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Hi, Dr. Bilal Philips, recently here on the broadcast with me.

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And I cited that incident when when Omar

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love your loved one who was in a shaman,

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he wanted to take a decision whether to go to a mosque or not. And, you know, he consulted with him hygiene, basically asking for a reference from the sun now what a Muslim should do.

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And then he consulted with the Lancer and both of both groups basically said, We have nothing to offer you. And in the morning, Omar reach his own conclusion and saying, Okay, I'm heading to back to Medina. And you know, and one of the people said, Are you fleeing from other lon, he made that beautiful statement from either a lot or cardella.

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But But really, I'm citing all of this, just to decide to go into a mosque or not, Omar is looking for a body of jurists to to make a decision. And these days, we have this unprecedented, you know,

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COVID-19, and we have fatwas. Right and Left, left and right. One of the most amazing things that I'm hearing now that people are saying, we shouldn't be fasting, because there is danger on our health. Because according to the doctors, the COVID-19 requires, you know, nutrition, and

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how can you address the broader issue that the three lands to just get fat, that you can lead solid, the machine and people can follow you at home? And? I mean, what is your take? On the front? First of all, first of all, law? Hell.

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No, no, no, I think that this

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pandemic has exposed a major shortcoming.

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You know, in our midst, and I think we're going to have to make some corrective measures, or start beginning to take corrective measures. It To me, it's not so much the freelance.

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fatality, it's the

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it's the it's the quality of the fatality themselves, because

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what you see is that many of them in the same feathersword there's a contradiction between the premises and the conclusions, the the evidences and the and the conclusions that they are coming to based on those evidences. It's, it's unbelievable sometimes, and and I'm saying, you know, how is it that?

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You know, our level of scholarship has?

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Well, I'm not even gonna say that it's dip so low, but I think, I think, shaker Dean, I think we're dealing with a broader problem. And that is that with social media, anybody can have a platform.

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And so what happens is, you know, this person who came out of the woodwork, nobody knows them before, or certain people who are known for certain things.

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But he has a doctor in front of his name. He's actually a doctor of gynecology, for example, but he's giving Fetzer in the *tier

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which is RG

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allegedly younger Tula young fee, Fujian, Nisa, but I didn't apply

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anyway, I'm not translating.

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I just think that it's um, you know, I think that we're going to have to as an oma, we're going to have to take a count of ourselves and recognize that not just because somebody is popular,

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it does not give them the right to, you know, speak about the deen of Allah subhana wa Tada, especially for Mr. g. Danny things that are that are new occurrences that need some real strong fix. No, you know, and like you said, it would be better that it doesn't come from individuals, which is why I have to rely on the fit councils that have been been formed, you know, within the last 50 years or so. These are very important for the oma

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and I wish that that, you know, they had the ability to address some of these issues a bit more quickly.

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You know, so that

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It would shut down some of the yonny on soft television in, and he those those people who are, who are not even really, you know, strong students of knowledge, but they put themselves out there.

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Because there's a void that needs to be filled.

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So, I mean, this is this, again, is a bigger issue, I think, you know, some of us are going to have to

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take responsibility for, you know, addressing these issues more quickly. But But again, what I like about the fit bodies, and I'm just gonna say this quickly, and so London, you know, can get back to the question is that Alhamdulillah, these scholars are not too

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proud to take from the people who are professionals in their field. So if it's a medical issue they're going to sit down with, with doc doctors are going to be a part of that committee, you know, as they're, as they're building the effects. Well, if it's something that deals with new issues related to buying and selling, they will definitely have business people there, they have real estate people there when it comes to, you know, things dealing with contracts. So these fit bodies tend to bring together the best scholars in their field. And then when it comes to specific issues, they are well informed about those issues and are able to make, you know, they're able to make

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fatalis that are that are relevant and correct one hamdulillah.

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So I actually made myself forget your original question, because I went off on a tangent. So what was the was the question? Well, the question here is the

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what is your take on people who say you should not fast Ramadan this? Right. So So, I mean, there are many Muslim physicians actually have come together to tackle this issue. And I'm not aware of any evidence from a medical perspective, that that shows that there that there's any substantial army bases it on the seal off. Yeah, but what I'm saying is even the Muslim physicians that have talked about this subject, they say that, that fasting, does not do anything to make one more likely to contract

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the COVID-19 that there's no evidence that shows that fasting would make one more likely to contract and so therefore,

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in the absence of that evidence, then we go with the default position, which is that we have to fast and we can't take this rash lightly. This has been the baniel Islam, it's from the foundations of the DEA with the scholars later called autocannon Islam, right the Pillars of Islam, even though the prophet Isaiah didn't use that terminology. He said Buddha Islam Lada comes and Islam is built on these things. So this is a foundation of our Deen. We can't just leave off a foundation of the deen because of the fear of something that is hopefully me on Aslan. And it's a moment imagine here, it's not even something that is substantiated and I lost friends Allah knows best. That's what I know

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from the physicians. And if there's medical evidence to prove otherwise, then I'm I'm open to hearing that medical evidence.