Musleh Khan – How the Quran teaches us what to do #20 Three Divine Ingredients That Resolve All Difficulties

Musleh Khan
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Salam or Aleikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. So today it's about the three ingredients in the poor and that helped us to resolve any difficult situation. It doesn't matter if it's at an individual level, you know, within the family, relatives, friends, communities, it doesn't matter. three ingredients from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And what's amazing, it's all found in one suta coupled together that will help us get through the most difficult of situations, regardless what the nature of those situations are. The first is and I'm sure you've all heard these verses before, we bring our attention to suta talaq and we come to Surah

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two verse number two as well as verse number three. Now we're not going to go through the entire verse of verse number two or three, we're just going to start at the end of verse two, where Allah subhanho wa Taala says one may yet tequila EHR, Allah who must Raja, and then it leads us into verse three at the very beginning, why auto zoom in Hazel, a woman yet what color Allah for who has trouble. So these are three things that Allah mentions between verse two and three of suta to pull up. That gives us everything we need to know to understand how to overcome any difficulties in our lives. The first is woman tequila. Whoever has taqwa of Allah in Arabic, we call it we'll call this

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a shout out and or condition and the response to that condition a job was shot at his age on level Maharajah, Allah will always give you a way out. So let's understand the first and foremost the context of this verse. It's found in soo little Pollock. Now one thing you want to know about sort of the talaq so that the talaq actually is the completion of the subject of divorce in the core, and it starts off in sort of tillbaka. But it ends and it's completed with all of the outcome, and rulings with respect not just to the divorce, but the waiting period. All of that is being addressed in this particular sorter. So a conversation that began in Italy, Baccarat continues and ends here.

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How Allah subhana wa, tada ends this conversation. The first thing is he tells us, whoever has taqwa of Allah. If you think about the thing, that people tend to lose the at the very beginning of a divorce. It's usually taqwa, how do we know this? It just think about the attitude and the behaviors that come out of a divorce. Usually, at the end of the day, both spouses hate each other's guts. And then there's third party intervention. So you have you know, relatives, families, cousins, everybody's getting involved in laws, and it just turns into one huge mess, then, of course, it gets into the courts, and then the courts have to deal with that as well. So the first thing that's lost

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here is tequila. And remember, we said the tequila is consciousness of Allah, if you were to apply the same condition to every scenario, tuck, what is the thing that helps us to stay hopeful? It gives us strength to understand Okay, there's a difficult situation here. And I need to figure out how to cope with this. How do I resolve this? How do I get over this? Now, I'm not saying that we shouldn't go for help. I'm not saying that we shouldn't go for counseling and ask questions and seek support. But this is divine help from our Creator. subhanho wa Taala. Most people will never truly understand what divine help is, until they're able to study and appreciate it. Until they understand

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that Wait a minute, Allah can change hearts, I can change, no one's hearts, nobody can change their my heart. But at the end of the day, and a situation that looks completely impossible. It looks like there is just no way I can overcome the situation. That's where divine health comes into play. It gives us the tools, the hope, the strength that we can get through situations, no human being can, can fathom the idea, no, but no human being would, would would would have the strength to say to themselves, well, you know what, we can do this, they would just literally give up on the situation. And normally, that happens when two people can't get along. You know, I would talk about divorce and

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just what leads to divorce. But there are some issues with this subject that we really don't talk about a lot. And it's actually two things. The number one is the support system. How many of us here that are listening to this I've ever talked to somebody who have gone through a divorce and just the emotional and psychological toll that that takes on that individual? How are you living? How are you coping? Do you remember your life? And do you ever think about it? How often do you think about it? When you do think about it? How do you feel like what does that do to you? I mean, there have been studies until this day and especially with the lockdown. All of the statistics of divorce and

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marital issues and domestic problems have increased exponentially to the point where

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Governments now have had to allocate separate funding, just to keep pumping in more and more support more and more resources. So these people have a way to cope and understand how to deal with their situation. But the first thing really is just how people cope with post marriage life. And if you ever talk to kids, they they will have their own versions, they will have their own stories to tell you, you know, when my parents separated, this is how it's been, for me, this is how I, how I felt. So it's those kinds of issues that number one, especially us as Muslims have to take seriously, why am I bringing this up? If you look at the last, perhaps maybe 10, joys of the 10 edges of the

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quarter, and you'll notice that all of these smaller sorters have everything to do with refining and building a strong community, you come to jamara, sorta to jumar sort of speaks for itself to gather the community, once a week, have a meeting with them, give them some inspiration, deal with some issues, and they go back so they're at least weekly they're being their email is being restricted and re revitalized, recharged, then you have all of the sort of the all of the most of behat, sorta Subhanallah, reminding people, once upon a time you made this be something happen, struggles came about, you can still recover from them, then you continue with sort of the heading, then you

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continue with all of these shorter sutras. It's organized this way because you've gone through now such an enormous chunk of the core by laying down foundations by studying the the previous generations, the past prophets and messengers, learning about their lessons learning about the things that they had to cope with. And now you've journeyed through a history lesson. And now it's time to really refine, build and strengthen your community. Whether that community involves other homes and other families or the community in your house itself. So just taking care of your own family building a strong Muslim family, family that it loves, Allah knows who Allah is and

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understand that Allah is always there. He is a semi or embassy, he is always watching. He's always listening. He's always monitoring, keeping those things in mind. All of this falls under the umbrella of taqwa, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, once you get to that point, especially if it's in a divorce or any other difficult situation, as long as you maintain telkwa, you're conscious that Allah jello Allah is watching and you can rely on that connection, then you start to feel you know what i can get through this. And that's where Allah subhanho wa Taala says, edge Allah who Maharaja, I mean, there's some beautiful language here that in terms of the structure of this a that's that's

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really beautiful, but it's something that we don't want to get into right now. We'll do that a little bit later. inshallah. Point is a lesson. Okay? You have Taqwa. I'm going to give you a way out of this. Again, go back to context, when people are divorced. Once the divorce happens, what's the first thing on their mind? How am I going to survive? Where am I going to go? How am I going to cope with the loss? You know, my family has been broken apart? How am I going to deal with this? You know, if it's my ex husband, or my ex wife, I can't stop thinking about them. But the divorce is over. How do I move on from this? You know, and and what tends to happen every so often is a problem

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start to drag on, you know, when you see each other at the masjid or when you see each other someplace, there's a dirty look. So you try to avoid eye contact with your ex spouse as much as you can. So it creates an uncomfortable atmosphere. And then you know, some special case scenarios goes even further than that all of a sudden you get those fake Facebook accounts that are harassing you and sending you messages online. Like this is just absolute shame. This is somebody that doesn't have telkwa trying to harass their ex spouse, try to get on them online, trying to instigate trying to provoke trying to poke at them trying to make them feel bad trying to make you don't know that

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Allah subhanaw taala is monitoring watching all of this, all of this stuff. That's why the first thing he says if you still have Taqwa, despite that you went through this whole messy situation, you still have Taqwa. I'm always going to give you a way out. And when he let your hand for me personally, and I'm sure many of you out there we all have stories where we kept ourselves together. A lot always gave us a way out, made ourselves what made us happy. We were able to move on with our lives. We were able to start whether it be another marriage, we were able to have a good family whether we were able to live the single life but we moved on whether we're able to serve the

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community serve the oma in a different capacity. The point is, Allah gave you a way out. Maharajah The door is already open. It's not like holdrege horologium literally means

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The exit Maharajah the door the exit is open, all you got to do is just walk right through. That's what Allah does, he facilitates an open door. So you get out of that messy situation, the second ingredient, while your resume and Hazel are tested, often, what we're going to learn here right now is that there is the or provision is not just restricted to money or wealth. That alone will give you the emotional and the psychological and the mental strength to get through your situation. You know, a lot of people that I talked to a lot of couples that I counseled, they will say to me that if this divorce happens, I don't want anything from him and her, I just want to be peace. I want to

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be at peace and I want to be happy. I don't want to have that connection with them. And guess what? That's part of a Lazarus. Why? How did it all start because you had taqwa. So the way out that Allah gave you the starting point of this way out is Allah will provide for you, in a manner that you yourself had never thought it was possible. So going back to single parents out there, not even single parents, those of you who are divorced and you're listening to this, and you're living alone some way somehow, you're probably thinking to yourself that once upon a time when that divorce happened, you didn't know where were you going to live? How are you going to pay rent? How are you

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going to get a job, you know, lots of especially sisters, when they're divorced, a lot of them have never had to work for, you know, an extended period. And now that after 10 or 15 years marriage, 20 years marriage, the divorce happens. And before you know it, they've got to go back to school, they've got to get an education they've got to go to to start their career, and they're, you know, 45 years old, what have you, they've got three children, and they're thinking to themselves, how can I possibly do this at this point in my life, what Allah is saying here, once you have consciousness of me, I will make sure that you are provided for in the most impossible scenarios, you will have

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you know, this a this part of the verse really, it does a lot for me on a very personal level, just because of my journey as a student in Medina, not being able to work for 10 years, and coming back here and really, you know, trying to start all over trying to figure out what direction you want to go to how are you going to take care of yourself, my wife, my kids, how am I going to do all of this. And you just you just start getting into it. You just say you know what, everything that you've learned and studied for the last 10 years, it's got to be worth something now, like you have to start seeing some of the efforts pay off. And I trusted what I did, and I trusted my connection

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with my Creator. And I said, Oh Allah, you are a result, you are the one that provides an I trust you. And let me start working, start lecturing, start teaching, and before you know it, this has become my full time job. This is how I provide for my family. And I never in a million years thought that this was going to be the path for me. But honestly, I am so grateful. And I'm sure a lot of you have similar stories where you saw an impossible scenario, but you decided you know what, this is the only option I have, let me get through it. And then at the end of that, or during that scenario, as you journey through it, you're saying to yourself, man, Subhana Allah, this is the best thing

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that could ever happen to me. I'm so grateful that I'm in this situation. I'm so grateful Alhamdulillah I'm able to get by while your resume and Hazel, mean Hazel are your tests. You don't even have the mental capacity to imagine or to think how Allah will provide but it will happen to you. And the last and final ingredient that helps us to cope with any difficult situation woman yet our killer Allah Allah for who has trouble. The way that I like to look at this third ingredient is that if you missed the first two, if you're weakened the first two, if it has its good days and bad days, then this is one that always has to remain permanent and that is whoever has complete trust in

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Allah. Allah says

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that sufficient, sufficient in what sense in what capacity, it's efficient that Allah will continue to provide for you, it's sufficient that Allah will always give you a way out because you have Tahlequah. I've always said when you have trust in Allah, there's nothing to complain about. Everything makes sense to you and even if it doesn't make sense to you still trust Allah, what whatever the scenario is and why it existed. And why you're involved in a why you get put through all of that. say Alhamdulillah somebody wakes up on the wrong side of the bed and you become their worst enemy. You know, somebody wakes up and just says you know what, man, I don't want to talk to

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you anymore. They break off relationships with you. There are lots of there's always that one person in the family you all know who that is. You know that one person in the family that just nobody seems to get along with the drama king or queen of the of the family. And you know, they choose to sever ties with you

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This case here, Allah says, just have to walk. in me, that's enough, I'll take care of that individual, I'll take care of that family, you know, I'll make sure that they're going to be accountable. You don't worry about it, you just do what you have to do. Maintain your sense of honor and dignity and strength and continue to move forward. And that's what you have to do. This is easier said than done. But it certainly gives us a lot of hope and inspiration. And with these three ingredients, whoever has taqwa of Allah, Allah will give you a way out. And Allah will provide for you in a way in a manner that you yourself don't have the ability to comprehend and understand. But

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if you miss out on these to a low will always provide a level all these give you strength that as long as you have the third ingredient, whoever has telecoil in Allah, once you trust me, I will take care of everything for who it's almost as if Allah subhanaw taala summarize the first two ingredients and said, Okay, look, you know what, let me just tell you one last thing, I have to walk with me, that's enough, okay, I'll go. That gives us hope that gives us hope and strength, nothing in this world, if it confronts us, except that we have the ability to confront it, to stand in front of it to heal, to find a treatment to find counsel direction, strength, will have what it takes.

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These are three beautiful ingredients in the core and to help us get through any difficult situation. And so I pray that these three ingredients reaches you in the best of in the best of scenarios, in the sense that it gives you the strength and the hope that you're looking for that you need to cope with your situation I hope and I pray that these three ingredients reaches you the best of health and the best of the state of a man and shout Allahu Allah. I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala eases your situation, no matter what it is, and to whatever capacity those of you that are listening and you have a story, may Allah subhanho wa Taala give your story a happy ending. May

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Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to always keep a strong connection with Him. May Allah subhanaw taala continue to provide his risk in a manner that is pleasing to Him before it's pleasing to us. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala always preserve and protect tawakkol in Allah torquil in him, that is the bare minimum that we have. If we lose everything in our life, if we lose every ounce of trust, at least we ask Allah subhanaw taala to not allow us to lose trust and tawakkol in him. Because as he says, once you have tawakkol That's enough, I'll take care of your whole life. I'll take care of everything. I'll give you all the answers. I'll give you all the direction when nobody

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can give you directions. I'll give you a way out when nobody can provide for you and answer I'll give you the answer. When no one can heal you. I have I am a chef I can heal you because you have taught it's just a such a beautiful, beautiful way to look at difficult situations in life. And so I pray that Allah subhana wa Taala gives you all the blessing and the honor and the knowledge and the wisdom and the sincerity to find these three ingredients and apply it in the best way possible in your your life and in your situations. lahoma I mean just like malachite And guys, this is the 20th episode, we are getting to the end of this series because I have a ton of other series that I want

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to start a ton of other things that I want to talk about. So maybe a few more of these short reminders and inshallah we will move on to a brand new series and I will introduce that a bit is Neela heater Allah when that time comes so stay tuned for that guys. Okay, she's akmola will hydron take care was sent out more alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato

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