Taimiyyah Zubair – Aqeedah 24

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the concept of "will" and how it is determined by intentions and a person's result. They stress the importance of accepting of one's behavior and avoiding negative words and actions. They also emphasize the need for people to confirm their deeds and avoid criticizing past actions. The speakers use examples of the movie The Greatest Showdown and explain that the film is a storytelling experience where one is in a similar situation and wants to see it happen. The film is shot in a small hotel for a period of time.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu 101 a salir lotta pseudogene Karim and my word for the villa him in a shade legal regime Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim for bishr it is solidity where Sidley MD, tata melissani. Coco Lee probenecid nerima belief in God, the Divine Decree.

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We ended at page number 73. And we were discussing about freewill. We learned that part of a mother is Allah soprano dharnas will. So what does that mean? That only when Allah wills that something should happen, then it takes place? Correct? Well Masha, Allah, Allah and inshallah, we cannot even intend to do something plan to do something unless and until Allah soprano data allows it. So does this mean that only Allah wills and the rest of the creation does not have any freedom to make their own decision or other will something?

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No, people also have your other isn't that so? If people did not have irata, then we would not have been held accountable for our intentions. But we see that actions are determined by intentions and a person's result, meaning the result of his deeds, the reward or punishment for a particular deed is also based upon what the intention that he had behind it, if a person is performing a good action, but behind that is an evil intention. For that good action, there's no reward, right? And on the other hand, if a person is you know, doing a good action with a good intention, then inshallah he will have reward. So, we see that human will intention does matter. But then how do we resolve this,

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that Allah subhanaw taala is will always dominate, when Allah will something only then anything can take place? How do we put that together? Basically, if you understand it as this, that our will, is part of Allah zoo,

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in the sense that his will encompasses our will,

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he will first and then we will,

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you understand, he allows, and then we intend, this is just like, a law allows that a tree should grow. And then the tree grows.

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A law allows that someone be born and then that particular individual is born. So anything that happens in this universe, tangible or intangible, it happens when, after a loss of eternal darkness will.

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And part of what happens in this universe is also our will. So we do have free will pay attention. Okay, don't think that Oh, this is so confusing. Pay attention to every word that I'm saying and then inshallah you'll be able to understand, okay, so our will is part of a lot of penalties with Now this does not mean that we don't have free will. Of course, we have free will. Okay, this is just like, think of it as this. You go into a building, and there is an elevator, the elevator is allowed to go up and down. Is it so Allah subhanaw taala has allowed us to do whatever go up or down. Okay, now, we go in, we step into the elevator, do we have the choice of going on either the

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fifth floor or going on v3? Do we have the choice? Yes, we do. All right. But when can we take the elevator up or down when the elevator is allowed to go? Up and down? Okay. Sometimes it happens that you walk into a certain elevator and you find out that it's locked, not allowed to go up or down, or this particular elevator does not go down. If you want to go down you have to take another elevator. Isn't that so? So Allah subhanaw taala allows, and then we are allowed to do whatever we want. We have the freewill.

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You understand. And this is true with regards to everything in this universe. Our will is not anything different when it comes to this issue. Okay, so Allah allows, he is the source and we perform actions by our own choice and this is the reason why we are responsible. Now, the next question is reliance upon Allah soprano data debacle as the adopting means. So for example, if a person says, Well, you know, if Allah subhanaw taala has allowed for something to happen, it's going to happen anyway. Why should I bother to strive? If I'm going to get better, then why should I bother to take medication? Why should I should we

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Should we not? We should but think about it. If it's in your decree that you're going to get better, you're going to get better even without that medication. So, if you think about it, in many of these, we learned that the people asked the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is this whole matter decreed, meaning everything is a decree decided from before what's going to happen? does Allah know about it? And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Yes. So they asked, and why should we strive? He said, each person is going to be facilitated, to what he is destined for, meaning you do what is within your ability, and at the end, you get what is destined for you. All right. So in this we learned, for

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example, Hadith and Muslim, that for every disease is a cure. And when the cure is applied to the illness, then it is cured with the permission of Allah.

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Meaning, you adopt the means you take the medication, you go sit in the car, if the cure is destined for you, if getting to a particular destination is destined for you, then what's going to happen, you're going to get there. And if it's not meant for you, then even if you take that medication 1000 times, you're not going to get better. And even if you drive for a year, you're not going to get to that place because it's not destined for you. Okay, so, Erica, what? tire camel and rely upon Allah subhanaw taala. But in tying the camel, don't rely upon the camel. adopt the means, but rely upon who? Allah soprano with that.

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And also remember that no matter what means we adopt, it can never change the fate. Okay? So for example, you take the medication, you undergo the treatment, but at the end, you don't get better. Okay, so what does that mean? That that was meant for you that was decreed for you, no matter what you had done, it would not have changed it. So at the end, what should the attitude of the of the believer be acceptance and surrender? But that should be when, after trying everything that is within his ability, like you see the profit sort of all the sudden when he went for budget? How many people were the 300?

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Did they say forget it? Let's not go for it. No, they were put in that situation. And they had to face the enemy. But what did they do them? Just stand here and do nothing? No, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam prayed made the law. He prepared the companions. They had a strategy, right? They used whatever means they had. And then Alhamdulillah Allah help also came and they got what was meant for them.

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Means you use them you adopt them, but they're not everything. In the Battle of her name, what happened? The Muslims had all the resources, and it's our job at Combe catarratto. They were very amazed and pleased by their great numbers, but then what happened? didn't help them. Right? So this doesn't mean that you don't adopt the means you adopt the means because this is what we see the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sunnah. But remember, that the means cannot change the fate. They take you to your feet.

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They take you to your feet to what is destined for you.

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One more thing, that whatever is decreed is neither increased nor decreased. Meaning whatever Allah subhanaw taala has written for a person it is not going to increase it is not going to decrease. Abdullah reported that on Habiba the wife of Allah's Messenger sallallahu Sallam she once said, Oh Allah enable me to derive benefit from my husband, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, and from my father, Abu sufian, and from my brother, where are we? Many women makes such difference. That Oh Allah, please don't let my father die before me Don't let my husband die before they take me first, because what am I going to do? If these people around me are gone? How am I going to survive?

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So, she made a seminar though, that let me derive benefit from my husband, my father, my brother, the prophets, a lot of them said you have asked from Allah about durations of life which are already set and the length of days already allotted. And the sustenances mean the risk the share of which has been fixed.

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Meaning your brother's life, your husband's life, your father's life, your life is fixed from before Alright, it cannot be increased or decreased by even a day. There is that is meant to come to you is already fixed. A lot would not do anything earlier before it's due time, or he would not delay anything beyond its due time. And if you were to ask a lot to provide you refuge from the punishment of the Fire, or from the punishment of the grid, it would have good in store for you and better for you also.

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Meaning instead of asking a lot of panel data to lengthen somebody's life or to show

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It No, instead what should you do? ask Allah for good in the Hereafter, because that is what really matters. So, whatever is written for a person, his lifespan his risk is written, it will not be increased, nor will it be decreased. In another Hadith and Muslim, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam said, and his deeds and actions, his death, his livelihood, these are also recorded, meaning before a child is born, all these matters are written, then his document of destiny is rolled, and there is no addition nor subtraction from it,

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it will not be increased, and it will not be decreased. But then, don't we learn that, for example, if a person really wants something to happen, then he makes a vow another that Oh Allah, if you allow me to get better, I will give this much in South Africa. If you grant me a child, then I will give this much in charity. Now that isn't that permissible? It is permissible. So then, aren't you trying that fate should be changed? No. Because remember that vows even do not change fate. In a Hadith, the Muslim we learned the Prophet sallallahu discouraged The taking of vows, he said do not make another Why? Because it has no effect against fate, it is only from the miserly that something

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is extracted, meaning of a child is meant for you, you're going to have the child even without you giving all that in charity. If health is decreed for you, you're going to get healthy, even without making this promise with a lot that you will give such amount in charity. So then how does it work? Don't we know that even though I can change it, you see, whatever is destined for you, okay, is going to happen. And you're making a vow, or you're making the art, okay, you're doing slid out over him, for instance, all of that is also written

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clear, meaning it is written from before that this individual is going to make law. And then as a result of that, draw this and this will happen, this person is going to make another and such and such is going to happen.

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You understand? Think of it as Have you ever worked on a Word document, edited somebodies Word document, and use track changes,

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of use track changes? What attract changes, okay. But when you're editing a document, you basically if you turn track changes on, then any edits that you make,

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it's in a different color. And there's a note on the side that this change was made by such and such individual at this and this time, this is how it was originally. And this is how it has become now. So for example, there was a word, Amina, you erased it, and you replaced it with Ayesha Okay, so it's gonna say on the side, Amina erased by so and so person and replaced with Ayesha. So now you have the original document, Track Changes are also there. So you see that how it was before then a change happen and then it continued. Okay. So when a person makes the law, when a person makes a vow, okay, then that is also a part of fate that is also a part of God. There's a statement of even

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our best lovely though.

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Good, which is mentioned on your last page page number 78. We're in our bustled widow on who said precaution cannot protect against other

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and indeed there are rebels the other

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there are can rebel the cuddle being something evil that was destined for you you make Dora or Allah please remove this from me please, you make things easier for me. So the out will repel the cuddle and when it repels the father, then it is also part of

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when it repels the other, then it is also part of other so basically the entire process the entire process, okay, this is going to happen to a person, however, he will make the law and then it's not going to happen. You see, the whole process is all written. We don't know. We don't know what's going to happen. We don't know what what lies in the future. But Allah subhanaw taala already knows from before because it has an effect on your mentality then when you keep you know thinking, if this person is alive, then I'll be safe. If this person is okay then I'll be okay. Instead we should be relying upon who Allah soprano. This does not mean that we should not make the law. We have been

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encouraged to make the always yes

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But at the end Remember that no matter how much there are you will make what is going to happen

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what is destined for you right and even when that die is going to be accepted and is going to be responded to that is also all part of unless prior knowledge okay and allows prior knowledge means what it is

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like for example, it is known to Allah subhanaw taala from before this person has the choice of doing similar to Rahim or not doing so, that if he does say that over him, his life for 50 years will be extended to 60 years, if he does not do so, that for him his life for 50 years will remain to be 50 it will not be increased. Okay, so Allah subhanaw taala knows from before which route that person is going to take do we know? No, we don't know.

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Now everything happens according to Allah's decree and what is the last decree his knowledge in a hadith and Muslim Mohammed the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam said Allah exalted has decreed for every servant five things, his lifespan, His provision, his actions, and if he will be fortunate or unfortunate, it is written from before. In other versions, we also learned that even his mugdha, where he's going to sleep, even that is written,

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even that is written for a person as to where he's going to sleep. In a hadith and Muslim vo said, I met some companions of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam who would say that everything is according to Allah decreed, this was the understanding of the companions. Now, what all happens according to the decree, what everything part of that is guidance and misguidance if a person is guided, Allah subhanaw taala knew that from before if a person is misguided, Allah subhanaw taala knew that from before.

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If a person is guided, Allah gives him Sophia, whether it is of rushed of ban of railing of armor, a loss of panel data, gives that they'll feel and hold land, if Allah abandons a person, meaning decides to not guide him, that is also part of decree. Of course, there are reasons behind that. Why Allah would guide a person and why Allah would not offer guidance to a person. There is a reason behind that. Right? And hamdulillah you are familiar with those reasons. In the Muslim world, we learned the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam said, Allah created his creation in darkness, and cast from his light upon them that day, whoever that light fell upon was guided, and whoever missed

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it went astray. Meaning Allah knew from that point, who is going to follow the guidance, and who is not going to follow the guidance?

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Does it mean that people on whom the light did not fall upon it wasn't their fault? It just, it just means that Allah knows who is going to accept that guidance and who's going to reject it. We see in the Quran, the examples of so many people to whom guidance was presented over and over again in different different ways. What was the problem? It was them, if they wanted to accept there was no reason to deny. Right? But because they did not want to accept and the truth, they didn't accept it. It's because they did not want it into an earlier one I 160 answer como la Villa Holly Baraka lucam if he abandons you, if he leaves you to yourself does not offer guidance to you from another lady

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and solocom embargo, then who can help you after

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meaning, ultimately, guidance misguidance is in Allah's hand, he guides whoever he wills, and he leaves a stray whoever he wills and who is it that he wills to guide the one who wants to be guided,

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then we see part of everything is also the appearance and the disposition of every person. That is also according to decree, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam said Allah created Adam from a handful which he took from the whole of the earth, a handful of what clay that he took from where from all over the earth, and you see that some parts of the earth meaning some clay is yellow, other is dark, other is red, that you see different shades. Just the other day somebody sent me a picture of their children playing somewhere in Saudi Arabia in sand. And I was so shocked with the color of that sand it was red, you see gray sand here and over there it was red orangish red. So different

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colors, okay. So a lot of palettes are created add them from a handful of clay which he took from were all over the earth. So the children of Adam are in accordance with the earth, some are red, some are white, some are dark, and some are a mixture mixture. So we see that this variation in the color of human beings is a slight variation in

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in mud and heat.

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Said also smooth and rough,

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smooth and rough, some types of clay, mud, very smooth, soft, isn't it?

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And some very rough

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and just like that some people in their nature, very smooth, very gentle, and others very rough, some are bad, some are good meaning in their nature. So we see that a person's appearance, His disposition is also according to this fate this other. So what should we do?

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laugh at others, criticize others

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provision, the Messenger of a loss of a lot of sense that do not feel despair because of delay in provision that you want something and you haven't had it for two years for three years. You're hoping that Allah subhanaw taala would increase you in your provision, but you don't see anything like that happening? What did the prophet SAW a lot of them said do not feel despair, because of delay in provision, because a servant cannot die until the last of his provision reaches him. If a particular bite of food is meant for him, he cannot die except after eating it.

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Except after eating it, therefore,

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adopt beauty and moderation in seeking it in seeking what your provision

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because what is meant for you, you're gonna get it. So what should you do? Seek through her own means? seek it through unlawful means no. Adopt beauty in attaining what Allah subhanaw taala has written for you. And moderation meaning Be patient. Don't be hasty.

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Because sometimes it happens that we make hasty decisions that I better take everything right now. Because if I don't take it, I'm never gonna get it. No. If it's meant for you, you'll get it 20 years from now, even if it is meant for you. And if it's not meant for you, you're not going to get it now, you're not going to get it 20 years later, because provision is according to decree, take what is lawful and leave what is forbidden.

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Then we see that sickness is also part of

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the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, four characteristics of the time of ignorance shall remain in my own mouth that people will never leave.

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For characteristics from when the time of ignorance and this will remain in the oma people will not leave it. First of all, Nia, what is that? Nia,

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you don't know, the when somebody dies, but their family members they cry and wail, especially the women that cry and wail and make others cry.

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They make others cry, they create such a scene that everybody wants to cry. So this is something that the prophets of autism said will remain. And people think really, that it is necessary to cry when somebody passes away.

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It is like part of culture almost it is expected of a person that they must cry when somebody dies. I mean, crying is natural. Even the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did that. Right? He even wept when his son passed away. When his grandchildren passed away. He wept. But we see, he didn't cry to the extent that he lost control of himself.

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Or he cried loudly. No. He discouraged that. So this was something that used to happen at the time of ignorance, where women used to, you know, not comb their hair, not wash themselves up, and just remain in that state of sadness, and cry and cry. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, this will remain in my oma, do we see this? Yes, burn in the matter of lineage criticizing others, because of their lineage. Are you from here?

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You're from this country? You're from this race. This is your ancestry, making fun of others because of their lineage. Is this true? Yes, it happens till today.

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And they're saying about disease that it is contagious.

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They're saying about disease that it is contagious. But aren't diseases contagious? Don't we learn that?

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He said that 100 camels became sick because of one sick camel.

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They say that you know that one camel was sick. And because of that once a camel. All the rest of the camels got sick. There was this one person who came in with a cough. And since then 15 people have that cough.

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Do we say these things all the time.

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But don't we learn that diseases are contagious? I mean, scientifically, if you think about it, is it not proven? Okay? It is

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Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, but who caused the first camel to become sick?

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who caused that first camel to become sick? Where did that sickness come from? And lots of penalties to happen, right? And then why is it that out of a group of 100, only 15 people catch that disease? Because Allah allowed them to catch it. Because the the factors that can make a sick, they're always around us. Right? They're always there. If you have to become sick, there could be something very small that could make you sick. Once my I got infected, I couldn't understand how research research about it, read about it, and found out that sometimes what happens is that a small, you know follicle in your skin, if in that some bacteria goes in, and if it spreads, then that's it, that

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infection can happen. But the thing is that there's bacteria on your skin all the time, why is it that at that particular occasion, that was allowed to happen? Because Allah subhanaw taala allowed it?

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Isn't that so? So remember that saying this, I got sick because of such and such person.

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I got sick because of the weather, I got sick, because everybody in my family is sick, these statements are incorrect.

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And let's start avoiding them make a conscious effort to avoid saying such statements. If I am sick, it's because Allah allowed that to happen. Because we see that sometimes there is a contagious disease, all right, and there are people who are present over there, but they don't get sick, they don't get sick, and there are others who get sick instantly. Why? Allah save some, and Allah allowed some to suffer. So the fact is that illness comes from

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a loss of panadol not only when he allows it, and they're saying, about the stars, that it rained, because of such and such star, that such and such event happen because of such an touchstar

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so in this Hadees What do we do in the sicknesses also from who, unless the pounds are meaning it is part of other

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manners, the Messenger of Allah said a lot of things that Allah has divided amongst you your manners, just as he is divided amongst you your provisions. That is also part of

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intelligence and foolishness. You know, some people are more smart compared to others. The prophets are a lot of them said everything is according to decree, even weakness and intelligence in aptitude and intelligence. Both are part of a lot. Because sometimes it happens that some family members, they get very upset with certain other family members, that why don't they just get it? Why are they like this? Sometimes children, parents expect too much out of them. They don't realize that perhaps it is beyond their capability. They don't have that ability right now. So accept it, and help the child instead of blaming the child. It's not his fault. Every child learns at his own pace. And some

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children learn certain things and others, they just never learn those things. Right. So remember that that is also part of fate, intelligence and foolishness, worldly gain, meaning anything that you get in dystonia. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Whoever is focused only on this world, Allah will confound his affairs and may configure poverty constantly. And he will not get anything of this world except that which has been decreed for him. And whoever is focused on the Hereafter, Allah will settle his affairs for him, and make him feel content with his loss, and His provision and worldly gains will undoubtedly come to him. So anything that is meant for you in this world, it

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will come to you, children, the Messenger of Allah sort of autism said, no soul is ordained to be created, but Allah will create it. Because some people are heard saying statements like, you know, if we had decided to have children earlier, than maybe we would have had children by now, if I had gotten made earlier, maybe I would have had children. But the fact is that if Allah had decided to create a particular soul, then you would have had that child, even if you were 60 years old, even if you were 40 years old. I know this one friend of mine, imagine she was 19 years old, or something like that. And her mother, who was 40 Plus, became pregnant.

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Can you imagine?

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Allah subhanaw taala decides, right? If someone is meant to have a child, they're going to have it regardless of their age, regardless of their physical strength, doesn't matter. They will have it because children, meaning the children that are going to be given to a person that is also part of fate,

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the time and place of death. The prophets are a lot of times that if the appointed time of death of any one of you is in a certain way

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And some need will cause him to go there. And when he reaches the furthest point that decree, Allah takes his soul. And it happens sometimes that a person for the first time ever traveled from his own country to another place and as soon as he gets there

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accident or he dies

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and on the Day of Resurrection the earth will say, My Lord, this is what you interested to me. Meaning here's the person. This is his body. This is where he was buried inside of me.

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Yeah, why not?

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Being Sharpie or Saeed who is struggling, unfortunate sorry, fortunate. The unfortunate will end up in Hellfire and sorry, it will end up in Jeddah. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Allah created the Ivan Zakaria in the womb of his mother as a believer, and he created for their own in the womb of his mother as

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meaning ally knew from before,

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that this child is going to be a great tyrant when he grows up. And this is what he's going to do. Because Allah His knowledge is not limited to the present, right? This is what we learn and what it is all about. Allah has prior knowledge,

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the flight of birds, so it doesn't just apply to human beings and their affairs, but even the rest of the creatures. A Buddha said I came to eyeshadow on her and said oh mother narrated to me something that you heard from the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam she said the Messenger of Allah said a lot Islam said a bird does not determine the fate of someone. Rather, it flies according to uncovered. So if a bird flies to the right or to the left, doesn't mean that it's determining somebody's fate. It means that it is flying according to its fate. According to what Allah subhanaw taala decreed for it.

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Now I'll put the vs a shutter and irata vs. muhabba What is the fate? And what is a shutter? What is a shutter? shittier the law? What Allah subhanaw taala has commanded, right? What is Elijah? What Allah wills what Allah allows to happen, and what is mahabhava

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love. So what Allah subhanaw taala loves, there's some people that are confused between all of these matters. They say, If Allah has decreed something, that means that that is what he wants us to do. That is what he wants us to do. So they say other and a shutter, they should be the same. If Allah is the rub, if Allah is Lord, and He allows for something to happen in the universe, and that means that he wants us to do the same thing. Or it's supposed to be good for us.

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So for example, the machine of Makkah, what did they say? That this animal that Allah killed, Allah allowed to die, that means that that animal is good for us to eat, we can eat it,

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it died, a natural death fell off a cliff it died, why not? Allah allowed it to die. So in it,

00:33:03 --> 00:33:03

you understand.

00:33:04 --> 00:33:10

Or sometimes they say that if Allah has allowed for something to happen, that means that he likes it.

00:33:11 --> 00:33:17

So for example, so much evil is happening. God likes evil, this is what they say.

00:33:18 --> 00:33:47

Or they say statements like, if Allah knew that I was going to do this, then he should have made it okay for me. Like, for example, if he said, that phobia of weight and he, you knew that I was not going to obey you, I was not going to Prostrate to Adam, but still you commanded me to do it. So it's not my fault. It's your fault. You understand? Like, for example, people saying, if God wanted us to lower our gaze, then people of the opposite gender should not have been made attractive.

00:33:48 --> 00:34:21

Why are they made attractive? If they're attractive, that means we should be looking at them. And if we were to lower our gains, then that doesn't make sense. So they basically raised such questions and such issues. Why? Because they're confused between what Allah has allowed to happen and what Allah has commanded. Remember that other fit the decree? That is something that Allah allows to happen? So other and irata they are connected?

00:34:23 --> 00:34:52

and other is what Allah allows to happen. Could it be good? Yes. Could it be partially evil? Yes. Like, for example, a disaster that has happened, or people killing others? Is this part of it? Yes. Did Allah allow it? Yes. Only when Allah allowed it, then it happened, right? Does it have some good in it perhaps does it have some evil in it? Yes, it's quite evident.

00:34:54 --> 00:34:59

Now, the other matter is a shutter and what is a shutter that which Allah has commanded

00:35:00 --> 00:35:03

Did which Allah has commanded people to do?

00:35:04 --> 00:35:19

Lower your gaze, eat halal. abstain from this don't commit Zina Okay, I shot the law that Allah has legislated and that is connected with muhabba meaning that is what Allah loves.

00:35:20 --> 00:35:22

Does he force it on people? No.

00:35:23 --> 00:35:40

Does he love it? Yes, this is why if a person follows him with with respect to Russia, then he is rewarded for it. You understand? So remember, that everything that Allah allows to happen is not something that Allah loves necessarily.

00:35:42 --> 00:35:51

Okay? So for example, the machine would say, If Allah wanted, we would never have done schicke, neither us nor our forefathers,

00:35:53 --> 00:36:14

Allah allowed us to do the shift that means alomost want us to do it. Like for example, a person commits a sin and he said, God willed for me to do it, he wanted me to do it, this is why I did it. But is that a correct understanding? No, Allah allowed you, but that was your test, that what do you use your will free will in

00:36:15 --> 00:36:27

because he has given you the means and he has also told you about what he likes and what he does not like, he has also informed you of what he has permitted and what he has forbidden.

00:36:28 --> 00:36:38

Okay. So, there is a clear distinction between an other and a shutter, other is fate, Destiny decree,

00:36:39 --> 00:36:53

Allah allows it to happen could be good, could be bad. A shutter is the law which Allah has given, and that is something that he loves. And that is what we must follow. Is it clear?

00:36:54 --> 00:37:08

So you know, these weird questions that people raise, about religion about a law about other, they can be resolved with this clear understanding. Now, is there a problem if a person does not believe in alcohol? Well?

00:37:11 --> 00:38:00

Is there a problem? Yes. Now, the people before us, they had questions about alcohol. They said they didn't understand it fully. What was the advice that they were given that you still believe in it? Right? So there may be certain matters of law that will cover that you might not fully comprehend? Or it's possible that somebody asks you a question about faith, and you're totally lost for words over there? Because you don't comprehend that. So does this mean that we will start doubting the metric product? We'll call it No, what will we do over there? We will just say that, I believe in it. And I realized that this is beyond my limited understanding.

00:38:01 --> 00:38:10

All right, because the thing is that, like we discussed earlier, we are human beings with limited minds. And we can only understand

00:38:11 --> 00:38:17

limited amounts of knowledge. Okay? And we have to realize this limitation.

00:38:19 --> 00:38:31

If a person does not believe in other than remember that all of his deeds are rejected, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, there are three from whom Allah does not accept any deed neither obligatory nor voluntary.

00:38:32 --> 00:38:39

Neither a fault, nor enough, none is accepted From who? A disobedient person.

00:38:41 --> 00:39:00

Someone who knows what he's supposed to do, yet he doesn't do it. There's nothing stopping him but his Eagle, yet he doesn't do it. He says, Yeah, I know I'm supposed to but I still don't do it. He chooses to disobey a law with regards to a matter that is very clear to him. So then what happens? Allah does not accept his other good deeds, either.

00:39:01 --> 00:39:03

Whether they are fault or not.

00:39:05 --> 00:39:24

Does it happen with us sometimes, that we find ourselves trying so much, but still, we're failing? Or still we don't find that peace in our hearts. You know why, perhaps, because we know about certain matters, but we're deliberately staying away from we're deliberately disobeying Allah subhanaw taala. It's a very serious matter.

00:39:26 --> 00:39:45

The hood has been described as a locked door, right? Those who know yet the disobey than such deserve the Wrath of Allah. I mean, think about it. If someone is listening to you, with regards to five things, and outright disobeying you with regards to other five things, would you care about the five things that they're listening to?

00:39:47 --> 00:39:49

Like, no, I'm not happy with you.

00:39:50 --> 00:39:54

Because you're disregarding some other instructions of mine and I cannot tolerate that.

00:39:56 --> 00:39:59

So one disobedient second. He who reminds us

00:40:00 --> 00:40:00


00:40:02 --> 00:40:21

chose favor to others and then keeps reminding them for the rest of their life. And the one who rejects an Allah does not accept his deeds, our beloved or motto or who would swear by Allah and say if a person offered the equals of Mount or heard in gold, Allah would not accept from him until he believes in others.

00:40:23 --> 00:40:28

Because remember, there are six pillars of faith right? and believing in all of them is essential.

00:40:29 --> 00:41:16

The modules of the oma who are the modules, those who worship to Gods can Medusa basically fire worshippers because they had this belief that there is a creator of good and a creator of evil. So they said, there are two gods. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said the modules of this ummah are those who deny the other of Allah. How, how do they deny, because they say that God cannot allow anything evil, he is all good. So he does not create evil, he does not allow anything evil. So if there's anything evil that comes from some other source, some other power, so they believe in two sources do powers okay. So this is worshiping to Gods then believing in two gods, then

00:41:17 --> 00:41:26

if they fall sick, do not visit them, if they die, do not attend their funerals, and if you meet them, do not greet them with Salah.

00:41:27 --> 00:41:30

Who, those who deny

00:41:32 --> 00:41:50

the prophets, a lot of them disassociated from such people. The Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam said, the first thing Allah created was the pen he said to it right? And it asked what should I write my Lord? He said, right what was decreed about everything to the last hour comes and he who dies on something other than this does not belong to me.

00:41:52 --> 00:42:00

does not belong to me meaning is out of my own mind. He's got nothing to do with me. I've got nothing to do with him, who the one who dies without believing in

00:42:01 --> 00:42:40

the companions also disassociated themselves from such people. You have in your mind said the first to speak on Divine Decree in in Wasilla was Marvin L. Gianni. Meaning he spoke in denial of it. In rejection of others. He was the first one to openly deny. So yeah, Heaven, Yama said I and her Maven Abdul Rahman and him yet he proceeded to perform Hajj aroma. And we said If only we could meet one of the companions of the messenger, the loss of a lot of them, so that we could ask him about what these people say, in regards to other instead of, you know, I wish we could meet a companion. And then we would ask him about these new things that people are saying in regards to others. Like, you

00:42:40 --> 00:42:47

know, if you have this new issue that has been brought up by some people, and you're confused, then what's your wish?

00:42:48 --> 00:42:56

That you could speak to someone knowledgeable? With whom, you know, you could clarify your doubts, right?

00:42:57 --> 00:43:15

So they also express this wish. So Allah helped us to meet our beloved remote who was entering the mosque. So I in my companion surrounded him, and I thought that my companion would interest me to the task of speaking to him. So I said, above the Roman there appeared on our site, some people who recite the Quran,

00:43:16 --> 00:43:30

mean they believe in the Quran, they read it, they quote verses from the book of Allah, and they're engaged in the hair splitting of knowledge, meaning they go into extra detail, which is unnecessary, and based on that they deny certain matters. And they're talking about certain matters.

00:43:32 --> 00:43:38

they conceive that there is no Divine Decree, and everything happens freely without predestination.

00:43:39 --> 00:44:03

He said, when you meet those people tell them that I am free from them, and they are free from me. I am buried from them and they're buried for me, by him, by whom swears are the law even or meaning by Allah, if one of them has gold equivalent to 100 and he spends it, Allah will not accept it from him until he believes in and others. So we must believe in.

00:44:05 --> 00:44:08

Denying other is a cause of division in the oma.

00:44:09 --> 00:44:13

When there are some people who believe and there are others who reject it, then what's going to happen?

00:44:14 --> 00:44:37

Clearly there is going to be division in the oma, the Messenger of Allah said a lot has been said, the matter of this oma will continue to be upright and close to the truth of Islam, so long as they refrain from speaking about the matter of those who die in childhood, and about decree. What does it mean by this? So long as they refrain from speaking about the matter of those who die in childhood?

00:44:39 --> 00:44:48

Children who die, right? People start talking about them that are they going to go to gender or they're going to go to Hellfire? Are they going to be questioned or they're not going to be questioned?

00:44:50 --> 00:45:00

Why did this happen? So when people will go into such discussions when they will have such discussions, then what's going to happen? It's going to lead them

00:45:00 --> 00:45:13

Do division. When they start talking about other, this is also going to lead them into division. Why? Because these two are matters about which we have limited knowledge

00:45:14 --> 00:45:32

is it we have limited knowledge and no matter what we say, no matter what we discuss, can we really know? What exactly is going to happen? No, we don't. When the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was asked about the children of the Mr. Keane who die, what did he say? Allahu Akbar, Allahu

00:45:33 --> 00:45:55

Allah knows of what they're going to do. Allah knows best. So leave this matter to him. You should be concerned about whose deeds and whose end your end and trust Allah, He is more merciful than you are. Why are you so worried about his creation? When he is more merciful to them? Then you can be?

00:45:57 --> 00:46:25

Because sometimes we are concerned about others and we say, oh, but why is this person going to go to *? And why would they not go to Paradise? You know what you're not responsible about that. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam was told that you are to convey and Allah will judge and leave the matter of judgment to Him, because He is the most fair, and He is the Most Merciful and the most knowledgeable.

00:46:26 --> 00:46:41

Then when a person rejects other he will be deprived from the hope the Messenger of Allah said a lot of times that two kinds of people from my own mind will not be allowed to reach and help the Kataria and the more Jia towards the Kataria, the deniers of others and towards

00:46:42 --> 00:46:58

those who believe in Raja meaning who say that sin cannot harm a person, faith can never be decreased or increased it remains the same. No matter what sin a person commits, even if it's major sin, his faith is not affected by it.

00:46:59 --> 00:47:21

Whereas What do we learn that email is definitely affected by your obedience and disobedience. It increases and it decreases sign of the people have held the Messenger of Allah said a lot of them said this has been revealed concerning some people from my oma who will come later, those who will deny the decree of Allah, which verses was he talking about? Those who must

00:47:23 --> 00:47:26

taste the touch of the fire.

00:47:28 --> 00:47:45

He said this has been revealed concerning those who will come after me who will deny and others will even request said my father, may Allah have mercy on him advised me or my son, I advise you that you believe in other, the good of it and the bad of it. For if you do not believe in it, Allah will admit you in the fire.

00:47:47 --> 00:48:04

He's telling his son, you better believe in it, or else Allah will put you in the fire. A person will be deprived from Jenna if he rejects an other. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said neither a disobedient one nor believer in magic, nor alcoholic, nor denier of other will enter gender.

00:48:05 --> 00:48:46

None of these people enter gender. And this is a fear that the prophets that a lot of them had for his oma, he said, what I fear the most from my oma of later times is three things, believing in the stars, denying an other and the oppression of their rulers. This is what he feared the most, what they will continue to believe in the stars, that things happen because of the position of the stars, they will deny elkader and the rulers will oppress them. And unfortunately, this is exactly what we see today. boycott NAFTA said that even Irwin had a friend from the people of Syria who used to correspond with him, our beloved Omar brought to him that I have been informed that you have talked

00:48:46 --> 00:49:11

something about Divine Decree that you have said something about al Qaeda and you have formulated your own opinions, you should write it to me. Meaning Tell me what you are saying, for I heard the messenger of a loss of a lot of some say among my community, there will be people who will falsify Divine Decree, meaning you wanted to know what this person had to say, in order to know whether he should continue with his friendship or not.

00:49:12 --> 00:49:31

Whether he should continue with his friendship or not, because he said if you're nine other, I don't want to have anything to do with you. Now, when we believe in the good of it, the bad of it, everything comes from Allah. Right, then what should we do? First of all, do not boast over what you get, and don't be sad over what you lose.

00:49:32 --> 00:50:00

It's not your accomplishment. It's not your cleverness. Yes, you adopted the means but at the end, you got what was decreed for you. So anything that you get don't boast over it. The profits or losses in almost all the warm out Amita even Amita. Well, I can allow them right into 222 23 Mesaba we will see within will probably will Effie unfussy come in Effie kita min, coverly and Nevada. No

00:50:00 --> 00:50:27

Disaster Strikes upon the earth or among yourselves, except that it is in a register before we bring it into being, meaning everything is recorded with a lesson what's going to happen? In Nevada Karla Lahiya see that is easy for Allah. Li Kayla, that solar Aloma photo calm with a tougher habima attack. If you miss something, don't be overly sad about it. And if you get something, don't be proud and arrogant about it. Well, Allahu Allahu Bukola.

00:50:28 --> 00:51:07

Allah does not like those who are self deluded and boastful. So anything that happens excepted, don't be boastful. And do not be overly sad, be patient, and be grateful. Do not blame Allah robots have been solid said a man came to the messenger of a loss of a lot of sentiments, or prophet of Allah, which deed is the best. He replied, believing in Allah and affirming him and striving in his way, the man said, I meant to ask about what is easier than that? Oh, messenger bubble, meaning Yes, that's clear. I believe in Allah. I believe in his messenger. And do you have is a little difficult for me. So can you tell me something easier than that? The prophets a lot of them said pardon and

00:51:07 --> 00:51:25

patience, forgive others and be patient the man against that. I meant to ask about what is easier than that? Oh, messenger. So the prophets have also said do not blame Allah, the blessings and exalted in regards to anything he has decreed for you. Do not blame on

00:51:26 --> 00:51:34

that, Oh Allah. Why is this happening? You caused this happened? And why? Don't blame him? Rather, accept?

00:51:35 --> 00:52:03

Then do not blame others either? Because this is what we typically do. Because sometimes it happens that when Allah decree comes before us, and we refuse to accept it, or even if we refuse to accept what can happen, can our rejection of it do anything? Can it change the situation? No. But a person says where it's good for almost, and then what happens more disaster can strike? Because what are you complaining against? Who are you objecting?

00:52:05 --> 00:52:27

So do not blame a lot and do not blame others either. Unnecessarily lower on who said, I served the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam for 10 years. During this time, if ever he instructed me to do something, and I delayed it, or was not able to do it. He never rebuked me for it. And if one of the people of his household rebuked me for it, he would say, leave him for if it was decreed it would have happened.

00:52:28 --> 00:52:51

Okay, leave him. If it was meant to happen, he would have done it. He didn't do it, call us leave him. He's a child. Now, this does not mean that we don't do our work at all. And we say, you know what, if it was meant for me, I would have done it. So don't hold me responsible. No. Each person is responsible for his actions, but those to whom they're answerable to, what should they do?

00:52:52 --> 00:53:34

What kind of attitude should they have? Have patience, right? And how can you have the solder? When you just tell yourself it will, if it was meant to happen, it would have happened. And also remember that when things go wrong, typically what do we do? We blame others. You came late. You woke up late. You are here. You wanted this? You were whining. So this happened and that happened. Don't blame others. Be happy with a loss decreed meeting accepted, the Messenger of Allah said a lot of times that I'm amazed at a lot of Decree for the believer. If something good reaches him, he praises his Lord, and He is grateful. And if some trial afflicts him, he praises his Lord, and He is

00:53:34 --> 00:54:18

patient. The prophets of Allah says, I am amazed at a love decree for the body. So this is really amazing. A Buddha said the Messenger of Allah said, a lot of them asked, Who will learn five things for me and act upon them, or at least pass on to another who will act upon them, learn five things for me, follow them. And if you can't do them yourself, at least go tell somebody else about it. A Buddha Who said I, a messenger, I learned those five things from you. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam held his hand, and began in listing those five things. And of them all those five things he said, and be pleased with what Allah has decreed for you, and you shall become the richest of all

00:54:18 --> 00:54:25

people. How will you become the richest of all people, the heart will be rich, you will be the happiest person.

00:54:26 --> 00:54:28

And you know what, at the end of the day,

00:54:29 --> 00:54:39

it's not about what we have. It's about what we make of what we have. You could have $1,000 sitting in your bank account, but if you are not satisfied with it,

00:54:40 --> 00:54:59

and you're afraid of poverty, those $1,000 are useless for you. And you could have $5 before you and if you're happy with them, you go get something, do something with that little bit of money and be happier, much more happier. The Messenger of Allah said a lot of them said successful is He who surrenders

00:55:00 --> 00:55:34

Who is given sufficient provision, and Allah satisfies him with what he has given him, this person is successful. The prophets have a lot of them set great reward is with great tests. And when Allah loves a people, he tests them, either a Hubba Coleman epithelia home. So whoever is pleased for him is pleasure, whose pleasure, less pleasure, woman socket, but whoever is upset and angry than for him his anger, that Allah will be more angry with him.

00:55:36 --> 00:56:10

What should we do, we should analyze ourselves and strive to do better. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Allah created Adam, and then passed his right hand over his back and brought forth from it his offspring saying, I have these for paradise, and these will do the deeds of those who go to Paradise. He then passed his hand over his back and brought forth from it his offspring saying, I have created these for *, and they will do the deeds of those who go to help. A man asked, What is the good of doing anything a messenger of Allah, being of Allah knows from before who's gonna go to Jenna, who's gonna go to now? Why bother? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, When Allah creates

00:56:10 --> 00:56:14

a servant for paradise, he employs him in doing the deeds of those who will go to bat.

00:56:16 --> 00:56:52

So we should check ourselves, what kind of actions are we performing those that take to gender, or those that take to some other place, so that his final action before death is one of the deeds of those who go to Paradise, for which he will bring him into paradise. But when he creates a sermon for *, he employs him in doing the deeds of those who will go to *, so that his final action before death is one of the deeds of those who go to *, for which he will bring him into *. So what should we do that? constantly check ourselves? What am I doing? What am I heading towards a man of Medina or do haina? asked? On what basis Shall we do anything or messenger of Allah? Should we

00:56:52 --> 00:57:23

think that it is all already decided? Or that it is something initiated by us mean? Do we even have control over anything? Does it matter if we do something if we decide to do something? The Prophet sort of artisan replied, It is all already decided. So a man said, then why do anything? The prophets, Allah waldensian replied, The people of Paradise are held to perform the deeds that take to paradise and the people of * are held to perform the deeds that take to *. So a person must continuously check themselves. Don't be satisfied about what you did a year ago.

00:57:24 --> 00:58:02

Don't be satisfied about your last journal. Don't worry about today, today, this minute this hour, what am I doing now? Because this will lead me to my destination and never despair rather strive and hope for better the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam said, the strong believer is better and more beloved to a lot of the weak believer, but in each there is good, be greedy for what will benefit you and seek help from Allah and do not become weak. If something befalls you then do not say if only I had done it, then such and such would have happened. rather say it was Allah's decree. And whatever he wants, he does for indeed, if opens the door to shape one's action. So no matter

00:58:02 --> 00:58:39

what happens, Be positive, be hopeful. And always be concerned about the little will notice that a companion fell ill so his friends went to visit him and he began to cry. He was asked Why do you cry? Oh, Abdullah did the Messenger of Allah said a lot is that I'm not order you to trim your mustache and remain like that until you meet him, meaning he told you trim your mustache, grow your beard, and you follow this instruction also. And you have been following that until today. So why are you afraid when you obeyed the Prophet sort of Alison with regards to small matters, then you should be hopeful of a large reward. He said Indeed, he gave me this good news. But I have also

00:58:39 --> 00:58:54

heard him say indeed, a lot of the handful of the servants in his right fist and said, These are the people of Paradise and I do not care. He then took a handful in his other hand and said these are the people of *, and I do not care.

00:58:55 --> 00:59:08

mean he does doesn't make a difference to Allah. If some people end up in Jannah. And if some people end up in Hellfire, a companion said I cry because I do not know which fist I belong to.

00:59:09 --> 00:59:12

Those that will end up in general or those that will end of it.

00:59:13 --> 00:59:32

So this should be our greatest worry. Our greatest way, where are we going to end up and this worry should make us do something prepare for the ACA, instead of argue and debate about our strength, our energy should be going into what preparing for.

00:59:34 --> 00:59:59

And remember the doula is also part of the the the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam said nothing turns back the decree except application and nothing increases the lifespan except righteousness. And when a person makes the law, that is also part of other and for that we should also make the art to Allah. And these are some less known to us. In this one, the part that is underlined with Luca de la burden color when something is difficult for you to accept ask Allah Allah

01:00:00 --> 01:00:06

I asked you to make be pleased with that which you have decreed. Because if I'm not pleased, then I'm a loser.

01:00:07 --> 01:00:15

ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect you from the evil that has been decreed for you, or Allah guard me from the evil of that which you have decreed What can he shall not do?

01:00:16 --> 01:00:56

right in your winter, walking he shall Rama, Allah protect me from the evil that is decreasing. And ask Allah for the good of this life, the good of the good and everything. Aloma slowly Dini and lady who are exposed to unreal, especially dounia latifi hamara. She was literally a hero to latifi Hammadi where Jordan hired as the editor Lee frequently hired with Jordan Mottola heartily in coalition. Because remember, the dollar reflects what a person really wants. And when a person really wants something than Allah who facilitate that for him. What are the effects of Emmanuel other? First of all, it helps a person rely upon Allah. It makes a person content. It makes a person

01:00:56 --> 01:01:12

grateful and patient, that no matter what happens, he's not afraid. No matter what happens, he's calm. He can carry on. It makes him hopeful. It makes him positive. It makes him hopeful and positive and focus on what is most important in his life, which is

01:01:13 --> 01:01:27

so we have lost pound our grant is all the pain in the metro and other And may Allah Subhana Allah make all of us of those who were in his right fist, who end up in gender those on whom the light fell.

01:01:29 --> 01:01:34

It's practical, long movie and they should we'll let you go into the stock corner to be like a Santa Monica.

24 Divine Decree And Relation To Free Will

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