Tahir Wyatt – O Allah Make Us Steadfast

Tahir Wyatt
AI: Summary © The importance of practicing Islam for spiritual goals is emphasized, along with the need for consistency and clear understanding of the meaning of Islam. The speaker also touches on a woman named Mo Wallasey who had a flash on her head during court. The importance of learning to love and hate the people is emphasized, along with the need for guidance and a firm resolution. The language used in court is also discussed, along with the importance of learning to love and hate the people.
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I'm going to try to make this a content I'm not a lecture

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and inshallah

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hopefully you'll walk away not just with inspiration but with something that you can implement in the lights and in your lives.

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Before I begin just by a show of hands, how many of you have heard of celestial? istikhara?

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Okay. hamdulillah How many of you have memorize celestial istikhara? Okay, that's a significant drop.

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I want us to notice something at the very beginning of that had eaten this is not about celestial istikhara but it's about the beginning here with Javon Abdullah. Well, the Allahu taala and whom he says, we use them you I leave when is the hora comma you alumina surah.

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The Prophet sallallahu wasallam would teach us the istikhara the way they would teach us from the time in other words, memorize the words.

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And what's added is also important, not just what you asked for, not just that we say it's from our hearts, which is very important.

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But that you do your best to call upon a loss of hand with added the way that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam called upon him

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like a ministry of Oh cough here in American Islamic education

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would be a * of every message to teach the Dr. The prophet Isaiah Salatu was sent in, I think it's so important that we the regular Muslims, that we begin to implement those edits via the eyes of the prophet Isaiah select to send them in our lives. And so either the prophecy

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of campaigns or he would teach the campaigns do I from those from those two ads that the province I send them with teaches campaigns is to do it it's quite long, we're only going to focus on the beginning part should that have been oh so the Allahu Tana and we said can interview somebody or send them you alumina and Nicole the province I send them use to teach us to say, and in some narrations, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam used to say this in every salon, Aloma in ESL oka civetta. Phenomenal azima tala rushed to the end of the Hadith is quite long. I want to focus on those two questions from the prophet Isaiah Salatu was sent in with those two requests. So a loss of

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habitat a llama in ESL oka

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Oh Allah I asked you for Tibet. Being steadfast on your de fille amor here is referring to Islam. So give me the bat on Islam make me steadfast in my practice of Islam. And I think this is an important point for us because every one is subject to fitna till everybody is subject to be asked and agree. And then the grave were asked what I'm asking you, Malibu. Okay.

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You got to help me out here. What does that mean? moderate book?

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Who is your Lord? But is it mean? In this sense? Are you being asked? Who do you believe created the heavens and earth only? Or are you actually being asked? Who you worship? Who is your Lord here? A book actually asking you Who? You worshipped? Medina.

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What's that mean?

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What is your religion?

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Big, big careful. A lot of times we oversimplify this stuff. It's not asking you what religion you think is the truth? Or is your name, last name or a DC last name? And then you say that that you're a Muslim is asking you. What did you practice? So, Medina, venial Islam, my religion is Islam. That means you have to practice something from the deen. It's not just enough to walk around with a cart. It says that I'm a Muslim woman to be you. And who did you take? As your Prophet, the one whom you followed his instructions? I think it's a lot to him. So the point here is when we're asking the Lord for Tibet, we're asking him to give a steadfastness on this Deen. We're going to be asked about

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our steadfastness. Did we really practice this Deen or not? And so we want to be steadfast. The second part of this, what we're focusing on is Alemany Assetto, Corsa basophil, Mo Wallasey metalla brushed, and we asked you, I asked you to give me a firm resolve firm determination to be rightly guided or brushed on a stop at this word is going to be the end of what we talked about today. But I'm going to explain it the way that Allah subhanaw taala explained it in the Quran. Because another thing that's important is not just that we learned the words of God

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For example, you're going around the Kaaba, between the Yemeni corner and the black stone we say

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and it never dunia has no flash it has no pinata, but not

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all, I'll give us the good of this life, the good of the next night save us from the punishment of the Fire. But do we really understand the implications of what we're asking for? A lot of times we don't, until we give it some thought. And so we're asking a lot here to be steadfast upon his D. And we're asking him for firm resolve and determination to be rightly guided for rushed. But what does rushed me?

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Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, Allah eco whom are washy, do they are the rightly guided, they are the ones who have rushed Who? Who was a last minute added. Where does that idea come? I'm even asking some of the I know some of you who follow my show La, la eco Houma, Rashida. They are the right the guy that and by the way, one of the things we've had a look at one of the first lessons that we took when I was many moons ago, when I started my Master's in Medina.

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Our teacher actually used to make us bring in the book

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and read and stop at every pronoun. And say, what does that pronoun refer back to? Because you're not going to understand language? If you don't know who the Who's he Who's she who's it who's de la eco Mirage, Ito they are the right the guy who was the last minutes out of talking about Allah says at the beginning of that IOI demo and the fecal masuleh know that amongst you all is the messenger of a low

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low you to comfy cathedra Mini me that I need to if he were to obey your wishes and many things, you would actually suffer. So he's not coming to obey your wishes. He's coming to bring the rissalah to bring the message of a loss of habitat. If he did what you all wanted to do. Then you would actually suffer from that. And then Allah Subhana tada says lack in the LA hub Baba la como email

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was a yena houfy kulu become, but Allah made Eman beloved to you. He endeared Eman to you was a Yana who feed Hulu because it made it pleasing to your hearts. So not only do you love a man, but you're pleased with the man and that's two different things. You might love somebody and not be pleased with them. You may love something and not particularly like it.

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But Eliza Jones made he man beloved to them. And he man here is not just talking about something in the heart. It's talking about your faith. It's talking about your statements. It's talking about the actions of Islam, they become beloved to you. And we can ask ourselves and acquire well I this is stuff that's important for us and especially as we raise our children to teach them to love Amen. How What's our language around select? Because Allah azza wa jal calls Salaam amen in the Quran? What's our language around Salaam do we say? Oh yeah, well, let's just pray so we can get it out the way and then we can go do a B, C and D do we use that kind of language? Or do we actually love

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select the prophets I sent him said Juhi let's put what to it for Salah my enjoyment has been made with salah and the prophesy son of a saint to be original. And he bring us comfort through this salon. A lot of us a eration our minhang that brings us comfort by getting it over with

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let us have comfort despite it despite that. So what is our language around amen?

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Do we really love it? are we teaching our children are we teaching our children to love it? are we teaching the next generation to really love faith?

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He says so they love faith was a you know houfy kulu was a you know ficolo become? Well Carla Hey les Come on. cofra wolfrum sukawati, ca, la ecomo Rashida, and they despise Coco. And they despise defiance and food, and they despise alessian are disobedience to a loss paradigm. So they despise everything that is opposite of faith or that can't that is contrary to faith, whether it destroys faith from the very foundation which is covered or whether it attacks the completion of faith, which is a full suit which is referring to major sins or LS yen which is referring to two minuses they despise those things. And we have to understand I don't want somebody will come here and take a

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soundbite and say oh that's hate preaching. It teaching us to hate. Well our Prophet it is select with Sam said men have been in there, wherever the Linda what after the lead woman and in Africa the statement and email whoever loves for love and hates for the sake of Allah and he gives for the sake of Allah and he withholds for the sake of Allah is completed. Amen. And those who

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don't have those qualities have not completed faith. We're not talking about hate for the sake of hate. We're talking about hating sin, because it creates a barrier between us and Allah subhana wa Tada. And that's the important part here. Not just that we hate the consequences. Many of us may know people who have fallen into sins. They don't necessarily Hate the sin, but they hate the consequences of the sin. So they hate the fact that they got caught cheating on their spouse. Not that they actually did that action, and it pushed them away from their relationship with the loss of hematite and Toba

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is translated into English is what

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repentance repentance actually means Islam. So you're fixing your relationship with the loss of Hannah was added because when you sin every time we sin, we're messing up part of that relationship with the loss of habitat and so we hate for those things to come between us and the one we love so kinda who what time Okay, so, again, the believer the Rashid, when we ask Allah for firm determination to be rushed for rushed, we're asking a lot to make amen beloved to us, and that he makes those other things that are contrary to human despise to us that's a larger agenda you have to believe in an Amen we wouldn't use a you know who people who Vina

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but then it never dunya has no flexibility has an Okinawa No. Salaam Salaam obata cannon Amina Mohammed

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