Masjid Al Aqsa and Walking Dogs

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of Islam in waking people up to pray for Islam and waking them to do so. They also touch upon the idea of " waking up" to pray for something and the " waking up" to pray for cents. The speaker wonders how people prioritize their priorities and whether they are satisfied with their results.
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So Hannah who retired, so we have to reflect upon that. When you think about the name of Islam being guided to this Deen

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every day Allah subhanaw taala allows you to wake up as a Muslim hamdulillah Dr. Hanna

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I mean, you know, just waking up saying that, waking up as a Muslim.

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We wake up for what reason?

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Pray fudger to pray to

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you waking up to praying for something.

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The rest of the creation that is not Muslim are waking up to do what?

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Go to work.

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To go to walk the dog.

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You mean so that the dog can walk them? Can you imagine that some Hello, we got to the point where we walk behind an animal poop scoop. It's poop.

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Like really? What what has happened to us? No, seriously.

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And you know, well, let me say something.

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I remember last year, maybe

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I Exactly. I remember exactly when it was. So I was a little upset. And it was funny time and it was cold.

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And one of the brothers did want one of the brothers, Palestinian brother. He said, you see some people complain about coming to the masjid. Hey, some of these people are walking their dogs in this cold. You can't come to the master. You know, his thing was and it's real when you look at that. But Seamus Shea you've cut it, they say right one thing leads to another. But but that's the reality. Other people are not waking up.

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For the purpose of worshiping Allah.

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They're waking up for the purpose of worshiping dollars and cents. Right. And we've gotten talked about that and the hook buzz Well, how people prioritize what is your priority? What keeps you up at night? Is it to thinking about a sin you may have committed? And is Allah Subhana Allah pleased with you?

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Or is it balancing your books? Oh my god, how am I gonna pay that bill? What keeps you up? And what gets you up in the morning?

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Because at the end of the day, what you prioritize is most likely what you're going to wind up worshipping. Willemstad, what are you gonna say?