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Episode Notes

This is part 2 of a 12 part series on the demise of Rasūlullāh SAW

In this series I have covered the following…

The last moments of Rasūlullāh SAW
His fatal illness
In whose house He was nursed
Who led the Companions in Salah during his illness
How He passed away and how the Janazah Salah was performed upon Him SAW

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Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Alhamdulillah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah May Allah Marina sera Subhana Allah He led a Komodo Birla

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movers Sula. illa colusa de mer Kabir Chateau La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika lahu Faena to me when a shadow Anissa Donna molana Mohammed Abu hora pseudo La Habana v kitabi. Money Donna in a la he built in very whatever she'll Salallahu alaihe alayhi wa sallam early. He was happy to be here my dermatological workiva to see I'm about to call Allah huzzah Baraka wa Taala filco early majority will for Cardinal Hamid ministry Ponyo rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem wa giannelli bashary Minh publican hold of an image for hormonal holiday and sakalava Levine honorable scholars respected brothers elders and the esteemed listeners. So in our previous episode, we concluded on the profound

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couplets of Satan earlier the Allahu anhu, wherein he reminded us that our staying in this world was transitory. And in a short span of six months in a short span of six months, he had to contend with the tragic demise of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And his spouse, we can imagine his spouse was not a regular spouse was the daughter of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And we also know that she was the only one who survived at the demise of the messenger sallallahu Sallam from all his children, from all the children of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam from the seven children that Allah had endowed him, one was Ibrahim from Maria to the Allahu Allah which had

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passed away in his infancy. And then he sallallahu wasallam had six children born to him by Khadija de la Mancha. All Out of the six five had passed on. That is basically zenodo de la Mancha who was ready to receive Nairobi, who was the nephew of Khadija de la Rocha and oma Goodsoon respectively to say the now with mundo de la Juan Houma, se nos mundo de Allahu anhu. So all three of them had passed on Fatima. The Alanna was the only daughter and she was 29 when she passed on, so she had not even seen the age of 30. And of course, the two sons that were born to an abyssal Allah alayhi wa sallam passed him and taught him as Islamism is known as it will cause him. They had all passed on

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as well in the infancy so we were still mentioning the different verses. Some verses were implicit about the demise of Libyan a Salaam and some were explicit. We spoke about two verses and we move on to the third verse, what marginality beschermen critical hold a MIKTA for whom will hardly do so as I mentioned in the previous segment, as well, that the kuffar used to often raise this argument, it's okay, he's here for a few days, he'll move on his faith will die a natural death, it will just fizzle away. We profits came and went. And this is how it moves on. So he's got some prominence, some momentum, some flavor, some recognition, but it's just a matter of time. And I like counters

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this by saying an emitter for whom will hardly do an emitter. If you pass one, will they live, no condone, I've seen the Eco mode, every soul will taste that. And the scholars also use this verse to refute those who argue that Hitler because there is this great discussion that happens is cliver, alayhis, salaam, alive or not, etc, etc. And those who use the proof that he has moved on, which is William who Allah and Muhammad, the overriding and overwhelming view, they also support it through this ayah amongst other proof, the one Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, where he said, Whoever is on the earth today, a century later, they will not be alive, he sallallahu wasallam had

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mentioned this year, so why am I jannetty bashing him into biblical hold? We have not made immortality for any human on this earth. For Imagine if you if a mentor for whom will hardly don't if if if the Prophet moves on, will they live forever? No, this is not going to happen. So merkabah Danica, bibiani, and Motorhead moon lazy, lazy one rocket drone Sabbath sakala as the agenda cleanups in Eco mode, so Allah subhanaw taala first spoke about the fact that no human will enjoy immortality we are mortals and we all will have to move on. And then Allah followed the discussion and cover your activity atop Allah followed the discussion by saying Anil Mota hackmann lezion Elmo

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laser men who will fold that there's simply no form of escaping from it. In Al Habib Amina Abbey mostella sulayem neuromotor Baba, para su. Regardless of the measures of security that you have, there's no way you can block or avert destiny and death

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for having to sorry Horton, Allah wa t sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. These verses are expected

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It categoric that speak clearly about the inevitable reality that he sallallahu wasallam will pass on. Well Hunan kabasele. A Shara Illa De Luca, we're in them to sobre minha. Now there were other verses which I had mentioned in my forward and my dummied that were implicit that released the gentle him the prominence Sahaba picked up the hint others did not pick up, how often when a person passes on, and then in hindsight, you start analyzing the weeks leading up to his death or death or her death. And then you say, you know, two weeks ago, he said, No, let's just wrap it up. I don't think we'll meet again, I'm not sure. And at that time, you don't read too deep into it, you think

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it's regular, probably he'll be engaged or he might be traveling or there might be some host of other occupation, and post his demise or her demise, you start analyzing it critically. And you realize that that was a gentle hint released by him, that you know, what we might not mean we will not meet again on this earth.

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So there were many verses that gave a subtle hint,

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will allow Sarah to hydralic aminul oola. And surely the letter the letter that is Arthur is better for you than the former, that is the year after is greater for you than this world. When so for your D karma buka Fatah and undoubtedly your Lord will grant you until you are pleased Allah will reward you and grant you and bless you until you are pleased. And I'm reminded of a hadith of a verse of the Quran regarding sadhana Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu that the narration is in Hakeem and the verses in one Lail where he was displaying amazing kindness towards many of the poor Muslims the likes of satana belagavi Allahu anhu, and others, just Allah Mana atikokan May Allah reward Abubakar

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Hanwha abeja Holly

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Murphy Bella Lim be so it will

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likely be tohei the hero Bell anime Moto E Shahid to be anila hobby for India to Looney Looney film akun Lucia Kabira many many tattly era Ebrahim

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Ibrahima musawah the unison net Genie similar to Billy it's a long poem in which the poet says just Allah.

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May Allah reward Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu on our behalf what is the Falcon, Falcon? moolah? Who was the uncle of Abuja forgiveness.

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And what about gently that they do collectively plotted for the assassination of Satan Abdullah and others. So Abubakar Villani used to liberate these poor Sahaba. So he's dead double kochava, who was not a Muslim at that time, he once said to him, that you're going to get no return from these people, at least liberate people with muscle and cloud. So in an event, if you need some body guards, you can call on them, and they will be morally obligated to respond because on their shoulders will be your favor of their liberation. And he said that I tried to assist people in whom I do not see any remote hope of remuneration, so that I can take my full reward from Allah. And then

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Allah revealed the verse family after dinner in the home in a meeting to desert in Liberty hall to hear about Bill Allah, Allah. So for Yoruba well, so for your article of buka fatorda. Look at the rank and the status of Satan. Abu Bakr, radi Allahu wa Mali and entering the human near met in Georgia is not offsetting the favor of anyone in Liberty law.

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Allah is exclusively driven to please Allah when he's reaching out to the people. And honestly, you know what serving mankind is a great thing. I was in Jordan last week, and we were inaugurating a village for Syrian refugees. And there was a brother by the name of Abu Nasir. And I won't forget this awkward, it's fresh at this stage.

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He while we were doing the tour, and I was doing an interview and some reports, he said shakeela katusa. I said, Please tell me. And then he's telling me, I want to share something with you, which I don't generally share with people I was working in in us and I was working for United Nations. And one day I had a dream. And in the dream, I seen the messenger sallallahu wasallam. In Abu Bakar, viola, one woman, and I enter in this room, this is precious stones. And then we saw some said, Take these stones take these gems and dispose and these precious stones, and I take it I put in my right pocket. And nobody says some tells you put in your left pocket and I put in my left pocket. And he's

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awesome, tells me full your upper garment as well. So I filled my upper garment. And he says and tells me now put some in your mouth as well. And I just cannot get adequate and I cannot get enough of it. And I then enjoy it and I fill myself up and I am you know wrapped up in all these precious stones. And I get up in the morning and I then phone a scholar back in Jordan because he's from Jordan. And I asked him the interpretation of this dream and he said soon Allah will deploy

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You to assist the need of the orphans and the widows. And he said that's the interpretation. And he's an active member of La Jolla. allodynia, Alhaji Mija which is the the charity wing of the king, the National charity organization. And of course we had partnered with him doing the work. So anyway, may Allah make us amongst those people I just said when so you know, in Liberty law or what you hear about being Allah driven exclusively for the pleasure of Allah. Well, that's all for Yoruba and soon he will be happy. Another verse of the Quran coolamon Allah have fun, like we said, these are implicit that are releasing gentle hints. Can luminary have fun who ever is on this earth will

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perish will cease will die will pass on whatever kawahara because only Jalali will Ekrem and only the being the mighty power and the greater you know Almighty will remain other than that everybody else will perish. marinda comedian Fred Marin de la hubback, whatever is by us is bound to perish is meant to perish. And yet another verse of the Quran surah passes in the 2020 of Jews. In fact, the concluding verse of

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of surah casas couldn't die in Holic, everything is perishable, everything will cease to exist, everything will come to an end, but the being of Allah subhanho wa Taala the whole hawkmoon It is his power, it is his command, it is his authority will lie to their own and to him, everyone will be everyone will return for having in our yard all these verses indicate to us that the system of Allah subhanho wa Taala is that humans will come and go and this is the pattern of life. Later in life many whom have had Aveda There is simply no exception to this here. There is simply no exception to it. And then another verse which was also a gentle and a subtle Aloma commanded to laquan Dena con

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la cama de la como Islam Medina, it's on one of the last verses that were revealed. So the last verse to be revealed was what tokuyama de la la the last chapter to be revealed was

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one of the last verses to be revealed was aluma, XML to your stuff, Tunica, Puri, level up config kallada. Regarding the person that doesn't have any ascendance or descendants, how his estate will be distributed. These were amongst the final verses, but the absolute last verse, what the who you're meant to Jonah de la and the verse revert revealed on Friday on the day of arafah, between us and Missouri was this verse, and Yama commanded to come Deena calm. Now we know the beauty of the Arabic language the difference between Ekman and eat mom. In a common what happens is that baina Houma fusuma Takata

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ECOMOG can be accommodated camino achema means to complete a 10 minute demo it mom also means to complete and culminate. However linguistically there is a difference between the tube a command is something that can allow for interval while it is something that is not interjected. It is continuous, there is no interruption in it. So a simple analogy when we refer to fast Allah system atem Matsuyama lll then complete your fast to the night, you cannot stop you're fast and halted. Once you've commenced your fast you resume till the end, where a team will hide Javelin Rotella complete your hygiene for Allah. Once you've done the Haram you cannot exit the state of haram until

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you have completed the rituals of Hajj while a Kemal will be something that is gradually bainer Houma Morocco Mata Katya fossils Romania, they could be time they could be period they could be intervals. So we know revelation came over 23 years. It was interjected and Salah said Aloma a command to lacantina comb, your faith has been completed. But in this 23 years where revelation was interjected the bounty of Allah continued unabated. relentless, were at the Mandalay community. So the favor of Allah was the right through the 23 years and of course the favor of Allah continues.

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One of the two locomole Islam Medina and I'm pleased with Islam as your religion and this isn't mentioned in this book as well. And I've read it what Baqarah muhabura the Allahu Hainan has allotted it just look at the understanding of Sahaba say now Rama started crying, it was a day of aid. It was a day of rejoicing from that day, the scholars say the prophet SAW some lived for about 82 days. So now you right close up just about he so you know what, over two months, over two months, under three months, under three months, you're getting very, very close. Say now Maria lon who cried. And we know that famous incident that the yahudi came to him and said that if we had a verse

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like this, let the Havana reader we would have made it a day of celebration and say now Amara delana said for us it is a day of celebration because it's read paired up with our of our

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Introduced sense of joy. But as much as the I gave of the good news of the culmination and the completion and the perfection of the faith, the likes of Satan or the Alon who teared, and when it was asked to him, man, you bekijk what makes you cry and listen to his answer. He said in the hallways about Adele Kemal, inland knocks on when something reaches its culmination, its perfection, then inevitably what happens, you start having an anti climax, you start having a drop, you start having a decline, you start having things coming down. So, after arafa you cry and nobody still moves. Delica correct. But there's a hype towards arafa and then things just start dipping down,

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it's just start dipping down. So you're anticipating you're hoping you're looking forward, you're exerting you moving up, you're sustaining momentum and the norm and the nature is that just after that happens, you see 27 nine grand is completed, things just dipped down in the hole a Subbu del Kemal inland sun Subhana Allah you know, the understanding of Sahaba through Aria, and that is why we need to know that basic Arabic to start off not even basic Arabic is so good, but even if you're intense in Arabic and you following in Arabic, you cannot be independent of the interpretation of Sahaba in understanding the Quran, because they were the closest diverse of the Quran in the 25

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years masaba Kumasi but in Fatima cassava ad come when Yahoo and Kathy whatever tribes you are afflicted with is because of the doings of your hands say not to learn is to say how he or Raja I feel

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this ayah gives me the greatest hope. So people said Why? He said

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Alka remove either an cabana, rotten, rotten okra

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a kind of been if he has subjected you to the consequences of your wrong ones. He won't subject you for the second time. So Allah said your afflictions are as a result of your doings. So that means we're going through a purification process just to make it a clean slate that when we appear before law we done now we would our mind ever grasp this hint from the verse of the Quran. Just the other day I was reading the verse wellacre halonen in South Africa, but we read it in Surah pellet

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in Quran is an amazing deduction mentioned there. Surely we've created men in difficulty. That's the translation. In other words, the nature of existence on planet Earth is riddled with challenges Irish with dunya moose Iran in Iran labuda dunya Minami dunya kabil Amazonia makrana lotta dunya Bellamy, Rishi dunya Musan in Iran, wealthy or live like a pauper. dounia kabil as Anima Karuna the nature of existence on planet Earth is inseparable from tragedies. This is how we live. So Allah says that we have decreed and ordained a life of challenges. You know what the scholars have to say? This is on a subtle note refutes the myth of the atheist and an agnostic. What atheist believes that

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everything came into existence by itself, and without any divine or Supreme Being. And it refutes this. Why? Because if we were the architects of our own life, and we designed our own life, we wouldn't have divine design a difficult life. We would design an easy life. So Wow, look at the eye and look at the deduction. The iron releases, releases a hint refuting the myth that humans asked anyone because your whole aim of being an atheist and an agnostic and refuting is you know things happen with cause and effect. So you structure and design and you're the architect, so every human would have structured his own life. Allah said we decided your inheritance because if you had to

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decide your inheritance, you would have based it on who from your family benefits you more

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that's how you would have designed it. And the truth is you don't know who will benefit you more

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about will come about now. Let the Drona in your home aka Buddha kunafa ask a man who must give weight I'll see. And Abdullah must be alone who said la junglefy Madhava hadyn wala Fie the me he for in a horrible man. Yes, sir Rocha, Leo Mia suka harden. Ruben mania, suka Leo Mia Sorocaba done. Don't be hasty in praising or criticizing some will praise you today depress you tomorrow, some will please you today. impress you today depress you tomorrow. Some will depress you today impress you tomorrow. And if I can say a word here to the parents and guardians, often, the child that's most turbulent in his early years turns out to be the biggest source of happiness for his parents in the

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latter years. So we don't know. So anyway, I'm saying if we were to base inheritance, it would be on who benefits us most and we don't know. Hence Allah has

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legislated our inheritance will occur in South Africa but the point I'm trying to impress upon you respected less than a brother and sister is that how the Sahaba may Allah be pleased with them understood the different hints from the verses of the Quran.

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And then came the chapter of the Quran Elijah Nasir Allah He will fight and when the help of Allah comes and victory comes what are the NASS and you will see people here the Hulu nafi de la jolla of wotja entering into Islam in droves in scores in multitudes in nations. So you would see in the earliest stages, it was Islam orajel in Islam or Delaney Islam Oh comin, and then became more food, more food. So in the earliest stages, if you see the books of Dawa the Prophet sallallaahu sin spoke to one person, he spoke to Mr. Ravi Allahu anhu. And remod was very Leonard and he was a medical practitioner and people had indoctrinated him. And then he came and he said, Can I,

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you know, treat you and cure you. And I have helped many people and nobody saw some was calm and composed and heard what he said. And then nobody's asked him said, Alhamdulillah he asked me to who? You know who istockphoto Maya de la palma de la. And he said vl kalimat. repeat those words for me. And nobody saw some repeated it. He said La Bella vida como Saliba. Hooray. That's the pinnacle of eloquence, who said you are you know what? naive or sick or ill or not mentally stable. That allegation should be directed to the people who said it. Give me your hand. Hello Mayakoba. Give me your hand and he takes the Shahada

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some lovely Madden who will as the man who were in Mohammed and hottub Aslam, La La quwata hub. So matter of Lima done then came Lima from the SD tribe, right. So matter of Lima Don wahoo well as the man who are in Mohammedan hottub, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam only began his chutzpah. Now, they were Arabs, they could understand and comprehend and appreciate the profound nature of slumberland work. So your initial stages were the one the two the few the families, and then towards the latter part, look at America. Look at her name. Look at housing. Oh, wow. It's just droves and scores and multitudes. 10,000 people marched the conquest of Mecca and had jetan Wada witness more than 124,000

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and this is a short period of time. So there's this major transformation What are at NASA toluna Fie de la jolla and you witness and observe people entered into the fold in scores and multitudes of words right the plural of the word fold for sub may be handy. Rebecca Westerfield then worship your Lord and praise Him and seek forgiveness in coconut awaba Indeed, he is most forgiving, and allama Nova with the great Shafi scholar in Riyadh. asylee and he brings this ayah in support of the chapter where a person should exert himself more in worship to the latter part of his life. Of course, he celluloid sums entire life was in worship, and then in Ramadan, it was more than outside

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Ramadan. And then in the last 10 days, it was more than the first 20 days and in the latter part of his life, it was more intense than the former. So at no point it was average it was an optimum at every point, but he just continued exerting and exerting himself. So that was again a verse of the Quran. for cancer Allah Rama radi Allahu anhu, even a person with the Allahumma and heavy

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Allah for Allah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah Who? Allah Allah, Allah, Masha Allah, the famous Hadith regarding this year when se da Maria la Juan who would allow Ebony Abbas in his gathering, and then some prominent elderly senior Sahaba. They took exception to this they took exception to this, and they said Lima Johan hada Magna wala Anna abana, Metro Lima yet the whole hada Marina well, Anna Urbana Metro How strange that this is a young lady in a bus and he sits with prominent giants legends towards veterans of better and awkward and delights and he is young, and our children are of his age, and Satan Abu Bakr, Omar, the olana silence their reservation by

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proving the profound nature of the knowledge and the caliber of ultralight nobis. Then he engaged him on this question, and he said this ayah release is a hint about the demise of Nabi sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So, the verse is not explicit to say no racism is going to pass away. It's saying what I ate and as you will see people coming in droves and scores and multitude, which indicates the accomplishment of your mission, mission done work achieve, so it's time to move on for some behind the Rebecca Western theater. Then seek the forgiveness of your Lord and glorify Him in know who can at the Weber

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wolfy rewrite

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pepperoni and in the narration of Oberon, it comes from the Allahumma says, Not yet Ilan Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam nafsa, who fled for Africa be I said the mechanic to Etihad. And after that this I gave a message to NaVi sallallahu wasallam himself about his death because the verse was revealed on him, the verse was revealed on him. Like Allah says, I swear an oath on your Lord Oh Mohammed's awesome that is Allah, but Allah out of the respect of the messengers Allah ism, fellow Arabic fellow Arabic lamb Raka, in whom Luffy said karate him Yama Hoon follower backed by the law by the oath of your Lord. So in this verse in this chapter, Allah conveyed the message of the death

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of the prophet SAW some in a verse of the Quran as a birth of the Allahu anhu man makes mentioned and this has been captured in palani. Now when we look at the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam we will share with you one Hadith today in sha Allah, called our Isha to rhodiola and her in Nakula as virgin Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam during the whole journey and lamb to her Dr. Mina wahida. One day we always sit in or whenever I read this, I just get emotional. I just get emotional. The entire consorts and the entire spouses of the messenger sallallahu wasallam. You have a head of state, and probably all the First Lady's and dignitaries and wives and queens and

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Princess and the rest of it, and beat as it may it doesn't it doesn't make a difference to me. These are the spouses they are the noblest of woman who inhabited the earth when honey the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that the man is the word to show a man benetti what are the words to say Amina say in lobby why in any big burrito and Robbie has the ritual that I did not select any spouse for myself, nor did I choose any partner for my daughter, but through the affirmation and confirmation of revelation with jabril bought brought to me so in other words the son in laws of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam Allah zip Nairobi say the North Monrovia Londo, say the knowledable

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Ilana and all the honorable spouses wives and consoles of the messenger sallallahu wasallam with the choices of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So we were sitting together a reunion not of a family, not of You know what, in school 30 years ago and 40 years nowadays, it's a big thing, having these reunions etc. A reunion of the consorts of the messenger sallallahu wasallam for up to ballett Fatima todo de la Fatima rhodiola. Anna comes along. When Allah He tofi Misha to Harmon Misha to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, her walk her walk moto to mushiya to him and Misha Rasul Allah is Allah, her walk was precisely the walk of the Prophet size and so when she would walk Fatima, viola

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and her it would be exactly the same you know, would you see? Maybe it sounds walk was like it was descending from a flight of stairs. It was brisk, it was upright, yet it was it had a humble approach and a humble you know, angle to it.

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For them, ah ha ha but when he saw some senior he welcomed and handed over Buddha would he would always stand up, vacate his seat, and then kiss her hand. And this was the interaction that he had with Fatima. One day was sitting with Fatima Viola and there was a knock on the door. And he said in a holla daku fathima welaka nafeesa at in our debt. Tina and Tina famously, that knock is my Fatima knockin. And this is an unusual time for my Fatima to come. It's a need that has driven my Fatima to come. Can you imagine the love the closeness the mahabad the affection, the intimacy, and the relationship that he's analyzed some head for Fatima de la Juana marhaba urbanity welcome. Oh, my

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daughter for other hobby Yemeni he he made her sit on his right side. So masala ha then he was spit something to Fatima de Ilana privately, all that as well as resetting spouses. It allows him to Fatima in her ears, and then whispered something to her for backup. She cried. So Massara for the heck and then he was split against something. And she smiled, and she was cheerful. And she was radiant. And she was happy and she was elated for paulito Alanna said, I engaged Fatima via lava anna and i said hasakah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. besar when did that begin for them and comet

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call to LA biriyani masa Raka

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I said to Fatima delana Denby of Allah had a private word with you and exclusive word with you. Whenever you saw some left the gathering, what was it he said something I observed your facial. Sometimes the person is reading a letter and you just see a scene tears trickle down, or it receives a message and you can just send is become uneasy or person receives a message and you can just see that good news or that happiness manifesting on his face. So you have not yet read the question.

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tense of that message, but the facial expressions what they say in Manta Delilah tell her love The year was a year of the year was a year where there's an indication Delilah loves the app. It's not explicit. It's not verbalized what Maria, but the expression is loud. It's compelling. It's convincing, you know for a fact that that's the reality

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correlate. So

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Alanna asked Fatima Alana, please share with me what is you know, what was the secret that you had with the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So, Fatima delana said macoun to see Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam I will not divulge the secret of Nabi sallallahu wasallam. I will not divulge it. And I think, you know, we need to also understand, you know, the famous incident where Anasazi alano ran at the age of 10. He was given in the stigma of NaVi la Salaam till the age of 20 whenever his husband passed away, and he was 20 years of age, and then his mother once asked him a Muslim or Muslim who was the mom of anisopliae love on her.

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her sister was romaine saw romaine saw.

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So her mom asked me to label the Alanna asked Anasazi Allahu anhu. What What were you discussing with NaVi sallallahu wasallam? And he replied that this was a secret between me and Nabil sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the mother said, Don't Don't divulge that secret to me or to anyone else. And she respected the confidentiality of that discussion. So just to conclude on this Hadith, that instead of Yolanda asked Fatima, what was the secret all about? There was a tear, and then there was a sense of joy, and she said I will not divulge the secret of Nabila Salam. Subsequently when the Navy of Allah sallallahu Sallam passed away. Then I shadowed Ilana said my curiosity was still

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bothering me to find out what was mentioned to Fatima de la Hannah and I quizzed her for the second time subsequently I engaged again so she said i'm gonna i'm now it's fine because the number of Allah Allah Islam had moved on. And he said a lot of them said to me, sir Ronnie Phil Oh, well, Carly in a jabril can you film for an econ lesson Amara, that every year gibreel would come and he would rehearse the Quran was a mirage Ah, as we would do a half it would do in Ramadan and ideally throughout your life, we would do more Raja jabril would rehearse the Quran with me once. But oh, my daughter Fatima this year he rehearsed the Quran with me twice. And the way I understand why La Liga

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inductee raba jelly, that this is an indication to the fact that my time has come to an end and I will be moving on. But tequila was very Sofia Allah and hold on to patience. And when I heard this, I obviously cried and I broke down. And I was emotional and rightfully so. For myself, and lucky for myself. I'm the best pre disaster for you. I'm the best pre disaster for you. I'm the best to go ahead for you. For us in Arabic also means one who goes ahead Allahumma Jelena far upon one who goes ahead and takes care of all matters for near miss Santa Ana lucky I'm your best predecessor for Beckett for massage Ronnie. Then he was put to me again. And he said Mr. turbine, are you not please

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enter Cooney Are you not happy that Allah has made you the queen of the woman of gender for the Hague, and then I smile. So that was again a hadith which was quite clear, explicit in its mentioned that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had indicated to his daughter Fatima rhodiola and her that his time has come to an end. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to bless us with a good death. We ask Allah to make us at the time that when it's our time to leave this world. It is in a condition that Allah subhanho wa Taala is pleased with us and we are longing and we are yearning and we are pining to meet Allah, like the Arabic poet said, You arrived in this world and you were crying and those

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around you were laughing. Let it be the day you leave this world you are smiling and those around you are crying or suddenly loving our Selamat and Amina Muhammad Ali he was happy he is married well hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen