Advice to those that want to study Islam abroad

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The speaker describes how people are realizing that it's a struggle to live in Mecca and whether they should leave everything behind. They acknowledge that it's a lot of effort and dedication involved, but also a humbling experience. The speaker also mentions that they are part of a "branded crew" that wants to leave everything behind and reallocate their life to something else.

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It's an honor. It's also an honor to be in the company of The Omen coolock crew here, shake fold. And the brothers who took that time out of their lives to dedicate to studying overseas. And I know that a lot of people don't realize they think it's just a cakewalk. I do anything to live in Mecca, do anything to live in Medina, until you get there, and then you realize you wouldn't do anything. Sometimes you do anything to leave.

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And you don't realize that there's difficulties that come with that. And it's a struggle, and there's a lot that has to be sacrificed. And that's the part that people don't understand the sacrifice that goes in to leaving everything behind that you had going on in your life, whether it was a career, whether it was academics and so on, and then repurposing and re dedicating your life to something else, only to come back. Thinking that if people are going to appreciate what I did, only to find out that it's not all

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roses, it's not a cakewalk, and it's a lot of struggle involved, but a humbling man, you know, so blessing from Allah Subhana Allah, you know, to be amongst to be amongst these brother