Taha Karaan – 17 – Ameerul Mu’mineen Muawiyah R.A

Taha Karaan
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the collapse of Bolivia, the rise of Islam in Africa, and the collapse of the United States. The "medicals movement" is emphasized, with Omar Omar being a leader who used the army and the army to destroy enemies and lead the "medicals movement." The Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned Howned H
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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah I mean

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when I said one

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one I said one so you don't know when the Vienna omona Muhammad Abdullah he was all alone I mean, long Muslim they are so you dinner Mohammed in water, he was happy with the rain, whether the kill was a live stream and Cassio about

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One prominent issue

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that has to be taken cognizance of

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that we have to recognize Before we discuss the following topic

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is the issue of Eamon

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as compared to ninja

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was he got to the Sahaba of the lavarnway.

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From the care side, the claim will always be that

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many thought most of those covered by the terms of harbor were in reality Manasa t.

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This fits in with a worldview and this fits in with the way they view the development of the history of Islam.

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From the CIA perspective, I will take you back it is that the SE inflection. Let's go back to our first and second lectures. It goes back how many three four months perhaps? What did we say back then? The main point of departure.

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The main issue of divergence between the car and the soma is the issue of

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the car understand the outcome of a man to be to believe in Allah to believe in our souls Allah Solomon all the Amir to be leaving the Malaika and the holy books and

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but also, along with those to be leaving imama this is where we differ. This is the essential point where we walk away from one another with a car say as important as it is to believe in the Omnia as important as it is to believe in the Holy Books in the melodica. In the piano, it is equally important to believe that Allahu taala had appointed for the leadership of this oma author who lost a lot of London humans on the island.

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If anyone does not believe in one of the essentials of Dean, he is not a Muslim any longer. If someone says, I pray and I pass,

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I go for Hutch. And I do all the duties of a Muslim but I don't believe in the Holy Books or I don't believe in the monarca or I don't believe in karma. There's no way that such a person can be a Muslim

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to the car who have elevated the belief in America up to the level where it is on power believe in a long believed in them beyond the books and everything else. to them. rejection of the belief of empowerment is tantamount to copper one and the same thing.

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So therefore, Upon the death of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam in the habit of he alone acted in a manner that she did not

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approve of

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when they elected Abu Bakar as the leader and not even me thought he was expected by the CR.

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They had no qualms in declaring that all of those Sahaba live the fall of Islam.

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But all of those who harbor continued living the lives of Muslims continued carrying the flag of Islam for holding the standards of Islam high, spreading the deen to all and sundry until the world is recognized as a new force to be reckoned with is a new empire that ruled the world for over over 1000 years. And that is this thing called Islam.

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Those people who had the helm of affairs, the owner, the close advisers, the generals who commanded those armies, from the side of the Shia, these people are not Muslims in the first place. These are people who have been waiting like egos for the moment that was a little less a lot less alarmist possibly to reveal they knew

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they had pretended to be Muslims all along. And the only reason why they pretended to be Muslim is that they wanted to be in control of affairs. They wanted to be ruler they waited waiting to die and then the moment he passed away they took over. That is a classical theory perspective, the way they look at it. So when we consider these two aspects, being a movement, being a monarchy, and being as a hobby, from the shape of picture, being a hobby does not preclude anyone from being a monarchy for the same time. Being as a hobby just means that you are alive at the time of Allah sallallahu wasallam and that you claim to be a Muslim, whether you are aware that you are actually a Muslim,

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that she has a your deeds will indicate to us whether you

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You're a Muslim or not. And if you select any one family member Polly does your leader, if you plead your allegiance to anyone that are going to be a part of that deed in itself show that you have been a monastic all along.

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That is from the Shiite perspective

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from the perspective of the understandable Gemma.

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Once a person says with his tongue that he's a believer and he says, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Muhammad Rasul Allah, he's a believer.

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He is to be treated as a believer in this world. Whether he is actually a believer in the ocular Allah just that. That is not for me and you to judge. We are all aware of the famous hadith of Osama Osama bin Zayed called the enemy in battle about to kill him and the enemy says Russia to Allah, Allah Illallah Muhammad Rasul Allah, and Osama says you will not fool me. I know what he was saying this. He was saying he didn't just say you know life and he goes made any killing. And he comes to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam and he received a reprimand such as he has never received before cataldo Baba and Kala Illallah Did you kill him off? He said La la la la halachah can be Did

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you open up is out and see what's on the inside. This is where we

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come from. When the person says La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah is a Muslim. He is a Muslim we treat him as a Muslim in this world. Allah knows what is the truth in the hereafter? Can we suspect the motives of people? Can we pinpoint that this is a monarchist and that is a monarchy.

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Many times we do so many times we point out and others and say that person cannot be a true Muslim. Look at me as a monarchy. We don't have the rights of saying so. Why Allah knows a lot a lot of us Lola Lola adios Allah mommy man. Hola, Camila Arabi moonachie Boone wamena Helene Medina, Morocco Allah Nipa Los Alamos.

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You do not know them we know them. They will not be born wherever the manhole akumina of those around Medina of the desert elements of the bedrooms of the nomads they will not be on yours.

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Even what in Medina woman and in Medina they were one of 18 years. morado Allah Nipa they are obstinate in the hypocrisy. But national amo la palemoon you ohama you don't know who they are. We know who they are. Allah says we know who they are.

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Only when Allah has informed these muscles Allah isn't under this one is a monarchy conduct one is a monarchy then we can say okay, this person is a monarchy.

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When the Sahaba came to masala salons in one day and said is killed. He said that we will not kill them now you're calling them Mohammed haba It must not be said that Mohammed kills his followers, the monarchy and reveal themselves throughout the course of the history of Islam by the deeds even then to they will see that there

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will also love a lot of them took the Sahaba on a trip

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on all of these yard expeditions. They were always a certain group that remained behind when even further they were those who said no, that's not what we went for. We're going to go back when he went for the Kabuki roll so those who stayed behind and through the through the actions they reveal themselves and a lot a lot of the we will want to say that yata zerona la comida Raja Tomita him pinata you mean Allah, Allahu Akbar, you will not be to the side behind, we know you to be monazite not merely judging by your deeds, but Allah has informed us of what you have done a lot as informed us of what is in your hearts.

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About the Sahaba all the Allahu Allah declares who was a bear Who would I mean una haka.

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polariton Latina Tana La Paloma homeless taqwa they are the true believers. They are the ones

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whose hearts and love Allah has tested for taqwa and the turquoise in me.

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As for the other the level of disease, they are monarchical. They will be revealed to you you don't need to go and identify them. Or number an alarm Allahu Akbar, Allah has informed us who they are.

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As we go towards the end of the life of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. As we get closer and closer towards the end of the life of Allah Salallahu alaihe salam, the Moroccan element is still there.

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But a lot of informs Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam towards the end of

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that he led me into his una una cadena de colo became moroccon one more g una pelea Medina de Llandovery en Acadian from Milan Runa coffee ha in La karelian Mundo Nina. A Nana tokico. Cookie Dough tequila if the Monaro VPN will not stop. Remember previous noted Maradona Nipa. They are upset about it?

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Now loans and final warning to the monarchy team. If your continuous uniform if you do not stop all those troublemakers in Medina do not stop. No. naka de mo Mohammed we will incite you against them. We will make your eyes against them and then from malaria you Jovi Runa coffee ha, then they will not remain your neighbors in Medina any longer than others they will be driven out of Medina illa kalila, except for a short space of time, only a little bit, they will not be able to remain in Medina any longer, Allah will cause them to be completely destroyed, eradicated. mallow Nina the day the current of a law from them or you know,

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tequila wherever they're going to be found, they will be taken and they will be killed. This is the outcome of the Manasa t. So the entire history of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam especially the period in Medina was to draw the very very firm and clear lines These are manavi TN Visa meaning

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whenever that line was drawn it became clearer and clearer that you choose sides Which side do you want to be on? Do you want to be on the side of Abdullah even obey?

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Who said that we will drive out of Medina led locoregional azumino.

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We the honorable ones will drive out these despicable ones? Or will you be on the side of the Mahajan and the unsolvable puzzle masala. Every campaign had this as one of its objectives. The campaign against the book was not just to defeat the Romans, the campaign against hyperbola just repeat the Jews. It was also to show the differences within the Muslim community until eventually this ayah from Surah Al Azhar can come and says a nama soco opido waka Tila Tequila, this is not something specific to our Milan Sonata la de la de cada

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una de la historia de la. This is a tsunami from LA This is the way a lot on a causes things to happen. And you will never find a lasuna happening in any different way. It always recurrently happens in exactly the same way that even Rasulullah sallallahu is in the Muslim lying on his deathbed. He could get up from the open the curtain, look at the harbor of the law on whom standing and making a salad behind the Buddha said they call the Aloha know and smile and beatific smile, because he can see the episode 23 the results of 23 years of effort, he could see that he has a generation of men ready to take the cause of Islam far and wide to the four corners of the world.

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Does that mean that each and every one amongst them automatically became an infallible Angel can no longer listen. So ex felon, that still doesn't even touch him? No, there would still be those amongst them they are human. And by their own admission, they would make mistakes. by their own admission, they would make mistakes. But the chances they have of receiving the mouthfeel of a love are far outstrips the chance of anyone else can ever dream of, because very well what was total loss on the lohani or some of them, they had sacrifice for Islam in the days

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when it was difficult

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for learning.

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Muscle muscle loss alone tells us that if today is the offer was off everything from the unfuck Miss law offered in the heaven. If you have to come to the entire way to offer the gold ma sir, we're adding more than a fee. So it will never even be equal to A handful a half a handful of what they have given in the past have a load on the guy when he was given determines the value of what was given as well.

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Amongst the Sahaba on the low on whom we can make a broad division broad three broad divisions. We can be more particular than that. But for our purposes here tonight, I want to just indicate three broad divisions. We find on the one hand the more hygiene.

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On the other hand, we find the answer

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was a mahogany and all of those who made a gelato Madina munawwara.

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The Mahajan, warriors unidos was Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam in Makkah, when Elisa Lalanne Islam opens the doors for each individual to Medina, others join them to elsewhere also making hegira his rock continued up till the day that Mecca was conquered. That is not the battle for up to the ap artemesia

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the doors of Israel open for eight years alteration of the doors of visa open. Anyone who makes his way to Medina ism is a Mahajan. And those within Medina who receive them are the unsolved. So we have on the one hand we have the margerine. On the other hand, we have the unsolved, then comes the conquest of Makkah. And upon the conquest of Makkah, there are many who become Muslim.

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There are many who become Muslim to some of them. It was

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an honest and true realization of the fact that we have been wrong all along

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and we are becoming more

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In open heartedly accepting Islam A man has penetrated into our hearts.

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And then there are others whose Eman was only on the surface was Islam was only on the surface. Them Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam continuously brought them nearer and closer to Islam

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brought in the near and close until Islam entered the house as well. They remain some homeowners.

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They remain some

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who stole 100% into Islam. Therefore, we also lost a lot and then passed away.

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Just about every city, every location, every area when they were Muslims, they would with the exception of Madina, munawwara, all around the Arabian Peninsula. What was taking place the rich the people over becoming more, Mohammed is by no need for this religion any longer. Nobody is allowed in Islam left the 21 year old young men are even asleep. He left him as the governor of Makkah. When Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam passed away so strongly the bonati who now become most of the became for a few days that are tabula sera to flee from Africa.

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He had to flee from Africa.

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But eventually those people will also be brought back into the fold of Islam due to the ever so who say no move across the day? Probably a low or no, let's say you see which we have passed already.

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They were lost when I was 18. On the other hand, the ones are and then there's a third group home they called up to LA to LA Gemma.

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Kevin is the plural of a word called a party and a party is someone who's allowed to go free.

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On that day of Potomac when Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam entered Makkah as the humblest conqueror that is the avenue.

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The police came to him.

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Orange County, the muhajir in the unsolved These are people who have suffered especially the Mahajan. They have suffered under these people from Makkah.

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And they said a leiomyoma mahama. They said today is the day that of bloodshed. Today we are going to have retribution. And the people of Makkah heard this and they came to Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam.

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And they complain to a surah la Salatu was Salam he said that look what he What are people saying? People are saying today is the day of bloodshed today is the day of war Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said no, today is not the real hammer. Today is the day of murder Hama today is the day of mercy. No blood will be shed except for those who still resist Islam or the sword We will fight against them. Anyone else who does not resist? He is free in the Hubble for untold tilaka go for you are free. I say to you as use of centuries brothers law three Barney camaleon no retribution against you today. Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam told me to move to LA. Go you are free. No retribution against you

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whatsoever. Whoever enters the house of Amazonian is every man wherever enters the harem is a free man.

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the humblest and the Most Merciful conqueror in the history of mankind. syedna Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now when we look at those people who became Muslim at mercados to LA

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what is their status in Islam? Do we say do we get on the bandwagon and say that every

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every freedmen of Makkah, every one of the punakaiki demonaco became Muslim under the shade of the sword, who out of fear protein kill became a Muslim, and then they were waiting for the moment that Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam has died to become more than once again.

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Now, just consider yourself for a moment put yourself for a moment in the shoes of he what would he say? You'll see obviously these people are these people are gonna fit in why they became Muslim under the shadow of the sword they couldn't wait for them to die to become more than any became more than they had never been Muslims all along there been Manasa t all along.

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Does this idea find support within the Quran and the Sunnah?

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Does this idea first of all of judging a person's a man by your own standards?

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judging a person's a man purely because you think it is so let's ask for on this console the Quran.

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The Quran makes a very clear distinction between those who sacrificed for the cause of Islam in its early days, and berries, those who came later mahogany names on one side and the cooler on the other side makes a distinction larious Bellini

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sacani covered.

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Those who spend in the code of Islam, and were swept in the way of Allah before the Battle of Makkah before the conquest of Makkah, the mohajir nmbm czar with other words, they're not equal to those who came afterwards.

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So in other words, one is on a higher level. One is a lower level is a higher level of demand and the lower lower level there's

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a lot that goes on to say, Hola, como de la? Nina? La Vina,

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birdwalk all

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those mohajir enums are for and changing the cause of Islam before they are higher they are great instances that those who came afterwards What about those that came afterwards then what are they What are they allowed

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to build there's a lot and I promise a godly reward a lot and I promise those who became Muslim before as well as those that became Muslim after about two years there'll be a good reward of gentleness to you there'll be a good reward of gentleness but you belong to two different groups. Those are called aka leaders. These are the Marjorie names are there is no mention made of anyone being a monopoly. What does it mean when a lot owner says I'm giving you the glad tidings of

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this idea which we just decided, this is awesome. So if a lot of losses were put

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to each one a lot less promise the good reward? What does it mean? Let's look at another Surah Surah ambia in the 17th us this was on the 27th of June, we jumped to the 17 jewels because our for annual festival baba baba the Quran is its own this stuff See? What does Allah say when he has promised you and then listen to what he says in Medina.

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Monaco SNA una de

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la Esmeralda has his or her booty Mr.

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Hawley don't lie

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about water turn up

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EGA in an arena sobre la luminol cosna those people who already be further hosts now as promised,

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we'll move on. Those people won't even come close to the body of jahannam they will be kept far away from the fan of john larious morona has these services far away they won't even hear the sound of

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woofie Mr. foster home Holly don't the way we'll leave them be nothing Johanna we will maybe they will be in that particular place where they will be enjoying all the pleasure that they might wish for.

00:22:28 --> 00:22:58

About that great further of a great fear that people will be seized with when kiama comes that won't even touch them. What Allah Allah when they die the manager will be there to meet them harder. Yo como la de continue to add on the Monaco be there on the day of the Yamato again, this is the day that you have been promised. This is when a lot of us were pulled and while the low and hosting allies promise both the tilaka and the Mahajan answer. All of them have been promised What

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can you can argue Can anyone in this world today claim that a lot less promises and

00:23:08 --> 00:23:31

yet people who have absolutely no claim to that who cannot in any way say that? It guaranteed they find it within themselves to point fingers and to level criticism at people about them amongst others. This lie is my own aha Caesar they won't even hear the sound of john.

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Our discussion tonight is around

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while we are going to be Sofia

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our discussion is around while we have maybe Sofia and we started a few weeks ago and we started discussing the vehicle via Mohan who they also say normal follow call the alarm. They also say mouth man if nasaan while the alohar ongoing last week we discussed the not even to be a party while the low on whom Jimmy on the bottom.

00:24:04 --> 00:24:07

Also different family maybe volley we have seen last week

00:24:09 --> 00:24:35

that six months. Six months after the death of a nanny who live after his followers are elected Simon has been acknowledged as the leader has an ollie came to the realization that these two Muslim armies are going to destroy and decimate one another. It is not in the interest of Islam and Muslims to continue fighting like this. If they continue annihilating one another and destroying one another in this way, before long they will be no one to guard

00:24:36 --> 00:24:40

the trenches on the borders any longer. And the Romans will be able to march in

00:24:42 --> 00:24:45

and take over the lands of Islam without any

00:24:46 --> 00:24:48

force to resist them.

00:24:49 --> 00:24:59

It actually happened during the time when Arlene while we were fighting f 16 that while we have good news that the emperor of Rome was unnecessary.

00:25:00 --> 00:25:39

On the border, because the Muslims have become embroiled with one another, they are having a local fight Ali is fighting. While we are, the Syrians are fighting the Iraqis. And for the first time since the days of the Romans had a breathing space, because before that they were giving nobody these fees whatsoever. So they were masking the forces on the borders, with the intention of marching in in the aftermath of what happened. And this new battle is going to take place. If the Muslims destroy one another, they will have the easiest of tasks simply to walk into Muslim lands and take over what was there is once upon a time while we attend to hear about this, and he wrote a

00:25:39 --> 00:25:40

very angry letter

00:25:41 --> 00:26:17

to the Roman Emperor, he says, You're lying, or you curse a wretched person. If you continue doing what you are doing last Pollyanna Anna, what nor me, then myself and my cousin Holly, we all make choices between ourselves and both of us will come for you. When a new season may come in. We will drive you out of whatever lands you hold at this moment as well. So even though they were embroiled in the mutual fights, they did not lose sight of the fact that there is an enemy on the outside, but that enemy on the outside has to be contained. In order to contain the enemy. We need manpower, that manpower is again,

00:26:18 --> 00:26:47

marching against one another. So say no Hassan Ali decides to make peace with Mahalia. He makes peace with Maui in the year 40 after the hegira and that year becomes a celebrated Armada Gema the year of unity. Now part of the proceedings and part of the undertakings of the Armen Xiomara was that while we will become the party for now, and upon his death person, even Olive levy party will become the halifa after him.

00:26:48 --> 00:26:49

This was part of the agreement.

00:26:51 --> 00:27:02

So while we are becoming the halifa and everyone's live there by tomorrow via a day a week, a month ago he was variable. His cause was the wrong one.

00:27:03 --> 00:27:26

He was the outlaw. But the moment the oma plays their hands in is an accepted in as a Saliba unity was achieved. From that moment, he is no longer Mahalia Bali he's no more how do we have a middle medium and all the home and all the who carry her home and carry who whoever is happening is happy even if you're not at ease Marianela meaning

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by the fact that who gave him the br Hassan Ignalina the authority to say leave now leave that be about it, um, don't live in a bunch of Sahaba who everyone gave him there. But yeah, he's the only one. There's nothing that anyone can do about that. Who is this model we and what is a smarter way and what did he contribute to this Homer?

00:27:45 --> 00:27:47

Let's go back into his history.

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Now there are some times

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as history marches on. People from later centuries will make up stories and fairy tales about something which happened a long time ago, they noticed that there was a battle between Ali and Mara where they noticed that on account of all of this, there was always a certain amount of rivalry between Banu Hashim and Balu Amaya. When we go back in the lineage of Satan or Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, he is Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam ignore Abdullah bin Abdul Malik. Even Hashem did not diminish the list abdomen of the grids examples of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had several sons. One of them was Hashem the grandfather of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam great

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grandfather. Another one was called abducens. Another one was called nofollow. Another one was called an

00:28:41 --> 00:28:44

even Sharpie amatola is descended from the smoke party.

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that's besides the point for now, to or those from Hersham becomes the leader of brainwashing his children become known as brainwash him afterwards. On the other hand, his brother of the sons has a son called omega is omega. Even Abdi shams, kidnapped the monarch, he becomes the leader within his clan, and between these two clans of Christ between brainwash him on the one side, and on the other side, there was always rivalry. There was rivalry and as a use of the gen ed already, each one tried to outdo the other. Each one always tried to outdo the other, and then came along. And Which way did Islam come was in who was in blue has him? In fact, afterwards someone asked, why we have been in

00:29:34 --> 00:29:40

Libya, Sophia, and tell us about yourself about the pneumonia, and about the new Hashem

00:29:41 --> 00:29:57

who has who is the noblest of the two manomaya your clan and but Ohashi, Malika Vitaly Stan, which of these two clans is the noblest? Who is the most generous, who is the most aristocracy? The highest? So he says

00:30:00 --> 00:30:01

Dr Ashraf and

00:30:02 --> 00:30:46

we in terms of numbers we always had more notable key persons amongst us MANOVA people, we had more noble leaders amongst us, what can Ashraf our hidden but who has him on the other hand when they had a noble man that is one noble man, his level of nobility was always higher than the rest in terms of individual individuals, but Ohashi was more than anyone else was of higher caliber individuals in terms of numbers in other words, when one concern for pneumonia had more weight quality was concerned but who has he had more? So here's two examples. lumea confy Benny Abdi Munna Mitsuhashi amongst all the children of Optima, they were known like Hashem he alone in terms of his quality, he

00:30:46 --> 00:30:49

was better than everyone else, for them monitor

00:30:51 --> 00:30:59

extra data. When he died, we outweighed them again by our numbers, these always by the quality, these are numbers, and we still

00:31:01 --> 00:31:17

outnumber them by sheer numbers. What can be done? After Hashem is done, Mukhtar Abdullah Abdullah Abdullah Abdullah even the name of the hotel his name was shava shava.

00:31:18 --> 00:31:45

He passed away his father Hashem his father, Hashem was on a trip. Now you know, courageous to travel LRP molecular Sita was like they should travel to families to travel to Yemen, go down to Yemen, buy goods, go to Sharman, Sally, buy goods from there and bring it back. That's what correlation occupation was. So Hashem the grandfather of the great grandfather was a little masala Salam once went on a trip to Syria. And he took his little son shaver was him.

00:31:47 --> 00:32:15

On the way in the town of Azusa, the Gaza Strip, which we know today, they is that is where he met his death. And his brutal son was with him. So his brother went to Missouri to go and get his brother's young son and bring him back to Makkah. When he entered Mecca was a young boy and saber riding behind him. People did not recognize who the shaper was. So they say metalli both are slaves. So this is a slave of Muslim Abdullah. So they called him Abdullah.

00:32:16 --> 00:32:24

But he's a Muslim. He became well known as afterwards. His name is Abraham. Somehow he goes on to say that what he might have done,

00:32:25 --> 00:32:40

money is low, the head of the rupee there was no one else who could compare with him. Mother was again in quantity, they were better than us. But then he passed away work on axon in terms of nobility we have more noble leaders amongst us.

00:32:42 --> 00:32:49

Have a lot Allahu be shaken lumea smile begin our Luna voila your smile will have

00:32:50 --> 00:33:13

that continued we are more than him until Allah tala brought about such a thing that no one before has ever heard of the like of it. No one ever will ever hear the like of it again. And that was Mohammed Salah la Ani with them by Mohammed song alone and alone. The old way is by far an admission of the fact that in this tailspin, washing has also borrowed most of it. However, there are those who would add

00:33:14 --> 00:33:17

spice to the stories. And they say that

00:33:18 --> 00:34:01

when Hershey was born Hashem and his brother have two sons was the forefather of aroma. The two of them were born as twins. And they were conjoined twins, you know, you find Siamese twins these days. But it wasn't like Siamese twins join together, the foot of Hashem his foot, his toe was joined to the forehead of Macaulay. As for the story, he says. So someone had to come and use a blade to cut the two of them apart. And the moment they cut the two of them apart, it was that his blood was shed to separate the two of them for the rest of their lives, their descendants will remain fighting one another. This is a fairy tale. This is a fairy tale. This is not authentic history.

00:34:02 --> 00:34:46

If it is such that all the descendants of ommaya are always going to be the enemies of the descendant of Hashem. Why did our Nabi sallallahu alayhi wasallam give his daughter to a man now fan was a descendant of Romania. And when she died, he said, my second daughter also I'm giving to this man. And when she died, he said he had another daughter was given to us man, if it is true, that there is the enmity was irresistible and in evitable enmity through this oh such a thing in Islam is not who you are descended from in Islam is what what you do. You can be the son of the worst of parents, and you can become the best of men. You can be the son of the best of times you can become

00:34:46 --> 00:34:59

the worst of men. Man Dr. avi I'ma let me know. If your deeds keep you behind your line of these things loose on you. I won't take you forward. We find in the history of Islam

00:35:00 --> 00:35:11

The greatest of all time often the sons of slaves, aka Ignacio raba was the Mufti of Makkah in his days. Imam Abu hanifa used to say that I never saw a bit on him when

00:35:13 --> 00:35:44

he was, what was the dark skin? African vocal fills in his head used to be like Capricorns are effluence towards African hair. But he was the Mufti of Moscow. No one could deny that you could barely find a bet on him in his time. Who is he the student of Abdullah numbers well the alarm. So in Islam, it doesn't matter whose son you are, what matters is what you do with your Islam. So the story of Banu hashima Bonomo party always been in one another's throats, and they

00:35:46 --> 00:36:01

were just waiting for a chance to get back at him. This is all the coloring and the spice that is added by later historians to spice up the unfortunate events that happened during the collapse of scenario Bolivia Polly and thereafter

00:36:02 --> 00:36:24

while we are descended from this particular tribe, from this clan of chorizo, Babu, Amaya, and most certainly it is true that a lot of opposition came to Rasulullah Salallahu Salam from within by Romania. By the same token, it is true that some of the stones are most resolute opposition to Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam also again somebody was

00:36:25 --> 00:36:37

the only one doing Allah Himself mix lessons in the Quran is dub dub dub but the other lab who's the brother of the father of little muscle allowed he was on

00:36:39 --> 00:36:52

his throne. One of his staunchest opponents was his cousin Abu Sofia not Abu sufian was the father of Malia Abu Dhabi and even how there's another boy Sophia, Sophia abdulhadi, kidnapped in mazzani.

00:36:53 --> 00:36:54


00:36:56 --> 00:37:06

salons father had another brother Colin had his eldest son, he had a son called Sophia. Sophia was a very close friend of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam, getting the JD

00:37:08 --> 00:37:10

and also the last column love the monitor.

00:37:11 --> 00:37:21

And when Islam came, he was a good poet, excellent poet. And what did he use his poetry for? He uses both the love and the love and he was alone.

00:37:22 --> 00:38:03

He became a Muslim also on the day of omaka. He also became a Muslim on that day, maybe Salama, some didn't want to see his face. But he came, he came from the right side, the left side until eventually Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam accepted him. He became such a good Muslim, that on a day of who nine when everyone turned and fled and a lot of others how about with attending and team there was a small little group that remained standing alone and among them was Amazon, Echo Harris, and thereafter he might he is over when he comes to live in Medina. He would never raise his face after that would always look with his face down on the wall, out of regretful what you have done in

00:38:03 --> 00:38:15

the days of his own journey via but he had one special quality, one hour, one and a half hour, two hours before the alarm even goes off. He comes walking through the youth of Medina and comes to the masjid before anyone else.

00:38:16 --> 00:38:23

And Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam things I sell to the door and see you see that men doing this? That is my cousin abou Sophia.

00:38:24 --> 00:38:30

This is the person who became Muslim on the day of Africa, every order began with you in such a mercadona

00:38:31 --> 00:38:34

there was one now we are now what about Sophia is

00:38:35 --> 00:38:41

the other who Sophia, not the one that you will be thinking about now. We are now on the other end harmony, Somalia.

00:38:42 --> 00:38:46

Now this family of course Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam a lot of grief.

00:38:47 --> 00:38:49

The mother of Maui was Hindu.

00:38:50 --> 00:39:14

And on the day of Horford, she is the one that caused the beloved uncle of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say in the hands i'd love the metallic to be murdered. And she are the one where he's never cut out from his body and swore to chew it in its raw state out of the hatred for him having killed her father or some of her family members. Their cause Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam a great amount of grief.

00:39:16 --> 00:39:48

But such was the heart of our beloved Nabi sallallahu wasallam as insane hinden Toba comes with him on the day of hamaca. And he accepts her with a smiling face. Why? If it was if Islam was about him and himself only, it was about his feelings he would have had executed for what was Islam. This is a lesbian. This is a woman who is nine now saying what she says. There was a time when there was no one more detestable to me on the face of the earth than you but now things have changed. There is no one more beloved to me than you. So she comes I said one line it was I don't know.

00:39:50 --> 00:39:58

What does he get away from here? Yamanaka Get away from me. I don't have anything to do to you was you know, for unsafe

00:39:59 --> 00:39:59

either just

00:40:00 --> 00:40:12

meaner to you by America. Yeah you wanna do in a minute. If the honeymoon come to you and they want to make then you make hoonah was Ceylon Allah

00:40:14 --> 00:40:20

and make you feel powerful and also most of us will give you whatever they have done before is over because Camilla Rena cafaro

00:40:23 --> 00:40:29

everything is forgiven before that, even though it might be hurtful to his heart, he accepted these people in the form of Islam.

00:40:31 --> 00:40:34

They are men Wow. He was about 20 years old at the time.

00:40:35 --> 00:40:53

of the hegira. He was about 20 years is at the time of he was about 20 years old. 28 years old on the day of a trauma. He says that Islam really entities are not on that day. But a few years before that, two years before that. They were negotiations taking place where as for the,

00:40:54 --> 00:41:29

the way that he saw the Sahaba, treating Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. The resoluteness that he saw within Muslims give the humanity that he saw was in them, the way that they worship, they are learning that they love their souls, Allah Salaam, the struck a chord very deep within him, and he realized that these people are unhappy. However, he did not announce anything at the time. On the day of the first format, I came to LA salatu salam became a Muslim. What did Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi Salaam do thereafter? The whole family came to live in Medina now. This young man 28 years old.

00:41:30 --> 00:41:59

Excellent administrator. Well, literally, Ursula from Milan, Islam take two minutes is you on our phone today, one of my stripes. Jonas is supposed to be left outside as a late comer to Islam, you will become one of the scribes. He became more known people differ. They are those who say that he wrote letters for Rasulullah sallallahu, alayhi wasallam others who say no, he wrote letters, yes, he was Secretary of gokula salatu salam wrote letters as well as working

00:42:00 --> 00:42:09

on the law as a lump select someone to become accountable wanting to become a scribe of wine, that is what is it a sign of busy? No, no, not a sign of busy man?

00:42:10 --> 00:42:29

Well, the sort of loves a lot of them select a monarchy for this particular talk. He recognize the truth, the depth and honesty of the Inner Mongolia. He says you now become a secretary to me if you are watching this. There are those who dispute they say no, he only wrote letters in the book de novo

00:42:31 --> 00:42:32

clearly mentioned what can

00:42:34 --> 00:42:35

we learn from the law and

00:42:36 --> 00:42:46

he was describing why he was one of those upon whom Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam would dictate what he The moment he came to him, it indicates that he trusted him

00:42:49 --> 00:42:50

slightly off the topic.

00:42:52 --> 00:42:54

in Makkah, once upon a time,

00:42:55 --> 00:43:01

early in the days of Islam, there was another scribe of why his name was Abdullah even start even if you thought

00:43:03 --> 00:43:05

he had become a Muslim in Macau already in those days.

00:43:07 --> 00:43:12

His Islam wasn't the it wasn't much beneath the surface.

00:43:13 --> 00:43:47

He became a Mossad again, he turned back. In other words, he tested Islam for a while. And then he said what oh, this thing doesn't work. He says, I follow these people. Mohammed reads to me alima hakima writes on your boss he doesn't even recognize Can this be real the name becomes a motor. On the day of automata Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said that person, no amnesty to him, he must be killed. Eventually side now man who was a relative of his intercede for him. And Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam eventually accepted

00:43:48 --> 00:43:49

and accepted him as a Muslim.

00:43:52 --> 00:44:31

He became one of the generals in the time of Osman should have discussed this, I think I don't know if I really discuss it. But we're just going to go into it for a moment to indicate the Baraka very reason why for a homeless person, he became a martyr, his blood was declared what as we say nothing and we'll pray for club anyone finds him kill him. But he was given an MSP in a time of man he becomes a general manager was looking of man is appointing this person because of what he sees relative dispersion is relative. Then he becomes a General of the Army that goes into Africa. He is a General of the Army. That means a first grade naval encounter between the Muslims and the Romans.

00:44:32 --> 00:44:37

That was sorry, the backlog that was sorry, they defeat the Romans, and they are just newly

00:44:38 --> 00:45:00

entered the field of naval warfare and the defeat the Romans were old hands of the game of the light inside in Libya was the general that army then say now someone sends him on an expedition in North Africa, a very, very important expedition to Islam. And he tells me that if you win this particular war, if you come back with victory, then I give unto you homosocial foremost what's

00:45:00 --> 00:45:25

homeless and homeless. When the honeymoon when the booty is taken for four fourths of the booty must be distributed between the people in on 80% must be distributed between the Mujahideen the remaining 20% must be divided in five days. One share, the Imam has the right of disposing of it as he wishes. So signals man said that Abdullah is out you can make with victory I give you one foot of one foot.

00:45:26 --> 00:46:02

In other words, 4% of the aneema is yours, as well, the man has the right to dispose of it. This is one of the problems that people had would have man they say he gave to his own family. So when he gave me a one foot one foot, everyone came up to us and complain. Why, how can you get your own family say Norman says I'm a meal meaning I have the right to dispose of certain things. But if people are unhappy and say no one was always ready to negotiate for the sake of the people. Happy back, I'm giving it back to them back into the bathroom and was given back. Remember, brothers Buddhist monks still getting the woman. They don't manage given back what they demanded, but people

00:46:02 --> 00:46:25

are still sitting with a problem against God alone. That's not the point or the point that they want to make. Now is the moment Satan of man, even I found that I'll be alone one who was killed. And there are two parties more Are we on the one hand calling for those who murder don't want to be brought to justice in Alabama be a part of another and calling for the central authority to be respected? Where would you expect

00:46:26 --> 00:46:48

to be if you only expect him to be on the side of Monrovia? No, yeah, it doesn't fit now. He says out of the four completely. He left his post in Egypt and he says this is the time not getting involved. And he went to a place called scholars which is in Palestine occupied Palestine right now. He went to the Supreme Court has fallen an awful lot on one thing only Allah let me spend the rest of my life owning it bother

00:46:49 --> 00:47:28

me We fought for one year thereafter he spent his life in a bar having nothing everyone else is fighting. He said I'm not getting involved in this. And after one year one morning after Salah he said salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah and he is taken out of his body, this has always spent his last days. Now this is the time to live inside, has become a monster in his younger days in the foolishness of his youth, he thought something of himself and then he regretted on the day of such omaka and then he became a general that assisted with Jihad and took the flair to Islam far and wide. And a lot of the games we did such as this stayed out of the

00:47:28 --> 00:48:13

fitness. Well, now then we have now more we have maybe Sophia and he's accepted as a as a career as a scribe of Revelation. This shows that Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam trusted this young man was Oh la la la la la Sallam passes away, and the armies leave Medina first to subdue the Arabs, were revolted against Islam we become in a time of cinema Baccarat, the Allahu anhu. and thereafter, once again, the armies leave Medina in a time of say, Now Omar, ignore safavi Allah Han who in two directions, certain armies are sent his words northeast into Iraq, certain armies are sent do north into Syria, one of those armies send you north into Syria is placed under the command of yazeed

00:48:13 --> 00:48:15

given a piece of yarn Wow, we have older brother.

00:48:17 --> 00:48:45

He is appointed as one of the generals I say normally follow the law. And after a few years, he has even been sofiane dies as a majority as General of his army, and say now Omar sends an order, his place must be taken by his younger brother muawiya. While we are then becomes a General of the Army, eventually becomes the governor of a town was in Syria eventually becomes the government of the image of Damascus itself. And then timeously nozman, he is appointed as the governor of all of Syria.

00:48:46 --> 00:48:51

In all of this time, he proves to be an extremely evil ruler,

00:48:52 --> 00:49:11

very, very evil ruler. And year after year, the expeditions against the Romans of jihad will go up year after year. But then comes the data set now some of the alarm who he being the closest one of the closest male relatives of Satan of man, he says that I want to see the death of my cousin of mine arranged and he leads

00:49:12 --> 00:49:20

the cause. He takes a leadership of the cause of those that would insist upon the punishment of the killers of South Monrovia alone who

00:49:21 --> 00:49:57

then happen all the battles that we spoke about last week, and then come the year of the jamara of unity. And the two sides decide to come together and make unity for the sake of Islam for the sake of Islam and to defend it against his enemies have unity that same unity everyone is calling for today. That unity was originally established by my husband, even early even the authority and while we have even Association, but remember, part of the agreement was that while we asked you will remain the honey for as long as you are alive and hustle will become the halifa after you die

00:49:59 --> 00:49:59

for two years

00:50:00 --> 00:50:01

After his accession to the Center for

00:50:03 --> 00:50:11

Mohammed even theory and I think it is or Hassan Obasi who who ally with the time they say for two years after his accession to the silica,

00:50:12 --> 00:50:55

he imitated and emulated the alarm. He tried to be a believer in the mold or seasonal problem. He tried to be a believer like that. But to be a halifa like Omar, in a time, which is not the time of Oman, it takes something. So eventually, very few of those who can live up to the ideal of Osama safavieh Mohan who was, on the other hand, while he was a man with a taste for the sweet and soft things in life as well, no one such as hidden would be able to live the life of homophobia low on who that we have seen before. So eventually finds it too difficult for him to live that particular life. But what he does really well is that he brings in a policy, he recognizes very well, that when

00:50:55 --> 00:51:07

the Homer gave up when the Homer placed the reins of leadership in his hands on the surface, there is unity. But do you feel that the old

00:51:09 --> 00:51:31

What shall we call them the old differences of yesterday did automatically disappear? Did people suddenly find that well, we had no more differences with one another. Everyone stopped loving one another. It didn't happen as simple as that. Once when he came to Medina, after the funeral, After settling the issue of the khilafah in the army Gemma he comes to Marina Nicholas Hodge,

00:51:32 --> 00:51:33


00:51:34 --> 00:52:12

the Sahaba to meet him who are the senior Sahaba Satan and Hassan Ignalina statement from sad Valley. All of them are there to meet him. And they work with him through Medina. As they get close to Masood Nebo. He, he passes by the House of say, no one will be alone. And he tells him that in 34 Finally, if he had the hit that everyone else you go back to your homes. So this will eliminate the the community homes. I've got some things to do in this particular house. He enters. And this is no five, six years after the death of a northman salesman, a young daughter called high seven talk man. And she sees

00:52:13 --> 00:52:27

Maui on and she raises her voice. And she raises a voice mentioning her father's name. What to do. My father has been murdered. Everything is now over. Everyone is happy. So where are we at over that? No.

00:52:29 --> 00:52:32

He speaks to her and tells her that you have nothing

00:52:33 --> 00:52:45

in memory socket, abona Soufan and people have now placed authority in our hands. Now the halifa does that mean I can just go about making and breaking as Irish

00:52:46 --> 00:52:54

society on the outside might be unified, everyone is on the one ameerul momineen. But he says, For

00:52:55 --> 00:53:00

whom? data who will have to learn apart and data

00:53:01 --> 00:53:33

we have given them work. This was the hallmark of the character model we have a quality called forbearance, tolerance, clemency patience. We have given them this quality of him we treat them with him. In other words, what's hidden him he says someone swears that you someone curses you someone next to you respond with forbearance, use one more tolerance. This was outstanding quality of of man of Amalia, he says they've given us now this whole time they've given us authority, we are the halifa. But

00:53:35 --> 00:54:02

when for other hilman we've given them hints that doesn't for one moment mean that the anger in our hearts against the murder of man has dropped, is not has not disappeared. And they on the other hand, our enemies of yesterday report as the German smokers have seen everywhere else for our huddle, Lana Barton. Outwardly, now they have submitted and given us obedience. But within that obedience,

00:54:04 --> 00:54:48

that hatred about the story, they hate us, we are angry at them. But on the outside, we are all together. So there is recognition of the fact that society didn't change altogether. society doesn't change overnight. It takes years for wounds to heal. Those wounds still need a lot of healing to be applied. Those wounds still need a lot of tolerance, a lot of forbearance a lot of patients before things can actually come back to the way they were in a time of a bucket mama in a time of a solo Lancelot. He was on them. You knew that the woman needed at that time was aware of this particular need, was aware of the needs of society to do work to heal his wounds, not a leader who says yes, we

00:54:48 --> 00:55:00

are in charge. Now we all know enemies. Let's find them and behead them. This would happen afterwards. afterwards. The rest of the army has different rules that would rule the first one that comes into power. The first

00:55:00 --> 00:55:03

About this not only is all enemies while he wasn't that person

00:55:04 --> 00:55:23

for 20 years from the year 14 after the ninja when he became the halifa up to the year 60. After results when he eventually died for 20 years, he managed to hold on to the reins of the society in such a way that Mujahid even Jabberwocky the gay Professor student of holiday he thought he

00:55:26 --> 00:55:33

would afterwards see what law he lowered on a wire we have nothing to me no nothing. If you people have later centuries now.

00:55:35 --> 00:56:01

If you are seen, what's the rule and he was, you would say this email money does is the money that was sent to bring about the revival of Islamic and people and he managed to do it and what kind of circumstances when those ill feelings were lying just beneath the surface, he managed to do it how, by taking people in touch with him in such a way that I believe you're about to say that he says I know, I eventually recognize and realize what was more obvious secrets can either borrow

00:56:03 --> 00:56:36

power when everyone else wants to slide and he sits on the ground, everyone else slides into an anger. He remains calm. When everyone else is calm. Now he uses now he uses his way within these original policy where he wanted to be. So you will see to like this. If you are hard, he'll be soft, the you become soft, it'll become hard. for 20 years, he managed to run the state of Islam in such a way that every year we still have his killer was how long? 20 years, 16 years continuously every year.

00:56:37 --> 00:56:39

He needs to go toe to

00:56:40 --> 00:57:12

toe in summer. They stay there in winter, or rather they go in winter. They stay there in summer and they come back the moment they come back then there's army goes back again. Jihad was on the march again. Islam was conquering all over the show again. Cyprus was taken under the leadership of Islam became a naval power under the leadership of Mao. for 20 years he managed around the state that had been embroiled in the Civil War. It takes a special kind of person. That person is not a Mahajan is not the end of the unsolved he used to say. He used to say that they

00:57:14 --> 00:57:15

are not the best amongst you.

00:57:18 --> 00:57:20

There are many amongst you that is better than me.

00:57:21 --> 00:57:22

He says

00:57:24 --> 00:57:31

those are fine people. I'm not a pious man. I can't even lay claim to be hard as far as those are. And those people are

00:57:34 --> 00:57:36

lucky NASA and akuna and sarcoma.

00:57:37 --> 00:57:43

But I might just be that particular person who will be the best in leadership for you. What

00:57:44 --> 00:57:52

do we call moneta be the most pious, but as far as our enemies are concerned on our brothers, I will be the one to bring about the most damage on those enemies out there.

00:57:54 --> 00:58:18

And when we move, I will be the one to produce the greatest amount of milk. Economically he was the better leader, socially teen in terms of reconsideration of the society. He was the better leader, he might not have been the best. He might not have been on the level of boubakeur, he might have been a level of Omar, he was not even on the level of their children by his own admission, but his heart was there for the cause of Islam.

00:58:19 --> 00:58:28

In this long pillar puppy, certainly there were certain things which he had done which wasn't 100% right. Most certainly, but this is where we then

00:58:29 --> 00:59:05

apply a certain approach based on a certain criteria our friends that she applied a different one. Whenever the CRC now we are doing something which will not understand right, what does that mean to them? We can see the nice archeonimi wasn't Manasa cola long, it goes back all the way to the time when the dollar washing had to be separated from the void or abducens these people they have to fight What are these our ancestral enemies, they can never be anything but blood between biohacking. Remember, this is a monarchy. His father is a monarchy. His mother is a monarchy. There's a particular approach without no sunol Gemma, we will see the person's email. This is a man who

00:59:05 --> 00:59:12

Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam took as his what he took this man as his cause even why I mentioned something earlier.

00:59:14 --> 00:59:26

I mentioned intermarriage between them. I mentioned that Rasulullah was on a to his daughters. Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam also married the daughter of Abu Dhabi and she is our mother, meaning Mojave but on the alarm

00:59:27 --> 01:00:00

if they were always supposed to be bloodshed between barragem the police Why did the visa laws marry her? She was one of the early Muslims who became Muslims in a day of luck and then made his husband obey the law even just made easy law to have a very harsh as his husband became a Buddhist. away to live in Joshua became a martyr when he became a Naja, she gave Mojave binaries to our Navy sallallahu wasallam. Therefore those who speak of everlasting bloodshed between Manohar Sumitomo they probably have some of these

01:00:00 --> 01:00:38

To learn from the way that Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam himself married, and the way that was a little Muslim, a lot of them gave his daughters the marriage to come back to our point though, he has a small karate, we'll walk in the Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, and then extracted or they were general by Homer, little suburban Homer. Tom wasn't one to appoint any Tom, Dick and Harry, very particular was the people who he appoints. And if there is the least amount of complaints about him, he'll turn in a governance a give an account. You mentioned some examples before, they are much more in the books of history. But Maria never one complaint about him. He remains for years for the

01:00:38 --> 01:00:51

entire duration of the Hinako abubaker of Omar I'm sorry. And then after the entire duration of the healer Portman, he remains the governor of some not one complaint against him, because as he said, as the

01:00:52 --> 01:01:11

winner Yes. And I might be the one who will Aria whose authority and role in governance will be the most beneficial to people. I might be that particular one who's Ruby and the other week, will cause the greatest amount of damage to your enemy. And it might be that person will be the greatest amount of economic benefit, as well.

01:01:12 --> 01:01:19

As the knowledge nobody will be alone who was marching back to go for after the Battle of 16. He told

01:01:20 --> 01:01:28

his companions he didn't know something. He's at the end of his life. He's at the end of his table. There is a great amount of Muslims out of Oman.

01:01:30 --> 01:01:32

What's gonna happen who's gonna become the ruler thereafter?

01:01:34 --> 01:01:49

nasaka nicely says Allah Vitaly will be a low on spoke to his people as you're marching back to Busan he told him a un la krahula email after muawiya do not hate and detest the leadership of someone like while we're

01:01:50 --> 01:02:09

on if you look at my always my enemy has been fighting on the battlefield now a while ago now we are telling the people well, it needs to become the army in one one day. Don't hate him don't hate the fact that he's your army. Because the knowledge the volume about personality right now. He says that in warrior, you have a Sega that will bring about the unity of this woman

01:02:11 --> 01:02:15

in his will start rolling he says for in Lusaka.

01:02:18 --> 01:02:41

humble, if you will lose Maja he realizes only one or two either easily either or tomorrow is gonna become the leader. He says, at least you have a model. Yeah, it is not Mahalia, what's gonna happen after that. heads will start rolling heads will start rolling in the summer. We can see though they start rolling off the muawiya. But for 20 years of Maui, lava, Muslims are fighting one another.

01:02:43 --> 01:03:23

This is a rumor that now remember the web of deceit, the web that was spread by Abdullah and stubborn everyone else that now to struggle against that there's only one defense, there's only one defense against that web of deceit, that web of misrepresentation. What is the one Gibbons unity within the ranks of the oma? no one understood that better than two persons and Hassan even Ali, even a republic? And why are we even young, they understood the need for unity. They created the Unity therefore, and for 20 years now we are managed to keep this oma marching forward. What in that time? Most certainly, there are certain things which the rest of the oma might not be happy with

01:03:23 --> 01:03:50

while we are if there are mistakes that he made in the script, if there are mistakes that he made in his management, okay, then there are management errors. There are his errors. He doesn't become a monarchy on account of him. As you look at the rest of his life story. When we look at it as the rest of his life story, we will realize what Wow, we are meant to the soma, and what his leadership was like. One of the greatest issues held against Mao is the fact that 10 years after his acceding to the pinata

01:03:52 --> 01:04:05

will remember the terms. After he dies, Hassan has become damaged, meaning 10 years into Mali as a rapper hearten even ali ali Alon who is poisoned. And he dies.

01:04:08 --> 01:04:10

killed. What happens?

01:04:11 --> 01:04:30

How do you go about figuring out who is responsible for the killing of Hassan? It all depends who you ask. Ask the CIA, was he gonna tell you? There is the bonati coming out again. They hate the bait. They have no regard for the bait whatsoever. He waited till he had the next chance and then he killed him.

01:04:32 --> 01:05:00

Why? Because he wants he doesn't want him as his successor wants his own child. So he kills off the one who he agreed to after this as a successor in Islam, at least in my version of Islam, allegations and accusations such as these must be made upon evidence. You can't just pinpoint any one. Let's look at the historical evidence on which it rests. It's undeniable that then the hazard evaluation

01:05:00 --> 01:05:00

You thought he was murdered?

01:05:02 --> 01:05:11

Poison who was responsible? Let's go to the death of Hudson Valley as he's lying on his deathbed, his brother Hussein comes to him. And he artinya him and saw

01:05:12 --> 01:05:15

my brother was the one who murdered you whose honor poison you?

01:05:17 --> 01:05:19

If he knew it was Mojave, why would you be asking?

01:05:20 --> 01:05:23

So Hassan says that I'm not going to tell you

01:05:24 --> 01:05:50

if it is the person who I think it is. And Allah is the best one to take revenge for me. If it is not the person I think it is, then I wouldn't want any innocent person to suffer on my behalf. Now look at these words if it is the one that I think it is, Hassan himself didn't know for sure who it was. He had the car today know how can didn't know was on a poisoning. He refused to tell his brother

01:05:52 --> 01:05:53

That is why we all killed me.

01:05:56 --> 01:06:33

He had the car would no it is he asked his brother Why do you want to know because you want to take revenge? No, Allah is the best take of revenge if it is the one who I think it is then that will be the case otherwise it is not. The stories go on and the stories are there to be found in the books. Obviously, the stories go as follows a lot of TV narrating historical writings and he says that it is so before we send someone in to have input poison. Now, two problems with this particular narration. If one thing is is key in the Mojave, artisanal etc, etc. Two things this work at Mohammed Ibn Omar allottee is an historian

01:06:35 --> 01:07:05

and he is an extremely unreliable historian. Imam Shafi Rahmatullah Yani used to say, when I came from Makkah to to Medina to come study with him and Malik, in his youth, he came to study in Medina, he made the hola Medina, he says, there are a few persons in Medina, who I would consider not just liars, the cornerstones on the pillars of line, one of them is alchemy, he cannot be trusted. Today, we will take the word of open such as a look at something because he said it is said that

01:07:06 --> 01:07:16

was responsible for this murder. On that we make a huge claim, say this malware is the killer of Hassan. And we go against the Koran with a foreign

01:07:17 --> 01:07:22

language alone. Those people who have been probably a lot of good guinea worm.

01:07:23 --> 01:07:47

Secondly, work at living in a time of BM Sharpie Malik This is 150 years plus after the after these events. He doesn't even tell us for Who does he get this report. He just says Tina, that Tila stands 100 years, a person lives 100 years later, he says you know, I heard something like this? Or did you hear it from in Islam, that is not evidence. In Islam, that is not evidence, we must understand I'm going to fix your

01:07:49 --> 01:08:00

attention once again on a very, very important consideration. And that is that this period in time, and the personalities involved are so emotionally loaded, that it is very easy for people to start

01:08:04 --> 01:08:13

taking certain things and fabricating fact when in fact existed once upon a time. Another similar narration comes from a historian called double hassanal mother,

01:08:14 --> 01:08:16

mother and he writes from a person called even Java.

01:08:17 --> 01:08:37

And even Java tells a long story. There was a woman called Jada internatia face and she was married to her son. And Maria sent a message recently, Aziz intimacy still human, I'll marry you. And then she poisoned him. And then they told him well, if you were such a bad wife that you poison him, you see, I will marry you this nice kind of story.

01:08:38 --> 01:08:45

This story is told by a person called even Georgia Hema Malik says even Georgia is one of the biggest liars that you can find around.

01:08:46 --> 01:08:58

So these are the people on whose integrity stories such as this race, and our use today, open books of history and they say look at what Maria did, if you're gonna accuse someone accused him on the basis of facts for injera comfortable.

01:09:00 --> 01:09:40

Quran tells you when a facet and we have two facets now already two lawyers, what did he tell you? And then the other one is even ga tells you if they come to you with news such as this. For Serbia, and Kosovo, come on visa Michala in photos, we have to be very, very sure make be clear about what you need to do, what accusations you're going to make, because you might make a false accusation cause harm to someone, and the day will come when you will regret that they might not be in the dunya. It will be in the afternoon or some face to face with the person who actually accused anyway, the Java International. The story goes that while we are responsible for influencing her or his son

01:09:40 --> 01:09:46

yazeed was responsible for influencing her to come after us in the Hudson Valley died.

01:09:47 --> 01:09:59

The same Java. Someone proposed marriage to her who was it someone has done even Holly's father's cousin Abdullah even above. He proposes marriage to her he marries her

01:10:00 --> 01:10:06

And she gave us he gave him two children. His Son, Mohammed Abdullah Nava and his daughter, Ava.

01:10:08 --> 01:10:15

She lived with him for many years as you can. Now, if you hear that a certain woman calls them the husband, are you gonna marry that own?

01:10:16 --> 01:10:17

Are you gonna marry that woman?

01:10:19 --> 01:10:20

No one

01:10:21 --> 01:10:46

marries a woman. In other words, this woman is absolutely free from any such things. Here there will be people pointing a finger at her. Why? Because remember the time it is a very emotional time. You suddenly see Hassan acknowledge what happens. He dies, the first thing you think about this was the muawiya breaking his word. He said he will be the Hollywood attorney, so he doesn't want anybody's murdering him. Now, if we have to look a bit wider afield.

01:10:47 --> 01:10:56

Are there any other possible candidates for the murder of Hassan? Remember when Hassan made peace with Malia they were those who once upon a time call themselves the Shia.

01:10:57 --> 01:11:38

And when he made peace with Mali, what did they tell him? They told me in Yama, meaning you will destroy the meaning you will be human nation upon them, meaning they were absolutely angry with him. We fought so hard for this. Now you're going to make peace. What? What versus here to go make peace with a person such as this one, when he decided to make peace with Malia when the new book on something physically attacked him and stabbed him in his thigh in an attempt to assassinate him dead already. So those who didn't succeed at that time, easy, perhaps just possible that one of them might have succeeded in having to now therefore, do we have to say that Huawei is responsible for

01:11:38 --> 01:11:53

the killing of Hassan This doesn't go according to the rules of Islam. In Islam, accusations are not made in this way. In Islam, accusations that need to be made on the basis of solid evidence, as long as solid evidence cannot be produced. Such accusation was the absolutely steered away from

01:11:54 --> 01:11:59

on the other hand, more how we maintain that absolutely good relationship with

01:12:00 --> 01:12:43

with every every year husband, and their cousin and brother in law, have to live in Java. It'd be really nice to come to the masquerade, every year is to come to the Masters come visit Mongolia. And what he what he needs to give them is to say, Hassan marhaba dibny rasulillah. I will come to some of Rasulullah years your shader kept about 1 million dinars, 1 million gold coins, for sale in marhaba de la he used to give him up to one Java user receive even more than what they used to receive and then come up with lightning. So they used to say Marhaba viburnum Mattila de la wherever you could, he would go out of his way to give the whole day what he could, this person who was

01:12:43 --> 01:13:07

giving to the afternoon by once he gave them like this whole sign and Hassan Abdullah Java each one a million and he says, law you love me your people, no one has ever given you anything like this. And they told him in return, you will never give any one of the highest stages and also we are the highest this a piece of anything that you could either and from both sides there is what there is love, there is respect, there is mutual immutability

01:13:09 --> 01:13:27

so the death of hacker Imagine if it was Tony Marya Jose he would have stood up for saying he would have done something Hassan didn't even know his own killer was he didn't know for sure if as I say the car we had Okay, now there are a number of other issues to discuss what in the Hinata or muawiya

01:13:37 --> 01:14:10

it's gone on for a while inshallah that we will probably have to stop here for this week, and go on with a fillip Amalia next week, I think for most of the palapa, we've taken two separate lectures. For this one, we stopped here now, I think we've got some kind of background into who is more how we are, how did he come to power? What did he mean for Islam in those days, and next week, we start discussing some of those accusations against him. Eventually, we will come to the point where while we leave this world, we look at what kind of death he has, and then what kind of legacy he left behind. And how do we treat a person like Mongolia? We

01:14:11 --> 01:14:15

have absolutely no vested interest in making a

01:14:16 --> 01:14:27

What shall we call it now? An angel out of Mount Everest, he was not he himself did not lay claim to being the most pious of people, therefore will never equal team on our legendary party. We will never equate him with

01:14:28 --> 01:14:59

any one of the earliest harbottle the low on this stage as much about him Allah Allah Buddha Raja mina larina and Sakuma embargo, workato, please status much, much higher than the status of those of the punakha of Makkah, it does not mean that the silica Makarova Manasa t that they will perform what does it mean? That one stated is high. This one status is low Islam at this time handy for someone like someone like Malia, just to bring stability back into the womb for for 20 years of stability. We'll go on

01:15:00 --> 01:15:37

While we are WooCommerce certain things which are considered mistakes, which he himself is the first to admit I was wrong in doing those things, but as we we will, we will see, he had noticed that he had been wrong in those issues. And as we hope for the mercy of Allah tala, he also has out for the mercy from Montana, DC before we end up, and I will repeat that next week again, but a very, very interesting encounter between Malia and Elisa even more drama, mystery, the drama, he said to me as a hobby is said to be a Tabby. But anyway, he was one of those. He had a few problems. He doesn't like this. He doesn't like that of Mojave, or why because there's a new age. There's a new

01:15:37 --> 01:15:58

initiative started, nobody's allowed. until after the body, Santa Susana, for 30 years, they will be famous oma, there are to become more in Canada, then it will become one kingdom. Mahalia was the person in whom tilaka now became a kingdom, it would now become from father to son, and from cousin to cousin, etc. Up to that point in time, it was

01:16:00 --> 01:16:04

it was a Napa, upon the pattern of, of Nova in a way that

01:16:06 --> 01:16:10

things started changing. Now, why was a different caliber person, he was close to

01:16:12 --> 01:16:23

a cobia. Lower No. And he never claimed to be he tried to live like Omar for two years. He wants to talk to me. But anyway, people have problems with him. He managed to maintain society free from

01:16:24 --> 01:16:32

free from tension for 20 years. And that's not an easy task. He managed to do that. Now me Sorry, but McLemore comes to him, and he tells him that, you know,

01:16:33 --> 01:17:17

he's come for a certain cause, he said, okay, stay all your problems, we solve all the problems that he has, you did this and you did that and that is not right. And that is not right. So more how we act tells him very important words to note. He tells him love about all I mean, as you know, there is no person who can claim himself to the action, absolutely free of everyone has some some some shoulders, then he tells him, he and his work has been done or been to harmful and to live in fear of Allah Allah. Do you have any strings? Forgive me for a moment? He says, Do you have any strings? That if Allah does not forgive you appear that those things will destroy you? Do you have such

01:17:18 --> 01:17:29

responses? Yes, is that since so he tells him something else he says, from a levy jar laka Ola p mouthfeel. Mattila e mini what is it that gives you a better chance

01:17:31 --> 01:17:32

than I have let you

01:17:34 --> 01:17:34

down for

01:17:38 --> 01:18:14

admission of his own boss recognition. He said he says Michelin remember one thing. That's what you and I. Furthermore, he says I find myself in the position as always to run this into the duties that I have on my shoulders, your duties don't even come close to them. So I committed a few mistakes. Well, I have the bigger was the thing though. I add mistakes. Because my duties are so much more. I have so much more mistakes. But what in any Allah Dini? What gives me hope here is I belong to a dean. Yuck but Allahu

01:18:16 --> 01:18:18

Akbar Allah Azza

01:18:19 --> 01:18:53

wa alaikum unlike his good deeds, and a lot of his bad deeds, like you can call us mafia. I can open those mafia I was lying in their bed, and he says a llama and in La Quinta walk our local Allah you are the one we have said and certainly Your words are true. In Allaha la yo co a usual cabbie. Una Radhika Lima ye Sha. Allah doesn't forgive any of the local authority to forgive. For those we want to allow murjani munchies and tequila home. Now what makes me one of those whom you wish to forgive?

01:18:54 --> 01:19:11

This is a man who lands on macro stability back to the soma. He had mistakes here, but he also had, how formulas muscular therefore, if you have to conclude with a line from where from the Bible, let him who is free of sin cast the first stone. Lady, if you are

01:19:13 --> 01:19:55

if you are absolutely pure. If you are 100%, flawless, and without sin, then you cast the stones at Monrovia for as long as you don't have to fold the shoes of Wailea for as long as you do know that these would be the things that our friends from the other side would quote and not out of context. When it comes to international issues than Sonia she has them side by side. When it comes to this when it comes to international, we stand side by side in India many many years ago when it came to running out the British from that country that even Muslim in Hindus to side by side. So when it comes to driving out or a common enemy at the time like that, we don't go into CSM nation. That's

01:19:55 --> 01:19:59

when it comes to that. If one of us had to be the president of a car

01:20:00 --> 01:20:11

comes in, and someone comes to him and says that look, I'm going to go for that country, you know, he will stay quiet. This reminds me In fact, stone you say knowledge, nobody will be alone himself, something which is stored in the details,

01:20:12 --> 01:20:23

humbling providers to have and everything. He says it's an alley, you know, at the end of his life when he saw the unruly and darkest element in his army, every time going against him going against him. He told a story about three

01:20:25 --> 01:20:48

excellent, three oxen, there was a black one, there was a red one, there was a brown one, I can't even get the colors correct, but something like that. And one day, the lion or the foxhole came along, and he came to the red one and the brown one, I told him that one protect the black one. I'm gonna take the black one, I want you to stay on the side, don't get involved, and you'll be safe. So he knows the text the black one.

01:20:49 --> 01:21:20

And after a while, he comes to the to the brown one insisted look, see the red one. I want him use the auto for some reason for him. And he does. So at last he comes to the last one. I'm confused myself and I'm showing clips. Anyway the last one, he comes to him and says that Now is your turn and the last upstairs or kill to your mom, okay, that is what I have not been eating today. I was eating up the data. First of all

01:21:21 --> 01:21:27

that my mind started are the divisions in the Muslim world are such

01:21:28 --> 01:21:42

that they seem not to take cognizance of realities of this nature that we start when you start subdividing against ourselves on those major issues on international arenas. You know, the world looks at us as what the world looks at. These are all leaders of the

01:21:43 --> 01:21:48

Rasul Allah. They look at us like that was quoting something and I don't think I completed

01:21:50 --> 01:22:02

in Sierra Nevada. He says the car, the car, as bad as aqidah might be at times. But when a law looks at them and lift the armor, he will look at these when he does have the Kalamata alarm.

01:22:03 --> 01:22:49

They know they are not the four of us, well, they are not ready theists. They are not the Satanism, those evil people. At least they still have some bizarre Laila in the love of Hamas. So when it comes to those issues, I think he is by all means essential to my soul. But we have a very big problem. If our international solidarity What does he have is abused in our own backyards by the spreading of Shiism. Therefore the ball is in the core of our car friends, the ball is in their court, which ball the ball that says don't upset this video. It is balanced which exists don't continuously without fail on an ongoing basis, spread the teacher power centers convert the Sunni

01:22:49 --> 01:23:25

youth because when you do that, you're making it difficult for us to stand with you on international platform, you are destroying the unity that you are seeking to achieve. This has been a message of Dr. usable Calabar we, for many, many years. Worried about this. He says yes, we stand together with the Shenandoah National Park. But we get upset when we see well. This year's are supposed to be their own games. They are still doing though they are still spreading their ideas. They are still speaking ill of the harbor of the alarm. That is what we cannot accept. So what we have we have local interests and we are international interests. We do we separate the one from the other.

01:23:25 --> 01:23:39

internationally. Yes, we prepare to stand together locally don't take advantage of us. When you think about those of us that even our international solidarity will not stand in action in the money that we are taking action here tonight.

01:24:01 --> 01:24:38

They call the call for unity on the basis of that we are all members of the same being married is of the same Kadima. And we all are faced with the same common enemies. That's a simple recipe of why on that basis that we have to stand together, we have much more in common with one another than with what we what we differ with one another from so we stand together on that. But as I said they constantly spoil the party themselves. Have they stuck to that? But I want to add to that something else not going to generalize Hosea, I truly believe that there is in the lives of the Shia, there are those who also have a problem with the spreading of Shiism in Sunni communities, they also have

01:24:38 --> 01:24:59

a problem with it. I only wish that it would be more of them, they could speak out against it. speak out against it because we don't do the same to you. We don't do the same to you don't do the same to us. If we can agree to disagree on certain lines and then we can live together with one another then it's fine. But we've been forced into positions such as this. I make a point now saying that we respond in various

01:25:00 --> 01:25:38

If we don't respond here tonight, it's only by education that we will respond. There will be no empathy. There'll be no violence, there will be education in education. I think the last part of your answer seriously, we need to educate our children as we teach them and to be learning from Africa TV wakatobi. Illuminati circumstances is maybe such that we need to teach them a bit more about history about what we really want to know what happened and what did not happen. Those kinds of things are important because they are probably, if not them, in your chosen mind might not have been here, but they will come up against some person who stand for you which is right wife and his

01:25:38 --> 01:25:56

duty to propagate Shiism in Sunni communities. And that way, we will have to be equipped with coming in to equip ourselves, love Allah give us Sophia inshallah, to take what we have learned and save God, the same God first of all our own our own legacy, but never fail in maintaining Muslim unity accounts.

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