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logging those law need how

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many mean animals need me

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now shall load.

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Dr. yq thank you for coming in.

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I can imagine this Yes, sir, like performing group here, you know telling the jinn Can we just have a logical conversation?

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Well, I know I know you have a gin story, because

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I'm not, can you?

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I know you have a gin story that you can share with us just because you lived in Saudi Arabia, you know, you find you find all types of stories over there. Well, he just said if you want to see Jesus come to California.

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I think he said Houston, right. Yeah, that was part two California number one. My own years I witnessed some of the law.

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So that was, firstly apologize for my delay. I was teaching all day. Also, if I'm a bit tired is because I am tired. So apologies for disjointed thoughts as well. I wasn't here all day. So some disclaimers. I might be saying some things that you've already heard. Also, for the record, me personally, I am cautious when it comes to narrating gene stories. As some of the people here know, I find it that actually, potentially, it can sometimes cause issues. It's happened in my own life multiple times. You were witness one time when it happened, where we just started saying Jen stories and something happened again, which so when we gather here today, and we're having Jen stories, we

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should do so genuinely for it last night for some titillating factor of some, you know, laughing or joking, these are serious issues. And as our chef said, If we hadn't seen it, if I hadn't seen it, you know, it would have been different scenario. We've seen things with our own eyes that have caused impact on our lives. And these guys are all going to leave, I'm going to be here with you guys all and is going to be a bit of an issue. If something happens. He's going to say my Salama, he's going to say I'm feeling sick, he's going to just sleep slither away as the marshal always does for my company. Sure, we're good friends, don't worry. And I'm going to be left tuned, you're going

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to come and tell me dutifully on me. So I have to be the one that gives you the disclaimer that I have stopped doing Rukia for many, many reasons. And I try my best to avoid it as much as possible, for multiple reasons, and it's not something that I and one of them is simple. It's very, very, very time consuming and energy draining. It really drains your spiritual energy. You just you're just after an hour session, half an hour session. You're just done for the day. I don't know how some of the Rockies do it for hours and hours after time. It's something that I found exhausting it's something that started affecting my personal life and my family life and whatnot and I just decided

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I'm not too interested in this profession. I leave it to the the experts at Hamdulillah. So I don't do Rokia Epic community. I do not do Rukia everybody you got that you want to you want to have a look here you go to California mashallah Tabata cola. And you can do that in sha Allah so chef Ahmadi, you're in trouble.

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So the the so with that disclaimer. And also one more disclaimer, one of the main points of us listening to these stories, and these are all like, except for Shere Khan ma who narrates from somebody who narrated from somebody but the rest of us have all eyewitness stories here and inshallah you trust us, you know, us. One of the main purposes and wisdoms is to increase our Eman that what a doula he has. The Promise of Allah is true. These aren't just tales and fables. In my own personal life, I have experienced things that make me certain that the Quran is the book of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada I see the impact of the Quran with my own eyes. I see the world of the jinn

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that no one could have told me had it not been found in the Quran and the Sunnah. This is a world that is live to us. And we see it manifested in front of our eyes in a reality that should increase our own Eman. So we are not here to have entertaining stories. This is a real threat and a danger. And it is a tangible harm. Just like a scorpion can harm you. A wild beast can harm you. These are demons and they have the potential to harm you. It's not a joke. Do not take it as a joke. Do not go home and start the teenagers here dabbling in pseudo Harry Potter type of stuff. It's not a joke. Do not play Weegee boards because we G boards is a portal

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into the world of the djinn. It's not a joke, you are literally opening the door for that entity for those entities to come in, you're inviting them come, I want you to come, I want you to come. And once they come, then you come running to the rest of us after the damage has been done. Don't do it. It's a real world. We have seen it with our own eyes. So as we tell you these stories, it's not for entertainment, it's time over or do I normally go because I want to, I want to keep on giving disclaimers so that we have to move on to the next option or just a gin story that that you experience something not too serious. Yeah. And hopefully make sure everybody is ready for it. Ju

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they'll try to find the one that's not too scary something something trivial. So

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when I first when I first started doing little pa so I studied with the chef and Medina, in particular year, I realized that I would be coming back and I'd have to do a lot of things that we weren't trained for. They do not teach you exorcism in Medina, there is no class called How to Get Rid of demons. 101 doesn't work that way. Okay, the curriculum of Medina doesn't have that. So I realized I would have to study on my own. So I found a chef in Medina, that did reappear. And I trained with him one on one for a while and learn some techniques and some you know, dab and whatnot and different you know, because statistics know, there are certain ideas that are more powerful,

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there are certain experiences, the cumulative experiences that our officers have done. So I studied a little bit and I'll tell you, my first jockey ever the first one, which terrified me immensely, but in hindsight, it was actually pretty straightforward compared to what I will see later on. The first okay I ever did, I was still a graduate student in Medina, still, in Medina, there was a brand new convert that had come to study in Medina, like literally fresh convert, like a month or two, brand new, completely Jai Hill about fake Hadith. He doesn't know anything. He just converted. And you know, connections was like applied to me, then he got in, he's still learning how to pray. And

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the reason I say this, is that what I saw with my eyes is found in the books of Hadith, he could not know it himself. So

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one day, his roommate was reading Quran. And we're Groundlings come from his room. And they come in and they found him find him rising. And you know, like, clearly he's like, you know, possessed and whatnot. And so his roommates start reading Quran over him. And they one of them was a friend of mine, and he knows that I'm studying with the chef.

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So I get a phone call in my apartment is like, you gotta come over, you gotta come over quickly. There's somebody that you know, we need you for is the little care session, whatnot. And of course, I'm an you're just a graduate student. I'm excited. Okay. Get into my you know, Ghostbusters. Mo. Yeah. Ghostbusters. What is the what is the backdrop for it now? If

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you're gonna call that said, Yeah, you're gonna call? Like, why do you Okay, so he calls a white queue is like, one, I need you here. We got somebody riding on the floor, come do it. Okay. And I'm taking a class with the shift. I'm like, Yeah, I can handle this. Don't worry. I know. I've studied zero experience plenty of book knowledge at the time, put the film on, you know, just drive to the dormitory that were in the dormitory. And so the brothers lying down, you know, and I spent like, you know, two hours the whole time there's so many incidents happen there of the things is that when I first started reading Quran Subhanallah again, with my own eyes, it's a very thin brother, just

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wearing a thong, you know, when I started reciting, I could see the jinn moving up and down his body. His body is rippling, as if there's like an alien entity going up and down. And I would put my hand on his chest, and I'd see it like literally her like fluttering away. And I put my hand there and it goes back up and goes here. And I put my hand here and it goes so I'm literally watching his body. You can't make your body ripple. You know, you can't have just ripples coming up and down the body this way. And I'm seeing with my eyes, that rippling taking place, and I'm beginning to panic quite a lot in this recording, okay? Because you know, you can't like this is this is really

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We spent the whole afternoon there so one of the brothers mashallah he gifted us some lunch, you know, because we're there he went to get some lunch so we all sitting down to eat lunch. And the brothers, you know, sitting in the corner, you know, we he's just sitting by himself, and we're all eating we say, Hey, join like the brother, not the gin, brother join and he's like, Okay, I'm not hungry. Okay, so we're eating. And one of our brothers drops accidentally, you know, it's like everybody eats from a common plate. So one of our brothers just drops a morsel. It just drops from his hand, and he leaves it there and he goes in for round two.

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Instantaneously, I saw from my corner of my high, the brother just darted like a snake. You could imagine it

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Sneak with his left hand, grabbed that morsel and gobbled it down in a very unnatural manner. How so why so what's happening within our profit system, say, hadith is assigned Behati. When a morsel drops from one of you

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pick it up, wipe away any dust and eat it. And do not leave it for shape on

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is a Hadith. So this brother could not have known of this hadith. The reason why the brother could not eat our food as we all said, Bismillah. So he's saying I'm not hungry, but he was starving, the jinn was starving. So the one Look, mother falls down, and he doesn't pick it up. He just like I'm not gonna touch that it fell on the carpet. I'm gonna go in for round two, that lucuma that that morsel was jumped on immediately and swallowed with the left hand. Again, this is a new convert, not knowing anything I saw with my own eyes just darting out and gobbling it down like that. And this is reinforcing our ima and that the process of speaking the truth, that we are Alhamdulillah people of

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the correct faith. Again, many things can be said here tell you a bit of a bit of a funny story is also a bit freaky as well. This kid is an 18 year old kid has no clue of any shift and the item again, he's a brand new convert. So I began like, testing him. I said, Look, if you don't leave this guy, if you don't leave him, I'm gonna call you know, my teacher mentioned him by name. So no, no, don't call them Don't call him. Okay, I said we're gonna call shift Shanthi at the will gin went wild. No, don't don't. I said I'm not gonna mention that. I say I'm gonna call shift spring somebody by the name of spring, let's just say, Okay, so I'm going to call that shift. And he started

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laughing goes no big deal. If you call him no big deal. Okay.

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Then I said, I'm gonna call. I'm gonna call chef. Damian.

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I had studied with the chef. He's one of my teachers. And he had just passed away a few months ago, Chef and Murthy mean, right? And when I said that, he started tackling with laughter.

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And he looked at me, he clicked his head like this. And he spoken that horsey voice you hear in these horror movies. And by the way, a lot of the horror movies. They're based on the cumulative experiences of men. So there is an element of truth in these horror movies. Not that I'm telling you to go watch them. But I'm saying this is the experience of men that is translated into the scripts and whatnot. He's spoken this raspy, joking voice, the eyes cocked up you can see the arrogance. And he speaks, as you kind of bring him back from the dead, like literally alone. And I just froze, because this kid had no clue who had been everything he was saying. And I forgot to bring chef on

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the table at least. And he just laughed at me, what are you gonna bring, you're getting back from the dead. And I realized this is an entity that is not human. This is an entity from another world. So that was my first experience, which was relatively tame compared to other stuff. So bottom line, it's not a joke. It's a real world out there. But I'm sure our machines have said this, but I'll say it again. I have experienced this in my own life. The car

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is a mechanism that protects you from that entire world. From multiple experiences. I have had my own life, where my car have protected me.

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One of the simple stories not that difficult, I get had a very difficult to do session. And I went home and I did avocado myself before going to sleep and middle of the night. You know, there's the state that you're not asleep and you're not awake. That's typically when the gym is going to come you kind of wake up but you're not awake. Okay? I could see a dark figure coming. I'm half asleep half awake. I'm neither awake nor asleep. You think you're asleep, but you're not you think you're awake. You're not it's that time. You see the dark figure coming and I see it walking in my room clearly, even though it is pitch black, but I know it's there. I'm not seeing with my eyes I'm

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seeing with my brain. And I see it and it stops. And I know it stopped because there is a barrier because of myopia on myself. Because I did the code you know when you go to sleep, you blow yourself right? I never in my life no matter how tired I am, no matter what's happened no matter what state I'm in, I never go to sleep without doing little prayer. Because I have been attacked multiple times in my life with these entities. And I have seen when I do Rokia, there is a wall. And I remember that night clearly that I did. Okay in the daytime, I think even that was the same incident that happened in front of you that time that I did repeat at that time, but I went to sleep and I did the

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earth cup and I blew over myself and I remember vividly that entity come coming straight towards me. And then it stops and I knew it stopped because it didn't have the power to come and harm me because I had recited a closet full of Allah who I didn't

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and fell upon us and had recited out of kursi and the last two verses of baccara and I had blown over myself so it was a barrier between me and that entity. So point of action, always do your ethical and always before you go to sleep, blow on yourself so that it shallow that it's a barrier to allow that allow Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah. I just like walking around, it's easier to to give a talk. J ID. So very briefly, this is a topic that can take two three hours but we have 20 minutes. So let us insha Allah with the other summarize. If there's some repetition, my apologies, I want to talk to you about what is the reality of sacred why does it occur? What is the the the

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Haqiqa? We call it an Arabic where does it Where does it come from? Sahara is very easy to understand, if you understand the psychology and the physical differences that men have from jinn. If you understand the jinn and the world of the jinn, you will understand Sahel because Sahara is the overlap between the world of men and the world of jinn.

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Very briefly, jinn, as we know are created from the Arabic calls it that a fire that doesn't have a smoke, a smokeless fire, okay. And if you want to be technical, we can call it a type of energy. So the gin has potential to go at the speed of light, essentially, the gin has the potential to go through physical barriers, because the gin is not material that didn't is not flesh and blood. The Gin has not mattered, the gin is energy. So the gin can go through material at the speed of light, and the gin because it doesn't have a form. A lot of people say what is the gin look like? What is a ghost look like? What does it look like? And the responses, it doesn't look like anything, it can

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take on any shape. It's not a physical matter. It can take any shape it wants to and be a matter be a dog be anything, it doesn't have a particular shape. So the Jin has the physical power to be much faster than man and to go through physical barriers because it's energy like we have the waves of the telephone come through the walls of the masjid, so to the gym can go through and come out not a problem. Additionally, the jinn very interestingly enough, and we learned this from the story of Solomon, it has a very, very amazing power. I say Einstein's theory is proven in the story of Solomon, and the story of Sulayman, we learned that the gin even has the power to transform matter

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into energy and to take that energy from one place to another and re transform it back into matter. In other words, equals MC squared can be proven in its own way. In other words, what can the jinn do, according to the story of Sulaiman? The Jin went from Jerusalem and to Yemen, and took the promise to do this and said, I can bring the throne back to you before you stand up. Right? So the jinn said, I can go all the way to Yemen, and within a milli second before you stand up as a milli second, within a milli second, I will bring that throne, the throne would have been bigger than this podium behind this bigger than this stage. It's a throne, that was magnificent. Allah says in the

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Quran, wala houshan Alvim, the jinn said, I'll bring it back for you, by the time you stand up, and you'll have it in front of you, and the throne would have come, I mean, you're not going to see the chair flying in the sky, the jinn would have taken the throne and somehow in a way that Allah knows best take it in his hidden energy form, and then bring it all the way to Jerusalem. And then we transform it back into the throne. The Gin had the capacity to do that. The fact that Allah mentions the fact that this was impressive, the fact that all of the gin, only one stood up, it kind of sort of shows this is the pinnacle of what a gin can do. This isn't your average run of the mill gin.

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This isn't the gin living in Dallas, or Houston or California. This is one of the most strongest gins of the entire world if not the strongest telling Sunday man, I can do that. But the concept is there that gin can go super fast speed and the gin can go through objects. And therefore when a gene is able to tell you something that's happening in another part of the world. What's so surprising, imagine if you had a cell phone and you're speaking to somebody on the other side of the world, and the guy tells you what's happening as he describes it, would you be surprised? No. Similarly, if the jinn is able to just go and tell you there's a hidden treasure over there. Why is that surprising?

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The Jinn lives for 1000 years maybe on average or longer than that jinns live much longer than men. And so if some man buries a treasure in the middle of the desert, some Jinn knows about it and they'll tell the word oh there's a treasure over there. And when it's handy a Junior is gonna say oh, there's treasure buried over there. He's gonna say your to his, you know, magician or whatnot and eventually they will find it. So the jinns have capabilities we do not have they are faster than

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than men, they are more powerful than men. The average Jin is more powerful than the average man. Again, that doesn't mean they're super powerful. That doesn't mean they're infinitely powerful. Only Allah azza wa jal is infinitely powerful. But the average Jin is physically stronger than the average man. I myself have seen a little lady petite lady five foot tall, literally, it's just a young teenager possessed by gin we were doing locally on her and 10 men, we're holding her down. At least seven when I say 1010 to seven men, we're holding her down. And she's struggling to throw all of them off. And my friend was was in the audience as well. And he grabbed her he had to because she

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was harming people. He grabbed her, what do you call this lock? What do you call that when you grab from behind?

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The body lock, right? Right. Like that when he grabbed her from behind because she was punching men in everything. And this is a little lady. She took her head and she wound right back on his nose. And the guy's like what's going on? So this is I saw with my own eyes, five foot, and she became more powerful than seven men. But in the end, seven, eight men eventually did bring her down. She wasn't stronger than all of them. physically stronger than the average man, but still manageable, you can bring them down, it's not as if they're all powerful. And what not only Allah is all powerful. So these are they're physically they can do things we don't understand. But it's just like

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a horse can gallop faster than us, like an elephant is stronger than us. The only thing that freaks us out is that the gene is invisible to our eyes. Allah says in the Quran, in Morocco, whoever Kabir to whom and hatred at our own home, they see you from a paradigm you cannot see them from they can choose when to show themselves to you. They can see you from their world we cannot see them unless they choose to show us their world. So there's nothing to be scared about. Allah gave them certain powers. He didn't give us like he gave animals other powers he didn't give us but Allah blessed us over the jinn. How do we know this where the coordinate in malarkey this Judy Adam A for surgery to

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Illa Iblees. Allah told the jinn to prostrate to Adam, Allah preferred the Adam over and Bunny Adam over Mala Erica and Jin Welaka the Karana bunny Adam bunny Adam had been lifted up and put on the pedestal in the hierarchy of things and the angels and the jinn are told to bow down to Adam. Adam is superior to the jinn. Why? Because Adam has something far greater than physical strength than speed than going at the speed of light. Adam has intellect and jinns don't have that level of intellect. And this shows us by the way, the power of the mind is more blessed than the power of the body. The mind is more important than physical strength. Allah blessed Adam with a greater intellect

00:22:55--> 00:23:38

a greater firm, I live in Santa Monica May, Allah taught Adam while I learn them at a smart Akula the angel says Subhanak Allah eaten Madonna, it lemma Olympian. So Adam was blessed over the melodica and over the jinn, because of the power of the Akhal because of the farm that Allah subhanaw taala gave and therefore, intellectually speaking, the gym are nowhere near as intelligent as men are. Some have said they are like children in their intellect compared to men and that's one of the reason why they're so stubborn as every rocky knows, just stubborn like a toddler throwing a tantrum and not wanting to give up hours go by and they're not going to give up that stubbornness is

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because of their their intellectual capabilities. So the bene Adam are more intelligent than the jinn. And Allah has blessed them above the jinn. Therefore, the jinns from the very beginning, have had what modern psychologists call an inferiority complex. Jin's suffer from a severe inferiority complex because the Djinns felt Hey, I should have been there. Allah azza wa jal tells us in the Quran that it believes says Anna Hi, Roman, that was supposed to be me. Why did you tell Adam to be the one on the podium? I'm the one that's supposed to be there. Right? So the jinns always wanted to be number one, the jinns always wanted to be the best, but they're not. So they suffer from an

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inferiority complex. Now, given the fact that they have an inferiority complex, and yet, they are stronger and faster and physically more powerful than men. What is the net result? The net result is there is a world and that world was a fitna that Allah taught to early man, the story of Babylon and Babylon, right? What about romantic love shelter, you know, and I'm willing to Sulaiman Wanaka for us with a man who work in a shelter in a cafe through you and the moon and NASA Sahara, when our own Zilla lamella cainy Be Babila Haruto

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Am I rude? When are you I lay my name and I hadn't had their caller ID Amanda and Novated over attack for, in the nutshell of a story, that how rude and my route were angels that Allah sent to the ancient city of Babylon. 5000 years ago or 10,000 years ago, the earliest city of mankind was Babylon. And Allah sent to angels to inform men can because this is in Malay, mankind would never have known at all that we can communicate with the jinn. So Allah sent how route and my route and how to turn my route were angels. And they taught to mankind that we are a test from Allah do not come close to us. We are a test from Allah. Literally, like the warning signs, you know, the carbon

00:25:46--> 00:26:00

radioactive dating do not come close, the angels are telling them Our job is to test you get out of here, don't listen to us. But what were they going to test them with the knowledge of how to communicate with the gym.

00:26:02--> 00:26:48

So they explained a methodology and they said, if you follow us, if you listen to us, this is Cofer in the manner and fitness one fella talk for. So all of the methodologies and mechanisms to call out to the jinn. They are metal hubs that go back to this origin because they're different methods. You have the Weegee board, you have the dolls where they're called the voodoo dolls, okay, you have the the knots that are blown. These are all different metal hubs that all go back to the experiences of the Sahara of the magician's. That goes back to the origin of habit of how to mount it in the city of Babylon. So, initially man was taught to this is what you do if you wanted to call the jinn and

00:26:48--> 00:27:30

if you call the gym it to Schofer don't do it. Mankind didn't care. They said we want to do it, and thus magic began. What is magic therefore, magic. As I said, Sahara is the intersection of the world of men with the world of jinn. These two worlds are not meant to be intersected. These two worlds are meant to be separate. And if an accidental crossing takes place, it is easier to repel as any rock pinos if a gin comes into our world and causes some fitna infers that on its own, it's much easier to repel rather than Sahara. Because what's ahead is is the following. Listen to me five minutes and you will understand magic and inshallah never be scared of it for the rest of your

00:27:30--> 00:27:43

lives. Magic is an evil person who has sold his soul to the devil in order for the shayateen to perform some tricks for him.

00:27:45--> 00:27:58

It's like you feed your horse or your pony to go gallop fast. The only difference is you're not feeding a horse or pony. You are feeding a demon, a Shavon. And the difference is that it's not even possible. I just started

00:27:59--> 00:28:01

what time do we have no clue what time do you finish?

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Okay, wow. Okay, so let's finish up as fast as possible. So what the site had or is doing is giving the gin the one thing that the gin wants? What does the gin want your American Express card with expiration date? Your Cash? What is the gym going to do with your cash? What is the gym going to do with your money? They don't have currency in the gym world. What does the gym what what has it always wanted? Sisters? I want to ask you, what did the gym want?

00:28:34--> 00:28:36

superiority So are they going to get it?

00:28:37--> 00:28:38

What do you have to do?

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Lower yourself in front of the demon. You have to become the slave of the jinn. The biggest myth I want to destroy is the false idea that the Sahara controls the jinn, nothing could be further from the truth. It is the jinn that controls the side.

00:29:01--> 00:29:49

The magician is the filthy, evil disgusting creature of a human excuse of a human that has sold itself and its dignity and it's reserved and it's eemaan and it's taqwa in order to do sacrilegious deeds for the demon and that's why these things of get a toad of you know I have a newt and go to the graveyard at 3am and get the blood of a donkey. Why? Because the jinn wants to see that saw her humiliate himself go to the graveyard at 3am Do tawaf around the grave, who's going to do that? Only somebody who has sold himself to the devil. So the shaytaan feels a sense of ego, look what I can make this guy do, right? Run him around with the tip of my finger, do whatever I tell them to do. So

00:29:49--> 00:29:59

the Sahara becomes the worshipper of the jinn, not the other way around. How can a human being control the jinn? How can anybody believe this by what will a human control the jinn

00:30:00--> 00:30:41

whips, chains, what how will a human control the jinn, there is nothing that the human has that the jinn can be controlled by, that's what Allah gave to Soloman, no other person has that power. The Jinn controls the human Emotionally, it tells the human do this, do this, do this, the human does it in return. What does the gym do some tricks and trades to make the magician happy. You want me to go and harm somebody, I'll go harm somebody. Now you got to go and worship me in this manner. You want me to go plant some bad stuff in a person's house or possess a body or break up a marriage? Okay, I'll go do that. And now you continue to worship me. The Jinn does something utterly trivial for its

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world. In its world, it just does something that it is physically capable of doing. Allah gave the jinn certain natural powers to be invisible, to be super fast to do things hidden manner. For example, the most common type of magic is you've heard it gonna be here, but it was old, you were a husband and wife are not able to have a happy marriage and if conjugal relations are attempted, perhaps something supernatural, perhaps the husband feels a physical pressure, perhaps something happens. These are things that are manifestations of the jinn. It's not that difficult for the gin to push a man back. How is that difficult? Why are we scared of the gin? The Gin is simply like a

00:31:19--> 00:32:00

bug and insect you understand? It has certain irritable qualities, but you're it's not gonna it's you understand it. It's not something you need to be like supernaturally terrified of, if you understand that the magician is the one selling itself himself to the jinn and the jinn is returning the favor. And so why is the magician doing it? The magician wants your money. The magician lives in our world. So you go to the magician and you pay the magician in American Express he'll accept American Express. Okay, he looks a visa and credit card, he'll accept cash in any currency. Give me $100 And I'll do the potion you give the guy $100 And the gin will do the potions. Sorry, the

00:32:00--> 00:32:45

magician will do the potions that the gin wants. And then the gin will then go and basically listen to the to the magician only because it wants more worship being done. Now, another thing we need to know is that Jin's work in gangs, gins where the mafia, so the magician approaches the Godfather, the dawn, okay. dejenne approaches the dawn The Godfather, and the Godfather sends its minions, generally not the one that is approached isn't the one that will go and do the sending. It's the you know, the the worker, the worker class of the jinn. They're the ones that are sent, right, because the Godfather Jin has an entire mafia under his disposal 1000s and 1000s of gin, and you just send a

00:32:45--> 00:33:28

gin so that gin will then be persistent for years decades and live in your house cause issues and that gin is getting whatever recognition and I don't know their internal currency, but it's getting a benefit from the dawn, right is getting something from the big guy. And so it's doing what it does. And a lot of times it's also scared of the big guy, a lot of times is terrified of the big guy once I was doing nuclear. And I said to the jinn after a long time, why are you still here just leave and the jinn said I can't leave. I said, Why just leave and the gin said, I'm scared. If I go, then he will kill me who was going to kill you, the one who put me here, the one who brought me

00:33:28--> 00:34:13

here, meaning the head gin, whatever the dawn would be, I'm scared he's gonna kill me. He's gonna hurt me. So I have to stay here. So internally, they're doing whatever they can, and they're getting it done. So bottom line, Sahara is merely the intersection of the world of men and the world of jinn. Once you understand the reality of this world, you should not be scared of it in the slightest. It is a nuisance, it is an irritation, but it's not something that brings about supernatural fear also realize this, that the jinn is absolutely terrified of Allah and the name of Allah and the vicar of Allah and the speech of Allah. The Jinn is terrified. And that is why if ever

00:34:13--> 00:34:18

in your life, you feel the presence of a jinn use you see something supernatural

00:34:19--> 00:35:00

it will be terrified. If your bravery is manifested to it because of Allah subhanaw taala the fact that you have no fear, and I have experienced this and I know all of the Rockies in the audience know this firsthand. You stare at it straight and you just say as the process I'm taught us to say memorize this phrase Bismillah Abdullah, Rojo Wallah three phrases, memorize them Bismillah in the Name of Allah, I'm not powerful. I'm not going to do anything. I am connecting with Allah Bismillah I am the servant of

00:35:00--> 00:35:23

Allah, I speak with Allah's name now, I'm not speaking in my name. I speak in the Name of Allah get out of enemy of Allah. You say this with firmness. And you will see, I hope mill protects all of you hope you don't see. But if that ever happens, now the opposite.

00:35:25--> 00:35:38

And I understand it's a bit terrifying, but put yourself now in the psychology of the jinn. If you start wailing, screaming, cowering, what have you done brothers and sisters, what have you done to the psychology of the jinn

00:35:40--> 00:36:34

louder, empowered it empowered it. That's exactly what it wants to see you groveling in the corner, terrified. That's what gives it the power. And that's why Hadith and Buddhahood our Prophet CISM said, There was a man who was on his camel and the camel for no reason reared backward and was about to throw them on off. And the camel said, Latin not Allahu Allah shaytaan Allah's curse be on shape on the problems that don't say that. When you say that shaytaan becomes so big, he's bigger than a house because you have mentioned him as the cause of your animal rearing upwards. rather listen to this, say Bismillah and shaytaan will shrink until he's smaller than an ant.

00:36:35--> 00:36:46

This hadith shows us when you connect with Allah subhanho wa Taala what you're doing is you are shrinking the power of the jinn you're eliminating the power of the jinn.

00:36:47--> 00:37:22

The only issue comes with this we conclude I know much more can be said would say head it's not that easy to kick it out because there's a binding that takes place there's a knot that has happened there's some type of issue so it requires long sessions with a professional or yourself feel free to do it with yourself as well but just know what you're doing ask us an expert or what not and you can do it okay up on yourself there is no easy way to battle so what I have you guys done the symptoms of say hey, have you done the symptoms? So some things you should know before we conclude some of the symptoms of say head number one levitating in the air.

00:37:23--> 00:37:41

If you see somebody levitating in the air, you know it's okay clear that's the job number one symptom of a hit is bizarre, scary dreams. Number two system of symptom of is you feel somebody is there when nobody is there. You have your conscious there's an entity or a power number three symptom of

00:37:42--> 00:38:17

is inexplicable problems or disasters that cannot be explained. Okay? Anything that science can explain medicine can explain is not saying you go to the doctor, the doctor says Oh, you have this issue. That's not said if the doctor can analyze it and the doctor tells you this is the problem that's not said said is supernatural problem. Say that it doesn't make any sense. You wake up and they're bruises on your back, you wake up there's marks here you have inconstant miscarriages, and the doctors like everything is normal. I've done all the tests and there's constant miscarriages for no reason. And every doctor scratching their heads, you're totally normal. And the third week,

00:38:17--> 00:38:57

fourth week, you know, always there was a miscarriage around the same timeframe. This is a symptom of that you don't know what's going on between husband and wife, everything seems fine. And then all of a sudden, when there's some romance, all of a sudden, extreme anger or inexplicable feelings or pushing or whatnot. These are supernatural symptoms when these exist, and only when you find them otherwise, if these symptoms don't exist, it's not said, I have to say this. Most of what we think is to hit is our imagination. It's not actual secret. So if you are not sure about a supernatural sign, then assume it is not said there has to be something palpable. Bottom line with this we

00:38:57--> 00:39:43

conclude. Don't be scared of these entities. They are creatures of Allah like all other creatures. And if you turn to Allah, you are more powerful than these creatures. These creatures are terrified of Eman of Taqwa of vicar of the Quran. They can't stand it. And if you show fear, that fear empowers them. If your heart is trembling, cover it up and speak with a voice and say Bismillah I speak to you in the Name of Allah, I am the servant of Allah get out of here enemy of Allah, you say this with iman and silica and you are going to be the one who is powerful. Allah says in the Quran Wallah you flip to sa hero pay through. The magician will never be successful wherever he comes. The

00:39:43--> 00:39:59

one who does dhikr and the Quran, the one who turns to Allah will always be the one who wins over the head in the short end of the long run. May Allah azza wa jal protect all of us in our families and loved ones. May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow there to be barriers between us and the world of the shayateen May Allah

00:40:00--> 00:40:12

To panel with to either give us all righteous children and righteous grandchildren that are firm upon their Eman and are protected from the world of the jinn and the shayateen was akmola Oklahoma City Ahmadiyya Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

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in Mussolini now almost Lima Do you want to meaning I will not mean it will quantity now look on it that thing was slowed in pain I was bored important even saw the arena was foggy or odd Do you want to know for sure you know

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what unfortunately no one of

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the one downside the lino downside being bought in was all me now was all in

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one heavy Lina photo gentlemen one half your warranty was the carrying along I guess

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was the guilt or I don't know hula hoop

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