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The speakers discuss the importance of protecting one's actions and controlling behavior during fasting, as it can lead to embarrassment and negative consequences. They stress the need for individuals to control their actions and activities to avoid becoming stressed. The speakers also touch on the importance of avoiding distraction during fasting and the need for culture in order to improve one's life. They also discuss the use of inhalers and fatwa for health reasons, including heart conditions and respiratory issues. The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding distraction during fasting and the need for culture in order to improve one's life.

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Assalamualaikum and a very warm welcome to the philosophy of fasting Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen mean, All praise is due to Allah, peace and blessings be Muhammad, the last prophet and messenger of Allah. As always, we have Dr. atham LDAP, joining us in the studio, salaam alaikum. Salaam are having to live with our cattle. Thanks for joining us again in the studio.

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So doctor was on a long journey discovering the philosophy of fasting, and we took a look previously on the definitions of fasting, and we found out there was three things that we must refrain from whilst fasting. This was food, drink and sexual relations with your wife or husband. However, I'm talking about now, should we refrain from backbiting? Should we refrain from swearing or using foul language whilst we're fasting? Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah.

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Yes, as you said, a brother Rafi that

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the main purpose of fasting is to abstain from desires in general. However, what breaks fasting is to not to abstain from the three main activities that you mentioned. Right. And as you said, as you rightly say, that this means that we have to refrain from some other activities, although the other activities might not technically speaking, break our fast right.

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The to refrain from food, drink and sexual relationship means that to refrain from

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desires in general, yes, generally speaking, and in particular, from those actions that are considered to be haram in the first place. Of course, that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the one who does not leave false testimony and acting upon false testimony and using bad language or foul language, then Allah Jalla wa Ala is in not is not in need for him to leave his food and drink coffee. And there is another very Subhanallah amazing Hadith reported by an essay by Abu Hurayrah the Allahu Allah Allah and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, we have to be careful, my dear respected brothers and sisters, the Prophet sallallahu sallam said or obasa inlay

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Salah whom you'll see me he Illa I'll do it without a shadow Baka Eman lace, Allah human cranium he in the sub attap. There are many people who first or there is many who fasts and he does not get it from his fast except what hunger and thirst. Yes, and there are many who fast and they do not get out of there fast as surely there are many who pray tonight. And they do not get it from their night prayer except what except being awake for the whole night and being tired.

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This is very dangerous. What does that mean? It means that the person who is either as we mentioned previously fasting out of the wrong intention, or a person who fast but he does not refrain from other haram activities. According to the other Hadith that the Prophet SAW Selim says the one who does not leave foul language, bad language, tell false testimony acting upon it. So Allah Allah, Allah is not in need for him to leave his food and drink, right? It means that those activities reduce the reward of fasting so much until the person becomes what, as if he does not get a reward for fasting. Definitely. And that's why

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you know, one of the self called palapa Ibnu is one of the Sahaba called tal punakha. Is, he said if you fast B

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Careful as much as you can first half of master, but be aware as much as you can. And that's why he said, they said that whenever he used to fast, he used to refrain from going every anywhere. Why? Because he's afraid, in being involved in any argument in any fight, and any kind of activity that might lead him to use bad language or to do something, something bad. And you know, Mujahid are the Allahu Taala on who he is the student of even Berthelot the Allah, Allah and who he said, the worst thing against Fontas the worst thing against fasting is what? Backbiting and lying, telling lies. Yes, the worst thing against fasting is backbiting and telling lies. And that's why

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one you know, it'd be in Seville Ibn serine

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mo Allah Allah, he used to have his daughter Huff's. I've been to serine she was one of the very righteous people, right. And she used to say that fasting is a shield, if you do not protect it. If you do not protect it, you will burn it and what burns this shield, which is fasting is backbiting Of course, dogs hadn't. That's a very interesting point he I must pick up on that point because

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unfortunately, in the last few days of Ramadan, you always find that people may argue over trivial things. This is sent by the shakedown and we must guide our brothers and sisters not to do this exactly. It's the you know, handler this will be my first Ramadan now Masha, Allah Tabata Kala and the four previously,

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three weeks into Ramadan, perfect Hamdulillah, the last week of Ramadan, everyone is very tense. So how can we stop that in the last week? Because I think the last one, so the first three weeks, that's why one of the start of my monologue Number one, he was a very great scholar. He used to say the easiest fast is to abstain from food and drink. Yes, this is the what the easiest for us is to abstain from food and drink.

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So that's why we need to control our actions, our activities, and in particular, our tongues. Definitely.

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And that's why in the other Hadith that we mentioned, in one of the very early episodes, on the prophets, I send them said, Allah didn't know Allah says, Allah says Kulu Amma live in Adam law, who each action of the son of Adam belongs to him except for fasting. It belongs to me. And the Hasina will be rewarded by 10 times up to 700 times except for fasting. And then the Allah Allah, Allah, Allah says, fasting is a shield. And then Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah said, if someone had an argument with another person, he should say, in the fall in the OSI in the OSI in the OSI, if someone has an argument with another person who is should say what, I am fasting, I am fasting, I am

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fasting. Now that's not to say that this you can say this little bit loudly in order to give a lesson to the person who is arguing with you. And also this is to remind yourself and to encourage yourself, not to be involved in this kind of dispute or this kind of fast. Why? Because now you are reminding yourself that you are fasting, of course, it's an interesting point, that doctor we're finding out together right now, that not only the three things that we must refrain from, we must also remember we're fasting. And this is another test I'm finding out from Allah right now, that not only should we not drink food, or drink water or anything, we should not eat food, but we should not

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back by his majorly.

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And because this modern society that we live in, we cannot help but get stressed. And you know, shaitan is always that and you'll hear a whisper so that this month is a period where it is really you can say a tough training, yes for the person to control himself. And see, of course these activities are haram activities backbiting slandering, foul language etc. They are haram generally speaking, but in particular, during the month of Ramadan. So, the person has to have a period where he will stress himself or train more, so he will remain fit for the whole of the rest of the year.

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Of course, this is the philosophy behind it and the one who controls himself for the whole month of Ramadan, it is likely that you will be able to control themselves more or outside the month of Ramadan. Definitely. And as we have been stretching on that, Allah Allah Allah Allah is not interested in the physical activity. Yes, Allah, Allah Allah wants more than the physical activity. And you know, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah says

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about the Salah

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for aptina salata, Innes, Salette and her annual fascia you will establish prayer established Salah why?

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The statement that came after that inner salata akana Salah inner salata means that the main reason for establishing prayer is what that does Salah prohibits the person from fascia and bunker fascia, open sins, and mooncup Bad activities. And so the Salah is not meant for the physical activities. Only these are intended by the Sharia. But the main thing that Sharia intends to do is that the person becomes more attached to Allah, Allah Allah and monitoring Allah, Allah Allah and hence, this will change his life, including his attitude, he will improve his moral standard or morals and etiquettes and o'clock and he becomes a better person in general Inshallah, Doctor we pushed on time

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for the first segment. Let's just finish up by saying on this, you know, what can we do to stop this backbiting and stop? How can we remember and say, Look, I'm fasting. So I must not swear I must not do this, apart from the three major things that we know we should not do? Yes, this is a good point. First of all, we need to help each other.

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As Muslims, yes, we need to remind each other and we have to create a climate of our culture, whereby we remind each other of these things for sure. This is one thing the other thing you remember, once we say that the person has to renew his intention. This will help him to remember the benefits of fasting. Also, we will come to the recitation of Quran during fasting and shall the citation of Quran will help the person a lot in understanding the spirit of fasting and the meaning behind fasting. And also, when the person is trying to always talk to himself, talk to himself and contemplate on fasting. And remember the Presence of Allah, Allah that Allah Allah, Allah, Allah is

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monitoring him at every single point of life. This will help him to improve the quality of fasting inshallah. Thanks so much, Doctor. That's all we have time for right now in this part. Stay tuned. We're just gonna take a quick break. Salam Alaikum welcome

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Slow money calm and a very warm welcome back. Dr. Before the break, we were talking and discussing about the activities we must refrain from. And we were talking a little bit about backed by him who finished that subject. So let's move further on. Okay. I want to deep dig deep into the food and drink aspect because people say, okay, refrain from eating bread, refrain from eating meat. We all know this. However, if somebody is ill, for example, and they must use an ALA, is this okay to use an inhaler? Or, for example, they must take a tablet, because they're ill. Okay, Mr. Lau salatu salam ala Rasulillah.

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As we said that the fasting person has to refrain from having food now. And having a drink as well. Having food and drink what does it mean? Does it mean having anything that goes into his mouth? Or that goes into his stomach? Right, okay, or what? Because there are a number of questions.

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For example, that inhaler, yes. Is it considered to be food or drink? Not for the people who use asthma, and they suffer from asthma. So they use the inhaler. Okay.

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Is it considered to be food or drink

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If not really,

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most of the scholars now do not consider it as food or drink. And that's why they do not consider it as something that breaks fast. Okay? And that is a fatwa issued by the Federal Council, that is part of the or IT Organization of Islamic countries.

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Whereby they said that inhalers do not break fast. And they said because it is just sort of

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liquid that goes into the skin, it doesn't go inside, right? And it opens the, it, it makes the person able to breathe, okay, rather than the person is swallowing that I say he's not swallowing that, right. Okay. So they consider it okay. I read also a fatwah that, you know, some people who have some heart problems, they have to take some small tablets, okay, that they put under the tongue, okay, for sure. And it remains for I think 24 hours, when they said such tablets, they are not swallowed, okay. So because they are not swallowed, and they dissolve into the skin into the body like this into so it doesn't break fasting for sure. So what breaks fasting is the food or

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drink that goes into

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your mouth and then being swallowed into your stomach. Okay, so this is the criteria, it has to be food or drink. That is that goes inside and you swallow it. Okay? And that's why, you know, the people who

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have I don't know what they call it tubes to go inside their stomachs okay to have a photo or a picture. Yes. Of like a picture scan. Yes, pictures can't Yeah. So, does that break their fast or not? This is a common question. Yes. And this according to many scholars does not break the fast because that tube that goes into your stomach, it is not food and it is not a drink of course, someone scholar said unless there is like kind of liquid on that food or on that YouTube, then it is equal to food ordering I say however, if it is just a tube that goes inside to have a scan, and then that you itself goes out and then nothing remains inside, then that does not break fast

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. So, Doctor, what about then if we would say what breaks the fast is would it be like could you have a blood transfusion? For example? Yes, this as if we are talking about this, this is a good point, you know, as well as discuss injection, right? And they said, Now injection does it to break the fast or not. And here as we are talking about the philosophy of fasting, yes, although maybe it is a technical discussion. You know, in Sharia, we have something called the Illa and hikmah Illa. The reason for the ruling and hikma the wisdom behind the ruling. So

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the Illa is the foundation for the ruling and the Hikmah is the outcome, the benefits or outcome of the ruling. Now when Sharia did not allow us to drink or to have food, you know Allah Allah Allah says in the Quran

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for Kulu was sharable yesterday Yeah, and hola como hypo Abu Meenal Hi tell us where the mineral fetches eat and drink until the white thread is distinguished from the black so that means the don't time, the fetchers time, which means that after failure, we are not allowed to eat nor drink and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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manlam yada, and the Prophet sallallahu sallam said according to the Hadith, good see, when Allah Allah Allah says that the person leaves his food during an sexual desire. Yes. So leaving food and drink, what is the spirit behind it? Or what is the finishing of leaving food and drink? Definitely, for example, if the person was injecting,

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okay, either medicine or nourishment. Is this equal to food or drink or not?

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illogic sense he would be let's say this is the point that we need to discuss. So some scholars said that when Allah Jalla wa Ala spoke about desire so the main purpose of stopping food and drink is not to stopping food and drink from entering the body no it is topping food and drink from being Eat eat in and be swallowed because eating food there is an element of enjoyment Yes, it didn't kick there is an element of enjoyment you do not get that level of enjoyment by injection you do not get it so if you do not get it by injection so is it equal to food or drink Subhanallah Dr. Bob we've run out of time now let's run the top we have a very short time of period to end the program it is

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very you know significant to find out I want to move on as well though doctrine ask about sexual desires would it be okay for say for example a married couple to kiss in Ramadan Okay, I think we have limited time to discuss this okay. But we haven't completed the point regarding food and drink right because the injections are they considered to be equal to food or drink definitely or not. So, some scholars say that injections if they are nourishment then they are equal to food and drink because the purpose is the same. Yes nourishment, some other scholars said no, it is not equal to food and drink because food and drink is something that you enjoy when you chew and eat and swallow

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right okay. But injection even if it is nourishment, you do not enjoy it. So they said it doesn't to break the fast however what we say that we have to avoid it during our fast if we can do it and at nighttime that is better to avoid it to avoid that sunlight that conduit injection yes okay, definitely. But the other injection which is for medicine, for medication, again if you can avoid it a hamdulillah if you can't, then what can we do? Exactly, but definitely the injection that is related to nourishment should be avoided during fasting I totally understand. Thank you so much doctor for join us in the studio today. I hope you know the viewers at home are enlightened with all

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this information that you're given goes in sha Allah in Ramadan.

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Well, until next time, I'll leave you in the safe care of Allah assalamu Alikum Welcome

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