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loving unconditionally love yourself and cinnamon so either no no no harmony those who rely on me to hear one of them and whether or not somebody can walk away or walk out

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before we launch into the program itself, I've been asked to speak a few words.

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What I wish to speak about with insha Allah is just a sketch, a historical backdrop of how we have come to where we are the present moment.

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The second the non separability, the inseparability of commercial life from the rest of our religious lives, is something that has been underscored and aligned and emphasized from previous owners already up to this very present Obama is somebody who has

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a lot of it makes specific reference to commercial activity with regard to the people of Cheyenne in Santa Monica, but then was placed very strategically at the crossroads of north or south as well as East West very strategically place and therefore very commercially active. This particular group of people who sent me in this study and a certain message for them, part of that message was rectify your commercial dealings in any society conference close by go they will take the easiest path, but then why not have a lot of other side to rectify? Because when he starts taking the easiest part invariably And inevitably, that each other is not taking advantage of employer the powerful need to

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start taking advantage of the weak and why it comes to rectify this particular situation. We enjoyed by certain countries people with this message, they said, Okay, fine, you've got whining waiting for you do your own thing but Asada toccata Moraga unbroken I am

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unafraid I feel unworthy now militia. The fact that you are making some out today, does it mean we have to stop bull*ting what our forefathers worship from necessarily understanding as a matter of necessity, that Imam Salah go hand in hand, but they cannot be separated from the other side of life, which is complex enough, either does your son or the fact that you are now practicing religion, does that mean that we cannot do our wealth as we wish? That's exactly what Dean says. That's exactly what He commands that you cannot do with your health as you wish. There is the law there are rules and their regulations, whereby which is part and parcel of this entire journey of

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ours are loving yourself alone and someone has been doing it for years erecting the edifice of the sharing of ours, one quarter, if not more of which is commercial dealings. They are not saying nothing else, I'm saying that when they will have power when they Allah when you used to be said

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that despite the fact that commerce is such an inseparable activity of life, everyone, I don't suppose there is a single person sitting here that is not commercially active in society, everyone has to engage in some sort of commerce, I mean, taking a taxi or running a business or finding a factory, whatever it might be, everyone is involved in the diversity and I'm not gonna be alone, it will be said that you have to feel superior in love, and no one shouldering no one will be politically active in this society, until he understands the feeling of warmth and love, until he understands whether he can buy and sell in the medical arena when they cannot. 1000 years went by,

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and our law was alive both in the dealings of our people, as well as imaging of the post courts of law. And then came along colonialism, the rise of color and colonialism meant the end of this law of ours emerging out of the courts and being enforced by the courts. What we found our laws were replaced with Western rules, Dutch laws and bans British those that translation was occurring, but the courts were not enforcing and implementing our Sharia longer our surely had been relegated to the level of conscience of the public university, which everybody loved to as the rich, no one will stop you from that in your regard and do as you wish, perhaps for a certain degree, they will seek

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to regulate, but you still get many no massaging, your thoughts are still being done,

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according to your own particular things.

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The matter of Ramadan, in the spirit of colonization, and our country is a really, really good example. It is one of the earliest minorities that were created an account of colonialism. On the time of the chambers you should use the money of Russia was transplanted from his own country to this creek and upon they started this thing of minorities that came about in the world. So we have our very presence in this part of the world is a desperately need to leave on and he has colonization of the Muslim world, a third world so to say, as they will go on in five minutes as he paid. With the removal with the disappearance when Allah de la Sol decreed that the First World War

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in the second world war should destroy Muslim armies to the extent where they could no longer run this large coloniality

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Empire, then they started gradually giving independence to those

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countries from the Eastern countries from Africa, etc, all of those countries is gradually started, those nations gradually started regaining some of the traction that had been lost. Sometimes in the area formula was wrong, sometimes it's very, very bad. At times, they will go ahead and reclaim a bit of the area of Nikka hotdog, they will promulgate laws of Muslim personal law, it was one area of the law that will be reflected, and that will be the envy of the world. But the more I'm gonna your dealings your mind and you're sending all of this was the lift to the public at the level of the conscience, it will not emerge over the course of laws of law, there will be no implementation

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from that particular level of the legal structures of the country. So what happened in during this particular period of colonization was number one, mystification about what exactly is sharing? What exactly they should not be sharing? What exactly that shall be or instruct and demand in terms of our, our commercial meanings. What does it demand. And secondly, it was a matter of compartmentalization. I almost think if I make a salon as a council image, and if I'm married and divorced, only shanira, if I do a lot of things on camera, but my mother and my commercial dealings in which everyone is involved with the same extent that everyone believes in what is involved in

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commerce, that was definitely the sensitivities around the contract, the specific elements that get poured into a contract to make it compliant, and when they are not present, that they ended the entire contract. Invalid sometimes to the point of being haram lending the entire income, how those sensitivities will last. They were lost an account called compartmentalization, the entire manner in which we can conceptualize our demons, one of our members have a lot and a lot of what we eat and what we do, and that's only as we were leaving, I have some other views and perhaps a few other things that cultural aspects, but that was about what the Arctic amounted to.

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During this period, certainly the Ebola went on studied up to the present day, they continue to study the warm weather. But you know, sometimes the in the textbook of 500 years ago, and trying to apply it in the world that we live today,

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it just appears to be an insurmountable task for students 2030 years ago, 50 years ago, looking at where the modern commercial world is going, and where Armada appears to have gotten stuck in an ancient agrarian kind of boat, they find it difficult making the bridge, someone who looks like it might think of it as the airport has said once upon a time that under fear over in the UK

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it will seem the students look the same as the tense of before so the commercial world, but the people who inhabit it, they seem to be different. A lot of people, I think have mentioned that the anecdote speaks a lot isn't the distant past. Let's go on to closer to home, our guest is from Durban. But if you go to Delta, today was a matter of 20 years ago, even 10 years ago, you will find yourself very confused, very confused with all the sleep things have been changed. And I know we are in the same way, Lorenzo as we change the font, and a few other things like that too. But if you go to them with this old lens, again, once upon a time, you will be confused, very confused, to a

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similar extent. If you read our classical Muhammad and you look at the modern world, then you sometimes find the difficulty of making the connection, that connection is there. That connection just needs to be made at times. And it is towards the establishment of those particular connections, that certain scholars will eventually rise to that particular challenge. One of them being our guest who is present with us today, a person that I'm privileged to call a colleague of mine the person that I am privileged to have shared the sacred teacher with a person who I'm privileged to have a friendship with have the right design, it needs no further introduction than just be moved by him

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inside. He is well known for his website last came out.com that has been delivering for our for probably something over one probably closer to two decades now. And for a non governmental organization not affiliated with a major university or anything like that. It is probably one of the most active sites online, those that nobody can testify to that the level of industry that this man has brought to his work. And the level of interest in or inculcate within the students makes it our privilege to be able to sit in a presentation by him in order to demystify the mystification that has been happening over and over the years, about two years over the past two or three or 400 years.

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In fact, that prediction needs to be made. The Muslim needs to be able to understand that first of all, there is no compartmentalization when we have active diverse data in society that has to be up

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according to Sharia, as I said, from the most mundane activities to the highest level of of finance these days, the Sharia has something to say about it. First of all, need to be equal to law. Don't review yourself, don't ask those who don't know, because that thing can't be made, the connection can be made. And we can live upon for more than a Sharia in every aspect of our lives, being commercial in social and cultural, or be with a broad array. But there is one other form of compartmentalization, however, that I wish to

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focus your attention upon. compartmentalization, once upon a time might have been that multibagger Yes, but not mine. Ramadan, I don't consider that this was impossible. It was in my mind that

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I can certainly do is another type of compartmentalization, which is a result of one particular aspect of the present commercial world. Our ancient agrarian system where the father the farmer produces his goods, brings it to the market, sells it to the shopkeeper and he sells it to people who comes to a shop that has changed to a certain degree institutionalization of the commercial world has taken place, place where objects can they hold our own civilization, if only the Society of bankers were not banks, we didn't have brands, we didn't have finance companies, we didn't have asset management firms, all of these things have come about in the modern world, they're very much

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the product of the modern world. But what happens sometimes when they think of formulas, we think of finance, when this term must want the term Islamic finance is used, they begin to imagine that Islamic finance is only when it is done by a bank, it's only that which is done by the asset management firms only that it is done by the insurance firms etc. And it has no bearing whatsoever upon the manner in which I employ the maid that cleans my house upon the manner in which any mom is employing and as many of those have complained about Sharia Sharia compliance at the highest levels, if we look at their own personal dealings, the manner in which these kinds of things happen in which

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the gardener is employed to clean the garden in which these mundane kind of activities are looked at then that same sensitivity does not exist there. That kind of compartmentalization was also being brought on him it is that happiness deviation in shamba which we seem to gain from programs such as these so let me start once again looking at our our shell here as this complete universal check out this system will know the game among them and speaks to us at every step of the way.

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We hope and pray inshallah that this will get together should not just be the first of his time but should go on to replicate itself in further programs over and over they did that to the extent where everyone understands in full what's on your mind has to do once upon a time they have to finish Okina even though there are some Allah Allah say he didn't have 100 He was on gave a seminar on how to do that in the union. I think that the most like out