Tahir Wyatt – Dunya is Difficult

Tahir Wyatt
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of the Prophet's statement about the "verbal world" and the need for people to connect with them for clarification. They also mention the need for people to be able to ask questions and receive clarification. The segment emphasizes the importance of seeking knowledgeable people for questions and clarifications.
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Eliza Johnson Lisa b m n e comm Well, I am and he

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may yam and Sue in New Jersey. And this is the part of that. So it's not about what you wish are not about the wishes of the People of the Book, whoever does evil will be recruited for it. They're gonna have to answer for

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some of the companions in Sahih Muslim in the narration mentions that some of the companions were very disturbed when they heard this because who doesn't do some level of Sue who doesn't have doesn't do some sense. And in other narrations in the Muslim you have activated mentions that you're one of the people was actually able Bacardi alongside Andrew himself who went to the Prophet sunliner with some of them and showed Yanni his concern.

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And so the prophets Elias on him says not as your understanding he said, Alyssa Thompson last attack isn't Do you not you know, face some,

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some difficulty. Do you not find yourself exhausted at times. And in some of the other narrations, it talks about even being pricked by Thorn, that all of this is the josaphat of the believer, right? So this is the Allah subhana wa tada

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bringing those difficulties to the believer in this life that expiate their sins for them. There is nothing that a believer faces in this life of harm, of even emotional stress that a believer goes through seeking the reward from Allah subhanaw taala and being patient with it, except that they are rewarded for it. So this is what the prophets align it with. Some have mentioned to the companions, that it's not as you think that you're going to face that punishment in the hereafter from a loss of habitat. Another example, and this is a famous one

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that comes from solitude and and but I think it's very important for us to ponder over because again, the Quran was revealed to the Prophet sallahu wa sallam who was talking primarily to this group of the people who understood Arabic the best and yet they still had questions. How much more so for a person who's reading a translation, for example, and we don't even know if the translation is correct. In any event, so the one Allah Subhana, Allah revealed alladhina amanu when I'm galbi su e Manor home with all Allah economical, m Mu hamata. Do

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those who believe and then are those who have faith and then do not mix their faith with soul. Now volume linguistically, it means any wrongdoing, any form of oppression, whether a person is oppressive in their relationship between them and the last pants out or whether they're oppressing themselves or oppressing other people.

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Whoever those who believe and do not mix their faith with wrongdoing, Allah ecola hongmoon em new home martyrdom, they are the ones who have security. And they are the ones who are guided. When this I was revealed some of the campaigns went to the prophet Isaiah Salatu was sent in.

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And they said to him, what are you gonna let me open them? Nuff said. And you who amongst us is that harmed himself around himself? In the process of life? Oh, some say it's not as your understanding. Have you not heard the statement of a lab the sauna Annie the righteous servant, Look, man, when he said to his son, in the shika, the Government of India buena electrosonic. Bella in the shaker Lagoon, Avi, oh my son do not associate partners with Allah do not commit ship. Indeed, ship is a great sin.

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Or it is the it is a great volume. It is a great wrong doing. So here he's saying that Allah Subhana Allah is saying those who believe and don't mix there, he man with shift, right. So they heard this, it bothered them. They went and sought clarification from the Prophet on a satellite or said, I think

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I think it's very important for us to just take a step back very quickly. If we think about those three examples.

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We we see that

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something first disturbed them. And I don't mean that they were questioning Allah subhanho wa Taala or they were questioning the the veracity of the Quran. No, but they inside of themselves something didn't feel right. And because it didn't feel right, they went and they sought an answer. Now

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here are

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the points in the

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Is that they had the greatest person on earth to ask any question ever about the dean. And that's the Prophet it is selective listening. So it wasn't like they were at a loss of who's, who can they go to.

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And I think it's very important for us as well, that as we read the crime, and we come across things that maybe we're not understanding, or we realize that something is I'm feeling a little uncomfortable about this, that we seek out knowledgeable people who can answer those questions for us. You can start local, you can start with your local man, whoever you have a relationship with. And then now with this virtual world that a lot of us live in, you can even ask many people virtually, and that is a favor from Allah Subhana Allah that did not exist, even, you know, just a couple decades ago. I mean, not to mention, you know, hundreds of years ago, but just even a couple

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decades ago, the thought that you'd be able to connect with, you know, scholars all over the world and be able to ask some of the questions that you have to get clarification. It just didn't exist. In fact, even the literature did not exist to clarify certain things.

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