Paradise #9 – Is Your Pet in Paradise

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A man asked if his pet cat would be with him in Jannah. And a lot of times students ask me these questions another student asked if she could have pets in general because she couldn't in this world. 1400 years ago, a Bedouin man asked Prophet Muhammad salallahu Alaihe Salam, ala Rasulillah are their horses in Jannah. He said, If Allah admits you to Paradise, any time you wish to be carried on a horse of red rubies, that will fly with you, wherever you want in paradise, you will do that. Notice here, the man asked for something he really wanted. And he got an amazing response. What would you have asked for at that point? Another man heard this and he asked or messenger of

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Allah? Will there be camels and Jenna, but he didn't say to this man, the same thing he said to the first he gave a much better response and for us a much greater response. He said, If Allah admits you to Paradise, you will have there whatever your heart desires you will have whatever your heart desires, is that not a better response? Not a camel made of red rubies, but rather anything your heart desires, anything your heart desires, anything your heart desires. People always ask these questions, can I have this or that agenda? Will I be able to do this or that? Would I be allowed to experience XY and Z and give examples and scenarios of things they're thinking about? Allah subhanaw

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taala is the most generous and he has prepared the Most Generous of homes a home of eternal bliss, in which the people and the pets that you miss in this life, the things that you experience, you will have in a heavenly form better than any experience of this life. But aim high and thinking beyond just about the tangible things and may Allah subhanaw taala grant us all the highest levels of Jannah