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Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The importance of acceptance and acceptance in bringing morality into one's life is a core part of Islam, and the use of "has left" and "has lost your" in relation to clothing is discussed. The importance of bringing morality into one's life is also emphasized, particularly in the context of sex and pornography. The segment also touches on the depiction of women in Islam, including the use of "has left" and "has lost your" to signal a woman is a good person. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a social media platform and a woman named Jana who lost her son and is now a mother.
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somebody like me, a Salatu was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah alameen wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa.

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ala Yomi. Dean

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for the college elevada kita Hill Majid well for Connie mill Hamid

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Amina Shea Ponyo. rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem wakaba domina Nisa, Illa de la luna, Nika Felicia Hina Jana yada, yada who reject me Xena.

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Allah who semi

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bacala vokalia Salatu was Salam Allah to our tune for inna is a project min beta is Tasha has shavon who were in Atlanta kuno acabo de la de da minha ficaria beta oka Macaulay his Salatu was salam, honorable scholars the respected brothers and elders in everything of life we see there's the original and the fake, the superior and the inferior, the branded and the generic. If I may use the same phrase and the same metaphor, Allah has also referred to certain believers as the genuine believers as the original believers as the superior believers minalima Meeny Narita on Sakuma de la la familia home man cavanna Babu amin who may and Allah says amongst my servants are those that are

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genuine, they are regional they belong to the exclusive category. They honor the pledge that they make with me. This verse was revealed regarding the general Sahaba. And amongst the Sahaba there was an opinion that it was the likes of Musab Romero de la Mancha, a youth who had devoted his youth towards the obedience of Allah, they felt that he if he you know that the profile of masala who was in accordance to the description of this verse, so that is the original believer the genuine beaver lawmakers among them. But then Allah also cautions us in ones as you know, people will tell you the sort of piracy on the market Be careful. This is a sign by your genuine the genuine logo, the

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original, Allah says they are those also carletti

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kolento me know when I can go to alumna somebody just came to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and they accepted Islam verbally and they came to impress upon him that listen we are genuine believers. I think we also deserve Zakat give us some zakat. Yama Noona, a llama they trying to show you that as if they are favoring you by accepting Islam. So Allah says no, no, no, no tell them you can claim to be original. You know what, if a person comes in sends you an original chain and he says it's 200 either it's stolen or it's not genuine, you know that that's basic knowledge. Golem told me No, tell them you're not a genuine believer. Wallachian colo Aslam. Now, you can claim that you've read the

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kalama it is the height of foolishness. If someone considers enrollment to be graduation, you and I have enrolled in the institution of Islam we far from graduation. Yes, enrollment provides you the potential of graduation, but we far from graduation. So the recitation in the articulation of the Karima This is we've enrolled into Islam, he's enrolled into the institution This is not the graduation. What is the sign of unoriginal belief of a genuine believer who carries the original logo for an hour of bacon? I mean on your hotkey, McAfee Masha rabina home. So mala g doofy and forcing him Hara Jemima provita when you suddenly move this Lima, Allah says, I swear by my own

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might, and my grandia tell them they fight is not the original, it is not the genuine until and unless they consider you as the judge in all the matters of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam say unto them, I swear by my grant a faith is not the original, until they consider you as the judge in all the matters then sumela G to fee and forcing him Hara Jemima,

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they must not experience any reservation or reluctancy or heavy heartedness or unwillingness or skepticism towards your decree and your what you decide. So they're going to accept you as the judge, and it must not be accepted reluctantly, not heavy hearted. These are the I'm not giving a commentary I'm giving the exact translation. So Malaysia doofy unforeseen hora de mi Makati. They mustn't feel burdened over what Okay, we'll take it because we have to No, no, it must be from within what you suddenly move with this Lima and in essence, they must submit to you in totality, then they carry the original logo. Otherwise, it's piracy on the markets.

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When you suddenly moved this Lima, they must submit to you in totality. Now you will find today many of us have with the grace of Allah recited the kalama but I'm afraid everybody

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And also generally speaking, is the reservation in his heart regarding certain injunctions of Islam. So there are certain people that either will say subtle or explicit, but you know what this issue of interest me I can't digest it Look, yeah, it's a command of Allah. But for me I can really relate to the theory why why is this forbidden? For others I fail to see the the equality in the distribution of the estate. What's the wisdom? What's the legalities? What's the, what's the what's the logic behind these rulings? Some would say I frown on the veil. But why Why? Why did the hijab I think this is a holy Navajo and back and ends as a crusade against deadly job. My brother Honestly

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speaking, as long as in your heart, you got reservation, and you don't willfully happily accept the commandments of Allah. Trust me, a man has not yet entered the recesses of your hearts. If I'm crude, forgive my terminology, but I know no difference of man. Even in my own set, I accepted Islam. The prophet SAW some Tony I accepted, but I didn't really consider my first acceptance as my original acceptance, simply because I read the kalama but my heart still had reservations regarding Islam. Then I entered this verse in Allah Hi, amuru Bella De Lima, San Juan de even poorva like I've told you previously, when you use it when we hear this verse, while we seem to tend to get up, the

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goodbye is over now Salah is about to commence. He says when I heard this verse, all my reservations and my doubts were clear. Now I consider this the actual point of me embracing the faith. This was the actual point because all the doubts were appeared. I spoke about one another she referred me to lolly. When he said in the company of his spiritual mentor, he said I attained three things. Number one, all the doubts that were in my heart were clear. Number two, Islam became my nature. This says it's your nature to eat, sleep drink without that you're uneasy, obeying Allah became my nature and the third thing the praise or the criticism of anyone did not affect me positively or negatively.

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So Allah says in the 22nd juice in soda has happened that's my topic on hijaab many people unfortunately they frown with this they uncomfortable, Allah says womankind anymore, meaning me nothing, either Casa la hora, Sulu,

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akuna la Sierra to mean Abrahim. It does not be fit the profile of a believer. It's not in accordance with the nature and the temperament of a believer that when he or she is told that this is the decree the desire the command of Allah, that they asked for option in the matter.

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That's not a believer that he says I go to rethink the method. Let me sleep over the myth No, no. And what was the background of this verse? A woman by the name of Xena vintage Joshua Nirvana, belonging to a very high social standard. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam intended wedding her to say dibny haritha, the Allahu anhu, who was also a very noble companion, but he had a stain of slavery in his life had a stain and a twinge of slavery. So there was perhaps a degree of incompatibility in the lineage of both. She was a bit uncomfortable with this choice, and so was her brother, Allah revealed this versus when the Prophet of Allah has said this is intention, you should

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not ask for choice in the matter. Immediately, she gave up her own choice, and she accepted the suggestion of the prophets of Allah, Islam and Hanukkah was made. So what I'm saying is the sign of an original believer.

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If you study Quran and Hadith, then you will safely assigned, you will safely say that any person who accepts Islam, if true Eman has entered into him or her then modesty will become a common feature in their life. Until modesty does not become part of our life. I'm afraid we have not yet entered into the arena of the true Islam. Again, it's a deception. I mean, a few years ago, there was a conference and then you see the spokesman that are speaking then the spokeswoman, the correct Islam, the moderate Islam. Now you can imagine what will be said there, you know, to undo this, the negative propaganda created by the media,

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our culture and I'm not talking of an Indian culture or millennia culture and Arab culture. This again is a sad reality. If a person enters into our mustards is going to be exposed to an Indian culture take him to perhaps caked on you get the Malay culture, take him to the Middle East, he get an Arab culture, it's time we revive our identity as a Muslim culture. Our culture is two things Islamic culture, modesty and simplicity. And the other cultures have two things, immorality and extravagance. That is the long and short of our faith. Anything we do we do it simple and we do it with morals. We that is the way we define. So morality has to become common. And when I'm speaking

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of morality, you know, I believe that the hijab of a woman and the veiling of a woman, I mean, Allah has commanded her to avail herself.

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Because of the nasty glands of a man, so in essence, the laws of veiling are more strict on her, but the command of controlling your gaze is more strict on the men, we've got to understand that into perspective. Otherwise we understand our weakness you know on a lighter note, someone received laughing. Someone sent me a nice SMS Well, I don't know if it's night But anyway, brothers in the house of Allah, Let's respect the, they say you know, the three desires of a man the three desires of a man. The first is he wish he was as handsome as his mother thinks. He wish he was as handsome as his mother. Things are not every woman. You know, my four sons are a lumbering law, my sons are

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all better looking than my daughter in laws. And not nice to say even my daughter, she's better than my son in law. I mean, I love sugar. So he wishes he was his answer because his mother thinks as rich as his child believes.

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My apartment, not monument, my upper he's got a lot of money. You see little money, you can buy me a formula with that man. And the best one is the third one you wish he had as many women as his wife suspects

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stuck to the law. So what I'm saying is the command of Allah subhanho wa Taala is to lower your gaze. Now, this Allah put in my heart. I haven't read it. I haven't heard it. I haven't studied it. In Canada. So urban farming Allah, we're in Karnataka, and for me, Nirvana, shaytaan, Walla Walla, Suman, who Berry and if it is correct, it is from Allah and His Nabhi. And if it is incorrect, it is from me and the devil in the line is not we have nothing to do with this. I was one day giving a talk to ladies about hijab and Allah put this in my mind. I believe in my humble opinion, that the woman screaming and veiling herself, there are two angles to it. And if I may liken it to something,

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I would like to amend dawn in the era, when a male boots on the ground, there is a government of Iran, and there is a condition of Islam. If a person comes into the government of Iran, so he puts on the two pieces of cloth, but then he violates the F ROM, he shaves his head, he comes to mates with his wife, then he is in the physical gap, but he's defeated.

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Why because he has a condition. at the very same time, if the physical clock falls out, he's not he's not out of the state of a farm because the farm is a condition is a condition for those who view it the other way that yes, I just have to be modest, I don't have to value myself, I don't have to cover myself that is also a deception. Because if I avoid all the prohibitions of F ROM, I do not apply centered clothes, I do not consume it with my wife, I do not shave my head. But until I don't remove the common clothing and don't don't the frm and still not in the condition of the hump. So really my sister while you have covered your face, this is not what the job entails. But this is

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part of the job. This is the garment of hijab, this is not the condition of the job, hijab is modesty in your case. So if you veiled yourself and you've covered yourself, but your gaze is roaming through your job, then I'm afraid you like a man that is in a robe, but he's shaving his hair. So he is the government of the home but not the condition of the crop. Again, I say I have not read this if it is correct, it is from Allah, we have to understand categorically hijaab in modesty is the trait of a believer. There were seven women who were the slave of appeal having already been settled.

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He are compelled on prostitution. The Quran speaks about this categorically in Surah note, but once they accept that Islam, they became uncomfortable immediately as soon as a woman is going to change, modesty is going to become common in her. So they came to Abdullah and they said that you know what, he was a monastic we are not going to go and throw ourselves out as prostitutes, you know, it just doesn't agree with our faith and he compelled them and that is what we see in the world. While we are made to believe that veiling That woman is denying her her privilege, but on the other hand, look at the extreme of putting her as as as an article of, of attraction making, putting out onto

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prostitution is this not the pinnacle of exploitation? And then human * children * and child trafficking. One side you got 10 men every 10 minutes, there's the * every five minutes, there's an * these are the the statistics of your Western democracy and liberation, and you expect the world to digest this. Anyway, these woman came to Filipino babe in saloon and they said no, we will not make dinner anymore. And he compelled them Aladdin remains the verses one or two krieghoff at a coma.

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In Aradhana, Hassan Anita horrible dunya you should die with shame. How can you compel a chase more a woman who refuses on the grounds of integrity to engage in such a mean such a? I don't know. You can call it a work. I don't know what do you call it? Whatever it is, do not compel them, in fact that the farseer have also recorded their names. in mathematical terms z. z is the names I mentioned. The names are basically Maja masika, ma ma ma ma ma ma ma Tila, these were the six girls. I mean, we need and we know all the other people's name all the celebrities these were six girls that you

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Sister on morality and they said Come with me our life will go We will never come at this end. So this is what esteem as Muslims we believe that the clothing we wear the garments we wear has two benefits. Why do we Why do we adorn ourselves? Why do we cover ourselves for two reasons? Alhamdulillah he led me cassani ma ye be here

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to be happy hayati. What is that? All praise belongs to Allah who has provided me government that I conceal my private organs and idealize beauty in my life. So these are the two benefits of, of governance as the Quran says. It's like Allah makes mention cut. Angelina Alaykum liban say you worry so it comes very sharp. Amen. We've provided you with clothing, conceal your organs, and derive pleasure out of it. Its beauty as well. When it comes to taqwa.

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And the garment of piety that is the novelist, then Allah goes on to say, Now, I don't think that's the common reason. That's the common reason of dressing today. I mean, now what some are coming in again, you can imagine the * that's going to splash out in the world. for them. It is absolute atonement. In fact, I, in my understanding, there's two aims. There's one aim on the Muslim, a one one attack on the Muslim woman, to take out of morality and to make an immoral to make an immoral, that is the one aim, get out of that veil. And that why because they're not accepting our liberal democracy. They're not blending into our society. They're keeping themselves aloof from our culture.

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So get them intermingle and blended into our society. That's the first name. And the second aim, I don't know if I understand it correctly, is to make the woman like men in the men like woman, everything is unisex. I mean, earlier this year, trust me, we were flying back from Paris, myself and my wife was with me. So anyway, we boarded the flight, we were given two seat allocations, the middle seat and the aisle seat. Now, obviously, we said we'll go in if the person you know at the window is male, I will sit next to him. And if it's a female, my wife will said, but we boarded the flight we got on we get there. Now we don't know if it's a he or she

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is listening. But I'm telling you, we stand in there. Now you know what you converse in Arabic and you dress like this in a plane, it's dangerous.

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Now, I'm really debating the people behind you. We you know, now we switch and now what is this easy he or she? Well, I'm saying this in house of Allah.

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And in the better of her tone, I know it's a woman. She turned out to be correct my wife, but this is the dilemma. So this is the aim of the world. A lot reminds us.

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of the children of Adam, don't forget the devil influence your parents, and he caused them to be expelled from Paradise because of which they clothing was taken off, hence their private organs were exposed. Don't fall in his trap that he makes you immortal. Then Allah speaks of the pagan era when they made off of the copper circumambulation in *. Alpha con la la la la mamajuana Bihar Where did you learn this from this new Did you know Allah commanded us to do this year? Because we disobeyed a line in this clothing? I mean, look at the shallow logic and keep a clean out but if the whole wisdom is that I can't make them off in these dirty clothes in this contaminated clothes, then

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keep an exclusive But no, no. The idea of the devil is become immortal in * they meet Allah. So Allah, Allah Allah, Sha, Allah never ever commands immortality. Allah never ever advocate immortality. In fact, Allah speaks about that age the woman in the Quran one minute Nisa, Illa de la luna, Nika. Allah says that age a woman who has no inclination to marriage because of her old age, Felicia Hina, Jonah Han,

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Xena, it would not be wrong on her to remove excess clothing and it would be correct for she does not have to adopt the stringent measures of veiling herself covering her hands her feet her entire face. What why not hire alone. So she has been provided with a concession that because of her own age, and she spots the period that perhaps men would incline or she would incline, there is flexibility she's going to cover her head but her face that there is flexibility in it been unveiled. However that goes on to say, if she chooses to cover her face, and cover her hands and cover her entire body, then this is better for her. That is better. You know in Arabic, they say

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Nicole Lisa 14, Lucky fortune. There's always someone to pick up what you throw, she might be old, you might shun her party's around, you know what I mean? So literally such a 13 lovely touch when you don't know from where who is seen. That's the same. So Islam says that even if she ages if this is the command of Allah for an aging woman, for an aging woman that has passed the modesty, then the government in the dressing of a woman the Prophet sallallahu wasallam says when they exit from the house, what should be the fragrance of a woman and what should be the fragrance of a men? Let me say a lot even some said people read

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Dar Mahara Re Who has a yellow note, the fragrant of a men is that the color must be hidden the fragrant must be apparent. On the other hand, the scent of a woman must be that the color is apparent, but the fragrance must be totally subdued and suppressed. In fact, he said if a woman exits with a strong fragrant, you know the talk of aroma therapy nowadays, what a strong fragrance coming out the professor some has used the word adulterous on her because this is what the Quran said. Let me quote the Hadith of the Prophet Salah is that I'm Alma Tamara, he said the entire body of a woman is something that needs to be concealed. The first words what is a heart attack mean bait

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the heart is special for her shavon when she exits from her house, the devil pounces on her and he makes it attractive to the entire world. What

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I mean half a terabyte Haha, and there is no location on planet earth, where she can enjoy more closeness to her created in the confines of a house. Now those that wish to turn this low slogans on the Muslim front of liberating woman, this is what the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam says. Hence the Quran says Dr. Musa Nabi Lesotho naka de Mina Nisa of the consorts of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam understand your privilege. You are not like ordinary woman, any fear Allah subhana wa COVID do not sweeten your voice when you speak to strange men. Today you find the commercial world has made every lesson of that woman's body into an object of business and trade. Forgive me

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but what you see I mean, you just touch any newspaper. And then you see the seductive voice of a woman is used to entertain telesales making money out of the voice of a woman. In fact, we've learned in our teachings, that if a woman is part of the congregation, if a woman is I mean, one other point to mention this consensus on the scholars that the adoption of a woman is haram, it is makrooh for me, I mean, if she calls out Azhar, everybody will come but not when Hamas,

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they will come for the wrong reasons.

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The adoption of a woman is forbidden.

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If a woman is in the congregation, and the Imam makes a mistake, men will say Allahu Akbar. Kabir only resolved with the people in Nisa, a woman will not will not say Allahu Akbar, because of why the man will make more mistakes.

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The sweetness, she will tip her hand gently, this is what she will do. This is how Islam has concealed her voice. Allah said

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don't sweeten your voice. Don't sweeten your voice. I mean, yesterday, I had two sisters that called me and cried on the phone. And I say this to men, again, our point why Allah says it to them, but we've got to learn equally. You know, this woman cried. In fact, I even made my wife Yeah, I even made my wife. She heard this as a pain of this woman. She says, you know, my husband is so abrupt to me so rude to me. But when you see him speaking to strange woman, you will say this is the perfect man you are looking for. This is a perfect husband, kind to all sweet to all polite all tended to everyone sympathetic to others. But when you see him in, he's the most horrible human in my house.

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But when you see him outside to other women, how sympathetic he is. You say this is the perfect human you're looking for? And you know, every time I hear this, I consider this as a reminder from Allah to me that am I polite enough to my own wife? Ask yourself my brother take it to heart. Automatically we toned down we toned down. When we speak to strange woman we don't

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forget to

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be hemara Allah is the one who's gotten lost in his art he will be affected. What color do you take on now? And stay indoors? Not a woman today you tell him what to do at home. Allah tells you listen.

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Don't go and splash your beauty. And don't go and make yourself an article of attraction like the pagan woman did. My sister you're not so cheap. You're not so mean that you go in throw yourself around for men to cast the glass on your mind. Debbie said curse is that male who has a nasty glance on a strange woman. And curse is that woman who presents herself at locations with strange men walk.

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So my brother you want blessings in your marriage? And then you make the stage when you segregate men and woman but the stage is ideal for all to say. you locate them the curses can come then you want Berkut and my brother You asked today I'm looking for a woman but I don't want a very old woman and I don't want a woman in a job. Then you are really starting a foundation that is never going to develop

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Wakanda people you know stay indoors.

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Don't go stretch yourself outside. What our team does Santa perform Santa Tina Sokka discharge aka whatever de la hora sudah obey Allah in His lobby. This is what you must do. Yeah, you're gonna be a cabana taker when you sign in.

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Meaning only be telling your wife tell your daughters and make it a general command to all Muslim woman use any knowledge in Chalabi been tell them to cover their faces. The quotation of kidnappers in Nicosia, he said Amara Lago Nisa, me Nina Eva boo Tina.

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Tina Athena, would you mean folk heroes in Abu Dhabi?

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Allah has commanded that woman that cover your entire body cover your entire face. What are you Medina, Xena, tahuna illa Mahara Amina, Xena tahuna illa de bucola t him the Reagan era we had the habit of keeping the scarf dangling on the shoulders, and the upper portion of her chest was exposed, which obviously defeated the essence of covering yourself. I mean, not a woman, they they they passionately wear slippery scarves, or it's dangling around their shoulders or it's transparent, then that is defeating the essence of a job that is defeating the essence of a job. Rather than just being out with me I need to mention some important things and inshallah I will try

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and round up the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is sitting with his honorable companions. One woman by the name of Allah and he comes she says Yasuda I need to speak to you and let me sell some said Go for it. Oh my sister. In Mira Soto, the International bar makes mention of it in his kita is the hub in Nero tsunami, WA a ninja at UniSA el muslimin. I have been sent by a delegation of woman called Luna yaku Nepali while I miss lee, they all echo my sentiments and they all believe in what I have said I have just been nominated to represent them in Allah to Allah. Allah.

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Allah has sent you to both the men and the woman for our men, because we brought him on on you and we trust what you say.

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Then she goes on to say we're in Allah tala foot villa. We're in the region. We're in the region. fusino bill Jamaat. What's the hotel Jana is? What's your hotel Jana is where jihad. Allah has privilege the men. She didn't realize privilege and by going out to work, Allah has privileged them with the Juma prayer because that is a privilege really my sister going out to work is not a privilege. I mean as the men that you know, the other day one brother was saying he said you know, we have to contend with so many things in the traffic in the commercial world and now we got one other thing on the roads cash in transit is to contend with also so you know, it's not a polite

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word. It's a vicious world. It's a you have to go that is why you exit in. So she goes on to say we're in a regional full veto bill Jamal, they have been privileged they have been privileged with with going out you know for for Juma Salah Jenna is an attending Genesis. Well jihad is thriving in the part of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And furthermore, what is the hora doodle Jihad? Hafiz Nana, whom

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Bina oladipo when they go out in the path of Allah, we look after them and we nurture their children, one afternoon Masha Nisa, and read the group of woman Matsuura we are we are secured in our pavilions mocha.we stay indoors. mawatha chahatein return we make ourselves available to our men whenever they have a need to approach us how Mila to Allah to him. We bid their children patiently after New sharika home see luxury. I only have one question Do we have any reward of what they do? Now via a Serato as salaam said before I answer Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam be what he in our hobby. He turned his attention to all his companions. He said Sammy makalah in writing apps and

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so Alan Anthony Harmon Harvey before I answer you tell me my Sahaba Have you heard a more brilliant question asked by a more intelligent woman. They said no owner Viola This is the most intelligent woman we've ever heard. Let me sell a lady with some said in Sofia a smile. Asthma you may go back lol me moeraki and convey my sentiments to the woman that have deputed you tell them that if you will diligently do what you said that you carry out er de lo que la maza Cartier Rizal. They will be out participating in the challenges you will be sitting at home with the same rewards work from home work smart. I mean what are those? I think this is working from home. working from home and make

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your own money this is working from home my sister set at home diligently see to your husband and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam funds are referred to as Marvel here to help me know what to kabiru is tip Sharon be Makana Dharma soon she started jumping with joy. She started saying Allah work but she says we've got it so easy. Everything is done for us. Next Hadid is in Abu Dhabi submitted military simulation ma says Jonathan Martin Elon Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam yo Cardona muhannad a woman by the name of Omar Khaled came to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. She came after we returned from a battle her son was murdered in the better

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She came completely veiled. So she said, Where's the Prophet of Allah? I need to know about my son. I mean, you know, a woman have to go to the theater or they go to the school that the children back from soccer or the back from cricket or they back from excursion. These were women that came to the Prophet of Allah after the battle was over. When harissa came she said, Oh prophet of Allah, I know my son has passed away. I only want to know if he's in paradise. I rejoice if he's in * I cry. Let me on instagram said young maharsha in the hall. Gentlemen, were in Dublin Isabell. For those that Allah consolation Let me start off by saying it's not one paradise there are many for the

00:30:33 --> 00:30:40

record, your son enjoys the best. This woman came veiled once RP said, JT, Alina and Nikki, why don't

00:30:41 --> 00:31:18

you come to us about your son you're in so much pain, you veiled your now we believe in modesty in the hearts of tragedies also, nowadays a death in the family. So now you embracing her you feel you've given a shoulder to lean on. Are you taking a shoulder to restaurant? I don't know what you're doing. No, no, you know what, my sister she's going through? No, no. In the heart of pain. Also, she's lost a son, but she's a mom, you cannot speak to her. So the Sahaba said, Oh, my sister, you've lost your son you in so much pain that you veil yourself so adequately, and you make dinner when we do it and it's extremism. This is the Buddha would what were the words of this woman, if

00:31:18 --> 00:31:24

only my sister can make her role model. She said my brother, I've lost my son, I don't need to lose my modesty.

00:31:25 --> 00:32:02

I've lost my son, I don't need the janazah My son has left. Today the janazah of modesty has left our holes. And I have told you this my brother and I say it again. The Prophet of Allah said he will not enter Jannah who want to be of Allah who is comfortable that his wife and his daughters speak to strange men. That's your duty, my brother. While you take care of your gaze, you have to be possessive over your wife. This is possessive nature that Islam encourages, but unfortunately we possessive over the car we possessive over these other things. Another thing I mentioned and I will round up with this year, the woman used to come to pledge to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam Allah

00:32:02 --> 00:32:40

speaks about the allegiance they made. Once they used to make the allegiance I said from an accurate behati his shirt when they used to pledge the professor lrsm said khutbah to calama I have verbally accepted your allegiance and isodiol Nana said mama said yada yada Moroccan katoh the Prophet sallallahu wasallam had never ever touched the palm of a strange woman in his whole life. That is why at all the time and money he categorically said in Neela osafo Nisa I don't shake hands with strange woman there was a young boy in the corporate world who one day came he said why don't I share this with you conveyed? He says one day I went and I work now you know interviews and working

00:32:40 --> 00:33:15

it's very difficult. He said every time before I go into these interviews I make worthwhile I perform to a counselor and as a gesture he says what I do is I tie my hands behind my back so that already puts that woman uncomfortable you know what if you stand in like this here then you wait and you know obviously your hands like this you know she's waiting to shake you with two hands. But if I put my hands at the back and I take a step back then my very gesture is showing you know what my my my beliefs are? My system is my values are that I don't shake hands. I don't shake hands. And I I don't consider or I don't take to heart the ill feelings I mean, either you hurt the feelings of

00:33:15 --> 00:33:54

allow this woman The choice is yours. Either this woman or allow you got to make a call. So the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said in Nila osafo Nisa, I do not shake hands with any woman we make work with Almighty Allah that He brings a job in our homes. He bring modesty into our lives because that is the that is the quality of a believer. And let me ask my sister and conclude by saying Kamata be shown tomato, what tomato tomahto Sharon, on my sister, how you will learn that is how you will die and how you will die. That is how you will stand up what you are desirous of a good death and I'm equally enviable of a good death. But the reality is, I don't know where death will find me

00:33:54 --> 00:34:30

and I don't know where death will find you. I'm sure you will echo the sentiments with me. You don't want to be pulled out of a car by the jaws of life where your body is semi *. I'm sure you will agree with me. You don't want to die tragically where your hair is uncovered. We've heard in in times that we are living there's been catastrophes across the globe. It has been the beard that has been the grounds of identifying people as Muslims, which have privileged them with a voice and a coffin and a janazah this is what people told me in Indonesia one on one in the tsunami areas that because of the beard we identified my sister I don't know where death will find you. But this much

00:34:30 --> 00:34:59

is certain, fanatically enough soon be a year of intimate, so rather you be dressed in the correct way and veil yourself and cover yourself and adorn yourself perhaps that be the only identity of a Muslim woman which privileges you with that enables you with that coffin and that you die a noble death May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us the ability in every aspect and facet of our life we become higher and we develop this modesty. I make an appeal to every sister listening those that do

00:35:00 --> 00:35:34

No don't the scarf This is your opportunity or my sister cover your hair, cover your hair, those whom Allah has privilege with the ability of covering your hair, take it a step forward cover your face. Comments will come and go. People will make remarks they will be a crusade against hijab, but see those that have reverted to Islam they have seen the beauty. You know, I enjoyed one thing one person was traveling, so someone frowned on him and said What's wrong with you people you cover your woman? So I said no, no problem this men we will give him nice answer. It's extremely hot day traveling. Now he opens up a can of Coke. So when he opens up the can of coke he tells the man how's

00:35:34 --> 00:35:45

it Don't you feel fake? He says yeah, obviously. I mean it's juicy. It's cold. It's ice obey your thirst Sprite. What do they say? I'm not advertising for anyone. It looks beautiful. It says exactly. You know in Gujarati they say join a Manta.

00:35:46 --> 00:36:21

You see then you like it. In the same way my brother if you're going to splash your woman out, other people are going to look at her and going to desire since this woman has come in the commercial world see the steps of how many marriages have broken up a see how many Some are so loose. This smile is deliberate to jeopardize your marriage. This smile is deliberate. They know you weak and they know I am weak. That is our weakness. One smile and we will fall. One smile in will collapse. She's got a crisis in a marriage. She wants a crisis in your marriage also. So that is why we keep them with honor and dignity. Everything we keep that we hold with honor we preserve them. Bring your

00:36:21 --> 00:36:27

sisters into hijaab bring your mother's into Valle Walla that is the only thing that will restore the glory of the soma like an ancestor understanding

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