Rania Awaad – Divine Assurance

Rania Awaad
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how many women have a mentorship program with Allah and how this may require a reframing of their own identity. They also mention that many women may feel pride in themselves and appreciate the support they receive from their mentors. The speaker suggests that this may lead to a cognitive shift and a focus on one's success rather than their beliefs.
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but also realizing that the kind of the the core identity that I often speak to the, you know, the girls that I mentor, and those who mentor the girls we have a mentorship program is Allah subhanaw taala is with you like that God is with you. And if this is a requirement of your faith, because God has put it there, then that he's never going to put something or make enforce something that actually isn't the best for you. And so it's almost like a cognitive shift that needs to happen, you know, kind of a reframing this whole discussion of what could be negative and realizing there are risks really, to everything out there. That sense of like pride in oneself, and knowing that God is

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overseeing everything and protecting you, as you are careful and protecting yourself, of course, but that God is there with you, is powerful. And I find that so many young girls kind of

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again, those who I mentor, often really take on that message and feel that sense of pride and are able to go into their schools or into their programs, with their jobs and feel very confident in them.

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