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Suleiman Hani
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of desire and desires in pursuit of the Prophet's words, including being mindful of emotions and not wanting to believe in God. They stress the need for everyone to strive for their worth and value, finding happiness and resilience through the experience of life. The importance of remembering the Quran and finding one's happiness through experiences is emphasized, along with the need for individuals to fulfill obligations and not become arrogant. The speakers also emphasize the importance of justice and universal universal universal justice, while highlighting the need for individuals to strive for their worth and value.
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Smilla on hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah while early he was suffering he woman wala

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the people of Prophet Lupe Alehissalaam

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when he said to them, what he said, they responded back with, we have no need for your daughters were in color Talamo manual read. But you know what we desire, you know very well what we want?

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Why am I starting with this?

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Their worldview, the way they see the world in terms of what they should pursue was about desires was not about the truth. I don't need in other words, they are saying, we don't need an evidence that you are a prophet, or that we should worship Allah, or change our lives or change our habits. Because we know what we desire. We don't want what you're offering.

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And of course, when we talk about the truth, and we talk about desires, I think we can all agree, the truth is more important than our desires. Do you agree with the statement? Yes or no? Yes, we agree with the statement. Why? Desires we all know we have many different types of desires, some desires may be beneficial, there's something good, they may also be extremely harmful. Is this possible that your desires may lead you to something harmful? Yes or no? Absolutely. We all know this. It could be a minor example, like your desire for some junk food as an example. This is one example your desire for Apple over Android La Ilaha. Illa. Allah, May Allah guide you all. I'm just

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kidding. Of course, I'm kidding. I'm kidding. Pay attention, the truth over our desires. We know this, we say this. And yet the reality is their worldview, what they decided was more important, were their desires. And that is not unique to the people of Prophet Luther allihies Salaam, that is, in fact, how many human beings are living in America and around the world today. And while we may be stating that as though we are talking only about non Muslims, this may affect us as Muslims too. How often do we desire something that we know is haram? We know what the truth is. And then we choose that desire over the truth? May Allah subhanaw taala forgive us and guide us along that I mean,

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it is on this note that I want to share seven different reasons we want to be anchored by the Quran that is the theme of this conference today. Are you paying attention? Yes or no? Ready? seven reasons we should all want to be and I start with myself as a reminder, we should want to be anchored by the Quran. Number one, being anchored by the Quran means that you understand how important humility is to receiving the truth. How important the state of your heart is your fitrah your natural disposition is to the pursuit of truth. Here's an example.

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In the field of philosophy, there's a branch called epistemology. How do you know what you know? Meaning how do you know something? How did that knowledge come to you don't worry about the term. There are many different ways today, you may come across someone who says I will not believe in God until I experience X, Y, or Z and they'll give you some sign of God on their terms. I will not become Muslim until you show me what I want. There were people like this before and there are people like this today and there will always be people like this. So sometimes you may think what, clearly we're lacking a physical sign that this person can experience so we need more evidences. So give me

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the evidence is so I can convince other people.

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And you look in the Quran and you find what let's talk about the observations, the physical experiences Prophet Ibrahim Ali salaam, witnessed saw with his eyes, the resurrection of something dead that came to life by the will of Allah subhanaw taala the people of Prophet SAW Allah He Salam, what did they see when they requested a miracle to come out? What did they see?

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The camo the Nakae came out, seemingly out of nowhere. And then you have other examples, the people who saw the splitting of the sea. Did they all believe that the people who chased Musa Ali Sunday they all believe no, of course not. There were the people who are with Prophet reciting Salam asking for a Mount Eden, a feast to come down from the heavens, and they ate from it and they all remained upon belief, and on and on and on. So we recognize from this, we learn from these stories and many more, that what's missing is not your sensory experience of some sign of alasa

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panic attack, but that's not missing. That's in abundance we are all signs within us are signs, your cells, your DNA, the code on assignment, all of these are signs the fact that you can think and you're conscious that you're conscious. You're metacognition is a sign of God. We don't need more physical signs. That's not what's missing. So you might say, well, if it's not empirical, as many people today are requesting,

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then maybe it's reasoning, a Laughlin and you look in the Quran and you find some examples. The first the primary story, is the fact that the devil was reasoning claiming to reason that he was better than Adam out of his salon. Why? Because Adam Ali Salam is not made from fire and fire is better than clay. That was his reasoning. Of course, this is an excuse.

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And even if I am Rahim, Allah for those who are interested in noting this is another claim rom Allah wrote about this and he said, in fact, there are more than a dozen proofs that clay is better than fire. So not, not only was there arrogance in this experience, but it wasn't even correct reasoning. So your reasoning can also be faulty. You have another example padrone who was borrowed one of the richest people in history.

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And when they tried to give him Dawa, what happened in nama ot to Allah Illuminati, I earned my wealth, all these riches, because of my intellect, my knowledge and Allah subhanaw taala caused the earth to swallow him up, humiliation left and right. So clearly what's missing is not reasoning. It is not a matter of laughing.

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I have spoken to people before and there are people who will say that if they could see God, they would not believe they would claim that they are hallucinating. So there is not a lack of signs. We are not missing some kind of magical philosophical formula that's so complex that a child could not understand it. And yet, of course, in most, in most cases, even adults cannot understand these philosophical arguments, we are not in need of them. The truth is very clear. What's missing is humility in the heart, that you are receptive to the truth. And the reality here is when we approach the Quran, with sincerity, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala will allow our hearts to absorb when you come to

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the speech of Allah, with humility, Allah subhanaw taala will allow you to truly be anchored by the Quran, it becomes your worldview, rather than taking your worldview from somewhere else, and then filtering Islam through that lens. And then you start to find confusion and tension. And you start to find conflict, and you find that you are confused about some very basic realities. When the heart is sincere, and the person is humble, the truth is very clear. The next time you find yourself disconnected or moved by something, don't allow any pride to get in between you and the truth. Don't allow your desires, whether you claim it's reasoning or empirical or anything else, don't allow

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anyone or anything to get in between you and the pursuit of what is true. And not just to pursue in terms of embracing Islam. But to reinforce your Eman as well by the will of Allah. Liberate your worldview from the shackles of liberalism, and you will find yourself at ease with the truth and Wallahi it is simple, a child could understand it. So being anchored by the Quran means that you are humble, receptive, never looking down on others and never rejecting the truth when it comes to you. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us humility say I mean, number two, being anchored by the Quran, as a way of life means that your emotions, your happiness, and your sadness could both be acts of worship

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if they are channeled in an effective way in a very efficient way, in a way that is molded by the Quran. And it is intended for us because Allah created us and knows that we have these emotions, and that there is a healthy way to channel them and there's an unhealthy way as well. And so this has the potential to affect us mentally has the potential to affect all of society. May Allah subhanaw taala alleviate the affairs of all of those who are struggling with any Mental Difficulty. See, I mean, how does a relationship with the Quran help with this? How does it even affect you? If you have a daily relationship with the Quran, you have constant reminders about what truly matters.

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You're constantly reminded not to be pulled down by other things. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us. You're constantly reminded about Jana

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Don't we all want Jana? Yes. Don't we all want paradise? May Allah grant us all and our loved ones the highest levels of agenda, say Amin. And if you want Jana it's linked in the Quran to what Fosbury is Spirou saw Biru you're reminded to persevere Hold on, hold on, hold on. It's almost over, the difficulty will pass. The reward is so great. The ease is accompany what you're going through hold on a little longer. When you read the Quran on a daily basis, and you have that connection, you're reminded of a puddle, why things happen? Why is there pain and suffering in this life? Because this life is not Janna? Why do we go through these hardships even though we believe in the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was the best of mankind, and went through more pain than we can imagine. We are reminded every time we connect to the Quran and with the Quran, that the one who created your heart and the extensiveness the potential for emotions, understands and knows what you're going through and give you the tools when you're anchored by these tools. To be healthy, to be resilient to find healing. When there is trauma. Well she found Lima for solo the Quran is a healing for what is in the hearts. When you read the Quran frequently, you are reminded later kabuna Baba Fanon Tarbuck, you will go through stage after stage, what does that mean? Nothing in life is

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permanent. We have in this hall, mashallah some youngsters and we have mashallah some elders, and the reality is in everything in between. And the reality is we all know, no stage of life is permanent. You remember 10 years ago, perhaps where you weren't. You remember how your life was, if you're, let's say, in your 50s and 60s, you remember how your 20s were? You remember being a child or a teenager. You remember having to study and go through school, you remember graduating, perhaps, those who got married, you remember when you were single, and on and on and on? What's my point? Alana reminds us so we are not attached to a stage of life, that nothing in this world is permanent.

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And more importantly, our lives are not permanent. This life will be replaced with another experience, you will depart from this world. So do not attach yourself to the permanence less you'll be hurt more and disappointed more. And in anguish more when that inevitable change comes along. And it's not so that we are sad, but rather cherish the moments Allah Allah subhanaw taala gave you today value it's find the greatest maximum amount of gratitude to Allah with it and through it, and attach yourself and your heart to the one who is eternal, and you will find yourself the happiest of people. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us amongst those whose hearts are attached to him.

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Allahumma Amin

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there's a young brother in my community. Every time he comes to the masjid, he asks me about something of a hardship he's going through. And then one time he said something really interesting. He said, You know what?

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I realized something. I've come to you as though you're my counselor, I come to you all the time.

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And it's not like I'm learning anything new with these reminders when I'm sad. What you're telling me makes sense it helps me I feel better I move on. But then I think about I'm like, I already knew that. Why didn't I just feel good already? Like why did I have to be reminded? I already know that.

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And the reality is as human beings we are in need of reminders. We all know this. Well that kid for in a thick rotten foreign what we need remind for rarely the reminders benefit the believers when you cut off access to those reminders, you cut, cutting off access to something you need. Allah subhanaw taala created us with the potential to forget and also to be reminded, so let us not cut off these reminders. Whether you're listening to the Quran frequently or studying it's tough seeing or listening to lectures. Don't limit yourself to 32nd Instagram reels or something else Allahu Mastan and it has the emotional background the sheath and somebody's like Allah subhanho wa Taala

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will relieve you and you're like oh my god, my Eman and then you move on 30 seconds. That's all you got.

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Come on, have Hamdulillah we have opportunities like this institutes like this. We're now in a state in which we have more access to knowledge than any previous generation. What do we do we watch cat videos

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come on.

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Can you imagine emammal Buhari having access to a database today with all these narrations.

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Now Illa Illa Allah may Allah subhanaw taala forgive us for all the time that we've wasted Aloma Amin. We are in need of these reminders. And we recognize our emotions are real, but there are very different ways of channeling them. And Allah subhanaw taala gives us the healthiest manner

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of healing and resilience and perseverance, your sadness Believe it or not, could be an act of worship, your happiness Believe it or not, could be an act of worship, but with conditions and that is that the sadness is channeled towards Allah subhanho wa Taala ya allah alleviate my fears yo Allah grant me strength, that you are making more dua because of your sadness. And you recognize your need for Allah and with your happiness. What do you do? Do you stray from Allah No. With your happiness, you are more grateful to Allah, so becomes an act of worship for you turn your emotions into acts of worship, by channeling them towards Allah. And this comes about by being anchored by

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the Quran. Number three. Being anchored by the Quran means that you know your life has value and meaning your life has value and meaning. One time a young college student reached out to me, and I'm going to give an example and change part of the scenario just to be a little anonymous with it.

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A college student her whole life, her parents had been telling her to have high ambitions for a career. So she ain't for medical school. Is this new to us as Muslims? No, she got into med school. Year two of med school, she was caught cheating on an exam.

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investigation took place. She was expelled.

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It went on her record, she could not apply to any other medical school program.

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She reached out with this long message. To summarize, she said my entire life I was building for this. My parents were building before this, my siblings encouraging me my friends all on the same track. I have lost everything that gave my life meaning. I don't know why I'm living anymore.

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And while this may seem like an extreme example, the reality is many people maybe even in this home, maybe many people, in your families or in our communities feel this way to a degree about two other things, maybe not your career. For some people, they find that their value is in whether or not they are married, or they have children, whether or not they have a career, you don't have a job, whether or not they look a certain way to society. So they will ascribe their value they will hand it their value handed off to whom to everyone else. validate me

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is your life in terms of value, and meaning and purpose limited to one of these categories, your education, your job whether or not you're married or you have children, is not what your life really was for. That's why you are created or are these things you want and pursue but they're not guaranteed in this life.

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Allah subhana wa Tada gave you a value that no human being can take away. Allah gave you worth, that no material thing can ever compare to Wallah, you have value and no one can take it away. You have value and nothing can take it away.

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You were created to worship Allah.

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Can someone take that away from you? No. You were created to know your You were created to know your Creator. You were created to seek forgiveness from Allah.

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Can any human being tell you you cannot do that? No.

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No matter what you lose of the dunya your value is always fulfilled so long as you make the choice to live for that purpose. That is a choice no one can take away from you.

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Do not allow society or social media or the pressures of other people or cultures or parents to make you think that you have less value if you are holding on to your Islam.

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However, of course, of course, we want to pursue the best of things in a dunya there are Sunon in this life we pursue, for people to get married. It's a sunnah try to pursue it to have children try to pursue it. But do not think you lost any self worth. When you did not get that thing. That's the point. So that when that thing is gone, you don't say my life has no meaning. What do you mean? You are created to worship Allah, you can still worship Allah. Yes, there is pain and I'm not belittling that pain. Yes, there is grief and there's a way to overcome that grief and that was the last point we covered, but your worth and your value comes from Allah subhanho wa taala. When you are anchored

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by the Quran, you realize very quickly that you were created for the most noble purpose and then nothing in this world can take you away from that. So do not allow people do not allow people to shackle you and make you think that they define your value and worth in this life. May Allah subhanaw taala make us a more

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reach those who always realize that we have noble purpose and value and meaning with Allah, Allah Amin. Number four.

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Being anchored by the Quran means you are constantly trying to improve and you don't give up.

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There is no such thing as being successful without slipping up being perfect with 1000 attempts or practices or whatever it may be any career or field or sports without struggling along the way. And that's the same case for the believers. The hope is that you keep trying, the hope is that you don't give up.

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The hope is that you recognize that the devil wins once you've given up

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and you will continue to win so long as you persist. How many times once 100 1000 You keep trying until your last breath. Now some people are not happy. They're disconnected from the Quran, disconnected from Allah disconnected from the purpose of life chasing after something of this life, as we see on social media and through the media that is public published today and sent all over the world. Unfortunately, the some people think that that's what matters.

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So they're never happy. They're never content, they never have enough. This person became a millionaire. I don't feel satisfied. Some people are racing to become billionaires and others are racing to become truly nurse. You have this thing once the next thing coming. Satisfaction is gone. He ordered that thing he got to your house in two hours, you got validated with a hyper consumerist approach of buying whatever you want. Okay, great. The box arrived to the house and everyone looked around and said, Who ordered this Amazon package today? And then what's the feeling of receiving something you were off? You want something else? The reality for the believers is you get to a point

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where you have enough. I'm not saying you can't aim high. But you will have enough to the point where you don't feel empty inside, despite having more than, like 90% of what the world has, despite being satisfied with a job or a family or the ability to eat every day and not worry, am I going to have another meal? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said he has succeeded the one who is guided to Islam granted, sufficient provision meaning you're granted enough to live and you're content with it. And you are content with it. Well, Kanye, you're happy with what you have. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us contentment Allahumma Amin. Number five,

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being anchored by the Quran means that you are a person of justice in all forms.

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Sometimes when you talk about justice, we limited to one scope, one facet one domain, there's justice with Allah subhanaw taala. What does that mean? That you fulfill the right of the Creator that you worship the Creator, He created you, you worship Him alone. And then there's justice with human beings. And that is an extensive field. There's justice with animals in the way you treat animals with mercy. There's justice with the environment that you protect it as a believer, we should be at the forefront of Islamic environmentalism in the world. But there is a warning here as well. Do not become like the social justice activist who put in 110% effort when it comes to the

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rights of people but they violate violate every right of Allah subhanaw taala without any remorse whatsoever. These are not mutually exclusive. They are not. Yes, we advocate for the rights of people through the lens of Islam. But we also need to be constantly reminding society and bringing humanity back to that filter or the natural disposition, that you are not a just person. If the message of God reaches you and you reject it, that's not justice for your soul. And that's why Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us people who do that are oppressing themselves for Minho, Vani Malinowski, amongst many other examples, Allah will never wrong his creation. When are you overly

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mod Abu Qatada, but people wrong themselves. Rather, as believers we need to be just with every aspect in every facet of justice. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam, in the last months of his life, gave a number of sermons during the final Hajj, not to one but multiple.

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And one of the sermons the farewell speeches, one of them is taken out of context, usually use in a social justice domain and ignores everything else that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam said about worshiping Allah, everything about everybody forget about it. All they take is this one excerpt, but it's a very crucial one. When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said there is no superiority for an Arab over a non Arab

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nor a non Arab over an Arab nor black over whites nor white over black Illa be Taqwa your status is through your god consciousness, your humility, your submission to the Creator. That's your status and your honor. It's not through your wealth, your skin color, your nationality, your passport, or anything of this world. People at that time, were struggling with this problem. There was a clear structure, not just one or two people, there was a structure of injustice, there was a structure of oppression.

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And the reality is, some people then needed it, and the world is still in need of it today.

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We are clearly in need of it today. And we are not just talking about non Muslims, we as Muslims are in need of it today.

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The Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam continued, and he said, and we are all from Adam, where Adam, women, Torah, we are all the children of Adam, and Adam came from the clay of this world do not become arrogant. In fact, by looking for the only thing that gives you status taqwa, you cannot possibly have taqwa and also be arrogant. May Allah subhanaw taala, grant us humility along with me.

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The structures of injustice and oppression? Were the main reasons some people refuse to become Muslim. Do you know that in one of the stories, you find this in the Seattle, one of the people who thought of himself as the elite of Koresh, he said, You want us the elites, to be like them, you want us to be at the same level as the people that had just been freed. They used to be our slaves, you want us to be equal? They refused.

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And the reality is these structures, when you hear of these stories, you think, Wow, I can't believe they did that.

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There are still structures in America and around the world today.

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Not one off cases, but structures, that that cause certain groups and individuals to be at a disadvantage in society.

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They give preferences to some over others. If you have political connections, or you're extremely wealthy, or you're this or you're that there are structures that give preferences or more ease to white over black in some cases, and we know this, this is not new to us as Muslims, 25% of American Muslims are black. We know this, it's part of our community.

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There are structures today and this is changing in the world. And clearly in America, there's this opposition of ideas that gives the preference to the secular anti religious ideas to the religious communities. There is a structure that gives preferences advantages to the occupier over the occupied like in Palestine for over 70 years. There's a structure that does the same thing, and in fact, imitates and learns from that occupation of Palestine, all the way in India against the Muslims. They're the same structure you find, replicated in different form, with the ethnic cleansing of lawyers in East Turkistan. May Allah subhanaw taala alleviate their affairs and all of

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our brothers and sisters around the world. These structures of oppression

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or apartheid, or ethnic cleansing or injustice, cannot be ignored by anyone who claims to be a proponent of universal justice. Well, Allah He that is alive. If you support universal justice, you would be on the right side of history, you would be supporting these causes in the La Jolla model Bill uglier son command for us. Allah subhanho wa Taala commands us to be people of justice and fair dealing. And part of this is this flaw in the Quran. It's not just ideal but this in Allah, your Hibou mostly clean. It's a socio economic political facet of justice. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us that Allama Amin brothers and sisters, remember this, a little bit of justice from a lot more

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people will change society significantly. Be just with your family, with your parents, with your wife, with your husband, with your children be just be just with your neighbors be just even with the people you dislike, that is a command from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. Number six. Being anchored by the Quran means that you are always thinking of the Ummah, parts of the Jama connected to the masajid bringing Muslims together and not dividing them further. We have enough divisions as it is. Allah subhanaw taala reminds us why tosee movie Abdullah he Jamia Han Walter Ferrara to hold fast to the rope of Allah the Quran and the Sunnah together and do not become divided. The Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam warned us on a committee Gemma adhere to the GEMA the community and beware of separation for the devil is with the one the one who is isolated. Do not become isolated. Do not isolate people do not push people away from the houses of Allah from Islam, whether through your character or anything else.

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And then he said sallallahu alayhi wa salam and the devil is further away from to the more you have the better stick to the Jamar and this will bring you some benefits in sha Allah And finally number seven.

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Being anchored by the Quran means that you are always laser focused on the final destination. When you put in your GPS usually know where you're going. What is your destination you have two options we all know our desired destination is Jana, may Allah grant us Jenna say I mean you have to be laser focused on it. Why? Because this life is filled with distractions, La ilaha illallah, left and right every single day distractions of all forms. So we have to be reminded when you are connected to the Quran, you are constantly reminded of what destination you claim you want. Now plant the seed of that destination. Do not allow anyone anything of this life to get in between you and Jana Wallah

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who it's not worth it. You don't want to stand on that day and say I wish I stuck to my goal. Rather you want to say and hamdulillah what is the Mau Sadhguru Jana Tanwar harira Allah will reward the believers with paradise for their patients their perseverance and all the rewards of gender including the silk garments in New Jersey, To whom will Yama be male sabato unknown woman is when I have rewarded them for their patients their perseverance, their hard work, no one said it's easy, their hard work, that they are the true winners on this day. May Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst those winners Abdullah bin Massaro there'll be Allah Juan he says there is no true comfort

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at all Hmm. For the believer until he meets Allah, imagine you enter Jannah finally, you enter Jannah and you hear Allah subhanaw taala saying, Where are my servants who worship me without ever seeing me? May Allah subhana wa Tada grant us all patience and perseverance and an anchoring with and through and to the Quran. May Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah was constantly to filter everything out through the Quran, meaning filter life and other ideologies and what's being discussed by looking through the lens of the Quran and may Allah subhanaw taala alleviate our affairs and make us and our loved ones and future generations amongst the people of la ilaha illa Allah Allahu Alameen

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wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi igmi

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