Tahir Wyatt – Make The Masjid Great Again

Tahir Wyatt
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Brothers and sisters in this van. It is a well known fact that Khadija love Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam built the Ganga,

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Allah subhana wa tada says in the Quran with your father in law he will call it them innovatieve What is my Baba? Amina Nikita similary remember one Ibrahim raise the foundations of the Kaaba in Mecca along with Ismail saying what?

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Our Lord accept this from us. Indeed you are a semi Aladdin You're the one who hears and knows everything. And this cat but the house of Allah subhana wa tada and Mecca was the first house established for the worship of Allah subhanho wa Tada. As Eliza widow says in elevating woo the early Nancy the levy the Becker MOBA, como de la To me, the first house established for mankind is the one in which is another name for Mecca in Hebrew is also called Becca, if you look at my old testament, it references back.

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And this was the house that you put on in built is blessed with Baba Kim. Well, who doesn't lie to me and serves as a guidance for all people in the houses of a loss of habitat and our places that are blessed, and they serve as guidance for mankind. As time went on the house of Allah subhana wa Tada. I'm referring specifically here to the Kava.

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The inheritance for the maintenance of this message, this great house of the laws of hammer data was inherited by Coolidge.

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And as we all know,

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drinking water to the pilgrims that were coming to him with it alone. And so as we know the pagans, they littered the Kaaba with their with their items.

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And it came a point

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where this was unacceptable. And so lots of hammer data revealed once the teachings of the Prophet is selected with Sadam spread and the lies are revealed mccannon admission Kenan and er Moodle massage the love sharing in an embassy in Baku, it is not befitting for the pagans for the most Viki to tend to or to maintain the houses have a lot of data while testifying to their own disbelief. Meaning what if you were to ask a Christian This is how some of the scholars Tafseer if you were to ask a Christian, what is your religion, they can say? He's a Christian. You ask a Jew, he's gonna say he's a Jew. If you ask the Maastricht he's gonna say he's a Muslim.

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And so it is not befitting for them to be the ones who maintain the house of Allah, while they in fact, recognize their own disbelief. Now what do we mean when we talking about maintaining the house of Allah, we're talking about the physical structure, but we're also talking about what happens in the house of Allah subhanaw taala the worship of Allah azza wa jal because they're not worshiping Allah alone. So it's not befitting for them to be the ones who maintain the house of Allah, and then a large hotel reveal in the Miami massage in the La minemining laggy with the omen.

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Well, Thomas allowed to act as a catcher

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in the law, it is only the millisecond of Allah only to be maintained by those who believe in a law and the last day they establish the prayer, they give this attend. And they don't fear anyone except a lot.

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One of the things that we're gaining is we look at what does it mean to maintain the house of Allah?

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Yes, it refers to physical maintenance, the building of the house of love, the remodeling of the house of alone, keeping it clean and tidy, and air conditioned in the summertime heated in the wintertime keeping the lights on all of that is part of the maintenance of the house of Allah and that's for the believers. That's not something that we leave to anybody else. We're not going to any government that is not Muslim or otherwise, and asking them to maintain the houses of Allah. It's just it's not appropriate.

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But also the maintenance of the house of Allah. Yeah, massage. That also includes what we can say is an intangible form.

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of maintenance that you pray in the house of Allah, and you look back at it, the prophet is not to sit and describe that there are seven will be shading in the shade of Allah on the day when there is no shade, but you look at the Huggy, and the Prophet is selected with sand. And he talks about how close the sun will be on yo PM, and how a person is going to be sweating. And that they will be up to their ankles and sweat up to their hips and sweat up to the neck and sweat. But that is a day when a person will need the shade of Allah.

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One of those people who receives the shade of a loved one of the categories of people

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to whom while

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a man whose heart is attached to domestic, even when he's not in domestic, he's thinking about domestic, he's thinking about praying in the Mexican he's thinking about being with the Jamaat

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part of maintaining domestic is establishing classes in domestic that you learn in domestic that the book of Allah is recited in domestic that you go to the session and you make your eye between the then in the comma. In fact, one of the things that we don't do just because I'm a surgeon and not open, but it was frequent in the past to find people praying and the last part of the night in dimension

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begging the last panel tada No, you know, we we tend to use these times to pray for ourselves and our families, right? So Oh Allah give me this Allah give me that

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part of our selfish you know nature. But you will find some of them asking the Lord to send rain down for the oma Mohammed Oh Allah. They were making do out for the entire oma in the last third of the night in domestic.

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So you're talking about a people whose whose hearts were attached to the measure, this is part of

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the law. When Mr. miletti went over there, that those that the the houses of Allah, the massages of Allah are only maintaining is only befitting to be maintained by those who believe in Allah sent tranquility of the message in the life of the Muslim

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to the point that the Prophet said a lot It was when he came to Medina was it comes a sizable party. He spent the first 10 days with Benihana in Cuba outside which which at that point, even though you've gone to Medina, now, it's all part of the same city, but then poop out was was not considered to be inside of the city. It was just south of the city like a suburb, the proper size of them stayed there. 10 days doing what? building his house, right? No, no building the house of Allah established establishing the message.

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And then the practice of the love, it was sudden, went on to Medina. And whereas Campbell stopped, he stopped. And he said, this is our place in sha Allah.

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That place was owned that land was owned by two orphans from the Sahaba, salmon and souhei.

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And so the Prophet sallallaahu, Selim said to them, I want to buy this land from you, from the two of you, they were under the authority of Sri Rama on the line. So the proximity, Selim said to them, I want to buy this van from you to do what to build the house of a love again, you know, many of us, and unfortunately, and sometimes we just have to say what it is, many of us come to America from other places, not concerned about the house of God built my house. Excellent. Nobody's knocking me for that.

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Just for taking those steps to the Minister. But yes, Pamela, for many of us, and we just don't get the messiness to it doesn't play the central role in our lives, that it should. And

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the reason why this is so important for us to understand that one brothers and sisters, because the message is not just for men, and it's not just for Old Men, and it's not just for middle aged men, the message should be servicing everybody, every segment of the Muslim community, especially in this land.

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Especially in a place that is not catered to the Muslims. Excuse me, not only does it not cater to the Muslims, but almost everything that you see outside of dimensioning is calling you away from Allah.

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So the messages have to be welcomed, they have to be accommodated. It has to we have to provide space for everybody. For the Muslims,

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the sisters, the prophet ideas, so it was sent after that seminar, we

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don't perfect the female servants of Allah from coming to the massaging of Allah from coming to the houses of Allah, because this is the place where we congregate. And this is the place where we learn our Deen.

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And so let's get back to this point. Many of you,

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many of you do not really identify yourself as American. I was asking right now I'm Suma Turkish. I'm Pakistani, I'm Indian, I'm Palestinian. But guess what? And so because of that, you can kind of feel confident that you know, you're gonna be a Muslim.

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But let's be real.

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You know that what I'm about to say it's true. Your children don't identify.

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Children doesn't say it's been daddy says I'm American. Yes, I say I'm Philistine. He says I'm American.

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What is it that is going to protect his or her Muslim identity is going to be the houses of Allah.

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It is going to be the Islamic institutions. It's not going to be public school, that's not going to help them be Muslim. It's not going to be college and university and my shell, ladies, a doctor and all that other stuff. That is not going to help preserve their identity with law, you have a responsibility, you came from another place. You came to this land? Do you want to be the reason why you have atheists in your family? Why you have Christians in your family? Because your grandson, okay, you might have a little bit of young children, but what about your grandchildren,

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if we don't establish the houses of Allah, if we don't establish Islamic institutions, what is going to help preserve their identity, where are they going to learn the ad.

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And so, the messaging plays a critical and crucial role

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in the life of the Muslim and therefore it is our job, we cannot wait for other people it is our job to establish the houses of Allah subhanho wa Taala as allies or just says people using an alarm, alarm and

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you certainly will that will be added when we do we will assign in a

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lot to to, to jobs

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and to the end of the island, that is that these are houses which are lost,

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as sanctioned to be built.

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In these houses Allah subhana wa tada His name is mentioned and celebrated. He's glorified in mourning, and evening. And so it is critical that we

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the Muslims who are clear right now, use these houses of Allah subhanho wa Taala to carve out a dignified existence for the Muslims of this country. Once the foot bias started brothers and sisters in this thing is no talking is no distraction, listening to the football is wet. So you should have been passing out pictures if you do that after tomorrow

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or talking or shaking hands or catching up with friends and exchanging numbers. Those are things that are done after the cookbook because it is your obligation to listen to the fatigue which is why Allah subhana wa tada says to me that I knew the lie to me Yeoman July 1

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was not obeyed when the second event when the event for joumana has been called the need of buying and selling First of all, you know victory lap race through the remembrance of a lot of leave up buying and selling.

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Leave all buying and selling after the second event because that is when the hook by starts and you're supposed to listen to the hook but you don't just casually walk in as a lot of people do five minutes they try to engage what is the what is the common remedy? So they can catch Salatin jumada and word of Allah is the man caught within Juma it is an obligation for you to listen to the hood of Joomla

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and then to pray with the men. So to get back to the point and without belaboring the issue.

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Alhamdulillah we we the Muslims who are here right now, and our family members and those who have the ability to influence and affect and reach we have the opportunity. We have an opportunity in front of us to establish the house of

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panel data and we're going to talk about that in the second part of the hook. But Apollo Pollyanna was a little lonely. What happened

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa

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shadow on the Mohammed Abdullah sunova

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alarm was on he was suddenly very mad at abena Mohammed, while he was so happy as

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brothers and sisters and

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many of you are aware that the prophet SAW the law, it was Southern nuisances, read frequently on yo Juma submitted. So we can add here, a lot of places that you go, this is what the man recites on July. What a lot of people don't realize is that the practice of the law while he was selling was also frequently read on joumana, solid and monashee, who was one of the soldiers that the prophecy someone will read frequently. And the scholars of Tafseer they say that the wisdom in this is that the Prophet salallahu idea was seldom was letting the hypocrites know

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that he knows who they are.

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Because it wasn't that they came out with the names, those names will they fall on the side and, and so many of them won't. And Kuhn were not known by name, but they had certain characteristics. And once they fulfilled those characteristics, then the profit it is selectable, Sam would know that they weren't coming to budget, they weren't coming to the Select. And he said it will only show up on jumaane, which is a, which is a major critique. By the way, if you only show up to the message on July, be careful, because there's nothing that distinguishes you from the morphine at the time of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. In that regard, they all came to do mine as well. Because they

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wanted to be seen by the other Muslims, they wanted to be recognized as Muslims. So the Prophet somebody was summoned recite would recite that song,

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so that they could know that he knows what their characteristics are at the end of that surah something very interesting, interesting. Yeah, let

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me call me Mama saponin, accompany a Yeti I had a cool moment.

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Spend from what We have provided for you, Allah subhanaw taala has provided whatever you have means it is aligned with that as provided for

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the company. And yet here I had a couple months before death comes to one of you. And then he said,

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for your cooler up below, let me let me know, if you can just push me push it back just a little.

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So I can do it. So I can pray. So I can make how much someone dies for us.

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So I can give charity, just give me another opportunity because the beauty of charity is that the benefit of it is not restricted to you. So a lot of times if you pray, you don't want to benefit from your prayer you make Alma You're the one who benefits from your home. When you give charity, a lot of times, it is other people that are benefit for net neutrality. So the benefit of it goes to others. And it can be perpetual, it can be something that is that is lasting. And so what we have in front of us,

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what we have in front of us, as you can see, we're here today we're in this place that we want to make look like MSG, it already is a mess. This is for lunch, nobody owns this place. This is owned by the community.

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So it's already a mess. But we want to make it look like a mystery. And we want to make it function as domestic and we want to make it more comfortable that we make our own homes. Because this is the house of Allah. And he has given us and we need to be people who get and it's an opportunity. Because you can't do this everywhere and you know it

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you can call it some lanes Muslim lanes, and you say hey, I want to build a mansion. It's not happening. You know what? They already beat you to it. You don't even have the opportunity, man. Mess Gee, then then Allahu Allahu beta Elgin, and Allah will ever miss Lou vagenda as it comes with a Muslim, whoever builds a messenger. Allah will build for him a house similar in gentlemen. And another narration of this heavy because some people say I can't build a messenger. It's just too much I don't have the means to do it by myself. What if we can all come together and build a house of Allah? The Prophet sallallahu wasallam said men bed and in a misty den can met hassy cuppla like

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the nest

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Have a sandgrouse that that's the kind of bird that that's in a radius and the nest is very small. Oh, the problem is upset or even smaller than a loved one that will be Tim Fujin alarm will build for him a house in general. When we look at that, what that means is that that gives us the opportunity don't look at it when you for you to spend this country especially. Don't ever look at it as you're losing money, man Natasa manda sasada to me, man, oh man.

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And you know, wealth has ever been decreased from giving southerner, these are opportunities. And what we have to look at it as like this, this is just the seed. This is a last theme, take a step back and really think about what that means. This here is a laws D and allows Dean is supreme, it will not stop at three or four suites in a commercial center. Believe me, it's not going to stop there because this is the last thing but Allah has given us the opportunity to be from the people who plant the seeds. And then whatever grows from that tree isn't the legs it will be people who reap those fruits even after we long born in the same way you look at sadness.

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From the inside that land, they wanted to give that land to the property some of the problems like Selim refused, but what was the intention, the intention was to give the land the process home still purchased it. But that was the intention that is still being rewarded today, which now are the land in which the and the long gone 1400 some odd years.

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And likewise, we have opportunities, a loss of habitat, believe me, believe me, everybody doesn't get this opportunity doesn't come along every day. When I was living in Medina, you couldn't find a master where you can go, I want to give Southern consideration the last lecture. It's not giving Southern cut to the masjid. It's nothing to do the mess that is built, the walk has been established. That is the trust. So hopefully we can establish these massages, and we will be the ones that established the walk from the old car that pay for these massages. The next generation of Muslims will have to figure out how to manage it, how to grow it how to make it more suitable for

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their needs, but inshallah they won't have the same problems that we're having, because we'll do the right thing and will allow them to inherit from us that which will allow them to grow this thing and make it Supreme. We ask Allah subhana wa tada to give us success and COVID-19 epidemia has an Oracle activity has an Okinawa

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Southern Africa

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that'll dynamically show

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