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400 low Salatu was Salam O Allah Allah. So we know that early he was

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a bad. First, actually before getting into the Tafseer of the eye, or the dead book that pondering over the meaning of the eye and reflecting over the AI that I'm going to

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talk about tonight and shout out to Adam, as philosopher has added to make us from amongst those who observe later to cuddle with truly men seeking a loss of Hannah without his reward. And it is very important for us as

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you know, that we really contemplate the

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deep meaning of Layla toccata at Hiram and Alfie shout. And I'm only taking this opportunity since this is the first of the last 10 nights within days. But

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let's let us just think about it. For most of us in the United States, the night is approximately eight hours and some change. So literally, we're talking about in most places, and just bear with me here 500 minutes, okay, 500 minutes, is equal in the sight of Allah subhana wa tada in terms of reward to 1000 months.

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And I think that sometimes we have to really break it down for us to value the time.

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So that means that every minute of These Nights, if if the night happens to be late, I'll cuddle, that the reward for worshiping a loss of humans add in each one of those minutes is is like two months. I mean, are we really internalizing the fact that we should not be wasting minutes? A second is like a day, in that case. And so it's very important that you know, we don't let this time go by that the difficulties that we may face the the pressure that we put on ourselves to perform in these 10 days, we won't regret that later. It's It's similar to how people go on Hajj and they just put forth wha they go all out, you know, after a day or two, they recover. And then, you know, they

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forget about the effort that was spent but allies have a job now you do as your MRC, d a lot doesn't cause the the reward of those who do good to be lost. And so it's very important that we asked a last panel to add or to help us and worshipping Him and these last two nights. And part of that worship is to double Quran, Allah azza wa jal, you know, says in the Quran

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that Verona Al Quran, do they not ponder over the Quran so this is one of the greatest forms of a bat, in fact, is that we read the Quran, and that we ponder over it. And that is one of the reasons why I think that this this way of approaching the Tafseer of the Quran, or reflecting over the meanings of the Quran, the way that it's being done with the Quran 3430 this is something shallow, this should be a staple, you know, moving forward making the Quran and its its knowledge accessible to people that are going to add. And so I wanted to start off with that, before getting into the reflection, inshallah. It's interesting that everybody kind of focused on sort of a room even though

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this juice covers the last part of anchor boots, it covers all sorts of cool, covers all of sort of look, man, all of sort of decision, and the beginning part of that.

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And there's a common theme I need that brings this, this juice together, this juice is rich sipan, along with so many points, that I was confused about what to offer reflection on until I came across a statement of a shared

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him with a lot of data in a while but yeah.

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Speaking about the I yeah, the MonaVie dounia, or home manual as you're at home, or if you don't, right, so in this I which is the seventh I sorted a room, Allah Subhana Allah says they know, some VA here, some external aspect, really a superficial aspect of the right, well whom annual accuracy Whom have you known, but when it comes to the Hereafter, they are in utter, you know, negligence, they're heedless when it comes to the hereafter and so aligns with Joe here is clearly referring to those who have rejected faith. However, there are many Muslims who may to some degree or another, embody some of this characteristic of those who reject Satan. So it's very important that we're

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aware of this quality so that we avoid it, and inshallah we'll be able to see how it ties into other ions. But anyway, let me go to the statement and completely by himself.

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Tada he said about this I he said yet he will either Cooley Muslim and he had the zimin and you get to Deborah ayato room happy to dub brancati Allah, He said it is whadjuk it is an obligation for every Muslim of this time. And he wrote this book approximately 50 years ago, right? So he said it's, it's an obligation for every Muslim of this time, meaning his time, but now we even seen and this time as well, our particular you know, contemporary times. He says it's, it's an obligation for every Muslim to ponder over this idea. A lot, give it a lot of thought. And then he says, will you be you know, man,

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I lay he called the minister Pirate Bay and hula, hula hoop ness, and E and it's also an obligation for us to convey you know, what, what we come up with upon pondering this i to the people in general. And, and that is as he goes on to explain that this I it makes it clear that this world has a law head and it has a bottom, okay. So, it has a an external shell, if you will, it has an outward aspect, and then it has a reality. Okay, so when he talks about the inner aspects, he's talking about the reality of this life. The outer aspect of this life is that people have to find a way to live and survive and shelter and food and clothing and you know, the things that they need, in fact,

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that has an imbecile Abraham Maslow to it. When he was talking about this, if he said they have gotten to the point some of them he's talking about their infatuation with dunya and it's it's glitter and it's sternal matters. He said that one of them could put a deter him on his finger and flip it around and tell you how much it weighs. Well, you know, Minister, Lottie shaker, and he, but he, he doesn't know how to pray properly. Right? So you know, you you get to this level where it's, you know so much about the dunya but not anything that is preparing you for the next life. And that is, as a Mahalo to Allah says,

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may Allah spent Allah have mercy on him. He says that this is the actual what the doing it really is to understand that it is a pathway towards the hereafter. Okay, and so that this dunya is about working, it's about planting. For the hereafter It is about doing the acts of obedience that will draw you closer to Allah subhana wa Tada. So those people who know a lot about the dunya, but they don't know anything about Allah subhana wa Tada. They don't know anything about who he is, what he has commanded us to do, what he has prohibited us from what draws us closer to him, so that we can do those things, what pushes us further away from him so that we can avoid those things? Right? If

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if we know all of these details about the material sciences and engineering and technology and so forth, but we're not conscious of who Allah subhana wa, tada isn't what our real purpose in this life is, then we're taking a portion of that, well, humanity will ask you if that's even possible, and they are heatless, about the hereafter. So it's very important that, as our Prophet sallallahu wasallam taught us to say,

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in a famous do I do, I did no model, the low tiger and Homer said that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam would rarely stand up from a gathering with his companions, except that he would make this die along with some of them and how should seek a mentor who will be vain and elevate him I'll seek to the end of the die. But the part that I want to get to his where he says, well, that said, your animal see button Effie Deena, do not make our masiva, our calamity, our affliction, oh, Allah. Don't make that in our Deen. Another words, life is going to have its test. We're going to be tried, we're going to be tried with the loss of wealth, we're going to be tried with the loss of health. We

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may be tried with loss of loved ones and so forth. People are going everybody this life is a trial we're going to be tried in different ways. But don't make my masiva in the dean. Don't cause me to reject faith or to doubt my faith or to love what you hate your opinion or to hate what you love. So don't make mine we'll see but in my di and then he goes on to say while I touch your eyelid dunya agbada hamina while I remember love a minute and do not make this dunya the

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bottle has been the greatest of our concerns, and not the extent of our knowledge. Right? So the idea is it is okay.

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To know from the doing it in fact, the Muslims will humbly lay have contributed much to civilization as we know it today. Right. But they were not people whose knowledge stopped at the dunya. And in fact, it is upon us to learn from the sciences of the dunya that which will aid us in the worship of Allah subhana wa tada worshiping him better. And so this is not a call to leave off the knowledge of the material sciences or anything like that. But it's a it's a call to balance Allah Subhana Allah is showing us and if you skip 10 eyes so that's that that's the seventh eye and sort of tool. If you go to the 17th eye and you'll see the succession I really hope you go back and read this. He says

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for Super Han Allah He hinted to him sooner or hanaa to be home. So to get rid of the muffler, the heedlessness, the negligence, glorify Your Lord in the morning and in the evening. So this is a call to both the selected federal and selective negative, as well as a call to the card subequal. Myself, those do eyes that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was specifically make in the morning and in the evening. And I hate to make a your king plug. But I'd have to say that we do have a great book

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that was published right before Ramadan. Or maybe it was the day that Ramadan started, if I'm not mistaken, that will help people go through the idea or the eyes of the prophet SAW some of the prayers that the prophets of light he was sending would make some of them that he would make in the morning in the evening.

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I know that my time is up so panela

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it's it's going it's going on very long. I'm gonna have to

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I just want to tie this into some of the other sources so that people can go back. So if you go back to the 64th, if Lanka boots, I lost friends, it says what might have even had to do yet when I had the hill higher to dunya in LA when we lived this life. The life of this dunya is nothing but distraction and play. This is what it boils down to. Well in the doubt on Alfie Rotella he'll hire one, no Can we move. But then next life, the Hereafter is real life. This is the real life if they only but knew. If you look towards the end of sort of, Look, man, you will also see that a loss of hair which either is telling us to fear the day, that a parent will not avail his child, his child

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will not avail his parent, that the promise of a loss of Hannah without it is true. So prepare for the Hereafter is sorted to such that you can see many items. And I'll end with this point and so on I had to skip over a lot panela because when we talk about the Hereafter, we're talking about one of the major objectives of the revelation, right? I mean, we're talking about one of the three major creedal objectives of Allah Subhana Allah revealing the core belief in him subhana wa tada and worshiping Him alone. The belief in the prophets and belief in the hereafter. I mean, these are the three main categories of creed that are found in the Quran, I want to end with the the eye and sort

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of that which is right there at the conclusion of the Jews, right? He did. So Allah Subhana Allah says to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says,

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He says, Yeah, you have to be clearly as well as you could. incontinent to read and El hieratic dunya was enough to have a tally. Oh, say he says to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Say to your wives, if you want the life of this dunya and you want its glitter, you want its embellishments, then come you want the luxury of this life, then come, I'll give you a suitable compensation. And I'll let you go graciously. Another words and Pamela, to give it some context, I mean, the Muslims are going through some difficult times the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did not live like royalty. Some of his wives were coming from very, you know, prosperous households, like I should have a low tide

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low tide and who I mean he was he was a wealthy person. In any event. The point is that the prophet Isaiah select was sent him was was instructed by Allah subhanaw taala to let his wives know at that particular time he had in the prophecy, someone was married to four women at that time, he was married to an shuttled house. So the selama are the low tide and hoonah. So, he gave them he was instructed to give them this choice. If you want to do it, then I can let you go. I'm not I'm not going to hold that against you and you, you'll be compensated by me as a last franchise, instructed every person who goes through a divorce Every man is supposed to compensate his wife with something

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according to his means. He says but if you want well in content that will

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We're in tune

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to Regina, Allah wa Sula who are doubling Acura

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in the Lucha idol in my senior team in Kona, as on an Alabama but if it is a loss of a job that you want, it is the profit slice on them. And the hereafter listen to that if you want to hear after, if you want that final abode in the Hereafter, and you want to live well in the next life, if you want gender in the next life, then Allah Subhana Allah has prepared for the good doors from amongst you all, a great reward. Now, I just want to very out, I'll end up here, I promise. When the prophet SAW Selim took as he was instructed by law when he went to action on the low tide, and with this ultimatum, this choice. He said, I'm going to say something to you didn't recite to her the ayah

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right away, he said, I'm going to say something to you that allows for him to is commanded me with and I don't need you to answer right away, go back to your parents and consult them and then we can come and then come back to discuss it with me this is how it comes into rewire of sight.

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And so I shall be alongside her and

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she she says, Okay, what is it? So the prophet SAW them, read the eyesore and he said, Look, if you want this life, then I'll let you go. And if you want the next life, you want to learn as messenger, then, you know, then then Allah Subhana, Allah is prepared for you a great woman, she said, What is there to talk to my parents about? I'm choosing Allah, I'm choosing you in the hereafter. So Pamela, I will say this, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, all of us, every single Muslim,

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will be given an ultimatum in this life will be given that choice. And some of us more than others, and some of us more frequently than others, will be given the choice will be tested. Do we want a law?

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And we want to hear after? Or do we really want this done yet? Are we going to compromise our faith? Are we going to compromise our values? Because we want to get something out of this dunya we'll be given that choice and we need to make the choice that I shall not be alone China and Hemi She is our mother of the low tide and she is the scholar of this oma to Panama and she made the choice for a lot in the download acula This is the choice that we ask Allah subhana wa tada to allow us all to make. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah not to put our calamity and our affliction in our Deen We ask Allah subhana wa tada to not make this dunya the extent of our knowledge and not the greatest of

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our concerns. Willow Adam was a low Southern robotic, and then Amina Mohammed. I mean, Zack, I think I don't think anyone's mad at you going a few minutes over. Exactly.

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Just the

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drive that you mentioned in the book controller. It is Yeah, it's actually I believe it's, I believe it's the last

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book so just so that we're clear. The way that the book is set up. It starts off with the eyes of the Savannah massage. Yeah, I need to do as the prayers that the prophecy center we're making the morning in the evening. It's followed by prayers that deal with specific occasions. And then it finishes up with some comprehensive prayers and I believe that this is the last one in the book, Love to kick them so we'll post it in the comments again, and you can go back and download it and you can of course go to the website. You can find it there.