Tahir Wyatt – Adoption in Islam

Tahir Wyatt
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the history of Islam, including the implementation of WhatsApp WhatsApp message and the use of the "monster" concept to remind individuals of worship. The speakers emphasize the importance of first principles and the use of the "monster" concept for worship. They also discuss the pros and cons of the "monster" system and the harm it brings to others. The speakers emphasize the need for community involvement and foster care, while also addressing issues related to adoption, custody, and wealth distribution. They emphasize the importance of parenting and keeping relationships politely. The conversation ends with a plan to address issues related to foster care and close adoption.
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Hungary lang robola alameen

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wa shadow Allah, Allah, what do you say to him? Or shawanna Mohammed Abu Rasulullah

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sallallahu alayhi wa he was so happy he was so limited Neiman Catherine, you know, you're my Dean.

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And my bad to the esteemed organizers of today's event to the honorable Emacs and professionals on the panel. And to the brothers and sisters who have gathered here today to gain beneficial knowledge be in the light Jana said Mr. Aiken warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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Brothers and sisters know that Allah subhanho wa Adana has created mankind with a well defined and noble purpose.

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And he sent messengers to clarify that purpose and to illuminate the path that leads to him subhana wa tada and that leads to eternal bliss.

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And they conveyed that message, each one of them to his people.

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But the last of them Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Mohammed bin Abdullah solo and he was one of them. He came with a message that was not specific to any ethnicity, or nation but to the whole of mankind. And it is only this final legislation

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that the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam came with that will be accepted by a large Magellan

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as Allah subhana wa tada said in the Quran, women you ever tell me halal Islami dienen filet o Bellamy,

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Latino, Casa de

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chooses a dean other than Islam, then it will not be accepted from him. And in the hereafter he will be amongst losers. So our lives should be dedicated to fulfilling that purpose of existence, which is why not none other than the worship of the Creator Subhana, who was added and shunning false deities is the last paradigm that says, look, Brian will not hold up to the general answer. inlandia Boone and I have not created jinn and mankind except that they worship me. Now immediately before this ayah in the Quran.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala instructs the prophet, saying what that kid for in the decal arts and found meaning and remind because the reminder benefits the believer immediately after that will match up to agenda will instantly I will do and I have not created gentlemen Chi except that they should worship me. So it is as if the most important reminder that the prophets of the law it was some can remind the believers up is that ultimate goal of sincere devotion to Allah Subhana who was added and as such, I like to remind myself first and then each and every one of you

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that gathering for the purpose of teaching and learning the religion of Allah, Medina, is one of the most virtuous forms of worship provided that one's intention is pure. So each and every one of us needs to at this point, renew the intention of being here today and that it is solely for the pleasure of Allah subhanahu wa Tada. Now, that being said, and that reminder, having come there is nothing

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new per se in the Quran. And what I mean by that is that I think we should be amongst the people are reading the Quran on a daily basis, hopefully, completing the Quran, the reading of the Quran at least once a month, as is recommended by many of the scholars of Islam.

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And every time we read the Quran,

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we find that the reading may coincide with certain events in our lives, that

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these I add that we are reading may take on a different meaning than they have for us previously. And it is a very prominent example of that in the story of Omar.

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radi Allahu anhu at the depth of the province of the law, and he was selam where he did not accept that the province of light it was some of them had died. And it was something that had come to the Muslims in such a manner that was so surprising that almost all the low tide and who did not immediately accept that and it wasn't until a bucket is too deep.

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Alongside and who had climbed the member. And he said to the people, he mentioned to them that the promise of the lie that was some of them in fact, past and returned back to a loss kind of died and then he read the ayah. In the Quran, where Allah subhana wa tada says, well, man will hamedan in soon for the holiday mean comedy, he will soon as a matter Oh, Cuttino collaborate to become a lost power data says that Mohammed is only a messenger and there are other messengers who have come into a past before him. If he dies, or is killed, would you then turn back on your heels or model the low tide and who said that it was as if this is the first time that I had heard that I now obviously I

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model the low tide and hair that I have many, many times. But the fact that it now coincided with the death of the province of the law, it was something that I took on a different meaning to him. And I say this to say that when we come to these types of gatherings, even if we believe that what we are hearing is something that is not new to us. And perhaps it is something that a lot of data will cause us to benefit

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from in a manner that we haven't benefited from in the past. So before dealing directly with the topic of adoption, and foster care. I think it's important to state the obvious and that is that Allah subhanho wa Taala is Al Hakim. He is the wise and his legislation. So kind of what to add is wise all of it there's not one

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rule or regulation in Islam, except that it is filled with the hikma of Allah subhanahu wa Tada. Now, whether we comprehend

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that wisdom or at least some aspects of it, or we don't, that is not the point.

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The point is that and then that also does not mean that there are not some people who will understand the wisdom behind certain rulings and others who will not.

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But the issue is what is the posture of the believer, as it relates to that ruling that has come from a loss of data. The default pastor of the believer is one of submission,

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one of acceptance for the legislation, because there is nothing in the legislation of a loss of handle with data that is oppressive. In fact, there is a universal principle

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that is mentioned by many of the scholars and the easiest reference that that one can use if they want to go back and look at some of the details of this principle is the first principle in the book of legal Maxim's by an Imam Abdullah bin Nasser is Sierra de Rahim Allah to Allah the famous Professor anthropy.

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This principle says in the shadow layer model in Bhima masala ha

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ha Lisa arogya. Well, I in her

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mouth said to hoo ha Lisa tune Oh Raja, this principle states that the Sheraton that is the law giver, Allah subhana wa tada

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has not

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commanded us to do anything except that the benefit of that thing is either pure or overwhelming. Again, that we are not commanded to do anything in the shediac except that the benefit of that thing is either a pure benefit or it is an overwhelming benefit. And likewise, the Shannon, the law giver subhana wa tada does not prohibit us from doing anything, except that what he has prohibited us from is either purely evil or overwhelmingly evil. Now an example of that. Let's take the first one. That is something that the the law giver has commanded us with or made permissible when we look at the issue of a tag dude, or what is known as polygyny,

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a man being able to take on more than one wife. Now we know that without a doubt, there is some some difficulty in that there is some methodology there are some cons

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to the issue of polygyny,

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a woman may become very jealous she may feel that her marriage is threatened. A man is taken away from at least some portion of the time taken away from his children.

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And the ability to nurture them.

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But the pros of this system and I'm not talking about individual cases, I'm not saying that it is something that everyone should go out and do, I'm talking about the system of politically being permissible, that system the pros of it outweigh the cons and therefore it is something that is permissible in this man thankee home at tabela cumin and he said he met now with a little back as a last kind of data says no prior to marry that which you please for women, two or three or four. So that is something that is permissible in Islam. And that is because the pros of it outweigh the cons even though we recognize that there are some cons. Likewise, if we look at the the other half of

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this principle, and that is that Islam does not prohibit anything except that the cons outweigh the the benefits of the cons outweigh the pros, then look at the issue of gambling and look at the issue of drinking alcohol and toxicants. Is there some benefit in that? Yes, without a doubt Allah subhanaw taala says so in the Quran, yes aluna Canyon company will masive confy Hema if moon could be on woman, Effie earliness, they asked you about

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a hammer, which is intoxicating drinks. And and masive. Gambling, say that in them. There is a major

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harm. And then there is major harm woman after illness as some benefit for the people where it's Moo hoo man.

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And the harm and the sin that is in them is greater than the benefit so as a result being that the harm is greater than the benefit than it is prohibited in Islam. And so in light of what has preceded namely, a loss of Hannah, who has supreme wisdom and the wisdom of the Sharia, alights address the topic at hand. Firstly, Islam strongly encourages the care and protection of orphans and foundlings or what they call an Arabic Allah lionni a child that has been abandoned by his or her parents. The promise of the law it was seldom said and there are many, many texts that deal with this and we don't have enough time today to go into the whole issue of caring for orphans in this

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one Hadith is enough a shallow tan and that is the Hadith where the prophets of the law it was some said Anna

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what caffee lujah teamie Phil genetica hatin What shall be bistability will Mustafa fava bean oma like this. And this hadith is collected by an email with all the authority of Salomon, Salomon sagen, I'll be alone China, and who that the province of law it was some said that I am the sponsor of the orphan or the one who cares for the orphan. Our agenda I and he are in general, like like these two, and he pointed with this index finger, he put his index finger and his middle finger up and he made a space in between them.

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Just to show you that the high status of the one who cares for the orphan, one of the greatest scholars of Islam and one of the earliest to explain Sahih Bukhari His name is

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Rahim Allah who tada he said that everyone who hears this hadith should act according to it so that he can be one who is in the company of the Prophet, sallAllahu, Alayhi, wasallam and Jenna and there is no status that is greater than that in the hereafter. And so just hearing this, Heidi, and we understand the importance of caring for the orphans. And in fact, many of the scholars of Islam, in light of this text and other texts from the Quran and from the Sunnah of the prophet SAW the light of the Sunnah have mentioned that to take care of the orphans to care for them. And the foundlings as well

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is a waggy boon Keifa II, that is that it is a communal obligation that we have to step up as a community and care for the orphans. We have to step up and care for those who have been abandoned by their parents. And in fact, the the permanent committee of scholars in Saudi Arabia, listen to Damon, they actually mentioned in one of their fatalities on this issue, that it is even more so important.

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for the community to come together to take care of the founding them for the orphanage, the for the orphan because the orphan is going to have in general, there is going to an orphan by definition, by the way, because I'm not sure how is defined in western terms. But in Islam, the orphan is anyone whose father dies before he reaches the age of puberty. This is the order even if his mother is alive, but in general with the orphan because his lineage is known. And because he's going to have some other family, many times people step up from the family and take care of the orphan boy, for the foundling who doesn't have any lineage and doesn't have any family than he does even more so a

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duty for the community to come together and to take care of their needs.

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As for adoption, now, this is one issue, which is taking care of orphans and sponsoring them.

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But as with the issue of adoption,

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I've heard a lot of Muslims in the past, and even there are some academic journal entries that posit a wholesale prohibition of abortion, abortion adoption. And they say that adoption is hard on. And they don't make any exceptions to that. And there seems to be based on an assumption that adoption is the direct parallel of the Arabic word at too many activities Benny. As for this word in Arabic, to Benny, it means to adopt a child, and to give them the same status of a biological child. Now, notice here, when we say to Benny, it means to adopt the child and to give them the same status as the biological child. And there is no doubt that this is prohibited in Islam, because this is

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something that

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we know from the famous story of his aid had been had either by the low tide and who, who, actually.

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He was the servant of Khadija for the long time, and he had the wife of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and she gave him as a gift to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam his family came looking for him. And they found him and the prophets I saw them gave him the option, you can go back with your family or you can, you can stay with me and he did not want to go back with his family. Instead, he stayed with the Prophet. So the lie was Solomon and so the Prophet alayhi salatu salam actually adopted him. He went to the Kava and he announced to the people that he was adapting Zaid in haritha, and that from that point on, he would be known as a they've been hammered and this is

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something that was also the case with other companions as well make that even less what who was really an macdaddy banana and other sort of monster campaigns while the loads

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the point is that this was the case that z would be a lot more and was known as a bin Mohammed until a lot of data revealed woman Jana

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ebina, COO, Daddy kolu combi as well ah who your cool hacker, well, who is this Seville or the room, the Abba him who up the software in the law. So these

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are the portions that I've read, and sort of natural to me that and sort of deserve a loss of Hannah, who was Anna has said, nor does he that is a loss of data, make your adopted children.

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Your biological children that is a larger deal does not regard your adopted children, as your biological children These are words which you utter with your mouths, but Allah subhanaw taala declares the truth and he guides to the right path, through whom we add value him who after suffering the law, named them by the names of their biological fathers that is named the adopted children that you have or the adopted sons by the names of their biological fathers. This is more equitable in the sight of Allah subhana wa Tada. So here, clearly we see this issue of too many Benny being impermissible in Islam.

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So, why is that because to Benny Jani means to claim someone as a child and give them the same status of the biological child including the family name, inheritance rights, considering them as my home etc. However, adoption is a much broader term.

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It doesn't necessarily have to afford the child, the status, especially in the case of open adoption, which I'm sure inshallah tada will be addressed by other panelists. So here, what I'm going to do is make an effort to shallow China to move beyond the issue of terminology and instead focus on substance.

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Because it really doesn't matter whether we are talking about foster care or guardianship, custody, closed adoption, open adoption, whatever it's called. And whatever rules applying as it relates to American law doesn't take away from the issues that we have to deal with islamically. And so I will address some of these issues, and shallow two out of three of them.

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Based on the questions that were posed, to me, the first of those issues is related to changing the child's last name and taking the name of the adoptive parents. So that's issue number one. Number two, is the second issue is regarding inheritance. And the third issue is the relationship between the adopted child and the opposite gender of the adopting family.

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Issue number one, which is the issue of the name, the story of zeta, my heritage that has already proceeded with the is

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clearly forbid, assigning the name of the adopting family, to the child whose biological father is known.

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So knowingly ascribing oneself to other than one's father is a major sin in Islam. I need those scholars who have written books about major sins with a known as Al Qaeda. And like any amendment, they're heavy, and those who preceded them and those who came after the after him like Mohammed bin Abdul Wahab, Mahima lozada,

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they have all mentioned this in their books of major sins. And that is because there are many texts that indicate that from Muslim the statement of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam where he said many,

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many deaths, the lady Abbey, he will

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be full gender to Allah He haoran whoever claims that someone is his biological father, other than his real father, and whoever claims that someone other than his biological father is his father. And he knows that it is not his real father than gender is prohibited for him.

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And this heavy, is collected by both Hardy and Muslim from the fundamental rights, from the fundamental necessities, that alone that the shediac of Islam has come to preserve is the preservation of one's lineage.

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And so for one to claim that this child whom he knows is not his town, is his child, then this is something that is severely tested in Islam, and from the major sins. And as a side point. And based on these texts that deal with this issue, there is a common mistake that many of the brothers who accept this man make.

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And that is that they change their family names, this is something that shouldn't be done. Then you have a brother whose name used to be john doe. And then he comes to Islam, and he wants to change his first name. The issue of changing the first name is not a big issue, that is something that is permissible.

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may even be desirable, may even be whadjuk, dependent on what that person's first name was like, if his first name, for example, was Christian, then he needs to change that name. But if his first name is john, and his last name is Doe, and he wants to change the name to Abdullah Doe, then that's fine. The issue though, is what we find with a lot of brothers is that instead of just changing the first name, they become Abdullah Yusuf, or Muhammad Ali, or whatever, and they change the entire name. And this is something that should not be done. This is something that should not be done. Even if a person claims that they were stolen from their motherland, and then brought to Atlanta, they

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don't really know their heritage or their lineage. Yet that may have been hundreds of years ago, your direct lineage is no, you know, what your father's last name and what your father what your grandfather's last name was. And you shouldn't cut those family ties like that. A lot of times it leads to a feeling of disrespect, even when a person first accepts this man.

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And then they go and they change their entire name. And it makes the parent feel as if they are no longer part of their family. And that's not the case. And Islam does not command us with that rather it prohibits us from that. So brothers need to be aware of that. And we shouldn't be encouraging people who come to Islam

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change their, their name in totality.

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Anyway, the point here is as it relates to adoption,

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and not changing the last name of the child provided that we know the child's father is now, if a person is taking in a foundling, then by definition, this person doesn't have a last name. They don't know who the father is, or the mother. And in most cases, the scholars of Islam Rahim Allah have mentioned that in this case, you give them a generic last name. So they are going to be whatever their first name is, they are going to be the son of Abdullah or the Son of Man, because everyone no matter who they are, is at the law and at the rock man. So there is no problem with taking a child in or there'll be the daughter of Abdullah or the daughter of Abdul Rahman, for

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example, some type of generic name, that will not bring any shame to them and protect

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the fact that protect their identity, and at the same time, not give them a false lineage. The second issue is the issue of inheritance. Now the laws of inheritance have been clearly defined.

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In Islam in the beginning of surah, Nisa, there is a lot of detail as it relates to the inheritance in which the percentages that each heir is to receive and it's also some, some other issues have been clarified. And the sooner

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what one leaves only the ones estate, is to be divided, according to those percentages that have been mentioned in the Quran, and a person does not have the right to allocate the distribution of more than a third of their estate. I'm going to say that, again, because there are some issues that need to be dealt with here as it relates to our existence in the American context. A person does not have the right to allocate the distribution of more than a third of their estate, that is in their will now what a person does, while they are alive and healthy, and he wants to give away all as well, then that's his business. But he cannot do that. And he cannot stipulate that in a will nor

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can one. Once they are on their deathbed begin to stipulate how the wealth is going to be

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distributed yonny that is more than a third. So if a person adopts a child, and they want to make sure that that child has a portion of their estate, then they can write in a will, what they want to or what they want to give to that child as long as it doesn't exceed a third of their total wealth. And this is due to the idea of sagging and heavy, what costs will be a low tide and one of the 10 who the prophets of lightning was seldom promised gentlemen, and he has many other virtues. He mentioned. Neither is collected by any man Muslim,

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and the door the year of the 10th year after the hegemon that he became very ill to the point that he thought he was going to die in the process of light, his son came and visited him. And he told the promise of life, send them he said, he said, I'm a wealthy man. And I only have this one daughter. She doesn't need all of this money basically. Should I donate? Or should I give away in South Africa? Two thirds of my wealth, the province of light, it was something I told him no. Then he asked the problem he's on Well, what about a half the problems all the sudden told him no. He said, Well, what about a third? The problems lie to his son, I'm sending this famous howdy student

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who was Suzuka here, a third but even a third is a lot.

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then the province of Ontario someone told him for you to leave your family in a position where they do not have to beg the people is better for you. So this is this is the meaning of this honey that is collected by an Imam Muslim Rahim Allah Tada. The point here is that a person cannot therefore and this is the the scholars of Islam uses heavy there's evidence that a person cannot give away more than a third of the money when it comes to the will. And then another tremendous Heidi says we're on the point that is collected by both al Bukhari and Muslim on the authority of Imam Malik by him old data who said that nafion told him that even Omar

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allowed data and who told him that the proper sort of law it was sent him said my family and muslimin law who Shame on you sci fi, yeah be too late attain a level of senior to whom at to but to name that

00:30:17 --> 00:30:25

that there is not befitting for a Muslim who has anything that they want to bequeath or be quick to,

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for for two nights to go by, except that he has his will written with him.

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the point here is that we live in a society now the scholars of Islam, the four M's

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Abu hanifa Nima nomadic is savvy and you may remember him on the law, all of them have said that it is moose the head.

00:30:56 --> 00:31:16

And some of them have said that it is similar to more academic, that a person has a will written if there's anything that they want to give away. And there's anything any type of bequeathing that they want to me that why is that we need to understand this from the American context.

00:31:18 --> 00:31:32

inheritance is defined, you can't say that, you know, you want someone so to get half of half of your wealth and this person to get a quarter, and no, that's already been defined, but what you give away as a gift,

00:31:33 --> 00:31:40

as long as it doesn't exceed a third, and this is something that has to be carried out by by the heirs of the deceased,

00:31:42 --> 00:32:29

but in our context, and the American context, because inheritance is not clearly defined than a person may even be waiting for them to have a will, if the lack of a will is going to mean that the rights of the heirs are not going to be protected. And that is the Islamic rights to the inheritance is not going to be protected except with the will, then that needs to be something that each and every one of us that is and those of you today start with yourselves needs to have a will that is enforceable under the American context. And we'll have to rely on this panel Today we have with us some attorneys who may be able to assist in that I'm not talking about pro bono.

00:32:30 --> 00:33:18

Any people have to pay for these types of services. But this paying for this type of service is something that one is doing and it is wagging for them to do and so they are rewarded from Allah, to Allah for paying for these types of services that are going to protect the rights of their heirs. The third issue that I'm going to deal with in shallow China is the issue of Alma Islamia, that is a Muslim, who is a Muslim and how does this child relate to the opposite gender Jani, the child that is adopted? How what are the relationships like between that child and the opposite gender of the adopting family, the first thing we need to do is realize who a mom is now, am I wrong.

00:33:19 --> 00:33:35

And Islam is defined as anyone with whom marriages permanently prohibited permanently unlawful due to one of three reasons, or one of three types of relationships, kinship, breastfeeding, and marriage.

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As for kinship, and this is clear nanny, the mom is the mother, daughters, sisters, and nieces. Likewise, the relationship that results from breastfeeding, which I'll deal with in a bit more detail and shallow data, because this directly relates to adoption and custody.

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But the promise alario is something

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that the breastfeeding causes one to be a mom, or the same thing that one becomes a mom with due to the blood relationships, or one's lineage is also the case with breastfeeding. So in other words, when a woman breastfeed a another child and in our own child but someone else's child, then that child becomes like her foster child and they become my home for one another. Again, I'll deal with that in a bit more detail in a minute, inshallah Tada. The third category is the moslem relationship that results from marriage. So, a, a man,

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a person's wife's mother, which we would call mother in law.

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But there's a reason why I'm saying the wife's mother

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is is impermissible for him to marry.

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permanently, and she becomes a mom. Due to the contract only even if the men never consummate the marriage with the woman, her mother becomes permanently impermissible for him to marry likewise, her daughter, and that is after consummation of the marriage, not based solely on the contract. Also a person's father's wife, his father's wife and his son's wife are also impermissible for him to marry permanently. And so he is a Muslim for them, and they are my home for him. Now, as it relates to the cases that we're talking about here, whether it's any any type of bringing the child into the house adoption, guardianship foster care,

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custody, then if the child has not reached the age of two, then there's consensus amongst the scholars, that was five separate feedings, that this child becomes a member of the family.

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Now, some of them say that it doesn't necessarily have to be five feedings, but the point is that there is consensus amongst the scholars, that when there are five separate feedings, that this child becomes a member of the family, he becomes my home for them, and they are my home for him. And this solves a lot of problems. And it does not necessarily, it doesn't mean that the child has to feed directly from the breast of the woman, it can be expressed that milk can be frozen previously, and then the child drinks it out of a cup or bottle.

00:36:47 --> 00:37:35

It can be medically induced milk, Danny, that is that there are yummy medicines that a woman can take, that helped to produce lactation, even if she's not pregnant. And this is something that's that's known, it does not work for everybody. But for you know, for many women, it does work, especially when there's a young child around them, that there are medicines that they can take, that will induce lactation. So as long as the child drinks from the milk of the woman in any fashion, five separate feedings, then that child becomes a member of the family and becomes mom. And honestly, this solves a lot of the problems. Now there are other scenarios that may help if the

00:37:35 --> 00:37:59

child is a male, for example, and there are only male children in the house. And so it is just the mother that is the concern, then her sister, for example, can breastfeed their child or her mother or her daughter, and then that child will become my home for her as well. And the scenarios are endless here. So it's not a point of going into a lot of detail.

00:38:01 --> 00:38:36

And that can be dealt with the need for a person on a case by case basis. The other issue though, is when the child is already past the age of suckling. So the child is 345 years old or even older than that, and they come into the house. Is it permissible? Or how does this child interact with the other members of the family, especially once they reach the age of puberty? Well, the issue is this here, the the overwhelming majority of the scholars

00:38:37 --> 00:38:56

agenda algebra here, say that there is no effect of a bar or or the breastfeeding after the age of two that it has no effect whatsoever. So even if the woman was to express her milk,

00:38:57 --> 00:39:06

and a five year old drink from him five separate times that this would not make him my home for her and not vice versa.

00:39:07 --> 00:39:11

But there's a a an incident that happened.

00:39:12 --> 00:39:42

during the lifetime of the prophets of the law, it was seldom after the ayat of hijab were revealed and after too many or this particular form of adoption, was made impermissible a woman by the name of Salah bin Suhail, came to the office of the law it was some of them. And she told him that Salim Mola Abby who they for who was the adopted son of her husband, and

00:39:44 --> 00:39:50

she told the province of the lighthouse alum that he lived amongst them as if he was one of their own,

00:39:51 --> 00:39:59

and that it was causing difficulty for her to after the eyes of hijab were revealed to remain with the head jiba

00:40:00 --> 00:40:37

To keep her hijab on in the house that they didn't have houses like we have houses with, with four and five bedrooms, not to mention the other rooms in the house living rooms enough, they had houses. I mean, you look at the house of the prophets of light it was send them when you come to the province messages, and they have very small houses, they did not have large domains whatsoever. So now this woman is in the house, with this boy whom she raised as her own, and they raised them in the house as if he was one of their own. And now she has to wear hijab in front of them. And the purpose of the law, it was son himself, it was by Danny,

00:40:38 --> 00:40:53

breastfeed him at Yahoo, myalgic rheumatic and he will become impermissible for you to marry that is he will become a Muslim for you if you simply feed him. Now,

00:40:54 --> 00:41:23

obviously, he is not going to feed directly and this is one of the proofs that the scholars use to show that, that the the child does not have to drink Yani or does not have to feed directly from the breast of the woman in any event. How do we understand this happening? Well, the scholars obviously have different interpretations, but again, the majority of them said that this was a specific case. For Salim Mola, Abby who they for other scholars contend that

00:41:24 --> 00:41:32

anyone whose case resembles the situation of Salim Mola,

00:41:33 --> 00:41:52

in such that they were raised in the house as one of the one of the children, and that there is no shyness between them and the opposite gender, that is that they regard each other as being brother and sister, that in this case, if the woman breastfeed the child, that he would become

00:41:53 --> 00:42:33

Jani mom, for them. And again, this is not something that we want to generalize, this is not a fetch one, it is mentioned in some of the differences of opinion amongst the scholars. And here each situation needs to be dealt with on a case by case basis, you don't i don't want to come here and say that there is no effect whatsoever. And this is totally specific to salad, because that wasn't the understanding of some of the campaigns from amongst them, I shuttle the low tide. And at the same time, you don't just open up the door, and you say anybody, he comes into the house, he's 13 years old, and he can just drink from the milk of a woman and he becomes modern for the family. No,

00:42:33 --> 00:43:05

this needs to be dealt with, on a case by case basis in shallow data. Now, here's the other issue now. And then this is these are things that people need to keep in mind when they're bringing others into their home homes. But the other issue here is okay, what if we do have a situation where we have to take a child in that's five or six years old? And the opinion that is, and we have is that this child, for example, does not become my home?

00:43:06 --> 00:43:59

How do we deal with a child once the child reaches the age of puberty? And here what we say is that, yes, it causes an awkward situation. And now it's a bit awkward, but it's not insurmountable. And it's been done, and it's being done. And people figured out a way to live in the same house, but still keep the relationships or keep the relationships with the opposite gender in a manner that is islamically acceptable. If it is a girl, then when the males are around, she is wearing hijab, and vice versa, if it's a boy, when the females are around him, they will wear the hijab, and maintain proper Islamic etiquette. And again, this is something that is from the hikma of Alonso Hanna, who

00:43:59 --> 00:44:14

was added in the hikma of his legislation, we don't have a lot of time to go into this. But the whole point here is that yes, even though it may create somewhat of an awkward situation, it's not something impossible to deal with, especially with the size of our homes these days.

00:44:15 --> 00:44:28

There are obviously other issues that need to be dealt with my time has run out and even more so than run out. And does that mean Oh, hold on for giving me the opportunity to address you all today. What I would say in terms of

00:44:29 --> 00:44:59

action points is that we need some of the Muslims in each area to get qualified for foster parenting. And there needs to be some discussion about this. If there's a committee that can help to establish this, then that's going to be important because we do need some of the Muslims that will step up and get qualified for foster parents in some type of organization that is going to oversee the care of orphans because we cannot allow the Muslim to

00:45:00 --> 00:45:51

To simply get thrown into the system in the event that something happens to their parents, or there's some type of neglect going on, and they are, they are forced to go into the system, we can't allow that to happen have no way to to assist those children as a community, we have a responsibility to care for them. The second action point is to write a will do not let another two nights go by from tonight. So don't let Monday come in, you do not have a will that will protect the rights of your heirs that will protect their Islamic rights. The third and final action point is that we need more discussions like this. We need to organize any more avenues for further discussion

00:45:51 --> 00:46:17

and collaboration between concerned parties and professionals and those who have traditional Islamic scholarship to deal with a wide array of topics that are affecting the Muslims in America as a whole so that we can buy last time without his aid, come with some type of viable solutions to the issues that we face. A lot of times,

00:46:18 --> 00:46:46

we are so worried about our individual locations, this particular Masjid needs to raise this amount of money. And this Masjid needs to raise this amount of money. And, you know, those who are working in the professional arena, are not consulting with the man's and others who have Islamic scholarship and vice versa. Because what we need to realize is that many of these issues that we're talking about,

00:46:47 --> 00:47:31

though we may have an Islamic ruling for it How? How do we get that ruling to be applicable to an American situation? Well, we need people that are professionals. in those fields, we need those who are social workers and therapists. There are a lot of issues that I didn't get to talk about today, like how do you inform a child that they are not your biological child and you have raised them? How does that do we need those who are specialists who specialize in that area of social work in therapy to come in and assist with these types of issues. So there has to be some type of collaboration we have to realize, brothers and sisters in Islam, that we are one team of Muslims, who are trying to

00:47:31 --> 00:48:19

see some type of Islamic solution come to the issues that we are facing and it doesn't matter it doesn't we cannot be concerned with individual stats we have to look at is the team winning or not, and create a type of atmosphere that allows us to discuss these issues amongst one another. And again, I want to thank after thanking the loss of Hannah who was Anna, I want to thank the organizers of this event who have taken the initiative to start some form of collaboration on these topics, and a loss of Hannah who with data Knows Best allama Svetlana Dean and a lady who is meant to emelina was Lena Dean and was with Linda dunia and Ella TV Mrs. Tina will also had an afro button

00:48:19 --> 00:48:34

ality they have ham I do not watch Island hired Xia Telenor equally hired while Motorola Catalina Alisha subhanak along will be having a shadow law in Ireland. So who will cover to relate with Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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