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Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the bounty of Islam, which is to have people adopt certain ways in life. They also mention the career of the powerful title system, which is to have people say "monster" or "monster" in public. The speaker emphasizes the importance of hope and faith in cureing illness and beyond visibility.
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Bismillah salatu salam ala rasulillah salam wa alayhi wa sallam were back. So as humans Allah has created and instill certain needs and desires in us and these desires will compel us to adopt certain measures in life. A young boy and girl are growing, the evolving. They are young adults, and now there is the desire of companionship. So I had my dad calling me My beloved son, my mom referring to me as my heart, the coolness of our eyes, etc. But now I'm yearning and pining for someone to say my hubby or to say my honey or to say my love or to say, my, my angel, etc. And that's great. I mean, I think he and Haleakala come in and forsaken as Lita schooner, ha ha, in the

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21st was in Surah, two room Allah says, I've created spouses for you dilaton Allah Kony Milan. ilija ll s word min min, Anita Allah, Lizzy Cree, heafy, Mahalia, empty none. That the inherent intrinsic inclination we have to each other is a bounty of Allah lithic Rahim Allah because Allah has highlighted it in the context of a bounty. And then after a period of time, both the capital and our desire is that somebody can say dad, or someone can say mom, or we can refer to my son or my daughter or I'm taking my child Wow, it's a different feeling. And yet again, we learn from the Quran that say eternal Zachary, Allah His serrato. Salam asked Allah may have been Allah blessed me

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with a child, and a polyp and Villa de la unifi, as to ask Allah for children does not go contrary to nobility or piety. But beyond that, my brother and my sister and in particular, the couple that is desirous of children, this is an I have great hope, motivation and encouragement. So Satan has a career, according to historical innovations was 120 of age, and his wife was in her late 90s, Wakanda, tema de la, and she was bad. And when she was young, now she's barren and old, yet he asked Allah bless me with a chai. So what do we learn from this year? And so, Musa baby Minal suburban Berea de la unifi.

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To ask Allah for something which logically is remote, medically is impossible does not contradict the demand of respect. So if doctors gave up hope that doesn't stop you from asking Allah to cure your father or your mom. And if doctor said you cannot have a child and the you know the requirements of fertility are not found. That doesn't mean you cannot ask Allah and so urlan Musa maybe mineral as berbil but either ask Allah and continue asking Allah and Allah bless this Acharya after he was over the century mark with a child and a unique child. So I say to you, my brother, and I say to you, my sister, continue asking Allah even if it is logically impossible, or remotely

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possible, but for the Almighty, everything is possible. Ask hope and be optimistic. May Allah fill your lap with the bouncing baby, may Allah cure those that are terminally ill, and May Allah fulfill your dream and desire through avenues which are beyond your comprehension. I mean, your anatomy

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