Mind Your Own Business!

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Mind your own business we would save ourselves and others from so many problems if we just minded our own business. That is why in this exam we have a pivotal Hadith in which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Men Hosni Islam and Marie tunku. Man, I need an indication a sign that a person is practicing Islam well, is that they leave that which doesn't concern them, meaning this is part of their personality is part of their character that they don't bother with what's happening with other people. What's the latest? What did they say? What do they do when we mind our own business, we not only protect ourselves from major sins like backbiting and slander. We're also protecting other

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people from a lot of heartache and pain and disappointment. So in today's culture of oversharing, sharing as entertainment or for the sake of entertainment, let's start under sharing. Let's start minding our own business.