This Is Why You Will Never Convince Them

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If you're trying to change someone's opinion about something, if you're really trying to change their heart if you're trying to affect their heart, then mocking them and making fun of them is the worst way of going about it and islamically we're not allowed to do that as Allah says, Yeah, you have Medina amanu la yes her power movement minute Oh believers, one people should not ridicule another people. No matter how much we disagree with someone, we don't mock them and insult them. Allah says what at the super Latina get their own. I mean dude in love and don't insult those who call upon other than Allah. I mean, that's the biggest disagreement, right worshiping other than

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Allah, even in that case, we don't insult them. First of all, it's bad for our own hearts, our own spirituality. And second, it's the least effective way of convincing anyone about anything. As soon as you make fun of someone mock them and belittle them. They're not gonna listen to what you have to say.