Tafseer of Surah al Mulk – Part 4

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Tafseer of Surah al-Mulk – Applying Its Lessons Into Our Lives Part 4 A course by Sheikh Sulaiman Moola

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Bismillah many Rahi

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In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

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Firstly, I would like to thank everyone for the attendance, the participation, the reception, and also for all these questions. It speaks about your passion, your concern, and your desire to learn, more loving what you and it is through learning and closing question and answering, we learn as well. I need to apologize at the onset, that these questions have not been put in merit of how they came in. So perhaps somebody had asked first, and it's not necessarily in that same sequence. And I'm not going to be avoiding any question or particularly answered in any one. Obviously, time is against us. And I have a problem of being brief. I'm sure you realize that.

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You know, that's one of my complaints. My wife always says to me, I'm going for the program and you come in what she says, How long are you going to speak? I said, No, and ours is okay. So it's going to be one and a half hour. So I hope I can answer the questions here. There's been a few questions that I seen. Initially, that game there was like three that are asked very similar questions. So I made a mental note of that.

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There are certain things that maybe are too intricate, so I might not go into it. So if I'm addressing your question, and I haven't answered everything of it to please accept my apologies, if I don't know I will be honest to tell you I don't know.

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Whatever little I know in Shall I would say, similar of manner him question is Chef, you mentioned that you should go to see the ruins of those who are destroyed. Does this mean you can travel to an error, an area where there are ruins of the people who destroyed or destroyed by our last punishment? Just like a lottery for that amazing seminar? I mean to the brother or sister who posed this question. Yes, most certainly, you can travel with the eye of reflection, and not the eye of recreation. You can travel with the eye of reflection and not the eye of recreation. So it's a hadith of Bokhari. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said landed Hulu Misaki danladi in one mo and

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presume you learn the coup Bercy, do not enter the dwellings of people on whom the Roth of unlike a bank that you enter it Klein interior has drawn me in a you sleep with Luma Saba, whom leaves you are afflicted by that which group those people that occupied it

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is optimal.

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For those who disbelieve in their verse that was discussing today's chapter,

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how subtle and

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impermissible or how subtle can this disbelief manifest How can one guard against it, go for this believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala could be in many ways, like there is schilke in the dark of Allah that He shouldn't in the sefa of Allah, a person can ascribe partners with Allah which is disbelief. And then sometimes you can ascribe partnership in the exclusive attributes of Allah. That is what the court should specify with also constitute this belief. So Allah is kind and kindness can also be manifested by fellow humans, Allah is generous generosity can be found in fellow humans. But then a lot Chios fellow humans cannot kill, if you say others can also cure like a lot Chios then that is a

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scribe in partnership in the exclusive attribute of Allah, that is shipped in the quantities of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that is serious. Then you have if you're talking about how subtle subtle szeliga severe, severe means, where you do a noble action, but not with the desire to please Allah subhanho wa Taala and reference to this has been made in the 16 jewels from a poor man.

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Behave and young men are men and so

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you should not be

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bullied nama and abbatial Miss lucam say unto them, I'm a messenger from Allah. You ha la ilaha illa Allah is one, Samantha Yo, yo, he who wishes to meet his Lord phenomenom and I'm sorry, he should do good actions. When are you Shrek? They were bad at the other

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He should not ascribe partners with Allah He should not ascribe partners with the law. And that that is it is mentioned that the scribing partners with Allah subhanho wa Taala refers to this mind a formula. If you look into the field, that way you doing a thing, but not to please a lot to impress people. Yes, there is a subtle difference I must make where Sahaba said, Oh, no, viola, I am doing it. We only for Allah, we only for Allah subhanho wa Taala. But then subsequently, people discover it and they praise me. And I must be honest, I do enjoy the praise as well. But I'm not driven by the praise. What is that? Look at the beauty of that questions are honest, they were clear and they

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they resolve all the complexities. And we saw some said no, that is fine till garage in a moment that is flattering for a believer in this world of ready. But it's not like when a brother comes to know you're giving charity then the 1000 becomes 2000 and if somebody sees you that such that treatise be become five, right so Allah knows that. So that is minus ship. May Allah save us from all forms of shields. I'm very briefly pleased. I hope I can accommodate as much as I can. You mentioned men I said before women when it comes to Steven, but women are mentioned before men when it comes to Xena wise this year, I said it was a hope that you will study and find out sister or

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brother now you will need to answer that what's left for you to study. Okay, now I'll give you the answer.

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The scholars have have tapped into the sea and said that a woman is a very bashful creature, Allah has created with a great level of modesty by a nature to the extent that in the books of litho, in the books of Hadith, it means when you propose it right, the Islamic way of proposing the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, if a virgin girl has been proposed to and the Guardian came to and said so and so has proposed to you,

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then it's highly possible, she would be so shy, and she would be so bashful that she is now going to be entering into the life of a man and entering into wedlock. Her modesty might not allow her to say verbally, explicitly, yes, I want to marry this man. So the Prophet of Allah has intervened at this juncture. And he said, a silence or a smile from her would denote approval

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was similar to her in the know that Allah has created her by her nature. She is fragile, she is modest, she is bashful. She is an embodiment of bashfulness. Now the poor are addresses her first when it came to the aspect of Xena that fornication is wicked for both it's evil for both. It's not correct for anyone. And if a man commits sin, it is broken so many barriers of modesty. But if assistant indulges in it, she has broken 1000 more barriers of modesty because she's been veiled with many, many more layers of modesty. May Allah protect all both male and female from Xena and May Allah give us just a deep insight into or any other posture in Salah is it permissible to supplicate

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and is it permissible to supplicate in any language in sajida there are certain doors that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam had made between the two such as in sajida, etc. The scholars say those doors can be made in Arabic only and ineffable prayers only not in the Sunnah not in the forest prayers. So in the Sunnah and the forest prayers, the general is what Subhana Allah and whatever has been mentioned you stick to that and there are many other doras thermocool narrated in the Hadith. You mentioned that in English or any other language a person cannot make those blocks in Salah you free to make it in any other posture. But as part of prayer, if you make the art in a language other

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than Arabic, then it would violate the the prayer This is the juristic ruling.

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The student monk protect you from major and minus in Spanish minor, since punishment in the grave is there as much reward in listening to suitable as well as reciting it to everyone for the questions.

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When it comes to minus sense, then generally this is the view of the scholars that all the virtues that are mentioned if you perform further prayer, then the sins committed by night would be forgiven if you performed our prayer then distance between fortune and bar if you perform Jamaat and from one Juma to the other this is all mentioned in the Hadith. This refers to my innocence all the Forgiving and pardoning and atonement and expiation of crimes refers to my innocence. four major sins a person has to consciously repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now how do we then reconcile with the fact that suited the Barak will forgive a person in the grave against his chastisement if he indulges in

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major sins as well? When the scars of the feet explain and scholars have had it in follows that if a person continuously performed suit at the bark passionately

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It is a hope that Allah will give him the ability to abandon themselves it will it will, he will gradually come out of those sins. So the surah per se will rescue you from minuses major sins you need to repent and the benefit of the recycle of the surah is it will create within you the dislike because you've got to understand you know you take in probiotics antibiotics, there is good bacteria there's bad bacteria you kill in good and you bring it in good. So gradually with the hope of bringing in good food and good nutrition in your system. It's going to make you conscious that hey, you know what this is this is working against the grain a person goes for a workout is in the gym

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and he comes back now when you know it's so long on the treadmill and I read and I'm just gonna have this in the kilojoules are so much here I don't think it's healthy. I don't think I'm going to add half an hour I do sweat I to break a sweat so much for this. So gradually as he keeps on doing he becomes conscious and the need to eradicate the evil comes in. So with the hope that you would continue reading surah while tomorrow it will wean you off your evil. But as a rule, wherever it's mentioned, read this you'll be forgiven it refers to my innocence major sense you need to address it. If it's between you and fellow humans, you need to resolve it. If it is up to you and your

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Creator. You need to atone for it. Whatever the measures are mentioned in the jurisprudence, and you need to consciously intend abandon it. Is there as much reward in listening to silver book as there is in reciting it? No. These are two separate injunctions and we cannot merge the two we've been instructed to read the Quran we've been instructed to listen to the Quran, Robinson Allahu wa sallam told the Sahaba to read don't obey or the Amman read and he said cave alcoholic owns in Viva La How can I do a review in the Quran was revealed to you. And he said I love listening to hate from others as well. So one of the rights of the Quran and imbricata has mentioned is to read it and one of the

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rights of the Quran is to listen to it by doing one a person would not be discharged or the other it would be better to do one then abandon it totally. But the idea would be to do both to lead it as well as listen to Quran

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which is the best English translation commentary of the Makita direct money medical karate Sophia with money which is the best book for your for dogs with meaning the scene a shooting star now mean the devil has been tilted. If so, what should we read if anything? Okay, martial Quran is brilliant. I read it, I access it. The sitter Earth money is wonderful. It's in English, it's much more comprehensive. The fear of money is very good, but it's much more brief and comprehensive, beautiful karate is very much more detail. So both of that I would recommend strongly and it is you know, written by great scholars, which is the best book for dogs with meaning you have the history has

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seen his channel has seen which means a solid fort right allama Josie Rahim Allah it's brilliant and the English translation of that is available. It is broken up in days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. So it covers all the draws of the profits and alarmism. So if you read it over the week, effectively you asking Allah by and large most of the prayers that the prophets had asked for the senior shooting star now means the devil has been pelted if so what should we do? The whole thing on this year it's mentioned in the Pepsi is that a shooting star or a 14 star or of collapsing flame was happened in dating even before the time of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. The Quran doesn't refute

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that it happened before not as it's a it can happen after it just says that this happened to the devil who was trying to eavesdrop. It is silent from the fact that it could have happened before could happen after. So if you see a shooting star, well, I haven't seen but if you see, it doesn't necessarily mean that it doesn't necessarily mean that and hence I'm not aware of any drama particularly mentioned about this year, but generally as the shuttling hada I asked Allah from the protection from the evil of this law protection from the evil of this, but of that I'm not too sure if there is, you know, any drives such what are the levels of heaven as well? What is the best way

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stay away from bad deeds, bad habits? Okay, what are the levels of heaven as well? There are many levels of health. It is ultimo la casa de la Helfer those, when you ask Allah then don't ask Allah for a simple paradise and obviously the ease in the woods simple but competitively I'm saying in Paradise, everything is good. But ask Allah for the highest for the loftiest highly thought of the olana. He a stray arrow hit him and he passed away. And then his mom came and he said only a lot my son has passed away is in paradise or easing the hell Robinson said no, no, he's in paradise. And do you know paradise has many levels, but it doesn't say how many levels is in Jena there are many are

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in Nevada

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and suffice to say your son was lucky. He got the highest

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Got the highest sort of Paradise as many things?

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What is the best way to get rid of sense? There is no quick fix my sister or brother.

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The reality of the thing is, theory itself is insufficient. We need divine ability from Allah. There's a person that can tell you, you tell him you know what smoking is bad. He said, Well, brother me, I wrote a book on it, I can tell you about it more than you can tell me. But it's just so difficult to give it up. He knows all the harms. He knows the cancer. He knows his lungs, he knows everything. But in fact, my dad says this, and I've mentioned it in my talks, that the tobacco industry can boldly print the harm of cigarettes, yet not fear a drop in sale.

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Right? Why? Because they know that society has become so addictive. So you go into a shop and have a pack of cigarettes this year, though, the one that causes cancer, please, can I have that? Yep. Yeah, you can see a woman she's coming there. She's on the family way. Can I have that, please? Yeah, the one that's bad for a fetus. That's the one I need, please. Yeah. So as much as it's literally it harms the fetus is bad for pregnancy, it pollutes the environment, it will cause cancer, what all that you need to cover your back. So there's no litigation, there's no legal there's no legal recourse against you. But who looks at it, if any, you identify the very thing you

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want with those bold slogans on it. So the point i'm saying is fear is insufficient. You need to beg Allah subhanaw taala. But world power is absolutely imperative study throughout the ages. Nobody achieved any high materially or spiritually without world power. Read, read, read the great thinkers read the great philosophers, the great makers and shakers of all times, right.

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I heard about Einstein. I haven't verified this info. But I heard that the day he was getting married, he forgot he was busy in his lab. His father came and told him you're getting married, he said, who would betray his wedding said who said, You know, I forgot I was busy doing the research. So that was the level of engagement in your science lab for him to establish a name and become

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a person in terms of science, commitment to the cause willpower, somebody gave a very beautiful analogy that don't give it up. He says, You know what, I, I repent. Then I revert I repent. Then I revert. So Scala gave a beautiful analogy. He said listen,

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your clothes get dirty. You wash it every day.

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And you don't know when you're washing it is gonna get dirty. You keep on washing it you keep on washing and you send it to laundry. You send it dry cleaning, you clean it, clean it, and with the hope it can stay clean. But you never stopped washing it because no one is going to get dirty. Why do you take a shower? You're going to be sweating. It's hot. Nobody's right? I need to feel fresh even even remains on a hot day. 1015 minutes. So don't give up hope. But you need a strong willpower. May Allah grant us all the correct willpower.

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Chef you mentioned the documentary cinema separated from music production for 40 years, which colleagues given this opinion has an bursary it's mentioned in salary which is a Tafseer in the footnotes of Jelani

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and there's another opinion that says 80 years hasn't bacillus at 40 years. There's another opinion that says 80 years so it's a really long opinion. And but both these opinions are established and it's mentioned here, the period rather is very, very long shot I understand the Marshall Plan in the field generally a tooth of seed catalogs you often

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refer to which other seed catalogs would you as would you recommend as a student of knowledge, look at while studying the Quran? Okay, myself personally, I look at the fundamentals of seals.

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I try from the law I've had the good privilege of teaching in an institution Quran for the last 12 to 15 years and I asked a lot of accepted forgive my shortcomings. So I refer to Marshall Plan, I refer to bayana boron. boron is it's important and it is very, very deep and it's very scholastic it's very academic, I refer to that I refer to by an operon I refer to marechal Quran I refer to tafsir worth money in Arabic I refer to to to see Metallica Tenzin, Andaman SFP my daddy could conceal. It's great. And Jelani. Jelani was authored by the two gentlemen in suti, and gelato in manly, both respectively had authored 15 Jews each. Now in general, when you look at the footnotes,

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you'd have Sally, you'd have to see the German you would have medallic so the Tafseer is one but it is complemented by a host of other devices. I also see

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implicated time to dive not not religiously, often when I want to go into the detail of an ayah then I would access that and I would go into deeper detail. So these are some of the devices that I see it but Subhana Allah the Quran is great and the two seas are so many you could you know, refer to any of these. I know you might get this question a lot, but any advice for one, improving one's

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Memory with regards to Quran and Hadith? Yes, you're correct I do get it quite often May Allah reward you.

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There are certain doors to read like for example, Jacobi, yo Jacobi you is recommended. It is it is very good, which means all the mighty you can read it any times as often as you want to. The key thing is obviously, you need to and I need to and we all need to abstain from sin, sin is the most effective way to eliminate to eliminate sin was the most effective way to preserve one's memory. Imam Shafi lapadula is couplets I'm very fond of his poetry. And I read it and quoted and I memorize it and I love it. And may Allah bless him at the age of 17. He said I had memorize 10,000 poems, and he said then I stopped memorizing more because both is not so good for scholars, I only memorize

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10,000 10,000 and he said Lola Shepherd obey Nevada and use reluctant to do sharmeen lobbied if it wasn't bad for scholars to you know, get into poetry and spend the time in there. I would have been a great poet then Libby COVID was a great poet among the Arabs and he said Shaco to ala Joaquin here in suva Heffley for all Sani RC I complained to my teacher Joaquin that I have a short memory and I'm not preserving things well so my teacher my mentor, my scholar working only for asani winterkill mahasi that abandoned son Mohammed bin Idris who was in a memory shopping what scent did he have? Yeah, that was the advice given to him. Maduro May Allah help because knowledge is a divine sacred

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science from Allah. And Allah doesn't give gift it to anyone who commits a sin. I mentioned today in the break, don't say to the one brother and I'll say it again. We generally have this notion that

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when you're young you can memorize better and when you own is more difficult. And one scholar addressed this issue and he said it is incorrect and it's a myth that a junior can memorize better than a senior it's rather a sinless nature versus a sinful human so when you small you memorize better not because of your age but because of the clean slate you have you're not accountable up all it is clean is not accountable. You're not like it's got nothing to do with your age. And once you hit the puberty mark you know and today some of us are getting you know mature before our time I think medically they call it precocious puberty, precocious puberty where unfortunately we are

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matured before we actually mature in terms of you know all the other things that we do it so you almost barring yourself from the good because of your even at an earlier age. So yes, we need to take care of ourselves and you can read your overview It is very good.

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I would just like to ask you

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which does not relate to the world but would benefit many parents, the young boy who completed his hips by the age of nine

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Where did he study? how long and how did he Mashallah could to our young boy

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Yeah, start as I would like my son to study his inshallah how many days we could Mashallah the father of the young boy can speak my advice to you is very good brother, sister, whoever you are, start your son whatever age he is, he obviously needs to have basic understanding. If he's reading the Quran fluently inside that is very good. You can start him off initially you can start him off gradually getting connected to the Quran, where you can memorize the major surahs yacine tabarrok wipr de Haan etc and then initially you can start it off as you know three times depending on his age if he's 1314 then you need to get him actively into mainstream and you know into the deep end of

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it. But if it is at the six seven then you can you know let him memorize you surahs progress there onwards, him every person moves at a different thing. I say too fast all the time. It is easy to get to memorize the Quran. It is easy to become a novelist but it's difficult to remain an office

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I just like it's easy to get married but it's difficult to remain married and then if you guys agree with me to get married oh it's a simple thing to remain married walls don't praise the man who got married praise the guy who are the man or woman will remain married. So the Quran to memorize it is difficult but it's easier. It's easier to memorize to become a half is but to remain happy that's the challenge that I got to look after this Amanda This is your truss. So we must we must feel you know it's taking my son four years or five years that is an element you discuss why you memorizing the Quran after it's memorized nobody asked you how long it took you

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nobody wants to know that he's you know think twice fourth year it's fourth year fourth year while you're studying once you always Mashallah is a half as much as he knows his karate was here you start Oh, great. Yeah, but how long it took him

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Nobody has that. Nobody wants to know that and it's irrelevant. You must have obviously procrastinate and delay will you lose spirit and momentum and wisdom because a lot of times I've seen it people do do do because they stretch it so much then they lose spirit. So please no problem any question you ask good luck and Mashallah young boy, and I was supposed to meet with him and maybe I say a word to him that I say to people and because I'm speaking in his tells us all the time, I say to the young of us that you've completed the Quran, you've been given a lap to gift by Allah. Now pursue your studies beyond and open up the weapon and understand what's in the gift.

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So somebody gives you a gift, what happened you excited as soon as nobody's looking at you start opening quickly.

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And then you see the lousy pair of socks.

00:25:50--> 00:26:23

But it's so beautifully wrapped up, but you're anxious, it's got a bow, it's so neat. It's presented, Mashallah, my young boy, Allah has given you the Quran. The Quran, it's rapping is beautiful, its word is beautiful, its commentary is beautiful. Everything about it is amazing. But really, where I am a lot of what my dad, one of the things that, you know, that inspired me as a child, whenever you would take me to a lecture or a program, and as a little kid, I would see a scholar delivering a talk. And I would see him quoting an ayah and translating. I used to be blown away.

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I still have a vivid memory of this as a kid. And as you see, but this is so beautiful, that you have the luxury and the ability to translate the Koran, and it's on your fingertips and you go in and you reference it. And as a kid, I had no clue at that stage. What's this all about? But it was something that always intrigued me and fascinated me. And I cannot deny that that was part of the seeds that were planted into me by my parents and May Allah reward them and a lot of kindness for allowing me to go beyond. So you know, for the young boy please, this is my humble message to you. And I say to you, that please go ahead and exploit the opportunity and move on my good brother. When

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we die, our physical bodies will just integrate the soul will move on to the next world the soul in our physical bodies are two separate entities. Why does the Quran and Hadith make reference to the physical body and organs, which describes the punishment in Hellfire? Is the soul not a different entity to the physical body? Okay, the answer is the soul is a very, very delicate and intricate creation. Amongst the questions that were posed to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would three and they will use to determine his Prophet would let's see if he's a prophet asking three questions, asked him about the man who traveled the east and west bluecar name, asked him about the Seven

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Sleepers who slept in the cave and asked him about the soul. So they came in as the purposes of these three questions. And Allah gave the other two in great detail. The Seven Sleepers, Allah gave the whole explanation, little khornate Allah spoke about it in two pages. Also at laureline ra camino de cama in nama Canada who fill on the Latina woman coalition in Sabah. Two questions Allah responded on behalf of Nevis as in great detail. The question on the Sol Allah gave a very, very brief reply. I give a brief I don't give a detail I don't know Allah knows everything Allah created everything. Allah said this is beyond your understanding. You will not been able to grasp this what

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is unknown a Canyon Road they asking you more about the soul? Could you grow from an umbrella be tell them the soul is something that comes into existence by the command of a lot and you don't know much?

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And you don't that's the next reply. You don't know much? Well, Mao, od to mineralnye illa, you don't know much. So the scholars have written under this year that the score Sol is something that is very, very intricate, and they've tried to explore and expound and deliberate but how much more can you go in the Quran is only told you this much. The Quran is only told you this. So we don't fully understand right, this explanation that the soul is wrapped up. Yes, the soul is separate, the soul goes different the body physical body disintegrates, the body that would be punished in how a person wouldn't be identify, he would be identified through some way as the person who he was in

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this world. However, his appearance, his stature, his size would be very different. It comes into the occupant of hell, he will be used, his doors will be big, his face would be big, because the torment would be severe. So but they wouldn't be an identification that who he was in this world, that that that is clear. That is why it's mentioned the Guardian say that Abraham and I said that he said, oh my lord do not disgrace me on the day of kiama. And I don't want people to identify my father and then they would know that this is the father of Abraham. And because of his disbelief, he will go to hell when I took the neoma you baritone. So it mentioned in the narration that the father

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of Abraham, his appearance would be changed in a manner that he won't be identified as the father of Ibrahim, so he wouldn't

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be who he was, and he would have to contend with the consequences, but he wouldn't be recognized, which is a message that everybody else will be recognized. Likewise, the dwellers of gender the Hadith says that with regards to the men, they would be the age of Isa Salaam 33. With ascension to place, they would have no facial hair, they would have no facial hair, they would have Jordan Martin, there would be no hair on the face on the hair. Yes, there will be no no beard or anything, mocha honey, they would be like sumaya in the eyes. And they would have the heart of the of the province and the character of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and the different the beauty of

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useable Islam etc. So these are indications that the physical appearance of this world will not continue but people will be recognized. And in the body, the in the grave, the questioning, the soul is returned, the soul is returned to the grave after the questioning and that is why we don't actually refer to the gray we say questioning takes place in barossa O'Meara in Baroda, and Bertha refers to the period post that pre resurrection. So because you say if a person was then you know what mauled or eaten by a lion. So it's a shame, but at least he had no cover up. It doesn't mean that because it wasn't buried? No, it refers to that stage, that stage wherever that person is that

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question it would happen. Now, obviously, there's so much we can understand about life after death. But there's so much that happens beyond that is beyond our control.

00:31:26--> 00:32:06

We have read many eyes today about how Allah Almighty is what flew over everything hidden and apparent, and how Allah can punish anyone at any time in this world, or the next what extent can we allow criminals, tyrants, murderers, etc, to continue with the crime. So surely, each one of us needs to look at the wrong in ourselves and address it first and try and eradicate our own evils. In terms of you know, what, criminals that are happening on a macro level on a large scale, that obviously the Hadith tells us that if it is within your means, if it's within your means to stop it, then you can stop it physically. If it's not within your means, physically, then you got to pray and

00:32:06--> 00:32:45

hope and may draw it, you know, you cannot do that. It's not in your control to physically Stop it. But what you can do is wherever you can voice yourself, express yourself, make yourself heard, try and whatever measures you can Institute to try and curtail and put an end to it. Most certainly, you should exploit and capitalize on those moments. Is there a single action you can do to save yourself from Hellfire? And what if so, what if someone has never done this in their life? How can someone make it up a simple action verse of the Quran? It is simply it's asked but very difficult in its answer. Someone said ours the exam, is it the questions are very easy. It was just the answers that

00:32:45--> 00:32:46

were difficult.

00:32:47--> 00:32:55

The questions were very, very easy, delicious. No issues was just the answers that were difficult. Well, I'm in half marathon Ba ba ba,

00:32:56--> 00:32:56


00:32:58--> 00:33:30

ba. That's what the grant said, I cannot say anything. The plan says he who can fear the interview of his Lord, and protect his ego from its temptation. Tell him he walked straight on the highway of paradise. But that fear in the interview and protecting on brother did me a favor. So I asked him what I want you to know. I just want to draw from you. I said no, no, let me it's no, please even just the simple draw along has just saved me from the evil of minutes. I said, That's not a simple one, my brother and other be human if you're going to hold me to that prayer.

00:33:31--> 00:33:39

That's not an easy draw. That's a life long challenge of who hasn't said mum and young interpreter fee shows in

00:33:40--> 00:33:41

the winner me.

00:33:42--> 00:33:58

Every day that the sun rises, a fresh battle is fought on the chest in the bosom of every believer between virtue and vice. If he overpowers vice, then that's the day of the read for him. And advice overpowers him, then that's the day of sadness even if it's the day Oh, really.

00:33:59--> 00:34:14

Every day this veteran is for temptation, you exit there now when you sit in Egypt. So I appreciate your concern and your question, but the ease no quick fix my good brother, my good sister, may Allah guide us. And like I said, this is what we need to do.

00:34:15--> 00:34:18

What are the benefits of reciting Surah mulk before sleeping?

00:34:20--> 00:34:55

Are there any stories that the prophets mentioned in the Hadith relating to suitable the purpose a lot is mentioned? It's it's a sort of book needs to be recited at night. It doesn't have to be before you sleep in, you know, once the night is set in half the mother in prayer. So that is it. It's obviously good to end on a good note. So before you sleep, you take NyQuil do I encourage this to my students in my thoughts to my family and I try Mambo way to go and sleep with Hulu. It's a very simple way to end a good day to end the day. And to to to come into the mercy of Allah. Some of us could pray some of us will not pray meaning optional prayer, but we'll do you know what we have

00:34:55--> 00:34:59

the facility you have your bathroom close by takes you to three minutes you make your boo and you hop into bed.

00:35:00--> 00:35:30

So if you pray at that time Mashallah is very good you end in your actions of the day on Quran. The virtues, I am not sure if I mentioned here what Dr. Jia is many mentioned in the Hadith, it's the protecting chapter in the chapter that will give you salvation rescue you from the punishment of the grave. So there is the narration mentioned in the so the virtues are great, you could read it, preferably anytime in the night before sleeping or even before that, how to stop sin.

00:35:32--> 00:35:36

To stop sin is a sin that has taken over your life.

00:35:37--> 00:35:41

And you feel that there is no spirituality left

00:35:42--> 00:35:56

to that define my relation with my Creator. So, you know, I gave a talk one day, and I spoke for two, three hours. And then after I came up with a talk about the game to be such as give me some advice. Now what was I doing for three hours?

00:35:59--> 00:36:16

Three hours. Were you there was a clear? So I appreciate it. Brother, Sister, I understand what you say a lot. But this is it. Like you said in this gathering, I'm sure every one of us have this spiritual connection. That means that the clock This is it. Now, if you did this today, I tweeted it the other day, I said,

00:36:18--> 00:36:31

we take physical provisions, and we know you have a good meal. And what are you hungry? If you're hungry, and we take one dosage of suitable and we want you to carry us for a whole year.

00:36:32--> 00:36:53

It's not on it's not real. It doesn't make sense. But everything else we we need to we need to replenish ourselves drinks for the way drinks when you get their food for this food for that we need things constantly. So what we do in here, we need this year we need to what happens is we need to activate the immune system the spiritual immune system has to become strong and strong.

00:36:54--> 00:37:27

How many Syrian said there are other law that we have been hired? When am I intense good for a Serbian Giada whoever it may be Allah grants him a spiritual immune system and activates it so strong, that whenever he intends evil, His Spirit gives him distress signals. Now you cannot do this a What are you doing? What are you doing? It sends him this distress signals to deter him and take him away. But you need that active spiritual immune system. And he's just programmed like this. It is attending discourses it is connected with the shoe. It is learning reading that will assist us well My goodness.

00:37:28--> 00:37:46

How? How do you recommend the best way to bring a change in your schedule to improve your EMR and to bring a regular activity in your life to bring you closer to Allah Himself phoronix cetera. So believe a believer, see, Allah has ordained prayer by time.

00:37:48--> 00:37:50

This is the beauty of the Quran I think we can enlarge Allah.

00:37:51--> 00:38:34

So Allah has ordained prayer by time. This is the beauty of Islam. So Allah didn't say get up in the morning and pray for two hours. And then you're done for the day. No, because that's what Islam wants. Islam wants to interject your activities at all times. Wherever you go, how long and I need to be in Hulu, I need to pray I need a prayer mat and if this is it, in a salata can mini Nikita makuta our whole faith and Islam and religion revolves around time. So all you got to do is come onto the pattern time. If it's a sister, then you will find sisters generally and I say to my wife, and I appreciated with kids and domestic chores, it's not all that easy. Sometimes they perform in

00:38:34--> 00:39:18

fudger. And it's all time just when the time sets in. And the next time they just Mussina makuu time or they just get in on the last end. So you really should be performing it on a fixed time on a fixed time. If we bring our best way to regulate everything is you don't allow flexibility in your prayer. You don't allow flexibility in your player. You set time you set time for things and that isn't you don't break rhythm and routine Hakeem O'Meara came up a lot is mentioned about him conservatively the man had authored more than six to 700 books. Now people have looked at his life and ate how much he had to write daily to author so much. But it is said that he had a fixed time in

00:39:18--> 00:39:59

which he would write every day to the extent that even if his teachers came he would welcome them after them set them in the next fuse himself and just write a few lines and then go in and serve them and entertain them. So the following day, there was no there was no gap there was no interval because if you don't do something for two days, I mean we know we fast all Ramadan and then you say I'll keep the six fast next week next week. Whoops chawan is over my brother, like it or not. First of chawan and now you said in 26 2017 it's gone. The month is gone. So regulate yourself. And being disorganized is a curse of this time, the province a lot isms glowers to becoming shut out in our

00:39:59--> 00:39:59

own life.

00:40:00--> 00:40:44

saved me from being disorganized. One brother's house I went into in Australia. He said sheriff, welcome to my organized chaos. Right? paradoxical oxymoron. organized chaos like that. You know what everything is haphazard, but it's neatly as I mean, how do you have that? Yeah. But that's how our lives are. So we need discipline. And the best thing would be brother sister, is taught by your prayer times that this is its prayer time, I just put everything on hold, I go straight, and take out my prayer mat, go to the masjid make my ablution take my time. And then I resume as soon as I delay for whatever I mean, let's just look at our life today. And see you live necessity how much

00:40:44--> 00:40:55

time goes on our WhatsApp on Instagram? On on, on on email? And by the way, how did you notice people are doing in the in the bathroom and the toilet

00:40:57--> 00:41:22

is taking so long, and then he realized his phone is with him? Okay. I mean, we we've just lost the plot completely. So we need to become disciplined and mentioned this, and I tweeted it the one day also. And I got good response. And it's just thoughts that come to my mind. And I say, our pious had a lot of Baraka in the time, why they spend minimum time in necessity, and zero time in

00:41:25--> 00:41:48

our pious in the 24 hours, they did much more while minimum time in in necessity they a little bit. And there was no time for sense. We spent in maximum time in in our necessities and a lot of an hours and hours in sin. And then you say, you know, I really want to change I don't know, where's the time. So we need to reverse and change our priorities. I apologize to all the brothers and sisters.

00:41:49--> 00:42:31

I have given my cards and email but I don't want to even tell you to email me because you want to and you're not in a hurry for a reply, then Alhamdulillah you're free to do so. But if you have an urgent question, then please do consult with your local scholars because I'm flooded with emails and you know when and if I have time I try and reply. So we conclude it on this note inshallah and I pray that just as allies assemble us here today, may Allah symbol us in the gardens of Jana, and as we have gathered here on the note of Quran and learning, may we get in future assemblies as well for the cause of the May May I will get together you be a source of positive testimony me in your favor

00:42:31--> 00:42:39

and you in my favor on the day of the AMA or Sunday Lomo Salima Nabina Muhammad wa he was happy he should have become

00:42:41--> 00:42:42

a Muslim