, so that anywhere you are you open it, you're reading it, and then you can also look at the translation shared with somebody in Sharla. So make sure you bring one copy with yourself tomorrow, inshallah. There's Akuma located in Cathedral so panic alone will be Hamlet Misha La Ilaha. Illa. anta Nesta Furukawa Timberlake Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh