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Tahir Wyatt
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We began a series on the concept of alfalfa and the MFI home, that is true success as described by loss of hand which either and the mostly home those who are described as having attained that success. We mentioned that alfalfa is the most comprehensive term for good in this life, and in the Hereafter, as described by a loss of Hannah which Adam

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and we covered just two is thus far, and we're still on the ayah Allah subhanho wa Taala says cut the F Lucha moon and Medina whom de sala de him * Ron, that successful are the moon. And what we gained from this without going into a lot of detail is that there is no success for somebody who does not have Amen, that a person's success is to the extent of their Amen. And without a man there is no filler. So people who write these books how to be successful and how to do this, but they don't have Amen. And their entire view of success is built on this world, whether it is through fame, or notoriety or wealth or otherwise, that this is not the true path towards success. And that

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because for law is so important, Allah subhana wa tada has mentioned it in the Quran over 40 times, so that we're aware of what it truly means to be successful. So those who have Eman el camino de cada f Lucha El Camino, the believers are successful. And then Allah Subhana Allah describes the quality of or some of the qualities of these believers and Medina Humphrey salata him harshly on those who have who sure in their salon.

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And so we talked about some of the ways to attain who should and salon. And this is a topic that could could actually should go on and on because there is no ritual aspect of ID that is more important than the solid. Nothing that we do, after the show had attained that verbally right, that we say out loud that other people know about. There's not none of the rituals of Islam, it is more important than solid. In fact, there are two times two situations when we stand in front of a loss of habitat, once in this life, and once in the next life. And the salaah Jani that is the next life being correct that standing in front of Allah subhana wa Tada. attaining success in the next life,

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when you stand in front of a loss of habitat, it is built on standing in front of him properly in this life.

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And so how you stand in front of a lost pantalla in the next line is based on how you stand in front of him and this line. If when this whole time calls you if you were called before the king

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of a country. And you were told make your petition what is it that you want but but it's a it's an obligation you have to you when you want something, you have to stand in front of the king, and you go in front of the king.

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And you're looking to the right and you're looking to the left, and you're saying things to the king, you don't even realize what you're asking for and the king can tell. You can tell this person isn't. I told him to come and ask him what he wants but he's

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the king is the very least he's gonna turn away from that person. Just say forget him.

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What about when we stand in front of Allah subhana wa tada we looking around in the salon, we don't realize what we're saying. And Allah Subhana Allah is not it's not a matter of inference. When you stand in front of a person, they can infer Oh, doesn't seem like he's in it. But Allah azza wa jal knows not only from your external but he knows what your heart is doing. So you can even pretend going outside, you can fake cry and people around you may think that you really have to short

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but your heart is somewhere else.

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And so it's very important that we realize, number one, how important assure is to the acceptance of our Salah

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to the completion of our Salah is the Prophet it is selected, we said I mentioned that a person will pray and only walk away with the 10th of insalata ninth and eighth seventh.

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So it's important both for the acceptance of our salah and for the completion of the Salah. But it's also important to note to note that should have been most of the Allahu tada and who and others almost the Sahaba as well mentioned that the first knowledge that will be lifted from this earth is the knowledge of horseshoe work.

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Meaning that who sure is something we need to learn and acquire. I want to emphasize this point. So many people come and say I want to have for sure in my salon, what do I need to do.

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If somebody came to you, I just want you to phrase that question put that question on the side.

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Somebody came to you right now. And they said, I want to be a surgeon.

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I want to be a surgeon. What do I need to do? You could probably answer them in a matter of a minute. Right? You could say, okay, you have to go to school for this many years. And they ask you, the undergraduate, you need to go to medical school. After you do medical school, you have to do a residency. And after you practice, General, you know, medicine, then you have to do this.

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That's the answer. But how long is it going to really take them as 12 years, 15 years, do not think that because you go to somebody or because you listen to a football that talks about for sure. And 20 minutes, that you're going to walk away, and you're going to have to shorten, it takes work.

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But the same way a person is going to work because they want that degree, because they want a career. Whatever it might be, it doesn't have to be medicine, anything you want in life, you have to work at it. The same way that you're going to work at that if you value your salon, which is the first thing you're going to be asked about, when you stand in front of a loss of data from his rights, that's the first thing you're going to be asked about.

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If that's really important to you, that you have to work on, for sure. And you have to realize that there's going to be levels that you go through.

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And it's a constant struggle. And it's not something that you're going to walk with and don't give up. That's the other point. That just because you heard a great quote by motivated you and now you're ready to have to shoot and you have to shoot and do my prayer within an hour. So you kind of kind of went back to your old routine.

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Know keep working, keep pushing yourself, because this is something that is the most important aspect of your deen

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after your creed. So from the ritual aspects, this salaat is super important. And Allah azzawajal told us in the Quran was stay he know somebody was alive. He says seek assistance, seek that he seek help through suffer through your patience and your forbearance and through Salah.

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And then what did he say? What in the * are Kabira? Salah is difficult, and is hard.

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Matter of fact, he said Kabira it's almost like it's too big. too much to handle Salah

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that Allah Azza Illa Allah hace except for the people who have who sure until you have short slides difficult, that you're not gonna taste the sweetness of it. You won't feel you won't enjoy it, like the process of lighting was somewhat jewelry led to quote led to a need for salon, that my enjoyment

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that the light of my eyes was made to be in the salon. And notice that the province relies on him saying God let's neck in other words, it's the passive form of the verb, right? So that the melody lead, he says, God Let's call her to it for my enjoyment was made in the prayer. Not that I pushed myself so that I would enjoy the prayer. But in other words, Allah blessed me to enjoy the prayer which which emphasizes a point that we talked about previously and that is that when we talk about who sure the first thing is that we ask a lot of parents Allah for them for sure and not rely on ourselves. Because for sure is inside of you. It's in your heart. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam is to add that you should make all the time the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said alumna in the Beekman Calvin lecture, which shows you where the where the who Sure it is. Probably somebody listening will say, Oh Allah, I seek refuge in You from a heart that does not have who should Oh Allah, I seek refuge in You from a heart that does not have who sure Oh Allah I seek refuge in You from a heart that does not have who sure that should be a part of your daily routine. Make that do I and your sujood make that do it in your saliva.

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Aloma in the out of the Beekman can Vinayak shot and there's a there's a longer portion of the dewlap. But this the part that we need to focus on right now for this particular hookman which deals with who sure so the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was seek refuge in Allah from that, which means that it is evil because the prophet SAW if someone did not seek refuge in something that was not evil.

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He used to seek refuge in a lot from the shape honor regime. Right? You seek refuge in alone from not having who should and is hard.

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So when we talked last week or two weeks ago, about some of the things that you can do prior to July that will help you have assured in your saliva. Because the who sure does not start with the tech beard. It starts way before then.

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The same way same way

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If you were having a meeting, okay, you were you told people we're going to have a meeting at one o'clock is the person that shows up at one o'clock on a diet, like the person that shows up at 1255 1250, that person is at time now to sit down. If they computer open, get ready, start looking at the agenda, thinking about what that meeting is, the person that comes in one o'clock, they got to get right into it. It's totally different. Totally different. A person who shows up to class five minutes early, 10 minutes early. It's not like the person who shows up when the bell rings, because they haven't had a chance to get acclimated. So therefore, what we talked about was getting ready

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before your supply. Being there if you can, when the Imam I find when the mo is saying hi, Jada Salah, hi, yaalon fella. And you think about what that means for law. That's right, this salon is success. And in order for me to have success in my salon, I need to have who Sure. And you're reminding yourself of that. And at the very minimum, that you're thinking about that when the morethan is calling the comma.

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And so you're there when the event is called and you're making between the then and the comment and prior to that, as you're making will do Your will do is different, because you're thinking about coming on the Day of Judgment.

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One Marceline that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam recognizes the believers that he never met before.

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But he recognizes them from the traces of their will do. And so you think about that when you're making will do and you think about the fact that your sends a phone, so you're getting ready to stand in front of me

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that that is key that we recognize that as we stand in the salon. We are having a private audience with a loss of Hannah, what's Adam?

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Eliza Joe,

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out of his infinite mercy did not make there to be some interest, somebody who intercedes between us and him. He gives us a private audience, the prophet alayhi salatu was Salam say that kind of I had to confess Allah, for him know who you are. And

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when one of you is in prayer, he is you neji Muna J. He's in a secret or private audience with his Lord.

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And in some narrations of that same Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, so let each of you look to how he you know, he, and he let each of you look to how he privately addresses his Lord.

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So, the first part after we prepare for the Select now, and you're standing in, you're about to pray. The first thing is to recognize the father love Allah subhanaw taala pioneer is guiding you to prayer, that he is giving you this opportunity to address him

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that he's giving you the opportunity because Allah azza wa jal only made it obligatory for us the prayer because he knows what benefits us.

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And so he's made that prayer come five times a day,

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you eat less than five times a day because prayer is more important than your than your eating and drinking.

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It's important. It's important for your spiritual health. And so a lot of data has. And so as you stand for saliva,

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think about the father that Allah Subhana data has given you to make up from amongst the people who stand for saliva, who established the saliva, how many of us parents out of service have turned away from him, have rejected his bouncing in his grace, and Eliza Joe has given us that favor. So Pamela,

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and then you say, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. And when you say Allahu Akbar, you should recognize that you are saying that Allah is not uncommitted, because that is also true. But you're saying that Allah is Escobar and that he is greater than, it doesn't say at the bottom from what it doesn't say greater than this or greater than that because Allah Akbar from everything.

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And so whatever you had going on in your head before the salon or

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whatever is distracting you, whatever is coming up or you think might be happening after salon, leave it because Allah is activated, and you don't know if you'll make it even out of that salon.

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And so it doesn't really matter what's coming next.

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And pray that salon as you stand in front of Allah subhanaw taala as if it is going to be your last opportunity to worship Him.

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If we knew,

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as some of the Sahaba knew, right when the time came for them, and they were going to be executed by the enemies of Islam. So just let me pray to recognize

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if you knew

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We're going to be executed and you had the opportunity to pray two records, how would those two records be?

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That's it, you know that that you are leaving the world for sure that somebody was going to.

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But the reality is we don't, we're not guaranteed any next chance. And so every time we stand, we should stand with that intention of that being the less a lot of what's a lot is overnight saying, Oh, I wish I could go back and do it again.

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So Allahu Akbar, at the very beginning of the sign.

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And then immediately after that, you begin with

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a list of tags, that is the the ads that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam would make to open up the prayer. Now,

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what I want to mention here without going into detail about what these do eyes are, is that you have to, and you must for who should vary your routine, do not do the same thing all the time.

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subhanak Aloma, we humbly go What's about a cosmic Metallica, dupa Lyla, if that becomes mechanical for you, you're not thinking about it.

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And so you have to switch it up. A lot of them are bad beanie, rabina, kataya Camelback, the bane and mushfiqur, one monitor our long distance, put distance between myself and my sins, the way that you have distance between the East and the West. Because now, as you say that,

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and you say another do it now is it's not mechanical anymore. Now you're actually thinking about what you're going to say. And this is super important for who should because you can imagine, after you say Allahu Akbar, if everything after that becomes a mechanical thing, you are no longer in the, your heart is no longer in.

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And so from the very beginning, from Dr. Stiff 10, you want to make sure that you recognize what you are saying, and what you're asking the loss of Hannah, who was out of four, and you should go back to the books of do I, there are specific books will humbly translated into English that deal with the two ads that you make in salon and your ad card and the salon.

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And so recognize what it is that you are actually saying in the salon and inshallah in the next month, we will deal with some of the ads of the salon so that you realize what you're saying. And then immediately after that, you seek refuge with the law, from the time of regime and seek refuge in Allah. Don't just say it off your tongue. actually think about at all do and what does that mean? What does that mean? seeking refuge, it's like a person's all of you have heard we have a crisis on our own borders of refugees. These are people who are fleeing. They're fleeing from a place that they find oppressive, or whether it's no economic opportunities for them, or whether it's political,

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you know, problems, they're fleeing, and they're coming to a place that also has economic problems and political problems. And so but they don't realize that so they're coming, and they're looking for this place that's going to protect them from what they are fleeing from.

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to be there, he mean, a Panama he, you are seeking refuge in Allah,

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who will protect you from the shaytaan Raji, but you have to think about that in your Salah. If you're not thinking that we haven't made it to the point of who should. And so these are these things, recognizing what the tech be admits

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to our stiff tag those prayers that you make to open immediately after, after the tech beer.

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And then seeking refuge with the loss of Hannah which Adam from the shape on

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all of these happen before you even recite soda till Fatiha, and they paved the road to having her Sure, and your salon after preparing for your salon properly.

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And getting all of the distractions out of the way and recognizing that a lot.

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And praying to Him in the very beginning of that prayer, seeking His help and seeking refuge from the time

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we come to the most important conversation that we will ever have. And that is sort of

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if we realize that we're actually talking to Allah subhana wa tada and that Allah is responding. It will change your prayer.

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For the love of China, I know he narrated that the Prophet It is so hard to sit in, said that a law says because some to salata, benei or Bina have the same.

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I have split up the prayer, the supply, he's referring to sort

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of split up the prayer between myself and my servant, two halves

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and for my servant

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He will have what he asks for

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Aloha. So when my servant says and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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when you stay in this ally, but remember the prophets I send them say, when one of you stands in the Salah, he's having this private audience with a lot.

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So you say an hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen. Allah says, having done,

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my servant has praised me

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a lot. I mean, it's not just that you're making a prayer, but that Allah is directly responding to you and who are you and who am I that aligns with Joe responds

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to every single Muslim who says al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen. And what he says, Man and why him

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Allah Subhana Allah says f now and a D.

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My servant has loaded me extolled me

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and when he says Maddy kiyomi Dean, Eliza Joe responds magetta Nia,

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my servant has glorified me.

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So there's a difference between saying and hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen

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our man in Hawaii him. Bernie, give me the and say 100 he landed on Milan, I mean,

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to me D because when you do the second one, it's very difficult for you to stop and think that Ally's or Joe is actually responding.

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Yeah, can I Buddha? Yeah, can I stay?

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When you say this,

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Allah subhana wa tada says, that is between me and my servant and for him is what he asked. Yeah. Can I do this for LA? Yeah, can I study is actually implicit of a question asking the loss parent either for his own asking for him to help you in what? In that a bed?

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That that's in question there is implied even though what you are doing is you're stating all odds you alone that we worship, and from you we seek assistance? That's a statement? That's not a question. That's not a petition, you're not asking.

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But it is implicit of a question that you are asking a lot for his help.

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And then when you go on to say Dino seranthony was the theme so I'll let you know

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what a bunny. Allah says that is for my slave. And for him is what he asks. In other words, allies have a job if you are sincere and asking to be guided to the straight path that Allah subhanaw taala will guide you to their street path. And that street path is one of knowledge and actions, beneficial knowledge in and righteous actions and keeping you away from those who have knowledge but don't act according to it over those who just do whatever they do, and they don't have knowledge.

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And so you're asking the law for beneficial knowledge and righteous actions to keep you on that straight path. If we recognize and sorta tell fancy hat that we are having a conversation for with the loss of habitat and this is one of the greatest means to attaining ashore and your salon.

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And everything else after that follows. And that's what we'll be talking about in the later in the upcoming hookman

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