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has encouraged us and our messenger Allah is selected with cinammon has encouraged us many different texts to be from the people of the Sunnah. And the people of Algeria, that is that we embody, the teachings of our messenger RNA is selected with Solomon, and that we establish the congregation that is that we be together, Allah subhanho wa Taala has made this comma, one comma one, comma 2.0, mutton wahida, this oma of yours is one oma, Allah Subhana which Allah has said in the Brian in them and Nuna in one that the believers are nothing but brothers, and our Prophet is selected with select Set, remove a whole Muslim, that the Muslim is the brother to another Muslim.

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And Elijah tells us in the Quran, why trusting we have the language in me, while at

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home fast the rope of Allah, all of you together, and do not be divided, do not be divided, some kind of law, that which is going to bring us together. That which is going to bring the Jamaat is that we embody the teachings of our messenger is a lot to be said and nothing else is going to bring us the honor of being together. It doesn't matter that we're all American, or that we're all Arabs or that we're all Pakistani or that we're all black or white, none of that matters, not you, as a lover of Islam. We are a people whom Allah Subhana which Allah has given might has given honor and dignity because of Islam. If we see honor in anything else, Allah subhana wa tada will humiliate us,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala will humiliate us if we seek to be together and we seek dignity and we seek honor in anything other than embodying the teachings of our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and we have to realize this upon brothers and sisters in Islam. Do you realize

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that there are people who know what it's like if the Muslims actually unite, and they're scared of that? And so they cause a rift and they sow dissension in the ranks of the Muslims because they don't want us to unite. They don't want us to be together. There are some people who take pride in being the small group who claimed that because they are the small group that they are the safe sector, but this is not Islam.

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This is not Islam. Allah subhana wa tada does not want us to be disorganized. He doesn't want us to be disunited and disjointed. Allies Magellan commands us to be together. While touching movie humbly lay Jimmy and hold all of you together firm to the rope of the law. He wants us to be together and he wants us to cooperate. What's our one big one tough one and cooperate upon big and tough up Hello Cody Hello stuff for lunch.

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Under the law Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Why the hell he was something human Wallah.

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Brothers and sisters in Islam

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you have the rare opportunity

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and the rare chance to be a part of history.

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The history of Islam in this country is being written as we speak.

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And we should recognize our place in that history.

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This City,

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has the largest concentration

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of converts of reverts of indigenous Muslims in the entire United States of America.

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what that tends to translate into is that we have a people

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who are comfortable being both American and Muslim.

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That is that they are comfortable with both of those identities. And that's not a common theme amongst the American Muslims. And the fact that this is what Allah subhana wa tada has decreed for you is something significant, and it's something that we should not downplay the importance of you have

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The opportunity to be a part of the history in the making in this country.

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But if we don't do our jobs,

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to establish this D,

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we don't do our jobs to establish this thing. We can't sit on the sidelines. We can't be Muslims on the fringe. We can't be straight Muslims, like stray cats don't have a home. No, you have to have a community, you have to be a part of something.

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And believe me, if we don't work for this thing, we should be afraid that Allah subhana wa Taala is going to replace us. Because a lot as a result does not need us. And Islam does not need us. But it is us needs Islam is we need a slim

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slim, who let someone who is a spammer. But in Laravel you wouldn't mind equaling the men and come from Saudi p Allah data says in the Brian that they deem it as a favorite to you. Oh messengers a lie or something, they accepted Islam. they deem it as a favorite to combat someone why they don't come to me looking at your slam as a favor to me. But allow when you're moving on equiment adapalene demand, it is alone who has favorites by guiding you to fate if it is, since if you are truly sincere. And so we need to recognize that and we need to work for this team. Brothers in Islam. Brothers in Islam, this directive is not for the sisters, you will hear your turn shortly in some

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Brothers in Islam, establish the prayer in Japan. Be good men to your wives. Be good husbands, recognize your responsibilities as Muslim men. Do not mooch off with your women. That's not their responsibility to take care of you. It's not their responsibility to split the bills. And this is your responsibility. As Muslim, many you have to step up to the plate, take care of your children take care of their emotional needs, take care of their mental health, take care of them financially. Even if you are not with their mother, they are your responsibility to take care of your children brothers will lie. That generation that is coming up, they're going to look to the example that we

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set and they're going to follow that example. And we have a role to play in them.

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For the sisters in Islam,

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don't take the bait.

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The sisters are Muslim women have been under attack for at least the last decade.

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when those who want to wipe out the steam,

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recognize that Islam isn't going anywhere. That no matter what attacks they do in the name of Islam, and no matter what they tried to portray the Muslims as being that Islam just continues to grow.

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Then the next line of attack is to change Islam from the inside.

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And it has been the practice of colonizers for centuries. And those who conquered the majorities that conquered the minorities. It has been their practice to target the women, because they know that women are the first nurturers of the next generation. So they're not worried about the older ones. They want to nurture a next generation who totally changes the values of the snake. Who now we have Muslim feminists and liberal Muslims in all of these other no we want you to smash. We just want to slam wonderful new facility. Can Allah subhana wa tada says, entered into Islam totally

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without all of the other scriptures that go with it. And so sisters in Islam, don't take the bait, don't believe, don't let them establish your values for you.

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So many of our women are struggling with anxiety or struggling with depression because society puts on them values that don't, that don't coincide with the affinity. And so this woman is not valued unless she has a degree in something and unless she has a career, but on top of that she's expected to nurture the children and she's expected to take care of her husband and she's supposed to take care of the house and cook and clean and everything else. But her real value as they determine it is based on what degree she has. What's her profession, what kind of cars she drives.

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We can't take the bait on him.

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And we have to realize that Allah Subhana, which Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah does not the one who created No, does not the one who created Allah does not he know what is best for us. And that we stick to the guidelines that Islam has provided, for those of you who are young,

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you are living during the time, where many of us could never have imagined the struggles and the problems that you face. But you don't have to go at it alone.

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You young people,

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the young brothers that I see here, the 20 and 100 crowd, you have to come to the message.

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You have to be a part of the community. We want you to be a part of the community, we want to help walk you through some of the problems that you're facing, we don't want you to face those problems alone.

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But if you don't come around, if your thing is sports, and then this activity and that activity, you're never part of the Muslim community, how can we help you walk through those struggles that you face, if we recognize that you're dealing with somebody, and we accept you as you are.

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We recognize none of us without phones. But you still have to come, you still have to be a part of someone. And then we can work through these problems together. And this doesn't just go for the young brothers. This is for the young sisters as well, who are struggling with many different struggles that we can imagine. But we have to give them that opportunity to deal with it for the leaders of the Muslim community fear loss of family data, as it relates to those who are under your charge. This is a lesson 10 which obviously is not jumping, get your egos out of the way you are stopping progress. Your ego is a hindrance, you want credit. And because of the credit that you

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want, you're stopping progress. This theme requires that we service a loss of selflessness that we don't look for things that we don't look for thanks for the people, that we don't look for any reward from them. We don't even look for the reward of having our ego stroked.

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Leaders of the Muslims fear of loss and what's it as it relates to this community, what life we get our egos out of the way we'll be able to work together, we'll be able to create a better present and a better tomorrow for our Muslims and create real infrastructure in the marriage that will serve as generations to come and be in lantana will be the ones that get rewarded for planting those seeds. Last but not least, to the professionals

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of our community.

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Alhamdulillah Islam is rolling.

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Islam is growing all over the city, all over the country.

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And specifically, you've got to the EU that has been hosted by UML. And UML is growing, and we're trying to implement an educational Renaissance. And we're trying to implement social services for the Muslims. We're trying to grow the community as a whole.

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But we need your help. We need your expertise. We need your skill set. This is a call for what we are terming the charitable persons initiative.