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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of tests and negative experiences in helping people emotionally. They stress the need for people to not be harmed by hardship and acknowledge the physical and mental impact of hardship. The speakers also emphasize the importance of following guidance and avoiding wasting one's time and life. The speakers provide advice on achieving spiritual goals, staying connected to the church, and being strong for deeds. They also encourage listeners to share their own thoughts and experiences.
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inshallah Allah we are finishing the tip zero Surah Mohammed and I ask Allah subhana wa Tada to send His peace and His blessings upon his messenger Muhammad and to make us amongst those who are following his footsteps until the end of time along with me. And then we're going to do a summary like a story like summary compiling all of the principles that are important for you to benefit insha Allah Tala personal, basically principles of happiness and success as well as for the entire ummah. These are crucial and they're all all extracted from just one surah. So let's start with Isaiah 31 loss of Hannah dialysis one and a blue one will surely test you are believers had now LM

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al Mujahideen and Lincoln was soldered in whenever Lula Morocco until we prove meaning until it's shown. It's distinguished amongst you, who truly struggles in the path of Allah subhanaw taala and who remains steadfast. And you reveal how you basically conduct yourself? Oh, who can remind us for those who are paying very close attention in TFC? Where else was this word mentioned in the Surah? When was it used when in a blue one nickel? Well, and a blue one nickel one and a blue one who remembers who can telson which I will in a blue one, that we will test you

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the concept of being tested. So not necessarily exact form like this. But the concept of being tested.

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This was mentioned early on in the Surah

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does that morphine and I have four does that morphine on the handle, they all started bless you and reward you. I have 30 ones. We're currently at 100 Medical a week. So Allah Subhan Allah mentioned this as well in the very beginning. So in this surah, we're talking about tests here in two different ways. First, ALLAH SubhanA could have taken care of people of evil. And last part I can say Be and it is. But there is a test in this world. And this reminds us of that test. And so you're tested in terms of what stopping evil in the world or bringing about goodness in the world or being righteous in this world that is part of the test. In this case, the context, of course, is that the

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disbelievers are attacking the believers, that people have palatial pagans, or about to basically engage in a battle with the Muslim community. So in this task, one an evolution from this particular test is going to distinguish who really is willing to strive in because of Allah subhanaw taala. So in this case, it is talking about the jihad, that is physical of the battlefield in terms of the Battle of Benin, and as well was saw between those who are patient, those who persevere those who endure.

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What is the wisdom here that is clarified that's clarified to us and how does this help us mentally or emotionally?

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What is the wisdom in this? How does this help us mentally and emotionally? In terms of the notion of the test? How does this help us? Can someone tell us in what way might this be helpful to someone mentally, emotionally psychologically knows notion of being tested to distinguish

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two distinguished people? And of course, we're distinguishing for ourselves was patter already knows. So what is the benefit here emotionally or mentally?

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Can tell us in Charlotte, Anna.

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Of course, an emphasis here the silence of the OMA in times of hardship prevents it from being upon the truth, meaning it won't lead to anything good. So it's important that people are all striving and speaking up, addressing the truth wherever it may be.

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The way that this might help us emotionally or mentally does that muslin medical people

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excellent responses Mashallah. So number one a okay, it brings comfort our struggles are a test not a punishment. Excellent. Does that Muslim Muslim illustrata reward you this is true. It keeps you strong. Okay, keeps you strong gives you resilience is absolutely true. There is something that it's linked to in theology and philosophy.

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Are Musa Sorry, I just see the first letter always have hope in the last panel. Excellent. Excellent. It's true. It will get you through any times. Absolutely. They remind you of the nature of the dunya that all people experience that's correct hasn't just Aquafina training for the upcoming test that's true as well. So this reminds us about the question of suffering. Why does hardship exist in this world? A lot of people of course struggle with this because they have the wrong expectations about dunya and the wrong idea that almost perfect is that they expect in their minds well almost pattern I can say Be and it is put unfair Konya Allah dresser in this very sort

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of, well, actually everyone what can be wrong? Allah subhana could have taken care of these people and stopped all evil. Basically, from people doing any evil things in this world. People who choose to use their free will the wrong way. They're not passing the test. Obviously, they're using it to violate the rights of other people to hurt other people. Yes, Allah Subhanallah could have stopped

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that last path is telling us here and there's this is part of the response to the people who struggle theologically and philosophically, which then leads to an emotional struggle that they don't understand. Allah subhanaw taala is testing us with our freewill. That is the entirety of the purpose of our existence on earth, that we are being tested with our free will. And it is to distinguish those who will keep striving and those who will be patient and those who will persevere from those who don't. And so, and for leanbean al Rahim, Allah Allah, one of the great scholars from the first generations, when he recited this idea, one time it was reported, he started to cry. And

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then he made your app. And the dice transit has, oh Allah do not afflict us, don't test us yet Allah. And if we are afflicted, then it's going to expose us in terms of our shortcomings and our weaknesses. And our hidden faults will be exposed or destroyed. In other words, yellow please don't test this yellow, please don't test this yellow, please don't test us. Because with a verse like this, it's reminding us that the humanities, Allah, Allah Potter will, will purify, filter out

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the believers as well, in terms of the hardships that they experience. Now, of course, if I were to say that the test here is, every Muslim is told, just pray, that's it, there's nothing else just solo, that in itself is already a test. As you see all around the world. It's a test for many people, there's some people are not even doing that they're not striving in terms of jihad owners, against the owners to pray, for example, to wear hijab to faster number one, those are just some examples. Because it is a jihad, it's not easy.

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So it's telling us that there are multiple types of tests on different levels. And each test will bring out some of the goodness of some individuals who strive harder and some of the weaknesses of others. And the tests get harder and harder. The objective of course, in the hope is that we are as strong as we hope that we are. But this is why I fully cried when he recited this idea because it is a purification as well. It's going to purify it's going to distinguish those who really are striving to all or do not afflict us with hardships all our new Africans with hardships all do not fit this with hardships.

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A loss pattern does not test you with something you're not you cannot handle. But it doesn't mean that you will handle it. You have the potential to pass that test. But it doesn't mean that you will that's where the free will comes in. May Allah subhanaw taala help us Alumni Now the clicker or should clicker? What has no humanity Allah help us to praise you often to remember you often to worship in the best manner possible?

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One of the scholars said through trials and difficult times. The hard working person is distinguished from other people who might be lazier, the truthful is distinguished from the liar. The good is distinguished from the one who is evil. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us in all situations along them. And then Allah subhanaw taala talks about those who try once again to hinder others in Alladhina CAFO in the next day, while some new answerability law, and they hinder others, where did you see this early in the Surah? Who can tell us those who disbelieve while Sanyuan sebelah? Do you remember where you saw this incident Mohammed? Those who reject the truth and they

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hinder others from the Path of Allah. Now they defy the messenger after guidance was made clear to them, they're not going to harm a loss department at all. They cannot harm a lot, but rather their deeds will so your vehicle, their needs are rendered nullified void? Does that McKenna sister Rahila? If one is correct, AlLadhina cathodal was on do answer below the very opening of the solar. Similar wording here. There's a reminder for us, these people who turn away I think we're at least the pagans thought they weren't harming a lost partner in some way or harming the messenger. Because they didn't support Islam, a loss pattern it does not need them. The most pattern is not in need of

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us. So no matter how much somebody disobeyed Allah, they're not harming Allah subhanaw taala they're harming themselves. They're harming themselves with their actions and they will regret that harm. They have lost faith and protect this type of self oppression. And then this brings us to a principle the principle of obedience, the principle of obedience. So for those who are writing notes, and you're writing down and noting what are the principles mentioned in the Surah there is another principle here. Yeah, you Halina and all believers are clear Allaha cleaners who will want to clean our manna from all believers obey Allah and obey the messenger and do not allow your deeds

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to be in vain to be basically wasted. Yeah, you and Adina AMLO is mentioned in the Quran 89 times 89 times I believe, and 89 times here meaning every time you read it, you come across it, pay closer attention, pay very close attention. I'll play our law wealthy all of us will brothers and sisters.

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If you had to grade yourself on how much you hear and obey how much you obey Allah subhanaw taala

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Would you agree to think of yourself as a private question though? No answer it's rhetorical. Think about how the angels were, of course infallible. They're only doing what they are commanded, right? They hear and they obey. And the rest of the Creation hears and obeys, except for the creation that has free will, except for the creation that has free will, meaning the ability to choose.

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When you do an act of worship, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah is reminding you here, obey Allah, but don't cause your deeds, to be in vain to be wasted. So don't keep bringing it up. Don't do something nice to someone and then keep bringing it up to other people, protect your needs, guard your deeds, don't ruin them, by expecting something else from people. And an activity for us here is to think about one act of worship that you are struggling with, you can write this down. If you're writing notes, think of one act of worship, that you are struggling with something you've tried to implement numerous times and you keep struggling with or something, something that is prohibited and you keep

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falling into it. And you want to try to overcome it. There are many different things of course, we can suggest an advice but just so we're utilizing this I in a very specific way. keep on repeating in your mind, and on your tongue. Oh Allah I hear and I obey. I hear and I obey, I hear and I obey. When you think about this frequently, you'll find inshallah Tada with different acts of worship, some support, a reminder, some motivation. I'll play a long, long overdue, assuming obedience to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is because he is teaching what Allah subhana has revealed, and the prophesy some will never teach anything. Religiously, at least whenever teach anything. That is

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not part of the faith. Whenever I talk about Sunday as a part of Islam when it comes to Revelation, when it comes to worldly manners, that's different. When it comes to Revelation when it comes to teaching Islam when it comes to prohibitions. The Prophet sallallaahu Salam is commanded to do that, and we are commanded to follow and obey Allah and His messenger. This is also on a side note here our response to those who reject Hadith and they are small movements and they are not really following any methodology, any afford anything like that they're following their desires. They're not consistent, so logical contradicts the Quran. This is one of the eight that in fact is a

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response against them. obeying the messenger SallAllahu Sallam requires us long after the messengers allows them to be able to see what he said and what he taught and his actions his life is history. Salallahu Alaihe Salam, which is the process of taking authenticated a hadith. So the principle here is a principle of obedience. For many people as we are, you know, a handler completing the month of Ramadan. Many people are looking to push themselves keep reflecting on this I, oh Allah I hear and I obey all I hear and I obey, may Allah Subhana Allah make us amongst those who obey Him consistently. along that journey. I have 34 in the Latina CAFO was Sadhguru unstudied in LA he threw mama to

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welcome Cofer on felon young federal law Hoolahan those who disbelieve and they hinder others from the Path of Allah, and then they die as disbelievers Allah will never forgive them. So really, really, really heavy I fell on yellow fever, Allahu Allah.

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Allah will never forgive them. Where else did we see similar wording to this? Somebody already answered this we saw in either one. And then we saw in the previous I have 32, the emphasis on those who disbelieve and they turn others from the truth. This is a third time it's mentioned in that way why the pagans would mark Islam harass the Muslims with even take all the measures that they could when people are visiting Mecca to tell them don't follow Islam, they'll spread propaganda. There are people like that in the world today. They may have struggled with the SAML one point, and then due to their arrogance they left and then they started discouraging others from following Islam.

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What is the frightening part of this iron fella Yeltsin along with them?

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What is the frightening part of this?

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That Allah will never forgive them? What is the frightening part of this?

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Who can tell us? And then I'm going to ask what has been glad tiding in this

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one, what is the frightening part of this fellow in your fear Allah who

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fell in your seat Allah Who down low will never forgive them? Who can tell us

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they will never enter gym. This is correct. It's an absolute statement. No way out of it. Yes.

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No second chance for them. Well, this is referring to the day of judgment.

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So they can start to believe Yeah, that's a good that's a good guess. But everyone in this world who turns to Allah subhanaw taala is given that chance. The frightening part of this is that once a person dies, and if they are amongst these people, they rejected the truth, and they turn others away from mean the most

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digit was clear to them, they turned away from it. And they died in a state of Cofer. They don't have access to forgiveness on the day of judgment. And that's a really frightening thought. They don't have the opportunity anymore. This is their chance to turn back the last panel and they're given what two chances three chances a million chances every opportunity, every reminder, every day they wake up. It's another opportunity to turn back to a long term back to a launcher and back to alarm. What is the glad tidings part of this? Four part of this is enlightening for the believers.

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Who are part of this might be glad tidings for the believers. felonio fit along gnome is about disbelievers. What might be the blood typing here

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who can tell us?

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Excellent does that mean

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the loss of health I will forgive the believers for the shortcomings. That there is hope that anything, anything other than covered and shed has a chance of being forgiven on the Day of Judgment. So there's a chance that many of the sins that the believers commits, there's some hope maybe they did other good deeds that will cause these to be erased. Maybe they will be interceded for maybe it's because of a specific act of worship do Sadat for that they gave the Quran they memorize that will cause some of their sins to be erased on that day. So the glad tiding part of this is that this is referring specifically to refer to those who reject the truth. And so

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everything beneath that and other ayat as well in the law now young people are you shot me a lot does not forgive the one who can and should meaning after death. This idea clarifies that for so is Quran Tafseer of the Quran by the Quran, but anything below that, or beneath that in terms of the believers themselves, that we hope there's some way there's some of those sins will be raised doesn't mean some believers will not be punished. Allah's father tells us that there is a punishment for certain major sins on the Day of Judgment. So of course you we shouldn't be afraid of those consequences and do what we're required to do. But the hope here is that there's still there's still

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some chance of some things being forgiven on the Day of Judgment for the one who did not die upon disbelief. So at least at least there's a reminder here hold on, hold on, hold on to one space no matter how difficult things get.

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And then Allah subhanaw tells us now 35 fellow attorney know what to do in a send me one tool Ilona one law who Markel when a year Tilikum armor. This is in the context of war, the Battle of beds that's coming up, do not falter or ask or cry for peace, for you will have the upper hand and Allah is with you, Allahu America, and he will never let your deeds go to waste. There's a really important repetition happening in the Surah. I think some of you may have noticed up to this point. But first, Allah subhanaw taala is with you. So do not falter, don't get weak. Don't give up. Remind yourself with the following words. Allah subhanaw taala is with me, Allah is protecting, Allah is

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watching over me. Allah is merciful to me. Remember these words and keep repeating them no matter the situation that you're in a loss of data will not cause you to be wasted in terms of your deeds to be left alone. He is with you so long as you turn to him, so long as you're holding on strong. Now there's a reminder here for the believers in one context, they weren't going to the Battle of budget, meaning this would be useful for the battle buddy, but also for the believers in general. Be strong, be strong, be strong till the very end, meaning don't give up. And likewise in life, be strong, be strong, be strong, and do not give up Allah subhanaw taala is with you. One Lahoma calm

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one la humara calm Allahumma comm why do we need that reminder? Someone might say well, I already know that, well, you're going to need that reminder more when things get difficult. You're going to need that reminder when there's a really tough situation. And then somebody starts telling you are you tested in your faith? And you're like, No, Allah is still with me. Allah is with me. I'm positive, I'm convinced and nobody, nothing can take that conviction away. They lost a patent grant us that conviction that you're playing along. I mean, don't ever think that you are weak because of something physical, or because of your own situation. rather give yourself a boost of confidence in

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knowing that you were strong because Allah was with you. They and Allahu Allah, Allah subhanaw taala is with you, you are strong, you are strong because the last pattern is with you. Now, what is the part of this ayah that's been repeated throughout the surah so many times.

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Well, part of this verse Did you notice there was a repetition same thing being mentioned in different forms throughout the surah?

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Throughout the Surah, we haven't commented on it in detail yet, but here it is. What part of this is

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not letting your deeds go to waste. Excellent. So in terms of deeds does accumulate and in terms of your route, your deeds, your actions. This has been mentioned throughout the Surah In fact, from literally the very first iron Ladino

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Capital was on new answer media he almost nine out there need to go to waste their void nullify. So here's what we seen the surah and I listed them here. I have one and number eight, number 928 and 32 all of those verses those five verses are about the disbelievers deeds being worth wasted. There's one I have for about the believers deeds not being void filling you Linda Amato. And then you have another emphasis here as well. 3334 35 They're all about your deeds, right here. When are your theological Armonico in the last is about those who die upon because fellow yields that are low down, meaning nothing will be accepted in the eye or before that 33 One or two blue Armada come

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right what's the year before Armada on 3233 and 35 right here, all about the the acts of worship the deeds themselves. And so Allah subhanaw taala appreciate your efforts. And he's reminding you that your efforts and your good deeds are preserved, and they will not be nullified. So don't do anything to put them at risk. Don't do anything to put your deeds at risk. Can you imagine somebody investing so much money in a stock, so much money like this person just came across it a billion dollars, may Allah bless us all with, but as so we can give for his sake and be grateful servants alone. I mean, if you imagine somebody gave you a billion dollars, and then you gave like people access to your

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passwords, go ahead and log into my account, no security whatsoever, you're clicking on all these links that come to you opening up viruses and malware and everything else. You're not guarding that thing, which is precious to you, your deeds and you work so hard on for the athletes, don't allow anything to take that away. Don't allow insincerely to waste it. Don't keep bringing it up. Don't expose your private good deeds to other people. So don't do anything that will put your good deeds at risk. So don't jeopardize your deeds and know that Allah appreciates every single thing that you do, and it will count, you're not wasting your time or wasting your life. And on this note, you find

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many people, oftentimes when they're still in the early phases of knowing Islam and knowing the last pantalla sometimes youth will struggle with this. They'll see other people chasing after dunya and being super successful with worldly things. Sometimes it's not even real success, but it's like a worldly notion of success. Right? And they're like, Man, I wish I could do that. Man. These people have so much man, these people are so lucky, man. their lifestyles are so cool. And they start following them. They start watching them, they start watching, you know, TV shows, clips, social media, like looking up to these people look at what they have, look at how they live life. I wish I

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could do that. No, I have to be this I have to do that. I have to pray I have to follow rules. Your deeds are not wasted. There is are your deeds are not wasted. Theirs are nullified. And I'm talking about people who reject the truth when it comes to them specifically. So focus on the value of your deed because on the Day of Judgment, that is the most precious currency that you have. There's nothing more valuable than that from dunya that you can take to your grave, except your good deeds. May Allah subhana increases in the deeds alone. I mean, you're building for a life in which those deeds are worth so much more so much more. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us and this is

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the last principle that we will cover. Inshallah, tada, actually, we could add one more principle to this. There's a bonus here. For those who remember in the very beginning, we mentioned we'll cover at least 10 principles in the Surah. This is the 11th principle and about the reality of life. It's a reminder because sometimes you're looking at other people and saying, You know what, I wish I could do what they're doing. I wish I can change their lifestyles. Loss of Palatinus says in normal higher to dunya LarryBoy Allah, this worldly life is no more than play in amusement. We're in took me what's your take on modular come one is alikom and one. But if you are faithful, and mindful of a

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lot you have Taqwa Allah will grant you your full reward and he will not ask you to donate all of your wealth. The context here, the Battle of Beddit. When the believers had to go, of course, some of them were giving sadaqa or rather donation for the battle that was about to take place. Allah subhana is reminding us this light is the lonely life higher to dunya. And dunya means what the thing that is low and close thing that is close to you or the thing that is low. So here's the principle or here's a reminder, this life is low. So Don't stoop to its level. Focus on the active, it's lasting, it's lasting, it's lasting. May Allah subhanaw taala make the alcohol our greater

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concern along the mean, the lives of many celebrities, politicians, sports players, just famous people and others are followed and their endings as well how they live their lives, how they died. And so people spend so much time in that kind of gossip and no benefit whatsoever. There's no benefit in that kind of amusement. May Allah subhanaw taala fill our time with that which is beneficial. Here's a question, a general one. Let's get some quick answers in Sharla. What are some common things that we might see today that are considered a form of amusement in people's lives that are wasteful that are wasted?

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in normal hire to dunya liable while

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it's no more than play and an amusement law protects us. Music Okay, social media. Oh yeah, a lot of people are amused by social media following number of different pages wasting a lot of time this is true. And other people are using it in the right way machinima, video games, TV shows, drinking excellent responses. A lot of people basically hold on to these things as a lifestyle, right drinking, partying or maybe playing video games all day and night. People are just constantly obsessed with social media and music, and so on and so forth. Yeah, video streaming services. So for many people, all they're doing is chasing after, or spending a lot of time on these different forms

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of amusement that are not rewarding at all. Now, I want you to ask yourself a question. This is for you personally chart data. So as you're writing notes, take this part seriously, because it may help you later on in Charlottetown. Ask yourself honestly, amongst the things that you are doing in your life today. What would you consider to be a form of low distraction and amusement that's that's taking away from something more important, this is for yourself. So you can show a focus on overcoming this one thing or two things and Jonathan, what in your life would you consider to be live and now play and distraction or amusement that's distracting you from something else.

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I'll have Kamata Cathal LA who in the Quran, Al Hakim, into Catherine the beginning of surah. To to cathode is that you've been basically amused or distracted by a Tekapo, to have a lot more of something together here is usually also in the sense that you are mutually competing to have more of something. And people are in competition. So they're chasing after dunya. And looking at what other people have been trying to basically go up that worldly ladder, right just building building building for a dunya and it doesn't have an end. There's no end in sight or in mind, to ask yourself, what you're being distracted from, and what's distracting you. Because if you can pinpoint

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at least one thing in China today for yourself, then perhaps that's something you can start to be more aware of conscious of when it comes up. You know what I'm being distracted. Let me get back on track to something of much greater priority.

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And the last panel tally reminds the believers was not asking you to put forth all of your wealth, no, you're going to live your life and take a share of what you need to survive for your family and others but when there's an important cause, support that cause when there's an important cause for the cause it is a test for you but don't be attached to this life. And the last part Allah says to continue with this I have 37 as alcohol moving after your frequent Holloway affinage ago on a false Panther were to do so and pressure you to give everything that you have. Many people would withhold, withhold, and then they would have some resentment, meaning they would struggle they would be

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exposed in some kind of resentment that they have. Because why it would be an extreme extreme extreme test to give up all of one's What what are you going to be left with, in other words, and then here is the finale of the Surah Al 38. And our final principle, so we have two bonus principles that we covered in the Surah. They learned one was about the purpose of life and the distractions and the Museum of life. Don't be distracted. And the last one here is an invitation to success, an invitation to success. And two, how old are you to download a tune futile FISA meeting the timing Kumbaya, here you are being invited to donate a little in the Cause of Allah. And this is this is a

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reminder for some of the people who were there who heard this, who this came down for, and yet some of you haven't come may have had some of you withhold your stingy, one may have one foot in and I Apollyon FC, whoever is stingy, they are only harming themselves, whoever is greedy, they only cause loss to themselves. Why? Wala hula honey you and tool for Quran Allah self sufficient, whereas you are the one to stand in need of Him. And if you turn away or into one low, you're stabbed in home and lawyer or consume malaria cool and technical. If you turn away from Allah subhanaw taala, he will replace you with another people and they will not be like, you know, law, this is a really

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heavy idea. First, there's an invitation to success, which is when the opportunity arises, to give for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. And the context here was very specific. But of course, we take this and apply to our lives today, that we don't want to be stingy and hurt ourselves, when they have had whoever is greedy, whoever holds back. When it comes to that thing, which doesn't even belong to them, whoever holds back, they're only harming themselves. And so the charity that you give to people for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala you believe as a believer, you believe with full conviction that you're going to be the one who is most in need of it on the Day of Judgment, not in

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this world. You're going to be more in need of it on the Day of Judgment, not in this world. And anytime someone's about to give in charity on

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Mine are at a masjid at an event. And then they kind of like the they hesitate and they retreat. They say, You know what, I'm not going to donate, like, I don't want to do this anymore. And they try to distract themselves with something else. They have to recognize that they are not being stingy against the poor necessarily, but rather than being stingy against themselves, and of course, yes, they are preventing somebody who's in need, but they're harming themselves at the end of the day. And this is a really frightening finale to the soul. If you turn away from Allah subhanaw taala Allah subhanaw taala will replace you with the people who will not be like you.

00:30:36--> 00:30:58

And our religion, Islam is a beautiful gift from Allah subhanaw taala. It's not limited to a skin color, or a language or a specific place in the world ethnicity wise or anything like that. Whoever is carrying the mission of Islam forward and being strong with it, and being sincere and they're following it to correctly has the support of Allah subhanaw taala.

00:31:00--> 00:31:38

Allah subhana wa reminds those who turn away from that the last panel to Allah can replace such an individual or a group with other people. And so we want to make dua all the time by saying Oh ALLAH utilizes Indore replaces a llama stamina while at US attested dinner hola utilizes don't replace us if you find yourself doing acts of worship. And right now this Ramadan, you find yourself doing more, you're obeying Allah subhanaw taala the know that Allah subhanaw taala has chosen you and He blessed you by His bounty and His mercy. So make that decision once again. Oh Allah utilize us then don't replace us Alana Stan in when I tested in there are people who are given opportunities, and

00:31:38--> 00:32:13

they reject them, they turn away from them. And remember that anytime an opportunity comes for charity, and you are able to give and you don't just remember, others will be chosen to do that act of worship and rewarded for it and you would be prevented from it. So push yourself to take any opportunity even literally, we always remind people even if it's $1 or $5, as long as it's a good cause it's something that's beneficial and you're able to something small and simple to show you a lot and taking every opportunity that comes my way. And remember this as well. This idea came down to who is this I spoke to the Companions first and foremost they were there at that time. So how

00:32:13--> 00:32:54

about us? Let us never wrongfully or pridefully assume that our lack of worship or our disobedience to Allah or the lack of service to his deen is a problem for the deen. It's a problem for us. It's a problem for us. And the service of Allah subhanaw taala towards Allah and Islam does not revolve around names and individuals of people. Rather, if you leave what Allah subhanaw taala told you is good, Allah will replace you with somebody else who is deserving of it. And if Allah blesses you with an opportunity to do good, be grateful and accept that opportunity. May Allah subhanaw taala accept from all of us. Aloma Amin, brothers and sisters, this surah has so many things we can

00:32:54--> 00:33:30

implement, to change our lives and the state of the material. And again, I know we cover this in a very summarized way we could unpack every one of these principles and give its own full one hour two hour session. But it's important for us to start somewhere. And I believe this is a great introduction to these principles that we are needed for our lives and for the woman. But there's a powerful summary here and there's also a link between the opening and the closing of this surah the opening of the surah begins with what basically the disgrace of the disbelievers were the pagans were attacking the Muslims rejecting the truth turning others away from it, their deeds are

00:33:30--> 00:34:06

nullified and their sins have increased. And then you fast forward throughout the surah and you find what at the very end of the surah once again, there's another disgrace here that's being mentioned for the one who turns away from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and those who also don't support the truth when it's there, the Allah Subhan Allah to Allah protect us and it reminds us about the power of Allah Subhan Allah to Allah will enter Taiwan lo yesterday Aleppo, Manolito comb through malaria Kulu and, and it's a very frightening ending, may Allah subhanaw taala keep us grateful and guide us and make us amongst those who take the opportunities that come to us along I mean, I'm going to

00:34:06--> 00:34:42

mention the 12 principles in case anyone missed them. The first principle and if anybody here has notes that are typed up and you want to share them with everyone else feel free to do that. The first principle from a seven in terms of ally on circle with a bit of them, they give victory to the rights of Allah, a the religion of Allah Allah subhana will aid you the second was a loving recognition of your protected trust the loss of Panatela Daddy can be unknown hola hola. Wonderful. Kathleen at Nemo Nana, Allah is your protection. The third was about guidance versus desire worship, different ideologies in this world. Just remember there are people who follow their desires and they

00:34:42--> 00:34:59

take it as a God without realizing that's their religion. The believers distinguished from that your desires are channeled in fact towards the worship of Allah subhanaw taala. The fourth is paradise as the final destination keep your eyes on the prize number five, and that was a 15 number five is as 17 increase

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

Stick guidance guaranteed. Allah subhanaw taala will give you more guidance and Taqwa if you seek guidance. The next one is if at the afterlife is near the indications the signs of the Day of Judgment. So what are you waiting for? What is it that you are waiting for? Do not procrastinate. Next one is number 19 Verse 19, about knowledge education knowledge, raising the bar and the standard for our Allah will change us and change the OMA as well. The ripple effects you might not see instantly might take 10 2050 or 100 years, but it will have its impact. Our owner is in need of reviving Islamic knowledge and connection to Allah subhanaw taala. The next one is a 22. It's about

00:35:38--> 00:36:07

family preserving the unit of the family and having unity avoiding divisions or multiple levels reconciling between the hearts of people. It's considered a form of evil to split up and divide the families may Allah protect us all. The next one is a 24 about reflecting on. This is your worldview. This is your gift. This is your guidance, your morality, your justice, your comfort, your resilience, your strength, your happiness, your friend, your companion, it is the whole speech of Allah Subhanallah to Hannah,

00:36:08--> 00:36:46

a fella to the balloon Quran Amana alumina Falah, do they not reflect on the Quran or their locks on their hearts? They love protectors. The next one is I have 33 It's about obedience. That's the one we covered today obey Allah Subhana Allah it leads to success. The next ones I have 36 about play and amusement Do not be distracted in this world with the overconsumption of leisure. And the last one is 38 an invitation from Allah. So go toward the loss of panel data. And now how will we summarize summarize all of this as one lengthy advice. So if I had to put this in one form of advice, and the order is not the same as the one that I just gave you in terms of the if one lengthy

00:36:46--> 00:37:30

advice in Java time, here's here's an advice with the 12 principles embedded into it. Know the truth, no La Ilaha illa Allah and live upon it. And then put in the effort, put in the effort, put in the effort and what's going to happen Allah subhanaw taala will bless you, and Allah will elevate your ranks. And it's not always going to be easy, but obedience to Allah subhanaw taala is the key to success. throughout your journey. Keep your eyes on the prize constantly, and that is the price of paradise. And while seeking Allah's pleasure, keep your family ties strong and do not support the destruction of the family unit. When you are struggling to stay on the straight path, you will find

00:37:30--> 00:38:06

a link between your spiritual state and your relationship to the Quran. Your relationship with the Quran will help you in times of hardships and difficulties so stay connected to it. Your heart will be protected and liberated as well rather than shackled and oppressed. And of course, in life, you are going to encounter people who reject the truth and they will work hard to turn others away as well. And people who oppose you and people who may even harm you or your loved ones or the believers around the world. These are individuals who worship their desires rather than worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. And they try to justify the rejection of the truth with every excuse they can

00:38:06--> 00:38:45

possibly come up with but remember Allah is your protector, and that such individuals have deeds that are nullified and rejected. So stay strong for your deeds are not wasted. In fact, your very strength and your success will come from Allah subhanaw taala. If you hold on to the rights of Allah and you support the truth, those who turn away from the truth and they are stingy or harming only themselves and they cannot harm Allah, and those who turn away from the truth after it has been made clear to them, Allah will replace them with a more deserving people do not procrastinate doing good brothers and sisters, or think that you have a long time to go in this world for the signs of the

00:38:45--> 00:39:20

hour or near and your own departure may take place at any time. Allah subhanaw taala will not cause any of your good deeds to go to waste. So increase in goodness while you still have life in order to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala in a good state. May Allah Subhana Allah allow us to meet him in a good state and make the best of our days the day that we meet him. They will offer us for all of our shortcomings and may Allah Subhana Allah allow us to be transformed through these principles and to transform others through them and to raise our children upon them and our communities as well. And we ask Allah to bless the Ummah with a return to these principles so that we see better days by His

00:39:20--> 00:39:56

mercy and by His bounty brothers and sisters, Joseph mo Clara, this concludes the Tafseer of Surratt Mohammed, I ask Allah to accept from all of you to reward you immensely with all that you've put forth of effort. And I ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive us for shortcomings, especially in these final moments. His final days of Ramadan, make a lot of dua pour your heart out into DUA and ask Allah subhanaw taala to reward you and to accept from you go back to the surah review it one more time, go back to your notes when you can maybe after Ramadan, share your notes with other people share these principles with other people do something creative with it inshallah Tada, maybe put it

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up in your home somewhere, share it on social media in a creative way so that others will benefit

00:40:00--> 00:40:19

These are principles we are in need of, and they have all been extracted from just one surah they are lost we can't accept from all of us. May Allah Subhana Allah bless you and reward you may Allah subhana reward the ICD and AMS may last battle acceptable everyone who facilitated this along mean wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa early he was sahih Jain