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Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of shyness and respect during church services is discussed, including the need for respectful behavior and avoiding shy behavior. The speakers emphasize the need for respectful behavior and the importance of being viewed with respect and not being afraid of questions. The importance of being sensitive to the truth, including the use of shyness, is emphasized, as well as the need for respectful behavior and avoiding hesitation when asking questions. The importance of being clear about clothing and rules of the royal family is also emphasized.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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nevertheless, Alia lasallian Karim Allah Bertha rosabella humana Shivani rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, rubbish raha solidity were silly MD of Tata melissani of Coco de probenecid, an Arima Bab and higher if you're in a higher shyness in what filler in, in knowledge, shyness with regards to or in could be of two types. One is that a person feels too shy to ask about something. He's too shy, he's too embarrassed, he's hesitant, he doesn't find the confidence in himself to speak up to ask to find out from someone. So as a result, he does not ask. Another type of shyness could be that a person is too shy to respond to give the answer that somebody asks somebody wants to learn, or somebody wants

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to know, for instance, the teacher is asking the student and the student is hesitant to respond. Or, for instance, your friend or somebody is asking you about a particular matter. So you feel shy about talking it. So you say, I don't know, I don't want to talk about it, or you change the topic you refrain from speaking over there. This is also another kind of shyness when it comes to both of these types of shyness, we see that they're not good, they're not good for a person, they're not good for an either the seeker of knowledge or the giver of knowledge. Both of them, when Allah subhanaw taala has given her into a person, if he does not fully understand something, it is his

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responsibility that he tries harder, and he learns more so that he can fully understand it. And when Allah is given a person knowledge and other people want to know, then China's should not prevent you from telling them. So both of these types of shyness, they should not be there when it comes to learning, or when it comes to teaching. Had the sinner Mohammed Abu Salam and Kala Bhavana Abu arietta Allah had done a Sherman and Abby and Dana burnetii missile Amata. So who's narrating this Xena, even the daughter of ami Salama, who was on selama, the wife of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So who is her daughter, her daughter from before, before she married the prophets of Oksana. So she

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inherited from her mother on cinema. From who on omis Allah, Allah she said meaning on Salah. She said that she came who came a Muslim in the name she was an I'm sorry, so habia so she came in out of su de la sallallahu alayhi wasallam do the messenger of a loss of the long video salon for call it and then she said Yasuda Allah or messenger of Allah in the Lucha indeed a la la yesterday Manila.

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Indeed, Allah does not feel shy of the truth. Allah does not feel shy of the truth. In other words, if there's something that needs to be made clear, Allah is never hesitant to clarify it. So if I need guidance and something I do not feel shy in asking about it. And then she asked her question for her, so is their island marotti upon the woman, min muslin, and he also either when dilemma when she has a dilemma, meaning when she has a *, so does a woman have to take a bath, if she has a *? are an abuse of the love radio silent, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, he replied, either Attila either when she saw Alma liquid, meaning if she finds herself wet upon waking

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up, then yes, she has to take a bath. So upon this for her, she covered who covered and musella on selama derny. He means the narrator her daughter's I know, she meant that emsella she covered what what her her her face. Why? Because she was shocked at the question that was asked and who was asking and who was being asked and the nature of the question the answer that was given. So she was so embarrassed, she covered her face, we'll call it and she said yeah, Rasulullah or messenger of Allah. What and that Telly will murottal does a woman even have Abdullah? Can a woman have a wet dream? Allah the Prophet sallallahu Sallam replied, No harm. Yes, very bad to me. No, your hands be

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filled with dust. For the way you should view her well I do her for Bhima. So why How come you should be who her he resembled her who? Well I do her her child, meaning of the woman if there was no liquid, if there was no discharge on her part, if there was nothing on her part, then why would the child resemble the mother? Meaning there is some Madison liquid that comes from the Father and something from the mother and both of them combined. That is how the child is born. And this is the reason why the child resembles the father and as well as the mother. What do we see in this ad set on Selma? She was amazed at the type of question that was asked and the answer that was given. And

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because of that, she was embarrassed and she covered up her face but we see

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That there is no shyness when it comes to certain matters of the deen. You see, when it comes to muscle when it comes to Voodoo, when it comes to matters of purity or impurity? Are they necessary to know about, of course, I mean, it means either your Salah will be accepted or it will not be accepted. It means either you're doing something righteous, or you're disobeying Allah. So this is something very serious. So this is not just only a serious matter, but it's also an urgent matter, meaning you can't wait to find out about it. I mean, if a woman has to take a bath, can she wait until the next day to find out? No, she has to know urgently. So if a person has access to someone

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who can answer their question, and that person is of the opposite gender, and is also knowledgeable, should a woman be shy of asking such a question? Not at all. She should not feel shy. You know, a person may say that why did the woman not simply ask him Salama? I mean, if you look at it for himself, Emma did not even know about it. The answer, she was unaware of the problem itself. And besides, she was too shy. So if the woman had approached him Selma, what kind of response would she have given? So the woman she needed the answer, she went directly to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And there was no shyness in that. But we see how appropriate she was that in the law,

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Elias the he, Allah is not shy of the truth. So she clarified her intention, right, that you really genuinely needs to know about this matter. It's regarding unhealth so she needs to know about it. So there are a number of lessons that we learn from this Hardee's First of all, we see that when ally is not shy of the truth, we should also not be shy of the truth. We learned in the Quran in the valley from Canada, the NaVi festa, HeMan como la de esta he, when the messenger is shy of telling you that you should leave but Allah is not shy. This is why a lot reveal those is studying the believers that don't come uninvited. And when you're invited somewhere, eat and leave. Don't stay

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there for chit chat. Another lesson that we learn in this hadith is that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam his status is like that of the father of the nation of the oma. We know that the wives of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam What are they known as? Manhattan mini? So the prophet SAW a lot of sudden was like a father. any concern? Any question? Anything that you need clarification on? Who do you turn to? Who do you turn to first your parents? And whoever is more knowledgeable concerning a particular matter? You ask them? And likewise, if you have a teacher and you ask the question from the teacher, it's perfectly fine. So the women even asking the prophets of Allah sent him directly,

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certain questions, there was nothing wrong in that. Why? Because his level was like that of a father of a teacher. And in that relationship, there must be no shyness when it comes to learning when it comes to learning about the harp. And this also shows to us that a teacher, no matter who he or she is, regardless of their age, their gender, their background, no matter who they are, they must be viewed with respect. They must always be viewed with respect, which means that when you have certain questions, which you may feel awkward, there is no harm in asking. But the thing is that you have to ask appropriately, you have to ask in a manner that is appropriate. Because sometimes people get

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offended. Why is a male teacher teaching such a subject? Sometimes people feel uncomfortable, but it's quite possible that he is the only one who is qualified enough. Or he has all that knowledge to clarify all those issues. So view him with respect, don't think that he has some, you know that he likes to talk about these things. No, he is only teaching you the heck. So view the teacher always always with respect. Another important lesson that we learn in this hadith is that the discharge that results from sexual activity that requires hustle, and because we see that the woman she had the * and as a result, she would be wet to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said if she is wet,

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if she finds herself wet, then she should take her back. So in other words on the excretion of money on the excretion of money is the hustle required and that money is the result of feeling pleasure. has continued had the tinnitus Marian Paula had the attorney Malika and Abdullah have me denarii on Abdullah have neuroma. So I believe in Irma he narrated that another Sula la his sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam Kala he said in the indeed min from a szegedi the trees indeed among the trees is what sheduled a tree. So, in other words, there is a type of a tree, which is such that lay yes,

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it does not fall, what does not fall, what are

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its leaves. So, there is such a tree whose leaves don't fall. One of the leaves of a tree generally fall when the season changes right at the time of fall or in winter, but this tree is such that even if the weather changes, still the leaves will not fall in other

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words it is evergreen. We're here and it is methanol Muslim. It is like the Muslim meaning it resembles the Muslim had this only tell me Maria What is it? So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam asked us a habit that you tell me what tree is that? So what happened for work our nurses of the people fell meaning they began, you know, they began answering with what kind of trees fi in szegedi badea. The trees of the desert. Meaning they started thinking about the trees that grow in the desert. So one person said that tree and other persons at that tree, meaning strange, unknown trees that are, you know, far away from the populations that you see in the desert, for power, if enough see so it

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happened in my heart, meaning I felt I thought in myself, that another indeed it is enough for the data to even remember that I thought in my right, that has to be the data file, Abdullah Abdullah. He said first, I hate to but I felt shy. I felt shy and I did not give the answer. Why? Why was he shy? Because he was the youngest. And the rest of the people over there were much older than him. And also it happens sometimes when people are giving different types of answers. Even if you think you're right. Don't you start doubting yourself? So he felt shy for kalu Yasuda, lots of the people they said O Messenger of Allah. Bittner be here, please tell us of it meaning we can't figure out

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you tell us what tree it is for Cora Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam he said he and it is the date palm, or Abdullah Abdullah, even remember he said, For hardest to ob. So I told my father, I narrated this to my father, meaning or model that I want to be my Walker, if enough of what I thought in my heart for all so he said, learn surely that the corner, you alter how you said it, if you had said it a half a year, it would be more beloved to me, mean then an akuna, Licata worker that certain such would belong to me. And your coonelly, it would be for me what carvaka such and such that and meaning, I would love it, I would love the fact that

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you had given the right answer more than I would love to have the different things of this world. Any amount of wealth? I'm not interested in that, what I would like much more is that you gave the answer over there. So in other words, he was implying that you should not have been hesitant over there, you should not have been shy over there. So these two are hobbies, they show to us that a person could be shy in giving the answer. And he could be shy in asking about something as well. And we see that of the two, what is more greater is not asking, okay, being shy. And as a result, not asking why? Because if a person does not ask, will you ever find out? No. But if a person does not

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give the answer, can somebody else give the answer? Yes. What is in your mind? Only you know about? The question that you have in your heart only you, you know want to know about it. But what somebody else wants to know who's going to keep asking and somebody or the other will give the answer? Or that person if he's the teacher, then he will eventually give the answer himself. So if you don't ask,

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that kind of shyness is not good at all. A person must always inquire about matters that are important. And this is in particular, it shows us two things. First of all, that it's quite possible that some things are very obvious, but everybody does not get it. I mean, the date palm tree, Medina is an oasis. So the date palm tree was all over Medina, people had orchards of the pumps. However, the people started thinking about the trees that grow in the desert, they start thinking about, you know, more far, you know, distant things, more complicated things, right, their mind went elsewhere, and something that was literally in front of them, they didn't even see that they didn't even

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consider that. So it's quite possible that sometimes something may be right in front of a person, but he doesn't see it. He misses it, and a loss of planetary gives it to somebody else. And then later on, you're like, why didn't I see that? How come I didn't get that? It's with the topic of Allah subhanaw taala to ask Allah for the trophy, that may Allah subhanaw taala make us very observant, very sensitive, that we notice things that are important. Sometimes it's possible that a person may appear to be, you know, sad and quiet and other people that like Yeah, okay. Now, something might be happening for another person, they take that seriously. And they go and ask, Is

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everything okay? Can I help you with something? And that could really have a great impact on the person. Right? We see sometimes the expressions of other people, and we completely disregard them and others they take the expressions of other people very seriously. You know, instead of Baccarat we learn about your sub Umoja, hello, of Nia, that the ignorant person he thinks that they're well off whereas in fact they're not well off they are in need 34 one bc

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Ma'am, you recognize them by their expressions. So many times it happens that some things are in front of you. But you don't even realize. Another important thing that we learned this hardy says that we learn about the supremacy of the neglect of the date bomb above other trees, how great it is compared to other trees, that it has so many good qualities, it has so many benefits that are not found in many other trees. So las panatela has kept this developer there's a difference in not just the people in their knowledge, but also in the rest of the creation as well. That minister here, whoever was try for another, so he commanded he instructed later who someone else other than Him to

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add with the question. So a person was shy of asking a question. So what did he do? He asked somebody else to ask on his behalf. Now, yes, a person should not have shyness when it comes to asking certain questions. But it's quite possible that a person feels shy asking from a particular person, from a particular person. Why because of a certain relationship that they have with him, or that it will reveal, you know, their situation or the embarrassing situation that they're suffering from. So they feel awkward asking that person, but then they don't even have any other choice. They can't even ask somebody else. Because if, for instance, you want to ask something from your mother,

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but you feel shy. I mean, if I asked my mother, what will she think about me? What will she say about me? But at the same time, you think that only she can answer that question? So what do you do? You have somebody else ask.

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So in other words, get the answer.

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However, it is possible for you, but get the answer. Similarly, it happens sometimes that if a person asks a question, then it reveals who he is or his position, he feels shy. Likewise, for instance, if there's a male teacher, then a woman feels shy asking about a particular question, because it's possible that he knows her. Right? So she feels hesitant at that point. So what should she do? She needs the answer. So she should adopt some other way. In asking the question, then handler these days, it is not difficult to ask questions anonymously, really, you know, make a fake email account and to send a question. That's all you have to do. It's not that difficult at all.

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Likewise, you could send a question in writing, and the teacher they can just read the question and give the answer. So in other words, whatever it takes, ask, Whatever method you can adopt, ask, but please, please, please get the answer. Because it's important. Have this and I will set the collar at the center of the law. He knew there would be an ambush on wonderin a Saudi and Mohammed an evening hanafy. Yeah, I leaned over and he said, Allah, he said, Come to, I was originally a man, my mother from muddy meaning the one who has a lot of money, what is money discharge? So I used to have excessive discharge, for a lot of too. So I commanded I asked a look that my dad one of the

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companions, and that yes, lnbs Allahu alayhi wa sallam that he should ask the Prophet sallallahu Sallam for Salah who so he asked him on my behalf for Carla. And then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said fee who will do with regards to that, what does he have to do, only will do and not hosts in tsunami that would another version of the same Hadees, we learned that I needed to know and who said that, because of that muddy he would be he would take a hustle every time. And he was taking about excessively to the point that it was affecting him physically. Imagine it was very exhausting, very tiring for him. So he wasn't a lot of hardship. And he wanted to know that it also was necessary, or

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if will do would suffice. But he was shy of asking the prophet SAW the Lotus and why do you think he would be shy? Asking about this question, because he was a son in law. He was the husband of his daughter. I mean, it's a sensitive relationship. And obviously, a man would want that his father and I would, you know, should always consider him as a good person. So he felt hesitant, he felt shy. And it also revealed, in a way an arrival of a person. It's not something that we know people talk about openly. It's a very private matter. So he did not want to reveal that. So this is why he asked me that to ask the question on his behalf. The answer is that the Prophet salallahu didn't get that

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you only have to do weirdo no hosel is required. Now, here we learn about money. And in the previous the hobbies that we learned before the Hardys own cinema, we learnt about money.

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Only that there are three types of discharge. I'm sure you've studied this, but it's perhaps been a while and some of you may be new to this. So it's important to know about this because it's a matter of muscle will do or no will do. Okay? So this is something that is very important for us. So even if you know about this, let's take this as a review. So there are three types of discharge that a man and woman may emit from their private parts and the rulings concerning each one of them is different. The first time of discharge is money. Okay, money and money has many characteristics. One of them is that it is thin

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Like a thin liquid, and it's also yellow and the prophets are a lot of them said that the water of the man is thick and white, and the water of the woman is thin and yellow. Secondly, this money this discharge also has a smell to it, it also has a smell to it. And thirdly, this discharge, it comes out of the body as a result of pleasure as a result of sexual pleasure. And upon its excretion, the desire ceases immediately.

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In other words, it is the result of an * and after that, it does not continue, money is not hid, it is clean. And what's the evidence of that, that I shall lead on her she says that she would scrape it off of the clothes of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and you know the stain would still be there. So it shows that it's not necessary to wash it off. If it's on the bed or the clothes of a person than the clothes or the bed the sheets they do not become unclean, no, it is tight, it is not essential even to wash it off from once floats. However, a person has to do husa phonics excretion once it's emitted muscle becomes wider. In other words, the person is in the state of Geneva, he has

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to take the whistle to become clean and this may happen when a person is awake, this may happen even at the time of you know when a person is asleep, it could be the result of * it could be the result of a dream it could be the result of sexual activity is the main thing is that it is the result of pleasure, it is the result of sexual enjoyment and after that the pleasure ceases. The second type of discharge is money which is mentioned in this Hardee's and money it is white and thin and it is emitted when feeling desire, okay, it is emitted when feeling desire. And also remember that it is not, it is not necessarily accompanied with pleasure in the sense that a person will be

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thinking a person will be feeling the person may be experiencing something However, he doesn't reach the height of pleasure. Okay, this is different from money. Money is from *, this is not from *, and for money, the desire does not cease when it is emitted. It's slightly different from it. And remember that money is not just money is not nudges, but money is and it must be washed off if it gets onto the body. And as for clouds, if it falls in the clouds of a person, then it's sufficient to just sprinkle water over it. It's not necessary that a person has to wash the clouds, but he may just sprinkle water over it and the emission of muddy also nullifies will do but it does

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not require a hosel. So if you see over here, it will do that right what was he told just to do, will do no hosel was required of him. Nervosa was required, but he did have to do will do an alter, remember that even if a person has a lot of money, meaning first and feels that you know that their desires to do you know rise up every now and then and they do feel something coming out. So even if it happens, a lot still a person has to do will do because look at the word mother that what does that mean? excessively a lot. So even if it happens a lot, then still a person has to do will do. And it's not necessarily that this is a result of some illness, no. Nor is it something wrong. It's

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something natural, it may happen to a person, and a person should be aware as to what he should do with it. And also remember that the ruling of money is between money and urine. The ruling of muddy is between money and urine. With regards to urine. What do we learn that if it falls in the cloth, what do you have to do? You have to wash? And if it is on the body again, you have to wash? Correct, but money. What do we learn about it that you don't have to wash the clothes, but you do have to wash the body. And we see that when it comes to muddy, muddy body you have to wash but the clothes you can just you can just sprinkle water over it. So it's somewhere between money and urine. The

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third type of discharge is the regular or you know the discharge that comes from the uterus. It's only specific to women. And a woman may not even notice it. And women vary with regards to its amount. Some women they have it a lot. Some women have it very, they hardly have it, but remember that it is light. In other words, the difference between money and the discharge that women have is that muddy is as a result of, you know, some feelings. Okay? But this other discharge that women have a woman has no control over it. It doesn't result from feelings. No, it doesn't result from anything. It's just natural. It happens and it is the head which means that the clouds don't need to

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be washed up. A woman does not have to wash herself and she does not have to do will do or go so the one that flows without

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Any pleasure for that no will do is required normal set as required no washing is required. money and money are both for men and women in both have it. But the third discharge, it's only for women. That the killer enemy. The killer in mentioning really talking about one foot here and also foot here meaning giving fatwa where fill mustard in the mustard. Is it okay to talk about knowledge, something beneficial to give fatwa to ask fatwa to give fatwa in the masjid? Yes, that is perfectly fine. A person may ask a question. And a person we also give the answer. A person may have a knowledgeable discussion as well, in the masjid. The thing is that it is only natural that when

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people are together, they will talk with one another, isn't it. So it's only natural that people will Converse many times you see that in the masjid, people are praying together, as soon as Islam is done, everybody starts talking to one another. Right. And it's interesting the kinds of things that people talk about, you don't want to listen to them, but you're sitting right next to them, we're sitting in front of them, we're behind them. And people talk about all sorts of things, you know, when they see their friends, or when they see their, you know, old friends that they haven't met since quite some time. So people talk about all sorts of things. In the masjid, it's only

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natural to do that. However, we see that a person should not just talk about, you know, his or her car or their children or their health or, you know, such worldly things. But a person should also may also talk about beneficial things about matters concerning because at the masjid is a place of worship. And it's a place of recitation of the Quran, it's a place for, you know, remembering a loss of personal data. So, at the place where you're praying, whatever you talk about should also be useful, beneficial, so that whatever you're talking about others don't get distracted by this recently, I was praying in the masjid, an optimist when I was sitting and doing lady couldn't. These

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women, they were talking about their doctors. And you know where that one doctor is where the other doctor isn't. As much as I was trying not to pay attention to their conversation constantly, my mind kept going there. So it distracted me. I felt as though I was eavesdropping. And I felt uncomfortable listening to that conversation, because it seemed somewhat private. I mean, you don't discuss about your health issues and your doctors and your due dates, you know, in public. So whenever we talk in the masjid, make sure that you talk about important things necessary things in a careful manner. And we see over here, they could well, 40 here. In fact, we're in a discussing

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relevant things, important things, so that even if somebody doesn't listen to you, they learn something interesting, they learn something beneficial, not hearsay, not things that people are, you know, passing around rumors, no important necessary things. And the question may be asked in a manner that only the one who is being questioned, hears and also other people may hear. So in other words, the question may be asked in a very low voice, and it may also be asked in a loud voice, it may be asked in a private conversation, and it may be asked in a group of people as well. There's no harm in that as long as other people are not disturbed. We should always be considerate of other

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people, if they're, you know, praying for Allah, or reciting Quran or talking to one another. So we should not do anything that would cause them to be disturbed. And it's only normal that when this will happen, voices will be raised. So this is the main issue. Can you raise your voice in the masjid for the purpose of for the purpose of asking fatwa for the purpose of giving the answer to a fatwa? Yes, voices may be raised for that purpose. It doesn't mean that people start yelling at each other. No, but a person may raise his voice or her voice for this purpose. Because some scholars they said that it is not allowed to raise your voice in the masjid. Because whenever something like

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this happened, it was discouraged at the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam at the time of the companion. So you can't ask you know fatwas and such things in a machine. But remember her is proving that no, this is perfectly fine. Because massage there are places of worship, and there are also places for Darlene.

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To put a bit of looser Eden Paula had done a lace of nosara then Carla had gotten a nephron molar or delay kidney remora

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thought about the LA hip neuroma analogy, that indeed a man Allah He stood. Where did he stand Phil Masjid in the masjid for color and then he said Yasuda LA or messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam min aina min from a nowhere meaning at which place? At what point? To Muna Do you instruct us view command us and that new Hilah? We do? delete a lot. And what does that mean to enter the state of your home? So at which point at which place? Should we wear our home and basically a wireless refer assault with LBL to raise one's voice with the Tobia meaning to say loudly lavaca long Miller Baker Baker O'Meara

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are in the bank alone. So it is to raise one's voice with a little bit. When do you say that when you do that, at the time when you put on your home, isn't it? When you put on your farm at that time you say out loudly that albia and this is why it's called because when we're halala What does it mean to raise one's voice? That when a child is born, and he cries that also is called halala. Okay, and found this is the word Hillel, the crescent. Why? Because when the people cite the crescent, that means the beginning of the new month. So as a result, they would raise their voices. So likewise, when a person puts on the arm, he raises his voice with the telopea. So the man asked,

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Where do you instruct us that we should put on the arm at which place for Coronavirus with the laws of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he responded that you Hindu, Medina, the people of Medina, they should put on their home where min Ville halifa so at the halifa when they reach their, the people of Medina should put on there, how long? Has anyone done it? until her labor. So you do that when you're going from Medina to Makkah from LA, you stop at the halifa and you put on your arm over there. So you have no other Medina to mingle her labor, where you Hindu and Lucia me and the people of meaning Sham, as in Syria, when they come towards Makkah, in order to

00:31:20 --> 00:32:02

perform a moral Hajj, where should they put on their home Minal Jaffa at this place where you Hello Allah, Nigerian, middle continent, and the people of Nigeria, they should put under home at the point of all of these places are basically, you know, at a certain distance away from Makkah, but obviously they are in different directions. So depending on which direction somebody is coming from, that is where they would put on their home, what color is normal, and even a little bit over on who he's the one who narrated this Hardee's. So after narrating this Hadith, he also added that was Ramona and they say who, some other companions, they say that under Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa

00:32:02 --> 00:32:41

sallam Allah, that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, he also said at this point, that way you Hill lulea many men, lm lamb, that the people of Yemen when they come for a Mullah, they should put on their home. At the point of view, lm lm is a name of a place, what kind of Nirmalya cool and even more used to say, Lamb of a heavy mineral. So like for the last video, so No, I did not understand this from the messenger of a loss of a lot. So the meeting, I did not learn this from him. So because I did not learn this from him, this is why I'm not going to narrate it to you, as the Hadith of the Prophet total autism, okay, as a command as an instruction that is coming from

00:32:41 --> 00:33:21

him, because I did not learn this directly from him. However, I've heard that some other companions they say that the people of Yemen should also put on their home at Yama. What does it show about how careful you was when you narrated the Hadees, he only narrated what he was sure of what he understood what he heard. And if there was something else that the companion said that they had heard something or they thought that the Prophet said a lot of them said something, he would only narrate it as the statement of the companions is not and not the statement of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So this Hadees tells us about the obligation of putting on the plan, from the mentioned

00:33:22 --> 00:34:06

market that what's the monocot those that are mentioned in the Hardys, and depending on which direction a person is coming from. He has to put under your hand when he reaches these points. That meant a job. So either the one who responded who gave the answer to who? The questioner, the one who gives the answer to the one who is asking, How does he give the answer, be accurate, with more memory than what Salah who he asked him? What does this mean? What does this chapter heading mean? That the one who gives the answer to the second, what kind of an answer more than what he asked about? So in other words, he doesn't just give the answer, but he also add something else. He tells

00:34:06 --> 00:34:45

him some extra information that the person did not inquire about, why does it give him that extra information to show that he knows a lot? No. so that it can help him understand better? Because he feels the need to understand that as well. So although the person did not ask about it, he mentioned it anyway. Because he knows that it is very important to know about that matter. Sometimes it happens that, you know, people don't ask questions, as they should ask me questions are not clear. or questions are incomplete. Or person is only asking about a certain thing. And you know, there are many other things that they should know about. But they don't think about it. It could be due to

00:34:45 --> 00:34:59

lack of knowledge, lack of understanding, whatever it may be. So if you know and using it, the person should know then you tell them. So for example, just recently somebody was telling me about how the sheriff whenever he's asked by young kids, his music how long

00:35:00 --> 00:35:11

He doesn't say oh yeah, it's how long you should listen to. He asks him Tell me are the lyrics Hello? Are the lyrics Hello? And they say not always. Okay, is the video Hello?

00:35:12 --> 00:35:53

No, it's whatever have whatever is happening in the video that you see is that Hello? The sin not exactly said okay, you judge yourself. So the person is just asking about the instruments, okay, the music part, but you make them understand by giving them additional information that look, the lyrics are not okay, we know whatever is happening that is not okay. So how can you think that the sound will be okay? I mean, that's something very insignificant if you think of the rest of it. Right? If you look at the rest of it, the music is just one part of it. And it's not as bad as the lyrics and as what's happening. So giving additional information that is very beneficial and does not add

00:35:53 --> 00:36:03

remove or add dishonor if need be. When I naseeruddin I live near O'Meara notice a chain, notice a chain, how short is

00:36:04 --> 00:36:08

had the Santa Adam or ignore it or nothing?

00:36:10 --> 00:36:32

For only That's it, the golden chain, right? Aren't in the beistle Allahu alayhi wa sallam. So we see that towards the end of February, no hurry is, you know, he's showing us about that how great it can be and Subhanallah the kind of knowledge that he had, that he had the golden chain, right. I mean, he had, you know that janin in which was the Golden Chain as well.

00:36:34 --> 00:37:25

And also farms. So he also narrated this on Salomon and miromar. The two chains linking up to even more, I need to be sallallahu early, he was setting them from the messenger of a loss of the lover to send them and that Aijalon that indeed a man said Allah who he asked him that a man asked the Prophet salallahu Salam Marielle Basu what he should wear, who should wear a limo him the person who is in your home. So the person who is in your home What should he wear for color? So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he responded les Albus, he should not wear alchemise the shirt when ullery mama and nor their mama what a subtle wheel and nor the Sahrawi bonus nor the bonus, Wallah and nor so

00:37:25 --> 00:38:13

been a garment must sell who it has touched it, what has touched it and worse worse has touched it. Oh, is there a foreign or is that foreign? So, nor a garment that has been colored or touched by worse or is our foreign for 11 years it so if he does not find a narrow lane, do sandals? fully Albus then he should wear a little fain do socks while he actor Houma and he should cut them to Hatter until you akona both the socks are better quervain under the ankles. The man just asked the Prophet sallallahu Sallam what should the Muslim wear what clothes should he wear? So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he didn't tell him okay this were two piece of cloth airplane No, he told him he

00:38:13 --> 00:38:54

should not wear this and this and this and this and with regard to the feet you have to wear this and if you cannot find this then do this instead. So he gave him a very very detailed answer. So that the person does not have any confusion left at all. He told him that a person in Islam may not wear if commies what is a communist means is liberal button. It's the garment that a person wears on his body, it could be covering part of the body or the entire body. So for example, it could be a shirt that comes up to the hip or lower or it could be such that it comes up to the feet okay comes down to the feet or a little above that okay especially for the men. So, what is

00:38:56 --> 00:39:48

the shirt or the dress reversal button? Secondly, a person may not wear remember what is it remember the turban live so Vox what is worn on the head and it shows that men may not cover their heads with anything obviously a woman has to cover her head not within her mama but obviously it's understood. Thirdly, Sarah we know Sarah will as well in your home. What are Sahrawi trousers what is worn as fall button meaning on the lower part of the body. So pants or trousers even that cannot be worn. And also burners burners cannot be worn. Either. What is a bonus bonus is a hood. What is it a hood. It's basically a long loose clock that has a hood attached to it. And it's worn by the people off

00:39:48 --> 00:39:59

molded. What is Muslim, Morocco. So the people of Morocco, they used to wear this and we see this today as well. That the kind of you know the jilbab or

00:40:00 --> 00:40:42

The women or even the men, the controller that they wear, it has a hood attached to it. So a person cannot even wear such a cloak that has a hood on it. So he covers his head with that. Nor should a person wear a garment that has been touched by waafs or is are full on what is what what is a plant that was used to make a yellow dye. It's a plant that was used to make a yellow dye and therefore on it's known for its lovely color. And it also it's beautiful fragrance. So in other words, the garment should not be colored, nor should it be perfumed, it should not be colored, and this is about the men, okay, don't think it's about you. So it should not be colored and it should not be

00:40:42 --> 00:41:25

perfumed, either. So this shows that before putting the alarm on, you know, they cannot put behold or rude or you know, such things on the hand to make it smell nice. Now, you can't do that. And he said that on the feet, what should a person we're not rolling. Have we read this word before fala narrowly remove your narrow Lake, your sandals. And now Elaine, our sandals, which are such that mean the foot is bare, basically, you have something beneath your foot, okay to protect the feet from below. And on top, you only have a strap just to keep the sandal together just to keep the sandal on your shoe. So you can say something like slippers, and sandals with, you know, minimum

00:41:25 --> 00:42:05

part of the front of the top of the foot or the side of the foot covered. So a person should wear sandals in your home. And if that is not possible for a person, he cannot find it, he cannot afford it, then what should you do, you should wear socks. And obviously these are leather socks, you can't be expected to wear cotton socks when you go for a heroin because they will get dirty and you won't be able to wear them for a long time. And they would defeat the purpose of wearing shoes. So leather socks, however, what's the condition that you got them? You got them so that the ankles are bare? Okay, they have to be exposed. And this is obviously for the men. Now we see here that the buffet

00:42:05 --> 00:42:46

sort of Allison gave a very detailed answer to the men so that there was no misunderstanding, no confusion whatsoever. And this teaches us that the answer does not have to conform to the question that is asked. It's best that you know, whatever a person is asking you give that response you give that answer, but it's not necessary that you limit your answer to the question that is asked that you only give what the person is asking about No, if you feel that there is a need it is necessary, then you may add, you may add something, you may give additional information. And this will only come this you will only be able to do when you when you understand the question, you realize the

00:42:46 --> 00:43:28

need of the person, you read into the question that what does the person need to know? So for example, if there's, you know, a person was asking about that, say, or there is a young child, and they're asking about for instance, child abuse, okay? I mean, it tells that this is something that's bothering them. So as for example, the teacher you should be concerned and you should find out, you know, you should be careful. Likewise, if a person is asking a question concerning a health issue, then again, you should be sensitive towards the needs of the people. Okay, and this will only come with no, sir, with well wishes, the more good you want for the person, the more sensitive you will

00:43:28 --> 00:44:03

become towards your questions. Now, many times children, they ask questions, and, you know, their questions result from what they're thinking what's going on in their heads. So as a parent, as an older sibling, as a teacher, as an older sister, if a child asks a question, you know, pay attention to that. So for example, if you know, if you're teaching somebody about the rules of grammar rules, and you tell them, you know, this is fairly mildly and they say what's fair, and you say it's a verb, and you continue explaining what family is, they don't even know what Farrell is, and you're talking about family, and then you're going to the different types, the different you know, sila, so

00:44:03 --> 00:44:41

they don't even understand the main thing. So always understand the question what the question means. But this does not mean that anytime a person asks a question, you always give a very detailed answer. Now, this was not the habit of the Prophet sodalite. his usual habit was to keep his speech brief and to the point. However, when he felt that there was more explanation needed, then he would give that the man asked what he should wear the prophets that a lot of them told him what he should not wear. So in other words, anything that you can find except for this, anything that you're able to except for this, when you are teaching, your goal is not just to make sure that whatever you have

00:44:41 --> 00:44:59

written in front of you is written in front of the student now that they've copied all the notes, no, the point is that they should be able to understand and for that, if there is anything extra that you need to explain something additional, then go ahead and do that. Because otherwise you cannot achieve the purpose the objective of teaching. So

00:45:00 --> 00:45:42

we seen this the beautiful manner of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, his manner of Tallinn. And that he gave to the people what they needed to know. If you look at this as the conclusion of kuttabul. And at the end of Kitab, there in Pompeii mentioned about giving more than what somebody is asking about, a person may feel, you know, when he's reading the tabular in that there are many things that are not that big of a deal. Or that for whatever reason, we just need to know about the felida of the reward, you know, the basic basic things. But if you study now that you studied, you see, so many points he has mentioned, which apparently seem obvious, or, to us, they don't seem as

00:45:42 --> 00:46:03

important. But he has mentioned every point more than what people want to know why, because he feels that it's necessary for us to know. And also, one more thing, I want you to notice that towards the end of tabular, in all of the headings that he's mentioned, they speak about 50 issues, especially taharah. hench, will do.

00:46:04 --> 00:46:14

And the next chapter is the next keytab is kuttabul, we'll do that slowly, we're being prepared to understand the more complicated matters are

00:46:15 --> 00:46:52

that this very important manner that we see in the way of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, that when a person asked about something, he explained everything to him in detail, more than what the person wanted to know, every detail, not just the clothes, but also what to wear in the head and what to wear on the feet, you know, the whole outfit he explained extra information you get why, so that the man is completely clear about what he can wear and what he cannot wear. Likewise, when we're doing anything, you know, even for example, a doctor when he's prescribing the medicine, you know, if he takes time to explain to the patient, or the parents of the patient, that you know, this is the

00:46:52 --> 00:47:24

medicine and this is why you should have it. And this is what it's about, this is what it will do. And this is the next step. If a doctor gives you medicine like that, you feel much more comfortable taking it. And if you go to a doctor, and they say, Okay, how can I help you today? What's happening, I just tell them what the problem was in the Ryder prescription and they give it to you like what has happened. You can't trust the doctor, you can't trust what they've given you wonder if they even understood what the problem was. Right? I remember I went to two completely different doctors for something and one doctor was like, so you have any questions? And I'd be like, no, the

00:47:24 --> 00:47:58

doctor would come in and go out quickly within literally less than a minute. And the other doctor, they will take like 15 minutes, half an hour sometimes explaining everything, you know, asking everything, making sure everything was okay. And I understood. And I remember they would give leaflets read it. And if you have any questions, ask, and they would ask Did you read it? You have any questions about it? Do you know what this is? Are you comfortable about this? So it's a completely different experience. So even for instance, when we are at this institute, and somebody comes and they you know and they seem a little lost and they ask you, where's the masjid, don't

00:47:58 --> 00:48:35

distract them to where the masjid is ask them. So what brings you here today, maybe they're here to find their child to meet the teacher or to you know, to see the bookstore or something. So with your, you know, proactiveness with you're paying attention to them, and being interested in them, you will be able to benefit them in a much better way. You know, there's some people who just take orders and do it exactly as they were told nothing else. And there are other people who are productive from before and whatever they are given to do, they take an extra step they do their son. So what is required of us is our son. You know, some people study for the sake of the test, but

00:48:35 --> 00:49:07

other people study for the sake of studying in order to know more in order to increase in their knowledge. And there is a difference, a huge difference. The person who studied for the test, he forgets right after the test, and the person who study seriously and he retains that knowledge and he benefits from it. So it's a complete difference of attitudes, the differences of being interested and not being interested, being selfish or being caring. Okay, inshallah we'll conclude over here this panic alarm will be handed Ganesha will lay the inlanta as the federal governor to be like Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Lesson 42 – Chapter 50-53 Hadith 130-134

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