Waleed Basyouni – The Importance Of Shura

Waleed Basyouni
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In Alhamdulillah Hina Meadow who want to stay you know who want to study here and istockphoto 102 Billahi min Surya fusina Omen sejahtera Medina Maja de la hufa Rama de la la Who am a you bleed further howdy Allah. Why shadow Allah Allah Allah Allahu la Sheree Cara was shadow under Mohammed Abu rasuluh yeah you holla Deena Amano, Taka la haka to potty wonder to Mouton. Illa. And to Muslim moon. Yeah Johan NASA, Pura vida como la de hakomi nuptse wahida wahala caminhar xojo how abeta mean? humare jarang cattier r1 Isa, what de la la de de Luna Viva La ham in the LA can it come up? Yeah yo holla Deena Amano, taco La, la ku, Poland's de de de la Manoj Kumar como para la comme de

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novo come on up la hora Sula, who forgot faster frozen other email

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about the LA for in the higher Academy kurama la will hire all had you had your Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, or Sharon Amorim to wakulla more data Tim bidda wakulla beatin Bharara all praise due to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment, I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger. As you might all know, that the theme that we have chosen for this year is about support and the importance of supporting one another.

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And in regard to this, my talk today about one of the form of support that we can give to one another

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on the level of a family members or community members in the city level, even all the way to the nation level.

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As I did on the

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one side,

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there is no greater wealth than wisdom

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and there is no greater poverty than ignorance. And there is no greater heritage than culture. And there is no greater support than consultation.

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Which is sure or Matura, or st Shara or consulting and advising one another. And this concept in Islam is so dear is so important. It's so valuable that the person seek consultation, seek advice on the person asks and see the feedback of people. To the extent that the Muslim jurists throw him home a lot debated that when a person is about to make a decision or a major decision related to him or to others, is it only recommended for him or her to seek advice or it's even must an obligatory upon the person to seek advice before making a major decisions? And there is a debate among some of the Muslim scholars about that. And that debate because Allah subhana wa tada order Muhammad sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam in the Quran, as we know in Surah, Allah Emraan Allah subhanho wa Taala told the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam febi mount

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Mina la Henning Tana, whom was

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tough avant garde evil

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for booming how olynyk found for

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whom Russia will feel

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a loss pinata Anna sang to Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam let me finish the verse fair either as de facto galana La

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La Jolla, boo Muto, Kini gaming,

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so by the mercy of Allah, O Muhammad, you are lenient with them. And if you had been rude in the speech, harsh and heart, they would have this abandoned from you. So burden them and ask forgiveness for them, consult them. So that's an order to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to consult his companions, consult them in the matter. And when you have decided then rely upon Allah Indeed Allah loves those who rely upon him in the law Have you hit boo and without killing. It is so unique to know that these verses were revealed after the

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Battle of what's so unique about that, that in nebby salatu salam before the Battle of ahead, he consulted the companions. What should we do? Should we go outside Medina to fight them those who come in to attack us, or should we stay in Medina and build a wall or take protection and Medina and we find them. It basically ends from inside the muddy in Medina. And advice was given by the youth by the young among the companions of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam was to go out and to fight. They said, We missed better, and we want to make it up. So we want to go and meet them outside. And they mentioned other reasons as well. And in Ibiza, sanlam took their consultation, he took their advice,

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he follow the recommendation or what majority want And guess what, that ended up not as they expect it to be. And you'll know what happened in the bottom of it. It is because of that Allah subhanaw taala telling the prophets of Salaam esto you should and you shall consult them in the view in future matters. So nobody will think Oh, you know what, I consulted them and turn to be bad. So somebody said Oh, there is no need for it anymore. Did you see what the consultation what people's feedback led to, to cut that off and to close the door? These verses came to tell the prophet SAW Selim to do that. Other than that, I remember him Allah said he that kind of Mohammed salatu salam

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oma otium in command in hickmott you will in what to eat bill why owner bill Matura family providing fn A B cell ally seldom was heard. Perfect. Yeah. And he's a perfect human being, as we say, with all the knowledge that he has all the wisdom that he had, with all the support that he gets from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Estelle Allah ordered him to seek consultation and to seek advice and to consult his friends and his companions. Solo earlier it was also Allah Subhana Allah to Allah in Surah, a whole sort of cold sorta to Shula and in this surah Allah praise the believers by several qualities, and among them, he said, One lady nostalgia, boo, boo,

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Boo on

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and those who have responded to the Lord, and stablished prayer and hos affair, and determined by consultation.

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That's how it was described and their affairs determined by consultation among themselves, and from what We have provided them they spend. So a lot put that in the middle between providing performance Allah and giving this account, giving the sadaqa to show you the important the value of it. And what's also unique about this verse, that this verse was revealed in McKee time, not in Medina time.

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In another word, it shows you that the concept of Shura is not a political concept only it's a concept should be exist inside the family should be exist inside the community should be exist in the first level in the society goes all the way up to the highest level in the society.

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And Allah give many examples like this and soda tobacco in the last book about if there is a difference a dispute between the husband and wife about the breastfeeding and when to stop the breastfeeding Allah subhanho data set for inara Duffy silent Yeah, Annie Annie of Scylla

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and Tara, the Minamata shout out to him as the one stopping through mutual concern, consistent consent from both of them, and consultation and consultation. So the consult is that the best thing for the child or not the best thing for the baby or not? They should consult before they make the decision. And the same thing in sort of the Pollak for in our bar and other comfort, too. Who knows? Who knows? No, Tommy Rubino can be my we're in a certain era who, O'Hara? yeah anyway, tell me Robaina.

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So do you ask a new consult and you talk to one another, and even speak about consultation of people who are not Muslims, nations before us, like the queen of sheep, sheep or even Yemen when she consulted her people

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on a matter of tuning Emery Macondo copywritten Amman, McIntosh, Ratan Tata shadowmoon I will not make a decision on behalf of the country until you give me your consultation when it comes to the issue of what she should do with that withstood a man

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Prophet Saul Solomon, when he sent her the letter, and it has an embosser he said her opinion on her consultation was the best to her people when she decided to meet Solomon and his salon. And we know the story of use of adding salon and the king of Egypt when he asked, What do you think of my dream? What do you think we should do? Even for our own the most known dictator, ask his own people, but I don't think he when he asked him he was really waiting for their, you know, to follow their their their opinions, but it understanding the team and ask how can I do with Moosa and Harun? And it remember him Allah said that Allah mentioned these stories about the people, the nations other than

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Muslims, to tell you that this concept is a universal concept. There is no success can be achieved, unless the person taking this concept, very serious. That's why in a B cell allowed to sell and practice this during his lifetime, in the early stage of his life, when he first received the wife from the heavens, when jabril came with Accra. What did he do? He went and he consulted his wife, Heidi gelila. And then he went and he consulted someone else, which is what I've been no fun, who has knowledge from the books that revealed before the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and he continued consulting Khadija the alarm until she died. He consulted Abu Bakar on the incident of La

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Jolla. he consulted sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his companion in the Battle of better and several times were the place that they should do what they should do with the water. They should start the battle or not many times and in the abyss of Salaam did the same thing and did the same thing in the Battle of hunda sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did the same thing when he wanted to make a deal with the help of fan one of the tribe during the Battle of a condom. And he asked sad and sad Dane, the two sides in Medina who represented on site at the time, if he would agree or not. And so today be he consulted many times. And one of the people he consulted his wife on masala Moto, they allow Anna

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what he should do to convince the companion to shave their heads and to abandon that he couldn't he doesn't know how to handle it with them with the you know, he didn't make a decision. So allow anyone to sell him. So he asked the advisor for Mr. venema. When he said Should I send Omar to the people of Mecca he consulted was he the best person he was told no center of man, his better representative to us in the people of Makkah. And I can go on and on. And so many incidents with the prophets of Salaam did that and the companions after him did that. And the wise men and woman continued until today doing the same thing.

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My brothers and sisters, taking other people's advice, seeking their insight, asking them for their feedback, taking their consultation. It is so important that this one it's a responding to the order of Allah. So it's an act of worship, actually, you get rewarded for it if you have the right intention. Number two, that it is a very fundamental concept in Islam, that the person always seek the truth. Seek what is correct. Want to do what is the right thing? And one of the way to find what is the right thing is is to consult. That's why it has

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said Masha Allah Coleman cut in law who truly are shady Amorim. Any people will ask and seek advice or consult others Allah will guide them to the best of matters, consultation and asking people's for feedback and opinion bring the hearts together. That's why I said one of the reason the process I'm used to consult the companions sometimes we consult individuals abubaker Omar man and so forth. Khadija sometimes he consult the people have their margerine by themselves sometimes an unsolved by themselves sometimes in Mahajan in an answer together. If you notice in the center of the province asylum, that there's not just one person one group that you're always consulted sal Allahu Allahu

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alayhi wa sallam

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consulted the young and the old and the women and men and the masses and the selective sallallahu wasallam one of the reasons Katana said it's make people love him sallallahu Sallam feel special. Also consulting. It ended up individualism. That you know what that is only one man show. And unfortunately, this is something very damaging in the house, damaging in the community, damaging

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in the country, whenever it runs by just one Maori Camilla era, I only show you what I see. And everybody should follow. consulting also ended up what we call it, just rushing decisions. That anything, you just make a decision on the spot. If you learn how to consult, you're not going to rush to make decision on the spot, you will wait you will take your time. One of the benefits as well, consulting lead to organizing the efforts, we see that clearly in our community, when just people pumping their head to open a mustard, or to open a masala or to open a school or to start a project. And it just pop in their heads without consulting other community members. What we happen,

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we have multiple efforts are exist in the community, they don't contribute to one another. It's a matter of fact, they hurt one another. But if there is a level of consultation, and asking and seeking advice, you will see the community grow stronger, not grown weaker. One of the benefits also, that when you start consulting people, you discover a lot of talents that exist in your community in your society. When you start asking your children and I want to make this as general as I can, when you start asking your children, you might take a feedback, you will be surprised when you ask people, maybe people come with ideas. That's why if an ambassador of the Allahu Allah, and

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he was a very young man, young compared to all the people of better teenager, men, boy, young men, and it'd be nice to consultant and he said, Yaga wasda, Allah fellows, he's like a diver, he said, he dive into the matter, and go to the bottom of it. Now he described him.

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When you consult your family, when you consult your community, when you consult your employees, when you consult your friends, when you consult your society, when you consult your citizen, what that makes them feel, make them feel that they belong to this entity, they are a part of that entity. And they feel that they you know what, I'm part of the decision, part of this family part of this community, part of the society, part of this country. But when you don't consult them, when you isolate them when you don't care for them. They basically they start splitting and going farther and farther away. If this is the case, I asked myself this question before coming to you today. why

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people don't consult much today.

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And I'll tell you, this is a very serious matter. And unfortunately, it is not a common practice, even though it's a common knowledge. It's a common sense that consultation is important. But unfortunately, it's not something well practice. Look at our team boys and girls.

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Those young men and woman who listening to me now, ask yourself, How much do you consult? How much do you ask? How much did you seek advice? Everybody think the team she knows everything. And he will not trust that advice that given to them by their parents, by the elders by people are more experienced in life. It feels this society kind of or the time that we're living in pushing us to be more individuals, then being more part of a bigger picture than ourselves.

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One of the main reason for people not to consult arrogant, he feels the tea everybody else less than him. And remember in the law Hello hippo. Mr. Karim. Allah hate arrogance.

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Also, one of the reason people don't consult because people want to have control. They don't want to share power. Why don't consult because people always think that other people don't know. Don't understand. You know, he looked at his wife and he looked at how does she know that? She looked at her son or daughter or he she will look at her husband, he doesn't know any better. So you'll always look down at people. You don't think of them they're capable of giving you the right decision. Many young people think that because he's just in a different generation. It means he cannot advise me. He doesn't cannot make sense to me. You know, you didn't know anything about what we're going

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through. And that feeling, reject and build a wall inside your heart and mind not to listen to people who might be able to benefit you a lot and save you a lot of time in your life and save you a lot of effort in your time.

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People if people don't consult because they don't trust as I said the people around sometimes people understand

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The whole concept but when they are that lazy, yeah Shall I will oscillator on and days goes days goes months goes on you know what, and now he has to make the decision. Some people don't ask and then consult because they are few magilla and anybody that they always like to rush to do things, they don't have patience.

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They just want to make the decision quickly and move on quickly. And that's why they don't have time to ask and to seek and to look at it to the matter and refer to others. Sometimes it is because of how our desires, you really following your desires and you don't want anyone to give you other options. Sometimes I see this when young men come to ask me or a woman about marriages especially. They already made up their mind. They're already in love. They're already so deep into the matter. And if I say anything against what they want, what they see what they will seek, you know what they would never take it from you why they don't want to even listen to the advice because they're

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already following their desires. The not willing to step back and to ask

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Allah Subhana Allah to Allah criticize those who follow their desires.

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He tiberiu in a loved one one to one emphasis. The disbelievers the people who went astray they follow their desires not follow what is considered knowledge.

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I ask Allah subhana wa to Anna and you will find out yeah communicatie higher Allah, Allah Masha to mostofa Lani with a compressed delfield

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hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam RM and then a B about the HVAC.

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These are some points I want to share in regard to the person who's seeking advice, and the person who give the advice. The person who you seek consultation from and the person who give consultation. As for the person who's seeking, make sure that you're sincere about your consultation.

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You ask him for the right reasons.

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And sincerity is the key to achieve success in life and sincerity appear in many different ways. And one of the ways to show you sincerity in your question that you're asking because you sincerely want to practice want to do not just because you know you want to test the person, you just want to see how those people think and you'd really never had the intention to seek their advice. Also,

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you don't go on Part Two sincerity. Some people go to certain people, because they know what they will tell them.

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That's not a sincere person. I know what kind of consultation is gonna give me That's why I choose him. Not because he really gonna give me the best one No, but he gave me the one that I like I love.

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And I'm not saying you're always go to the people who oppose you, but go to the people who say no, sincerely will give you the right advice.

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Also, one, when you go look for someone to seek advice from, make sure that you don't go to people have the same kind of background, the same mentality. You know, diversity helped to give you a clarity and give that give you a much better picture of the issue that you are about to make a decision in relation to. That's why it is good to consult multiple people in major issues. For example, you weren't about to start the business, you might need to consult several people, you might need to consult a chef to see if it's halal or haram. But the chef cannot tell you if this is a profitable or not, then you consult a lawyer to tell you it's legal or not, then you consult a

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business consultant to tell you how good this business is. So you might have a multiple people to give you the right advice on what you want to do. That's why nebby sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will advise multiple people, multiple layers of people even in this society. One of the thing when you seek advice from someone, make sure that you give them the whole picture. Don't give them partial, you know, parts of the picture and you want because they customize basically their answer based on the information they get a haircut and a shape for an answer. Sorry, I only give you consultation according to what you told me. So make sure that you give a full picture to the person. I'm pleased

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when you say full picture doesn't mean your whole life story. Some people come to us for advice give you an introduction for half an hour. I don't need to know all these details. I need to know the details related to the issue itself. And that's one of the etiquette of the given the one will give advice. If you need clarification in certain areas, ask about it.

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Also remember, consultation should happen before

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taking decisions. What's the point? If you come to me? Sure, Holly, I marry this girl. And you know, it's not working out. Hello? Where are you before you marry her?

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Hello, what are you before you giving your daughter to this man? Why didn't even ever asked. And that's happened, by the way, multiple times.

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And I asked, Did you ever ask the man? Did you ever ask the person who knows little people? No,

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it just, they give you the wedding card. invitation. But what about before that.

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And that's something important if you want to ask a consultation, before you make the decision.

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Ask for the person who give that advice. Make sure that this person has a fear of loss penetang, we will not portrayed you He will not expose you. A person who knows to keep the secret MIT person have the proper knowledge of the subject that you're asking a person of experience. You don't just ask someone with less experience or similar experience to you know, go to someone have a lot of experience in life, especially if he has experience in the area that you are seeking. Make sure that if someone asking you and advice to be trustworthy, and maybe some columnist, a Shadow Demon, you are trusted with this advice. So you give a sincere, correct answer. You don't just to make them

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feel good about themselves. But in the same time, you have to make it sounds good, acceptable. You can remember a couple came to me once, and they asked me about something. And my advice was them to get divorce. But it kind of hard to tell them I can see where this going. And I told them you know what it was my mistake that time and I said, I think you should leave each other.

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Oh my god, I was cursed that day. I was like, you know, I was like attacked by them was accused and it was very bad experience for me.

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Well line up eight months, eight months or less, they got divorced.

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Honestly, just trying to save your time

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trying to do you know, and fight in the middle? Because I see where is this going. But my mistake was and I learned from this that I was very blunt about it. And you know, and I learned better next time. One of the thing when you seek advice from someone, make sure that you ask someone for whom have wisdom, okay. Also, it's so important when you ask someone for advice. Choose someone who lives your issue.

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Any sometimes you go ask someone overseas about an issue here, they come up to relate to it. They don't feel they don't live this issue. They don't know the importance of it. So that's also a very important point to seek. You can't and sometimes it's happened you consult your mom or your dad who live overseas about the issue, they cannot relate to it here in America happening. So make sure you balance that you keep that in mind when you seek the advice.

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Make sure that if you ever give advice to someone to take your time, not to rush well, like sometimes shame you ask someone question or ask advice. He gives you the advice before you finish your question.

00:28:21 --> 00:29:04

That's not proper. Take your time, consult if you want. And by the way, one of the things that I want to say in regard to asking specialist, it is so sad today that people advise and take consultation from people have nothing to do with the subject. Like someone will say, oh, send me a message in WhatsApp, it's so good for your health to do this diet, or it is so dangerous for your heart is to eat that type of food, or to do this and to do that. And it's all social media, Whatsapp messages or Facebook status. And that's where you take your knowledge from, if that's cheap, why these doctors that you have in the community spend all their money studying and all these years of

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learning. And just for you to go to some, you know, the least they say an ignorant person to give you an advice about medical issues, political issues.

00:29:16 --> 00:29:28

Everybody gets to everybody give consultation and PR and media and all this kind of stuff. You make sure in politics make sure that you seek people who have experience in these areas.

00:29:29 --> 00:30:00

Let's revive that concept among our family, man or community. Let's make sure to understand that those we elect as representatives in our country, play a major role in making sure giving the right consultation the right decision and consultation in certain areas are obligated to be follow is not just to entertain you with information like House of Representatives, like the city councilors like that senators and all those people

00:30:00 --> 00:30:28

We'll give these advices if we've been asked to elect let's elect the person who possess these qualities that we know he can give the right advice and make the right decision that it will be good for us as society. I hope that this is something will encourage us to look at this subject in a bigger why, and to make it more practiced in our society. May Allah subhanaw taala and you're on our Yakubu Bana when you saw IANA Kumar even when you

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meet Allah minion silica who dealt with our life, our Lena tuna for Sonata

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romanza, antiva de la la manana, SoCal afia Well, Mahabharata de mfe De Niro Daniela hollywell manual wallet a la la la mattina one Muslim in akula sha Allah homens la no matter wha see attack aloha in Assetto Corsa they'll generate incremental federal demo turnout on Tisha Madonna untidy avant Leno and Tisch via Maria Ivana along in Minnesota okay I hear you and tuck the and Dana and Medina Andrea sarada Marina Allahu Islam and Muslim in a few Colima can Allah humaneness okay other than generally what a crop yamawaki mean and takahama radical mustafina hemosol

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What is the cassava hidden and more hidden if you could be McCann was only lomasa lemon and Amina Mohammed Rama Sora

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